February 10 - 16, 2019: Issue 393

Articles This Week 

Front Page Issue 393

Friendly's MO To GO! In 2019 World's Greatest Shave's 21st Year  No one has seen that upper lip bare for over 48 years - an interview with Mr. Friend on all things MO - chip in to help out!!

Palm Beach Protection Group Launch, Supporters InvitedSaturday Feb.16th - Residents Are Saying 'NO' To Off-Leash Dogs In Station Beach Eco-System - reports over 50 dogs a day on Station Beach throughout December-January (a No Dogs Beach) small children being jumped on, Native birds chased, dog faeces being left, families with toddlers leaving beach to get away from uncontrolled dogs and 'Failure of Process' in council 'consultation' open to February 28th 

Community Adamant: We Need Level 3 Services At Mona Vale Hospital -  Save MVH Meeting held Feb 5th

Greens Launch Pittwater Campaign With Focus On Mona Vale Hospital - Candidate is Avalon resident Miranda Korzy

North Narrabeen Reserve Scores New Sports Amenities Building - Pittwater Baseball Club and Narrabeen Tigers Junior Rugby Union, officially opened Saturday Feb. 9th

Keoride Becoming Opal Active This Sunday from Pittwater MP Rob Stokes 

Aquatics: Future Of Streamwatch In Pittwater and Across Sydney In Doubt: Funding Ceases In June 2019 - Petition By Streamwatch Volunteers

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Unit For Mona Vale Hospital Announced + New Bus Service From Mona Vale To Northern Beaches Hospital Along The Parkway

Dr Gayed Report Released: Formerly Of Mona Vale Hospital - Hazzard Directs Document Be Provided To NSW Police

Pictures: Summer's 'Cool Bugs' in an Elanora Heights Garden  by Selena Griffith - for youngsters (and oldsters!)

Reflections by George Repin: KING ISLAND KELP

Park Bench PhilosopherHidden Women Of History: Adélaïde Labille-Guiard, Prodigiously Talented Painter

Important Community Event: 3D Seismic Testing Planned for off our coast The Federal Government have given approval for intense 3D seismic testing along the East Coast from Newcastle to Woy Woy.  On this Wednesday, Feb 13th

Profile: Avalon Beach Petanque Club
You need steel balls to play Petanque! In fact you need 3 of them to play the quintessential game of French “boules” or bowls. 

This week an insight into a great local club that has two get togethers each week to share some fun and gentle exercise. New players welcome!

History: Off To School In 2019 A Bit Quicker Than A Hundred And Four Years Ago - for younger readers in Pittwater school was often reached by a long walk or on horseback in the days before there were good roads or school buses. 

Pittwater also once had Australia's First School Launch. Children who live on Scotland Island and our Western Shores still get to school via the water - only today it's a Church Point Ferry that brings them to school - some to Newport Public School, some to Pittwater High School.

Artists of the Month: February 2019: FAMILIA | GROUP EXHIBITION A group of six Brazilian visual artists based in Sydney have gathered to share their experiences and collaborate with each other. This exhibition, entitled 'Familia' is the collaboration resulting from their individual journeys coming together in a group.

The exhibition showcases creations by Cassia Bundock, Fabio Manzini (a.k.a. juxta.fab), Flavia Julius, Lia Marx - Photos & Films, Marisa Pasicznik Ross, and Murilo Manzini (a.k.a. Muzi).

The Familia group exhibition will run February 8th through to March 3, 2019 at the Be Brave Artspace, North Avalon. 

 Pittwater Offshore Newsletter Update 1/2/2019 

click on Logo: 

To contact Julian:  editor@scotlandisland.org.au

Fa.mi.li.a Opening Night at Be Brave Artspace

A wonderful evening for those who came along to Fa.mi.li.a opening night on Friday night, February 8th. 
HUGE thanks to the 6 Brazilian artists for participating! 

A special thank you to Sarah for her beautiful poetry, Lucia Johns for her encouraging words and Councillor Penny Philpott for opening the exhibition. 

Fa.mi.li.a is on until March 3rd. 
We are open all weekend 10-4.

Tina Berkeley
Be Brave Artspace
5-7 Careel Head Road
North Avalon

Keoride becoming Opal Active This Sunday

Friday February 8th, 2019

Member for Pittwater Rob Stokes today announced that from this Sunday passengers will be able to use their Opal card to pay for the highly popular Keoride on-demand transport service.

OpalPay will allow customers to ‘tap on’ with their Opal card when boarding Keoride, reducing the need for separate payment methods and making multi-modal travel more seamless. 

“Keoride has been overwhelmingly embraced by Pittwater residents,” Rob Stokes said today.

“The recent introduction of the B-Line and other new bus services, as well as the Opal card and the Keoride on-demand service, has seen an encouraging increase in public transport patronage.

“This announcement brings them all together and helps deliver even better passenger opportunities.

“The introduction of OpalPay as a Keoride payment method makes this excellent service even simpler and more accessible.

“I encourage anyone in Pittwater who hasn’t tried Keoride to give it a go and experience first-hand how convenient it is to get from their homes to our local public transport hubs,” Rob Stokes said.

OpalPay will be available from Sunday, 10 February.

Customers are still required to pre-book their Keoride either by downloading the Keoride App and selecting ‘OpalPay’ during the booking process or by calling Keoride on 1800 536 743. 

Keoride fares available through OpalPay will continue to cost $3.10 for a standard fare and $1.55 for concessions. Paying the standalone Keoride fare using OpalPay will not count towards Opal benefits such as Weekly Travel Rewards, Transfer Discounts or Travel Caps.

Pittwater’s Keoride on-demand service provides a fast, agile and effective method of connecting people in Pittwater from their doorsteps to their nearest B-Line bus stop.

Pittwater’s Keoride has the following operating hours:
6am – 10pm Monday – Wednesday 
6am – 11:30pm Thursday – Friday
7am – 11:30pm Saturday
7am – 9pm Sunday. 

To find out more go to www.keoride.com.au/northern-beaches-home

Elanora Scout and Community Hall Bilarong Reserve Petition

Residents have contacted Pittwater Online News this week asking that a petition asking council to Prioritise the repair of Elanora Scout and Community Hall run this Issue.

The hall has been home to various community groups, Art Classes, ASGMWP Sorry Day events, Weddings and is the main base for the Elanora Scout Group.

The Petition reads:

The Elanora Scout and community hall has extensive termite damage and cannot be used. This Hall has been home to a busy, healthy Scout Group of over 70 families, at least 8 local businesses and many community groups. It has been available to local families for events and celebrations at a reasonable cost for over 20 years.

Without a Hall the Scout group has halved in numbers.

Can you support us by signing a petition to encourage Northern Beaches Council to recognise the worth of the Hall and prioritise it's repair?

You can add your signature of support HERE

Free lifejacket self-service clinics and marine flare disposal 

Roads and Maritime Services will hold free clinics at Rowland Reserve in Bayview to teach boaters how to service their own inflatable lifejackets.

The clinics will be held on Saturday 23 February and will coincide with an expired marine flare disposal point.

“Inflatable lifejackets save lives, are easy to wear, comfortable and increasingly affordable – but they require extra care and attention to ensure they’ll inflate in an emergency,” Rob Stokes said today. 

“It’s a legal requirement in NSW to service inflatable lifejackets every year or in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions. Most can be self-serviced if you know how.

“This NSW Government awareness program will provide boaters with the skills they need to service their lifejackets themselves.

“Boaters who come along can receive free lifejacket parts kits or $15 vouchers which can be used towards the purchase of a new lifejacket or parts at participating marine retailers.

“Anyone who’s interested in attending the clinics is encouraged to register ahead of time.

“The Expired Marine Flare Collection Program also gives boaters the opportunity to dispose of flares safely and easily.

“Marine flares are an extremely important emergency signalling device and have a shelf life of approximately three years – so it’s important for boaters to ensure they have up-to-date safety equipment on board at all times.

“Pittwater is a boater’s paradise and we want people to enjoy their time on the water and do so safely. 

“Wearing a lifejacket will never ruin your day, but it could save your life,” Rob Stokes said.

The free lifejacket clinics will be held between 8am to 10am on Saturday 23 February. To register, please visit www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/safety-rules/lifejacket-clinics.html

Lifejackets now compulsory for rock fisherman

Tuesday, 5 February 2019: NBC Media Release
Northern Beaches Council can now enforce the wearing of life jackets by rock fishermen along declared high risk areas of the coastline with the focus being on educating anglers of the need to wear them over the coming months.  

The move comes following Council adopting the legislation at the June 2018 Council meeting after the Minister for Emergency Services announced coastal councils could elect to opt-in to the legislation from April last year.

Northern Beaches Council Mayor Michael Regan said it was very obvious that opting into the legislation was the right thing for our community given the extensive coastline we have.

“There are many inherent dangers to this recreational pursuit despite your age and experience level and it is Council’s utmost priority to keep the community safe.

“I am pleased to say along with Randwick and Richmond Valley Councils we are leading the way by coming on board this very important public safety initiative. 

“The focus will be on educating anglers on the new laws over the coming months and providing advice on safe rock fishing to ensure you get home to your families without harm.

“As well as wearing a lifejacket at all times, also wear appropriate footwear, check the weather conditions including the swell and tide and never fish alone to ensure you have an enjoyable day out.” Mayor Regan said.

The Rock Fishing Safety Act 2016 requires rock fishers to wear appropriate lifejackets when rock fishing or helping others rock fish within the boundaries of each relevant local government area.

Under the legislation, high risk areas are naturally occurring rock platforms or other rock formations exposed to the ocean swell. There are numerous locations from Palm Beach to Manly which are known hot spots for rock fishing incidents which this legislation will apply to.

NSW Police with support from Council Rangers, DPI Fisheries Officers and National Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers are authorised to enforce the Act.

For more information about this legislation, safety and maps of the areas the legislation is enforced, visit the Department of Primary Industry website or Water Safety NSW.

Bayview Golf Club Development proposal Update: February 2019

Waterbrook P/L requested on 23rd November 2018  that their original Site Compatibility Certificate (SCC) be amended to change the type of housing that had been originally proposed, to change the approved location of the development footprint and to include the entire golf course site as being compatible with Seniors Housing.
They also requested that all the conditions that were applied to the SCC certificate, as being items that needed to be further reviewed during the DA phase be removed. These were important issues such as - form, height, bulk, scale, setbacks and landscaping; - flood risk management and excavation design responses; - car parking and access requirements for all existing and proposed land uses on the site; and - potential ecological impacts. 
The Department of Planning asked them to withdraw this 23rd November 2018 application as adding additional land ( the entire golf course) to an existing SCC is not allowed under the legislation.
[The applicant did not withdraw the application rather they changed their SCC amendment application to fit the previous land definition on the existing SCC. It wasn't refused by the DPE however and is still listed as 'under consideration'.]
The proponent then submitted a second a request for amendments on 8th January 2019 , removing their request for the whole golf course land to be included but the other items requested under their amendment remained.
Council's response to this request for amendment to the existing SCC has been placed on the DPE website (Jan 30, 2019)
scc.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/proposaldetails.phpNBEAC_001_01 - refer to the top document for council's response.
Council objects to the amendment on various grounds including the DPE's own policy regarding SCC's which states that they can not be amended.

Council also reiterates that their previous extensive response and objections to this development on recreational land remains unchanged.
Running concurrently to the review for an SCC amendment by the DPE, the Land and Environment Court is hearing an appeal by the developer to approve the DA which was refused by the Sydney North Planning Panel on 13 August 2018. The final day of this LEC hearing is the 12th of February, 2019.
The petition established to object to this development now has over 70,000 signatures and over 1,000 objections were submitted in October 2018 to Council in regard to the amended development application.

Visit: the petition calling on the NSW Planning Minister to refuse the application/s is still available .

Mona Vale Hospital Auxiliary Stalls 2019

Pittwater Place stalls:   
Feb 2, March 2, April 6, May 4, June 1.                    
Selling sewing, knitting, craft, books  9am to 3pm

Sausage sizzles Bunnings Narrabeen:      
Feb 9, March 9, April 13, May 11, June 8                 
All Saturdays  8am to 3pm

Stall outside Mona Vale Library                  
23rd March  (State Election)                                        
Baking, sewing, knitting, craft 8am to 3pm

Speakers Wanted: Rotary Club Of Frenchs Forest

The Rotary Club of Frenchs Forest is looking for speakers to address our regular meetings - recently, we have had presentations on the local property market, the Northern Beaches Hospital, historical information on Sydney and its landmarks, various charitable organisations and even travel stories from those who have been to exotic locations...

We would like to invite speakers with a cause, an insight or just a good story. We'll also invite the public to listen as guests, so we can expand your audience!

We meet most Monday evenings at the Forestville RSL and some Monday mornings at various cafes in the area.

Please call Brian on 0402 938 870 to discuss your topic and select a date to join us.

(We'll even shout you dinner or breakfast on the day.)

Friends of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment February 2019 Forum

7pm Monday Feb 25 2019 
Coastal Environment Centre, Pelican Path,  
Lake Park Road, Narrabeen  
Possums, Gliders and Fauna Surveys 

Jayden Walsh and Brad Law will shine a light on the behaviour of our native animals — particularly possums  (including the endangered pygmy possum) and gliders. 

Brad Law, who is an expert on Eastern Pygmy Possums,  will also give some insights about local fauna surveys. 

Make sure you put February 25 in your diary and , so that you don’t miss out, book your ticket early by emailing Judith Bennett at - email@narrabeenlagoon.org.au

Bush Regeneration  
Belrose area - Thursday mornings  
Belrose area - Weekend mornings  
Contact: Conny Harris 0432 643 295 
Wheeler Creek - Wed mornings 9-11am 
Contact: Judith Bennett 0402 974 105 

2019 NSW State election

Saturday, 23 March 2019: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Election of the 57th Parliament of New South Wales, including all 93 seats in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly and 21 of the 42 seats in the New South Wales Legislative Council.

You can check your current electoral enrolment by entering your details on check.aec.gov.au or by phoning the AEC on 13 23 26.  You must be enrolled by 4 March 2019 to be eligible to vote.

To enrol for the first time or get back on the roll, you can enrol onlineVisit: www.aec.gov.au/enrol

If you have moved, you need to update your address details on the electoral roll. However, if you are overseas or going overseas, please see the information on the going overseas page of the AEC website.

If you have special needs or there are specific circumstances that may affect your enrolment there are special enrolment forms available on the AEC website for you to complete to update your address details.

For senior citizens
If you find it difficult to get to a polling place on election day, you can apply to become a General Postal Voter to receive your ballot papers in the mail. The AEC also provides mobile polling to some nursing homes and hospitals, and uses accessible polling places wherever possible. In cases where an accessible polling place is not available, alternative arrangements are in place to assist those people who may be unable to access a polling place without assistance.

For people with a disability
If you find it difficult to get to a polling place on election day, you can apply to become a General Postal Voter to receive your ballot papers in the mail. The AEC also provides mobile polling to some hospitals, and uses accessible polling places wherever possible. In cases where an accessible polling place is not available, alternative arrangements are in place to assist those people who may be unable to access a polling place without assistance.

If you have a physical disability that prevents you from writing, you can get someone else to complete and sign an enrolment form for persons unable to sign their name on your behalf.

Some people may require additional support to enrol and vote, such as people with an intellectual, cognitive or psychosocial disability. The AEC provides a range of information written in Easy English. Easy English is more accessible for people who have difficulty reading and understanding written information.

Nominate Now For The 2019 Australian Surfing Awards incorporating the Hall of Fame

by Surfing Australia
With still just under a month before nominations close for the 2019 Australian Surfing Awards incorporating the Hall of Fame, now is the time to get an entry in!

Surfing Australia’s night of nights will be held on Queensland’s Gold Coast on Tuesday, April 2nd at QT Gold Coast.

World Surf League Siblings Tyler and Owen Wright took the honours last year for the Male and Female Surfer of the Year awards, while Pauline Menczer became the 40th inductee into the Hall of Fame.

To nominate someone in any of the below awards, visit: www.australiansurfingawards.com

NOTE: Nominations close February 15th, 2019.

Other awards to be presented on the night will be:

The winner of the Nikon Surf Video of the Year Award will receive the new Nikon Z 6 kit while the winner of the Nikon Surf Photo of the Year Award will take home the new Nikon Z 7. Each will come with the new Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 S and FTZ adapter.

World-renowned Surf Journalist Nick Carroll continues in the role of Curator of the Australian Surfing Awards incorporating the Hall of Fame.

Operated with the support of Tourism and Events Queensland, the Australian Surfing Awards is renowned for recognising the best in surfing talent.

The Australian Surfing Awards incorporating the Hall of Fame is proudly supported by Tourism and Events Queensland, QT Gold Coast, Nikon, nudie, Hyundai, Australasian Surf Business Magazine, 2XP, XXXX Summer Bright Lager and DrinkWise.

Image: Trent Mitchell's 2018 Nikon Surf Photo of The Year 

Vote for the 2019 NSW Women of the Year

NSW Government
Young female entrepreneurs, humanitarian ambassadors and cancer researchers are among the finalists of the 2019 NSW Women of the Year Awards.

The annual awards celebrate and recognise the outstanding contribution made by women across NSW to industry, communities and society. The following award categories are now open to the public for online voting:
  • Community Hero Award
  • Harvey Norman Young Woman of the Year Award
  • Rex Airlines Regional Woman of the Year Award
  • NSW Business Woman of the Year Award
  • First State Super Lifetime Achievement Award.
Minister for Women Tanya Davies said by casting a vote individuals not only help to recognise the finalists’ outstanding achievements, but also highlight their stories to inspire other women.

“This year’s finalists are just a handful of the thousands of women who make a difference in our communities, and I urge everyone across NSW to show their support by viewing these remarkable stories online and submitting their vote,” Mrs Davies said.

The winners will be announced at the 2019 NSW Women of the Year Awards in Sydney on 7 March 2019.

A survey on ticks and wildlife in the Northern Beaches

The University of Sydney is conducting a study to better understand how residents and their pets are encountering ticks and wildlife in their backyards. We invite all Northern Beaches residents to participate in our survey.

Coastal bushland remnants and other green spaces across the Northern Beaches are home to a variety of native plants and animals. They also provide a place for residents to enjoy their favourite outdoor pastimes. Paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) are common in the Northern Beaches and feed on a wide range of animal hosts during their life cycle. Understanding the complex relationship between ticks and their host species is an essential part of our research. The information we gain will contribute to our growing knowledge of ticks and will guide future research efforts.

We aim to identify:
  • Areas where people are encountering ticks more than others (tick 'hotspots'),
  • Backyard and landscape features that may influence tick presence, and
  • Wildlife using backyards and how this might or might not influence tick occurrence
To meet these aims, it is important for you to provide a street address. If you would prefer not to, we ask that you provide your street name and nearest cross street. It is important for us to create a map of tick encounters to understand what landscape features might influence tick presence and where to target future research.

All identifying information will be removed from any data presentations.

The survey should only take approximately 10 minutes to complete and is voluntary. 

If you have any questions about the project, please contact PhD candidate Casey Taylor on 02 9351 3189 or casey.taylor@sydney.edu.au. This project is being undertaken by the University of Sydney in association with Northern Beaches Council.

Your participation is greatly appreciated.

This research has been approved by the University of Sydney Human Ethics committee. (Approval no: 2018/157)

Lower parking fees at Rowland Reserve on the cards

NBC Media Release
Lower parking fees at popular Rowland Reserve in Bayview are on the agenda, as Northern Beaches Council seeks to encourage visitors to use the carpark rather than the surrounding streets.

Council plans to lower the hourly summer rate from $10 currently to $6 and the daily rate from $40 to $25, following a successful Council motion yesterday evening. Winter rates would fall to $5 an hour from $8 and from $35 to $22 per day.

And the area allocated for the free one-hour rate will be doubled.

The draft car parking fees will be placed on public exhibition and a report presented to Council in February.

Mayor Michael Regan said Rowland Reserve is a regional boating facility and used by both residents and non-residents as well as dog walkers and other recreational users.

“When Council harmonised fees and charges across the three former Council areas, the fee increase at Rowland Reserve appears to have discouraged people from using the carpark.

“We want to get the balance right and encourage people to use the carpark provided rather than choosing to park vehicles and trailers in local residential streets which often means residents can’t park outside their own homes.

“Council has received feedback from residents about the parking issues and we have listened. With an anticipated increase in carpark usage as a result of the lower fees, there will be less traffic congestion and pollution resulting from cars in and around local streets looking for a park.

“It’s a win-win for everyone: for both boating enthusiasts who can park cars and trailers at lower cost, and for short term users such as people walking their dogs who will have more one-hour free parking spots.

The proposed lower fees will be in line with the charges in the 2017/18 financial year.

Following the comment period a report will be presented to Council in March 2019. 
Comments close: Sunday 24 February 2019.


Click on logo above to visit their website.

Pittwater Community Groups: 

Sports (plus Social Members)
Avalon Beach Petanque Club

Gardens and Environment

Rural Fire Brigades

Arts and Social

Planning Alerts

Planning applications: Pittwater  - Find out what's happening in your area. Get alerts of new applications near here straight in your email. It's free!

New Season for Sailability Pittwater 

Sailability Pittwater is a volunteer organisation which provides sailing for people with a disability. 

Our main recreational sailing activities are at Rowland Reserve, Bayview, and we run competitive sailing for people with a disability out of RPAYC Newport. We are currently looking for new volunteers for our Saturday morning program at Rowland Reserve and Tuesdays at RPA. For more information at  www.sailability.org/au/pittwater or call John on 9982 5656

Friendly's Mo to Go!

You read it here first folks.
Brian Friend OAM is raising funds for the Worlds Greatest Shave and that MO will GO on Friday March 15th at the Avalon Beach Community Centre (front steps) at 6 p.m.
His Mission - to raise $5000 - chip in HERE to see that MO GO

No more will his every word be festooned with 'blurrgghh' through being spoken via that broom of hair. No more will photos of him with a hairy grin appear in this magazine - at least not this footy season!

Has Friendly considered what it will be like to be Mo-less though? And when did the first version of his Mo appear - in the 1970's?!!
That and more Mo philosophy, history and Editorial Impertinence will be exercised this week!

In 2019 the World's Greatest Shave is celebrating 21 years. During that time over 2 million extraordinary people have participated in shaving or colouring their hair to help shave the world from blood cancer! 

Did you know?
  • More than 12,000 Australians will develop leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma this year – or 35 people every day.
  • Blood cancer claims the lives of more Australians than breast cancer and melanoma.
  • Leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma are types of blood cancer. They can develop in anyone, at any time at any age.
  • Money raised from World's Greatest Shave funds blood cancer research and free support through the Leukaemia Foundation.
  • The Leukaemia Foundation is the only Australia-wide charity dedicated to the care and cure of people with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders.
  • That's why so many people are as passionate as us about this campaign... and why your support is so vital.

Happy Birthday Tom Gilbert!

In Friendly related news, residents wish to send their best regards to Tom Gilbert (Totally Toms) and Happy Birthday cheers for Feb 4th - stay strong big fella!

Here's a photo we took a few years ago when interviewing Pete Verrills and Tom for their Profile pages (under Friendly's supervision of course) now 75, 78 and 80 - with Pete being the 'elder' of this trio:

Here's a photo Pat Elliott, a mate of Tom's posted on Facebook of the closing down day party at Totally Toms in Avalon.

Pat says 'Many local people including the Avalon Public School Band turned up to sent us off! (I was the tyre fitter there) We were the last servo to have "driveway Service" in Avalon.'

Palm Beach Garage

While on old garages - here are two photos Ray John Henman shared with Tom of Palm Beach Garage - the top one is circa 1920-1930's.

Summer is...

Three favourite and revered local Historians getting together for a catch-up - The Hon. James (Jim) Macken, Geoff Searl OAM and George Champion OAM. 

All sharp as a tack still!

Bush regen. at Ingleside commences for 2019

Please join our Bush regeneration morning at the Baha'i Temple 173 Mona Vale Road Ingleside. Based on our past success PNHA has been given a new round of funding to continue work on conserving the threatened Grevillea caleyi  so we look forward to your support.

Monday 11 February 2019
Meet at the picnic shelter at 8.30 am

New volunteers welcome - training will be provided
Wear long trousers, a long sleeved shirt and boots or closed in shoes.

The session will be cancelled in the event of rain. For more information contact David Palmer on 0404 171940.

Pittwater Natural Heritage Association

Funding boost to help healthy harold reach even more students 

February 7th, 2019
Member for Pittwater and NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes today said schools on the northern beaches will be among those to benefit from a multi-million dollar funding boost for Life Education.

The NSW Government has provided a record $2 million in further funding to the not-for-profit organisation, which turns 40 this year, to ensure the next generation of school children have access to practical health and wellbeing lessons delivered by the state’s most popular giraffe.

“Harold is going to be very busy,” Rob Stokes said today.

“Thousands of local primary school students have benefited from the innovative and enjoyable educational approach of Healthy Harold.

“By working with individual schools and teachers, the Healthy Harold team is able to tailor lessons to help address specific health and wellbeing issues – including those that are sometimes more sensitive.

“Healthy Harold has an incredible talent of connecting with children, focusing their attention and discussing issues that are more easily raised in a fun and relaxed setting.

“The ongoing investment in Life Education will enable Healthy Harold to visit even more schools across the state – particularly those in remote and regional areas,” Rob Stokes said.

The NSW Liberal Government has now allocated more than $20 million to Life Education since 2011.

To find out more, please visit Healthy Harold's website at www.lifeeducation.org.au

Australian Premiere 'Trouble: The Lisa Andersen Story'

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM
The Newport
2 Kalinya St, Newport

Join SurfAid and Lisa Andersen on the deck at The Newport for the Australian Premiere of 'Trouble: The Lisa Andersen Story', brought to you by ROXY. 

Lisa Andersen is one of surfing’s few transcendent stars. Four-time world champ, first woman on the cover of Surfer, six-time Surfer of the Year and inductee into the Surfer hall of Fame. She is a bona fide surf icon except this is not a story about surfing, or not really. It is the story of chasing of dreams and their consequences. The story of a woman brave enough to be vulnerable.

All proceeds support SurfAid’s mission to improve mother and child health, basic healthcare, and nutrition in isolated regions connected to us through surfing.

Liz Muir – Artist: Open Studio During March 2019

On March 9th,16th & 23rd Liz Muir’s Studio will be open at North Avalon allowing visitors to view and purchase her paintings inspired by the local environment.  Both large and small paintings of the beaches, creeks and walkways in both impressionist and contemporary form will be available for sale from the studio at 19 Catalina Crescent, Avalon Beach from 10-4pm.  You can book an appointment on 9918 7438 or  0414 50 55 50 or email lizmuir@me.com.

Headland (92x153cm) by Liz Muir

MuirArt - Muir Aust Pty Ltd
p: +61 (0)2 9918 7438  m: +61 (0)414 50 54 50
a: 19 Catalina Crescent AVALON BEACH NSW 2107


Feb 15 at 1 PM – Feb 17 at 8 PM
Dunbar Park, Avalon
Do we need to pitch a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital on Dunbar park to take care of ourselves? 

For three days in February we are creating an event for people to come down and share their stories about the new private Hospital that has replaced Mona Vale Hospital, the good the bad and the ugly. Come on down and make fake blood, face painting, pregnant egg and spoon races, local bands and a Tank for the kiddies! 

Write your story on the postcard notice board or tell us your story on video! Dr.s and nurses have been gagged and are not willing to share stories for fear of being fired! We need to know the issues! There needs to be accountability so the problems can be fixed! Please come down and have your voice heard.

Avalon Community Library Open Day

During February the Northern Beaches Library service is celebrating the Community Libraries.  And we’re having a special open day at Avalon Community Library on Saturday 16 February. For the children – We’ll be having the author M.C.D. Etheridge coming in to read his book Whitebeard.

And for the seniors we  are running one-on-one Tech Sessions with Avalon Computer Pals from 10-12 noon. Bookings essential.
Please call the library 9918 3013

Pittwater Friends of Soibada AGM and Info Evening

Monday, March 4, 2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM
Avalon Beach RSL Club
1 Bowling Green Lane, Avalon
All are welcome to come along and here the latest information about the projects in Soibada. Our recent volunteers will tell you about their experiences and you can find out the many ways you can can involved both here and in country. 


Pets of the Week


AGE/SEX: 12 months / M
BREED: Kelpie X Cattle
Buddy is a super social happy boy with other dogs. Buddy would suit an active family. He is keen to go and walks nicely on loose lead. He ignores cars and other dogs and likes to jog. He enjoys a cuddle. Volunteer Comment "We liked him very much", "Lovely dog". He has a short coat and weighs 18.4kg. He comes desexed, C5 vaccinated, heartworm free and microchipped. Also included for the love and health of our dogs is a free Health and Wellness Voucher with our DR Vet. His adoption cost is $400. 


Carmine, Crimson, Rose, Ruby, Terracotta are Scarlet's daughters and Rust is her son. They are currently 10 weeks old (7/2) and ready for their forever homes. They have spent a lot of their lives in a busy vet hospital around other cats and dogs.
She comes desexed, wormed, F3 vaccinated, and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $220.

For further details or to meet all cats and dogs at Doggie Rescue call  9486 3133 or email  monika@DoggieRescue.com. Visit www.DoggieRescue.com to see all our dogs. www.facebook.com/doggierescue 

Express Yourself 2019 At Manly Art Gallery & Museum

Friday, 22 March 2019 - 10:00am to Sunday, 28 April 2019 - 5:00pm
This significant annual curated exhibition of artworks by HSC Visual Arts students from the 20 high schools across Sydney’s Northern Beaches region is always a great favourite among all generations. It represents diverse bodies of work including multi-media, digital, sculpture and drawing, and celebrates the creativity of emerging artists in this region. Curated by Ross Heathcote. 

In conjunction with Express Yourself, two awards are granted annually to students featured in the exhibition; the Manly Art Gallery & Museum Society Youth Art Award and the Theo Batten Bequest Youth Art Award, presented to a student continuing tertiary study in the arts. This exhibition is part of ARTMONTH, Sydney.

Teachers’ Preview
Friday 22 March, 5 - 6pm

Art Talk + Walk
Saturday 30 March, 2 - 3pm
Express Yourself artists walk through the exhibition and discuss their works with the curator.

Pittwater International Women’s Day Breakfast 2019 Bookings Open

Wednesday 6 March 2019
at Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club
Mitala Street, Newport 

Bookings now open
International Women's Day is a day to acknowledge women's contribution to making Australia, and the world, a better place.  Everyone is invited to celebrate the day. The 2019 Pittwater Woman of the Year will be announced at the breakfast by Rob Stokes, Member for Pittwater.

See flyer below for all details. Proceeds from the breakfast will support service projects of Zonta Club of Northern Beaches Inc assisting local women in need, and Zonta International projects in developing countries. 

We are delighted that our guest speaker at the breakfast will be Di Westaway. Di is the Chief Adventure Chick (CEO), Founder of Wild Women On Top and Coastrek. Di is a global leader and award-winning woman of influence who has inspired more than 25,000 people off the couch and into hiking adventures while raising over $20 million for charity.  She is an adventure coach, motivational speaker, mother, 2017 NSW Telstra Business Women's Awards Finalist, 2016 AFR/Westpac 100 Women of Influence, world-record holder and author.  Di has climbed extreme peaks and holds the record for the world’s highest handstand on Mt Ama Dablam, 6982m, in Nepal.  Di will speak on her life journey.

Zonta Northern Beaches
recent support activities in our local community  
In coordination with Manly Shelter, Bringa Women's Refuge, Schools and other Community Agencies.
  • Love Bites course for a volunteer having been through a DV situation – work skills grant approved. Course completed. She is now able to apply for paid work.
  • Kitchen equipment donated from an acquaintance of one of the Zonta Members and seven boxes of kitchen equipment delivered to the Shelter.
  • Toiletry bags donated by a member and her work colleagues in lieu of a Christmas gift to each other - delivered.
  • 12 School Starter Kits presented to children - gratefully received by mothers.
  • Many thanks to Modern Teaching Aids for their generous donation of the pencils etc. needed to complete these kits.
  • 2 kitchen kits have been delivered to for two families - one of whom is on a temporary visa and has nothing. 
  • Woman with kindergarten child requesting support for school — school starter kit and uniforms.
  • Uniforms and other equipment sourced from families in the area who have children from the same school, starter kit collated and delivered to school. Members met mother and child at Refuge Christmas Party.  
  • Large Kitchen Starter Kit delivered for mother and child with nothing. Collection of furniture arranged.
  • Large amount of new baby clothes and linen from hotel gratefully accepted by Catholic Care.
  • Uniforms for new student commencing in year 7 purchased.
  • Student support grant for student equipment for years 11 and 12.           

Sydney Harbour Challenge draws international fleet 

Sydney’s most iconic landmarks will provide a fitting backdrop to more than 800 competitors in Australia’s flagship marathon outrigger canoe event, the Sydney Harbour Challenge, on Saturday 23 February 2019.

The 25km route starts from Manly Wharf, travels across Sydney Heads and into Sydney Harbour, passing landmarks such as Taronga Zoo, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Luna Park, before returning to Manly Wharf.

Member for Manly James Griffin said the NSW Government was proud to be supporting this world-class event.

“With a NSW Government funding injection, the Sydney Harbour Challenge can continue to be regarded as the best outrigger canoe racing event in the Southern Hemisphere,” Mr Griffin said.

“The event has called Sydney its home since its inception in 2014 and last year it drove nearly $700,000 in visitor spend.

“With teams entering from Canada, Japan, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tahiti and New Zealand, Manly and Sydney Harbour will truly be on show to a global audience.”

Minister for Tourism and Major Events Adam Marshall said the Sydney Harbour Challenge was part of an impressive calendar of the country’s best and brightest events, all of which call NSW home.

“Ensuring we identify, attract and nurture events in Sydney and regional NSW is a key priority for the NSW Government as we continue to be Australia’s number one State for tourism.”

The Sydney Harbour Challenge consists of three OC6 (six-person) outrigger canoe categories with men’s, women’s and mixed crew races.

The Sydney Harbour Challenge is managed by the Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association.

For more information visit aocra.com.au

Bird Of The Month

Silvereye, Zosterops lateralis. Warriewood Wetlands

We have so many wonderful photographers and so many bird-lovers in Pittwater that one of our regular very best photographers has suggested we share a 'Bird of the Month' throughout 2019.

We start we a tiny gregarious songbird. This one was photographed in Warriewood Wetlands - bird paradise!

The Silvereye is a very small bird with a conspicuous ring of white feathers around the eye, and belongs to a group of birds known as white-eyes. 

Silvereyes feed on insect prey, fruit and nectar. 

Silvereye pairs actively defend a small territory. The nest is a small, neatly woven cup of grasses, hair, and other fine vegetation, bound with spider web. It is placed in a horizontal tree fork up to 5m above the ground. The nest is constructed by both sexes, who both also incubate the bluish-green eggs. If conditions are suitable two to three clutches will be raised in a season.

Minimum Size: 10cm
Maximum Size: 12cm
Average size: 11cm
Average weight: 11g
Breeding season: August to February; later in the north
Clutch Size: 2 to 3, rarely 4
Habitat: Coastal heath, shrublands, forests, farms, and urban areas.

Bird description from the book "Birds of Warriewood Wetland Irrawong Reserve - An Introductory Field Guide", published by PNHA

Photo by Michael Mannington, Community Photography

NSW Carers Advisory Council Seeks New Members

Carers wanting to help advance the interest of other carers in NSW are being encouraged to apply for three vacant positions on the NSW Carers Advisory Council.

Aboriginal, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) or young carers, or people with expertise about these three groups are invited to apply for a position.

The Chair of the Council, Prue Warrilow, said the Council provides advice to the NSW Government on a range of matters affecting NSW carers.

"These Council vacancies present an opportunity for someone with personal experience as a carer to represent the needs of other carers," Ms Warrilow said.

"Carers play such an important role in our community and it is essential that they can have their say and provide advice on important matters."

"I would urge anyone who may have the skills or experience to make a difference for Aboriginal, CALD or young carers to consider applying to join the Council."

There are approximately 904,400 carers in NSW who provide ongoing unpaid support to people who need it because of their disability, chronic illness, mental illness, dementia or frail age.

The NSW Carers Advisory Council meets approximately four times a year in Sydney and members may also contribute time to working groups and attend other events and consultations.

For more information about the NSW Carers Advisory Council and how to apply, please visit www.facs.advisory-councils/carers or contact the Council's Secretariat on (02) 8753 9339 or NSWCarersAdvisoryCouncilSecretariat@facs.nsw.gov.au

Applications close at 5pm on Monday, 18 February 2019.

Draft Northern Beaches Walking Plan - open for comment

The Draft Northern Beaches Walking Plan was endorsed for public exhibition at the Council meeting on 18 December 2018.

The Draft Northern Beaches Walking Plan is the first of the seven plans under the recently
adopted MOVE Northern Beaches Transport Strategy.

This plan provides the methodology for how Council prioritises the delivery of the future footpath network and will enable Council to deliver a walking network which connects the community of the Northern Beaches to where they want to go.

How to get involved
Share your thoughts on the draft plan:
in person: join a Walkshop
in writing ‘Draft Northern Beaches Walking Plan’
Northern Beaches Council, PO Box 82 Manly NSW 1655.

The draft Plan and Walkshop information together with project details are available on this webpage

Comments close Sunday 3 March 2019.

Call Out For Artists And Writers - Art & Words Project

Visual artists and writers are being invited to take part in an exciting new community arts project that could see their work taking pride of place in a special event at the 2019 Manly Arts Festival (6 - 29 September).

In a celebration of community creativity, Northern Beaches Council’s Art & Words Project 2019 is calling on participants to write and create works inspired by the theme ‘Saltwater’.

Entrants will have the chance to have their works published in an anthology with the participating artists creating works directly in response to the text.

Northern Beaches Mayor Michael Regan said a selection from the anthology and the accompanying art will be displayed on a 24-hour digital screen at Manly Art Gallery & Museum and at all Northern Beaches Libraries during the Arts Festival.

“The artworks will illustrate the book alongside the words and the original artworks will be displayed in libraries across the Northern Beaches.

“The Manly Arts Festival attracts over 15,000 visitors annually and our six Northern Beaches Libraries have 177,746 members, together representing a huge audience for any aspiring artist or writer,” said Mayor Regan.

The Art & Words Project is a collaborative project mentored by multiple-award-winning writer Zena Shapter and supported by the Northern Beaches Library Service and the Manly Art Gallery & Museum.

Ms Shapter, who will be providing creative support for the project, is the founder of the Northern Beaches Writers' Group and a Northern Beaches local.

“Community creativity on this scale is truly magical!” she said. 

“Entry is open to anyone, regardless of genre or style, so I’m hoping to hear from a diverse range of creatives, a balance of perspectives that will reflect the thrilling yet unspoken truth of our community.”

Applications for the Art & Words Project 2019 will be open from 15 January 2019. To apply and for further information visit northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au

Closing date for entries is Friday 15 March, 5pm, with selected entrants notified by Friday 29 March. 

Enquiries: artandwordsproject@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au

Image: ‘Flying Fish’ by Nettie Lodge

Certificates of title 

The Office of the Registrar General is seeking feedback on transitioning from paper certificates of title to an electronic alternative. 

What's this about?
eConveyancing is a critical part of the NSW Government’s commitment to leading digital innovation.

Transitioning to the eConveyancing system involves shifting away from paper certificates of title. The Office of the Registrar General has published a discussion paper seeking feedback on a range of issues relevant to certificates of title which remain to be addressed.

The discussion paper:
  • outlines the current status of certificates of title in NSW
  • reviews the legislative environment relating to certificates of title in NSW and in comparable states
  • discusses proposals for replacing paper certificates of title with an electronic alternative
  • raises questions for discussion.
Have your say
There are two ways you can provide your feedback:
Email: ORG-admin@finance.nsw.gov.au
Mail: Certificates of title: the next evolution
Office of the Registrar General
McKell Building
2-24 Rawson Place
Sydney NSW 2000

Have your say by 28 February 2019.
Agency Website 

The purpose of  www.westpittwater.com.au  - is best defined by the vision of the West Pittwater Community Association.

To be a supportive community, encouraging and promoting civic pride, interest in community affairs and goodwill amongst residents.

To protect local fauna and flora and generally preserve West Pittwater and its environs.

To secure essential facilities including public wharves and reserves and to protect private and public property.

To speak with one voice and represent the interests of the Western Foreshore community when in discussion with Pittwater Council and other relevant government bodies. The WPCA website provides a forum for the better realisation of these objectives. Visit: www.westpittwater.com.au

 Gone Fishing Gallery at Waterfront Store Church Point

Open again TODAY in the top room Waterfront Store. Open mainly weekends as an addition to the waterfront cafe. Keep up to date on their Facebook page