May 27 - June 2, 2012: Issue 60

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by Bruce Crutcher

Plasterboard is a very cost effective way of lining walls and ceilings which provides a great paint surface. Most houses and even commercial properties will have some form of plasterboard. One thing you may not be aware of is the different types of plasterboard which is available and their different applications. This article will detail some of the different types most commonly used in domestic situations.

The most common type of plasterboard used is the 10mm, recessed edge. This is used for lining most walls in a residence. Standard plasterboard also comes in 13mm thick which is also used for walls, giving more acoustic insulation, and can also be used on ceilings.

Spanshield 10mm plasterboard is reinforced plasterboard used on internal ceilings with joist or furing channel spacing up to 600mm. This is lighter (7.0kg/m2) than the 13mm (8.1kg/m2) plasterboard, making it easier to install on ceilings.

Watershield plasterboard is water resistant, making it ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries and is suitable as a substrate for tiling. It is available in 10mm and 13mm thicknesses.

Soundshield is plasterboard that, as the name suggests, has great acoustic properties. This is great for both domestic and commercial uses in walls and ceilings, helping stop transfer of sounds between rooms. It is also available in 10mm and 13mm thicknesses.

Curveshield is thin plasterboard (6mm) which is used to create contoured surfaces such as curved walls and ceilings, archways and around stairways. It is only available in 3.6mx1.2m sheets.

Firesheild plasterboard is mainly used in commercial internal lining applications where a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) is required. It also has strong acoustic properties. It is available in 13mm and 16mm thicknesses.

Whatever your plasterboard requirements, Johnson Bros Mitre 10 either stock or are able to order the right plasterboard for you. We also have a broad range of plasterboard accessories available. Come in and speak to our experienced staff at 51 Bassett St, Mona Vale, or call 9999 3340.