July 21 - 27, 2024: Issue 631


Over-Development At Palm Beach General Store Land: Palm Beach Whale Beach Association For Residents Encourages All To Attend On Site Hearing

Palm Beach General Store and two shops before demolition 

The cleared flat site on June 17 2024, as viewed from Barrenjoey House north-eastern perimeter. Image: AJG/PON

In December 2023 a Class1 Appeal was lodged with the Land & Environment Court by the Developer against the Northern Beaches Council's (NBC) deemed refusal of the DA submitted for 1112 - 1116 Barrenjoey Road, the Palm Beach General store and car parking site.

NBC has not determined the DA at this time for that reason.

Consequently a conciliation conference pursuant to s.34 of the Land & Environment Court Act 1979 will be held on 24 July 2024 commencing at 9:30am at the Property. 

The s.34 conference allows objectors/supporters the opportunity to inform the Court orally  of their concerns in relation to the proposed development. It is the usual course for the Commissioner to hear from objectors/supporters at the  commencement of the conference. 

NBC has lodged a Statement of Facts and Contentions (SOFAC) with the Court which details the reasons Council considers the DA unacceptable in its current form as there are multiple significant breaches of the Pittwater2014 LEP, the Pittwater 21 DCP and the Design and Sustainability guidelines.

Following the evidence from objectors/supporters, the parties to the proceedings will then  participate in a confidential conciliation conference (off-site) between the parties (the developer, the Council etc) and the Court. The purpose of a conciliation conference is to explore whether an  agreement can be reached between the parties. If the matter is not resolved between the parties at the conciliation conference, the matter  will be set down for a Court hearing at a later date. At the Court hearing, copies of all  residents’ submissions will be given to and considered by the Court.   

The Palm Beach Whale Beach Association strongly encourages the Community to attend this Conciliation Conference on site on Wednesday 24 July at 9.30am. The Community needs to indicate to the Court (as it did recently at 231 Whale Beach Rd) that there is major community concern with this development application and that it is NOT in the public interest.

Written objections can still be submitted via the Council website.   

The PBWBA made an application to the Land and Environment court as an interested party to get any documents that they had. They  L&E Court stated it had the Council Document and one other document but no new plans.

Council's solicitors has a copy of new plans but the developer has not agreed to release these to be viewed by the community. 

The PBWBA does not understand why these have not been provided to the court and on what grounds the community is being removed from the process by the proponent;  how can residents can make a submission to the court hearing when they have not seen these plans and drawings. 

The community is very passionate and involved with every proposed development in the gateway along Barrenjoey road to Palm Beach. Residents are not anti development, but do ask for compliant and thoughtful outcomes that respect the surroundings and beauty this area has to offer locals and tourists alike.

The proposed development when viewed from Pittwater Park clearly breaches the 8.5m maximum height above ground level for this location, the houses already behind and beside the site cannot be seen - Heritage Listed Barrenjoey House beside the site would be dwarfed by 2.5x the height. Source: Master set plans on NBC's website


The site is located in an E1 "local centre" zone. Palm Beach General Store/Fantasea Cruises/Contemporary Hotels offices were located here and it is on the northern side of heritage listed Barrenjoey House, opposite Pittwater Park and Palm Beach Wharf. Many of you will also remember "Swell" cafe and prior to that "Ancora" restaurant traded here too. The pedestrian crossing leads to/from the Wharf and the main southbound bus stop and bus shelter is located here too.

A DA for the site was approved in 2010 by the former Pittwater Council but minimal work was completed and the 3 shops continued to trade until 2022/23. The site was sold to developers in 2021 for $12 million.

After the demolition of the three shops in 2023 a DA was lodged described as "alterations and additions to commercial development - Demolition works and construction of Shop Top Housing".

The 2023 DA seeks approval for a five storey shop top housing development with 7 x 3 bedroom apartments over 4 levels, 2 shops/retail (non-food premises) at ground level and basement parking for 23 vehicles.



2024 Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Awards Of Excellence  

Newport is SLSSNB Club of the Year for 2024. Photo: SLSSNB Branch

The SLSSNB Awards of Excellence 2024 were held Friday 28 June 2024. The annual AoE awards provide an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the impressive list of nominees who have made a huge impact on our community, along with all the volunteers who have served locals and visitors during the past Season and, in many cases, for many years.

Winners in the SLSSNB Branch Awards of Excellence are endorsed for the Surf Life Saving NSW Awards of Excellence. The Surf Life Saving NSW Awards of Excellence celebrate the incredible people in our organisation and the impact they have on their clubs, its members and their local communities.

This year’s awards will be presented at the SLSNSW Awards of Excellence function on Saturday 24th August 2024 at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth.

Newport SLSC had several recognitions, including:

  • Pipi Te Pania as the SLSSNB Youth Athlete of the Year
  • Newport SLSC & PCYC groups as SLSSNB Community Education Program of the Year
  • Peter Finch as SLSSNB President’s award
  • Newport as SLSSNB Club of the Year

The Club of the Year is an outstanding SLS-affiliated club that is committed to improving the experience of its members, providing a safer environment for the community, and improving club operations. 

The President's Award, with Bungan Beach SLSC's Life Member Rod McGibbon currently serving a Branch President, recognises a member who has demonstrated significant and outstanding voluntary service to Surf Life Saving. 

Peter joined North Narrabeen SLSC in 1993, and has given over 22 years of continuous service. He is now a member of the Newport SLSC. Peter held numerous positions at North Narrabeen from Business Manager to Junior President and everything in between. He has also held positions within SNB in the power craft area, and without him carnivals would not go ahead. 

Even in Winter, as reported by PON in 2013, Peter is out on the water training the next operators in jet ski rescues.

Peter is the first on the water and the last one out.  Dedicated to helping with can set up,  and water safety at all carnivals in SNB.  Peter is a highly experienced jet ski and IRB trainer for the Branch,  his work with this team still continues today. 

The power craft teams at SNB are privileged to have him educating newer members in the skills needed to operate power craft. Peter was awarded SNB Life Membership in 2015.

Peter Finch 2024 SLSSNB President’s award

Newport SLSC and PCYC groups as SLSSNB Community Education Program of the Year has already had a positive impact. In November 2022, NSW Police Force Youth Command partnered with the Newport Surf Life Saving Club to integrate surf awareness, beach safety skills into a ‘Fit to Learn’ program involving at-risk and vulnerable youth from South West and Northern Sydney.

With the invaluable support of Mr. Guyren Smith, President of the Newport Surf Life Saving Club, the program also emphasised positive role modelling, achieved through presentations led by Ironman and Ironwoman athletes and police from the NSW Police Force Youth Command.

This collaborative effort not only equipped youth with vital life skills and fostered positive connections between police and Surf Life Saving Australia illustrating the power of community partnerships in addressing social challenges. Mr Smith has continued his support of the ‘Fit to Learn’ program, assisting with a total of four programs. Since it’s inception this program has developed so now participants graduate with the SLSNSW Surf Rescue Certificate qualification. The course has resulted in over 30 young graduates from across the entire Sydney Metropolitan area.

On the 11 April 2024, at a Capability, Performance and Youth Command  awards ceremony, Mr Smith received a Region Commander’s Commendation for his ongoing commitment, leadership and dependability in the delivery of these programs, and the positive impacts it has on the young people.

Mr. Smith said: ''It was an honour to receive a commendation on behalf of the club from the NSW police. Thank you to those that have helped out over these programs to deliver lifesaving skills and a great environment to the participants.''

A Region Commanders Certificate of Appreciation was also awarded to Koby Ell in recognition of the bravery he displayed in rescuing a young male from surf conditions on Sunday 21st January 2024 at the NSW Police Force Youth Command Annual Awards Ceremony. Koby was at North Maroubra Beach when he noticed a young male some distance from the shore who was struggling to keep his head above the water. With no lifeguards or equipment nearby, Koby ran into the water and swam to the aid of the struggling young male.

Koby managed to reach the young male and without the assistance of any equipment, pull him back to shallow water and complete a successful surf recuse. The young boy thanked Koby for his efforts and left the area safe and well.

In December 2023 Koby successfully completed the Fit For Change Surf Program, a partnership initiative between the NSW Police Force PCYC NSW and Surf Life Saving Australia, at Newport Surf Life Saving Club. Koby received training in beach safety and received a ‘Surf Rescue Certificate’ qualification. By way of his actions, Koby has demonstrated bravery and the knowledge, skills and training he gained from the Fit to Learn Surf Live Saving program to successfully rescue the young male.

Pipi Te Pania as the SLSSNB Youth Athlete of the Year

Adrienne Lowe, Dee Why SLSC, was named a Life Member at this year's SLSSNB Branch Awards of Excellence. In 2022 Adrienne was awarded an OAM 'for Service to Surf Life Saving'. A highly experienced and skilled educator, Adrienne has trained countless volunteers in Lifesaving and first aid awards and has held just about every role at her club, including President from 2007-2010.

Adrienne Lowe, Dee Why, Life Membership

When Adrienne Lowe OAM (Dodds ’80) was a student at Loreto Kirribilli, she was given some advice she has never forgotten. “Sr Paula told us, ‘Do your best, no matter what you choose to do’.”

Adrienne has followed this advice in a lifelong career that has gone from swim coach to surf life saver to Bronze Medallion Training Officer to Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Director of Education.

Adrienne first became involved in surf life saving in 2002 when she was working as a swimming coach at North Sydney Pool. She instantly loved it. “Surf life saving for me was the perfect love marriage of water, the beach and education.”

Adrienne was part of the team that won the 2015 SLS NSW Open First Aid Gold medal- Dee Why SLSC and went on to take Bronze  in the Open First Aid for Dee Why SLSC at Aussies that year.

First Aid Friday, out of Dee Why SLSC, was nominated in the Innovation Of The Year category. This is Dee Why SLSC’s weekly 5-minute First Aid Refresher.

Two 2023/2024 examples include:

First Aid Friday – Shock

March 15, 2024

Shock is a life-threatening condition which manifests when there is insufficient blood circulating around the body and the blood pressure is too low to supply the tissues with oxygen. Initially the body responds to the threat by releasing adrenaline; this increases the heart rate and constricts the blood vessels raising the blood pressure. If the situation is not reversed blood flow to the vital organs such as the heart, brain, lungs and kidneys may be insufficient. If not reversed these organs will die and the person may not survive. It is vital we identify shock early and get the person off to hospital for definitive treatment. There’s also a note about sepsis in this week’s refresher. Hope you find this useful.

First Aid Friday - heat stroke (Hyperthermia)

March 1 2024

This summer has been relatively mild but there are plenty of days left for some real scorchers so this reminder may help you identify and treat hyperthermia (heat stroke) in the event someone needs help. Heat stroke is potentially fatal particularly for the very young and old so identifying it and acting quickly is vital. See summary attached.

The Dee Why SLSC First Aid Friday returns in October 2024 - just one example of how surf life saving members who care, give up their time and want to make a difference, find ways to look out for and after residents and visitors to our area while building and extending what came before them in surf life saving as a base for those who will come after them.

The SLSSNB Branch Awards of Excellence also recognise outstanding achievements in surf sports, the training and maintaining ground for fitness and skills that save lives on our beaches. This year the Surf Sports Team award was won by the Puddles U19 Female Boat Team from Palm Beach SLSC, who won Gold everywhere they went throughout the 2023/24 Season.

Palm Beach SLSC Boat Captain and Sweep for the puddles Peter Spence stated as the season closed: ''an undefeated season for the girls, very rare to do in our sport, what a crew, a pleasure to sweep the girls.''

Surf Sports Team award to Puddles U19 Female Boat Team from Palm Beach SLSC

The Youth Surf Life Saver was awarded to Eloise Love, Bungan Beach. The Youth Surf Lifesaver of the Year is won by an active patrolling member between the ages of 15-21 who has made an outstanding contribution to the delivery and development of surf lifesaving frontline services. 

The Official award was won by past SLS SNB Branch President, Gordon Lang of Palm Beach SLSC. The Official of the Year awards is won by an accredited surf sports official who has made a significant contribution to both officiating at a state, national and/or international level, and to the educational development of other officials in SLS. 

Gordon Lang at the 2024 SNB Awards of Excellence

Gordon Lang became a member of Palm Beach SLSC in 1970. During his 54 Years of service (2022), he has been participating in multiple portfolios such as Surf Sports, Administration and Lifesaving. 

Gordon is still actively engaged in masters’ competitions, being a surf sports official and a carnival organiser - the annual Adrian Curlewis Masters Carnival being one of his additions to the surf life saving calendar and a great way for masters across Sydney and further afield to commence their January. Gordon has made significant contributions to the Branch throughout his tenure, serving as President, Deputy President, and Sponsorship Director.  Under his leadership, SLSSNB witnessed remarkable growth, culminating in a membership base of over 13,000 members at the end of his five year term.  Beyond these roles, Gordon has actively participated in several SNB Committees, such as Rules & Constitution, Carnival review, and Judiciary Committees, showcasing his ongoing commitment to the surf life saving community. Gordon was awarded SNB Life Membership in 2021.

Patrol Captain of the year, Sophie Valentine, Avalon Beach SLSC - awarded to a Patrol Captain who is passionate about improving the service their patrol offers to the community, or the experience it offers to members. 

Volunteer of the Year awarded to  Sascha Rundle, Warriewood SLSC

Administrator of the Year, Victoria O’Halloran, Manly LSC

Surf Life Saver of the Year, Isabelle Stapf-Giannakis, Freshwater SLSC

The full list of winners and nominees in the 2024 SNB Awards of Excellence runs HERE


2024 NSW Architecture Awards Celebrate Excellence In Design, Placemaking, Sustainability: Local Projects at bayview, long reef, manly Are Award Winners


Bayview Tree House - Photographer: Luke Shadbolt Photography, and courtesy Woodward Architects and the Australian Institute of Architects.

Long Reef Surf Life Saving Club, Adriano Pupilli Architects, has made the Shortlist in the 2024 NSW Architecture Awards in the Public Architecture category. Photo: Martin Mischkulnig and courtesy the Australian Institute of Architects

The state’s best new residential, commercial, and public buildings have been named in the Australian Institute of Architects 2024 NSW Architecture Awards. This year’s winners can be seen as a window into the changing built environment of contemporary Australia and a look into the way the state will live, work, and play, now and into the future. In particular, the 2024 winning cohort showed a pathway forward for sustainable and heritage buildings, including insightful adaptive reuses and considered renovations and additions. They have also shone a spotlight on design that has a deep connection to context and an intrinsic consideration of culture and Country.  

The beautiful Bayview Tree House by Woodward Architects has won an Award in the Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions) category.

Long Reef Surf Life Saving Club  by Adriano Pupilli Architects has won a Public Architecture (category) Award and received a Commendation in the Sustainable category.

Both the NSW Medallion and The Robert Woodward Award has been given to the North Head Viewing Platforms  by CHROFI and Bangawarra with National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The 82 winners and commendations listed were chosen by a jury of industry experts from shortlist of more than 126 of New South Wales’s leading architectural projects. Some of the winning projects in 2024 contain common themes that unite them. Chair of Chairs, Tim Horton, Architect and Commissioner, Land and Environment Court explains “We see the public interest advanced in the continued rise of projects that seek to reduce the total greenhouse gas emissions of our buildings; requiring less energy to produce, fewer resources to extract, employing both timeless proven passive or active environmental systems.” 

“Design makes our lives better.  Architects design to make our lives better. This year’s NSW Architecture Awards represent the very best, and excitedly focus on community, culture, reuse, and adaptation,” says Adam Haddow, Chapter President and National President Elect of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. 

“We have the very best architects in the world in NSW, and they are delivering remarkable projects that make New South Wales a better place to be.  Great architecture can both elevate the soul and deliver a more resilient future.  Sustainability and housing are the two biggest challenges of our age. Architects are best placed to help society find common ground, so that the environment is protected, and the lives of our communities are celebrated. This year’s awarded projects help show how great the future is.” 


North Head Viewing Platform, photo by John Spencer/DCCEEW and courtesy CHROFI and Bangawarra with National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Australian Institute of Architects


winter in pittwater 

A Few Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos

Photos: A J Guesdon, July 14 2024

Little Corella In Pittwater Spotted Gum Tree Hollow

Photo: A J Guesdon, July 17 2024

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