August 16 - 22, 2020: Issue 462


photos of Avalon beach and Surrounds from 1968 and 1970 - taken by Gary Clist 

Gary Clist: 

I grew up in Avalon from about 1955 to the end of 1967, when my family moved to Noosa, near where I still reside. 

Thanks to John Stone and Ken Meadley from the 1960's (plus) record and photo shop I got interested in photography, and even went back in 1970 to work there for a year, and I still have most of my old photos. I thought it was about time to share some of the ones I took of Avalon in 1968, and more to come from 1970. The following are just a few. In no particular order, of the many I have. Hope you like them.

1958, Class 1M (for Mrs Donaldson) with lots of other bright-eyed and bushy-tailed kids.. Unfortunately I don't remember all the names, (my apologies. Please feel free to add any you know that I don't.) but those that I do are.....

Reg Anthill, Beverley Meek, John Witchard, Greg Williams, Nick Robinson, Janice Aitken, Vicki Whitehead, Lyn Archbold, Diane Searle, Lyn Hendrickson, Peta Barnes, Margaret Schulz, Michelle Murch, Jenny James, Elizabeth Uren, Darcy Bonnet, Chris Walsh, Peter Holmes, John Lilley, and Tim Litchfield.

Land was resumed by the state government in 1948 for a public school at Avalon Beach and in 1950 the school opened. Visit: Avalon Beach Public School - A History


1968 - Avalon beach showing both 1st and 2nd clubhouses.

I remember people having skiing instructions on the sandhills when they looked like this. We girls on our horses galloping across the top to the tree'd area to the north. Yeehaa it was fun!! - Judy Z.


1968 Avalon beach

1968 when you didnt have to pay for parking

Avalon beach and surf lifesaving clubhouse, view towards south end and pool - 1968

1968 - Avalon Looking north west and showing original kiosk structure in reserve (at left side of photo).

Kiosk on Avalon Beach Reserve during 1930's (Avalon Beach Historical Society photo):

During 1940's:

Thieves broke into the Red Cross kiosk on the reserve at Avalon Beach late on Saturday night and set fire to the building. At 12.15 a.m. Mr. Ted Hock, of the Avalon Fire Brigade, who was on his way home, saw the fire, which was quickly checked. POLICE WATCH STREETS (1946, August 26). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 4. Retrieved from

Avalon Fire Brigade

Standing in their fire-fighting gear in front of the 1936 Dennis Ace are the first seven members of the Avalon Fire Brigade (begun in 1940). From left to right are Captain Ted Hock, Tom Chegwyn, Harry Wright, Lambert-Smith, Ron Edwards, Fred Wilson and Wal Ward. The garage which housed the fire engine stood on the site now occupied by the red-brick Casa Carlos building at 50 Old Barrenjoey Road. In the background is the heritage-listed two-storey ‘Avalon Centre’ on the corner of Avalon Parade and Old Barrenjoey Road. Photo and information courtesy Geoff Searl OAM, President Avalon Beach Historical

Avalon beach and clubhouse -View of both surf clubs from reserve looking north  - 1968

Gary; Little Avalon. One of my most favourite places to surf. Mid-late sixties it was only available to body surfers and bellyboarders. Too gnarly for the longboards of the day.

photo taken from Surfside Avenue looking northwest

1968 Avalon beach from south

Avalon Beach ocean pools, 1968

Ray Cosgrove memories; 

Ann G.; I learnt to swim in the Avalon surf pool. Every Saturday morning at the pool with Mr Ray Cosgrove as our coach. 

Mid 60's - Brian Friend; Jimmy Carruthers wife (Margaret I think) used to coach as well as Jean Feehely (who was the first President of the Womens Auxiliary of the SLSC) 

Roland L; Ray Cosgrove also taught children to swim in the pool for many years...It was a large family with Ray having lots of offspring... 

Joan Johnson; Ray Cosgrave taught our family to swim.

View north from top of Surfside avenue front yard

Barefoot Boulevarde Building not long after opening

Avalon Beach Primary School, 1968 (over rooves)

1968 avalon PS Assembly Hall

1968 Avalon PS 

1968 Bottle shop opposite Avalon Tyres

The then NSW Premier Bob Askin opened it. Clipping  from when Bob Askin opened the Bottle Shop opposite Avalon Tyre Service.  That's me holding the Club PennantBrian Friend OAM

I remember that day! Great excitement. My kids think it’s hilarious that there was a marching band for the opening of a bottle-o. - Maureen P.

1968 Total Petrol station 

Depending on the year. Phil used to own that and then I think the Hessinks did before Tom. Tom was still at the Avalon Tyre service across the road. Later on it became Totally Toms (Tom Gilbert). - Brian Friend OAM

Eatons Timber yard was across the road too, near Avalon Tyres. - Eric Gumley 

1968 Old Barrenjoey road from outside Avalon Public School looking north

1968 Old Barrenjoey road from top of hill

1968 - from golf course PRIMARY school on left, part of golf course in foreground. Shops in centre, looking north of course.

1968 - from golf course - looking northwest

Overview of Avalon, from Plateau Rd. ( I think )1968

1968 Catholic School on left, Central Ave and Kevin Ave. 

1968 North Avalon - photo taken from end of Kevin Ave - shows first buildings of Barrenjoey High School in background

1968 - first buildings of Barrenjoey High School

The first intake for BHS was in 1968. 

Sir Harold Wyndham CBE (27 June 1903 – 22 April 1988) was Director-General of Education in New South Wales between 1952 and 1968. In 1954 Dr. Wyndham was appointed to chair a committee tasked to completely review the Secondary education system in New South Wales and make recommendations for improvements. The committee's report, popularly referred to as "The Wyndham Report", was presented to the Minister in October 1957 and gave rise to the Public Education Act of 1961 which was brought into effect in 1962. Key amongst the changes was the objective of presenting all students with the opportunity to experience a wide range of subjects, including visual arts, industrial arts, music and drama, and a wide range of languages. The Five-year Secondary School system was abandoned in favour of adding another year to the course, with major state-wide external examinations at the end of the Tenth (School Certificate) and the twelfth (Higher School Certificate) year of schooling.

What this really meant was "The Wyndham Scheme" created changes to the curriculum which had a more student-centred approach.

When Dr Wyndham was appointed as Director-General of Education there were 455,000 students in the NSW Education system, of whom 100,000 were in Secondary schools. By 1968 there were over 244,000 students in secondary school of whom 64% could be expected to complete the then brand new Higher School Certificate.

The NSW Government Architect’s Branch met this demand by innovating new designs for high schools which could be built quickly and cheaply. These included the so-called ‘doughnut schools’, designed by Michael Dysart. 

‘The Dysart schools from this period were innovative in two main ways. As with leading European and North American architects who designed innovative schools in the period such as Arne Jacobsen, Hans Scharoun, Denys Lasdun and Caudill Rowlett Scott (CRS), Dysart moved away from simple linear blocks or finger planned schools, which were typical in the postwar years. In their place he employed a series of square doughnuts in a sort of pinwheel configuration around a large central space. He usually placed a rostrum and bell tower – which sometimes also doubled as an incinerator – in that central space, which could then be used as an all-of-school gathering area. The scheme did away with indoor hallways and replaced them with covered walkways and cloisters. The second innovation was a novel construction process which enabled the erection of a structurally independent roof very early in the process. This allowed work to go on regardless of weather and proved to be a significant efficiency. By these means Dysart provided a new sense of refuge and place definition in the school environment while also devising an efficient system for delivering school buildings. While there was a general move towards ‘demonumentalizing’ school buildings in the post-war decades, the Dysart-designed schools introduced a different set of spatial relationships, one which recalled the deeper traditions of communities of learning.’ - First published in Architecture Bulletin Nov/Dec 2012. 

Some of the first Dysart schools were built at Turramurra, Ryde and Pendle Hill. One Dysart doughnut school was also built in Pittwater and originally referred to as Avalon High School during Tender/build stages. We now know this school as Barrenjoey High School.


IT is hereby notified and declared by His Excellency the Governor, acting with the advice of the Executive Council, that so much of the land described in the Schedule hereto as is Crown land is hereby appropriated, and so much of the said land as is private property is hereby resumed, under the Public Works Act, 1912, as amended, for the following public purpose, namely, a High School at AVALON, and that the said land is vested in the Minister for Education as Constructing Authority on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.

Dated this twenty-second day of June, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-six.

A. R. CUTLER, Governor. By His Excellency's Command,

C. B. CUTLER, Minister for Education.

The Schedule

All that piece or parcel of land situate in the Shire of Warringah, parish of Narrabeen and county of Cumberland, being lots 1 and 2, section 4, Deposited Plan 13,811, and being also the whole of the land comprised in Certificates of Title, volume 9,994, folios 134 and 135,—having an area of 2 roods 11 perches or thereabouts and said to be in the possession of Avalon Developments Pty Ltd and Northbridge Constructions Pty Ltd. NOTIFICATION OF RESUMPTION OF LAND UNDER THE PUBLIC WORKS ACT, 1912, AS AMENDED (1966, July 8). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 2703. Retrieved from 

Department of Public Works—Tenders for Works

TENDERS will be received up to 2 p.m. on the dates specified for the undermentioned works. Envelopes containing tenders must be addressed to the President, Tender Board, Department of Public Works, Box 44, G.P.O., Sydney, and have legibly endorsed upon the face thereof the name of the work for which the tender is submitted. The Government does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. Specifications and plans for all works may be seen in Contractor's Room, Department of Public Works, Sydney, in addition to the other places mentioned. Plans and specifications for works other than architectural works and building engineering services and excluding also those plans and specifications issued in respect of quotations and minor contracts, issued from the Postal and Contractor's Room of the Department, must be purchased at the rates of 50c for the plan with a maximum of $8.40 and $1 for the specification. Where the total cost of the plans and specifications is more than $1 and provided the plans and specifications are returned to the Department prior to the closing date in good order and condition a refund of the purchase money may be made:

Avalon High School—Stage I. (Bills of Quantity, $8 each.) Avalon High School—Electrical Services. (Sub-contract.) Department of Public Works—Tenders for Works (1966, November 4). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 4524. Retrieved from 


IT is hereby notified and declared by His Excellency the Governor, acting with the advice of the Executive Council, that so much of the land described in the Schedule hereto as is crown land is hereby appropriated, and so much of the said land as is private property is hereby resumed, under the Public Works Act, 1912, as amended, for the following public purpose, namely a High School at AVALON, and that the said land is vested in the Minister for Education as Constructing Authority on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.

Dated this sixth day of December, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven.

A. R. CUTLER, Governor. By His Excellency's Command,

C. B. CUTLER, Minister for Education.

The Schedule

All that piece or parcel of land situated in the Shire of Warringah, Parish of Narrabeen and County of Cumberland, being lot 3, section 4, Deposited Plan 13811, containing an area of 1 rood 0 ¾  perches or thereabouts and said to be in the possession of the Department of Education.

NOTIFICATION OF RESUMPTION OF LAND UNDER THE PUBLIC WORKS ACT, 1912, AS AMENDED (1967, December 22). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 4846. Retrieved from 

1968 - first buildings of Barrenjoey High School

1968 Barrenjoey High School, looking southwest. 

1968 - Bilgola Bends

Craig F-;  That’s when we all thought they were trying to straighten the bends Massive protests 

Dave T- ; They found the green tree frogs or something when they tried to straighten the bends and that was that. They took a few bends out but not the big ones in the gully.

Nick M- ; Just off centre to the left in this pic there were several rocks which were exposed at the side of the road. One had "JUST FREEFORM ADVERTISING" boldly painted on it. I have always thought this was a reference to Freeform Surfing. 

Tom Gilbert (2013 interview): What I hated was when they built Roseville bridge and they brought all the fill and all the crap in it and dumped it at Bilgola Bends which spoilt that whole area. You used to be able to drive around Bilgola Bends and look out over the lovely scenery and they dumped that there at the south end of it, they were going to widen Bilgola bends, and nothing ever happened. And now we’ve got all that crap that’s there; it’s environmentally just bad I reckon.

On April 2nd 1966 the Liberal Premier Robin Askin, the then Member for Collaroy at that time, later the seat became the Member for Pittwater, opened the second and current six-lane, high-level Roseville bridge. Along with the bridge, a significant upgrade of the approach roads was completed, which became the six-lane Warringah Road. This upgraded section of road is approximately 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) long.

New Roseville bridge ready in April 

Seventeen thousand tons of concre and 19 miles of high tensile steel and three miles of high tensile steel rods will go into the construction of the new Roseville Bridge in Sydney.

The general manager and director of John Holland (Constructions) Pty Ltd, j Mr T. I. McCreery, said this in a statement late last week.

He said nine and a' half miles of high tensile steel strand and 1,000 tons of mild steel reinforcement would also be used.

The bridge has six lanes - three in each direction with a median strip separating them - and is 1,299 feet long.

The contract was awarded to Hollands, the same company which built the Captain Cook bridge at Taren Point, following the submission of a tender price of £819,111.

Mr McCreery .said . the bridge would be opened on April 2.

"This is four months late, but in a number of the bored piles we had to drill four times deeper into rock than We had expccted," he said. 

"We had bargained on ;only having to drill six feet into the rock for foundations but when we started the' job we found in many eases we had to go as deep as 24 feet.

"Naturally this caused a tremendous delay and we have been working at peak capacity to get the job completed by April."

Old- bridge

The new bridge replaces a low-level concrete two lane bridge that was built in 1925 and is now totally inadequate.

The new bridge will be 78 feet wide and will have a footpath six feet wide on the upstream side.

It is founded on Sydney sandstone and high-quality shale by means of spread footing on the shore and bored piles in the harbour area. 

The bored piles are constructed by driving steel tube casings to the rock level, excavating the soft marine mud and drilling the appropriate distance into the rock to form a socket. The longest pile is 110 feet below water level.

The bridge piers arc formed of three ' slender columns, the highest being 75 feet.

Reinforced concrete abutment walls run skew to the line of the bridge. On the Roseville end, the wall is tied back by the counterforts. to an anchor beam under filling 24 feet back from the abutment face.

On the Forestville side, the sill is tied to the rock formation by 28-feet high tensile steel, bars of 7/8" diameter with a total anchoring force of 750 tons.

The superstructure is essentially a prestressed concrete cellular slab formed of precast post-tensioned girders seated' directly on top of the abutments and girders.

The slab is continuous between the abutments with expansion provided for by a single joint at the centre span towards the bottom of the vertical curve.

Between the piers the individual top and bottom flanges of the girders are connccted by reinforced concrete to form a continuous flat cellular deck.

As an architectural feature the joining strips between flanges are cast in dark concrete. The underside plane of the deck is thus marked by alternate black and white strips flowing smoothly around the curve for the full length of the bridge.

The kerbs are fitted with steel crash rails on the traffic side, with low profile hand rails on the footpath and outer kerbs.

Overhead lighting is provided by mercury vapour lamps from tapered steel lamp standards. New Roseville bridge ready in April (1966, February 28). The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995), p. 11. Retrieved from

NB: the opening of the first bridge actually took place in 1924 - visit: Roads To Pittwater: The Wakehurst Parkway Along Old Oxford Falls Track

The official opening took place on Saturday September 20th, 1924:

New Bridge Opened.
Several thousand people attended the official opening on Saturday afternoon of the Middle Harbour bridge, between French's Forest and Roseville. After the opening ceremony, which was performed by the Premier (Sir George Fuller), hundreds of motor cars passed in procession over the bridge. The new structure was crowded, and large numbers of people occupied the vantage spots overlooking the bridge. There were many picnic parties in Davidson Park, which embraces both sides of Middle Harbour adjacent to the bridge, and with the beautiful spring day the scene was a picturesque one.

Councillor A. G. Parr (president of Warringah Shire Council) presided, and a feature of the gathering was the presence of five Cabinet Ministers in addition to the Premier, Sir George Fuller, being accompanied by Messrs. W. E. Wearne (Minister tor Lands), R. T Hall (Minister for Works), T. R. Bavin (Attorney-General), E. H. Farrar (Minister for Labour), and J. C. L. Fitzpatrick (Minister for Local Government). Others present Included Dr. Arthur, and Messrs. R. W. D. Weaver, W. Scott Fell, and C. Murphy, M.L.A., Sir Austin Chapman, M.P., Councillor J. G. Lockey (president Kuring-gai Shire Council), and Messrs. H. W. Clarke (Mayor Willoughby), P. Burrows (Mayor of Mosman), and A. C. Samuels (Mayor Manly).

Councillor Parr reviewed the history of the bridge, stating that the negotiations took practical shape on September 17, 1921, when a bridge league was formed at a meeting hold on the banks of the Middle Harbour, overlooking the spot where the bridge now stands. The result was that three councils Warringah, Kuring-gai, and Willoughby decided to jointly build the bridge. The men of French's Forest had been the mainspring of the movement.

Sir George Fuller, in declaring the bridge open, said that he was glad to know that returned soldiers had played a part in the construction of the approaches to the bridge, for In thus helping the soldiers the Government at the same time helped the community generally. The new bridge would prove an important link between the northern suburbs and the important beaches on the northern side of Sydney Harbour, besides relatively assisting the settlers in French's Forest. The bridge was the result of true co-operation between local governing bodies, and he trusted that the fine example set by the Warringah, Kuring-gai, and Willoughby councils would be followed in other parts of the State. While he remained at the head of the Government he would be pleased to give all the co-operation possible in enabling local governing bodies to carry out similar works.

The Government, Sir George Fuller continued, realised the importance of pushing on with developmental works in the country, and ho Instanced the agreement with the Victorian Government for the construction of bridges over the Murray. These works would assist in developing south-western Riverina, and while is was true that a good deal of the trade of that part of the State would go to Victoria, the result would he more potential taxpayers to New South Wales.

Councillor J. G. Lockley (president of Ku-ring-gai Shire Council) moved a vote of thanks to the Premier, which was seconded by Alderman H. W. Clarke (Mayor of Willoughby).

The Premier and party travelled to the bridge by way of the Spit and French's Forest. At the Soldiers' Memorial Hall in French's Forest Sir George Fuller was welcomed by the soldiers and other settlers, and in the evening a ball was held to commemorate the opening of the bridge. 
MIDDLE HARBOUR. (1924, September 22). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from 


Below: OPENING OF THE MIDDLE HARBOUR BRIDGESeveral thousand people attended the official opening on Saturday afternoon of the –Middle Harbour Bridge between French's Forest and Roseville. After the opening ceremony, which was performed by the Premier, Sir George Fuller, hundreds of motor cars passed in procession over the bridge. Sir George Fuller said the new bridge would prove an important link between the northern suburbs and the important beaches on the northern side of Sydney Harbour, besides substantially assisting settlers in French’s Forest. OPENING OF THE MIDDLE HARBOUR BRIDGE. (1924, September 24). Sydney Mail (NSW : 1912 - 1938), p. 10. Retrieved from 

The name of John Gilmour Lockley, President of Ku-ring-gai Shire Council from 7 December 1923 – 5 December 1924 has been made bold as this gentleman had a long affiliation with Narrabeen and wrote numerous articles promoting an area he clearly loved as well as having at least two holiday cottages he rented out during the colder months.

Mr. Lockley wrote several gardening books and, using the pseudonym 'Redgum', wrote about gardening at the Sydney Morning Herald and also had a very popular radio program on gardening up until he passed away. His brother Robert Lockley also had a long association with Narrabeen and Collaroy, as did Robert's son of the same name, being a member of south Narrabeen SLSC.


Gary Clist:

Next batch, this time from 1970 when I was working for John Stone and boarding with our old family friend, Mrs Flatt, in Wollstonecraft Rd. She had the tennis court where I'm sure many of you older ones learnt to play. Her children were Susan, David and Janet.

Myself at age 19 trying to look cool ( complete with my first beard ). Not much choice of glasses frames in those days.

always a good range of guitars and accessories at John Stone's.

Ken Meadley (Centre), senior shop assistant.

Lots more people in these shots. Hopefully some will be recognised. I was doing a photography course at the time, and was no doubt trying for some interesting compositions.

July 1970. A couple of old friends from Avalon Baptist Youth Group, at a Gospel Concert. Jim Murdoch & Sue Wales

1970 Sports Day in dunbar park

The next few batches were taken at a school sports day at Dunbar Park ( hope I remembered correctly...the name .just popped into my head. ). Hopefully many of you will be able to see your younger selves, or your friends. Enjoy reminiscing about younger and less stressful times.

1970s sports day –  Brian Friend; The old Avalon Police Station on the left at the back.

Nick M. -  that little Police Station was a temporary building and was not always manned. I remember sharing a cigarette on the steps....Old Sarg arrived only moments after we got up and walked away. We were 11 or 12.)

1970s sports day Scout Hall in background

1970’s sports day Sports day, 1970. Julia B; The Teacher looks like Mr Rogers, he had the comb over! And I remember those sports uniforms and groups

Judy Z; I was in Persius    -  Maureen P; I was in Achilles  - Sue N; I was in Hercules. Mr Rogers was my teacher too

Nick M;  Yes. I am thinking Mr Rogers. I remember watching Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon on a 26 inch TV live in his classroom. They crammed just about the whole school in there two rooms had a retractable divider which provided more was jam packed.

1970s Sports day – Avalon Beach RSL in background

Skipping race at 1970 Sorts Day. Dunbar Park

1970s skipping race 2: Sports Day skipping race, 1970 – no Woolworths carpark in sight; see how the reserve runs all the way to beach

Between races, 1970 sports day, Dunbar Park. Note all the Globite school cases. No back-packs then.

A boy and his Globite. 1970 Sports day, Dunbar Park Avalon

Cheering on the runners. 1970 Sports day, Dunbar park. Guide Hall in background

1970s Sports day  – Bowling Club in background and snippets of hills

1970s Sports day extra 11 - Nick M; - Could that be Teacher from Avalon primary Mr Armstrong in the coat and Rayban style sunnies?

1970 - Avalon Beach Street Scenes

Stapleton arcade to the right of the original Bank of NSW

Milk Bar Craig F; That “shed” on the hill was also known by locals as Barney’s hut

Yvonne L; I worked at Plunkets pharmacy in 1965 for a few years was next door to the milk bar from memory.....used to buy heaps if lollies from milk bar ....

Jenny S-W; Got any photos of the old la fiesta - that was also a local hang out!!  John S -; when I was friends with Boyd we hung at Jimmy’s . Later La fiesta was the hang being a grom playing space invader  and pinnies . Surfing legends such as Ted Spencer Bommie and David Chidgey Russell Hughes and Brian Bariscool were the hangers drinking Cappuccinos . Great memories

La Fiesta Milk Bar in Old Barrnjoey Road - owned and run by Terry and Pam Papadis, they had three children; Theo, Nic, and Fay. - Alison G.

Karen D R; I worked in the CBC Bank around 1968-69 - Virginia L; For those who were querying what used to be across from the hostel, there it is Ampol

1970 - Corner of Avalon Pde Avalon shops, Old Barrenjoey Rd 

1970 - Corner of Avalon Pde Avalon shops, Old Barrenjoey Rd 

1970 - Old Barrenjoey rd, Avalon 

1970 - Old Barrenjoey rd, Avalon 

1970 - Avalon Newsagency  Yvonne L;-  What a surprise when I saw this Photo. very sure that is me as a new mum recognised the out fit and the shoes ..Looked back on some photos and hair the same as well. So thanks for the memories...

Outside the Newsagency

Outside the Newsagency 

Outside the Newsagency 

Outside the present day Avalon liquor Shop, 1970 when was shop

Outside the present day Avalon liquor Shop, 1970 when was shop

1970 – Avalon florist shop top sign

Simmonds Lane, Avalon  Beach, 1970

Dear Pittwater Online,

Sunday August 16, 2020: 9.38am

Gary's photos in this week's Issue (462) of Avalon reminded me of this video from the National Film Australia Archives.

Joan and David Pitt bought the Newport agency from the guy featured so Joan told me when I first came across it. 

Joan still proudly flies the Australian flag above Newport.

Regards Derek Morley 

David Pitt purchased the Newsagency from Mr Don Tweedie in 1958.  Prior to the purchase David managed the business while Mr and Mrs Tweedie had a holiday.  He just loved running around in the Vauxhall Convertible.  When he purchased the business he had a Morris Soft top to the delivery.

Paper Run

By NFSA Films - underneath 2011 Reprise by Pittwater Pathways (John Illingsworth)

Made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1956. Directed by Malcolm Otton. A panorama of scenic beauty unfolds as the newspaper delivery man works his run along Sydney's northern beaches of Newport and the Palm Beach area. Commonwealth Film Unit 1956.

1970 Avalon Beach scenes

Avalon, high school girls 1970, Morris Minor in the middle of two VWs  

Coastal apartments, Surfside Ave, Avalon, 1970 - 

Avalon Beach, 1970 - Surfside Ave, Avalon. 

1970 - beach steps

1970 Avalon Beach SLSC old arch

1970 - Horse on Avalon Beach, south end - 

Avalon Beach scenes, 1970

Avalon Beach scenes, 1970

Avalon Beach scenes, 1970

Avalon Beach scenes, 1970

Avalon Beach scenes, 1970 - young love

Avalon sandhills pre re-vegetation, 1970.

Avalon Beach obviously looking north from the surf club. Note the Pillow Fight pole bottom right hand corner. Who remembers the aptly nicknamed "Kegs" winning many a battle during surf carnivals here ? R

Roland L; - Real name....Doug Wells...a great member of Avalon Beach S L S C...sadly gone too soon...watching from above with Huey.... Karen DR; - Kegs was a round barrel and he did win a lot. Now watching many battles up high. Keith F; -Kegs and matches had some good 1st. I still think of Kegs every time did a swim. I saw them walk 16 laps when pool was empty  Stephen S; - Also shows the Dune stabilisation started in 1970? Does anyone know the science on this?

One of the joys of the beach that won't have changed...playing in the rock pools.. Does this now 54-55 year old recognise himself? - Gary Clist

1970 on Pittwater

Last of my 1970's photos with a few of Pittwater included. 

Beautiful Pittwater. I spent many happy days here out on the water in the boat LEONIE B ( A 46' Halvorsen twin diesel cruiser ) belonging to my father's boss. They were in the then named 'Volunteer Coastal Patrol' - now known as Marine Rescue Broken Bay;

Michael Cox and Christine Emery setting the scene. Part of a photo shoot I did for my tech course. They later married:

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Biddy Lewis and Martha Catherine Benns Pittwater Matriarchs A Glimpse of the Hawkesbury.(1883) By Francis Myers. Illustrated by J C Hoyte   Pittwater's New Cycle Track of 1901 Manly to Newport  The Rock Lily Hotel  Barrenjoey House The Pasadena Jonah's St Michael's Arch  The First Royal Visitor to Australia: the Incident at Clontarf March 12th, 1868  Pittwater: Lovely Arm of the Hawkesbury By NOEL GRIFFITHS - includes RMYC Wharf and Clareville Wharf of 1938 + An Insight into Public Relations in Australia George Mulhall First Champion of Australia in Rowing - First Light-Keeper  at Barranjuey Headland  Captain Francis Hixson - Superintendent of Pilots, Lights, and Harbours and Father of the Naval Brigade  The First Boat Builders of Pittwater I: the Short Life and Long Voyages of Scotland Island Schooner the Geordy  The Marquise of Scotland Island  Boat Builders of Pittwater II: from cargo schooners and coasters to sailing skiffs and motorised launches  130th Anniversary of Australia’s Sudan Contingent - Local Connections of the first Australians to Serve  The Riddles of The Spit and Bayview/Church Point: sailors, boat makers, road pavers and winning rowers The Currawong: Classic Yacht VP Day Commemorative Service 2015 –  at Avalon Beach RSL Cenotaph: 70th Anniversary   Captain T. Watson and his Captain Cook Statues: A Tribute to Kindness  Pittwater Reserves: The Green Ways; Hordern or Wiltshire Parks to McKay Reserve – From Beach to Estuary  Pittwater Reserves, The Green Ways: Clareville Wharf and Taylor's Point Jetty Pittwater Reserves: The Green Ways Bilgola Beach - The Cabbage Tree Gardens and Camping Grounds - Includes Bilgola - The Story Of A Politician, A Pilot and An Epicure by Tony Dawson and Anne Spencer  Pittwater Reserves - The Green Ways: Mona Vale's Village Greens a Map of the Historic Crown Lands Ethos Realised in The Village, Kitchener and Beeby Parks Pittwater Regatta Air Race Trophies: from 1934 and 1935 and The Pilot Who Saved William Hughes  Pittwater Reserves: The Green Ways; Bungan Beach and Bungan Head Reserves:  A Headland Garden  Early Pittwater Paddlers,  Oarsmen, Rowers and Scullers: The Green Family  Elanora - Some Early Notes and Pictures  The Stewart Towers On Barrenjoey Headland  Early Pittwater Paddlers, Oarsmen, Rowers and Scullers: The Williams Family  Early Cricket in Pittwater: A small Insight Into the Noble Game from 1880's On  The Pacific Club's 2016 Carnival in Rio Fundraiser for Palm Beach SLSC Marks the 79th Year of Support  Bert Payne Park, Newport: Named for A Man with Community Spirit  Early Pittwater Paddlers, Oarsmen, Rowers and Scullers: The Fox Family  Surf Carnivals in February 1909, 1919, 1925, a Fancy Dress Rise of Venus and Saving Lives with Surfboards  Early Pittwater Paddlers, Oarsmen, Rowers and Scullers: The Paddon Family of Clareville  Mermaid Basin, Mona Vale Beach: Inspired 1906 Poem by Viva Brock  Early Pittwater Schools: The Barrenjoey School 1872 to 1894  The Royal Easter Show and 125th Celebration of the Hawkesbury Agricultural College: Farmers Feed Us!  The Newport School 1888 to 2016  Pittwater's Ocean Beach Rock Pools: Southern Corners of Bliss - A History  The Royal Botanical Garden Sydney Celebrates 200 Years in 2016 The Porter Family of Newport: Five Brother Soldiers Serve in WWI  Church Point and Bayview: A Pittwater Public School Set on the Estuary  The Basin, Pittwater: A Reprise: Historical Records and Pictures  Lighthouse Cottages You Can Rent in NSW - Designed or Inspired by Colonial Architect James Barnet: Includes Historic 'Lit' Days records   Bayview Days Ships Biscuits - the At Sea Necessity that Floated William Arnott’s Success  Mona Vale Public School 1906 to 2012    St Johns Camden: 176th And 167th Anniversaries In June 2016 - Places To Visit  Narrabeen Lagoon And Collaroy Beachfront: Storms And Flood Tides Of The Past  Avalon Beach Public School - A History   Muriel Knox Doherty Sir Herbert Henry Schlink  Shopping And Shops In Manly: Sales Times From 1856 To 1950 For A Fishing Village  Sir Edward John Lees Hallstrom   Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club's 150th Sailing Season Opening: A Few Notes Of Old  A Few Glimpses Into Narrabeen's Past Beauties   Dr. Isobel Ida Bennett AO   Taronga Zoo 100th Birthday Parade: 1000 Reasons To Celebrate  War Memorials: Manly, October 14, 1916  Avalon Beach Golf Links: Pittwater Fields of Dreams II  War Memorials - Mona Vale, November 14, 1926  Annie Wyatt Reserve Palm Beach: Pittwater Fields of Dreams II Tumbledown Dick Hill  Waratah Farm and Narrabeen Plums: Pittwater Fields of Dreams II  Mark Twain, J.F. Archibald And Henry Lawson - Did They Go Fishing At Narrabeen In The Spring Of 1895?: Probably!  Bayview Baths Centenary Celebration in November 2016 hosted by Bayview-Church Point Residents Association  Dr. Jenny Rosen's Historical Timeline  Palm Beach RSL - Club Palm Beach Celebrating 60 Years  Early Years At Narrabeen: The Plane Sailing Day Of 1944 The  Five Ways- Six ways Junction; Kamikaze Corner - Avalon Bilgola  RPAYC Season on Pittwater and coming of Jubilees in Summer of 1938 Local Explorers’ Modern Day Discovery - Governor Phillip’s First Landing site, Campsite and contact with Local Aborigines in Pittwater: The Case for West Head Beach  Rendezvous Tea Rooms Palm Beach: links with 1817 and 1917: Palm Beach Stores  and Fishermen St Cloud's Jersey Stud: Elanora Heights: Pittwater Fields of Dreams  Roderic Quinn's Poems And Prose For Manly, Beacon Hill, Dee Why And Narrabeen  A Historic Catalogue And Record Of Pittwater Art I – Of Places, Peoples And The Development Of Australian Art And Artists: The Estuary  Celebrating World Radio Day: The Bilgola Connection With The Beginnings Of Radio In Australia  Emile Theodore Argles - champion of all Australians without a Voice - a very funny Satirist, Manly Poet and Pittwater Prose Writer and Litterateur  Sydney Harbour Bridge Celebrates 85th Birthday: A Few Pittwater Connections  Victor James Daley: A Manly Bard And Poet who also came to Pittwater and the Hawkesbury  Let's Go Fly A Kite !: Palm Beach Whistling Kites Inspire sharing How to Make Standard, Box and Whistling Boy Kites - school holidays fun with a bit of Australian and Narrabeen history  Clifton Gardens Mosman: An Eternal Green and Saltwater Space, and Of Many Captains  Historic Catalogue And Record Of Pittwater Art I: Coastal Landscapes and Seascapes  The Bayview Tea Gardens 1920 to 1923 When Run By Thomas Edward And Annie Newey (Nee Costello) An Australian and RPAYC Commodore Aboard an America's Cup Challenger of 1908 and 1914   Henry Lawson - A Manly Bard and Poet: on his 150th Birthday  Historic Catalogue and Record of Pittwater Art I: Artists and Artists Colonies  Opportunity To Visit Submarine War Grave Renews Memories Of 75 Years Ago  Early Bayview - insights courtesy Don Taylor and Margaret Tink Retracing Governor Phillip's Footsteps Around Pittwater: The Mystery Of The Cove On The East Side   Early Pittwater Surfers – Palm Beach I: John (Jack) Ralston and Nora McAuliffe  Patrick Edward Quinn: A Manly Prose writer who gave us A Run To Pittwater (1889) and Songs for the Federation of Australia  Avalon Beach North Headland Indian Face 'Falls': An Everchanging Coastline  Nautical Treasure In Suburbia  Pittwater: Where the Wild Flowers Are 1917 to 2017  Narani, Captain Cook Celebrations At MVPS And Elvina Bay Memories - 1970s  Early Pittwater Surfers – Palm Beach I: Alrema Becke Queen of Palm Beach  The Beachcombers Surfboard Riding Club: Palm Beach, NSW - 1959 to 1961 Year Dated Beer Bottles Found at Taylors Point  Early Pittwater Surfers: Avalon Beach I  - 1956: The Carnival That Introduced The Malibu Surfboard and Being Able To SurfAcross A Wave Face - Reg Wood Anecdotes    Mona Vale SLSC To Be Completely Renewed + A Few Insights from the Pages of the Past  The Firecracker That Closed Narrabeen Hotel By Ken Lloyd (Savalloyd) + Narrabeen Hotel Licence Transfer Trail  Traces Of WWII Coast Watchers Found On Bangalley Headland - 1942  Early Warriewood  SLSC insights per Norman Godden + Extras  The Macphersons of Wharriewood and Narrabeen: the photo albums of William Joseph Macpherson  Angophora Reserve Avalon 1938 Dedication  Avalon Preservation Association History by Geoff Searl Pittwater Summer Houses: 1916 Palm Beach Cottage and Palm Beach House  Pittwater YHA: Some History  WWI Historian Presents New Film On The Beersheba Charge At Avalon Beach Historical Society Meeting  Newport's Bushlink 'From The Crown To The Sea' Paths: Celebrating Over 20 Years Of Community Volunteer Bushcare Results  Pittwater Fishermen: The Sly Family Narrabeen Exploits and Manly Community Contributors: The First Surfboat at Manly Beach  Women In The Surf Life Saving Movement As Life Savers: From At Least 1910 Locally - Awarded Medals For Saving Lives From 1880 In NSW  Windsor Bridge: Planned Destruction Of Historic Link With A Pittwater Connection The Rise Of The Cruising Season: A Look At Some Early Australian sailers and Local Visitor Beauties     Pittwater Fishermen: Barranjoey Days Polo By The Sea 2018: Over A Hundred Years Of Loving This Game In Pittwater  Australia Day Regatta Began As Anniversary Day Regatta  Black Bakelite Telephone: Early Pittwater Phone Numbers  Hy-Brasil, Avalon Beach - Pittwater Summer Houses  Ferry Names for Emerald Class: The Gibbs-Turner Original Magic Button  Pittwater Summer Houses: A Tent At Palm Beach's Governor Phillip Park 'Neath Barrenjoey  Pittwater Summer Houses: The Cabin, Palm Beach - The Pink House Of The Craig Family  Manly's Early Sand Sculptors: How Pennies Can Become Pounds and Found A New Art   Retracing Governor Phillip's Footsteps Around Pittwater: The Mystery Of The Cove On The East Side by Geoff Searl and Roger Sayers 230th Anniversary Edit March 2018  Black-Necked Stork, Mycteria Australis, Once Visited Pittwater: Pair Shot in 1855  Butter Churns: Pittwater Dairies The Drainage System In Thompson Square, Windsor  Sydney Royal Easter Show 2018 Show Stopper Beer Brewed By Modus Operandi Mona Vale Extends Locals Input Into RAS Annual Celebration Of Local Products Sydney's Royal Easter Show Showbag Began As An Australian Sample Bag   Pittwater Fishermen: Great Mackerel, Little Mackerel (Wilson's Beach - Currawong) and The Basin  Motor Car Tours To And In Pittwater Show Us The Way This Place Once Was  Some Bayview Memories: The Lloyd Family Tarramatta Park, Mona Vale 1904  The Collaroy Paddle Steamer: New Ephemera Added To Public Accessible Records - Her Connections To Pittwater  The Roads And Tracks Of Yesterday: How The Avalon Beach Subdivisions Changed The Green Valley Tracks  Australian Sailing's Barranjoey Pin Program; some insights into this Pittwater Yacht and owner, Sir W Northam who won Australia’s first Olympic sailing gold medal at the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games  Avalon Beach Historical Society’s 9th Great Historic Photographic Exhibition: Thousands Of Stories Made Accessible  The Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge: Timely Winter Anniversaries and Commemorations For A Septuagenarian and her Predecessor  Photographers Of Pittwater Capture Historic Insights: A. J. (Arthur James) Vogan, 1859-1948  Roads To Pittwater: The Wakehurst Parkway Along Old Oxford Falls Track  Roads To Pittwater: The Pittwater Road  My Holiday by Charles de Boos – 1861  Shark-proof pools at Manly on the Harbourside  Dad's Fishing Shack At Long Reef  Historic Photographers Of Pittwater: Harold 'Caz' Cazneaux 1878 - 1953 Roads To Pittwater: The Mona Vale Road  My Singing Story Barrenjoey High School's 50th Year: History Notes + The Original Barrenjoey School  A Bunch Of Wildflowers: Historical Spring September Songs  Camden-Campbelltown Hospitals & Carrington Convalescent Hospital: A Mona Vale-Frenchs' Forest Hospitals Comparison With Pittwater History Links The Newport School: 1888 to 2018  A Visit to Bungan Castle by ABHS   Roads In Pittwater: The Barrenjoey Road Remembrance Day 2018 - Pittwater Veterans WWI 100 Years From Armistice Day 1918   Filmed in Pittwater: A Sentimental Reprise + Narrabeen  Roads In Pittwater: The Bay View Road  The NSW Women's Legal Status Bill 1918: How The 'Petticoat Interference In Government' Came Of Age - A 100 Years Celebration Of Women Alike Our Own Maybanke Selfe-Wolstenholme-Anderson Scott Brewster Dillon: A Tribute - He Did It His Way  Pittwater Summer Houses: Rocky Point and Elvina Bay -  A Place Of  Holiday Songs and Operas In Ventnor, Fairhaven, Trincomalee and Maritana    Remains Of Captain Matthew Flinders Discovered: Links with Bungaree of Broken Bay   Isabella Jessie Wye MBE OAM (Isa)  Off To School In 2019 Quicker Than 104 Years Ago  Photographers Of Early Pittwater: Charles Bayliss  Harold Nossiter's Classic Yachts  Pittwater Roads II: Where the Streets Have Your name - Scotland Island  Art Deco Inspirations In Palm Beach: The Palladium Dance-Hall, Cafe And Shop - The Surf Pavilion - The Beacon Store  Pittwater Roads II: Where the Streets Have Your Name - Newport Beach  Professor Christopher John Brennan: A Poet Of Newport Beach  M.V. Reliance Turns 100  Avalon Beach Historical Society March 2019 Meeting: Focus On Trappers Way   Pittwater Roads II: Where the Streets Have Your name - Clareville  Photographers of Early Pittwater: Henry King  Photographers Of Early Pittwater: David 'Rex' Hazlewood  Richard Hayes Harnett - First Commodore Of The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club and Designer Of The Yacht 'Australian' - Based On The Lines Of A Mackerel  Pittwater Summer Houses: Waiwera and Hopton Lodge, Bayview The Sirius Circumnavigation (1935-1937): Nossiter Trio Make Australian Sailing History  Pittwater Roads II: Where the Streets Have Your name - Avalon Beach  Were Manly's Statues, Smashed For Road Ballast, Sculpted By Achille Simonetti?   Pittwater Roads II: Where the Streets Have Your name - Warriewood  Avalon Beach Historical Society June 2019 Meeting  Flint and Steel Guesthouse    Pittwater Roads II: Where The Streets Have Your Name - 'Green Hills', Elanora Heights, and Ingleside  Ethel Turner's Seven Little Australians Added To UNESCO Memory Of The World Register - The Missing Pages Restored  RPAYC To Host 100th Year Of The Scandinavian Gold Cup and 5.5m Worlds In January 2020 - some Etchells Worlds and Gold Cup on Pittwater History    Pittwater Roads II - Where the Streets Have Your Name: Mona Vale  Pittwater Roads II - Where the Streets Have Your Name - Bungan  Shark Meshing 2018/19 Performance Report + Historical Pittwater Shark Notes  Anthony Thomas Ruskin Rowe, Spitfire Pilot (1919 To 1943) - Who Defended Darwin And His Mate: An Avalon Beach And Pittwater Hero  Newport Surf Club Celebrates 110 Years On October 19, 2019 - A Few Club Firsts  Pittwater Roads II - Where the Streets Have Your Name - Bilgola  Tram Memorabilia - Historic Daylight Run For Sydney Light Rail Begins 80 Years After Last Tram To Narrabeen Closed  Historic Insights From The Australian National Maritime Museums 1890 Pitt Water 'Era' Yacht Collection: The Basin Regattas   Pittwater Roads II - Where the Streets Have Your Name - Coaster's Retreat and The Basin Samuel Wood Postcards of Pittwater and Manly  Bilgola SLSC Celebrates 70 Years: Anecdotes from Early Members  Pittwater Roads II - Where the Streets Have Your Name - Great Mackerel Beach  G . E. Archer Russell (1881-1960) and His Passion For Avifauna From Narrabeen To Newport  A History Of The Campaign For Preservation Of The Warriewood Escarpment by Angus Gordon and David Palmer  Mark Foy of Bayview 2019 Inductee into Australian Sailing Hall of Fame  The Victa Lawnmowers Story With A Careel Bay Link  Plaque Unveiled To Mark Phenomenal Surfing Revolution Commencement: the 1956  Carnival at Avalon Beach That Introduced The Malibu Surfboard  The Other Angels From Avalon: 50th Anniversary Of The IRB Marks The Saving Of Over 100 Thousand Lives The Eos: Classic Pittwater Yachts  Pittwater Roads II: Where The Streets Have Your Name - Whale Beach  Palm Beach Pavilion To Be Renamed The Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Marks DSO, MC Pavilion - some historical insights  Daniel Gordon Soutar's Influence On Local Golf Courses: Some History Notes Pittwater Fire Boats History: January 2020 Tribute Palm Beach Pavilion Renaming Dedication Honours Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Marks DSO, MC  Ella McFadyen's Love Of Pittwater: An Environment, Wildlife and Children's Champion Ella McFadyen's Love Of Pittwater: A Children's Champion - shorter version for Children  Sydney Bus Museum Volunteers Helps Mona Vale Bus Depot Celebrate 50th Anniversary Of Opening Dorothy Hawkins - a new film by John Illingsworth  Dorothy Hawkins' family, father Joseph Homer, ran a dairy near Winnererremy Bay at Mona Vale from 1936 Narrabeen Fire Brigade Celebrates 100th Anniversary + A Few Extra Insights Into Local Fires And Brigade Formations  Pittwater, Narrabeen Lagoon & The Collaroy Beachfront: Some Storms and Flood Tides Of The Past - With Pictures  The Wolverene At Broken Bay In 1885   Jack 'Bluey' Mercer (January 2nd, 1923 - February 17th, 2020) - West Head Battery in WWII  Manly Children's Festival Federation Of A Commonwealth Medals Of 1901  Maybanke Selfe-Wolstenholme-Anderson: 2020 International Womens Day + Pittwater Online 10 Years Celebrations  The Bona - Classic Wooden Yacht 2020 Answers North Head Quarantine Station, Manly: Some History - Governor Ralph Darling Saved Australians, Saved Australia  Winnererremy Bay: Angus Gordon, the Sequel to Dorothy Hawkins by John Illingsworth Roderic Quinns Poems and Prose For Manly, Beacon Hill, Dee Why And Narrabeen - 10 Year Celebrations and all Manly-Pittwater Poets Series in One Place  Stargazing In Pittwater: Historic and Contemporary   The Naval Pioneers of Australia by Louis Becke and Walter Jeffrey 1899  Harold Tristram Squire: October 28, 1868 - May 16,1938; Artist of Mona Vale  All Is Quiet On The Western Front by Roger Sayers Pittwater Roads II: Where The Streets Have Your Name - Palm Beach   Large Sunfish Caught at Barranjuee in 1875  Grace Brook, 1921-2017 by Paul McGrath and Robin Bayes  The Pittwater Floating Hotels That Almost Were: Old Paddle Steamers, Fairmiles  + A Current 'Lilypad'  Pittwater's Ocean Beach Rock Pools: Southern Corners Of Bliss - A History: Updated 2020  Long Reef Aquatic Reserve Celebrates 40th Anniversary  Pittwater Roads II: Where The Streets Have Your Name - Careel Bay   Careel Bay Reserves and Playing Fields in Careel Bay Playing Fields Reserve - Including Hitchcock Park: Birds, Boots & Beauty  North Narrabeen Rock Pool: Some History Narrabeen Lakes Amateur Swimming Club by Maureen Rutlidge, Life Member