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Jubliees Come To Pittwater 

the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in 1938 and Huntingfield Cup of 1946


The opening of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club's Pittwater season took place at Green Point on Saturday, when the new Jubilee class yachts raced for the first time. The Governor, Lord Wakehurst, opened the season. The yachts are shown soon after the start, on their way to Scotland Island. From left: Jubilant (A. G. Muston), Oweene (J. A.Pollack), Mayrah (M. R. Alexander), Fleetwing (D. C. Brockhoff), Aloha (R. S. and C. G. Littlejohn), Topsy (C. C. Toothwell), Noela (C. V. Stevens), and Forty Sixty (R. C. Kent). YACHT SEASON OPENED AT PITTWATER — 18-FOOTER CAPSIZES ON HARBOUR — DUNN SHIELD ATHLETICS. (1938, December 19). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 14. Retrieved from 
The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club is currently celebrating its 150th year.  From January the 21st to 23rd 2017 the RPAYC will host the Huntingfield Cup, the equivalent of the Jubilees National Championship, which will be for some recognition of two of the club's firsts - a regatta based solely on Pittwater hosted by the RPA and a reminder that this was the class of yacht that celebrates the opening of the first clubhouse on Pittwater.

The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club was formed in October 1867 to welcome Prince Alfred to our shores, the then first Royal Visitor to Australia, by some of Sydney's then premier businessmen who also loved sailing. An added emphasis for the club was to enable different classes of yachts to race, and when new ideas for yachts and marine craft came along, the Prince Alfred Yacht Club, later the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, was always the champions of these - providing Australia with many an innovation and champion boat and sailor as a result. Then, as now, the club had a focus on spreading the love of sailing, making sailing and all its knowledge more accessible, developing 'excellence in sailing' and ensuring the next generation of Australian sailors were supported and provided with every opportunity to excel in their sport.

Part of this was being prepared to produce better and better yachts, to develop new ideas for sailing and sailing classes and support those who did.

The first recorded Pittwater Jubilee races and opening of a clubhouse on the shores of Pittwater took place on December 17th, 1938. On this occasion the fairly new class of yachts, Jubilees, formed part of the program and were also entered in that year's Pittwater Regatta - the aquatic event for many in Sydney during the Christmas -New Years period, especially those who weren't going to race in the still fairly new Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

The first Jubilee yacht was launched in October 1935, the Jubilee year of the reign of our late King George V (1935), the then 'first yachtsman' and were designed to be a moderately priced yacht that would attract and retain younger sailors. The idea sprang from the then Commodore of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club in Victoria, James Linacre, a gentleman who had won, in 1932, the NSW -VIC ongoing interstate yacht race, the Sayonara Cup with his yacht Vanessa, breaking a win 'drought' for our southern sailing cousins that had persisted for 22 years. The yacht Vanessa had previously been a winner for NSW in this cup and was built by legendary the James Hayes and launched in 1929 for Percy Arnott, of Arnott's Biscuits, and a Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron and Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club member.

The idea for the jubilee class was a popular one, attracting the interest and a discussion at the RBYC of other local yacht club members to define what this new class would be and agree on the features of this new class of yacht. As there had been a rough sailing season on Port Phillip Bay the previous year, with boats damaged and lost, it was determined that the;

'Boat must be powerful and stable design, so as to be able to withstand safely big seas and strong seas' and also 
'The boat must be of a handy size, so as to facilitate slipping and launching and beaching if necessary. The measurements therefore decided on were:
Length Overall 5.468 m (18 ft)
Length waterline 4.877m (16 ft)
Draught 0.406 (1 ft 4 in)' [1.]

Mr. W. D. Higgins (R.B.Y.C.) and Mr. Charles Peel (1878-1947), a premier Australian early boat builder and designer and the gentleman credited with the 1913 formation of the 21 Foot Restricted Class, Australia's first locally formed development rule class, through his 1909 design for Idler and similar design Namoi, and who worked at Hayes' in Sydney for a while before returning to Melbourne, were the men given the task to draw up complete designs for the jubilees.
On October 6th 1935 the first jubilee, 'Freydis', was launched
VICTORIA'S first Jubilee Class yacht will be launched from the yard of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club tomorrow morning-weather permitting. This boat, owned by Mr J. A. Linacre is the first of a moderate-priced class which should prove exceptionally popular among the younger yachtsmen. It is expected that there will be at least 9 boats contesting and Mr. Linacre is sanguine  that there will 12 before the end of the season. 

The Jubilee was designed for the purpose of helping young members to become boat owners when they had outgrown the dinghy class. Expense have been reduced to minimum, but the efficiency of the boat has not yet been impaired. She is a wholesome-looking craft and appears to be a particularly; good heavy-weather boat. 

Skippers should have have no no difficulty in keeping a full complement as the Jubilee carries only four in a crew. Mr. Linacre is deserving of praise for the manner in which he has worked to get this class started and the number of boats being built now is a tribute to his enthusiasm. A smart breeze tomorrow is all he requires to show his boat's paces. Mrs J. A. Linacre will perform the christening ceremony. JUBILEE YACHT LAUNCHING (1935, October 5). Sporting Globe (Melbourne, Vic. : 1922 - 1954), p. 5 (Edition1). Retrieved from


-Mrs. J. A. Linacre christening the first of the new class of racing yachts launched yesterday. NEW "JUBILEE" YACHT.— (1935, October 7). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), p. 16. Retrieved from

The announcement of the RPAYC, who had been sailing to and from Pittwater in events such as The Basin Cup (1906) or as Easter Cruises (1893), and had purchased land at Newport in 1919, to have a permanent facility for members at Pittwater was linked to new supporting the new class:

The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club has decided to provide a boatshed, slipways, and other accommodation on the land that if has owned for a number of years at Green Point near 'Newport'.
In the last year there has been a revival of interest in sailing by those who reside at or visit Pittwater. A strong VJ class is in existence and a larger class, the "Jubilee' class brought into being by the Melbourne yacht clubs has been adopted. A number or these craft are now under construction and It is expected that at least 12 will be in the water by the opening o the season.  
Those  who are desirous of encouraging yachting on Pittwater went into the question of forming a new club but, being of the opinion that there are already enough clubs in or near Sydney decided to approach the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club. The outcome is the present scheme for extending the RPAYC’ s activities to Pittwater.
The club intends to encourage in other ways the extension of the Jubilee class which Is a half-deck type of craft 18 feet long overall and guaranteed to cost not more than £100 rigged and equipped. YACHT CLUB'S PLANS. (1938, July 6). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 21. Retrieved from 

On the 21st of November, 1938 a Deed of Gift of the Huntingfield Cup was given by William Charles Arcedeckne Vanneck, 5th Baron Huntingfield, KCMG, the first native-born governor of an Australian state. Born in Queensland on January 3rd, 183, he became a British Conservative Party politician, and Governor of Victoria in 1934 and served as acting Administrator of Australia (Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia) between March 1938 and September 1938.

In the Deed Gift Document - published below, it is stated  'the Donor being desirous of encouraging the sport of yachting in Australian waters has donated a Cup being the Cup now in possession of the Victorian Yachting Council to be sailed for annually in friendly competition between the States of the Commonwealth of Australia'
'It shall be preserved as a Perpetual Trophy for the Interstate Championship of the yachts of the Jubilee One Design Class or for such other class of yachts as may from time to time be determined in the manner hereinafter provided with respect to the alteration of any of the conditions of this Deed.'

The first races for NSW Jubiless were sailed as part of the 1938 Pittwater Regatta

Pittwater Regatta
THEY'RE 'spit and polishing' at Pittwater (N.S.W.) for the 31st annual regatta on December 27. Secretary Allan R. Beveridge is again on the job. Officers are: President A.D. Walker, hon. assistant-secretary, R. E. Ross; hon. treasurer, A. A. Read; sailing committee, Dr. H. S. Kirkland, F. B. Langley, N. Wallace, E. C. Gale, R. J. Icher, R. B. Morgan, J. Dingle; motor-boat committee, A. D. Walker, S. L. Roberts, E. G. Glass, W. J. Carrad, C. Ferguson. Pittwater Regatta (1938, November 10).Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 12. Retrieved from 

Following the refusal of the Jubilee class selectors to reconsider their nominations for the skippers to represent Victoria in the Huntingfield Cup race, for Jubilee class yachts, at the Pittwater (N.S.W.) regatta, and the selectors' subsequent resignation, the Victorian Yacht Racing Association has appointed J. Sturrock and P. Searle as skippers.

A third has yet to be chosen, and the V.Y.R.A. has appointed the Brighton Yacht Club sailing committee to nominate a man. When it has done so, the nomination will be forwarded to the V.Y.R.A. for confirmation.

The secretary of the V.Y.R.A. (Mr. L. S. Digby) said last night that he expected to receive the third nomination either to-day or to-morrow. When the Jubilee class selectors announced their nominations Sturrock, who had won all the Test races, was not included. The selectors explained that this was because he had done very little sailing in Jubilee class yachts. The V.Y.R.A. considered that the nominations submitted were not the best, and asked the selectors to reconsider them.  Yachting (1938, December 20). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), p. 16. Retrieved from

While the Victorians were sorting themselves out and the Sydney Harbour boats heading to meet their Pittwater counterparts, a historic event took place on and for Pittwater. As was the 'fashion' then, what the ladies were wearing was worth mention. The then Governor, Lord Wakehurst, opened the 'boathouse' and started the Jubilee race. The thoroughfare between Narrabeen and Frenchs Forest, known as the 'Wakehurst Parkway' is another local reminder of this gentleman and his wife's serving as governor, this being named to honour him:

Pleasant Setting for Carnival at Green Point. 
White-winged yachts on the wind-ruffled waters made a lovely spectacle at the opening of the Pittwater sailing season on Saturday afternoon, when the new boathouse of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club at Green Point, Newport, was opened.

The majority of spectator wore dark glasses and large shady hats as a protection from the hot afternoon sunshine, and coloured beach umbrellas were erected on the lawn to provide additional shade.

When the Governor, Lord Wakehurst, who is the honorary commodore, and Lady Wakehurst disembarked from Mr. J. M. Hardie's yacht Windward they were welcomed by Commodore P. C. Mackillop, Vice-Commodore Richard Windeyer, and Rear-Commodore D.S. Carment. Lady Wakehurst locked cool in a chalk white silk sports frock belted in navy, and a white Breton sailor hat trimmed with a large bow in front. Mrs. Hardie's navy linen frock cut on tailored lines was relieved with touches of blue.

Afternoon tea was served in a marquee on the lawn, and among the official guests were Admiral W. N.  Custance, Captain and Mrs. H. C. Phillips, Colonel and Mrs. P. H. Lorenzo, Flight-Lieutenant and Mrs. Norman Mulroney, Group-Captain and Mrs. H. P. de la Rue, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Milson, Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Carment, and Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Waterman.

Mrs. H. C. Phillips wore a white tailored linen emit with a plowed navy skirt and white hat. A sky blue linen frock patterned with a nautical design of anchors and life buoys was the choice of Miss Susan Phillips.
Mrs. P. Carruthers's -white linen frock was trimmed with emerald green zip fasteners on the pockets.

Commander Leo Quick who was accompanied by Mrs. Quick, who wore a wide-brimmed black straw hat with her black and white printed silk frock. Mrs. T. M. Furber, whose husband is a club member, favoured a navy frock patterned with white stars. Miss Nancy Furber's green and white spotted frock was finished with a white Peter Pan collar.

On board the Runette, Mr. W. Giles, a member of the Lake Macquarie Yacht Club, who sailed from Newcastle in the morning, entertained Mr. and Mrs. P. Martin, Mrs. James Crawford, and Miss Helen Telford.
Miss Sheila Pring, wearing a wide-brimmed White hat with her cream American crepe frock patterned in black, accompanied her fiancé, Mr. Geoffrey Plater. With Mr J. Hordern was Miss Sheila Vale and her sister, Miss Joyce Vale. The latter chose a primrose yellow printed silk frock with a shady hat
Mrs Andrew Findlay was a smart figure in a navy linen culotte and white terry cloth shirt finished with a nautical navy scarf
Miss Jeannette Lang, who was with Mr. Harry Wearne, wore a turquoise blue pinafore frock with a matching blouse which had Hungarian embroidery on the puffed sleeves. An all-white ensemble was the choice of Mrs. Hamilton Kirkland. Mrs. Paul Ross wore a navy and white printed American sheer frock, and navy and white was also chosen by Mrs. L. C. Waterman, whose husband is the president of the Sydney Yacht Racing Association. With Mr. and Mrs. Monte Fowler was Miss Peggy Leslie in a red and white patterned cotton frock. Mrs Fowler wore a navy bolero coat with her white American crepe frock
Other spectators included Mr. and Mrs A.D. Walker, Mr. and Mrs F. F. Buchanan, Professor and Mrs. W. J. Dakin, Messrs J V. Jira, Clive Evatt, John Wallis, Harold Adams, Arthur Mutson, and John Kyd (secretary of the club).
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MRS. F. C. MACKILLOP, wife of Commodore Mackillop, and LADY WAKEHURST at the opening of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club boat-house and sailing season at Green Point, Newport, on Saturday afternoon.

MISS SHEILA PRING, MRS. SYDNEY CROLL, MR. PHILIP PRING, and MRS. L. MARSDEN enjoyed afternoon tea on the lawn at the opening of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club boathouse and sailing season at Green Point, Newport, on Saturday afternoon.
FOR WOMEN. (1938, December 19). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved from 

The report on the first jubilee class race, which took over six hours to sail, perhaps didn't bring the level of excitement expected - nor did the fact that many attending could not see two thirds of the race help. When you plan a race to sail Pittwater though, all conditions and pints are taken in as part of the course - perhaps chartering a spectator boat to follow the race may have been a good idea - a method employed by the RPAYC when it was still the PAYC and hosted races on the harbour. 

JUBILEE BOATS RACE Kimba Easily Wins Initial Event
First yacht of her class entered on the club register, Mr. J. R. Dingle's Kimba was first to reach the finishing mark in the jubilee class yachts events at Pittwater yesterday.
Seasprite (T. Foster), was second, more than nine minutes away, and Sylvette (S. H. Moray) third. Of the 14 starters, 10 completed the course. The Governor (Lord Wakehurst), as honorary Commodore of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, officially opened the racing. Off to a good start, the 14 boats made slow progress for half a mile. The yachts were unable to show speed in the failing nor'-easter. First race for Jubilee Class yachts (flying start, over a 6 ½  miles course).— Kimba (J. R. Dingle), finishing time 6hr. 4mln., 1; Seasprite (T. Foster), 6.13.10, 2; Sylvette (G. H. Moray), 6.15.15, 3; Wendy (A. N. Johnson), 6.15.20, 4: Fleetwing (D. 0. Brockhoff), 6.16.20, 5: Nyala (R. W. Ross), 6.25.50, 6: Jubilant (A. G. Muston), 6.26.37, 7; Topsy (C. C. Southwell). 6.27.0, 8; May-rah (M. R. Alexander), 6.31.50, 0; Oweene (J. A. Pollack), 6.35.15, 10. Only boats to finish. Yachting (1938, December 18). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 26 (WOMENS SECTION). Retrieved from 

First Race Won by Kimba.
The Jubilee class of yacht had its first race in New South Wales on Saturday, Kimba (J.R. Dingle) won from Sea Sprite (T. Foster) with Sylvette (S H Moray) third.
The race was part of the functions for the opening of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Clubs Pittwater sailing season and the commissioning of the shed and slipway accommodation at Green Point, near Newport, Pittwater.
This club has assumed control in New South Wales of the Jubilee class an 18 foot half-deck type of boat which has flourished in Melbourne for three years.
Pittwater yachts-men first decided to adopt the class, a fact which induced the club to make use of its Green Point property. The class will also be sponsored in Sydney.
The brief formal part of Saturday’s ceremonies was performed by Lord Wakehurst, honorary commodore of the RPAYC, who landed from Windward II after spending a large part of the day cruising in Pittwater.
A large party of members and friends viewed proceedings from the land in the shade of a marquee.
A number of yachts had come around from Sydney and were anchored off shore, dressing ship at a given signal. They included Bluebird (R Windeyer) Koonya (H Maxwell) Waimea (H S Lloyd) Sirius (H Nossiter) Windward II (J M Hardie) Monsoon (J M Hordern) Wyuna (C W Robson)Spumedrift (J W Jira) Thistle (Professor W J Dakin).

The Jubilee class race was sailed round a triangular course from Green Point around Scotland Island and a buoy off Careel Point. The wind was variable and light a north-easter trying to establish Itself against an impending southerly change and failing. There was pretty start, 14 craft, the full available strength of the class, crossing, the line all on the starboard tack, in 40 seconds. Fleetwing (D C Brockhoff) was first across but Forty Sixty (R C Kent)  Noela (CV Stevens) and Topsy (E C Southwell) were close behind and to windward and soon passed Fleetwing.  Aloha (R S Littlejohn) and Oweene (J A Pollack) were next and Sylvette (S H Moray) was last. Little more was seen of the fleet, the course being for the greater part out of sight of Green Point and the wind being so light that the race did not finish until after six o’clock. It was a slow task negotiating the extensive lee of Scotland Island. For a special occasion such is this and with a big gallery all eager to see how the new class performed, a short course, in view of the spectators and covered twice or three times would have been more interesting.

Jubilee Class 6 ½ miles-Kimba (J R Dingle)1 Sea Sprite (T Foster) 2 Sylvette (S H Moray) 3 Won by 9m 10s with  2m 5s between second and third. Finish times Kimba 6h4m 0s Sea Sprite 6h 13m 10s Sylvette 6h 15m s Wendy 6h 15m 20s Fleetwing 6h 18m 20s Nyala 6h 25m 50s Jubilant 6h 26m 17s Tops7 6h 27m Os Mayrah 6h 31m 0s Oweene 6h 35m 15s Aloha, Forty Sixty, Noela and Chrunest retired.
YACHTING. (1938, December 19). The Sydney Morning Herald(NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from 

Dubious About Jubilees 
THE N.S.W. investiture of the Jubilee class yacht was performed by Lord Wakehurst, honorary commodore of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club (Sydney), at Pittwater at the weekend. BUT such was the course arranged for the first race that spectators had little opportunity of seeing them in action. A short course, in view of the crowd, would have been more suitable. The breeze was light and variable and the major part of the time scheduled was spent in negotiating the lee of Scotland Island. By the time the boats crossed the finishing line most of the 'gallery' had left. Of the fourteen starters, Aloha, Forty Six, Noela, and Chrunest retired. Kimba (J. R. Dingle) won the event by 9min. 10sec. from Sea Sprite(T. Foster). Sylvette (S. H. Moray) was third. Then came Wendy, Fleetwing, Nyala, Jubilant; Topsy, Mayrah and Oweene. 

It was fitting that J. R. Dingle should win the first race. He was chiefly instrumental in introduction of the class In N.S.W.  Lord Wakehurst spent most of the day cruising In J. M. Hardie's cutter. Windward II. His.Lordship is reported to be a capable hand at the tiller. Maybe he will compete in Sydney races before the season ends. Yachtsmen have vivid mental pictures of the late Lord Forster, former Governor-General of Australia, who was one of the smartest skippers of his period. Windward Whispers (1938, December 22). Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 14. Retrieved from

The jubilees caused more excitement a few days later as part of that year's Pittwater Regatta:

Jubilee Yachts At 32nd Pittwater Regatta 

JUBILEE CLASS YACHTS sailed two races at the 32nd annual Pittwater (N.S.W.) regatta, on Tuesday. Here is the start of the F. C. McKillop trophy race, won by J. R. Dingle's Kimba. The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, who have sponsored the class, intend to arrange an interstate carnival before the season ends. Jubilee Yachts At 32nd Pittwater Regatta. (1938, December 29). Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 14. Retrieved from 

Sayonara (G. E. Griffen) heels over before the north-easter while approaching Scotland Island in the Palm Beach handicap at the Pittwater Regatta yesterday. DEEWHY SURF CARNIVAL — 12-FOOTERS' CHAMPIONSHIP — SOUTH COAST TRAGEDY — PITTWATER REGATTA. (1938, December 28). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved from 

John Renfree Dingle, the man credited with bringing the Jubilee class to New South Wales, establishing these among Pittwater sailors, and thereby a permanent boatshed and later, clubhouse, for the RPAYC, was a businessman and also involved in the Australian Mutual Provident Society when it was still a non-profit:

I am very pleaded to inform you today and your readers something of the Shell Company of Australia's plans for the introduction of premium grade petrol later this month, to the New South Wales market.
"You will recall that, on the occasion of the opening m March, 1954, of our Geelong refinery in Victoria by the Governor General of Australia, Field Marshall Sir William Slim, our Chairman, Mr. R. N. Avery, indicated that it would be our intention to bring higher quality petrol to the Australian market as soon as possible. Since then, continuous development of Shell's refinery facilities in Australia has 'been taking place at Geelong, and at Clyde in New South Wales, bringing the latest Shell Group world-wide production techniques to this country, To date, no less than 6,000,000 tons, of locally produced petroleum products have been distributed from these two refineries to the Australian... THE SHELL COMPANY OF AUSTRALIA LIMITED (1955, June 8). Gilgandra Weekly (NSW : 1942 - 1955), p. 6. Retrieved from 

Notice is hereby given pursuant to the twentieth section of the Australian Mutual Provident Society's Act, 1910-1941, that the names of the present Directors of the said Society are:— Clifford Gordon Crane, Esquire; Septimus Godolphin Rowe, Esquire; George Gordon Gray Russell, Esquire; Vincent Charles Fairfax, Esquire; John Douglass Grace Duncan, Esquire; Byrne Hart. Esquire; James Alexander Forrest, Esquire; Martin Joseph Talbot Wertheimer, Esquire; Ernest Henry Lee-Steere. Esquire; Donald Gordon Farquhar Mackay. Esquire; Bernard Blomfield Riley, Esquire, Q.C.; The Honourable Sir Arthur Campbell Rymill, M.L.C.; and Howard Bernard Gregson Walker, Esquire (ex-ofticio); and the name of the Secretary is Frank Ross and the name of the Acting Secretary is John Renfree Dingle.—Dated at Sydney, this twenty-sixth day of November, 1964. J. R. DINGLE, Acting Secretary. AUSTRALIAN MUTUAL PROVIDENT SOCIETY.— (1964, November 27).Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 3886. Retrieved from 

Another Dingle, possibly a later Jubilee convert(!??), in Pittwater Regattas:
"Currawong" Handicap for Vee-Jay Boat. —Comet (S. Dingle). 3.40.42, 1; Don't Argue (P Nichollas), 3.43.27. 2: Dard (F. Tolhurst), 3.44.2, 3; Chun (J. Gross). 3.44.33, 4. GAY SCENE AT PITTWATER (1937, December 27). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 11 (LATE FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from 

S Dingle's 'Vee Jay' Comet scored a double for the T. L. Mulhall and Currawong trophies. He won: by, 45secs- in the first event and added 2min to the margin in the second. 31st PITTWATER REGATTA (1937, December 30). Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 24. Retrieved from

The first jubilees built at Pittwater are attributed to the renowned Goddard's patriarch, William Joseph Goddard, of Palm Beach- Mr. Dingle's Kimba:
Retrieved from and compiled by Mori Flapan ( 22/07/2010 and Yacht Details (Page 4) - Jubilee Association Victoria webpage (Full register list so far here)

1938/08/20 reported that six boats under construction at Goddard's boatshed, Palm Beach, to be raced by RPAYC. Dingle was responsible for starting the Jubilee Class in NSW. 1938/12/17 won 1st Jubilee race in NSW that was sailed at the opening of the RPAYC clubhouse at Green Point, Pittwater against 13 others in the class. 
1938/12/27 won morning race at Pittwater Regatta. 
1939 won 1st Anniversary Regatta at Sydney. RSYS. 1951 a successful yacht in the lighter classes. 1967 still racing on Sydney Harbour. 
Derelict & destined for chain saw prior to 1995, rescued by boatbuilder Nigel Shannon. 2001-02 restored, reribbed with spotted gum, new beech deck, converted to gaff rig, fitted with new motor Beta diesel. 2002 partly reribbed at the Classic & Wooden Boat Festival. 2006/03 for sale at Classic &Wooden Boat Festival at Darling Harbour, Sydney. 2006/11 for sale in NSW 15K. Bob Davis 07/07/2010

As to J41 Kimba, prior to 1968 it was owned by Dick Ridoutt and Colin Wright.
Jubilee class. Centreboard. Celery top pine planked, baltic pine deck. Rudder & tiller hung from transom. Described as an eighteen foot half-deck knockabout. 18' Loa, 16' lws. 16" draft 193. 33sq' sail. Mast halliard sheave 26' above deck. 17.7 cwt displ. 4.5 cwt ballast inside. Maximum drop of centreplate 2' 8". One of 9 Jubilee class built from the same log (probably by Goddard). 

It is also recorded that 'Jubilant (J55) now C Charm and Corella (J64) were all Riddell built about the same time.(1938)' This may refer to Andrew Riddle, Bayview-Church Point boat builder.

Although the Huntingfield Cup for Jubilees was not sailed in Sydney during the holidays, Bert Finlay and Jock Sturrock, two of Victoria's leading skippers, went across and competed in this class at the Pittwater regatta. Fourteen boats started in a fresh breeze, and Finlay soon went to the front to win with a margin of more than 2 ½ min., undoubtedly a good performance. Sturrock did fairly well in the early stages, but at the finish was placed only fifth. The fact that 14 boats competed makes it hard to understand why the championship was not held, and makes it significant that the controlling body in N.S.W. was in sympathy with the Jubilee committee in Victoria. KEENEST YACHTING EVENTS FOR THE SEASON (1939, January 11). Sporting Globe (Melbourne, Vic. : 1922 - 1954), p. 15 (Edition3). Retrieved from 

The Jubilee became a very popular yacht with RPA members ensuring others enjoyed sailing this class:

The first race for the RPAYC Goodfellowship Cup will be sailed tomorrow. Five boats of the Jubilee class will be manned by crews drawn from the Royal and Royal Australian Navies and from the four Sydney yacht clubs. They will compete in a scratch race from a flying start off Neutral Bay over a 6 mile course to the finish off Point Piper. The programme which is the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Clubs closing fixture also includes races for nominated skippers In Nos 1 and 2 division yachts (combined) women skippers In No 3 division yachts and old timers in S A S C boats.

All races will start off Neutral Bay and finish on Point Piper The Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club has made Its clubhouse available to members of the RPAYC. After the races the crews In the Old timers and Goodfellowship Cup races will attend a beefsteak supper In the R P Y A C clubrooms. Trophies won during the afternoon will be presented.

Nos 1 and 2 Division Yachts (combined nominated skippers) 2 10 p m -Hurricane (Miss M James) light 20 medium 19 heavy 23 Utiekah 11 (G Lippmann) 19 9 8 Culwulla IV (W Graham) 18 19 22 Windward II (E W Andrews) 15 8 8 Judith Pihl (J D Borrowman) 14 15 l8 Sjo Ro (K Clayton) 12 15 l8 Clipper (JAllsopp) 12 15 18 Era (M Goddard) 12 15 l8 Thetis (A George) 8 8 10 Kyeema ( Read) 7 2 2 Josephine (R Gale) 6 2 2 Moonbeam (J Roche) 1 scr scr Brand V (W Harvey) scr 2 5

No 3 Division Yachts (lady skippers) 2 15 p m -Amohine e-i light 33 medium 22 heavy 19 Athene (Miss Carment) 23 20 22 Aeolus (Mrs C C Coghlan) 23 l8 17 Vailima (Mrs A A Mccullagh) 12 11 13 Maharani (Mrs H W B Livesay) B 4 6 Cooroyba (Miss K Farr) 8 4 4 Cuthonna (Mrs T M rurber) 8 3 3 Brilliant (Miss Holmes a Court) 7 scr scr Blue Bird (Miss P King) srr 1 6

Old timers Race 2 16 pm-Nyrla (W P Endean L C Waterman F P Buchanan C M Boult..) light scr heavy 2 Ripple (O S M Godtschalk S Spain L J Hempton) 1 scr Blue Peter (C W Robson C Broughton J Langhan), 1 4 Sea Rover (E Walcot F Agar A R Barclay) 2 2 Waimea (S D Wenborn W Rayment R Westfield Darcy Shelley) 6 1

Goodfellowship Cup (Jubilee class) flying start 2 42 pm-Wendy Royal Navy (Lieut Com Vereker H M S Leander Lieut Alcock H M S Leander Lieut Com Gill HMAS Penguin A N Johnson) Jubilant R S Y S (Dr H Kirkland (skipper) G E Browne L Patrick A G Muston) Fleewing RPAYC (J M Hordern (skipper) J R Dingle N P Yule D C Brockhoff) Chrunost S A S C (L P Jones skipper) T M Wayland A Cuthbertson P J Palmer) Sylvette R P E Y C (C M Walker (skipper! E Walker Tim Furber S H Moroy). YACHTING. (1939, April 14). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 16. Retrieved from 

On September 3rd,1939, Prime Minister Robert Gordon Menzies announced that Australia was at war with Germany. All national sailing contests were suspended during WWII, the Huntingfield Cup among them:

The Jubilee class championship for the Huntingfield cup, which was to have been held In Sydney, has been postponed. FORSTER CUP YACHT RACE (1939, November 2). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), p. 17. Retrieved from

Forster Cup Plans
MELBOURNE, Thursday. — Until the decision of the West Australian and Queensland bodies are known, no move has been made by Victoria to cancel the national yachting championships this season because of the outbreak of war. Already Tasmania, South Australia, and New South Wales have advised that they do not wish the events to be held. Under the conditions of the Forster Cup the race would have to be held If Queensland and Western Australia desired It. So far as Western Australia is concerned it is improbable that they will desire the race to be held, as that State has not contested the event for several years. Races affected are the Forster and Albert cups for 21-footers, Stonehaven Cup for cadet dinghies, Huntingfield Cup for Juvenile class, and Australian championship for 12 square meters. YACHTING TITLES MAY BE OFF (1939, November 3). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved from

The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club held four races on Saturday including one at Pittwater The winning yachts had large margins in their favour but competition for the minor places was keen
Lewan (G E Bryant) the former Tasmanian 30 square metre boat made extraordinary improvement to win the race for Nos 1 and 7 division yachts from SJo- Ro and Culwulla IV In No 3 division Spumedilft (J W Jira) had her second win. A few boats sustained minor casualties in the harder squalls Aeolus lost part of her spinnaker boom and Cooroyba carried away her crosstrees
Nos 1 and 2 division yachts-Lowan iG E Bryant) ¿5m 1 SJo Ro IC Plowman), 17m i Culwulla IV (R F Graham) 20m 3 Won by om 44s with three seconds between second and third finishing limes Levan 4h 51m 20s SJo Ro 4h 57m 4s Culwulla 4h li7m 7s windward I illml 4h 57m 2fs Windward II (lim) 4h 57m 3.s Utiekah (Um) 4h S8in 2s En |17ml 4h ?iPm 53s Keema (lm) 4h 59m 24s Koonya I15m) 4h 59m 47s Clipper (17m) 4h 59m 48s Viking (21ml 5h 0m "¡6s Moonbeam (scr ) 5h 4m 5s Judith PIM (18m) and Hurricane (24ml)also finished
No. 3 division-Spumedrift (J W Jira) 2m 1 Brilliant (Holmes a Court) scr 2 Amohine (A S Dickson) 28m 3 Won by lm 20s with 25 seconds between second and third Finishing, times Spumedrift 4h 39m 40s Brilliant 4h 4Jm Os Amohine 4h 43m 25s Bluebird (5ml 4h Wm ?is Cuthonna (3m) 4h som 2?5 Aeolus (18m) and Cooroyba 15m I retired
Jubilee class Sydney division-Gitana (P H Walters) 1 Chrunest (F I Palmer) 2 Fleetwing (R D Millard) 3 Won by 4m 10s with 35 seconds between second and third Pittwater division - Seasprite (T Foster) 1 Mayrah (M R Alesander) 2 Kimba (J R Dingle) 3 Won b 4m 15s with 40 seconds between second and third. YACHTING. (1939, November 6). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 13. Retrieved from 

This article outlines two fleets of Jubilees - on the harbour and on Pittwater, a short year later:
Jubilee Class Championships.
The Jubilee class will decide its championship at Pittwater in the next three weeks. The first heat will be sailed at the regatta on Boxing Day. The second and third heats will be sailed on December 10 and January 6. There will also be special events at Pittwater on New Years Day, January 13, 14 and 20.
Eight of the Sydney division of the Jubilee class have entered for the championship and other races and most of the craft have gone to Broken Bay. Chrunchest, Fleetwing, Sylvette, Jubilant, Linwar, Pakerdoo, Karari and White Mae comprise the Sydney contingent. Noela is also at Pittwater. Gitana the best, performer in Sydney, Seagull, Wendy and Barbara which is laid up will be the only boats left in Sydney.
Topsy a unit of the Pittwater fleet has been bought by Miss Sheila Patrick and will probably come to Sydney and Kimba (J R Dingle) the Pittwater champion has been sold to J Wallis. YACHTING. (1939, December 22). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 14. Retrieved from 

This was the last Pittwater Regatta for the duration of WWII - perhaps with a little too much of what was to come manifesting:
Thrilling Rescue At Pittwater
When the speedboat Pandora burst into flames two miles from the shore, at the Pittwater Regatta this afternoon, the three occupants dived overboard and escaped injury. Cruisers and speedboats rushed to the scene, the three men were rescued, and, alter the names had been extinguished, the speedboat, badly damaged, was towed ashore.

In the speedboat were F. Henkel (owner), of Middle Harbor, K. Blackwood and J. Munroe. The accident occurred in full view of the R.M.Y. clubhouse. Only quick work on the part of the patrol boat, in charge of Allen Beveridge, saved the Pandora from destruction. Highlight of the regatta was the aerial derby by seven Moths from the Royal Aero Club at Mascot and the subsequent display of aerobatics and a representation of an air attack upon a submarine to be held late in the afternoon. An enthusiastic motor yachtsman, Sydney's new Lord Mayor (Ald. S. S. Crick) was in charge of his motor cruiser Silver Arrow.
Hamilton Kirkland Scratch Race for Jubilee yachts.— Kimba (J. R. Dingle) 1. Aloha (R, Littlejohn) 2, Seasprite (T. Foster) 3, Nyala (R. Ross) 4. Won by 14sec;.with 2sec. between second and third. SPEEDBOAT IN FLAMES (1939, December 26). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 8 (LAST RACE ALL DETAILS). Retrieved from

The Sydney Amateur Sailing Club's season ended on Saturday with a programme of four races, sailed in a light east-north-easterly breeze and finishing at a rendezvous in Taylor Bay.
A few lengths covered the six-metre fleet. Judith Pihl (C Trebeck) won from Clipper (W Maclndoe) with Era (C Lloyd Jones) and Sjo-Ro (T H Kelly) next. Sjo-Ro lost about 35 seconds at the start by coming to the line too early.

Nominated or women skippers sailed the club's fleet in two divisions. Phantom (G Smith) winning the first and Womerah (Miss R. Royle) the second. The Judge's boat which was towing dinghies to the rendezvous, broke down, and the club's starter, L P Jones, rowed from Neutral Bay to Taylor Bay in a dinghy to perform his duties.

Six-metre class scratch race - Judith Pihl (C Trebeck) 1; Clipper (W McIndoe) 2; Era (C Lloyd Jones) 3; Sjo-Ro (T H Kelly) 4. 13s 2's 7s Finishing times Judith Pihl 3h Som 10s Clipper 3h 56m 23s En 3h 56m 25s Sjo Ro 3h 56m 32s

Jubilee class Sydney division nominated skippers-Karari (Owen Lloyd) 1 Sylvette (S A Moray) 2 Pakerdou (J M Tutin)3 Jubilant (N F Brooker) 4 5s 2s 35s Chrunest Gitana Seagull Fleetwing White Mae and Southwind followed In that order

SASC No 1 division nominated or women slippers-Phantom (G Smith) 10m 1 Mawhitl (Miss P Huddleston) 5m 2 Gymea III (M Lotz) 4m 3 lm 35- Finishing times Phantom 3h 4S.m 30 Maw hill 3h 4t>m 30s Gymea 3h 47m 5_ Vtlclla 3h 47m 5o Orone 3h 49m 10. Waitani.1 3h 49m 50s Apathe Iolalre Ripple and Mischief followed

SASC No 2 division nominated or lady skippers-Womerah (Miss R Royle)1 Carlint (Miss G Aikman) 6m 2 Valiant (S Carier) 5m 3 lm 50s lm 30s Finishing times Womerah 3h 55m 5s Carline 3h 56m SDs Valiant 3h 50m J5r Range! 4h 0m 46s Whimbrel 4h lm 6., Ariel Marietta and Boonah II also finished
Jubilee class (Pittwater division) ladies race - Kimba (Miss D Matthews) 1 Aloha (Mrs E Cox) Nyala (Mrs J R Dingle) 3 40s 35s Aotea (Miss Kathleen Hunt) Mayrah (Miss Phyllis King) Seasprite (Mrs Tom Foster) Leilani and Oweenee (Mrs J A Pollack) followed In that order. YACHTING. (1940, March 18). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 7. Retrieved from

With the peace came a return of sailing events, and finally a Huntingfield Cup contest could be run during the Summer of 1946:

Royal Prince Albert Yacht Club season will close with a regatta at Pittwater on Easter Saturday, April 20.  There will then be a break from competitive racing until September. Usual harbour races will be held on Saturday week. The ocean race to Broken Bay will be on Saturday, April 13. Royal Prince Alfred is catering for Jubilee-class boats at Pittwater, all of which are owned by members of the club. Other Jubilee-class races are held on the harbour. EASTER REGATTA (1946, March 15). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 8. Retrieved from 

Jubilees to Go to Sydney
If ability to sail in heavy conditions is any criterion, the Jubilees selected to go to Sydney to contest the Huntingfield Cup should have an excellent chance. The trial races held in boisterous. winds and big seas last Sunday tested boats, gear and crews - to the utmost, -and only seconds separated the leading, boats at the finish.  The final selections, were: — FREYDIS, -Royal Brighton (John Linacre, owner-skipper; H. Stone, R. Barnes, Blair Brown). NICANOll, Royal Yacht Club (R. French, owner-skipper; K. McBriar, W. Owen, H. Bolli). AEOLUS, Royal Brighton (L. Found, owner-skipper; W. Hall, F. Pound, V. Roke). The three Victorian Jubilees will be loaded on to the Swedish motor vessel Tern, expected to sail next Saturday and arriving in Sydney Harbor on December 13. The crews will go overland next week, and will be honorary members, of Royal Prince Alfred Y.C. 
A full programme has been mapped out from December 26 to January 4, including the five heats for the Huntingfield Cup, two invitation races, two races at the Pittwater regatta on December 29, and two races at another regatta.

At a meeting of 'the Victorian Yacht Racing Association tonight, plans will be made for the forthcoming season. These will include the Association Cup Sturrock Cup, Edwards Cup (the 100-miles-round-Port Phillip race) and the Australian 12 square metre championship contests, for which entries have been received from" every -State except New .South Wales, which might still send a crew. Christmas Cruise Eastern Shore Sailing Clubs' Council is organising a series of races which should attract large entries from owners of small boats. Starting from Black Rock on Boxing day, the Aeet of small craft will race and cruise by easy stages, stopping overnight at Mordialloc, Chelsea, Frankston and Mornington. Plans include erection of marquees at each stopping place to provide sleeping quarters, catering and protection of boats when beached. 
Use of Radar 
SYDNEY, Tuesday. — As all yachts competing in the Sydney-Hobart race, to start off Clark Island on Boxing day, will be fitted with radar equipment, Wing-Commander R. Kingsford Smith will attend the yacht club one day next week to instruct crews in the use of the equipment. This will enable an R.A.A.F. aircraft, which will be exercising in the locality of the race, to keep in touch with all the competing yachts. Yachting HUNTINGFIELD CUP HOPES (1946, December 11). The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954), p. 18. Retrieved  from

Yachts Here From Victoria
Three jubilee yachts shipped from Victoria arrived in Sydney yesterday to compete for the Huntingfield Cup. A series of five races will be sailed on Pittwater between December 13 and January 4. The Huntingfield Cup was presented by Lord Huntingfield, former Governor of Victoria, for inter-State competition among jubilee, one-design class yachts. All three yachts which arrived yesterday qualified in a series of test races sailed on Port Phillip recently. The yachts are Freydis (J. H. Linacre), Misanor (R. French), Aeolus (L. Pound). The three Sydney yachts selected for the,contest are Petrel (K. Clarke), Kimba (C. Kiel), Gem II (W. Audsley). Yachts Here From Victoria (1946, December 17). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 9. Retrieved from

Judith Pihl Outsails Her Rivals
Judifh Pihl, sailed by Arch Robertson, turned the tables on Kyeemo and crossed the line 3 minutes ahead of her in the early yacht race at the Pittwater Regatta today. Kyeema beat Judith Pihl easily in the ocean race last Saturday. The breeze this morning was light with an ebbing tide. The conditions should have suited Kyeema but she was out-manoeuvred by the six-metre boats, Judith Pihl and Clipper. 
The three boats met again later in the John Roche Memorial Race, over 17 miles. The second race started In a freshening breeze and rising tide. In a flying start, Clipper and Judith Pihl were well away to take an early lead in the run to Towler Bay buoy. The three Victorian boats, Freydis, Nicanor and Aeolus, over here for the Huntingfield Cup races, were Invited to compete In the Lionel V. Edye scratch race for Jubilee class boats. Kestrel, sailed by P. C. Docker, led all the way to win the Currawong Handicap for Vee-Jays. 
Currawong Race for Vee-Jays.— Kestrel IP B. Docker. 0.0) 1, Comet (W. S Toft, scr.) 2. Achilles (K. W. Grovestor 5.0) 3. Marns. 2.2, 3.55. 
Bayview Race for 10-foot Skiffs. — Pathfinder (H. Graham, 0.30) I. Martime (P M. Evatt. scr.) 2, Ronnie (A J Schultz. scr.) 3. Margins, 1.45, 1.49. , 
W. J. Goddard Memorial Race for Yachts.— Judith Pihl (A. Robertson, 6.0) l. Clipper (Dr. H. S. Kirkland, 6.0) 2, Julnar (G. L Griffen. 9.0) 3. Margins. 0.29. 1,23. 
Cruiser Handicap. — Karnah (H. Murphy) 1, Moonray (A. G. Peck) 2. Pastime (A Pickering) 3. 
Speed Boat Handicap.— Gilda (H. Taylor) 1. Labo (D. Boyce and S Lands) 2. D. St. E. C(H. Mcintosh) 3. 
Power Boat Magazine Handicap. — Kari-Ki (Comm. Taylor) 1, Gilda (H. Taylor) 2, Karnah (H Murphy) 3 
Church Point Handicap for Vee Esses. — Shadow 8 (L B. Smith, scr.), 4.29.45, l; Viel (H. Marson, 2.0), 4.30.20, 2: Wendy (G. Thorne, 1.0), 4.32.15. 3. Judith Pihl Outsails Her Rivals (1946, December 26). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 7 (LAST RACE EDITION). Retrieved from

Entertaining among members of the various motor yacht clubs of New South Wales reached a pre-war peak at the 40th annual regatta on Pittwater yesterday. Cool clothes and even cooler drinks were chosen by the spectators who watched the Railing, motor boat, and aerial races from luxury launches anchored in Horseshoe Cove, Newport.

One of the newest motor yachts was the Sylph V, which is owned by Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Lawson, of Rose Bay. It was a family party on board, with Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Lawson and sons, Richard and Peter, Mr. Archie Lawson, and Mrs. P. Bayley. The overflow spread to LH-B, which is owned by Mr. Bernard Bayley.

One woman who took part in the racing was Mrs. Roy Icher, who was a crew member with her husband in Mr. J. Icher's yacht, Alice, in the John Roche Memorial Handicap for the Regatta Cup. A familiar sight was the vice-commodore of the Rose Bay club, Mr. Fred Harris on board his motor yacht. Steady Hour.
Her first visit to Sydney brought Miss Mignon Booth, of Melbourne, to the regatta on Mr. A. Hutchinson's boat, Beryl IV. Also in the party were Mrs. G. N. Kenworthy, whose husband was rear-commodore of the regatta, Mrs. H. Kenworthy, Mrs. S. Elphinstone, and Mrs. J. O. Andrews, whose husbands are vice-presidents. MANY PARTIES ON BOATS AT REGATTA (1946, December 27). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from

Mustang's yachting double
A freshening nor '-easter enabled Jim Singer's Mustang to register her second win this season in the RPAYC's handicap at Pittwater yesterday. The varying breeze gave the yachts one of their trickiest races this year. It started out as a light nor'-easter, strengthened, then died away, only to spring up again from the south. Near the finishing-line the breeze was blocked completely by surrounding hills, until it swung round a third time to the NE. While Clipper, Judith Pihl and Sjo-ro were merely drifting in a tangle of yachts, Mustang was able to hold a spinnaker until she crossed the line. She beat Sjo-ro by 1min. 43sec. on the adjusted times. 

Experience paid dividends 
The experience of veteran skipper, Jack Hordern, enabled Gem II. to win the Jubilee class scratch race by more than 10 minutes. Only one Victorian boat competed, and it was outclassed by the NSW team. On this showing, it seems certain that NSW will win the Huntingfield Cup. In a rubber of five heats, NSW boat Petrel already has one win and a second to her credit. The final heats are to be sailed at Pittwater tomorrow and on Tuesday. 
RPAYC.— Diva. I. and II.: Mustang (R. J. Singer, 30.0) 4.51.11, 1; Sjo-ro :W. Fesn. 26.01. 4.52.54, 2: Clipper (Dr. H. S. Kirkland, 22.0:, 4.54.20, 3; Divs. 3 and 4: Cirrus (N. B: Love, 18.0), 4.50.21. 1: Akuna (R. E. Grout, scr.). 5.3.20, 2; Sea Rover (S. R. Dickinson. scr.l, 5.4.55, 3. Jubilee Scratch Race: Gem IX (NSW). 1: Sylvette (NSW). 2: Kimba (NSW). 3. Mustang's yachting double (1946, December 29). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 10 (SPORTS SECTION). Retrieved from

R.P.A.Y.C..-Huntingfield Cup for Jubilee Class Yachts at NewportMorning race: Petrel (K. Clarke). N.S.W., I: Gem II (W. A. Audsley).' N.S.W., 2: Freydis (J. Linacre). Vic, 3. Won by 15s: 26s between second and third. Afternoon race: Freydis (J. Linacre). Vic, I: Gem ll (W. A. Audsley), N.S.W.. 2: Kimba (S. R. Keil), N.S.W:. 3. Won by 1m 35s; 2m 6s between second and third. YACHTING (1946, December 31). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from

With four heats of the Huntingfield Cup for Jubilee class yachts decided, the New South Wales boat Petrel is leading, but a protest has to be decided.
The fifth and final heat will be sailed today at Pittwater.
The protest is against a boat for allegedly not giving way to another. The result will decide whether Petrel or a Victorian boat leads. PROTEST IN YACHT RACE (1946, December 31). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from

Papers in all states record that Petrel won the first ever Huntingfield Cup contest. Reports later the next year record Jubiless were being built in Queensland and Tasmania and these later joined in the contest. 

Three Jubilee-class yachts will go . to Melbourne at the end of December to defend the Huntingfield Cup. From a series of five races conducted during November, Petrel (K. Clarke and A. Baldock), Kimba (C. Kiel), and Gem II (W. A. Audsley) ) were chosen to represent NSW.  The five heats of the Cup will be sailed over courses chosen by the Victorian Jubilee Association in Port Phillip, on December 29, 30, 31, and January 2 and 3. The yachts will be shipped to Melbourne shortly, and crews will camp at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club. YACHTS FOR CUP RACE (1947, December 5). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 17 (LATE FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from

"Splashes of Spray"
By “Coaming”
The Huntingfield Cup, held on Sydney Harbour for Jubilee Class yachts, was won by Jack Linacre in Freydis. The Jubilee is an 18 foot yacht, with
inboard ballast. Mr. Arnold Duffield, President of the N.Q.Y.At, has one at Townsville. Seven yachts contested the five. heats, representing 'South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Of the five heats Freydis won 1st, 3rd and 4th, earning a total of 32 points and becoming outright winner, with Petrel, K. Clarke, N.S.W.) second with 20 points. Jack Linacre has been sailing Freydis since she was built fourteen years ago, and this is the first time he has won the Hfuntingfield Cup. An interesting point is that Freydis is the first Jubilee Class yacht built, and it speaks well for the builder and the design when Freydis can compete against and beat other boats of this Class that incorporate much more modern designs....—‘‘Shell”. House Journal. "Splashes of Spray" (1949, June 3). Bowen Independent (Qld. : 1911 - 1954), p. 7. Retrieved from

Clearly those who are entered in or witnessing the 2017 Huntingfield Jubliees Championship on Pittwater this January 2017 will not only be dipping their toes on the most beautiful estuary most have seen but will also be taking part and being the next step of something quite historic and well worth supporting - Excellence in boat design and Excellence in Sailing.

1. Extract from the Jubilee One-Design Class Handbook

The Huntingfield Cup-Jubilees National Championship 2017

Jubilee yachts were the formation class of RPAYC on Pittwater in 1938. The story of the Jubes and RPAYC go back to the mid-1930s when a
RPAYC Member, J R Dingle, donated five hundred pounds to the club on condition that they did not sell Green Point (our lovely site) but instead
used the money to build improvements on the vacant land and adopt the Jubilee Class for racing on Pittwater. This offer was accepted.

The first race was held on the 17th of December 1938 when 14 Jubilees competed. The Jubilees formed the backbone of RPAYC racing on
Pittwater in these early days. The Huntingfield Cup has been contested annually since 1946 alternating between NSW and Victoria.

So it is most fitting that RPAYC will host the Huntingfield Cup, which is the equivalent of the Jubilees National Championship, from January the
21st to 23rd 2017.

There is a lot of interest in this event and the Jubilee Members of RPAYC are expecting around 15 to 20 yachts made up of local boats plus
boats from both Victoria and Queensland.

The Jubilee is strictly a one design simple yacht 18ft LOA and weighs in at just on one tonne. They are stoutly built with lots of lead under the
floor boards, a small jib, large main, plus a spinnaker. It is a very stable boat designed to race in up to 30 knots. Some describe them like an
old man’s 18 footer!!

Due to their very strict one design the Jubilees enjoy very close racing with only seconds separating them across the finishing line.
There are a couple of local boats that may be available to sail so if any member is interested in getting a crew together and using one of the
boats available let the sailing office know.

The Club is endeavoring to make spectator boats available and if any Member has a boat they can take out on any day
of the cup for this purpose please contact David Bray on 0406 9999 77 or email

The Notice of Race and Registration of entries are open, click here to enter

Deed Of Gift Of The Huntingfield Cup

TO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME HIS EXCELLENCY CAPTAIN THE RIGHT HONOURABLE WILLIAM CHARLES ARCEDECKNE BARON HUNTINGFIELD Knight Com­mander of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George Governor of Victoria (hereinafter called "the Donor") SENDS GREETING WHEREAS the Donor being desirous of encouraging the sport of yachting in Australian waters has donated a Cup being the Cup now in possession of the Victorian Yachting Council to be sailed for annually in friendly competition between the States of the Commonwealth of Australia AND WHEREAS the Donor is desirous of declaring the conditions on which such Cup shall hereafter be held NOW THESE PRESENTS WITNESS that the Donor does hereby grant and assign the said Cup unto the Trustees hereinafter nominated to be held on the following conditions:
The Cup shall be called "The Huntingfield Cup".
It shall be preserved as a Perpetual Trophy for the Interstate Championship of the yachts of the Jubilee One Design Class or for such other class of yachts as may from time to time be determined in the manner hereinafter provided with respect to the alteration of any of the conditions of this Deed.
The Trustees of the Cup shall be the Commodores for the time being of the four Senior Clubs for the time being comprised in the Victorian Yachting Council (hereinafter called "the Council") and the property in the Cup shall be vested in such Trustees (who are hereinafter referred to as "the Trustees") but the possession of the Cup shall from time to time be held by the local controlling body for the time being (appointed in accordance with the Official Rules of the Jubilee One Design Class adopted in October 1938 and filed with the Council or any amendment for the time being in force) (hereinafter referred to as "the Official Rules of the Class") of the State which shall be represented by the yacht winning the same in the annual contest last held until it shall be won by a yacht representing some other State and it shall be held subject to such conditions for its safe custody as may from time to time be deemed proper by the Trustees.
Contests shall be held annually in each of the States in rotation or in such order as shall be agreed by the delegates from the States which possess registered Jubilee One Design Class yachts. In the absence of agreement between the delegates the annual contests shall be held in the following order viz.: -New South Wales, Victoria and thereafter in the other States in the order in which local controlling bodies for such States are respectively appointed by the Victorian Yachting Council as the supreme controlling body of the class. Unless otherwise arranged by the delegates the State in the waters of which the next contest is due to be held shall notify the supreme controlling body before the first of July preceding the contest of its intention to compete for the Cup. If no such notification is received the supreme controlling body shall unless otherwise arranged by the delegates immediately inform all the States that it is intended that the contest be held in the State next on the list and the contest shall be held in the waters of that State if notification to compete is communicated to the supreme controlling body within one month after the receipt of such information and so on until the place of the next contest shall have been fixed, provided that unless otherwise agreed by the delegates if the place of contest shall not be fixed before the Thirtieth day of November preceding the date of the contest such contest shall be held on the waters of Port Phillip Bay under the control of the Council.
Unless otherwise agreed by the delegates the local controlling body of each State which intends to enter for a contest in any year shall before the end of November in the year previous forward a notification of such intention to the supreme controlling body which shall forward a copy of such notification to the local controlling body for the time being of each of the other States.
Each local controlling body of each State intending to compete having selected the yachts to represent its State shall enter the yachts so selected in accordance with the manner specified in the Official Rules of the Class. Such entries unless otherwise agreed by the delegates shall be forwarded to the local controlling body in whose waters the contest is to be held not less than fifteen days before the date fixed for the first race and shall be accompanied by the sum of £2/2/- in respect of each yacht so entered to be devoted to the purchase of a special trophy for the owner or owners of the winning yacht.
The contest shall take place in each year between the First Day of December in one year and the Thirty-first day of March in the following year or upon any other days that may be agreed by the delegates. If the delegates shall not agree upon any dates the local controlling body controlling the contest shall decide such dates and in any event such local controlling body shall if reasonably practicable not later than the First Day of December and in any event not later than two months prior to the date of the first race notify the local controlling body of each of the States of the dates on which the races will be held.
The Official Rules of the Class for the time being (including Rules relating to International Interstate and Interprovincial Races and Races between different Territories) shall apply to all contests for the Cup and all contestants therein unless inconsistent herewith.
 If the delegates shall not agree on the points to be allotted for each race in the series comprising the contest the points for each race shall be ten points for a first five points for a second and three points for a third. In the event of a tie on aggregate points the sail off shall be only between the yachts which shall have tied.
Any appeal from the decision of the Sailing Committee of the local controlling body shall if a Federal Yacht Racing Association be hereafter constituted be to such Federal Yacht Racing Association in lieu of the Yacht Racing Association.
All or any of the conditions of this Deed (including this power of amendment) may from time to time be altered and further conditions may be added hereto by a resolution of a majority of the local controlling bodies of the States (or such of them as shall have adopted the Class) provided that no alteration or addition shall be made if the Donor during such time as he shall be residing in the Commonwealth or the local controlling bodies of two or more of the States shall not agree to the proposed addition or alteration. Any alteration or addition shall be recorded by endorsement or annexure to this Deed signed by the Donor if then residing in the Commonwealth and by the Trustees for the time being and the Secretary for the time being of the supreme controlling body.
IN WITNESS whereof the Donor has hereunto set his hand and Seal this twenty-first day of November one thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight.
SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVERED by the Donor in the presence of A. W. P. ROBERTSON, 
Lieutenant, Royal Navy, Government House, Melbourne.
Retrieved from the Jubilee Yacht Racing Association of Victoria - at:

Entries for the New South Wales V.J. and V.S. sailing championships close in Sydney on November 9 and with the Northern Secretary (Mr. H. E. Dingle) on Monday, November 4. The championships will be sailed at Palm Beach on November 22 and 23. The next Northern Zone meeting will be held on November 28, a week later than usual because of the State championships. STATE V.J., V.S. SAILING TITLES (1952, October 29). Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved from 

Above: 'Vee Jays under sail; Image taken at Pittwater, possibly for the VJ State Championships 1953.' This photo is part of the Australian National Maritime Museum’s William Hall collection - Object number 00013565. 


MELBOURNE, Tuesday.The N.S.W, yacht, Fleetwing (G. Twibill), was fourth in the first heat for the Australian Jubilee class championship (Huntingfield Cup) at Sandringham this afternoon. 
First heat results: Sarawaki (F. D. Linacre), 1; Aeolus (L. N. Pound), .2;-Joyette (P. Cosgriff). 3; Fleetwing (G. Twibill), 4; Coolalie (W. Travers), 5. JUBILEE YACHT TITLE RACE (1949, December 28). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 7. Retrieved from

Victorian lasts Yachting Win
Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club ran all divisions of its races in a fresh north' easterly breeze on the Harbour yesterday. Main interest was the performance of the Victorian Dragons here for the Prince Philip Cup, which starts on Wednesday. The Victorians were racing in the Sydney restricted division.
Jock Sturrock, Australia's representative in the last two Olympiads, maintained his reputation as Australia's out-standing skipper by winning the race in his Dragon Kam-ulla (ser.) from another Victorian boat, Dandandi (ser.) sailed by A. T Rose.
No 1 division Defiance (F A Harris), 9 5 p c, 1, Morna (Sir Claude Plowman) scr, 2, Saskia (W H Northam) 6 p c , 3
Restricted divisions: Kamulla (J Sturrock), scr, 1 Dandandl (A T Rose), scr, 2 Fiesta (B S Robertson), 3 5 p c, 3
2nd division: Lass O' Luss (J R Colquhoun), 17 min , 1 Typhoon (S E Sterling), 10m, 2, Belvedere (L Esdaile), 10m, 3
3rd division- Vclclla (J and G Coghlan), 14 min , I Schwaldc (R N S A ), 8 min , 2, Tortuna (W L Tesa)) 1 min , 3
4th division: Rami (H J Quinn), 5 min ; 1, Ellida (J Halliday), scr, 2, Ambcrnicrlc (Dr C S Round tree) 9 min , 3
Jubilee Class. Tritan (T Taylor) Nyala (F A Barclay). 2 Petrel (K C Clarke and A Baldwick) 3
ROYAL PRINCE ALFRED, Pittwater Division: Menibilly (G R Dingle)18min 1, Curraweena (P B Bowring), 22m, 2, Atlanta (J W and J C Smythe), 16m, 3 Won by 5m 34s 58m
SYDNEY AMATEUR SAILING CLUB-Division I Caprice (H G Pfeiffer), 8m, 1, Wailcrc (H S Lloyd), 7m 2, Hoani (K Brown), 5m, 3 Won by lmin 7s 3s Division 2, Waihckc (F F Johnson), 25m, 1, Sea Rover (L C Thornton), 10m, 2 Idle Hour (A W rursc), 25m, 3 Won by 47s Im 28s Division 3 Sea Wren (S I Du VeSidu). lim, 1, Ramu (N F Stanley), 4m, 2, Cymcra (J Stuart Duff), scr, 3 Won by 1m 10s lm 37s Canoes Wamac (B Wild), 1. Toim a P Crow-ley), 2
MIDDLE HARBOUR YACHT CLUB_Division I Kim li (Trower), I7m, 1, Carina (C Smith), scr, 2, Camira (D Huddleston), 10m, 3 Won by 41s 2m 39s Division 2 Parriwi (Dr Smldllm), 14m, 1 Antares (A Mackcrras), 7m, 2 Careel (G Adams), 9m, 3 Won by 4m 23s 35m Division 3 Silver Spray (J Annand) 9m, 1, Masus (R Hunter), 2m, 2 Mis-tress (B Waterhouse) 12m, 3 Won by lm 30s 15s Victorian Has Yachting Win (1954, January 24). The Sun-Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1953 - 1954), p. 47. Retrieved from

Pittwater division Jenny Wren (C J D Love), 12m, 1, Atalanta (J W and J G Smyth), 4m, 2, Menabilly (J R Dingle), 7m, 3. Won by 16s, 6m 4s. NORN'S GOOD YACHT WIN (1954, February 14). The Sun-Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1953 - 1954), p. 41. Retrieved from

A new road, officially opened last weekend, from the top of The Spit hill to the north side of Narrabeen Lakes, will provide a fine scenic drive for motorists, reports the N.R.M.A.
Constructed by the Department of Main Roads and officially named "Wakehurst Parkway" the road runs from Seaforth past Dalwood Homes to Roseville Bridge -Dee Why road in French's Forest, thence to the main Palm Beach road, which it joins immediately north of Narrabeen Lakes. The new road will form an important link in the main road system and, when public transport has been instituted, will assist materially in developing the Warringah area from Narrabeen to Hawkesbury River. Ultimately a new bridge will be constructed at The Spit with an improved approach connecting with the new road. NEW ROAD LINK WITH LAKES AREA (1946, March 31). Truth (Sydney, NSW : 1894 - 1954), p. 20. Retrieved from

Premier Mr McKell opening Wakehurst Parkway - March 22nd, 1946 - Government Printing Office 1 - 37794. Images No.: d1_37794 and d1_37801, courtesy State Library of NSW.

Mr. Percy S. Arnott, one of our modern and enthusiastic yachtsmen, has done his best to give a fillip to yachting in New South Wales and also in the Commonwealth, by building the up-to-date eight-metre yacht Vanessa.
At the yard of James Hayes and Sons, Careening Cove, this beautiful craft was launched yesterday morning, and was a complete success. Without a hitch the yacht gracefully took the water in the presence of a most representative gathering punctually at 10.30 a.m., was taken to the yards of Messrs. G. E. S. Sandeman. Ltd.. and within an hour of launching the mast was stepped. Mr. Arnott's racing flag was flying at the truck and with bunting aloft the yacht was anchored off the club house of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron. Mrs. P. S. Arnott christened the yacht Vanessa as the craft glided into the waters of Careening Cove to the accompaniment of cheers from the assembled aquatic sportsmen, and afterwards entertained the guests, including many ladies, at the club house of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron.
At the club house a surprise was in store for Mr. Arnott, who was invited to visit the foreshore, where he was presented by Mr. S. M. Dempster, on behalf of himself and some of Mr. Arnott's crew, with a beautiful sailing dinghy named Sydem.
At the club house success to the boatowner and crew was enthusiastically honoured at the instance of Mr. S. M. Dempster, and complimentary reference was made to the builders who had worked night and day to complete the job in the specified time, and Mr. G. E. S. Sandeman, who expeditiously rigged the craft.
The assemblage of guests comprised many distinguished yachtsmen of the present and past. The veteran, Mr. George S. Brock, 75 last birthday, but still as keen as he was 30 years ago, being among those present.
The Vanessa, built to the latest 8-metre rule, which will be in force for 10 years, has the following dimensions:-Length overall, 47ft 9in; load water line, 29ft 7in; beam, 8ft 9in; draught. 6ft 3in. The planking is of kauri, the stem of teak, timbers spotted gum, the hollow spars are of Washington imported spruce, the mast measures 62ft, and the keel weighs 5 tons 11cwt. The craft was designed by the renowned naval architects, Fife and Son, and the sails were built by the famous English sailmakers, Ratsey and Lapthorne. NEW EIGHT-METRE YACHT. (1928, November 2- Friday). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 18. Retrieved from 

Arnott's New Yacht
ANOTHER graceful yacht has ii joined the Port Jackson's expensive fleet. The craft is Percy S. Arnott's Vanessa — an eight-metre craft, which has been specially built for interstate Sayonara Cup racing. The new-comer, designed by Fife, has been built by Hayes, at Careening Cove, at a cost of £2000. Arnott's New Yacht (1928, November 11).Truth (Brisbane, Qld. : 1900 - 1954), p. 7. Retrieved from 


MR. PERCY S. ARNOTT's 8-metre yacht, Vanessa, was launched today from the yards of James Hayes and Som, Careening Cove As Mrs. Amott broke a bottle of champagne bottle the bows, a representative gathering of yachtsmen associated with all clubs raised a rousing cheer. Later, at Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron's club-house, Mr. S. M. Dempster presented Mr. Amott with a dinghy on behalf of the crew, and toasts were honoured. Vanessa will compete in the test races which will be held to select the N.S.W. defender of Sayonara Cup. She will also take part in the racing Programmes of the various clubs. Vanessa is the first 8-metre  yacht to be built in Australia, and will make the third of her class on Sydney harbour.  VANESSA LAUNCHED (1928, November 1). Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), , p. 14. Retrieved from 


Sitting (left to right) Messrs F. Hayes and C. Madigan; Standing, Messrs. R. Millard, C. Trebeck,(skipper) P. S. Arnott (owner) and P. Macdonald. CREW OF THE WINNING YACHT VANESSA. (1929, January 22). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved from 

Percy Arnott is Keen Sportsman on Land and Sea


Great sportsman is Percy Arnott, whose yacht Vanessa is defending the Sayonara Cup, the emblem of interstate supremacy, against Victorian challenger, Eun-na-mara, in the Pacific, outside Sydney Heads. Before acquiring distinction in aquatics he represented his State on the cricket field, and in other sports which he has undertaken less seriously he has performed with credit. In all, whether on land or sea, he has placed the game above the prize. Winner or loser in the combat against Victoria's best, he will receive the result with a smile.

PERCY ARNOTT, a principal in one of the leading manufacturing concerns in New South Wales, tempers the serious side of life with plenty of sport, and he enjoys every moment of his games, Coming from the Artnidale School, the great representative of the country, among the great public schools, he joined up with the Balmain Cricket Club, and in the first grade gave many brilliant displays. Dullness of batting was never a subject of discussion when he was at the wickets. Always wielding a quick blade, he was continually on look-out for runs, and was never anything but sparkling and entertaining. Many of his best displays were made against the clock, when defending the bowling by the scruff of the neck and piled up the runs. Averages did not matter to him; his batting came first. Balmain had a good team in those days, some contemporaries being … Folkard, H. S. Love, George Wheatley, Frank Merchant, and two of the present New South Wales cricketers, A. D. Ratcliffe and R. L. …, but none played as forcefully is P.S.A. 

SOME GOOD DOUBLES One of his best performances was 107 not out (in a score of 220) and five wickets for S3 against …—with Charlie Macartney bowling at his best. The little man took five for 65. Another fine feat with bat and ball was 71 and seven for 102 against North Sydney, in 1914-15. The Shoremen, strong in those days, included G. S. Moore, who represented both New South Wales and Queensland; Rupert Minnett, who made a century in this match; Les Minnett, Eric Middleton, A. J. Hopkins, and Eddie Long, all of whom played for New South Wales at some time or another. In that season Percy Arnott was better with the ball than bat, taking 28 wickets at 18.57 each. Transferring to Western Suburbs, he was successful, too, but dropped out of senior cricket early in season 1921-22, while still in his prime as a player. Simultaneously with his departure Wests lost K. B. Docker, P W. Docker, and Ward Prentice, and though since then they have gained Warren Bardsley, they have never regained the standard that was theirs before the four defections. They would be assured of the premiership nowadays if those players were .<till available. All are youthful enough for club contests. 


Percy Arnott's prowess as a cricketer was not confined to senior matches. He represented New South Wales against every mainland State. His record is— 1911-12— v. Queensland 0, 18; 2-27, 0-15. 1912-13— v. Queensland 2.

4. 80 n.o.: <M. (return) 70, 17; v. West Australia v. West Australia 0-20. 0-1'). v. South Australia 17, 60; 1-70 v. Victoria 0, 12.

Summary …

He was not content to let his deeds on the field stand alone, as a return for what enjoyment the same had given him, for, following the precedent of Mr. Samuel Hordern, in the early days of the district scheme, and Sir Harry Rawson later, he gave a splendid shield for competition among senior clubs. Unfortunately cricket in Sydney had reached the state when two or three teams stood out from their fellows, with the result that it took but a few years to settle the ownership of the line trophy. The Percy Arnott Shield, after being won by Western Suburbs in the opening year—1919-20 — was wrested from them by Waverley in the following season. Repeating their success, Waverly obtained absolute possession. 


Turning his eyes from land to water for relaxation, P.S.A. commenced serious yachting as one of the crew of Mr Walter Arnott's Nettle. Then he commissioned Charlie Hayes to build the Wattle, of the 21ft. restricted class, with which he was very successful. Next lie had built the Oomoohah, one of the most luxuriously fitted-up pleasure yachts that has ever graced Sydney Harbor. With the view of retaining the yachting supremacy of Australia for New South Wales, he followed with tile Vanessa, on which the credit of the Mother State now depends. A remarkable coincidence occurs in connection with the selection of the name for the Cup defender. Mr. and Mrs. Arnott, in conjunction, decided on Vanessa, which is a euphonious combination of portions of the names of the owner's family. Webster defines Vanessa "genus of butterflies properly applied to the genus to which the red admiral, painted beauty, etc., belong." Thus, according to .the dictionary, the word means something significant of fleetness, wings, the sea, and beauty. The Oxford dictionary adds "Many butterflies, especially the Vanessa, creep away and sleep during the winter." A yacht is not altogether dissimilar in habits. 


Though cricket and yachting have brought him most prominence, Percy Arnott is not unskilled at other sports. He is one of the longest drivers in golf. "Had he time to throw himself into the sport properly, he would have gone far," is the view of Mr. H. L. McDonald, one of his best pals, and himself a fine sport and lover of everything clean in athletics of all branches. Concord is Percy Arnott's club, but he has played golf on most of the metropolitan courses. 

An enthusiastic member of the Royal Automobile Club of Australia, he has met with success in trials and other contests. He is imbued with the spirit of competition in every sport lie indulges in. At the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club he has landed many prizes at billiards and snooker, so he can never be misplaced in a gathering of sportsmen. Many old athletes have found him a warm friend, and at Homebush, where the headquarters of his firm are, there was quite a small team of Rugby Union footballers of international reputation employed. In days gone by, a relative in sculler, and another, Roger Arnott, was a good Rugby Union footballer at Newington in the late nineties. So the name is not unknown in sport, but no bearer of it has brought it so much credit as Percy, whom Sydney yachtsmen want to see on top when the tussles against the Newcastle was a staunch supporter of George Towns, world's champion Eun-na-mara are concluded.

Mr Percy S. Arnott, the owner of Vanessa, defender of the Sayonara Cup. Percy Arnott is Keen Sportsman on Land and Sea (1929, January 16). Sporting Globe (Melbourne, Vic. : 1922 - 1954), p. 3 (N.S. WALES, QUEENSLAND AND NEW ZEALAND EDITION). Retrieved from 


This fine picture of the winner of the contest for the Sayonara Cup off Sydney Heads was taken when the local yacht was showing her heels to the Victorian challenger, Acrospire IV. She presented a fine sight from the following launch, with the ‘Sydney Mail’ staff on board, in a fresh breeze, the spray making good photography a matter of some skill. The Vanessa is owned by Mr. P. S. Arnott. Vanessa (1930, January 22). Sydney Mail (NSW : 1912 - 1938), , p. 5. Retrieved from 

In the races held by the Royal  Prince Alfred Yacht Club during the season for the large class yachts, the results  were as follows: — Vanessa, P. S. Arnott, 1st Jackson Cup, 1st Basin Cup, 1st Albert Gold Cup, 1st Nossiter Cup. Vanessa also won the Lipton Cup and the club's special prize for the best record in races of all clubs. Sailing (1930, July 9). Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), , p. 26. Retrieved from 

Arnott Lowers Flag - OUT OF BIG YACHTING - Vanessa To Be Sold

YACHTING has lost one of its greatest supporters by the retirement from the racing arena of Mr. Percy S. Arnott. Having achieved his ambition in sport by having twice won the historic Sayonara Cup with Vanessa, Mr. Arnott finds that the time has arrived to devote closer attention to business.

Mr. Arnott has been the Upton of Australian yachting since pre-war days. He has spent thousands in building and equipping yachts, and his greatest achievements were in the Sayonara Cup when he defeated the Victorian challengers Eun-Na-Mara (L. Randerson). in 1929, and Acrospire III (Joe White) last year on the N.S. Wales coast. In addition he was the big man behind the organisation last year that raised the finances for sending a fleet of 21ft. restricted class yachts and yachtsmen to Melbourne, and regained the Forster Cup with N.S.W. Ill, sailed by J. L. Neilson. He also pulled off the N.S. Wales title for the deep keelers. On the Market 

Mr. Arnott is still the owner of the 8-metre Vanessa and has definitely decided to place the craft on the, market for sale. If a buyer has not been found the craft will not carry Arnott's racing colors during the season starting in October, but will remain on Stewart Sandeman's slips at Careening Cove. The retirement of the popular owner naturally came as a bombshell to the committees of the Royal Prince Alfred Club, and the Royal Sydney Squadron. They were in a quandary as to what boat could be secured to defend the Victorian challenge for the Sayonara Cup next January. Conferences were held with Mr. Arnott, and though he absolutely refused to race in the various club events, he generously decided to place the boat at the disposal of the joint clubs to defend the cup, and to allow the organisations to select their own crews. It was also agreed that in the event of Vanessa finding a new owner in N.S.W. the purchaser is to allow the boat to be used as a cup defender. 

Another Retirement 

Another big yachtsman who has retired from the sport is Mr. E. P. (Harry) Andreas. He has given up the post of the Rear-Commodore of the Prince Alfred. Ill-health is given as the cause of the retirement, and the annual meeting of the big club within, the next fortnight, Mr. R. C. Packer, who last year paid £6000 for Morna, will be the junior flag officer. VANESSA. Arnott Lowers Flag (1930, August 24).Truth (Sydney, NSW : 1894 - 1954), , p. 5. Retrieved from 

VANESSA SOLD. Sayonara Cup Defender.

The eight-metre yacht Vanessa, which lost week retained the Sayonara Cup for New South Wales, has been sold, her purchaser being Mr. J. A. Linacre, Commodore of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Victoria, She will leave for Melbourne as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made, but whether she will make the voyage under her own canvas or be shipped by steamer cannot be determined until her new owner arrives in Sydney towards the end of this week.

Fife designed, Vanessa was built by James Hayes and Sons, of Sydney, for Mr. P. S. Arnott. In 1928, having been launched on November of that year. She was commissioned just in time to take part in the test races for the selection of the 1929 Sayonara Cup defender, and gaining the honour of re-presenting the State she defeated the Victorian Eun-na-mara in three straight heats, in the following year she was again selected, and beat the gaff-rigged Acrospire IV. also in three straight heats.

In club racing she has also been remarkably successful. In her first season (1928-29) she made her appearance rather late, but gained her share of prizes. Last season, 1929-30, she won the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club's Lipton Cup for the yacht having the best record in all club races In Sydney, as well as four other cups, Including the famous Basin Cup. This season she has not done any racing except in the Sayonara Cup and In the Anniversary Regatta yesterday.

She is, for her size, probably the most weatherly boat ever seen In Sydney, her ability to go to windward In a strong breeze and heavy sea being almost uncanny. In all her Sayonara Cup victories and in most club races she has been handled by Mr. Charles Trebeck.

It is not the first occasion on which Sydney boats which have proved themselves have found their way to Melbourne, some of the others being Culwulla III. (now Eun-na-marah) which brought the Sayonara Cup to this State In 1910, Petrel, Yeulba, and Heather.

With the new six-metre craft Toogooloowoo II, and Vanessa to do battle for them, Victorian yachtsmen are in a singularly strong position as regards future challenges for the Sayonara Cup and Northcote Cup. VANESSA SOLD. (1931, January 27). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 9. Retrieved from 


The Victorian yacht Vanessa, sailed by Mr. J. A. Linacre, passing North Head. SAYONARA CUP CHALLENGER. (1932, January 20). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 14. Retrieved from


As a result of the victory of the Victorian I challenger, Vanessa (Mr. J. A. Linacre), yesterday afternoon, in the last of a series of five heats, the Sayonara Cup returns to Melbourne, whence It was brought by Culwulla III. in 1910. The visitor had to work hard to gain her victory, as the defender. Norn (Mr. A. F. Albert), won the first and third heats, and was defeated by only 10 seconds in the fourth Vanessa won yesterday's heat by 1m 16s.

In 1904, to encourage yachting, the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron and Prince Alfred Yacht Club presented a challenge cup for a contest between yachts from Victoria and New South Wales. Sayonara, then owned by Mr. Alfred Gollin, sailed round from Melbourne to take up the challenge, and defeated the local representative, Bona, owned by Mr. H Binnie. After his success, Mr. Gollin re-presented the trophy as a perpetual challenge cup between the two States, an unalterable condition being that the challenger must sail from her home port to the scene of the contest.

In 1907, New South Wales challenged with the well-known Rawhiti, owned by Mr. C. T. Brockhoff, but Sayonara retained the cup. In 1909 the famous old Thelma (Mr. C. Lloyd Jones) was also defeated, but in 1910 Culwulla III., owned and sailed by Mr. W. M, Marks, made the trip and wrested the trophy from Sayonara.

After that there was no challenge until 1928, when Acrospire III. (Mr. J. White) was defeated by the present defender. Norn (Mr. A. F. Albert), which in 1924 was launched In Norway, and after a season there and another under the ownership of Lord Forster in the Solent came to Sydney. T

he following year Eun-na-mara (formerly Culwulla III.) (Mr. L, Randerson) came round from Melbourne to meet defeat by Vanessa (Mr. P. S. Arnott). In 1930 Mr. J. White returned to the task with a new ship. Acrospire IV., with the same result. Last year the determined Mr. White, who incidentally came to Sydney to see the present series, made another unsuccessful attempt with Acrospire IV.

A description of yesterday's race appears in the sporting columns
. SAYONARA CUP (1932, January 29). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 11. Retrieved from Immediately after her last success on behalf of New South Wales, Vanessa was sold, and so became the representative of Victoria in the series just decided, with the result stated above.

Sporting Personalities
No. 59 — Mr. J. A. Linacre
Mr. J. A. Linacre is a happy man to-day after his Sayonara Cup victory, Victoria's first for 22 years. This fine sportsman intends sailing his yacht back to Melbourne, where he will receive a splendid reception from southern enthusiasts.  Sporting Personalities (1932, January 29). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 3 (CRICKET STUMPS). Retrieved from

Yacht Vanessa, December 1933, Brighton - Victoria - Charnley, V. E., photographer. Image no.: 1752376, courtesy State Library of Victoria.

FAMOUS YACHT. Vanessa Sold to Sydney Sportsman

MELBOURNE, March 20. The yacht Vanessa, owned by Mr. J. A. Linacre, of the Brighton Yacht Club, for the past three years, has been sold to Mr. Eric Pratten, the well known Sydney yachtsman. The Vanessa is one of the most famous yachts in Australian waters and on international rating is unbeatable here. She was built to Sydney to 1928. FAMOUS YACHT (1934, March 20). The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947), p. 41. Retrieved from 

YACHT DAMAGED. Shipped from Melbourne.

When the racing yacht, Vanessa, previous winner of the Sayonara Cup, which has been sold by a Melbourne owner to a Sydney yachtsman, was being hoisted on board the interstate steamer Mareeba at Melbourne on Wednesday last, a pin in a derrick snapped suddenly, and the yacht fell to the deck below, and was considerably damaged. The stem piece and the keel of the yacht were strained, necessitating repairs to be made on arrival in Sydney. YACHT DAMAGED. (1934, April 21). Daily Commercial News and Shipping List (Sydney, NSW : 1891 - 1954), p. 5. Retrieved December 15, 2016, from 

( by 'FOR’HAND’)
A MOVE is to be made by the Sydney Yacht Racing Association to secure a big improvement in next season's racing on Sydney Harbor. For this purpose a combined meeting of the representatives of all the leading yacht clubs of the State is to be held at the rooms of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club on June 13.
Last season the Sydney amateurs had a wonderful season with the cruisers, 72 competing -in the various events, but there was a big falling-off in the nominations for deep-keel yachts, due to Rawhiti and Rona being out of commission and to the withdrawal of Utiekah and the schooner Windward during the second half of the season. Vanessa having been purchased by Mr. Eric Pratten, of Sydney, there is every likelihood of a larger fleet of boats racing next season. The S.Y.R. A. is out to stimulate racing in the 32ft cadet class and to revive the twenty-ones, in order to challenge for the Forster Cup in Victorian waters at the forthcoming Centenary Regatta. 
Having sold his cruiser Niobe, Jack Backhouse, of the Sydney Amateur Club, Is to have a new cruiser of the coachhouse type for next season's racing. The craft has been designed by G. Peel, of Melbourne, and will be built by J. F. Lucas, of Drummoyne, Sydney. The craft is to have a length of 32ft 1in, with 26ft 7in on the water-line. The beam will be Oft 3in, and. draught 4ft Sin. The displacement tonnage will be 4.75, and the keel will have 2 tons 2 cwt of lead. Mr. Harold Nossiter has sold his racing yacht Utiekah II. to Mr. J. Wilson, of North Sydney. He is having a new 58 feet cruiser built by Hayes, of Careening Cove. TO IMPROVE SYDNEY YACHTING (1934, June 7). Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 22. Retrieved, from 

MR JAMES A. LINACRE, one of the best-known men in Melbourne's motoring circles, died at his home, 16 Bay st, Brighton, yesterday. He was founder of the J. A. Linacre motor company, held the Ford agency for a number of years, and was the first man to sell second-hand cars by auction in Melbourne.
He was four times commodore of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club, which he joined in 1907; founded the Jubilee design of boats, of which there are now 60 in Australia. Mr Linacre leaves a wife and four sons - John, William, David, and Bryan. He was aged 64. The funeral will leave Sleight's, St Kilda rd, for the Springvale Crematorium at 2.15pm today.  OBITUARY DEATH OF MR J. A. LINACRE (1947, October 13). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), p. 5. Retrieved from


Mr. J. White's now A1 class racing yacht, Acrospire, arrived at Melbourne from Sydney yesterday, and was taken to the St. Kilda Yacht Club, of which Mr. White is' vice-commodore. The yacht was designed by Mr. Charles Peel, of Melbourne. The illustration shows the yacht being lifted from the steamer Echunga into the river. The photographs inset are of Mr. Peel (left) and Mr. White (right).NEW RACING YACHT ARRIVES. (1924, February 19). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), p. 9. Retrieved from
Jubliees Come To Pittwater: Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club 1938 and Huntingfield Cup - A J Guesdon, 2016