January 28 - February 3, 2018: Issue 345

Avalon Sailing Club Hosts Pittwater Leg Of Australia Day Regatta 2018

Left to right: Brett Stapleton ASC Australia Day Regatta 2018 organiser, Kelly Holder (Couta Boat Club  Pittwater Chapter – now at ASC), Jane Durham, Commodore of Avalon Sailing Club and David Hyde, on starter boat etc, one of the many volunteers that make this great club work.

Avalon Sailing Club Hosts Pittwater Leg Of Australia Day Regatta 2018

Avalon Sailing Club again hosted the Australia Day Regatta on Pittwater. A cordial invitation is extended each year to owners of all yachts - including centreboard classes, one-design keelboats, gaff-rigged and classic yachts plus multihull yachts, to enter the oldest continuously conducted sailing regatta in the world on Australia Day, Friday 26th January 2018. This year was the 182nd edition.

There are prizes in each division for Scratch and Handicap as well as 'Best Dressed' prizes. First prize winners are invited to Sydney Town Hall for presentation of their medals at a later date and other prizes are awarded on the day at the Avalon Sailing Club.

Entry includes a sausage sizzle at ASC after the presentation. The races usually start after lunch although registration at the club commences in the morning, with lamingtons and hot coffee on offer!

Jane Durham is current Commodore at Avalon Sailing Club – Avalon was one of the first sailing clubs to have a female commodore, their first being Helen Carlson 1995-97.

This year was a bit of a classic turnout for the ASC Australia Day regatta, with couta boats form the Couta Boat Club – Pittwater Chapter, along with some other classic vessels making the most of a great day on the estuary.

Pittwater Online News spoke to Jane post-Regatta who confirmed;
“A great day was had by all.”

The children’s register at Avalon Sailing Club is currently full although people should keep up to date with upcoming Children’s Camps on either the club’s website or Facebook page.  Last week four of the club's these younger sailors took part in the F11 Nationals at Manly being hosted by the Manly 16ft skiff sailing Club (M16SSC). 

"All four sailors are a great example of the Avalon Sailing club ethos of 'Fostering encouragement, promotion, teaching and above all, enjoyment of sailing on the waters of Pittwater'." - Allan Bridge (F11 Class Captain)

Although the younger sailors register is full, there’s still room for Adult Membership and if you’re new to getting on the water, or with that brilliant Pittwater salt air in your lungs, the Adult Sail Training available at Avalon Sailing Club may be the place to begin.

ASC are a family oriented sailing club, sited at Clareville, on Pittwater. Founded in 1938, with the clubhouse built in 1958 the Club has a proud history offering a small, friendly environment for people of all ages and sailing interests. The Club promotes all aspects of sailing - racing, cruising and just have fun in boats, with an emphasis on family involvement, making good friends, and offering enjoyment with a wide variety of sailing activities.

The Centreboard division includes training and racing, the predominant classes being Manly Junior, Open BIC, Flying 11, Spiral, Laser and 29er. Children around the age of 7~8 often start in our "Blue" "learn to sail" group before progressing to Red & Gold. ASC has a very active Junior program with training races each Sunday and regular training camps. Many who have graduated from Avalon Sailing Club have gone on to become champions. 

The Club has over 50 yachts ranging in size from 20ft to 40ft...not all race but there is a very healthy fleet each Sunday competing fiercely for various trophies. They also have an organised cruising Division and club moorings available for members tucked away in delightful spots around Pittwater and Broken Bay. Those who favour a less competitive approach to sailing enjoy getting together and cruising in company on the waterways of Broken Bay and further afield and cruise the coastline while others compete in major races like the Sydney to Hobart. 

The Club committee promotes a strong social calendar. Monthly BBQ's on the deck, onshore cruises, picnics, dinners and the like. The club has a library of sailing books and magazines. This facility is growing thanks to kind donations by members and others. Books and magazines are borrowed on an honor system...a great way to pass those odd days when you can't go sailing. The aim is to involve all members in having a good time. 

Avalon Sailing Club Clubhouse sits astride beach and water with commanding views up and down Pittwater. Visiting the Clubhouse for the first time and looking out on the view is a memorable experience and one that seems to bring people back. 

The Club is affiliated with the Yachting Association of New South Wales, and participates in all their activities and training programs. The Yachting Association is the parent body of the clubs in New South Wales, with the YA being responsible then to the Australian Yachting Federation (AYF) as the Australian body for yachting. Avalon Sailing Club also works with other Clubs to assist in making our sport enjoyable for everyone. Examples include: Centreboard combined fleet Sunday racing with RPAYC & BYRA, Dovetail yacht twilight racing with Palm Beach Yacht Club, Australia Day and Pittwater Regatta.

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IT is hereby notified that, Special Leases of the land specified in the annexed Schedule have been granted to the undermentioned persons. The leases are subject to the provisions of the Crown Lands Consolidation Act, 1913, and the Regulations thereunder, and to the special conditions, provisions, exceptions, covenants and reservations set out at the foot of the Schedule.

Any amounts which have been paid in excess will be refunded upon application to the Under Secretary for Lands. If not claimed, the amounts will be appropriated to future charges as they fall due.

Any amount required to complete payment of expenses and rent from the date of the commencement of the lease to 31s£ December, 1957, must be paid by the lessee to the Crown Land Agent of the District or to the Under Secretary for Lands, within two months from this date, otherwise the lease will be liable to forfeiture, and should forfeiture be declared all moneys lodged with the application will become forfeited to the Crown.

For the year 1958 and any subsequent year the rentals and instalments or survey fee (if any) must be paid during the month of December of the preceding year.

ROGER NOTT. Minister for Lands.


Avalon Sailing Club limited, c/o. Robson, Cowlishaw and Macready, Solicitors, 17 O’Connel-street, Sydney. Parish Narrabeen. Portion 223. Title restricted to a depth of 50 feet; plan C 7, 779 – 2030. Area 8 ¼ perches. Erection of Buildings (clubhouse and boatshed). Lease term; 13th of February 1957 to 31st December 1984.

Special Lease 1954-259, Metropolitan. Avalon Sailing Club Ltd.—The lease shall be subject to subsections 2, 4, 5, 7 to 15, 22, 24, 25, 26, 35, 57, and 59 of Regulation No. 106 (notified 22nd April, 1955), and to following special conditions:—(a) For the purpose of  appraisement of rent the term of the lease shall be divided into four (4) periods, the first of about six (6) years and the seeond, third and fourth of seven (7) years each. The rent  for the seeond, third and fourth periods may be reappraised either upon reference* by the  Minister or at the request of the lessee made during the first six (6) months of the affected period, (b) The lessee shall not allow any objectionable matter to be discharged into the water of Pittwater. (c) The lessee shall make suitable arrangements to dispose of nightsoil from the land leased in the manner provided under Ordinance 44 of the Local Government Act, 1919, and in such places as the Health Inspector of the Council approves or directs, (d) The lessee shall not allow any of the club's equipment to occupy adjoining beaches and any boat drawn up for the purpose of rigging on the adjoining beaches shall be kept as far  as practicable away from the frontage of any private residence and shall not be permitted to remain on the beach for any longer time than that required for rigging purposes, (e) Access by the public to and fro along the foreshore of Pittwater shall not be interfered  with by the lessee, (f) A breach of any of the conditions, the occurrence of any indecent or disorderly conduct or a conviction under the Public Health Act, the Licensing Act or any  other statute as the case may be will render the lease liable to forfeiture, (g) The lessee shall not apply for a license under the Liquor Act in connection with this lease, (h) The  lessee shall not let the building to any outside bodies. 

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