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Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay Clubhouses - Part I



SCENE FROM THE CLUBHOUSE ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON. NEW CLUBHOUSE OF THE BROKEN BAY BRANCH OF THE ROYAL MOTOR YACHT CLUB. (1928, March 19 - Monday). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 14. Retrieved from

The Royal Motor Yacht Club, Broken Bay, has had a long association with the local community and its input, joining in and investment in residents has been a hallmark of this club since before its inception and the physical construction of a clubhouse. Pittwater’s Broken Bay Marine Rescue was given free use to run its operations out of a room in the club until only a few years ago, when they moved to Bayview. Balls and social functions at the club, as it still is today, were run to raise funds for identified needs of others as much as for celebration and enjoyment. The emphasis has always been on family, enjoying the water and lifting others up whether it’s investing time and energy in supporting and training local young people in sailing or hospitality skills or simply sharing the joy being amongst the salt air and water can bring.

On July 6, 1905 a group of motorboat owners in Sydney formed a motorboat club - The Motor Boat Club - the second in the British Empire. The Club was formed to promote motor boating which included racing and social activities. From;

See: -  Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay Early Motor Boats and Yachts, their Builders and Ocean Races to Broken Bay, the Hawkesbury and Pittwater  and RMYC Broken Bay Boathouse and Boatshed

Originally a branch of the Motor Yacht Club of NSW, Rose Bay, whose patron was Governor Sir Dudley de Chair, a gent who was instrumental in securing the ‘Royal’ prefix by King George V, members had spent time in Pittwater for years, enjoying regular Christmas Family boating and camping at The Basin at Christmas time and during the year. 

Motor Yacht Club of N.S.W. Ocean race to the Basin, Broken Bay. Holiday camp on the Hawkesbury. MOTORING TO-DAY. (1913, June 7). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 18. Retrieved from

Sir Dudley Rawson Stratford de Chair was a naval gent prior to being NSW Governor. In 1915-16 when, as rear admiral commanding the tenth cruiser squadron, he was responsible for the effective North Sea blockade of Germany. He was appointed K.B.E in 1916 and took command of the Coast Guard in England in 1918. He held the Motor Yacht Club in high esteem due to the war service many members and their yachts had performed and was equally respected by the club. He attended many of their races and social functions, especially Awards Ceremonies or celebrations to open the ‘season’ in the first week of  October each year.

MOTOR YACHTS. A SUCCESSFUL SEASON. GOVERNOR DISTRIBUTES PRIZES. His Excellency the Governor (Sir Dudley de Chair) last night presented last season's prizes to members of the Royal Motor Yacht Club of New South Wales. The Commodore (Mr Stuart Doyle) remarked that the season had been a record for the club. Fifty-seven races were held in Rose Bay and 25 at Pittwater with the Broken Bay branch. Altogether 185 prizes were distributed. The club had doubled its membership, and, in this, its twenty-second year,  had attained manhood. The branch commodore (Mr A C Cooke)said that the Broken Bay Club, although only nine months old, had collected nearly 100 members, building a club-house at  Newport on the shores of Pittwater. 

Sir Dudley de Chair praised the work motor yachtsmen had performed in the war, and exhorted members of the Royal Motor Yacht Club to attend the lectures on naval training and work which the club was arranging. MOTOR YACHTS. (1927, August 5)The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved March from

The annual presentation of prizes and social evening of the Royal Motor Yacht Club of New South Wales last Thursday evening was highly successful, and was one of the most largely attended fixtures of the kind the club has held so far. A feature was the number of ladies present. Present and past flag officers of the club attended in force. The presentation was made by the patron of the club his Excellency Sir Dudley de Chair, who was attended by his official secretary, Mr. H. C. Budge.

In opening the proceedings, Mr, Stuart Doyle, commodore of the club, referred to the Governor as the greatest friend the club had had. The club was celebrating a record season, he said, in which the membership had practically doubled, while 77 races had been held, and 166 prizes were to be distributed. The Broken Bay branch had been formed, and had run another 25 races, in which the members of the parent body had an opportunity of joining. The club, thanks to the Influence of the Governor, had been granted the right to the prefix "Royal." In addition, members had had several highly successful cruises In the course of which they had been enabled to compete at local regattas. This was the club's twenty-second year, and members intended to make the future years bigger and better than the years which had passed. Members could help the club by attending a series of lectures regarding the Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve, which would be delivered, and in which his Excellency was showing keen Interest. The Broken Bay branch was formed about nine months ago when 14 members, including the branch commodore, Mr. A. C. Cooke, took the initial steps. It now had 100 members, and was about to build a fine clubhouse at Newport.

Mr. A. C. Cooke, commodore of the Broken Bay branch, expressed the hope that next year the Governor would present the prizes for the Broken Bay branch at Newport.  The prize-giving was a long affair, as about 160 awards had to be distributed. The Parsons and Milne cups, for point scores, were both won by Mr. G. Weymouth's Fortuna, and the Motor Boat and Yachting Cup by Mr. H. F. Ward's Wintle. Mr. V. H. Moor's Nell won the Copeland Cup, and Mr. Hope Bartletts Miss Aussie the Eastway Shield and Championship of New South Wales. MARINE MOTORING. (1927, August 9). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 5. Retrieved from

In 1927 land was purchased at Horseshoe Cove, Newport so a more permanent berth could be built.

ROYAL MOTOR YACHT CLUB. At the first annual meeting of the Broken Bay branch of the Royal Motor Yacht Club of New South Wales, Mr A C Cooke was re-elected branch commodore, Mr H J Fitzpatrick vice commodore and Mr T B Rossiter rear commodore. Since its first event on November 20 last, the branch decided 25 races including 8 for ladies and the prizes were decided between 11 boats. The branch has purchased a site for a clubhouse in Horseshoe Cove, Newport, and the building, together with a jetty and slips, will be ready for occupation in December. The branch had a return of income over expenditure of 98 pounds for its first year’s operations. NOTES. (1927, September 6). The Sydney Morning Herald(NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 7. Retrieved March from

Newport.-Construction of jetty and slips for motor yacht club. Mr. F. Winn, architect, 2 Hunter-street. TENDERS. (1927, August 24). The Sydney Morning Herald(NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 9. Retrieved from

NOTES. A motor yacht club house is to be erected at Newport under the supervision of Mr. F. Winn, architect. Messrs. Sellar Bros, are the buildersNOTES. (1927, October 5). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from


IT is hereby notified, for general information, that the undermentioned applications have been received for leases for special purposes and for extensions of terms of Special Leases, under, the provisions of the 74th, 76th and 229th sections of the Grown Lands Consolidation Act, 1913, of the lands and for the purposes hereunder stated, and that it is the intention to grant leases should no sufficient objection be found to exist, after inquiry by the Land Board and consideration by the Minister.

Any objections will receive due consideration, if lodged in writing with the District Surveyor for the Land Board District in which the land is situated, on or before the date specified in each case hereunder.

B. T. BALL, Minister for Land.

Parish of Narrabeen, county, of Cumberland; Special Lease 27-30, Metropolitan, for wharf and slips. Land applied for; about 150 feet by about 10 feet below highwater mark fronting lot 6, Horse Shoe Cove, Pittwater. Applicant The Royal Motor Yacht Club of New South Wales (Broken Bay Branch). Objections may be lodged at the Land Board Office, Lands Department, Sydney, up to 19th December, 1927. s 

Parish of Narrabeen, county of Cumberland; Special Lease No. 27-34, Metropolitan, for purpose of wharf. Land applied for about 14 perches below high-water mark fronting Lot 4, Beaconsfield-street, Pittwater. Applicant—Whitaker, Hayman and Co. Ltd. Objections may be lodged at the Local Land Board Office Sydney, up to 16th January, 1928.

Parish of Narrabeen, county of Cumberland; Special Lease No. 27-19, Metropolitan, for purpose of, boatshed. Land applied for about 10 perches below high-water mark opposite the end of a road or access reserve adjoining lots 53 and 54 of Forssberg's Estate, Barrenjoey-road, Pittwater. Applicant—Gillie Christian. Objections may be lodged at the Local Land Board Office, Sydney, up to 16th January, 1928. APPLICATIONS FOR LEASES FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES AND FOR EXTENSIONS OF TERMS OF SPECIAL LEASES. (1927, December 16). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 5798. Retrieved from 

The Broken Bay branch of the Royal Motor Yacht Club of New South Wales Is also making rapid progress with the construction of a fine clubhouse at Newport, and this, it is hoped will be finished in a few months time. The club has secured an excellent site, on which the building Is being erected, and it Is the intention of the flag officers and committee to open the season next summer at the new house. BUILDING ACTIVITIES. (1928, February 14). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 7. Retrieved from

The official opening of this first clubhouse took place on 17th March 1928. 

Sea- Cadets and Motor Yachtsmen

NEW MOTOR CLUBHOUSE. A view from the new clubhouse of the Broken Bay branch of the Royal Motor Club of N.S.W., which was officially opened on Saturday.

THE NAVY'S CONGRATULATIONS. A handshake at the competition among Navy League Sea, Cadets for the Charles Fairfax Challenge Flag Reading- from the left the figures are: — Midshipman Hinchliffe, R. Fake (best-dressed 'long-rigged' boy), Mr. W. Hammers (officer of the day), and Chief Petty Officer Hopper (judge).

IN IDYLLIC SURROUNDINGS. The Broken Bay Motor Clubhouse, which was opened on Saturday as an adjunct to the Royal Motor Yacht Club of N.S.W. It is on Horseshoe Cove, in a setting of rare scenic grandeur, an imposing structure, attractively designed, and offering every comfort for members. The opening was performed with due regard to the ceremonial that the occasion demanded, and was accompanied by the firing of a salute of guns and the unfurling of flags.

WINNERS OF THE CHARLES - FAIRFAX FLAG. The Birchgrove team of Navy League Sea Cadets, which scored highest in the contest in Sydney Domain on Saturday amidst keen competition, vieing with each other in squad drill, signals, knots, beads hitches splices, and other accomplishments of seafarers. Mosman was second and Balmain third. Sea-Cadets and Motor Yachtsmen (1928, March 21). Sydney Mail (NSW : 1912 - 1938), p. 10. Retrieved from

The Pittwater Regattas, first initiated by local businessmen, had several events members of the then Motor Yacht Club of NSW, Rose Bay, were invited to join in and when Broken Bay members participated they were soon winning races. They also soon ran their own Regattas, including residents as part of their festivities.

Social activities have always been a part of the Royal Motor Yacht Club;

The Governor and Lady de Chair will attend the Royal Motor Yacht Club ball to be held at the Ambassadors' on September 18. From; NEAR AND FAR. (1929, September 5). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 5. Retrieved  from

THE GOVERNOR. FAREWELLED BY MOTOR YACHT CLUB. At the clubhouse of the Royal Motor Yacht Club of N.S.W., Point Piper, last night, the flag officers, committee, and members tendered a farewell dinner to the Governor (Sir Dudley de Chair) on behalf of the parent club and the Broken Bay and Newcastle branches. His Excellency, who was attended by Lieutenant Graham do Chair, A.D.C., was received by Commodore Stuart F. Doyle, and was presented with a pair of gold sleeve-links engraved with the burgee of the club, as a memento of his association with the club as Its chief patron.

In responding to the toast of his health, Sir Dudley de Chair expressed regret at his departure from New South Wales, and said that he would carry away with him a vivid recollection of the splendid sportsmanship of the aquatic community of this State. Sir Dudley de Chair will be the guest of the Millions Club at a farewell luncheon on Tuesday next at the Carlton Hotel. THE GOVERNOR. (1930, March 26). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 14. Retrieved from

MOTOR YACHT CLUB. Broken Bay Season Opened. SYLPH III. WINS OCEAN RACE. With ideal weather and a record number of entries, the season opened most auspiciously for the Broken Bay branch of the Royal MotorYacht Squadron on Saturday. The regatta off Saltpan was one of the most successful ever held by either the parent body or the branch.

One of the best features of the day was the ocean race, which opened the regatta. Ten cruisers covered the course, from the starting line off the Rose Bay club-house to the finishing line off the Broken Bay club-house at Newport. Sylph III. (W. Lawson), which was second away, crossed the finishing line first to win the race. Miramar II., flagship of Commodore Stuart F. Doyle, the scratch boat, gave 95 minutes to the first boat, and finished eighth, recording the fastest time of 2 hours 6 minutes.

In naval circles an organisation such as the Royal  Motor  Yacht Club is regarded as possible of conversion into a valuable auxiliary service in time of war, and in this connection the craft are often referred to as the "mosquito fleet." On Saturday, however, a more imposing impression was created as the ceremonial procession of visiting cruisers swept past the flagship of Branch Commodore A. D.Walker, of Broken Bay. The fleet was led by Miramar II, and advanced in line astern from a point near the entrance to the bay, creating the impression of a line of destroyers. As Miramir II. went past Lolita, the Broken Bay flagship, Commodore Stuart F. Doyle greeted Branch Commodore Walker with a salute of 11 guns, and received a similar courtesy from the after deck of Lolita. As each visiting ship passed flags were dipped in true naval style.

Two minor accidents occurred during the day. As the cruisers were lining up for the S. G. Littlejohn trophy handicap, one of them came into collision with the motor tender of Miramar II., doing considerable damage above the waterline. The craft underwent repairs immediately, however, and later in the day. with Commodore Doyle at the helm, proved  her seaworthiness by winning the general handicap, in which all types of craft competed. During the visitors' cruiser handicap, as the competing craft were bunched at one of the turning buoys, an explosion occurred on Opal, which was forced to retire from the race. It was subsequently stated that a cylinder head had blown off.

At the conclusion of the races late In the afternoon, members and their guests gathered in the club-house for the annual dinner of the branch, after which the presentation of prizes took place. Many valuable trophies were presented, including a plaque of life membership of the branch to Commodore Stuart F. Doyle. Branch Commodore Walker announced that he intended to present a trophy for an ocean race from Broken Bay to Toronto, head-quarters of the Newcastle branch. Branch Commodore Charles Bacon and Rear-Commodore Lance Lawson, of Newcastle, Vice-Commodore R. Smith, of the Australian Motor Yacht Squadron, and Mr. E. C. Griffith, president of the Australasian Power Boat Association, were among the guests. Results are published on our sporting rages. MOTOR YACHT CLUB. (1933, October 9). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved from

Early one Sunday morning in May, 1935 the first clubhouse was destroyed by fire:

YACHT CLUBHOUSE DESTROYED BY FIRE. OUTBREAK AT NEWPORT. The Royal Motor yacht Club's clubhouse at Newport, Pittwater, was destroyed by fire early yesterday morning. The building was valued at more than £3000. The caretaker, his wife and child, and a friend had narrow escapes from the blazing premises and escaped in their night attire.

A dance was held in the ballroom of the two-story wood and fibro building on Saturday night and the proceedings terminated early in the morning. All the guests had left the clubhouse and a number of the members were asleep on board their launches, which were moored in the stream nearby, when the fire alarm was raised.

Mrs. Gordon Irving, the wife of the caretaker, was awakened at about 3 a.m. by a crackling noise, and she thought at first that fireworks were being exploded. Ultimately she awakened her husband and he flung open a window. A sheet of flame drove him back. He quickly roused his child and brother-in law, W. Holding, and they made their escape through a side window.

By this time the building was ablaze from end to end, and the flames had a firm hold. Sheets of fibro were cracked by the intense heat and caused a series of minor explosions. The commodore of the Broken Bay branch of the club (Mr. A. D. Walker) and Mr. W. A.Passau, who had been on board their craft, quickly arrived, and they assisted the care-taker In dragging several valuable launches from the boatshed beneath the building. About seven small skiffs, however, were destroyed by the fire. The outbreak was visible for miles around and attracted numerous spectators. Yesterday the building was a charred mass of ruins. YACHT CLUBHOUSE. (1935, May 27). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 9. Retrieved from

The club was rebuilt in more fireproof materials and further back from the water and up the hill slightly within months. 

MOTOR BOATING. NEW CLUB HOUSE. BROKEN BAY R.M.Y.C. The new clubhouse replacing one destroyed by fire about a year ago  was officially opened by Commodore A D Walker of the Broken Bay branch of the Royal Motor Yacht Club, at Horseshoe Cove, Newport, on Saturday afternoon.

The parent club promoted a 28 miles ocean race from Rose Bay to Broken Bay, the finishing point being off the branch club’s wharf in Horseshoe Cove. Seven large cruisers competed Including two from the Port Hacking branch, which in a good finish for an ocean race of such length filled the first three places In the afternoon there was a regatta at which three handicaps were declared. Results… MOTOR BOATING. (1935, December 16). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 16. Retrieved from

Motor yachtsmen at opening of RMYC clubhouse Image No.: Home and Away - 13121 19/19/1936 - courtesy State Library of NSW

Mrs Neville and son at RMYC opening Image No.: hood_13103 19/9/1936  - courtesy State Library of NSW

The enjoyment of Pittwater continued… 

MOTOR BOATING. Stuart Doyle Gold Cup. Another championship the speedboat Stale title for the Stuart Doyle Gold Cup will be contested today on the course of the Broken Bay branch of the Royal  Motor  Yacht  Club at Horseshoe Cove Newport Five boats Sinbada II (A D Walker) Wingo (R S Fenniman) Opus (H S Phillips)Wyvern (J C Webster) and Gar Wood (Noel P Hunt)  have entered and will contest three heats of 10 miles each. This championship will be run under the rules of the Australian Power Boat Association The Broken Bay branch of the Royal Motor Yacht Club will also decide members races.  MOTOR BOATING. (1938, December 3). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 16. Retrieved from

More land was purchased on the eastern side in 1939. At the outbreak of war many of the beautiful motor yachts were commandeered for war service and the races were suspended until peace had been restored. 

INSIDE ORIGINAL CLUBHOUSE, Call Number Home and Away – 16611, Courtesy State Library of NSW




MR. ARTHUR WALKER, Branch Commodore of the Broken Bay Branch of the Royal Motor Yacht Club, will be the senior flag officer for the motor boats at the Pittwater regatta on December 30. He will head the parade of line astern cruisers and will fire a salute of eleven guns from his Lolita. Commodore Stuart Doyle, of the Royal Motor Yacht Club, will be on the flagship as president of the regatta to take the salute. 

A beautiful new burgee has been adopted for the regatta. It is really the burgee of the Royal Burnham Yacht Club of England, and consists of a red St. George Cross superimposed on a blue St. George Cross with a white ground, and the letters P. and R. in the upper and lower canton.

500 Passengers 

This will be flying from the flagship Gwydir. An attractive badge, comprising a flag design, has been also adopted.  It is expected that 500 passengers will be aboard the flagship when she leaves at 7.30 a.m. on December 30 for the regatta. A parking area for cars has been prepared on the Hunter River Company's Wharf, so that drivers and their friends may motor down to the flagship and pick up their cars on its return. The tickets are: Men 5/, ladies and children 3/, and they may be obtained at the Company's Wharf or the State Theatre booking bureau. PITTWATER TO HAVE NEW BURGEE (1933, December 13). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 2. Retrieved from

Founded 1895 and receiving Royal Patronage in December 1927, the Royal Burnham Yacht Club is at the heart of sailing and related activities on the River Crouch.

Worth noting - Further extensions of RMYC BB and RPAYC

Sydney, 21st August, 1959.

IT-is hereby notified that the undermentioned applications have been lodged. All objections should be accompanied by a deposit of £10, and lodged with the Metropolitan District Surveyor at Sydney on or before the 18th September, 1959.

W. J. BROADFOOT, Under Secretary for Lands.

Land District—Metropolitan; Shire-—Warringah

Parish Narrabeen, county Cumberland, Special Purchase 1957-79, for authority to reclaim and purchase an area of about 1 acre (in three parts) below high-water mark at Pittwater fronting lot 31, d.p. 5,193; and for a Permissive Occupancy for the purpose of dredging an area of about 1 acre 3 roods in Crystal Bay to obtain material for filling and provide for marinas; applicant, The Prince Alfred Yacht Club. Ten. 57-8,921.  OBJECTION TO SPECIAL PURCHASE AND PERMISSIVE OCCUPANCY (1959, August 28). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 2628. Retrieved from 

Sydney, 26th February, 1965.
APPLICATIONS have been made to reclaim and purchase the areas particularised below. Any objections, accompanied by a deposit of £10, may be lodged with the Metropolitan District Surveyor, Sydney, on or before 26th March, 1965.

W. J. BROADFOOT, Under Secretary for Lands.

Land District—Metropolitan; Shire—Sutherland

Parish Sutherland, county Cumberland, Special Purchase 1963/60, of about 34 perches below high-water mark of Gunnamatta Bay adjoining lot 4, D.P. 217,396; applicant, Joseph James Bosley. Ten. 64-4,709.

Land District—Metropolitan; Shire—Warringah

Parish Narrabeen, county Cumberland, Special Purchase 1961/47, of about 1 acre 2 roods 36 perches below high-water mark at Pittwater adjoining lots 5, 6 and 7, section 1 of D.P. 4,689; applicant, The Broken Bay Club House Limited (Royal Motor Yacht Club—Broken Bay Branch). Ten. 64-3,385.  OBJECTIONS TO SPECIAL PURCHASES (1965, February 26). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 607. Retrieved from 

Above: Second RMYC Clubhouse on waterfront, December 1936 - Courtesy State Library of NSW, hood_13593h

 AQUATIC GAIETY. Christmas Holidays Afloat.

Christmas and New Year promise to be very bright socially at Palm Beach and on the luxurious homes float on Broken Bay and Pittwater. In the Basin adjacent to Palm Beach will be many luxury cruisers of all sizes and descriptions They will include the auxiliary schooner Boomerang of Mr and Mrs Frank Albert with Mr Lex Albert and a party on board and with Live Wire is a speed tender Mr and Mrs Stuart Doyle’s motor yacht Mirimar the fifty foot cruiser Cynthia of Mr and Mrs H P Christmas Mr and Mrs Bernard Bayley in the Greyhound Mr and Mrs W Heine in Corsair Mr and Mrs W D Lawson in Sylph III Mr and Mrs A D Walker in Jolita Mr and Mrs P A Mcintosh in Opal with Silver Spray Mr and Mrs Bertie Horsfield in their cruiser Moth Mr and Mrs V Heine in Hoona Mr and Mrs Sid Blundell in Catherine Ellen Mr and Mrs Noel P Hunt in Ronald Mr and Mu J A Barraclough In Corycia Mr and Mrs H W Bunce in Laloa Mr and Mrs A W Brown with Mr and Mrs Brownsen in Binghi Miss Mirle Doyle in Baby Miramar Dr C L S Mcintosh in Carinya Mr Keith Himilton with Mr and Mrs Ken Wheeler and Mr John Milgrove aboard Ophir Mr and Mrs F Luks Hermina II Mr and Mrs Ron Shaftos Marcia Mr and Mrs P Dowling's Fairie Mi W Mantel s party in Air Wave Jack Copeland in the speed boat Idle a While Mr Jo Fallon with speed boat It Mr Ralph Doyle with his daughter Miss Robin Doyle in the Redwing Sir Clifton Love in Spindrift Mr and Mrs A G Wilson in IolantheAltogether more than £100 000 worth of luxury craft will grace the waters of Broken Bay this Christmas flying the famous burgee of the Royal Motor Yacht Club-blue with a yellow cross and Royal crown. Many and festive are the parties to be held on board the various yachts and smart dances card parties and excursions daily and nightly will add to the gaieties of the season. Then comes the Pittwater regatta on December 30 which is the Cowes of Australia with its myriads of craft from big sailing yachts to tiny outboards splashing the azure waters of Pittwater and Palm Beach with flickering foam-speed boats luxury cruisers sailing boats and yachts and the T S S Gwydir the social centre of activity as the flagship of the Regatta At night the Broken Bay branch of the Royal Motor Yacht Club will hold its annual New Years ball. AQUATIC GAIETY. (1933, December 16). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 7. Retrieved from

Above: PITTWATER REGATTA. (1928, December 27). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 4. Retrieved from

ROYAL MOTOR YACHT CLUB REGATTA AT NEWPORT. FINISH OF THE "BANG AND GO" NOVELTY RACE. Won by Trixie, second from the left. ROYAL MOTOR YACHT CLUB REGATTA AT NEWPORT. (1929, January 2). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved from

Above: Group of regatta officials on the flagship. Stuart F Doyle, Managing Director of the Union Theatres and Commodore of Rose Bay Motor Yacht Club, 2nd from left front row Date of Work: 1930s Call Number: Home and Away – 6532 Courtesy State Library of NSW Stuart F. Doyle (Managing Director of Union Theatres) and designer Henry E. White toured the USA in 1927 to inspect the latest picture palaces. In 1928 he opened Australia's first 'atmospheric' theatre, the Capitol, intended for silent movies and live performances. Then in 1929 he opened the magnificent State Theatre.

Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation Network Conference (taken for radio station 2UW), Miramar MOTOR YACHT 7/1938 Call Number Home and Away – 17392,  Courtesy State Library of NSW

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