December 12, 2021 - January 22, 2022: Issue 522


Pictures Of The Year 2021

Throughout 2021 the photographs by contributors have lifted the spirits of readers by taking them on a visual tour wen they could not venture outside - thanks to Joe Mills, Kevin Murray, Selena Griffith, Adriaan van der Wallen, Margaret Woods, Michael Mannington and many others, gladdening the eye through numerous Front Pagers, run month long features, such as the 'Sunrising at Avalon' spectaculars of Bernadette Kelly and Joanne Seve that commenced when we went into lockdown in June and persisted until the first rays of Spring brimmed over the horizon.

Although many of our Winter sports were delayed and finally cancelled from mid year on, when and where there was an opportunity Pittwater Online News went out and captured that fun and that action. We were backed up by the excellent photography of Bill Sheridan and Malcolm Trees - when we couldn't get there these two gentlemen did.

The cancellation of many surf carnivals over the summer of 2019-2020 meant we were all champing at the bit to get on the beach and in the water when some returned over the Australia Day weekend and again when surf sports recommenced in November.

This year could have been a challenging one to bring you visions of the Seasons, the wildlife, wildflowers, the sports, the social events and wonderful people who live here - but it wasn't too hard to fill one of the favourite and most visited pages each week as all those already mentioned, and many more, 'get' that not all can scale tall hills in several bounding strides or venture out onto the water or even into the water but love seeing what's been happening anyway - whether they live here, around Australia or are ex-pats now living overseas who drop by via the internet each week to see what the weather has been like.

This Issue a small sample of the thousands of photographs by these many talented photographers close the year as we began it - absolutely loving Pittwater and all that surrounds her.

To view all of these - see the lists of pages archived in:

January 2021  February 2021  March 2021  April 2021  May 2021  June 2021  July 2021  August 2021  September 2021  October 2021  November 2021  December 2021

Thank you very much for your input this year - you have all brought information, shared insights, caused big smiles and also sighs of relief to people you may never know, may never meet, but whom you have reached with good cheer for all of 2021.

And as an especial sign off for 2021 - from our first Issue for this year:

And We Are Back!

Well, wasn't that a wonderful break Pittwater?

Clocked off on December 13, 2020, rubbing my hands with glee in anticipation of a Whole Day Off by New Years, headed west to do mum's gardening, do a bit of scrubbing around her home pre-Christmas (mum is 81 now you know; needs a hand with a few things, and family XMAS was planned for there this year), managed to get some of that done between 14th and 16th and then Guess What?!"!! - could see a lockdown coming for our place - so shopped for food there and headed back out here on Thursday January 17th to be 'on duty' to provide just-the-facts reports both here and via our social media platforms, as well as send out updates via the Subscribers Lists. Who needs sensationalised, ambulance-chasing hype under these circumstances? No one!

And then, on December 19th, 2020, the Principality of Pittwater was relaunched along its original boundaries....
(ssshh don't say that word -'Pittwater' !! - the Northern part of the Northern Beaches is acceptable)

Outside of those daily 11 am briefings or later that night Cases/Places updates, witnessed:
  • wonderful local businesses who had all their festive catering cancelled delivering the same for free to hungry people manning and womanning clinics at Mona Vale Hospital, Narrabeen and all points north - and kept that up with coffee etc., with whatever they could give - and giving that special Pittwater 'wave' to the circling old media/news helicopters - bit sharky out there!
  • wonderful social media community forums sharing the love and trying to make each other laugh with a silly photo or glory in the beauty of the place we live in with snapshots of OUR PLACE - + the frank admittance by many that they rarely stray outside of Pittwater anyway ...
  • birdsong and children's laughter
  • packed beaches with visitors from Mosman or Blacktown despite the 'verboten!' orders
  • another 'boating' fiasco
  • also witnessed virtual hugs to each other as our Christmas get togethers were cancelled  - same again as New Years outings were 'NOT' for all in Pittwater
  • and this week witnessed wonderful community stalwarts from Narrabeen to Palm Beach, as well as our local MP for ... wait for it... Pittwater!, getting together to figure out how they can help everyone who has lost all their Christmas and Summer trading or work in any other capacity to get back on their feet and survive - nay, thrive in 2021 E.G.: - and more announcements to come it would seem - Shop Local!
  • a wonderful community spirit comprised of loving individuals giving a damn about each other throughout the December 19 2020 to January 9 2021 lockdown of Pittwater (Principality of) and deftly and kindly steering each other clear of any silliness, anger, arrogance or ignorance
For all of you Pittwaterians still on a break - live it up - hope you're loving every moment!
For all of you Pittwaterians struggling due to loss of income during your busiest season or the multitude of others also locked out of earning your own way - may those at state and federal level now working out how they can best help you make those announcements this week

For all who think Pittwater residents cannot remember as far back as May 12th, 2016, or any of what preceded that, we say unto thee;

Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, 
Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, Pittwater, 


A. J. Guesdon
Pittwater Online News
For, About, and By Pittwater


News Views

Application To Demolish Historic Warriewood Farmhouse, Raze Bush Habitat For 81 Dwellings, Sparks Community Protest

Oaklands, front façade and showing sandstone base, as it was prior to 2017 and yard - Kristin Zindel photos

Residents have expressed opposition to a proposal to demolish a 1920’s Heritage Farmhouse in Warriewood, a structure originally determined to be maintained and retained through the DA process. 

The proposal for 81 dwellings comprising 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units within 4 residential 3-storey buildings and 14 dwellings in multi dwelling housing in Warriewood is slated to be placed on land adjacent to a section the community put forward a proposal in 2019 to acquire for public use and for conservation purposes and to complete the Mona Vale and Ingleside Escarpment through Ingleside Chase from Narrabeen Creek to Mona Vale Road. The land has high environment value with many species of flora and fauna present.

Nearby residents are also angry, stating the documentation proposes to add at least 160 cars to already overloaded Warriewood streets and seeks for these to be allowed access through their private access road and over a private bridge they have to pay to maintain.

Residents opposed this development when it was first mooted but it was then shifted to court proceedings and approved. However, one of the conditions attached to that approval stated the existing house was to remain, was to be kept and renovated. 

Kristin Zindel, who once lived in the farmhouse, and was among those who opposed the project, was given orders to vacate the property in 2017 by the new owners. 

Ms Zindel says her pleas to ensure the conditions of the 2015 approval were kept have been ignored.

‘’The Council, despite being advised untold times from 2015 to 2019 that the house was under threat, refused to protect it for heritage, and despite notifying them the house was getting damaged and vandalised, did not enforce the conditions imposed upon the owners to maintain the house. It was never secured, fenced or any protection afforded in any way.’’

‘’I know of no other example of this style house still existing on the Northern Beaches; I know of no other even in Sydney.''

After years of living on the site and witnessing the adjacent bush and its wildlife residents, Kristin has compiled a list of all the species present that is pages long.

''There is also some of the most amazing wildlife you can see here, much of which many people have never heard of, let alone realise they live next to.  And it is all in one spot.’’

The DA2020/1489, for demolition, is open for feedback until February 2nd. Added to the associated DA2020/1480, pending lodgement, costs for the works of demolition, razing the bush habitat on the site and raising 81 dwellings are just over 35 million dollars. 

Kristin has recently launched a petition she intends to present to Council that has already had over 500 signees. 

History Of Oaklands
By Kristin Zindel

Sale of Lot 1 Collins five grants near Mona Vale Road were sold to F.C. Hedemann, a licensed surveyor, including what would become Lot 1 Jubilee Ave and known as part of Portion 5 in plan 5055, on 3 December 1883. Henry Ferdinand Halloran, a realtor, then purchased this lot (among eight large portions in total) on 22 February 1908. Around this time much land in the area became subdivided. On 9 July 1914 William Thompson Jr purchased the land now known as Lot 1 in plan 5055. William Thompson transferred Lot 1 to Elizabeth Thompson, “married woman” and presumably his wife, on 14 September 1916. Elizabeth Thompson then sold Lot 1 to Ernest Sydney Wilson, banker, on 26 March 1923. Up until this stage the land had still not been built upon. 

The deed relating to the sale of Lot 1 to Ernest Wilson has notations of a mortgage taken by Ernest and his brother, Harold, on 28 May 1923, presumably to buy the property. These two men then took a further mortgage on 17 April 1925. Both these mortgages were discharged on 20 August 1931 in full. Therefore it can be safely assumed that the building of the current house commenced around 17 April 1925.

Ernest Wilson was one of five siblings in the Wilson family. Four of these siblings proceeded to live in the house on Lot 1 for nearly 30 years, until Ernest first leased the property to Bartul (Bert) Nemcich on 28 August 1953. It was Bert Nemcich who erected the glasshouses and farmed tomatoes on the land. Bert then purchased the property from Ernest on 8 October 1956, after securing a mortgage from Ernest himself on 5 October 1956, which was subsequently paid in full by 21 October 1960. Bert Nemcich never lived in the house whilst carrying on business as a ‘market gardener’, but rented it out whilst living in a smaller cottage on the edge of the property.

Bert Nemcich

Having had no children himself, Lot 1 (amongst other land in the area) was subsequently passed to Bert’s brother’s sons, Vinko (Vince) and Ivan (John) Nemcich on 9 March 1988.

Upon the passing of Vince and his wife, the property was now in the hands of developers, who were originally purported to be retaining the house for renovation and resale.

The Wilsons 

Details of the Wilson siblings are as follows, from youngest to oldest:- 

Name - Born - Died 

Florence Australia Wilson 1866 12 September 1951 (age 85) 

Eva Bertha Smith (nee Wilson)* 1869 27 May 1948 (age 79) 

Ernest Sydney Wilson 1873 23 November 1964 (age 91) 

Harold Frank Wilson 1880 7 August 1951 (age 71) 

Daisy Beatrice Wilson** 1883 1970 (age 87) – 

A fourth sister, Lillian, was born in 1877 but died less than a year later. 

* Eva was the only one of the five to get married, to Percival Armstrong Smith. They first lived in Eastwood together, and then around 1930 they lived at 47 Victoria Street, Avalon. They then moved to 32 Alexander Street, Collaroy. 

** Daisy was born in Dubbo and died in Guyra. All the others died in Manly. 

Their parents, Archdeacon of Dubbo Frederick Sydney Wilson (born in Dubbo, 1839, died 1901) and Caroline Jemima Wilson (nee Robinson) (born 1844, died 1917) lived in Leichhardt, Sydney, where Caroline was living. 

Prior to owning the property at Lot 1, Ernest Wilson served in World War I from 1914 to 1920, in the 9th Field Company Engineers. He was listed as a bank officer at the time of purchasing the property. None of the siblings had any children or married except for Eva, and therefore all except Eva lived together in the house at Lot 1. By 1943 Eva’s husband had died and Eva remained in Collaroy. 

Once the house and Lot 1 were leased to Bert Nemcich in 1953, only Ernest and Daisy were still living, and went to live with their sister Eva at Alexander Street in Collaroy. At some point Daisy must have left Sydney, as she is noted as having died in Guyra. This would probably be once Eva and then Ernest had died, leaving her as the sole surviving sibling. 

The electoral rolls list the four Lot 1 siblings as living at “Oaklands”, Vineyard Street, Mona Vale. “Oaklands” is carved in the sandstone block remaining at the door of the house to this day. Harold was listed as a farmer, and Ernest as an orchardist, probably utilising the property. Florence and Daisy were listed with an occupation of ‘home duties’. Unfortunately as none of the Wilsons had children, finding any more information is proving difficult.

WILSON. Harold Frank-August 7, 1951 at his residence Oaklands, Vineyard Street Warriewood, second son of the late Venerable Archdeacon F S Wilson of Dubbo and beloved brother of Florence, Ernest and Daisy, also Esa (deceased) aged 71 years. Dubbo papers please copy. Family Notices (1951, August 9). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 22. Retrieved from 

The death occurred at her residence, "Oaklands," Warriewood. of Miss Florence Australia Wilson, eldest daughter of the late Ven. Archdeacon F. S. Wilson, formerly of Dubbo, aged 85. A brother (Earnest), and sister (Daisy), survive. The funeral took place from the St John the Baptist Church, Mona Vale yesterday afternoon to the Northern Suburbs Crematorium. PRESIDENT'S REPORT (1951, September 20). Gilgandra Weekly (NSW : 1942 - 1955), p. 2. Retrieved from 

Oaklands - Dining room ceiling

Oaklands - Original floorboards

Oakands - Main hallway

Oaklands - Original vent

Oaklands- Kitchen

Oaklands - Kitchen fireplace

Oaklands - Lounge

Oaklands - Dining Room ceiling

Oaklands - Sunlit living room

Oaklands - Living room fireplace

Oakands - Storage benches in living room

'Oaklands' in stone

Oaklands - Front Verandah

Oaklands - Sandstone foundations

Oaklands - Kitchen entrance

Oaklands - Yard to kitchen door

Oaklands - View from kitchen door

Art sculptures in yard


Oaklands - Left hand side steps 

Oaklands - Right hand side steps

Oaklands - Manually cracked stone 

Oaklands - Yard, fallen tree and bush

Oaklands - The house

Oaklands - The house at sunset

Mona Vale Road East Upgrade: Images Taken December 13th And 18th, 2020

Pittwater Online News staff did a run along the Mona Vale Road upgrade works (East) just before the lockdown of December 2020 and took some photos along with some taken earlier this week, Tuesday February 16th 2021, which show a fair amount of work has been done since the contractors came back to work in January 2021. Apart from Noise  Abatement walls going up near the Mona Vale Cemetery end, and the commencement of the Fauna Bridge crossing near Katandra Bushland Sanctuary, some landscaping is starting to be installed. 


Newport Community Garden A TV Star - March

The Newport Community Garden in Woolcott street Newport was chosen as the location for The Garden Gurus shoot for Soil Solver which turns sandy soil into beautiful loamy soil rich with necessary elements for a lush and plentiful vegetation crop.

This community garden is Newport residents creating sustainable gardens in public spaces; strengthening community, improving health, reconnecting with nature.
They meet every Saturday from 10am till about midday at Woolcott Reserve, Newport.
If you would like to join them please direct message their FB page or email :
Everyone is welcome!!!

Images - filming in Newport Community Garden, March 16, 2021 and Late Summer crop from Newport Community Garden - images courtesy NCG

Beaches Link EIS Update

The submissions for the Beaches Link EIS have been published. You can view them via the link below. Thanks to everyone who took the time to be involved in this complex and arduous process!!

There were 1548 submissions made by the public, organisations and Public Authorities. 1352 were objections and 142 are listed as comments (about 95% of those comments have objections in them). There are 41 supporting the project. This means that less than 3% of submissions support the project and at a minimum 90% of submissions object.

The image below shows the scale of destruction along Wakehurst Parkway if the current Beaches Link concept is approved. This is a narrow, elevated escarpment - so polluted run off will drain into fragile creeks for eternity and huge swathes of threatened species habitat will be lost.

What can you do now? 
Email your local political reps and continue to express your opposition to this destructive and polluting proposal (designed to encourage more traffic and development into a finite area). Send them a copy of your submission so they can read and register your views.

James Griffin: James griffin
Rob Stokes:
Brad Hazzard:
Zali Steggall:

If you think your submission hasn't been published or classified correctly please email Belinda Scott at

Thank you
Save Manly Dam Bushland Organisation

St Matthews' Manly Dedicates Darley Smith Building 

St Matthews' Manly Dedicates Darley Smith Building + Extra History Notes on St Matthews', Manly

L to R: Zali Steggall MP, Eugene and Henke Du Plessis, Rev. Glenn N Davies,  Archbishop of Sydney and Rev. Bruce Clarke Senior Minister at St. Matthews Manly

Proposal For Housing Densification Of Pittwater Unpopular With Residents: Protest Organised For March 21st

Proposal For Housing Densification Of Pittwater Unpopular: Protest Organised For March 21st

Lynleigh Greig: 2021 Pittwater Woman Of The Year

Pittwater Woman of the Year 2021: Lynleigh Greig

Lynleigh with Harley the dragon in 2013, who is now a very old boy. A J Guesdon photo

Pittwater Residents Will Persevere In Demerger Campaign Despite NSW Government Decision On Other Councils

Pittwater Residents Will Persevere In Demerger Campaign Despite NSW Government Decision On Other Councils

Seaweed Forests Festival Podcast Launch: Dive Deep Online Into How YOU Can Help Our Oceans!

Manly's Seaweed Forests Festival Podcast Launch: Dive Deep Online 

Crayweed Restoration, Dr. Adriana Vergés and the SIMS team with Manly Seaweed Forests Festival participants, including Costa! - SIMS photo

The Rions Win Triple J’s 2021 Unearthed High Comp.

The Rions Win triple j’s 2021 Unearthed High Comp.!!!

The Rions; Asher, Harley, Noah and Tom - Photo: Andrew Fawcett

Dark Sky Traveller + The Australasian Dark Sky Alliance: A Chat With Founder Marnie Ogg

Dark Sky Traveller + The Australasian Dark Sky Alliance: A Chat With Founder Marnie Ogg

Marnie Ogg and Fred Watson 

Marine Rescue Broken Bay Reminds Boating Community To Log On To Marine Rescue NSW This Spring Holidays: New MRBB Vessel In 2022, New MRBB Unit Build Update

Marine Rescue Broken Bay Reminds Boating Community To Log On To Marine Rescue NSW This Spring Holidays: New MRBB Vessel In 2022, New MRBB Unit Build Update

Marine Rescue Broken Bay members on Pittwater - September 2021. MRBB photo.

NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services The Honourable David Elliott MP and MRBB Unit Commander Jimmy Arteaga at commissioning of the Michael Seale. AJG photo

Local Tick Research Shows Rats And Rabbits Are Hosts-Carriers

Local Tick Research Shows Rats and Rabbits Are Hosts-Carriers - To hear more about Casey Taylor’s research tune in to The Coast at 11am on Friday 29 October on Radio Northern Beaches (88.7/90.3FM), streaming live on and on TuneIn Radio, and free and on demand at

Casey Taylor with Bandicoot during study. Photo: Casey Taylor.

Coastal Stability Series: Cabbage Tree Bay To Barrenjoey

By John Illingsworth, Pittwater Pathways, and Dr. Peter Mitchell OAM

Coastal Stability Series: Cabbage Tree Bay To Barrenjoey To Observation Point by John Illingsworth, Pittwater Pathways, and Dr. Peter Mitchell OAM

Hawkesbury Sandstone over Newport Formation - screenshot from film 

Bilgola Bends Clean-Up

Lisa Hewitt, the Avalon swim teacher behind such community initiatives such as sending food to drought stricken farmers a few years back and making and selling Service Personnel poppies during previous stay-at-home safety terms and then using that money to fund getting Christmas Hampers to beaches families, has, during the past few weeks, taken to the Bilgola Bends to collect rubbish and this week had a hand with another clean-up.

Apparently a car could have been built with the car parts, it is a graveyard for push bikes, guttering, plastic bottles with bits of hose protruding from them along with about 60 large garbage bags of general rubbish.  All rubbish has been removed and disposed of correctly. 

Cleaning up of this area falls under the jurisdiction of Transport for NSW but has clearly been let go at present. Better yet; don't dump your rubbish here and they won't need to clean up after you.

Photos by LH

Avalon Beach 100th – Centenary Celebrations - Centenary Art Exhibition Opening Night

Artist Bruce Goold with the original No 1. Hand Coloured linocut.

Bruce says, ''The traditional colours of Avalon Beach are Red and Green. I have added a Cockatoo, wings outstretched, in Celebration. There are many of these birds in Avalon Beach.''

This No 1 print is a silent auction Fundraiser for the  Avalon Beach Culture Collective Inc + Avalon Beach Centenary Committee

The Committee says, ''The original Avalon Beach Centenary 2021 Logo linocut designed for The Avalon Beach Centenary Committee by Bruce Goold will be sold via a silent auction that will commence from Tuesday the 7th of December at Avalon Art Gallery in The United Cinema Arcade in the heart of Avalon.

This particular print is a one off as after it was printed and hand coloured, Bruce recut small sections of the Lino to lighten the wing section of the cockatoo.

Please come to the Exhibition to enter your bid or phone Jen at the Gallery on 0411 623 204 during business hours for more details.

The silent auction will run until the close of the Centenary Art Exhibition which finishes on the 19th of December. The money raised from this auction will go to the Centenary Committee in order to facilitate more events during the year long 100 year Celebrations.''

On the process, Bruce explained, ''These have been made using the Giclée method. Giclée is a French term meaning “to spray”, referring to how an inkjet printer works and how giclée prints are usually produced. These large format inkjet printers use small spraying devices that can both match colour and apply ink precisely, giving artists a high-quality print of their original art with much more density in the colours. 

I have hand-coloured these and this is an Edition of 100 from the original Linocut. These Archival Giclée prints, signed and numbered on 310 gsm Canson fine French etching paper, are available.''

Worth noting: To be able to make such a high-quality print, the camera or scanner used to capture or scan the art must be able to do so with a high level of resolution. To compare, most digital photos are recorded at a resolution of 72 DPI on the screen, or “dots per inch,” and the image file of an art print needs to be at least 300 DPI—because the more dots of colour that can be printed in a small area, the more detailed your final image will appear.

As far as ink and paper go, they must be high quality and considered “archival.” This is typically achieved using inks that are pigment-based instead of dye-based and any canvas, watercolour paper, or speciality printing paper designated as archival. 


Jayne Denshire -   Avalon Beach Culture Collective Inc + Avalon Beach Centenary Events member, Jan and Katherine Roberts, Ros Marsh -   Avalon Beach Culture Collective Inc + Avalon Beach Centenary Events - at the Opening Night of the Avalon 100 Art Exhibition: runs 4 – 19 December 2021 in the Avalon Art Gallery – Avalon Cinema Arcade. 

Photo: A J Guesdon.


Good Sports 

The Inaugural Patrick Alexander Soars Cup: Newport Breakers Off Season Cricket Fun - January

The inaugural Patrick Alexander Soars Cup for the Newport Breakers Colts vs. Grade Test Cricket Match was played on Saturday 30 January 2021, at Newport Oval. 

NSW Secures Surfing World Championship Tour Event For North Narrabeen: February

The partnership means the WSL will now host two Championship Tour events in NSW, with Newcastle debuting as the opening event of the Australian leg of the tour in April 2021. 

Deputy Premier John Barilaro said the Narrabeen Championship Tour event will see some of the world’s biggest athletes battle the waves to win a share of over $1 million in prize money. 

“Here in NSW we have shown our ability to host premier events while keeping people safe,” Mr Barilaro said.

“When the WSL scanned the world for the safest beaches to relocate some of their prized Championship Tour (CT) events, NSW was the first choice.

“NSW will deliver not one, but two CT events in 2021 after the WSL announced Newcastle would host the first CT event in NSW in nearly three decades, in place of the iconic Bells Beach Pro.

“Today, thanks to the NSW Government, we can announce Narrabeen will host a championship event in place of the Gold Coast’s Snapper Rocks.

“NSW will be Australia’s surfing state and sporting capital of the nation and this partnership with WSL will pave the way for us to host future tournaments in country towns, creating a safer and stronger regional NSW.”

Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney Stuart Ayres said securing a second WSL Championship Tour event for NSW was testament to the state’s event hosting capabilities and world-class beaches.

“Yet again NSW is the destination of choice for this major international WSL event, giving us the chance to showcase the beautiful Northern Beaches to the world and welcome competitors, spectators and supporters to Greater Sydney to stay and spend locally,” Mr Ayres said. 

Member for Pittwater Rob Stokes said Narrabeen is the perfect location to host a globally significant surfing championship.

“This highly coveted Championship Tour will bring much-needed tourism dollars into local shops, cafes, restaurants and accommodation providers on the Northern Beaches, a timely boost following the recent lockdown during the busy holiday period,” Mr Stokes said.

“I’m thrilled to see this spectacular surfing event come to our shores and I know the community will love this opportunity to showcase the local area on a global stage.

“This competition will not only be fantastic to watch but will allow Aussie surfers to put their skills to the ultimate test ahead of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, when surfing is set to make its debut.”

World Surf League Asia Pacific General Manager Andrew Stark said the WSL is excited to have the Championship Tour coming back to Australia in 2021 with an added event.

“This year, the Aussie CT leg is looking very different to what we're used to due to COVID-19, with the addition of three new stops. Although it's very disappointing to miss locations like Bells Beach and Snapper Rocks this year, we are stoked to add Newcastle and North Narrabeen to the schedule. 

“We would like to genuinely thank all of our partners for their patience, understanding and support during this extremely difficult time. The WSL can't wait to get the tour back underway and run epic and safe events for our athletes, fans and partners in Australia."

Council and the State Government will co-sponsor the event for elite athletes who have a huge fan following in the surfing world. Mayor Michael Regan said landing the event from 16-26 April was a coup for the Beaches, giving the community something to look forward to after a very challenging year.

“This is a huge opportunity to showcase the Northern Beaches on the world stage for ten days,” Mayor Regan said.

“The WSL is a perfect fit with the lifestyle we are very proud of in our coastal community.

“We welcome this opportunity and the promise of much-needed economic activity and jobs for our local businesses. It will be a great boost to the morale of the local community who were hit hard by the COVID-induced three-week lockdown at Christmas.

“With surfing to make its Olympic debut in Tokyo this year, there will be additional interest on the tussle at this elite level of the sport.”

Over 50 professional surfers will compete for a prize purse of over $1 million, including 11-time world champion Kelly Slater (USA), John John Florence (USA), Gabriel Medina (Brazil), 4-time world champion Carissa Moore (USA) and our own Australian stars, Stephanie Gilmore, Tyler Wright, Sally Fitzgibbons, Owen Wright and Julian Wilson.

An entourage of up to 350 media representatives, event support staff and officials will accompany the athletes, providing a much-needed fillip to the local hospitality sector.

“We are very excited to be hosting this marquee event that will lift the Beaches’ profile as a visitor destination, grow the economy and foster pride in the community,” Mayor Regan said.

The 2021 Championship Tour schedule currently includes events in Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Tahiti, and the United States.

The WSL Championship Tour Newcastle is supported by the NSW Government through its tourism and major events agency Destination NSW.

Last week, the WSL announced the agreement with the New South Wales Government that will see all international competitors board a chartered flight in Los Angeles that will land in Sydney. Once in Australia, all traveling athletes and support staff will undergo the mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine and must receive a medical clearance from public health officials before entering the general community and preparing for competition in Newcastle. The Government is not funding the quarantine.

The WSL will implement a robust and thorough COVID-19 health and safety plan for each event during the Australian leg of the CT in accordance with federal and state guidance. The WSL's health and safety plan includes physical distancing measures, temperature checks, enhanced high-touch cleaning at the event site, contact tracing procedures, sanitizer stations throughout the event site, and minimal personnel on-site.

For more information, visit World Surf League

Owen Wright with Rob Stokes earlier this week. Photo by AJ.

2021 Pittwater Challenge - Round 1 Of PNSW Harbour Series - March

Life Saving Events Of The 2021 NSW State Championships: Great Results From SLS SNB Members

The 2021 NSW Lifesaving Championships continue to draw the top lifesavers in the state to compete in the Rescue & Resuscitation (R&R), First Aid, Patrol Competition and Champion Lifesaver events. 

Surf Life Saving NSW shares a great overview of each event and the 2021 results HERE

NSW Masters Surf Life Saving Championships 2021

Masters states 2021 Photo by Shane Abrahamson

More than 800 of the state’s fittest and fastest Masters competitors braved both scorching sun and squalls of rain to show they’ve still got what it takes after a big two days at the NSW Masters Surf Life Saving Championships, proudly supported by Your local club, at Swansea Belmont.

Surf athletes from 30 and 75+ showed that age is no issue, racing in events including board, swim, ski, ironperson, beach sprints and beach flags.

Australian Surf Rowers League (ASRL) 2021 Open A Huge Success

Australian Surf Rowers League (ASRL) 2021 Open A Huge Success

Palm Beach SLSC's Under 23's, Plumbers - winners. photos by Malcolm Trees 

Palm Beach have won FIVE out of the last SIX Under 23 Male ASRL Open Championships, with Peter Spence sweeping four of those victories. 

In addition, the club has won the past three Australian Titles in the category.

Eight Straight State Titles For Newport: 2021 NSW Open Surf Life Saving Championships

Eight Straight State Titles For Newport: 2021 NSW Open Surf Life Saving Championships

Newport wins! - photo by Shane Myers

Aussies Wrap – Day 8 – Friday 23 April: TRIFECTA FOR NEWPORT IN OPEN MEN’S DOUBLE SKI

Day eight of the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships saw the Newport Club rejoice as their Open Men’s Double teams took out all podium finishes.

After eight years the combination of Luke Jones and Mitchell Trim were finally able to bring home the gold medal they had been after, taking the win over fellow Newport teammates Jayke Rees and Max Brooks (silver) and Greg Tobin and Luke Morrison (bronze).

Emotions ran high as they crossed the line, choking back the tears as both men were quick to thank the unwavering support of their families.

Trim said: “My parents haven’t missed one race of mine at the Aussie titles in the last 10 years.

“My mum and dad, sisters and fiancée are in the boats, we’ve got Luke’s dad here and his wife and five year old daughter are at home cheering us on,” he said.

The first, second and third is only one in a cache of medals the club will be bringing back home. Newport's U23 Womens Surf Boat crew, Newport Thunder, have backed up the gold they won at the 2019 Aussies with another gold this year. Newport SLSC's Newport Thunder, Michael King Sweep, Abby Ballesty, Tara Doyle, Claudia Harris and Ella Smith have excelled for years in this sport.

South Curl Curl have also swept the pool in the Surf Boat finals. Their Under 19s, South Curl Curl Humps and Bumps; Mark Spiteri, Braede Cox, Malawi Warneford, Vivienne Saunders and Nicola Berry, their Open Male crew, South Curl Curl Death Riders; Rob Lowery, Trent Rogers, Jordan Thurlow, Michael Egan, Craig McCarthy, Brady Holland, Kristofer Martyn, Owen Sheather, Samuel Lowery, Jacob Witty AND their Under 23's Male crew South Curl Curl Lamp; Rob Lowery, Harry Andrew, Jethro Mulder, Tremayne Chivers, Zac Lowery, Brady Holland, Kristofer Martyn, Owen Sheather, Samuel Lowery, all took gold on the final day, April 24th.

Palm Beach SLSC's Palm Beach Plumbers; Peter Spence, Samuel Holmes, Hunter Graham, Daniel Johnston and Joshua McGuiness, secured the silver - more great things from another great boat division in another great club.


Surf Boats Under 23 Female Results, April 24, 2021: 1 - Newport Thunder, 2 - Dicky Beach Tooshies, 3 - Palm Beach Panthers. Newport SLSC's Newport Thunder, Michael King Sweep, Abby Ballesty, Tara Doyle, Claudia Harris, Ella Smith - Australian Champions 2021. Photo: Malcolm Trees/Team Navy ASRL

South Curly's Open Mens Finals Crew - pretty happy about that!  Photo: Malcolm Trees/Team Navy ASRL

North Narrabeen Win Nudie Australian Boardriders Battle National Final

 North Narrabeen Win nudie Australian Boardriders Battle National Final!

Photo by Ethan Smith/Surfing Australia

Newport Rugby: The Broken Breakers Vs. St. Patricks on Pacific Islanders Day 2021 - at Porters Reserve

Newport Breakers 1st grade, June 19, 2021 - Newport Breakers Rugby Club photo

Newport Breakers Rugby club had a home game against St Patricks on Saturday, as well as their "Pacific Islander Day". Initially, this week was to remember Moape Ravuvu who tragically passed away during a 2nd Grade game at St Ives in May 2012. His family has asked for it to be changed from "Mo" Day and reimagined as "Pacific Islander Day".

“Mo’’ as he was affectionately known is survived by his loving wife Julie and their three beautiful children.

Mo was a gifted athlete, a quiet down to earth family man that had a big smile to go with a great sense of humour.

Mo joined the Newport Breakers Club in the late 90’s and played over 200 games for Newport. He was instrumental in the clubs 1999 Kentwell Cup and 2003 Barraclough Cup grand final victories. His career included representative honours with NSW Suburban Rugby from 2000 to 2004 and also participated in the 1996 Hong Kong Sevens. He was also a gifted soccer player who coached the Tailevu soccer team in Sydney.

Moape Ravuvu holdfing trophy

This is a huge day in the Breakers Calendar when they enjoy our friendships with the Pacific Islanders of our club and experience their food and culture. 

The 2021 Pacific Islanders Day was marked by all players will be wearing Ankle socks to remember Moape, raffles and donations to be collected throughout the day for the Ravuvu family, the Vuata, Osborne and Keresi families  cooking (Hangi) - some food for players and supporters after the game - all proceeds to be donated.

There was also 1 minute of silence before 1st Grade in memory of Moape Ravuvu with all attending paying quiet tribute to this much missed Breakers player.

After finishing their Historic 2020 Season as Suburban Club of the Year out of all grades, as well as Division 3 club of the year, in the same season Newport won three Grand Finals playing at Macquarie University, Newport made history by winning the Colts (Nicholson Cup), 2nds (Farrant Cup) and 1sts (Clark Cup).

​Vice President Alan Jones and President Jake Osborne received Newport Rugby's awards

The Breakers took a well-earned rest and even had a bit of cricket over Summer, with the Inaugural Patrick Alexander Soars Cup in between cooling lemonades.

Their 2021 Season started with three brilliant changes. Newport have been promoted to contest the Reliance Shield in Division 2 after a Championship winning campaign last season in Division 3 of the NSW Suburban Rugby Competition. The Newport Rugby Club, the Broken Breakers, are now playing in Division 2. Division Two is a five-team competition with clubs competing for the Barraclough, Stockdale, Robertson (U21 Colts), Blunt and Richardson Cups. The clubs in Division 2 for 2021 are: Epping, Hills (home ground is Yattenden Oval, Baulkham Hills), Hunters Hill, Lindfield, Newport,  Old Barker, St Patrick's and UNSW.

The other BIG change is the first 'Breakerettes' women's rugby team has commenced this Season as part of the Sydney Women's Rugby Union 7's Series, commencing this year in Division 3 and winning, winning, winning.

The opening match of Season 2021 was vs. St Patricks at Hudson Park, Strathfield on April 17th. According to Club Vice-President Alan Jones the last time the Breakers and St Pats met was back 21 years ago in Season 2000. Since then all grades have been putting in some solid playing and getting great results.

Finally, the improvements at Porters Reserve continue with this season having a new lights system installed as well as a new scoreboard:



There Is Beauty In Pittwater's Nature

A Walk Through Warriewood Wetlands To The Sea Of Narrabeen

Regular contributor of wonderful photographs Joe Mills recently took a walk through Warriewood Wetlands and towards North Narrabeen and Turimetta beaches - all three among his favourite places to capture the changes of light and flora and fauna. Current Health Notices advise visitors wear insecticides and long sleeves to protect themselves again mosquitoes bites in this area as tests in March 2020 showed Ross River Fever. This reserve is known for its mosquito-eating birdlife and other resident wildlife also feast on these - turtles, bats, lizards, snakes, possums et al - and the chirruping creeks that flow through the Warriewood valley and Ingleside escarpment.

Residents who have lived here since the 1930's, in earlier interviews for Profiles, often mentioned going 'yabbying' in Warriewood creeks or even 'eeling'. Former Mayor of Pittwater and Councillor at Warringah Shire Council, David James OAM, shared his 'A Short History of community involvement in favour of environmental issues/campaigns in and around Narrabeen Lagoon - 1974 to present'  in this news service a few years ago. David Palmer and Angus Gordon have also shared an account A History Of The Campaign For Preservation Of The Warriewood Escarpment

Despite current road upgrades along Mona Vale road, compounded by those developments within the valley seeing runoff into these creeks, and residents reporting on Friday January 15th that testing at Irrawong Falls this week of the water does not make that lovely alcove good for swimming at present - there also seems to be some sandflies about - this remains a wonderful place for a stroll for all ages. 

Residents are quick to report the invasive weed "Salvinia Molesta", while PNHA is trailing Trad infected with the fungus Kordiana beside the track to the Irrawong waterfall at Narrabeen, along with Bushcare groups working to eliminate other weeds such as lantana, all of which need more hands - details in the Environment page and Bushcare starts again in February, when it's cooler, this community asset is watched by all who visit it regularly.

Shaded, with almost 200 species of birds, many of which have big babies at present, a level walk from the heart of this valley to the ocean or lagoon is an opportunity to glimmer the past while enjoying the present.

It's Summer - you're in Pittwater - enjoy!

FONLC Brown Dove Irrawong

FONLC waterfalls at Irrawong

FONLC waterfalls at Irrawong

Narrabeen Lagoon entrance view

Narrabeen Lagoon entrance view

Pittwater Birds That Can Sing Other Birds' Songs

Pittwater Birds That Can Sing Other Birds' Songs - for youngsters

We have a pair of Grey butcherbirds in our yard that can sing other birds' songs. Every morning you can hear them imitating all the birds around them, everything from the songs of magpies to the kookaburra family that lives here too, as well as lorikeets or rosellas, they can do.

They even come up to my office window here and perch on the fence or windowsill to sing to me - with other birds' songs!

Here's some photos I took of one of them this week - some outside the window, and some up in the spotted gum - singing away:

Phalium flammiferum, the striped bonnet, is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Cassidae, the helmet snails and bonnets - taken on the side of the Narrabeen Rock Pool wall recently. The shell animal is crawling up the pool wall, and the other shells and seaweed are just below the water surface. You can see the water demarcation line. 

Worth exploring these school holidays - our tidal rock pools. - Photo and report by Joe Mills

Bernadette Kelly & Joanne Seve For Sunrising At Avalon Beach

Sunrising At Avalon Beach

Monday 5 July, 2021 sunrise at Avalon Beach

July 28, 2021

Curl Curl To Freshwater Walk: October 2021

by Kevin Murray and Joe Mills

Curl Curl To Freshwater Walk: October 2021 by Kevin Murray and Joe Mills

In November 2020 Council announced that the South Curl Curl boardwalk will be renamed ‘Harry Elliffe Way’ in recognition of his work restoring the coastal foreshore and lagoon at Curl Curl.

Council’s proposal to rename the boardwalk, which runs from the car park above South Curl Curl rock pool to the stairs at Lumsdaine Drive opposite Harbord Diggers, was supported overwhelmingly by the community when public feedback to the proposal was sought in September/October.

Mayor Michael Regan said Harry Elliffe was an extraordinary environmental crusader whom the Northern Beaches community can be proud of.

“He dedicated more than 30 years tirelessly maintaining the vegetation adjacent to the boardwalk along Carrington Parade, and working with the Curl Curl Lagoon Friends to restore the lagoon in John Fisher Park back to health.

“The renaming of the South Curl Curl boardwalk, in his honour, recognises and celebrates the significant contribution he made to our local community,” Cr Regan said.

Harry was born in New Zealand and moved his family to Sydney in the sixties. He worked as a civil engineer, first operating his own roadworks business and later as an engineer with the Warringah Council.

His interest in the environment flourished when he and his late wife Bev moved to Curl Curl and Harry realised his long passion for coastal and estuarine restoration, combining his engineering knowledge with his prolific gardening skills.

As the years went by he became well known to walkers along Carrington Parade, and when the boardwalk was completed he was a familiar sight quietly tending to the native vegetation alongside. He was still out there two Saturdays a month doing bush regeneration when in his 80's. 

His hard work, belief in constant improvement and love of the area made him an inspiration to everyone who met him. 

He passed away January 6th, 2020.

ELLIFFE, Henry William (Harry)
Late of Curl Curl
Passed away peacefully on January 6 2020
Dearly beloved father of Dianne, John and Peter, beloved grandfather of Sam, Tai, Martin, Olivia, Kate, Becky, Megan, Gail, Alison, Peter and Juliana, dear great grandfather of Peter, Zakaria and Roxane.
Aged 92 years
Harry's family and friends were warmly invited to attend his funeral service in the Ann Wilson Chapel, cnr Barrenjoey Rd and Darley St, Mona Vale on January 17th, 2020.

In 2001 Warringah Council awarded Harry and Bev an Outstanding Community Service Award. Telstra White Pages featured them on the cover of their 2003 directory as part of a Landcare promotion. In 2014, the Curl Curl Lagoon Friends named Harry an Environmental Warrior in recognition of his service to the enhancement of Greendale Creek, John Fisher Park and Curl Curl Lagoon and beach. In 2018 he was named the Northern Beaches Senior Citizen of the year. 

The South Curl Curl boardwalk is an easy stroll with great views that puts salt air in your lungs and offers wonderful vistas. It ends at the headland next to Harbord Diggers (at McKillop Park) with a view of Freshwater and Manly beach should you go to its end.

Kevin Murray Photos:

We Will Honour Them

NSW SES Warringah / Pittwater Unit's New Boat

January 9, 2021
Our new Gen 4 Bowloader WPW741 was taken out on its maiden job today, and we couldn’t ask for better weather to do it! We had a crew head over to Coasters Retreat this afternoon to cut up some fallen branches that were blocking access on a path for local residents. 

If you need emergency assistance due to flood/storm damage, call NSW SES on 132 500. If life threatening, call 000.

Newport Community Garden

Newport Community Garden is at 25 Woolcott Street, Newport. This is Newport residents creating sustainable gardens in public spaces; strengthening community, improving health, reconnecting with nature.

We meet every Saturday from 10am till about midday at Woolcott Reserve, Newport.
If you would like to join us please direct message us via our Facebook page or email us to

Everyone is welcome!!!

Photo: A very productive morning. Thanks team

A Tumbledown RFS Milestone 

In early December 2020 Tumbledown Dick Rural Fire Brigade recognised their firefighters who contributed to the 2019/2020 bushfire efforts and were presented with the Premier's citation presentation. A family get-together was held at the brigade, prior to local lockdowns.

Later this month another milestone worth noting will take place:


IN pursuance of section 28, Crown Lands Consolidation Act 1913, I declare that the Crown lands described hereunder shall be added to the lands within the reserve specified in parentheses hereunder and such lands are added accordingly.

I. R. CAUSLEY, Minister for Natural Resources Sydney, 23rd February, 1990.


Land District -Metropolitan; Shire- Warringah

Parish Narrabeen (Sheet 3), County Cumberland, 694.2 square metres at Ingleside (Tumbledown Dick), being lot 1, DP 254021 (R91581 notified 12 October, 1979). MN80R3. ADDITION TO RESERVE FROM SALE (1990, February 23). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 1649. Retrieved from

Tumbledown Dick Rural Fire Brigade Members - December 2020 - Tumble's photo

Commissioner Fitzsimmons Leads Charge For Graffiti Removal Day 2021

Late last week, February 8th, 2021, NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman unveiled work by renowned street artist Sid Tapia, who has painted the Erskineville Railway Station mural to pay tribute to Resilience NSW Commissioner Fitzsimmons, and the brave efforts of the RFS.

“Our volunteer firies and other emergency services showed remarkable bravery in battling the ferocious 2019/20 bushfires that ravaged NSW. Their heroism and the leadership of their Commissioner is very deserving of recognition,” Mr Speakman said.

“COVID-19 has reminded us of the importance of our homes and taking pride in our precious neighbourhoods. Graffiti Removal Day is the time to pick up a brush and reconnect with your local community in a COVID safe way.”

Sid's mural? It looks great! - et voila; - 

Photo courtesy NSW  Gov. - Communities & Justice

In Council's Meeting Agenda an Item lists a Response to Councillor De Luca OAM's query on the Cost of Vandalism on Public Buildings in Narrabeen and Pittwater Wards.

Council's staff estimated that the removal costs for these wards from between January 1st 2016 to January 15th 2021 was $350, 000 for the Narrabeen ward and $500,000 for Pittwater. The 'tagged' vandalism for the FY18/19 was $57, 092 for Narrabeen and $69, 286 for Pittwater. 

Council's records indicate that the most frequently vandalised buildings ion the Narrabeen ward are the St Matthews Farm sport amenities at Cromer and the Tramshed public amenities at Narrabeen. 

In Pittwater it is the Avalon Beach SLSC and Mona Vale Kitchener public amenities that are most frequently targeted.

Clearly a little less 'toilet humour' and more murals alike that recently completed at Mona Vale would not go astray around here:

Mural taking shape at Mona Vale in August 2020 - photo by Selena Griffith.

Graffiti Removal Day calls for people to show pride in their local community by volunteering to remove graffiti in compliance with COVID safe guidelines.

Illegal graffiti costs the State more than $300 million in clean-up expenses each year.

Commissioner Fitzsimmons, the 2021 NSW Australian of the Year, said he was humbled by the artwork, and encouraged people across NSW to volunteer for Graffiti Removal Day on Sunday 28 March 2021.

“Volunteers are at the heart of Australian communities. I will forever be grateful to the volunteers who stood up to be counted during the worst bushfire season we’ve ever had. We saw courage and commitment from volunteers who continually put the wellbeing of their community before themselves,” Commissioner Fitzsimmons said.

“2020 was a year like no other and many are still dealing with the impacts of drought, bushfires, floods and storms, and COVID-19. In the face of these challenges, it is our community spirit that empowers us to rebuild, recover and begin to heal.”

Graffiti Removal Day Chairman Bob Aitken said this year up to 3,000 volunteers are expected to remove illegal graffiti from approximately 600 sites around NSW.

“Since we began in 2012, volunteers have removed more than 141,000sqm of graffiti, saving the community $10.4 million,” Mr Aitken said.

People can volunteer or nominate a clean-up site at

Commissioner Fitzsimmons, Sid, and the Hon Mark Speakman. Below - local RFS Members, including current  Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service, Rob Rogers
Photos courtesy NSW Gov. - Communities & Justice

Warringah - Pittwater Headquarters Rural Fire Brigade Life Membership

March 17, 2021
At tonight's General Meeting, Headquarters Brigade awarded an outstanding 50 year continuous service to one of our HQ Life Members.

Allan Brett has been a member of HQ since he joined the Bushfire Service (Now NSW Rural Fire Service) in 1971. AB has been instrumental in helping Warringah/Pittwater RFD go from strength to strength and has had an operational role in every local, Statewide and Interstate emergency since joining. We as a brigade are lucky to have such a wealth of knowledge here to help us. 

Congratulations Allan and here's to another 50 years.

Avalon Beach Reserve Heritage Marker For Old Kiosk Installed

Avalon Beach Reserve Heritage Marker For Old Kiosk Installed

L to r:  Peter Mayman, President of APA, Geoff Searl OAM, President of ABHS and Roger Sayers OAM with a heritage marker which offers the history of the footings of the Avalon Beach kiosk which can be seen to the right. photo:  A J Guesdon.

Florence Mary Taylor: First Woman To Fly In Australia, First Female Australian Architect, Engineer - A Women's Champion

 Florence Mary Taylor: First Woman To Fly In Australia, First Female Australian Architect, Engineer - A Women's Champion

Florence Mary Taylor, no date. Photo by Dorothy Welding. Item a1382002h, Courtesy State Library of New South Wales

Lowering Of The Flags: Surf Patrol Season 2020/2021 Closes

Lowering of the Flags - Close of the Surf Patrol Season, Sunday April 25th 2021

Anzac Day 2021 In Pittwater: We Remember And Honour Them

Anzac Day in Pittwater 2021

At Newport Cenotaph, Trafalgar Park this week. 

Vice-Presidents of Avalon Beach RSL Sub Branch Tamara Sloper-Harding OAM, LCDR RAN and Cmdr. Ian Campbell RAN, Laying of the Wreaths, Dawn Service 2021. Photo: A J Guesdon.

Pittwater RSL Dawn Service 2021. Photo: Julie Emerson, President Pittwater RSL Club

Four-year old Selena Gallego at EYA Childcare Avalon Preschool and Long Day Care this week - photo courtesy her proud dad, Emilio.

Narrabeen Cenotaph + RSL History: 100 And 65 Years Markers Of Service In 2021 - Light Up The AWM Dawns With Their Names

Narrabeen Cenotaph + RSL History: 100 and 65 Years Markers Of Service In 2021 

Nathan Wellings: The 2021 24 Hour Row For Mental Fitness

Nathan and Mel Wellings: the 2021 24HourRow for Mental FitnessOctober 30 to 31 2021, find out how you can get involved

Nathan and Mel Wellings. AJG pic

John 'Allships' Alldritt - The Barefoot Legend Of Pittwater

John 'Allships' Alldritt - The Barefoot Legend Of Pittwater

Ten Marine Rescue Broken Bay Members Receive Service Awards Equalling 65 Years Of Serving Our Community - Get Ready For Safety On The Water This Summer: Log On/Log Off

Marine Rescue Broken Bay photo.
On Saturday December 4th 2021 ten Marine Rescue Broken Bay members received service awards tallying up more than 65 years of volunteering to our community.

Marine Rescue New South Wales Deputy Commissioner Alex Barrell attended to congratulate the members individually and present the awards. 

MRNSW Deputy Commissioner Barrell was appointed to his position in September 2020. Mr Barrell joined the NSW Police Force in 1994, initially serving in general duties before becoming a Police Diver. He then moved to the boats, being posted to the Eden Water Police before returning to Sydney, coordinating Botany Bay and Sydney Water Police sectors and leading Search and Rescue for the MAC.

He has spent time with the Police Emergency Management Unit, supporting the State Emergency Operations Controller and developing the Force’s emergency management capacity.

Transferring across White Bay from MAC to NSW Maritime, he worked across recreational and commercial boating safety and legislation and policy areas, before stepping in as Acting Executive Director for MRNSW prior to becoming Deputy Commissioner.

“I was fortunate to grow up on and around the water and that’s where I really got my passion for it. I didn’t really join the police with the goal to get into marine but then I went into the Diving Unit and opportunities came to move and I find myself still in the maritime sector 25 years later,” he said.

Mr Barrell is married with three children and lives in our area. He has a lengthy association with Surf Life Saving as a volunteer at the North Curl Curl and Pambula clubs and also worked as a lifeguard in Warringah and the Channel Islands, making him an excellent choice for understanding and supporting the work of our volunteers in Marine Rescue Broken Bay and all Marine Rescue units.

Congratulations to Gregory Robinson on achieving 15 years service medal and pin with MRNSW presented by Deputy Commissioner Alex Barrell. Photo: Michael Mannington, Community Photography

 Congratulations to Bruce Hale on achieving 15 years service medal and pin with MRNSW, presented by Deputy Commissioner Alex BarrellPhoto: Michael Mannington, Community Photography

Congratulations to Tertius Bezuidenhout and John Weaver on receiving their 5 year service pins presented by MRNSW's Deputy Commissioner Alex Barrell.


Tertius Bezuidenhout and Deputy Commissioner Alex BarrellPhoto: Michael Mannington, Community Photography

John Weaver and Deputy Commissioner Alex BarrellPhoto: Michael Mannington, Community Photography

Both members have not only contributed a large portion of their time volunteering with our Broken Bay unit, but helping our community keep safe and continually putting others first. Our members where lucky to have our Deputy Commissioner Alex Barrell (centre) available to present the awards. Thank you Gentlemen for your time and commitment.

Marine Rescue Broken Bay unit's new Competent Crew members David Calleja and Frank Costanzo were presented with their epaulettes.

Great work and thank you for your hard work to achieve your new rank.

David Calleja and Deputy Commissioner Alex BarrellPhoto: Michael Mannington, Community Photography

Frank Costanzo and Deputy Commissioner Alex BarrellPhoto: Michael Mannington, Community Photography

Jimmy Arteaga Unit Commander of Marine Rescue Broken Bay said:

''Thank you to all our 100 Broken Bay members who continually give up their time weekend after weekend, public holidays and miss those special family moments volunteering to keep our community safe by rescuing those in peril or providing assistance to ensure everyone gets back home to their loved ones. Your dedication and commitment to making sure everyone gets home safely is commendable.''

Deputy Commissioner Alex Barrell and Jimmy Arteaga. Unit Commander of Marine Rescue Broken Bay.  Photo: Michael Mannington, Community Photography

Soon after these awards were presented the Marine Rescue vessel BB30 was activated to assist a disabled 30ft sailing vessel 1n.m. off Warriewood Beach, Due to poor sea conditions the tow back to safe harbour in Pittwater would be slow, estimated return back to safe harbour was 1800. 

After a lumpy tow, BB30 rounded Barrenjoey Headland and made its way into Pittwater. The stricken vessel was towed to Scotland Island where it was be placed on its mooring. 

Great work by the BB30 crew - thank you for your service.

Rescued yacht being towed into Pittwater. Marine Rescue Broken Bay photo.

The rescue may one of several the Marine Rescue Broken Bay unit will be deployed to meet over the coming season and comes just days after Marine Rescue NSW Commissioner Stacey Tannos has urged boaters to be safer on the water at the 'Get Ready for Summer' media event hosted by the Minister for Police and Emergency Services on Wednesday December 1st, 2021 - the first day of Summer 2021-2022.


Front Pagers To Mark The Changing Timbres Of The Seasons

Petrophile pulchella, known as conesticks, is a common shrub of the family proteaceae found in eastern Australia. It is found growing on shallow sandstone soils, often in open forest or heathlands near the coast. It is also occasionally seen on the adjacent ranges.

Photo by Selena Griffith, January 18,  2021

Channel-Billed Cuckoos Fledglings 2021

Channel-billed Cuckoos (Scythrops novaehollandiae) have been particularly prolific this year and now their offspring can be seen in the trees - fortunately there seems to be around a gazillion Black Prince cicadas (Psaltoda plaga) to feed them.  A pair was seen in  Pittwater Spotted Gums at dusk on Monday January 18th 2021 being fed by a pair of Pied Currawongs (Strepera graculina). 

Everywhere you look at present there are fledgling birds and most that live on insects seem to be in twin numbers this year - why? Perhaps because there is an abundance of food for insectivorous birds or ??? ...

Marita Macrae (PNHA) tells us; 'This large cuckoo spends our colder months in northern Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia, returning south to breed, arriving in Sydney about the middle of September. A  lot of the racket they make is to distract their host birds from attending to their nest, so the female can quickly deposit an egg, or three.  Wattlebirds and Currawongs can raise a brood of their own in early spring before these cuckoos arrive, ensuring there will be future hosts. Come the middle of March, adult and juvenile cuckoos head for warmer climes once more.'

Photo by A J Guesdon, January 18, 2021.

Sunrise at North Turimetta Beach, February 2021 - photo by Joe Mills.
Turimetta View from North Narrabeen, April 2021 - photo by Joe Mills
Turimetta Sunrise. Photo by Joe Mills, April 21st, 2021
Pelican on the beach at Turimetta at Sunrise, May 18, 2021 - photo by Joe Mills
Turimetta Beach surfers and dolphins. Photo by Kevin Murray, June 2021. This Issue's Aquatics Feature shares some old and new photos of Turimetta + a little history.

Lucky To Live Here: July 2021

Lucky To Live Here: July 2021 by Margaret Woods, Adriaan van der Wallen, Suzanne Daly, Dave Murray, Selena Griffith, Joe Mills

Sunset in Ku-ring-gai Chase NP -  on the Topham Track, July 2021 - photo by Dave Murray
Waratah in bloom, August 2021  - photo by Selena Griffith - more in this week's Pictorial
This is one of the interesting characters of our local bush and wetlands, the Brush Turkey (male in pic). This one is pictured on top of his mound of leaf, soil and twig matter. During Spring (now) he works feverishly scaping all the loose matter around his mound, working backwards. He aims to impress and attract a female, have a bit of foreplay and get her to lay some eggs in the centre of the mound. Once that is completed, he solely looks after the mound, maintaining a constant temperature by scraping off the top or adding more to the top. After about a month the chicks are born and they are independent straight away. They look after themselves. An interesting bird. Not very shy, but do keep their distance from us humans. They roam all around our neighbourhoods, especially along creek reserves, and occasionally try to scrape our tan bark garden beds. I love them and their nesting abilities. - Photo and report by Joe Mills, eptember 2021

You know Summer is on the way when you find a Cicada Shell, October 2021 - photo by Selena Griffith

Spring Rain at Taylors Point, November 2021. AJG Pic.
Narrabeen Lagoon Reflections - First Day of Summer 2021, December 1st. Photo: Joe Mills