December 3 - 9, 2017: Issue 340

Preparing Al Fresco Areas for Christmas Get-Togethers and Summer Visitors

During the next month many of us will play hosts to family and friends over meals and get togethers. While there is still a cool breeze in the shade, readying the areas from the top to base will mean you can put your feet and enjoy it.

As so many gatherings take place on verandahs, decks and paved areas, a quick clean will ensure no one slips over from slippery green growth that’s accumulated while giving your wooden deck areas a clean will make them attractive places to congregate.

It’s a good idea to discuss what kind of deck cleaner you need with the trained staff at your local Johnson Brothers Mitre 10 store – some deck cleaners contain chlorine bleaches such as calcium hypochlorite and sodium hypochlorite. Deck cleaners can also include chlorine bleach to remove mildew from the wood surface, which can damage wood fibres and leave the wood deck with an unnatural white colour. 

An application of decking oil after you have cleaned will keep your timbers sun-proof during January and February's heat.

Rejuvenates weathered timber: $13.95

Natural. UV protection. Enhances and protects exterior timber. Turps clean up. $43.90

Always ensure you wear proper safety equipment when doing this kind of work: a good repository mask and eye covering or safety goggles as well as gloves are essential. 

Three easy steps to rejuvenate your timber deck
There's no secret to good timber deck maintenance - repair the deck, clean it and protect it. Learning tricks the pros use can make the job go faster and the results last longer. 

Step 1 – check the condition of the timber, and make any repairs.
It is a good idea to inspect a hardwood timber deck at least annually to ensure that it is in good condition. Any loose or damaged boards should be re-secured or replaced, loose nails hammered back in or screws re-fixed. 

Step 2 – clean the surface 
Every deck should be cleaned annually. To clean the deck, sweep off any loose dirt or garden residue and then clean the deck with a specialised deck cleaning product like Cabot’s Deck Wash. Deck Wash is a timber maintenance wash for use in between resealing applications. It is designed to revitalise and help remove dirt, dust, algae and bird droppings. 

For more serious stains in the timber you may need to use a product like Intergrain’s TimberStripper or PowerPrep or Cabot’s Deck Clean.

After the cleaning has been completed you may need to lightly sand sections of the deck to remove any splinters.

Some may prefer to use a water blaster or gurney gun as an alternative to these cleaners, especially in paved areas. It's always good to check the flatness of these surfaces prior to visitors tripping over a raised edge at least once a year. Water moving through earth can cause some to drop over time through soil or sand base movement which can be easily remedied by lifting the affected pavers, installing new sand and tamping flat again. 

1600PSI. 6L/ min Water flow. 1400W Motor. Includes PS 20 Power Scrubber, Vario Lance and Dirt Blaster Lance.: $199.00

1800PSI. 6.3L/ min. 1700W Motor. Includes G120 Q Full Control Display Trigger gun, 8m Hose, PS 20 Power Scrubber, Detergent, Vario Lance and Dirt Blaster Lance.: $299.00

If grime and mildew has built up on gutters and downpipes or board trims a good wash with some sugar soap and two coats of paint to freshen up will keep your place looking great. 

Outdoor furniture may need a clean or a little repair - as may outdoor cushions. You don't want those in their summer whites leaving with marks on their clothes from sap or 

Apart from a spruce up of outdoor areas, adding some cooling shade where that may be needed to deflect hot sun, such as wide umbrellas over deck areas or shade sails, cleaning out the fountain or adding a water feature for that cooling tinkling sound, sets the scene for a welcoming space.

Add in some nice natives in pots to create leafy alcoves, and you’re ready to put up some sparkling Christmas Lights

The lawn may need a trim after recent rain, perhaps even a little roll-out if you're going to have a bit of backyard cricket happening over Summer. Another item you may want to attend to is all that bark that has fallen in recent weeks from eucalypts - this, along with leaf litter, can harbour insects you may not want giving your visitors a nasty surprise. Composting this now will mean you'll have something good to throw in the mix for late-Summer salad and vegetables plantings.

You may need to stock up on extra chairs, for extra visitors, decide whether you need a new drinks cooler (there are some great options for these now - a round steel one is a great look we picked up from Johnson Brothers Mitre 10 and when not in use as cooler it makes a great and handy bigger bucket for all that falling spotted gum bark) come in sizes and heights that mean they can be slotted under a serving table or shady tree and out of little feet's way. There are also great options to make up cold drinks for picnics or the beach if your get-together is happening on the sand.

Mona Vale Johnson Brothers stocks all of these items and more under one large roof and has over 150 car parking spaces - so no Christmas traffic jam there. There's also a great range of gift ideas for all family members and from every budget from the pocket money earned to those with an eye on investing in something to help out with those DIY projects longer term.

A guide to what's available will run in our last Issue for the year - November 17th.

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