September 17 - October 7, 2023: Issue 599

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Louis Tilly 2023 Youth Sailor Of The Year For NSW/ACT - Lisa Darmanin Wins Sports Promotion Award: Local Women Named Female Sailor Of The Year For 5th Year In A Row

Avalon Beach Historical Society Celebrates 40 Years

Spring School Holidays Boating Safety: Please Log On - Log Off

Council Works To Open Narrabeen Lagoon Entrance Again: An Expense Recurring More Frequently

'Cathy Freeman Stand' Unveiled: Honours Inspirational Athlete Embedded In Our Hearts

Aquatics: Hot Conditions Prompt Water Safety Warning: National Drowning Report 2023 Released

Pictures: Avalon Beach SLSC Clubhouse's Is A Community Hub: 24 Hour Row 2023 Success - Festival Of Froth - New IRB, A Film, Music, Sustainability, Bangalley Bar Over Just One Weekend 

10 Billion Containers Returned and $1 Billion Earned: 7 Local Collection Stations for Return & Earn - The List

Manly MP James Griffin Announces Improved Manly Fast Ferry Frequency + Opal Discounts Commences October 1st

DIY IdeasDry Warm Spring Forecast: Put In Drought Tolerant Native Plants + Spring School Holiday Spring Gardening Ideas For Youngsters Because They Like 'Growing Stuff' Too

A Discussion On The Voice Referendum; Hosted By The Aboriginal Support Group - Manly Warringah Pittwater - film by John Illingsworth

Park Bench Philosophers  Bushwalk Fundraiser In Pittwater For The Indigenous Literacy Foundation: Guided Private Walk Followed By Three Course Lunch At Historic Trincomlee On Rocky Point - A Few Insights

Profile of the Week Ringtail Posse 8: September 2023 - Saving Sydney's Last Koalas
Logging Now Stopped In Future Koala Park By Minns Government - ''Is There Time To Save Sydney's Last Koalas Too?'' Asks: John Illingsworth, WIRES, Sydney Wildlife Rescue, Save Sydney Koalas, The Sydney Basin Koala Network, The Help Save The Wildlife & Bushlands In Campbelltown Group, Appin Koalas Animal Rescue Service, Patricia and Barry Durham, Sue Gay, Save Mt. Gilead, Paola Torti Of The International Koala Intervention Group 

Definition from:

Ringtail: from the 'Common Ringtail Possum' which is not so common anymore in urban areas. The Common Ringtail Possum is found along the entire eastern part of Australia and south west Western Australia. They are also found throughout Tasmania. The western ringtail possum is a threatened species under State and Commonwealth legislation. In Western Australia the species is listed as Critically Endangered fauna under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.


Posse: noun. 1 : a large group often with a common interest 2 : a body of persons summoned by a sheriff to assist in preserving the public peace usually in an emergency 3 : a group of people temporarily organised to make a search (as for a lost child) 4 : one's attendants or associates.

History 'Longa Linga' At Church Point - The John Lander Browne Pre-WWII Designed Linear Home For An Aunt
Tucked off to one side of the Quarter Sessions Rad Church Point, and thankfully still intact within its originally designed perimeter shape, is a John Lander Browne designed home which incorporated the new lineal lines coming into architecture during that period along with keeping to the remit of any good Architect; to build a great home that will with stand time. Designed and built for his wife's aunt, Lucy Richards née Lamplough, Longa Linga incorporates the ample amount of rooms required for a Summer residence and all year round comfort, along with most of the original land which was the last iteration of square metres by Lucy when selling off the over one acre block.

Church Point and parts of Bayview reflect what happened across Pittwater and Sydney itself since colonialization by Europeans - just a few owners of large sections of land until the 1950's-1960's and then the rapid escalation of building houses on smaller blocks that changed hands every generation or less.

Cut from Lot 1 of the lands sold after Dr. Tibbitts passed away, and from his holding at Church Point which in turn stemmed from the 66 acres granted to William Oliver which had been Charles Johnsons', the home overlooks McCarrs creek and looks north and west to the Ku-ring-gai National Park. 

This was one of the first modern day houses built on the Church Point isthmus and a big change from the former weatherboard and tin huts that comprised much of the homes alongside the McCarrs creek track

Pittwater Offshore Newsletter: september 1, 2023

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Scotland Island's Original Wife Swapper?; 'Secret Island' - A new comedy for offshore Pittwater; Island Playgroup; Scotland Island Fire Brigade: Get Ready Weekend; The Tuesday Discussion Group; Scotland Island Café; International Folk Dancing; For sale: steel-hulled cruiser

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Pittwater Online News: Spring School Holidays Break

Please note that Issue 599 will be published Sunday September 17 2023

Issue 600 will be published Sunday October 8th when the news service returns from the Spring School Holidays break. 

Staff will be 'back on deck' Friday September 29th.
Thank you very much.

Palm Beach to Ettalong: Dredging update

The Dredger is getting close to finishing operations in the Ettalong Channel. Next week TfNSW will commence hydrographic soundings of the channel. 

Palm Beach Ferries will begin its own refamiliarization and training within the channel.  An update will be made by Wednesday the 20th of September on when it should be safe to resume services to Ettalong & Wagstaffe.

Liesl Tesch MP, Member for Gosford, and 7 time Olympian (RPAYC) was out on the water on Friday September 15  to see the work of the Port Frederick dredge up close.

Liesl Tesch MP said, ''I appreciated the opportunity to see the environmental monitoring taking place to ensure that our environment is protected while dredging continues.

Thank you Andy Hartley from Maritime and Civil Delivery Group for showing me how the turbidity monitor works to keep an eye on our oceans health - the geography teacher in me was in heaven.''

Photos: Liesl Tesch MP earlier today out on the water  to see the work of the Port Frederick dredge up close. Photos courtesy LT MP!

More available in earlier September 2023 report Dredging Of Ettalong Channel Underway'.

Palm Beach Ferries provides exceptional ferry services between Palm Beach, Wagstaffe, and Ettalong Beach. Departing regularly from the Palm Beach Wharf, the picturesque journey takes just 30 minutes, passing by Barrenjoey Headland.

Recycled Books at Mona Vale

25/14 Polo Ave, Mona Vale

Hi fellow Book Lovers, we are sadly having to close the secondhand book business which was left after my husband passed away. We have approx. 100,00 books to sell, all genres including Historical, Militaria, biographies, fiction, non-fiction, children's etc. There are rare and out of print titles, 1st editions and much more. 

We also have Vinyl, DVDs and CDs.

Commencing 10.30am Sunday 17th September, ongoing until.....

We will be open on weekdays too, but due to limited parking, we ask that you contact us first either via email at:- or call 0424 564 450 so that we can arrange a time.
We prefer cash but accept card payments too. Please bring your own bags or containers
Look forward to seeing/hearing from you.

Veronica Wright.

Elanora Heights Village Christmas Markets 2023 EOI

Following the phenomenal success of the first Elanora Heights Village Christmas Markets last year, and thanks to all of your great feedback, we are going to keep with the insular peninsula 2101 theme again.

We welcome everyone to attend and have selected the date Sunday 26th November 2023 3pm - 7pm in your diaries.

We are now taking expressions of interest for stall holders, the only criteria is that you must live or work in 2101 to be eligible.

Please contact Karla at Elanora Heights Newsagency and Post Office if you are interested.

Elanora Heights Newsagency and Post Office  · 
63B Kalang Rd, Elanora Heights
Ph: (02) 9913 2228

CABPRA Half Yearly Meeting 2023

upstairs Green Room 

Grab a drink from the bar and come up stairs and hear from Greg on the impending summer and climate trends. We will also have a representative from the team from Fire and Rescue Avalon Fire Station to guide us on a local fire response.
NB: don't forget your licence if you are not a member to sign in. 

Due to the expense of our meetings and our limited resources both in terms of $ and manpower, the committee has felt for some time that only one AGM a year is necessary like most of the residents' associations around the northern beaches.   This won't stop us from having smaller informal gatherings from time to time with interesting guests over a drink, especially if you all like the RSL as a good meeting spot. 

So with this in mind we would like to hold a special general meeting for 5 minutes prior to commencing our half yearly AGM to vote on a motion to delete the half year meeting and revert to conducting the only the AGM. 

CABPRA’s vision is:
  • To encourage residents to take an active interest in their community
  • To preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the area including native flora and fauna
  • To promote sound environmental planning and management sympathetic with Pittwater’s natural beauty
  • To protect and enhance the residential amenity of the area including public reserves, access lanes, footpaths, cycle ways, beaches, wharves and foreshores
  • To speak with one voice and represent the interests and quality of life of the CABPRA community when in discussion with Council and other relevant government bodies.
Find out more at:

Bilgola Plateau Probus Club 1st Birthday

Bilgola Plateau Probus Club has grown in the previous 12 months from a gathering of nine to having over 103 members today.

To celebrate, the Club is having their 1st birthday party on October 6th at the Newport Bowls Club, starting at 10:00am. 

Visitors and prospective new members are cordially invited to attend for games, a raffle, best dressed (blue and gold colours), have a free cuppa and some nibblies.
Admission is free.

For further information contact Mike Musgrave (President) at

PNHA AGM: October 8 2023

We extend a warm invitation to our 2023 AGM. 
All welcome.

Date: Sunday October 8
Time: 1.30pm
Venue: Newport Community Centre Main Hall, 11-13 The Boulevarde Newport
Presenter: Lynleigh Greig - Sydney Wildlife Rescue and the Mobile Care Unit

For catering purposes, (Afternoon Tea) please RSVP to this email:

PNHA Committee

Bayview - church point community gathering 

SUNDAY 15 OCTOBER: 1230 -1430

Please join us at Winnererremy Bay next to the Flying Fox play area and meet other local residents for a chat and hopefully some laughs.

We are delighted that we will be joined by Mackellar Federal MP Dr Sophie Scamps, NSW Pittwater MP Rory Amon, Northern Beaches Mayor Sue Heins and Pittwater Ward Councillors Michael Gencher and Miranda Korzy, subject to their availability on the day.

  • -- a plate of food to share if you wish
  • -- anything you would like to drink
  • -- a chair if you so desire
  • -- any family members who may be available
Please let us know if you can attend by replying to this email address: - or just turn up!
We look forward to seeing you there.

The Bayview Church Point Residents Association (BCPRA) is a not for profit incorporated community association open to all adult residents of Bayview and Church Point.

BCPRA has been representing the interests of our local community for over 100 years. In this role it has regular contact with State and local government authorities as well as the community we serve.
The association is managed by a committee elected each year at an annual general meeting. The committee meets each month to discuss local issues and through consultation, strives to represent the best interests of local residents.

You can find out more about what your residents association is doing by checking out our website -

Bayview Church Point Residents Association

Australia celebrates Australia II’s 40th Anniversary of Success

September 26th 2023 marks the 40 year anniversary of the Australia II crew winning the prestigious America’s Cup. In an event that truly stopped the nation, and indeed many others, the iconic America’s Cup win shaped the very fabric of the Australian sporting landscape by instilling the support of the “under dog” and the never give up Aussie attitude in popular culture.

The crew of Australia II for the America's Cup races included a number of Pittwater sailors. The full crew list was: John Bertrand (skipper), Will Baillieu, Colin Beashel, Rob Brown, Peter Costello, Damian Fewster, James Hardy (alternate helm), Ken Judge, Skip Lissiman, John Longley, Scott McAllister, Brian Richardson, Phil Smidmore, Grant Simmer, and Hugh Treharne.

Australian Sailing would like to again congratulate all involved in the successful Australia II campaign which saw the America’s Cup won by Australia in 1983. The events are now well featured on Netflix through the documentary series UNTOLD, which features never-before-seen footage from the victory along with interviews from Skipper John Bertrand AO, crew Skip Lissiman OAM, Grant Simmer OAM and John Longley AM as well as defeated Skipper, Dennis Conner. For further information on the Netflix documentary the revisits Australia II's Cup Win – Click here

Australian Sailing would like to encourage all sailing clubs around the country to hold an activation to celebrate this momentous victory and to share the sport of sailing with friends, family and the wider community. For example, open the clubs’ doors and invite members, guests, and the public for a viewing of the documentary and a Q&A session afterwards discussing how to get involved in sailing.

Australian Sailing is also launching Discover Sailing Month, a new initiative which will take place in November around the country and encourage all sailing clubs to run a Discover Sailing Day. All the information, resources and marketing collateral has been developed and is ready to go for use by clubs. Discover Sailing resources for clubs can be found on our website here

A Discover Sailing Day is a great way for all clubs to grow participation and membership, and are designed to both attract participants to the club on the day, and to send a strong message to the local community that clubs are open and ready to welcome new participants!

Discover Sailing Day is FREE for all affiliated sailing clubs and intended to be FREE for participants. All clubs can run a Discover Sailing Day. You do not need to be an accredited Discover Sailing Centre, although that may add some advantages in using qualified instructors and providing accredited learn to sail programs for your participants to register in to continue and grow their newfound love for sailing.

If your club requires assistance to set up a Discover Sailing Day, please contact your local Australian Sailing General Manager and Club Support Officer.

Spring Surfing Celebration

Do you some boards that are lingering in the yard unused?
Come and sell/swap or trade them on Saturday 23rd Sept, between 12 noon and 4pm at Surfrider Gardens, Narrabeen.

The legendary Mick Mock will be there, chilled tunes from @borderlines___ , Surfboard Souls Manly will host sustainable surfboard art activities for adults and kids, and 2nd hand boards  raffle from Aloha Manly Style. Thank you legends.

Bring your boards for a Spring Surfing celebration!
Let's recycle, repurpose and reuse our boards.

Surfrider Foundation Northern Beaches

Elanora Players: The third act

Our cast and crew have been busy rehearsing for our upcoming production of The Third Act! This is the second play written by Emma Wood that Elanora Players has performed. The first was the very successful Mr Bennet’s Bride in 2022.

Join us for this comedy drama that will not disappoint!

Find out more and book your tickets here

Trafalgar Park Newport: Playground renewal - Feedback Invited

Comments close: Sunday 1 October 2023
As part of the 2023/24 Capital Works Playground Renewal Program, the council are proposing to undertake the replacement of Trafalgar Park Playground in Newport. 

The council propose to replace the existing play equipment and introduce rubberised surfacing, new edging, new retaining walls, new seating and new path connections (material for new paths not specified on plan). The council propose to change some of the shape and size of play areas as well.

The council now offers an opportunity to provide input on what you like and value about the park and playground before they finalise the plans now on exhibit and engage their contractor.

The council has stated they have already visited Newport Public School and spoke to Year 1 students about the playground and the upcoming renewal project. 

''We listened to a few ideas and answered questions to help with their learning project. As part of this session, we asked which style of senior play equipment (aimed at children aged 6 to 10 years) they preferred. Now we would like to ask the same question to the wider community.'' the council states

Please note that the outcome of this vote may not necessarily result in this piece being selected by the council for Trafalgar Park, but it will help guide their decision-making for Trafalgar Park or other upcoming projects.

Take a look at the concepts and share your thoughts by:
All comments in their entirety are made publicly available in the Community Engagement Report. Personal identifying information and inappropriate language are redacted.

Council state they aim to engage a playground contractor to carry out works in early 2024.

Trafalgar Park has been classified as a ‘neighbourhood’ playground and hence the current size is considered appropriate. The current playground size provides a good balance between the playground and open space that can be used for play or other recreational purposes.

The current project and budget only allow for the renewal of the playground and associated landscaping. Other facilities such as toilets and lighting and currently not planned or budgeted for. The council states 'these types of facilities would require further planning, investigation and thorough community consultation'.

The playground is located among established trees and open space of Trafalgar Park. The playground is used by school children from the neighbouring Newport Public School.

InTune With TonyB 

InTune is a radio programme about our local community, culture and music.
Each week, Tony chats with guests from local community causes and charities, about how they make a difference. We also get to hear a great line up of predominantly home-grown music.

In this week's programme, Tony gave an overview of the amazing work of our wonderful Surf Life Saving Clubs, with an emphasis on Nippers. It also features a chat with a real - life, lifeguard and Vice President of Nippers at Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club, Mr Michael Gencher. 

You can stream this and all previous programmes on demand here InTune on Demand.

Stay tuned for more great programmes on InTune.  
Radio Northern Beaches
Fridays at 6pm
FM 88.7 or 90.3
Or live stream at:

NSW State Government finds $1.4 billion in savings to fund historic teacher wage increase

September 15, 2023
The Minns Labor Government has stated it has identified $1.4 billion in savings to fund historic teachers wage increases by cutting bureaucratic waste within the Department of Education.

The government states the first Minns Labor Government budget will end the former government's Local Schools, Local Decisions policy.

''The savings needed to fund wage increases above the centrally-funded 4.5 per cent this financial year and properly recognise the value of teachers’ work will be met by removing waste and duplication and will instead get some of the state’s most experienced teachers back in front of students.'' the government announced

''Getting executive teachers back into the classroom where their expertise is most needed is one of several steps the Minns Labor Government is taking to pay for the biggest wage increase for teachers in a generation and break the back of NSW’s teacher shortage crisis.''

These steps include:
  • Redirecting a proportion of discretionary funds that had taken teachers off classroom duties to do admin, at a saving of $414 million over four years. 
  • Reducing programs that don’t directly support schools, including failed recruitment initiatives and unnecessary communications contractors: More than 200 contractors and management consultants will no longer be required, saving $411 million over four years. 
  • Applying a savings dividend across each corporate division of the NSW Education Department, saving $328 million over four years. 
  • Removing duplication from programs in digital learning, communications and management systems, saving $250 million over four years. 
  • Applying a one-off cost reduction through renegotiated commercial contracts in areas such as IT, telephony and travel, saving $45 million in the first year. 
Under the steps detailed above, the NSW Government will save $268 million in the first year of the new agreement, effective October 9, and $390 million in each of the three years to follow. 

The reforms go beyond funding the essential pay rises that will keep teachers in their vocation of choice – they will return the focus of schools to their core task of educating the future of our state.

Under the Heads of Agreement signed with the NSW Teachers Federation on Saturday, both sides committed to work together on an orderly process to spread teaching loads more fairly across senior teachers, and ensure there is a pathway for the state’s best teachers to be promoted while continuing their vital work of teaching.   

Teachers were informed in the last 24 hours of an immediate freeze on the recruitment of the non-teaching executive positions created under the former government, while the department reviews school staffing arrangements. 

Deputy Premier and Minister for Education and Early Learning Prue Car said, 
“Paying our teachers is an investment in our state’s future - the education of our kids. Giving teachers the pay rise that they deserve is long overdue, not only is it a mark of respect but we need to recruit and retain more teachers. 

“There are savings to be had from within the system which we can direct back into paying teachers what they are worth. A qualified teacher paid a fair wage in our classrooms will reap dividends in educational outcomes into the future. 

“It is a responsible and sustainable use of our education budget that goes directly back into the classroom and teachers.

“Under the former Liberal and National Government thousands of experienced teachers were pulled off class, which exacerbated a teacher shortage crisis which to this day they deny even existed.”

“Principals were loaded up with unnecessary paperwork and were forced to turn to trusted teachers to help. Thousands of teachers were taken away from the classroom and put behind desks because schools were loaded up with paperwork.

“That has to change. We need our best and brightest teachers back in the classroom where they can really make a difference, applying their experience and skills to mentor teachers and teach our students.”

Annual Opal price rise

Opal fares will be subject to the annual price rise from Monday 16 October, with the NSW Government ensuring the increase is less than the rate of inflation and securing deals for commuters by slashing fares on Fridays.

Fares across the Opal network will increase by an average of 3.7 per cent - less than $1 extra per week.

The NSW Government has worked to relieve cost-of-commuting pressures by delaying the fare changes, and ensuring they are less than the latest annual Sydney consumer price index movement of 7 per cent in the June 2023 quarter.

Cheaper weekend fares will be expanded to include Fridays, meaning people will receive a 30 per cent fare discount on Metro, train, bus and light rail services. Passengers will be able to travel all day for no more than $8.90. Child/Youth and Concession passengers will have a Friday fare cap of $4.45 for all-day Opal travel.

There will be no change to the weekly travel cap which will remain at $50 for adults and $25 for concession card holders and children. Seniors and pensioners will continue to enjoy their $2.50 daily cap.

Half-price trips after eight journeys will stop when the fare change comes into effect. Opal data shows almost 90 per cent of passengers are not reaching this cap. With fewer people commuting to work five days a week, cheaper Friday fares will have a greater impact on a much larger number of commuters.

The Station Access Fee set by the Airport Link Company for using the Domestic and International Airport train stations will also increase by $0.94 for adults and $0.84 for Child/Youth, Concessions and Senior fares.

Find out more about Opal fares 

Fare estimates for multimodal trips can be calculated from early October, ahead of the changes.

NSW Transport Minister Jo Haylen said:

“Every weekend will soon be a long weekend when it comes to Opal fares, as we make Friday travel cheaper for everyone, trimming the cost of visiting the city be it for work, to shop or to enjoy a day and night out on the town.

“Weekend fares will apply on Fridays, meaning people can travel all day for no more than $8.90 and receive a 30 per cent fare discount on metro, train, bus and light rail services. Child, Youth and Concession passengers will have a Friday fare cap of $4.45 for all day Opal travel.

“We know people are having trouble paying the bills. That’s why we’ve made sure that the average fare increase will see an average difference of just $1 to a passenger’s weekly fare.”

The Lifeline Classic is on again for 2023!

Get on board and raise funds for Lifeline Northern Beaches.
This year, we’re holding the Lifeline Classic on Saturday, 14 October 2023 at Queenscliff Beach. Kick-off at 8am.

The Lifeline Classic is an event for everyone. Join in and raise funds for Lifeline Northern Beaches’ crisis support and suicide prevention services.
There are four ways you can support the Lifeline Classic:
  1. Register a team and start fundraising for Lifeline
  2. Join a team and help with the fundraising
  3. Donate to a team or directly to Lifeline Northern Beaches ($2 and over is tax deductible)
  4. Share the event, particularly in support of the teams who are fundraising for Lifeline Northern Beaches
Your support helps Lifeline Northern Beaches save lives from suicide in our local community.

Need support? Lifeline is here to listen and help. Anytime.
Call 13 11 14 or text 0477 13 11 14.

Ongoing support is available through local services, including counselling, support groups and financial counselling. Visit

Monika's Doggie Rescue Pets of the Week


Lab X Shepherd - 9yrs

Alex is a lovely mature gentleman. He walks well on loose lead and much stronger than you would expect. He can bark at some dogs going past. He came from the pound with little hair on his back and ear infections however both have improved substantially. He knows sit and is well mannered around people. He can be snatchy with treats. He would be best as the only dog in the household. Our trainer says:" Alex is a friendly calm dog who copes well with the noise and bustle of a normal household. He sits for treats but can be a bit pushy for food. Kids need to use a flat hand to give treats. He shows no worry about kids handling him and playing around him. He is child tolerant." He has a short coat and weighs 28.8kg. He suits a family with house and garden and being left alone PT hours. All our dogs come desexed, C5 vaccinated, heartworm free and microchipped. Also included for the love and health of our dogs is a free Health and Wellness Voucher with our DoggieRescue Vet. His adoption fee is $400. To meet him for further details call DoggieRescue on 9486 3133  or email  RON R251000024


18 weeks Domestic Short Hair Kitten

Twix and Twirl are sisters who were dumped in a box at our clinic. They are a bit shy but ever so sweet and playful once they get to know you. All our cats come desexed, wormed, F3 vaccinated, FIV/FeLV tested if over 6 months old and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $250. To meet her call The Cottage Animal Hospital in Parramatta on 9890 7220 or for further details call DoggieRescue on 9486 3133  or email  RON R251000024

Breast cancer doesn’t wait – new campaign urges women to get screened

A new BreastScreen NSW campaign is urging women to book in for a life-saving mammogram before it’s too late, with more than 50 per cent of NSW women aged 50-74 behind on their breast cancer screening.

Voiced by Australian entertainers Kat Stewart and Amanda Keller, the new campaign warns women that while you’re living life, ‘Breast Cancer Doesn’t Wait’.

Minister for Women, Jodie Harrison, urged women to book in for their mammogram as soon as possible.

“Putting off something like a mammogram can seem all too easy, but you shouldn’t,” Minister Harrison said.

“It’s 20 minutes out of your day that could save your life.

“The message of this new campaign is clear – put yourself, and your health, first.”

NSW Health Minister Ryan Park said while a record number of women have returned to the BreastScreen NSW service over the past few months, there are still more than 625,000 women who haven’t booked in for their breast screen.

“We know life gets busy and reminder letters to get a breast screen often get lost under a mountain of paperwork and endless to do lists,” Mr Park said.

“The message is simple, breast screening needs to be a priority - an appointment only takes 20 minutes every two years and could save your life.”

Professor Tracey O’Brien, NSW Chief Cancer Officer and CEO, Cancer Institute NSW, said the campaign aims to encourage women to put themselves first and was developed after research found many women were not having regular breast screens because they were too busy.

“For women aged 50-74, a breast screen every two years is still the best way to detect and treat breast cancer early – before it can be seen or felt,” Professor O’Brien said.

“Unfortunately, breast cancer is expected to take the lives of close to 1,000 women in NSW this year and we need to do everything we can to detect and treat breast cancer as early as possible.

“As a working mum and professional, I know how hard it can be to block out time for yourself.

“A breast screen is quick and easy and if the cancer is detected early, it can significantly increase your chance of survival.”

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, with one in seven women set to be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

Age and being female are the biggest risk factors – not family history. 

BreastScreen NSW services are recommended for women aged 50–74 years, with no breast symptoms.

The service is available for women from 40 years. Any woman who has noticed a change in their breasts, like a lump, should see their doctor without delay.

For more information and to make an appointment, call 13 20 50 from anywhere in Australia or book online at .

If you need help from a translator to book a screening appointment, call the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 13 14 50.

To watch the new campaign commercial and for more information, visit

Bowel cancer screening push

The Government is investing $10.8 million to encourage eligible Australians to complete their potentially lifesaving bowel cancer screening as new data reveals screening rates dropped in 2020–2021 and natural disasters impacted screening rates.   

Australia’s national bowel screening rate dropped to 40.9 per cent during 2020–2021. While more than 6 million Australians were sent a test, only around 2.5 million returned their samples for screening. That’s around 179,000 fewer people returning their tests in 2020–2021.  

The Government is partnering with Cancer Council Australia to roll out a national bowel screening campaign to remind Australians to ‘Get2It’, as research shows most people intend to do the test, but life gets in the way.   

The campaign begins as preliminary data from Cancer Council Victoria’s Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer (CBRC) shows the impact recent major natural disasters had on participation rates in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program.  

The bushfires which devastated Australia in 2019–20 drove down participation rates by 27 per cent during that period in affected areas, while widespread flooding across the country led to a 23 per cent drop in participation rates.  

Get2It will run from now until November this year. Preliminary results show that around 37,000 reminders to screen were sent to people during the 2022 campaign, and an additional 89,500 people completed their screening test during the campaign period. 

Bowel cancer is Australia’s second biggest cancer killer, yet 90 per cent of cases could be successfully treated if detected early.  Increasing the screening rate to 60 per cent could save 84,000 Australian lives by 2040.   

It is important when the kit arrives in the mail Australians complete and return it promptly. Health care providers can also now bulk order National Bowel Cancer Screening Program kits and issue them to eligible patients.   

For more information on bowel cancer or the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program campaign, go to    

The campaign will air on tv, radio, digital and social media, along with partnerships with media and sporting organisations including the NRL to promote bowel cancer screening to a range of audiences. The campaign will be available in Arabic, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Volunteers needed: meals on wheels

Meals on Wheels have lost a lot of volunteers in the last few months due to COVID regulations etc. so they are desperate for some new people on the roster. The local service covers all the way from Manly Vale up to Palm Beach, so a run takes around 60-90mins. 

You leave from and return to the warehouse in Bassett Street, Mona Vale.
You don’t need to sign on to permanent shifts, even once a month would help them out greatly.
All drivers need an unrestricted license, must be fully vaccinated and will require a volunteer police check.
If you are able to assist please call Milly on 9457 3900 or email and she can give you more info and send you through training paperwork.

become a volunteer radio operator: MRNSW

Are you looking for a new challenge? With the busy summer boating season coming up Marine Rescue NSW units up and down the coast want to hear from you! And if you live in Sydney, our State Communications Centre in Belrose is especially keen to hear from you, just drop a line to: 

Prior radio and boating experience is not required, and as a Radio Operator you'll play a vital role in helping to keep our waterways safer. If you want to take the plunge and join a dedicated volunteer team helping to save lives on our waterways, then go here for more information: or contact your local Marine Rescue NSW unit directly.

JP Public Register

You can find a Justice of the Peace (JP) using the online Public Register. You can search by postcode, name of a JP, day of availability, language spoken and JP registration number. The register lists a JP’s location, availability and telephone number. Please note that JPs are volunteers and may not be available at all times. Click here to access the JP Public Register
NB: There are  3 J.P’s working in Pittwater RSL Sub-Branch office, we work every Monday (10:30am to 15:30)except on public holidays:
  1. Terry Jones J.P.
  2. Robert (Bob) Wood J.P.
  3. Deborah Hendy(Carter) J.P


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Rig Recycle: Fishing Gear Items

Are you tired of seeing fishing gear and packaging waste end up in landfill? (or killing local seabirds and turtles?)
Rig Recycle is the first Australian initiative that collects recreational fishing and packaging items and diverts them from landfill through a repair, reuse and recycle framework.

In partnership with Recycle Mate, they've made it even easier to recycle your fishing gear waste! Simply search for your nearest Rig Recycle bin on their app. 

Don't have one at your local fishing store? Let them know and they will reach out to them themselves.♻️
Visit their website for more information. Visit:
More in this Issue's Aquatics Feature.

Speed humps on McCarrs Creek Rd: please share Wildlife Data 

Local wildlife rescuers are asking all members of the public to report any roadkill on McCarrs Ck Rd or any other road in the NB (Wakehurst Parkway or Mona Vale Road for instance) on

It records the GPS position, date, sex, species. Photos can be added as they help in identification
The data is then forwarded to OEH and Transport NSW as it can help establish the best places to place  mitigation. Thanking you all in advance for your help with this. There is so much wildlife on the move in our area at present due to various pressures. Although we have had pictures sent to us, many of these have no date or location. There is a database that volunteers maintain but this needs three pieces of information:
  1. The position via GPS or road and suburb
  2. The date
  3. The animal
The details can be entered into the database directly by you at:

Please Look Out For Wildlife During This Spring Heatwave

September 15, 2023 
New South Wales is set to experience a significant heatwave over the next six days.

These prolonged weather conditions can cause native wildlife to become heat-stressed as they suffer from high temperatures; here is how you can identify a heat-stressed animal and how you can help.
Always remember:

If you find an injured, orphaned or sick native animal, call WIRES on 1300 094 737 or Sydney Wildlife Rescue on 9413 4300.

These hot days are tough on our wildlife - please put out some water in a shaded location and if you come across an animal that is in distress, dehydrated or injured - please contact your local wildlife rescue group:  Photo: Bronwyn Gould

Avalon Beach Historical Society Celebrates 40 Years

On Tuesday September 12 2023, in the Annexe in Dunbar Park, 51 visitors and members of the Avalon Beach Historical Society were welcomed by President Geoff Searl to celebrations for 40 years of the Society. 

18 locals were present in the upstairs dining room of the Avalon Beach RSL Club on 14 September 1983 to give birth to the Society and there were 3 members present at Tuesday’s meeting who were there on that night – Gwen Lansbury, Nick Manfield and Geoff.

Three original members: Geoff Searl OAM (President of ABHS), Gwen Lansbury, Nickolas Manfield. 

Geoff was elected President on that night and Nick was elected Vice-President while Gwen put her hand up as a committee member.

The Society has been affiliated with the Royal Australian Historical Society since inception.

It has grown considerably and now has the following of 135 keen members, including 7 recipients of OAMs and one AM.

66 photographs illustrated the many activities of the Society from witnessing one of the last firings of a torpedo from the observation deck of the testing station at Clareville in September 1983 to the ‘10th Great Historic Photographic Exhibition’ held last year.

Bill Goddard ably provided the projection skills necessary for the evening. 

Mention was made of the huge contribution to the Society by its inaugural Life Member (in 2003), and Patron, John Stone. John has made available to the Society the front portion of his office at 15 Bowling Green Lane for the last 10 years. John’s computer skills have also enabled restoration of damaged or poor quality photos loaned to the Society for exhibition and research.

Geoff Searl and John Stone at entrance to John Stone Photographic services business where ABHS office also is.

A special cake to celebrate the occasion had the Society’s logo covering the entire top of the cake – the first general store in 1922!

Election of Office Bearers for the coming year was simple as those from the past year were unanimously re-elected – Geoff as President, Nina Gow as Secretary, Christine Ellis as Treasurer, Roger Sayers as Publicity Officer and Sue Morrow and Collette Searl as Committee members.

Committee Members for the coming year - Roger, Geoff, Collette, Christine and Sue

The Society holds 4 meetings a year with the September meeting being the AGM. Meetings are always of interest with either a guest speaker or photographic show focussing on a particular area of research and interest.

If you wish to become a member of the Society, drop a line to the Avalon Beach Historical Society, Post Office Box 1, Avalon Beach or call Geoff on 0439.292.566.

You are also very welcome to visit the Society any Saturday morning between 10am and 1pm.

Report: Geoff Searl OAM
Photos: Brian Friend OAM/AJG

Vale: Ken 'Sava' Lloyd

It is our sad duty to advise our community that Ken ‘’Sava’’ Lloyd from Gunnedah, ex Collaroy, Warriewood and Bayview, passed away in Tamworth Hospital on Monday September 11, 2023. 

Sava was a member of Collaroy SLSC earlier in his teens and later, of Warriewood SLSC. He often told Pittwater Online about his adventures in and along the coast here, as well as his distress that the fairy penguin colony that once lived on Turimetta Beach had been displaced by dogs being taken onto that beach. 

In his teens he and 3 others from the Collaroy Club formed a singing foursome called the Four Brothers. See ‘’My Singing Story’’ by Sava

His family later lived at Bayview and were in our area for a few generations. See Ken’s story ‘Bayview Memories – the Lloyd family’ 

Sava; ''I have attached a photo of Fred, Elva and Bill and myself in trap and Fred was taking sister Elva to school at Katoomba. The sulky is the one Fred Lloyd borrowed off Mark Foy.''

His grandfather held one of the first fishing licences in NSW and his dad had one of the fisherman’s shacks at Long Reef: Dad's Fishing Shack At Long Reef by Sava.

Mr. Lloyd's Fishing Shack at Long Reef. Painting by G K Townshend - courtesy 'Sava Lloyd'.

He also told us about the ‘closing of the Narrabeen Hotel’ over a firecracker incident.

Along with asking us to find out where the display gun that had once been at Narrabeen Cenotaph may be and sparking a month’s long delving into those records for him as that Marker and Narrabeen RSL were commencing some anniversaries. More on that here.

In recent months Pittwater Online sent Ken in a new camera after his had been destroyed in flooding (a few times) along with new wheels for his ‘seniors scooter’ so he could keep on getting out and about, todays’ pension for seniors not stretching to afford these physical and emotional necessitates, especially after those floods – Ken loved taking photos, and he loved getting around his neighbourhood!

Ken was also a member of the Manly Warringah DJRFL. His father was a founding member of the Narrabeen Rugby Club in the 1930’s – along with being a very good lifesaver himself. His dad, Bill Lloyd, was a foundation member of South Narrabeen SLSC where he made a rescue and received an award for bravery:

Although a gallant rescue was attempted, Harold Spooner, a baker of Pittwater-road, Narrabeen, was drowned in the surf not far from his home yesterday.
The bather had been in the surf for a brief time before he was seen to throw up his hands as if trying to attract attention. Mr. William Lloyd, a member of the Narrabeen Surf Club, immediately went to the rescue. The club's life-saving appliances were too far from the scene to be of use, but Mr. Lloyd pluckily plunged into the surf without their aid, and attempted to reach the bather. His efforts, however, failed, and Mr. Spooner disappeared. The body has not been recovered. BATHER DROWNED. (1925, February 26). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved from 

R.I.P. ‘Sava’ – you and your generous sharing of local stories and those quirky poems will be missed. 

Photos; Ken’s including Collaroy Junior Boat crew 1955; Bob Maladay Sweep.Wally Bienson, Ken 'Sava' Lloyd, Tom Whelan, The Late Bede Brodigan, and Collaroy's first Tuck Stern Surf Boat and this boat's First time competing at a Carnival at Nth Narrabeen. Photos: Ken ''Sava'' Lloyd - who liked saveloys!

Celebrations For Dedicated NSW RFS Members: September 2023

Experienced RFS firefighters from across the Northern Beaches were recently celebrated for their collective contribution of more than 1,000 years of service to their communities.

Across two ceremonies at the Northern Beaches Headquarters Brigade Station in Terrey Hills, Commissioner of the RFS, Rob Rogers and Deputy Commissioner Kyle Stewart presented 18 National Medals and 33 Long Service Medals.

Commissioner Rogers said these medals are a proud acknowledgement of the commitment shown by these individuals over the years.

“The members being recognised this week range from 10 to 52 years of service, with a special mention of three members who have each contributed 50 or more years’ Service.

“I acknowledge Northern Beaches Headquarters Brigade member Allan Brett, a member for 52 years. Alan is receiving the National Medal 3rd Clasp for his long and distinguished service beyond normal expectations.

“Ronald Hughes has been an active member of the Ingleside Brigade and continues to impart his knowledge and skills on fellow Brigade members, and is a worthy recipient of the Long Service Medal for his 50 years of Service.

“I also note Retired Chief Superintendent Alan Brinkworth of the Terrey Hills Brigade for his 50 years of service. Alan has served his Brigade, District and the wider Service though his various roles as both a volunteer and staff member, all while maintaining the history of the Service as the RFS Honorary Historian.”

Commissioner Rogers congratulated each of the Northern Beaches volunteers on their dedication, commitment and service to their communities.

“Members of the Northern Beaches District exemplify the very essence of community service. They stand as role models, inspiring others to come forward and contribute to the betterment of our communities.

“The hard work and professionalism of all RFS members does not go unnoticed and while they do not ask for praise, we should take every opportunity to acknowledge their contribution and commitment to their community.

“We also thank the family, friends, employers and colleagues of all our members. It takes their ongoing support and patience to assist and enable our volunteers to do what they do to save lives and property.”

Photos: by and courtesy Warringah / Pittwater Headquarters Rural Fire Brigade; Life member Firefighter Allan Brett AFSM who has received his third National Service Medal clasp, totalling a massive 52 years of service to the Northern Beaches community. Throughout his time at the Brigade, AB has risen through the ranks to Group Leader and still contributes significantly to the brigades operations. We are also celebrating Deputy Captain John Freeman who received his 15 year National Service Medal. Better known as Kiwi, John has contributed countless hours to the training of our members and attending incidents across NSW.

Photo: Alan Brinkworth ('Brinky') - by and courtesy NSW RFS Terrey Hills Brigade - Brinky's historical Rural Fire Service Display. With decades of RFS knowledge and memorabilia, Brinky has curated the most comprehensive historical display.

Congratulations gentlemen and thank you for your service!

Invitation to mona vale yes rally

On behalf of the Dee Why Labor Branch, we would like to invite you to our bi-partisan "VOICE to Parliament Rally", which is being held in conjunction with the Narrabeen-Pittwater Labor Branch.

Our rally is in support of the ‘Yes’ vote and is being held on Sunday, 24th September at the Village Park in Mona Vale from 10am until midday.

Speakers include NSW Labor Senator Tony Sheldon, the federal Member for Mackellar, Dr Sophie Scamps, the state Member for Wakehurst, Michael Regan and the Wakehurst Greens candidate, Ethan Hrnjak. Journalist and author, Anne Maria Nicholson, will be our moderator on the day.

We aim to proudly demonstrate that the majority of Australians from all diverse backgrounds, faiths, cultures and traditions truly do believe that It's Time to Say Yes, and to really listen, to our Indigenous brothers and sisters in relation to their needs and aspirations in a genuine spirit of Respect and Reconciliation.

This is such an important moment in Australian history and we look forward to seeing you at the rally.

Sue Wright
Senior Vice President Dee Why Labor Branch

Bushwalk Fundraiser

In recent years, Garden Life has held a series of bushwalks on Guringai country / Pittwater, in support of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, an organisation that is dedicated to lifting literacy levels in remote Indigenous communities around Australia. All ticket proceeds are donated to the Foundation, with more than $30,000 being raised so far.

Garden Life founder, Richard Unsworth, and bush expert, Paul Webb, host the private guided tours of the glorious and pristine bushland in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, which features an abundance of native flora and fauna, bushfoods, waterfalls and remarkable Indigenous carvings. The walks conclude with a delicious three course lunch at Trincomalee, Richard’s home and garden in Pittwater, before returning to Church Point via ferry.

Enjoy a truly inspiring day out, just an hour’s drive from the CBD, and support a wonderful organisation in the process. Private walks for groups of up to 10 people can also be organised – perfect for social groups or work team building.

Upcoming Walks:
  • Friday 29 September 
  • Friday 10 November  
  • Friday 8 December  

If you are interested in booking a private walk, please email  If you’d like to be notified of any upcoming walks, please subscribe to our newsletter.

About the Indigenous Literacy Foundation
The foundation is dedicated to lifting literacy levels in remote Indigenous communities, so all children across Australia have the same choices and opportunities. The purpose of the foundation is to make a difference to the lives of Indigenous families by not only gifting thousands of new culturally appropriate books – with a focus on early literacy and first language – but also by running programs to inspire the communities to tell and publish their own stories. More at:

Above photos: AJG/PON

Avalon Library 40th Anniversary celebrations

Geoff and Collette Searl of the Avalon Beach Historical Society have kindly donated their time to produce several stands of photos dating back to when the library opened and they will be on display as well as photos and oral histories from a number of patrons.  

NB: Pittwater Online is attending the Avalon Community Library 40th event celebrations and will run a report on Sunday October 8th (Issue 600) when the news service returns from the spring School Holidays break.

Intellihub Electric Vehicle Streetside Charging Project: feedback invited

Comments close October 5, 2023
Council is one of eight local Councils taking part in the Intellihub EV Streetside Charging Project, which will make EV charging stations more accessible for those who live in apartments, townhouses or units with no on-site EV charging facilities.

Local streetside power poles will be turned into charging stations for electric vehicles, under an Australian-first trial being rolled out by Intellihub. The trial is for 12 months.

Recent community consultation has helped identify 12 possible sites. View the site plans for more detail.
  1. Governor Phillip Park, Palm Beach (outside Dunes Palm Beach)
  2. 59 Old Barrenjoey Road, Avalon Beach
  3. Dearin Reserve - opposite 13 Kalinya Street, Newport
  4. 19 Yulong Avenue, Terrey Hills
  5. 15 Coronation Street, Mona Vale
  6. Boondah Road, Warriewood – Boondah Reserve Field 5
  7. Blackbutts Road (opposite Malbara Crescent), Frenchs Forest
  8. 9 Anzac Avenue, Collaroy
  9. 118 Allambie Road, Allambie Heights
  10. 25-27 Ashburner Street, Manly
  11. 11 Gilbert Street, Manly
  12. 4 West Promenade, Manly.
Nominate your preferred locations
Currently, Council have funding for seven (7) of the 22kW EV chargers. You can help select which locations they proceed with by nominating which of the 12 sites you think should be the priority. Fill in the form further down this page to let Council know your thoughts.

As more funding becomes available, Council will look to roll out more charging stations to the remaining sites.

Public Meeting for Oxford Falls Road Safety

Wakehurst MP and NBC Councillor Michael Regan and the Northern Beaches Council invite residents to a meeting to discuss and run through proposed safety measures on Oxford Falls Road, between Iris Street and Dreadnought Road.

Friday October 13, 2023: 9.30 to 10.30 am
Oxford Falls Peace Park, Dreadnought Rd, Oxford Falls.

Photo: These are the cars parked to work on less than 5 acres in Oxford Falls Road.  For those who think the Lizard Rock proposed development won’t affect them… it will.

There will be streams of b-doubles for years, and then all the increased traffic from workers that follows for years, plus the years of the beloved, continuous jackhammering.

But don’t forget! Lizard Rock is just the first in the MLALC plans.  They then want to sell for development along Forestway, Wakehurst Parkway and Wyatt Ave as well as bush in Belrose … all much bigger than 5 acres.

North Steyne Surf Club Masterplan

Council are currently exploring ways to preserve and enhance the North Steyne Surf Clubhouse for the benefit of our community.

They invite you to share your thoughts on potential future improvements for the building. Council's aim is to ensure that it continues to thrive as a vital surf life-saving institution and public space that meets the diverse needs of our entire community, while balancing the significant constraints of the site including heritage significance and coastal hazards (see FAQs). Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of the club.

The project is currently not funded. Potential sources of funding may include Federal / State government grant opportunities and Council funds in future years.

The North Steyne SLSC members conceptual proposal for improvements are:
  • Utilisation of attic space
  • Extending both the north and south balcony
  • Enclosing the north terrace and with a new enclosed south terrace created
  • Provision of equitable DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) Access from the Promenade to the primary building entry
  • Reconfiguring internal space and circulation with improved access from the beach
This project will be a lengthy process, subject to funding, which may run for a couple of years and generally involves the following key stages:
  • Inception
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Funding
  • Construction
  • Post completion
Council are currently at the inception stage of this project.

Comments close: Sun 29 Oct 2023

Review of performance indicators: local water utilities - Have your say

The Department of Planning and Environment is seeking feedback on the proposed new annual performance indicators for local water utilities.

The Department of Planning and Environment  – Water Group is seeking feedback on:
  • the proposed additional, NSW-specific indicators that are part of the full list of NSW performance indicators
  • the proposed list of key performance indicators for focused reporting and benchmarking products on key performance information for utilities and their customers.
The new full list of NSW performance indicators is to replace the annual indicator set the department currently uses for all local water utilities from the 2024 to 2025 reporting year. This aligns with the introduction of the revised National Performance Report indicator set and to give utilities sufficient notice.

Have your say
To review the consultation document and to provide feedback visit the consultation page on their website.


A webinar will be held on 12 September from 10:30am to 11:30am. Register your attendance online.

You can have your say until midnight 6 October 2023.

ACCC Calls For Views On Australia Post's Proposed Price Increase

September 5, 2023
The ACCC is seeking views on Australia Post’s draft proposal to increase its basic postage rate. Australia Post is proposing to increase its stamp prices by 25 per cent from January 2024.

This change would increase the price of delivering reserved ordinary small letters from $1.20 to $1.50, ordinary large letters up to 125 grams from $2.40 to $3.00 and ordinary large letters between 125 grams and 250 grams from $3.60 to $4.50.

Australia Post is not proposing to increase the price of concession stamps (60 cents each) or stamps for seasonal greeting cards (65 cents).

When assessing the proposed price increase, the ACCC will consider Australia Post’s recovery of efficient costs, including a reasonable rate of return, and how the company's common costs are allocated to the relevant letter segments. In forming its view, the ACCC will consider the responses received during this consultation period.

Australia Post has set out the reasons for its proposed price increase in its draft price notification and supporting materials.

“We would like to hear from consumers, businesses and other stakeholders about their views on Australia Post’s proposed price increase,” ACCC Commissioner Anna Brakey said.

“We will then examine the information provided by Australia Post and the feedback received in the context of our role under the legislation.”

Following the consultation process, the ACCC will release a preliminary view on the draft price notification. Australia Post will then lodge a formal notification of the price rise with the ACCC.

The ACCC is required to assess the proposed price increase in accordance with the Competition and Consumer Act and then notify Australia Post on whether it objects to the proposal. The ACCC does not have the role of approving the proposed price increase.

In addition to the ACCC's assessment, Australia Post must also give written notice of the proposed price increase to the Minister for Communications. It can only increase the basic postage rate if the Minister does not disapprove the proposal within 30 days.

Consultation on the proposed price increase, including a simple and short survey, is now open and closes on 29 September 2023.

Further information, including Australia Post’s draft notification, is available at Australia Post – letter pricing 2023.

Australia Post provides a range of services including the delivery of letters and parcels as well as various financial and retail services. Some of these services are ‘reserved’ to Australia Post. According to the Australian Postal Corporation Act, Australia Post has an exclusive right to the collection and delivery of letters within Australia, subject to certain exceptions.

When Australia Post lodges a formal price notification, the ACCC must make an assessment within 21 days. Australia Post must not increase prices within this period. According to the Competition and Consumer Act, the ACCC can give Australia Post a notice in writing stating that it would have no objection to the proposed increase; or that it would have no objection to a lower price increase. If the ACCC does not give such a notice, it would be an offence for Australia Post to supply the notified service at the higher price.

Given a period of 21 days is too short for an effective consultation and assessment process, Australia Post has agreed to provide a draft version of the price notification to obtain the ACCC’s view before formal lodgement.

The last price notification from Australia Post considered by the ACCC was in 2022.

In 2023, the Australian Government launched a review into the modernisation of postal services. The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts held a consultation process earlier this year for the review and has published preliminary insights on the feedback received.

Avalon Bilgola Swimming Club: Swim Squads – Learn To Swim

The ABASC Swim Program includes weekly race meets plus the provision of swim lessons and stroke correction by Austswim qualified coaches on selected Saturdays throughout the season.

Our main purpose is to teach kids to swim and be water safe.

Saturday squads

Our Saturday squads are for kids and we cater for two groups 1–Learn To Swim candidates, 2–Competent Swimmers who want to improve their stroke and maybe even do better at their upcoming school swimming carnivals.

The squads start at 8am and run to 8.45am in time for the kids to enter their Saturday Swim Meet races.

The squads occur on 8 Saturdays in the season, please check the program or event calendar for this season’s dates


We require, for insurance purposes,  that all participants must be registered club members at a cost of $40 per year.

Please register your interest at the registration desk or online:

You only need to bring a willingness to learn plus goggles, and if you have flippers/fin and a kickboard bring those too or we can provide some from our bucket.

We swim down at Bilgola Rock Pool, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, during the summer months on Saturday mornings.

Races start at 9:00 am, entries close 8:45 am, with events for all the family.

We have a 100/200/400m event then 3 handicap (15/25/50m) events in Freestyle and 2 of the other strokes or 2x50m Relay each morning.

NBN School Student Broadband Initiative to help families

The Australian Government has established the School Student Broadband Initiative (SSBI) to provide free home internet for one year for up to 30,000 unconnected families in need with school aged students.

To be eligible you must meet the criteria as follows:
  • - have a school aged child living at the premises
  • - not have an active nbn® network internet service at home. Having a mobile internet service does not affect eligibility.
  • - live in a premises that can access the nbn network via a standard connection. 
Please complete this form to be considered:

Closes 20th September 2023.

Manly Jazz Festival to run Over first weekend of Spring school holidays

Manly comes alive with the sounds of Australia’s longest running jazz festival, Manly Jazz. Over three music-filled days, the Manly Corso and beachfront as well as the surrounding streets and laneways will become the setting for locals and visitors to enjoy some great music from a range of legendary artists.

Mayor Sue Heins said Manly Jazz is sure to be, once again, a festival that offers something for all jazz and music lovers.

“This iconic festival with its stellar line-up of local and Australian artists, celebrates the diversity and creativity of jazz music.

“Manly Jazz is a signature event for our community and a major attraction for visitors from near and far.

“We are proud to deliver this event for our community and visitors, and look forward to seeing everyone enjoy the music and atmosphere."

Now in its 46th year, the Festival will be held from 22–24 September, and will feature more than 50 outstanding artists across four stages.

“From smooth saxophones and sultry vocals to the roar of big bands on stage, the diversity of talent guarantees an unforgettable experience for every jazz aficionado,” Mayor Heins said.  

Featured artists include:
  • Sydney Conservatorium Big Band
  • Geoff Bull Finer Cuts with Kate Wadey
  • House of Bop
  • Big 'Ol Bus Band
  • Cope Street Parade
  • The Spelunkers
  • Blaine Whittaker
  • Eamon Dilworth's Crawfish Po' Boys
  • JC Stylles & Andrew Dickesons Manhattan Project
  • Greasy Chicken Orchestra
  • Hot Potato Band
  • Tribute to Don Burrows – special guest Johnny Nicol
  • Clayton Doley Bayou Billabong
  • John Morrison All Stars Featuring John Hoffman
  • Queen Porter Stomp
  • Andy Firth Quartet
  • Celebrating Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
  • Dave MacRae and Joy Yates Quintet
  • Andy Gander 4tet
  • School and community bands … and so much more!
There will be stages at Manly Beachfront, Sydney Road, Manly Town Hall forecourt, St Matthews Church, plus roving performers along The Corso, laneways and Manly Wharf.  

Visitors are also encouraged to drop into local pubs and venues for even more live jazz music.

There will be eight Manly Jazz official venues and each venue will have its own unique jazz atmosphere and theme.

Manly Jazz is non-ticketed and free to attend. 

Nominations open for NSW Women of the Year Awards 2024

Nominations for the 2024 NSW Women of the Year Awards are now open.

Minister for Women Jodie Harrison said the NSW Government was looking for the most empowering and inspiring women and girls in the state.

“These awards recognise the invaluable contribution to community, industry and society that women in NSW have made through their hard work, dedication and passion. The awards honour our inspirational women with the recognition they truly deserve,” Minister Harrison said.

“We want to continue to empower the next generation of young women to be limitless in delivering positive changes through fortitude in their fields of expertise. We can only achieve this by shining a light on the contributions and achievements of women in our communities.”

The annual awards will put the spotlight on women and girls whose determination, bravery, skill and passion should be celebrated and shared, inspiring others to achieve great things. They celebrate the role models who challenge inequality, innovate and inspire.

The 2024 award categories are:
  • Premier’s NSW Woman of Excellence
  • NSW Community Hero
  • NSW Young Woman of the Year
  • NSW Aboriginal Woman of the Year
Nominations are also open to recognise and honour young girls in the Ones to Watch Showcase. It will put the spotlight on the rising stars of our community, showcasing 10 exemplary young girls between the ages of 7-15 years old.

“The Ones to Watch showcase will spotlight the next generation of inspiring young women by recognising the potential, resilience and determination of girls who are shaping the future," Minister Harrison said. 

The winners of the awards will be announced at the NSW Women of the Year Awards ceremony on 7 March 2024 as part of NSW Women’s Week 2024. 

Nominate someone now: 

Nominations close Sunday, 8 October, 11:59pm.

Photo: The 2023 winners of the One to Watch. 


ROADWORK: Mona Vale - road resurfacing - Darley Street between By The Sea Road and Taronga Place: Mon 28 Aug 2023 to Fri 22 Sep 2023.

Delays; 5 minutes. Advice: Expect delays, Check signage, Exercise caution. Reported By; Northern Beaches Council.

Lock up your cars: thieves about

Please join us in celebrating 100 years  of  Creative Leisure: 1924 – 2024

What are your memories of Creative Leisure?
Calling past participants in any Creative Leisure Movement activities, to send us your stories or experiences.

By Post: Northern Beaches Creative Leisure & Learning Inc
PO Box 1718  WARRIEWOOD 2102
Phone: 9944 6027

Letters to the Editor

Letters should preferably be 150 to 175 words, but considering the magazines inability to word limit itself - that remains optional.
Letters must include the writer's address and phone number and 'permission to publish'.
Letters should not contain attachments - these will be requested if required to illustrate content/subject.
Letters should be exclusive to Pittwater Online News.

The editor's prerogative includes editing letters for length, grammar or legal reasons, among other considerations. 

Report Hate Crimes

NSW Police Force: 
If you are subjected to hate on social media or online you should keep evidence by taking screen shots of the abuse including usernames, URLs and any other relevant information. 

You can report the abuse directly to the platform and report in person at any Police Station. If you witness a hate incident or hate crime but are not the victim, you can still make a report to the NSW Police.

In an Emergency call Triple Zero (000). If not urgent, you can report online at or call 1800 333 000 or report in person at any Police Station. 

Mona Vale Hospital Auxiliary needs volunteers

The Auxiliary is looking for new members to help with our fund raising efforts.  New ideas and assistance with our stalls are very welcome.  Contact 0407 216 253 for more information. The Mona Vale Hospital Auxiliary members host a stall at Pittwater Place on the first Saturday of every month from 9am to 3pm selling knitting for babies and children, beanies, bedsocks and scarves for oldies, sewing items, craft and jams, raising funds for the rehabilitation and palliative care units.

Mona Vale Residents Association

Mona Vale Residents Association is a community group encouraging involvement on important matters within the Mona Vale area. Email:

Please Slow Down: Wildlife Crossing

Phoebe the Swamp Wallaby weighed less than a kilogram when she was orphaned on the roadside after her mother was hit and killed by a vehicle. Fortunately, Phoebe was uninjured, taken to a local vet and raised and then released by Sydney Wildlife volunteer Jane. While Phoebe was fortunate, other native birds and animals are not so lucky. So, if you’re returning home, please slow down - particularly at dawn and dusk and in areas identified with wildlife crossing signs, for your safety and the welfare of our wildlife.

Please contact Sydney Wildlife Rescue on (02) 9413 4300 for advice if you hit a native animal or come across an injured one while driving. It is helpful if you can provide an accurate location or landmark to assist our rescuers who will pouch check marsupials for joeys, so little lives like Phoebe can be saved. 

Photo: Phoebe the Swamp Wallaby by Jane
Notice by Sydney Wildlife Rescue