May 21 - 27, 2017: Issue 313

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Front Page Issue 313

Mums For Mums Ask Us All To Go Grey This Winter: Get A Beanie And Support A Cure

The Bayview Tea Gardens 1920 to 1923 When Run By Thomas Edward And Annie Newey (Nee Costello) by Vicki Smith

Pittwater Community Forum Supports Legal Action To Restore Council - Protect Pittwater launched

RPAYC Appoints Nick Elliott As Race Director

Reflections by George Repin TURKISH CARPETS

Aquatics: Singapore Nippers Initiative Supported By Avalon Beach SLSC 

Pictures: The Surfer

Profile:  Pearl Turton  was the best, ahead of her time. She made female surfing an art form and led the charge on women being represented  by women in this sport. Later on she supported younger surfers coming up - Pearl is still keeping an eye on what's going, and loves surfing, still.

History:  A Historic Catalogue and Record of Pittwater Art Pt. I – of Places, Peoples and the development of Australian Art and Artists;  Coastal Landscapes and Seascapes

World Ocean Day Palm Beach Event
Monday, June 05, 2017 at 06:00 PM
The Pacific Club
30 Ocean Rd
Palm Beach

Rob Stokes MP, Palm Beach SLSC, the Save Our Marine Life partnership, and Jason Falinksi MP, invite you to celebrate World Oceans Day (it's technically on Thursday, but who's counting). 

Special guest speaker, Valerie Taylor AM, will share her stories as ocean explorer and filmmaker before a special screening of The Last Sea Treasure, an exploration of the Coral Sea – the cradle to the Great Barrier Reef and one of the last places on Earth where ocean giants still thrive.
Volunteers from the Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club will be manning the cash bar, so stick around, mingle, and have a drink at the end.  
Let me know below if you can make it. Tickets are FREE but please book today as seats are limited.

Please note: you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email then there was a glitch in the system and we will sort it out ASAP - just call my office (8484 0300), or shoot me an email (
I will see you there! 
Jason  Falinski
MP for Mackellar

Endeavour Lease Wraps Up Poles And Wires Transactions

May 11, 2017: NSW Government
The NSW Government has secured funding for its $20 billion Rebuilding NSW infrastructure program, having achieved another outstanding result in the final Endeavour Energy transaction.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Treasurer Dominic Perrottet announced on Thursday that the Government’s poles and wires asset recycling program has concluded with the successful lease of 50.4 per cent of Endeavour Energy to an Australian-led consortium, Advance Energy, consisting of:
  • Australia’s Macquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets (30.16%);
  • AMP Capital on behalf of REST Industry Super (25%), also from Australia;
  • Canada’s British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (25%); and
  • The Qatar Investment Authority (19.84%).
Advance Energy has received all necessary regulatory clearances from the ACCC and the ATO and has been approved by the Federal Treasurer following advice from FIRB. The transaction has delivered $7.624 billion to NSW in gross proceeds.

“This is another outstanding outcome for NSW,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“We now have $20 billion secured to go towards the new schools, hospitals, roads, rail and cultural institutions across NSW – forever changing the face of the State.”

Mr Perrottet said the asset-recycling program had been instrumental in turning around the State’s economic performance.

“We have seen how successful our asset-recycling strategy has been in driving the State’s economic performance and in funding the infrastructure projects NSW has been crying out for,” Mr Perrottet said.

“Through initiatives like asset recycling and our strong financial management, we have catapulted NSW from the bottom of the national economic ladder right to the very top.”

The NSW Government will retain a 49.6 per cent interest in Endeavour Energy and will have ongoing influence over operations as lessor, licensor and as safety and reliability regulator.

Endeavour Energy will continue to be regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator.

More Australians going private in hospitals

18 May 2017: National Seniors
A new report shows more patients with private health insurance are being admitted to public hospitals.

Around 10.6 million people were admitted to Australia’s hospitals in 2015-16, with around 59 per cent using private health insurance.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) report Admitted patient care 2015-16: Australian hospital statistics, showed a larger gap between growth in the number of public patients and growth in patients who used private health insurance to fund all or part of their admission.

“Growth in private hospital admissions was slightly ahead of public hospital admissions, up by 3.7 per cent and 3.3 per cent on average yearly, respectively,” said AIHW’s George Bodilsen.

“In the five years to 2015-16, admissions for public patients rose by an average of 2.9 per cent each year, compared with 5.5 per cent for patients who used private health insurance to fund their admission.

“In public hospitals in 2015-16, 83 per cent of admissions, or 5.2 million, were for public patients, with around 14 per cent of patients, or 872,000, using their private health insurance to fund all or part of their admission,” he said.

The report also showed, for the first time, how elective surgery waiting times to public hospitals differed.

The median waiting time for admission to a public hospital for elective surgery was 38 days, but it varied according to the funding source as well as the type of surgery performed.

“Public patients had a median waiting time of 42 days for elective surgery in a public hospital, while it was 20 days for patients who used private health insurance to fund all or part of their admission,” Mr Bodilsen said. 

Pensioners Squeezed Out Of Australian Cities Due To Skyrocketing Rents

May 17, 2017: Media Release - COTA Australia
A new report released today confirms that Australian pensioners have to leave the city to find affordable rent or pay more than 60 per cent of their income just to put a roof over their heads.

Chief Executive of Australia's leading seniors' advocacy body, COTA Australia, said National Shelter's latest Rental Affordability Index is a stark reminder of just how dire the housing situation is for too many older Australians.

"For a single pensioner, private rentals in our state capital cities are categorised as either extremely unaffordable or severely unaffordable - meaning pensioners are left with less than half their incomes after rent.

"For a pensioner couple the news is not much better in our metropolitan centres, with most households having to spend between 38 and 68 per cent of their income on rent.

"This has a huge impact on the quality of life of older Australians in the rental market.

"Too often we hear stories of age pensioners who are left to choose between using the last of their income to buy food or medication once they have met their obligations for rent and utilities.

"And we know that the fastest growing group of homeless people are older women who just can't meet the growing costs of rent and other basic needs.

"While we have welcomed the initiatives announced in the recent Federal Budget to alleviate some of the pressure, such as greater investment in community housing, and incentives to increase supply, more needs to be done to support struggling pensioners.

"Increasing the Commonwealth Rent Assistance is a key measure that would make an immediate difference to people in these situations."

COTA Australia's upcoming National Policy Forum is being devoted to housing issues facing older people. 
More information 

You can see Shelter's full report at: 

Clot removal therapy effective outside six-hour window for some stroke patients

May 16, 2017: University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences
Results of a randomized controlled trial show that endovascular treatment (ET) to remove a stroke-causing blood clot in the brain is effective in some patients even when performed within 6 to 24 hours after a stroke. Current guidelines for acute stroke treatment endorse clot removal only when performed within six hours of a stroke. The findings are presented today at the European Stroke Organisation Conference 2017 in Prague.

"This still means that you need to be rushed to the hospital as soon as possible after a stroke has occurred because the mantra "time is brain" still holds. However, our study shows that even if treated outside the time window, patients will have significantly reduced disability with clot removal," said Tudor Jovin, M.D., director, UPMC Stroke Institute, and professor of neurology and neurosurgery at the University of Pittsburgh, who co-led the trial.

The trial sets a new selection paradigm based on physiology, showing for the first time that looking at patients fulfilling certain imaging and clinical criteria, physiological state of the brain is a much better approach to determining whether patients will benefit from endovascular therapy as opposed to adhering to strict time windows, noted co-principal investigator Raul Nogueira, M.D., professor of neurology, neurosurgery and radiology at Emory University School of Medicine, and director of neuroendovascular service and neurocritical care service at Marcus Stroke & Neuroscience Center, Grady Memorial Hospital.

In the study, researchers randomly assigned stroke victims who arrived at the hospital outside the six-hour time window to either receive endovascular therapy or receive only standard medical therapy.

Brain imaging and clinical information (neurological deficit) was used to identify and enroll patients who had a small area of irreversibly damaged brain and a significantly larger brain tissue area that was imminently threatened by loss of blood supply, but still alive -- a criterion known as clinical core mismatch.

The results showed that almost half of the patients (48.6 percent) receiving endovascular therapy had a good outcome at 90 days after treatment -- defined as the patients being independent in activities of daily living -- showed clinical benefit while only 13.1 percent showed benefit in the group that received clot-busting drugs alone. There was no difference in mortality between the two groups.

The researchers planned to enroll 500 patients over the course of the study period. However, an intermediate review of the treatment effectiveness before enrollment was completed led the independent Data Safety Monitoring Board overseeing the study to recommend early termination of the trial after it was demonstrated that ET provided significant clinical benefit in the selected patients.

The multi-center international study known as the DAWN trial included trial locations in the United States, Spain, France, Australia and Canada. The trial was sponsored by Stryker Corporation, which manufactures the clot removal devices used in the study.

Materials provided by University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences. 

Changing The Perceptions Of Men’s Mental Health

15 May 2017: Sydney University
Why we need to reframe psychological help as a pathway

In the lead-up to Men’s Health Week, Sydney University will host a special Banksia Project forum focusing on men’s health in sport. Joining the panel is PhD candidate Zac Seidler, whose research focuses on men’s mental health.

Master of Clinical Psychology and PhD candidate Zac Seidler. Photo: Jayne Ion

For decades, it has been perceived common knowledge that men do not want to seek help or express their emotions, especially about psychological concerns like anxiety or depression. But third year Master of Clinical Psychology and PhD candidate Zac Seidler, whose research project, Man Island, explores what men like, dislike, and think needs changing about psychological treatment, believes otherwise.

“What we have recently learned in our research though is that men do want to seek help, and will engage in treatment, if they are given the type of help tailored to their needs.”

Zac believes that the way forward is to reframe psychological help as a pathway towards empowerment rather than something shameful.

“Masculinity is not ‘one-size fits all’, it comes in all shapes and sizes. Psychologists and psychiatrists need to understand the importance of this breadth, focusing on the strengths men have, whether it be their independence, fathering, or mateship, will improve their mental health moving forward and the lives of those who love them,”  Zac said.

"Men do want to seek help, and will engage in treatment, if they are given the type of help tailored to their needs."

Zac is a guest speaker at an upcoming free forum on Men’s Mental Health in Sport. The forum is presented by the Banksia Project, a men’s mental wellness initiative combining awareness building with constructive action.

“The audience will hear stories of triumph, failure, resilience, and dealing with the depths of mental illness in professional sport,” Zac said. “We will be talking about the importance of staying on top of your mental health, especially when things seem to be going well, and how social connectedness and empowerment are the key to preventing mental illness in men.”

Also appearing at the forum will be athlete Matt Shirvington, cricketer Ed Cowan and Professor of Mental Health Nursing at Sydney Nursing School, Niels Buus, amongst others.

Zac’s passion for this important topic stems from his personal experience.

“Having lost my Dad to suicide almost four years ago, and now working clinically with men of all backgrounds, from those with HIV to refugees, I’ve personally experienced the challenges mental health clinicians have engaging and treating men.”

Zac saw the staggering male suicide rate continue to rise despite vast sums of money being contributed to treating the problem.  

“I realised someone needed to focus on what was happening behind the closed therapy doors. If it takes such effort to get a man to seek help, it makes sense we expend as much time ensuring they get something they want. Too many men are slipping through the cracks, and I want to do my best to improve our treatment options so we have a reliable safety net to catch them,” Zac said.

Long term, Zac hopes to use both his clinical and research training to open Australia’s first mental health clinic focused on the treatment of men that continues to strive to better understand the ways we can improve men’s wellbeing.

“The University of Sydney is one of the only universities in Australia which offers this combined research and clinical program. It’s allowed me to see firsthand what the clinical psychology landscape looks like, and directed me towards the gaps that my research can fill.”

The opportunities to connect with other researchers across the medical, social work, and nursing disciplines has allowed Zac to better understand the whole picture of men’s mental health. “Undertaking my project and working with researchers from across other disciplines has really challenged and motivated me to continue to seek answers.”

Register to attend the free Mental Health in Sport forum, presented by the Banksia Project, on May 30. Free Event - All Welcome

Men's Health Week runs from June 12 -18.

Avalon Computer Pals - Avpals Term 2

Some great news today, please share with your family and friends.
Term 2 Is Now Upon Us. The Grandchildren Have Gone Back To school. It Is Now Time For You To Go Back To School And Learn About Technology That Will Stun Your Grand Children.Don't Let Them Fool You.

We Have Some Great Courses:
May 16 & 23 -MASTER Your Ipad-You Will Show The Young Ones A Thing Or Two. Or Samsung Tablets & Phones-Really Learn To To Use Them Properly-Cost $30 For Samsung & $45 For Master Your iPad.

The Term 2 Schedule - All Courses Are On Tuesdays 1.30-3.30 Pm At Newport Community Center The Boulevarde Newport. Places Still Available

2017 Concert Program

Become a member or renew your membership for 2017
Help us keep his valuable cultural experience on the Peninsula by joining now, so we can continue to bring talented and professional Australian & International Artists to perform for us in our own unique area.

Four concerts a year are held at
St Luke’s Grammar School, Bayview Campus 1977 Pittwater Rd. 
Friday nights at 8pm
Sunday afternoons at 2.30 pm

Postal address
The Hon Secretary Peninsula Music Club
16/67 Lynwood Ave, Dee Why 2099
Enquires Phone 9999-1937 or 0407-441-213

A feature of our concerts are the suppers we serve after each performance, where you can meet the artists and socialise with other members and friends. 

Friday 12th May: Monet: The Flowers of War
Be transported to France in the last days of the Belle Epoque, in the story of an iconic artist losing his greatest gift – his ability to see. Facing the death of everything he loves, everything meaningful to him, he creates more
work than any other artist during WW1, as he looks back on the world that is being lost - “le monde perdu”. This concert of sublime visual projections and French music brings together the paintings Monet created at Giverny
during the Great War including his Japanese Bridges, Water Lilies, Weeping Willows, and the Alley of Roses, alongside music written in 1914-1918 by serving or volunteering French composers such as Debussy, Ravel, Koechlin and Boulanger. This is a music+art / multimedia
concert, featuring artists Jane Rutter, flute, Andrew Goodwin, tenor, Tamara-Anna Cislowska, piano, Christopher Latham, violin and David Pereira, cello.

Sunday 23rd July: First Prize Winner 2016 Sydney International Piano Competition, Andrey Gugnin
Andrey will perform a wonderful program featuring works by J.S.Bach, Franz Schubert, Dmitri Shostakovich, Leonid Desyatnikov and Michael Kieran-Harvey.

Friday 3rd November: Ensemble Aspherical
A new and exciting chamber group formed by four leading Sydney classical musicians who enjoy performing elegant and engaging music. The vibrancy and warmth of the violin and viola strings combine with the ethereal qualities of the flute and harp to create sounds and evoke images for the listener both congenial and colourful. 
Featuring sisters Marina and Justine Marsden (violin and viola) harpist, Louise Johnson and Flautist, Janet Web. 


Northern Beaches Concert Band is looking for flute, clarinet, saxophone, tuba and trombone adult players.  We cater for players from beginner to advanced and have a varied and exciting repertoire.  

Come and join us during school term time at 7.30pm, Pittwater High School, Mona Street, Mona Vale. 
Details 9970 7131 or 0414 560 263.

Senior Movers is a wonderful resource for the Pittwater senior community who are thinking about downsizing from their property.  Senior Movers want you to stop worrying about downsizing from the family home and let us take care of you.  Senior movers gives you peace of mind during stressful times of downsizing and moving to a smaller home.  No retirement living plan is too large or too small.  We are glad to help whether it is a move to a loved one’s home, assisted living or to a seniors apartment. We want you to we help you gracefully downsize with our experience and care.

Also see Belinda Grundy's Profile and other great Business;

NFSA Online Exhibition of Graham Kennedy

Celebrating the life and work of Graham Kennedy, 'The King' of Australian television.

The boy from Balaclava conquered the small screen, and for four decades was Australia's greatest television star.

As well as clips from his all-conquering TV career, this collection features highlights from his parallel professions as a radio broadcaster and film actor.

Also included are the crown and throne that symbolised his TV status, personal letters and photos and his Gold Logie Hall of Fame award. Extracts from oral history interviews with Graham's friends and colleagues reveal something of his private life and what it was like to be part of the inner circle of The King.

This collection complements our online exhibition, Graham Kennedy: The King.

Energy Accounts Payment Assistance Scheme Expands

May 15, 2017: NSW Government
The NSW Government has added 30 organisations to the scheme that provides emergency vouchers for gas or electricity bills.

Vulnerable energy customers who need help paying their bills can access $50 vouchers from one of 342 community welfare organisations, under the Energy Accounts Payment Assistance scheme (EAPA). Energy retailers are required to accept vouchers as credit towards a customer’s bill.

The vouchers can help older people afford extra heating and air con, reconnect people’s disconnected gas and electricity or help people out of a downward debt spiral.

Energy and Utilities Minister Don Harwin said the new organisations will boost assistance for people that need it most.

“EAPA helps people experiencing short term financial crisis or a disaster pay their electricity or natural gas bill, ensuring they stay connected during periods of financial difficulty,” Mr Harwin said.

The government helped 55,000 customers pay their energy bills through the EAPA scheme last year.

Review of Community Visitors Scheme

15 May 2017: Media Release - Minister for Aged Care, The Hon. Ken Wyatt.
The final report of the review into the Australian Government’s Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) was released today by the Minister for Aged Care, Ken Wyatt.

“The Australian Government subsidises a range of aged care services with the CVS providing support to people receiving home care packages or in residential facilities that may experience social isolation,” Minister Wyatt said. 

“The current reforms to Australia’s aged care system means we have an opportunity to look at how people access and receive a range of aged care services.

“The review of the Community Visitors Scheme explored how the scheme can continue to provide support to consumers and how this support aligns with aged care reforms.

“I want to thank everyone who provided their valuable input to the review throughout the consultation process.

“The high level of support for the CVS was evident,” Minister Wyatt said. 

“The Scheme is seen as being of great benefit to socially isolated people and meeting its objectives to look after the health and wellbeing of our fellow citizens who need it the most.”

The final report presents a range of options to enhance the Community Visitor Scheme and align it with other aged care support programs within the context of current aged care reforms. 

A 12 month extension of funding will be offered to providers to allow consideration of these options.

The final report for the review can be found on the Department of Health’s website.

Call Out For Poets - ‘Spirit Of The Land’

Submissions are invited on the subject of the ‘Spirit of the Land’, the 3rd in a series of the popular Manly Art Gallery & Museum poetry readings. Twenty poems will be chosen by event curator Les Wicks for live-reading by the authors who will each receive $50.

The Gallery will be hosting an exhibition on the theme LAND (3 November – 3 December)  with selected works by artists who have drawn inspiration from the theme ‘LAND’… as a noun, a verb, a place, an idea, a possibility, a presence, a contested space. Landscape, headland, wasteland, landfill, landmine, landform, landed, etc. The exhibition supports and connects this region’s contemporary artists with the gallery, providing a valuable opportunity to showcase their work and to challenge their art practice through their diverse responses.

Selected poems will have explored this theme. Please advise in which suburb you live.

Submissions to be emailed to  by 5pm Fri 29 Sept 2017.

The selected poets will perform their works on Sunday 5 November, 2 - 4pm

Manly Art Gallery & Museum & Museum, West Esplanade Reserve, Manly
At the reading, there will also be an open mic section.
Cost: gold coin donation (refreshments served)

Barracouta Fishing In Tasmania

Published on 9 Apr 2017 by NFSA
From the Film Australia Collection. Made by the Cinema Branch 1929. Directed by Bert Ive. A trip by the Tasmanian Sea Fisheries' Board patrol boat `Allara', and its skipper, Tom Challenger, from Hobart to Storm Bay where a barracouta fishing fleet are at work. The boat sails down the Derwent River and rounds the `Iron Pot' beacon at the mouth of the Derwent River. Barracouta are caught and landed on the deck of a boat using a jig attached to a pole. Fish are cleaned and filleted and the waste thrown overboard. The site for a proposed factory at Parsons Bay to process barracouta for stock feed and oil is shown, and proposed methods of catching the barracouta with trawl and purse-siene nets is also illustrated with diagrams.

RAHS Autumn Book Fair

The Royal Australian Historical Society (RAHS) is hosting an Autumn Book Fair held at History House over three days from Tuesday 16 to Thursday 18 May. Visit during the hours of 11am and 3pm and browse a large selection of new and pre-loved history books in the historic reception rooms.

If attendees purchase a copy of Dr Lesley Muir’s recently published Shady Acres: Politicians, Developers and Sydney’s Public Transport Scandals 1872-1895, they will receive the ‘Time Traveller’s Trail’ of Macquarie Street, Sydney – a series of 12 images of this historic precinct from the mid-late 19th Century (while stocks last).

Shady Acres is an investigation into political corruption, developer donations and the impact of powerful lobby groups on the design and construction of Sydney’s metropolitan railway and tramway network in the 19th century. To purchase ‘Shady Acres’ online click here.

The RAHS will also be giving away a set of four posters of historical images from the RAHS library (while stocks last) for each customer, so get in early. All money raised will go towards the RAHS library fund.

When: Tuesday 16 to Thursday 18 May, 11am to 3pm
Where: History House, 133 Macquarie Street, Sydney
Cost: Free

The Calyx Is All About Flowers This Winter

This winter, The Calyx is All About Flowers
All About Flowers is a free floral display designed to bring colour into winter.

Curated by the award winning team at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, the display showcases colourful arrangements of exotic plants including Moth Orchids, Begonias, Hydrangeas, Garvineas, and more.

Wander the indoor floral garden beds and stand back and admire the amazing magnitude of Australia’s largest green wall. The wall, standing at 6 metres high and stretching across 50 metres is a living watercolour painting, paying poetic homage to the masters of Impressionism.

All About Flowers is open 20 May to 30 July 2017, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm daily. Entry is FREE but donations are welcome.

Boating Anthology Seeks Contributors

Calling all ladies who have ever been on any boat. Do you have a story to tell about a boating experience - funny? Serious? Motivational? Whatever? If you have would you like to have it published in book form as part of an anthology. There is no cost involved.
If you answered yes then Frances Black and Margi Law’s project is for you. They are both published authors.

Each year or so they choose a theme that they would like to write about themselves. They then assemble a group of like-minded contributors. Each person writes their own story. Frances and Margi edit and produce a published book available on Amazon. The price will be set as low as Amazon will permit.

If you want to buy a copy then you purchase one on Amazon. 

The motivation is the pleasure of writing and providing a legacy for family and community of the contributors. If you are interested in learning more please email

Entries Open For Prime Minister's Literary Awards

3 May 2017: Joint media release
The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, Prime Minister
The Hon Mitch Fifield, Minister For Communications, Minister for the Arts

Entries are now open for the 2017 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards which celebrate great Australian literature.

The Turnbull Government is proud to support the literary arts and these awards recognise outstanding contemporary Australian literature and history. Our authors, poets, illustrators and historians foster our culture and help to form our national identity.

The Awards acknowledge writing talent across six categories: fiction, poetry, non-fiction, Australian history, young adult fiction and children’s fiction. The Australian history category is open to a range of media including journals, magazines, film, radio and online content

Expert judges will assess the entries and make recommendations to the Prime Minister. The winner of each category will be awarded $80,000 in prize money and shortlisted authors will receive $5,000 in prize money.

Australian authors, publishers and producers are invited to enter the Awards which will close on Friday 2 June.

Entries must have been published, produced or broadcast between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2016.Entry forms and eligibility guidelines are available at:

Australian Government Dept. of Health: Hearing Devices for Seniors

After reading a recent Media Release by National Seniors this week (runs below) we felt it is timely to remind our more mature Readers that under the Australian Government's Hearing Services Program (the program), you will be offered the option of being fitted with a hearing device if a hearing assessment identifies you have a hearing loss and a hearing device may assist you. 

You will be given a recommendation for a fully subsidised hearing device, and may also be offered the option of purchasing a partially subsidised hearing device. These devices have been approved by the Office of Hearing Services.

You can find out more about this program on the Australian Government's Department of Health webpage on the program here

NLA Ebooks - Free To Download

The National Library of Australia provides access to thousands of ebooks through its website, catalogue and eResources service. These include our own publications and digitised historical books from our collections as well as subscriptions to collections such as Chinese eResources, Early English Books Online and Ebsco ebooks.

What are ebooks?
Ebooks are books published in an electronic format. They can be read by using a personal computer or an ebook reader.

This guide will help you find and view different types of ebooks in the National Library collections.
Peruse the NLA's online ebooks, ready to download - HERE

Community Connect

Need help on where to go to find the community information and assistance you need?

At Community Connect Northern Beaches, our professional staff and trained volunteers are knowledgeable, friendly and approachable and we will be only too pleased to help you find the service you want. We provide information and support, as well as advocacy and referral to other non profit community services and government agencies.

If we can’t help you we will get you someone who can. If you are newly arrived or do not have an English speaking background we can offer individual advice and support. Or Why not come to Specialist Community Support Workshops: Family Law, Power of Attorney plus Wills and Executors; Domestic Violence Support and Prevention; Positive Community Integration ; Crime Prevention; Or  Our Free English Classes. 

We also provide information on: Family Services: Child Care, Personal Support & Counselling; Health (Including Mental Health) ;  Material and Practical Assistance ; Advocacy to access state and federal MP assistance; Accommodation and Tenancy (help with form filling); Legal and Financial Matters ; Consumer Affairs ; Multicultural Issues; Conservation and the Environment ; Employment and Education; Accessing Community Facilities  -You are welcome to call in for: Brochures, booklets and fact sheets on a range of topics; Service Directories e.g. Council Guides and Migrant Directories; Publications e.g. The Senior newspaper and Nova.

Access to our community information data base, internet, email, fax and photocopying.(Please note there is a small charge for photocopying and use of the fax to cover the cost of paper, toner and fax call).  We also offer: A Legal Referral Program - Monday 1pm to 2pm at our 30 Fisher Road, Dee Why office.  Taxation Assistance for low income earners and pensioners from July to October. 

What does it cost?: Our services are free, however we are always grateful for a small donation where possible. The program is supported by NSW Department of Family & Community Services (FACS). CONTACT US: Phone: 02 99317777.


Contact Community Care Northern Beaches HERE:

The Senior Newspaper Online 


Media Releases concerning Seniors this week from National Seniors Australia

With around a quarter of a million members, National Seniors is Australia’s largest consumer organisation for the over 50s and fourth largest group of its kind in the world.

 Australian Ageing Agenda

Australian Ageing Agenda (AAA) is an independent and authoritative bi-monthly publication for people who work in or around the aged care and retirement sectors in Australia. It provides a broad range of news, education and opinion with an emphasis on knowledge sharing and research translation.

Each issue also contains regular updates on relevant business and financial issues along with a selection of well researched features on crucial systems and operations, clinical care, technology, built environment and other issues relevant to the ‘ageing sector’. AAA leads the way with the industry’s most comprehensive conference details and remains Australia’s number one source of news and information about ageing issues and aged care.

Have a look at their comprehensive website HERE

Avalon Computer Pals (Avpals) 

VPALS is a volunteer organisation dedicated to helping seniors improve their computer skills. Started in 2000 it now has 20+ trainers and many hundreds of students. At a really low cost (about $30 a school term) they can provide one-to-one training on most matters connected with computing and related technologies like mobile phones and digital cameras. From the smallest problem (how to hold the mouse!) to much more serious matters, there is a trainer who can help.

The training rooms are under the Catholic Church in Avalon and training is conducted Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. For more information visit AVPALS web site or phone 02 8064 3574

Keep up to date on our Facebook page 

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner 

Any person can make a complaint to the Commissioner, including care recipients, family members, friends, staff, volunteers, or professionals.

Complaints may relate to any aspect of services including care, choice of activities, discrimination, catering, communication or the physical environment.

The 1800 550 552 helpline is staffed 9am to 5pm (AEDST) Monday to Friday.

Out of hours callers can leave a message, or contact the Commissioner at anytime through the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner website.


In 2014-15, there were 10,924 contacts to the Aged Care Complaints Scheme.

3,725 were assessed as a complaint, 3,812 ‘other’ contacts includes non-compulsory notifications, own motion investigations and compliance referrals. There were also 3,387 out of scope contacts which were not related to an approved provider or an approved provider’s responsibilities under the Aged Care Act.

Heartmoves is a low-moderate intensity exercise program. Regular participation in Heartmoves will help to: Better manage weight, blood sugars, blood pressure and cholesterol; Improve fitness, balance, co-ordination and flexibility; Enhance your quality of life and meet other people. Ingrid Davey is a qualified Older Adult Instructor and accredited Heartmoves Leader who will guide you through an exercise program that is fun, safe and modified to suit you. Tuesday 9.30am and Thursday 10.30am at Nelson Heather Centre, 4 Jackson Road Warriewood.  The cost per class is $10.00 casual now and $17.00 for two classes. Phone Ingrid to secure your spot on 0405 457 063.

 Keep your Wits About You

A regular contributor suggests we all look at Lumosity to see if will suit keeping active mentally. Their website states: "improve Brain Health and performance. Designed by neuroscientists, Lumosity exercises improve core cognitive functions. Researchers have measured significant improvements in working memory and attention after Lumosity training. Dozens of research collaborations help improve the Lumosity training program and its effectiveness." You can visit their website to decide for yourself  at:



The Council on the Ageing NSW (COTA NSW) is the peak organisation for people over 50 in our state. We’re an independent, non-partisan, consumer-based non-government organisation. We work with politicians, policy makers, and service providers as well as media representatives to make sure your views are heard and your needs are met. COTA NSW works to empower and engage people over 50. For decades, we’ve shaped the policies and programs that change lives.

Since our beginning in 1956, COTA NSW has introduced policies and programs that make a real difference to peoples’ lives. We have proud record, having created: ■Meals on Wheels, ■Retirement Village Residents Association, ■Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association, ■Seniors Clubs, ■Seniors Information Service, ■OM:NI – Older Men: New Ideas, ■Grandfriends, ■Grandparents, Relatives and Kinship Care Alliance, ■Medication Management for Older People, and the ■Mature Employment Line


EasyLink (formerly Easy Transport Manly Warringah Pittwater) - medical appointments,  shopping trips, mystery tours and Saturday Lunch - this great non-profit organisation offers great ideas and solutions 

Seniors Toy Repair Group needs your help

Volunteers are sought to help out on Wednesday mornings (7.30am to midday) at the group's workshed in Ingleside. Volunteers need their own transport and be willing to sort and clean toys that are picked up at different collection points on the Northern Beaches. 

Prospective volunteers can email Mary Kitchen to arrange a visit to the workshed. To arrange a donation pickup please call Terry Cook on 0410 597 327 or email himFind out more about this great community group HERE

Manly Warringah Pittwater Community Aid

Do you know someone we could help?
We're a local not-for-profit that help over 2,000 elderly members of the Northern Beaches community live happy, healthy and independent lives in their own homes.

If you know someone that could use our help, please let us know!
Call us on 02 9913 3244 or visit our website at

Download Your 2017 Senior Card Discount Directory 

NSW Seniors Card is pleased to provide members with the 2017 Seniors Card Directory, your guide to the best discounts and special offers from thousands of participating businesses around the state.

Each year five directories are released, one for each region in NSW. The regions are: Sydney & Surrounds, Central Coast & Hunter, Northern NSW, Southern NSW and Western NSW.

To download your copy please click here

Copies of the directory are also available for pickup from Australia Post Outlets, MP Offices as well as participating Local Councils and Libraries.

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