February 28 - March 5, 2016: Issue 253

Summer in Pittwater Reprise 2015/16

Summer's almost over Pittwater - we'll have beautiful days to come throughout what is sure to be a golden Autumn. Prior to shifting to there we'd like to brighten your week with some of the classics of a Pittwater Summer and thank you all for allowing us to share these great news stories of what this wonderful season in Pittwater is like - it's watery, it's breezy, it's social, it's community focused, thoughtful and based in a rich history carried forward and it's instilled with a beautiful environment that blooms week after week with timely gems.

 Summer in Pittwater: December 2015

Illawarra Flame Tree flowerings this week  - let's hope this is the only trees aflame we see this Summer - AJG Pic.

Sulphur-crested cockatoo - please fill up your bird baths and leave shallow drinking dishes in shade for our local birds during hot days this Summer.

 Pittwater Environmental Grants 

Pittwater High School's Project Green Sea Turtle Saltmarsh and Mangrove Focus, Pittwater Council's Coastal Dune Restoration and Improved Floodplain Management

Three investments in the future of Pittwater's Environment have been announced this week that will allow the continuation of works already underway as well as improve and restore what is already in place.

Details HERE

 The Stewart Towers On Barrenjoey Headland: Recovered at Last

 David Lyall, Geoff Searl and John Illingsworth at Avalon Beach Historical Meeting this week - A J Guesdon picture, 2015.

A few months ago Geoff Searl,  the President of Avalon Beach Historical Society, spoke about a then current project as we tramped through the bush on West Head looking for wildlflowers. He had been researching the Stewart Towers, the first lights atop Barrenjoey Headland for a while and, after securing a small grant to help cover some costs, was putting together a film shot by John Illingsworth on what they found. Part of this would be finding some sketches if possible and building a model of the Inner Tower (the one that faced Lion Island and the Hawkesbury River mouth), work which 2015 Maritime Medal recipient David Lyall then undertook.

On Tuesday December 1st, at the General Meeting for the Avalon Beach Historical Society, the efforts of Geoff, John and David were premiered to a full house and very appreciative audience in the Avalon Beach Bowling Club. Geoff's 5000 word document, catalouging his research was made accessible, Mr. Lyall had his model on display and Mr. Illingsworth's film was shown. 


Summer in Pittwater: December 2015

Whale Beach from Beauty Drive - 2.12.2015 

 Newport SLSC Hosts Round Two of 2015-2016 Surf Boat Premiership

 North Narrabeen flying at Newport Beach - A J Guesdon picture, 2015.

Newport Surf Club, hosted of Round Two of the Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Boat Premiership turned on some cool weather, perfect for rowing, and a few waves to make getting out to the cans a warming up exercise and coming back in a smooth flow, for those that caught a beneficial wave.

Saturday November 20th 2015 also saw the debut of a new teams from Newport in the women’s Under 23’s, from Warriewood, all 16 years old! – Team Dragon, and a new member Caitlin, join the former ‘Sweet Cheeks’ of Bilgola in the first row out for all of these crews.

One of the members of Newport's women's Under 23 is Zoe King, daughter of Michael King, ensuring rowing for Newport and keeping the spirit of local Surf Boat Carnivals persists into a great future.


 Newport Surf Club Women's Under 23's - the future looks bright for surf boat racing at Newport Surf Club.

 Palm Beach Sailing Club's Beware the Bullets Regatta 2015 Flyers On Pittwater

Day One of Palm Beach Sailing Club’s Beware the Bullets Regatta 2015 showed how popular this regatta is becoming with three classes, Hobie 16’s, F18’s and Wetas lining up off the Basin to commence races. Fliers and their sails coloured up the north end of the Pittwater estuary all Saturday afternoon with a good breeze make each round fast and competitive. 

With World Champions alike Rod and Kerry Waterhouse, Anthony Duchatel and Steve Schaffer among this year’s fleet of racers, seasoned sailors from the west, Foster and Woy Woy, including PBSC member Upu Kila, this year with niece Charmaine from New Guinea as crew, along with some of the best Youth sailors, watching Day One of this year's Beware the Bullets regatta had everyone's adrenaline up.


 Upu Kila with niece Charmaine - AJG picture

Chloe Doggy Parton Wins Best In Show at Avalon Market Day Dog Show 2015 

 Chloe Doggy Parton! - Picture by Adrian Boddy Photography, 2015

 The Dog Show as part of Avalon Market Day grows in popularity each year. Great fun for young and slightly older alike, this morning feature event commences the day long entertainments of great music and something for all and featuring local people, and their furry loved ones in this case.

There were more than a few rescue dogs amongst this year’s contestants and a few that were near the hundred years mark – in dog years!

The Programme consisted of Best Trick, Best Dressed, Best Rescue Dog. 

MC for the Dog Show was Pittwater gentleman David Koch, whom you can see on your television of a morning. Mr. Koch kept the crowd laughing with sharp repartee and stepped in when necessary to help some dogs respond to 'sit' when those gathered in the central crossroads were proving too much of a distraction. 

He remarked he couldn't wait to see the standard of tricks next year since such a high benchmark had been set in 2015...


 Avalon Dog Show Judges keeping very straight faces during the most serious task they were undertaking - Picture by Adrian Boddy Photography, 2015

 Pittwater Prefers to Remain Pittwater: Greater Pittwater Option Forwarded as Second Preference 

Pittwater Council has reaffirmed its preference for the status quo; however it will be submitting a second merger preference that, if supported by the State Government, could see the three councils on Sydney’s northern beaches merge to become two new local government entities.

At its meeting last night, Council re-affirmed its opposition to forced amalgamation of councils in New South Wales and its commitment to local government remaining local and ensuring local democracy. 

Pittwater Mayor Jacqueline Townsend said the resolution on merger preferences was possibly the hardest decision ever made by Pittwater Council.

“With the State Government looking like it’s pressing ahead with mergers, and our preference for the status quo rejected by IPART, we would be doing our community an injustice if we didn’t submit a further merger preference,” Cr Townsend said.

With that, Pittwater Council will submit a first preference to stand alone; a second preference to merge Pittwater with part of Warringah to achieve two councils on the northern beaches; and a third preference to also merge Pittwater with part of Warringah, that would achieve two councils in the SHOROC region. 

More HERE: Including Councillor Julie Hegarty's Address to November 16th Council Meeting and Local Democracy Rally Film featuring speech by Alan Jones AO in Martin Place on Wednesday November 18

Pittwater Community Arts 11th Art Exhibition and Sale: 2015

Mayor of Pittwater, Jacqueline Townsend with Pittwater Community Arts President Lorrie Morgan - AJG Pic.

The 11th Annual PCA Art Show and Sale was opened on Friday evening by Pittwater's Mayor, Cr. Townsned, who announced the 2015 Prize Winners and Honourable Mentions as judged by award winning artist Evert Ploeg .

Open today, last day for 2015 (Sunday November 22nd) at Avalon Recreation Centre from 9 a.m. until 5, with works ranging from $35 upwards – this is the perfect place to find something unique for someone special for Christmas or invest in a work that will give you pleasure way beyond price.


 Lovett Bay lady and gent – Antonia Hoddle (Exhibiting Artist) with husband Michael Kitching (Artist – Sculptor) on Friday evening

 Palm Beach Sailing Club's Christmas Sail 2015 Blessed with Great Winds

PBSC 2015 Christmas Celebrations Sail + Their 'Bah-Humbug!' Member - A J Guesdon picture

Palm Beach Sailing Club held their Christmas Sail and final event for 2015 off Sand Point, Palm Beach yesterday - a fun event for family, sailors young and not so young dress in their best Christmas gear and do a solid lap or two of the estuary.

This year the course was a loop of Scotland Island touching on all points in between and back to the beach: Sand Point, Gonsalves Pole(P), Lion Island(P), Gonsalves Pole(S), Stokes Point YRM(S), Treharne Cove YRM(P), Taylors Point YRM(S), Scotland Island(S), Stokes Point YRM(P), Gonsalves Pole(P), Sand Point.

Past Commodore Dick Clarke put on his very best 'Bah Humbug' expression but that only lasted until he hit the water and flew in yesterday's great breezes - which brings us to a bit of other humbugging. 

Apart from this now famous phrase being associated with one Scrooge in Dickens A Christmas Carol, who soon sweetens at Christmas time, some state 'humbug' originally was a nautical term;

American author and lawyer Richard Henry Dana, Jr. in his classic Two Years Before the Mast (1840), Chapter XII, refers to "humbugged" as a nautical phrase (three years before Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol was published).

"When there is danger or necessity, or when he is well used, no one can work faster than he; but the instant he feels that he is kept at work for nothing, or, as the nautical phrase is, 'humbugged,' no sloth could make less headway."

And again, in Chapter XXXIV, Dana writes, "For several days we lay 'humbugging about' in the horse latitudes, ..." (1)

Members met back at the clubhouse for a post-sail barbecue and review of the year. The younger members may have been making more 'sandballs' or practicing their trapezing on land, as they were on the beach a few hours before.

Club sailing now takes its Christmas break until January 16th while some members will be heading off to be part of the Australian Hobie 16 Titles Regatta.

If you want to jump aboard the fun visit the club website and get in touch and get sailing - you will love it!

See: www.pbsc.org.au and a few more pictures from this year's Christmas Fun Day HERE

 Warriewood SLSC Hosts Round 3 of Surf Boat Premiership 2015-2016

Warriewood SLSC Boat Crews on their beach - Saturday December 5th, 2015 - A J Guesdon picture

The level of skill and fitness shown in Warriewood's Round Three of the Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches 2015-16 Premiership held Saturday December 5th made for spectacular shoots, superb rowing and a few spills.

Officials ceased the proceedings for an hour as too much water was dumping on an empty bank at the bottom of the tide and cautioned all participants to exercise common sense when heats recommenced. 


Bilgola cools off at Warriewood Surf Boat Carnival

 Summer in Pittwater: December 2015

Australian Pelican - Landing on Pittwater at Sand Point, palm Beach 12.12.2015 - A J Guesdon Picture 

 Woronora - A Dutch-style Grand Banks Schooner 100’ – on Pittwater Saturday December 12th,2015. A J G Pictures

Royal Spoonbill in a Tree at Careel Creek this week.

The royal spoonbill (Platalea regia) also known as the black-billed spoonbill, occurs in intertidal flats and shallows of fresh and saltwater wetlands in Australia. They are 80 cm (31 in) tall, 74–81 cm (29–32 in) and have a weight of 1.4–2.07 kg (3.1–4.6 lb). Spoobills are wading birds and have long legs for walking through water. They eat fish, shellfish, crabs and amphibians, catching prey by making a side-to-side movement with its bill.

Humid summer Weather = Red Triangle Slug (Triboniophorus graeffei)

The red triangle slug, scientific name Triboniophorus graeffei, is a species of large air-breathing land slug, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Athoracophoridae, the leaf-veined slugs. This large (up to 15 cm), often colorful and striking-looking species is found in eastern Australia. It is Australia's largest native land slug. It is a common part of the fauna.

 Summer in Pittwater - Let's Do It Again!

Adrian Curlewis, circa 1930 

at Palm Beach - photo courtesy Philippa Poole - daughter of the 'Father of Surf Life Saving'

'During the 1930’s our family spent summer holidays at Palm Beach. This photo (above)of my father standing on his head followed him through life  - particularly later in life when his career moved on to the role of a dignified District Court Judge.'  - Philippa Poole, 2011

Adriaan van der Wallen, circa 2015

Adriaan grew up surfing at Palm Beach and seeing the likes of Nat Young and Miget Farrelly on the waves. 

'Later, moving to Avalon, and when I got better at surfing, watching Mick Dooley and many other great longboarders, it was great fun to try the tricks they did.'  - Adriaan van der Wallen, 2015

  Carols by the Sea 2015 - Hosted by Avalon Beach SLSC

Thousands of people made a spot on the green beside Avalon Beach for their children and themselves to enjoy wonderful traditional Christmas Carols led by the amazing Rock' n Soul Choir.

Opening with "Gloria in excelsis Deo"  and following this with "Silver Bells", "Hark the Herald Angels Sing", and "Mary's Boy Child", the choir invited every small adult who wanted to onstage to join them for the next, "Silent Night".

Then an element of the ".. 'n'Soul" practice was added with a great "Lifting Me Higher", a great old song originally sung by Jackie Wilson in 1967. The and soul part of the Rock' n Soul Choir gave the local audience a chance to hear a few numbers from some male members of the choir this year, The Ryders providing two songs, "I Swear" and, as a tribute t being beside the sea, a number made famous by the Beach Boys, "Barbara Ann".


 Bilgola Swim has Launched the Pittwater Ocean Swim Series 2015-2016: Four More Opportunities to Dive this Summer

Bilgola SLSC's Billy Swim 2015 - pictures by Bilgola SLSC Members 

Bilgola Surf Club opened the Pittwater Ocean Swim Series on Sunday 13 December, 2015. The club hosted a 1.5km, as well as a new 800m swim with a large amount of people entering both races despite a chilly start to the morning.

Bilgola’s ‘Blackmore’s Billy Swim’ is followed by the Pool to Peak at Newport Beach with an 800m swim and a 2kms swim on Sunday 3 January 2016. This is followed by the Avalon Ocean Swim on 17 January with a 1km Kids swim (but open to anyone), a 1.5km  swim and a 500m Dash for Cash Fin Swim.

The weekend after this, 24 January 2016, Mona Vale will have their popular 1.5 Kms swim from Warriewood Beach to Mona Vale and finally the Big Swim from Palm Beach (2.8Kms) will be held on Sunday 31 January


 NSW Premiers Award for Community Service Presented to Gary Cook at Newport Surf Club's Ocean Swim 2016

Deputy Mayor of Pittwater Kylie Ferguson with Gary Cook, Hon. Rob Stokes, MP for Pittwater and Hon. Bronwyn Bishop, MP for Mackellar - A J Guesdon photo.

Life Member of Newport Surf Club, Surf Life Saving News South Wales and Sydney Northern Beaches Surf Life Saving Gary Cook has begun his 55th year of service as part of the Newport Club in January 2016 - work he hopes to continue for many years yet.

On Sunday January 3rd his passion for surf life saving, along with numerous other activities he has done to build up our community, were recognised when Pittwater's MP, Hon. Rob Stokes presented him with a NSW Premier's Award for Community Service - the highest award the NSW Government may give to recognise an individuals works for others.

Full story HERE

 Summer 2016 Art Exhibitions in Avalon Beach Celebrate HSC Students and Established Artists Works

Harrison Power with 'Frothy Blue', 2015 - part of the Fresh Art Exhibition 

Today, Sunday January 10th, is the last chance to see Fresh Art - the great HSC Students works in the main hall at Avalon Recreation Centre, along with the the beautiful mixed media and photographs in the Two Sisters Exhibition by Lisa Wilkes Hunter and Melinda Moran and Simon Barlow's wonderful new works.
Doors are open from 10 a.m.

The launch of these exhibitions occurred on Sunday January 3rd where visitors and guests could talk to the artists and hear Speakers Jessica b Watson, selecting works in the Fresh Art for commendation and work of the show, and John Brabant's inspiring words in opening the Two Sisters exhibition.


 Two Sisters Exhibition: Moran, John Brabant and Lisa Wilkes-Hunter

 George Bass Surf Marathon 2016: Local Crews 'Rustiques' Masters Win 3rd - Long Reef Open Women Win 1st

The Rustiques - Day 7, at Eden - photo courtesy their support crew

Warriewood SLSC  Sweep - Russell Lamb,  Masters Women: Rowers – Louise Barnett, Alex Coates, Tanya Deer, Phillipa Lowe - Avalon Beach SLSC – Rowers – Kerry McEwan, Kate Munro, Beverley Tilbury, Donna Wishart. Support Crew – Phil Deer, Carl Quitzau. Leg 5 Winners - 3rd Overall in Masters Women.

The Rustiques - Leg 5 Winners

Northern Beaches surf boat crews have completed the gruelling 170 kilometre 2016 George Bass Marathon during some of the most challenging conditions ever experienced in this iconic race with two of the first four days forced onto inland waters due to dangerous seas and torrential rains.

Long Reef SLSC's Open Women's composite crew (with Moruya) finished 1st overall, while their Open Men's (Shady Tradies and Dem Apples crews combined) finished in a very respectable 4th. 

A crew combining Warriewood and Avalon Beach SLS Clubs, as the 'Rustiques', secured 3rd in the Masters Women. The Rustiques also won Leg 5 of the 2016 George Bass despite a southerly change that came though with 60kph winds and the girls capsising a kilometre offshore. They recovered to win in 2 hours 40mins.

Long Reef's Open Women's crew won 6 of the 7 legs. The one leg they lost occurred when they broke a rowlock - darn rowlock!

Full report of all 7 days and great pictures of the action, courtesy of George Bass media, HERE

Our wonderful sweep from Moruya and boat support Mick Weyman - 2016 George Bass winners!!!  photo courtesy Long Reef SLSC

Long Reef / Moruya Open women:  Kylie Ryder, Marnie Gordon, Sophie Lovett, Margaret Pearson, Jane Coppin, Ali Weyman (wife of Mick Weyman), Clare Immens, Nicole Cowdroy - swept by Brad Coppin.

 Jack Carter Cup 2016 – 20th Year 
Palm Beach SLSC Summer Events

 Palm Beach SLSC's Captain Alex Tyrell with Jack (Johnny) Carter and Palm Beach SLSC's MTM Michael Tuck

This iconic marathon iron(wo)man event celebrated its 20th year on Sunday January 3rd 2016.  It is named after Jack (Johnny) Carter – who has been a part of Palm Beach SLSC history for over 50 years as a beach inspector and as a swimming instructor. 

Jack (Johnny) Carter is currently teaching the third and fourth generation of some families how to swim at Palm Beach's Rock Pool.  In 2005 he was awarded an Order of Australia ‘For service to the community of Palm Beach as a swimming teacher and lifesaver.’


 Summer in Pittwater - January 2016

 The Pacific Club's 2016 Carnival in Rio Fundraiser for Palm Beach SLSC

 L to R: Edwina, Holly, Bridget, Tori and Holly - greeting Guests to Rio - Carnival Fundraiser for Palm Beach SLSC at the Pacific Club Saturday, January 16th, 2016 - A J Guesdon photo

Keeping the 'Fun' in Fundraiser has always proved to be a winning formula for the Ladies Committee and then the Pacific Club Ladies when that was established as a place for women supporters of Palm Beach SLSC. 

2016 marks the 79th year of these events and activities run through and around the Pacific Club. 

Within a month of officially opening on November 28th, 1937, one sentence appeared in a Newcastle newspaper indicating what has become one of the established Summer:
The new Pacific Club at Palm Beach will hold its first dance on Boxing NightSYDNEY JOTTINGS. (1937, December 22). Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) , p. 12. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article134990625 

Prior to this an annual Winter Ball in the city attracted 500 or more as a fundraiser. The emphasis at all these functions was on giving 110% into the planning and decorations and hosting - and each, reported in detail in social columns from the table decorations to the fashions worn or themes being celebrated, unsurprisingly, was a huge success that furthered future fundraising events. These dances of many themes in the 'ballroom' of the Pacific Club, as named in some reports, raised significant sums from the outset, supporting the Palm Beach SLSC Life Savers with everything from equipment purchase and maintenance to lifesavers wages, or furniture inside a clubhouse or any of the thousands of other works that need to be done so life savers may do their work.

 Pacific Club Organising Committee for Carnival Fundraiser for Palm Beach SLSC - A J Guesdon photo

Pictures taken this Issue - and Weekend

Looking for Avalon Beach SLSC Ocean Swim - Palm Beach SLSC Brats - Brutes - Bruisers Carnival or Pacific Club's January 2016 Carnival photos for your Family Albums?

They're in Pittwater Online News Photo Albums Website: - Albums named as above. Pittwater Online News Reports This + Issue 248

Avalon Beach SLSC Ocean Swim 2016 - Race one start - A J Guesdon picture 17.1.2016

 ShoreShocked Battle of the Bands Competition and Music Festival Opens Pittwater Council's 2016 Youth Events

Pittwater Youth Consultants Evan Yii and Josh Wijnen, along with headspace Brookvale’s Jess Lawson and Dan Brown and Andrew Marselos from Pittwater Council’s Youth & Families Community Team- A J Guesdon photo.

Pittwater Council is really stepping up to the mark regarding providing services and events for our younger residents this year, with plans for Mona Vale Skate Park announced in 2015 and Council selecting a preferred tenderer for construction of the Mona Vale Skate Park in December 2015. The skate park will cater for the interests, needs and safety of current and future generations of skate facility users including skateboard, BMX, scooter users and rollerskaters.

On December 15th, 2015, Pittwater Council launched the Pittwater Youth and Families community Facebook page, which is “An online space to find out about youth, events, programs, services, activities and opportunities in Pittwater.”

On Monday this week, January 11th, the Pittwater Youth Facebook page announced entries are open for the 2016 ShoreShocked Music Festival Battle of the Bands Competition (closes January 31st) and on Wednesday details about a ShoreShocked Beaches Album Cover Competition (closes February 5th) for those who like dabbling in painting or photography or many other mediums was opened. 

Youth Week (April 8-17, 2016) is set to be bigger and better in Pittwater this year too with Village Park at Mona Vale hosting all sorts of activities such as music, movies and an inflatable wave for great fun and yes, there will be another Skate Comp. this year which will actually comprise three Skate Comps across Manly, Warringah and Pittwater.


 Mona Vale SLSC Open Mens Surfboat Crews Winning Winning Winning 

 Mona Vale at Ocean Thunder 3 – photo by Jason McCawley.

 Mona Vale at Ocean Thunder 3 – photos by Surfboat Photography-Katie Rogers -wife of MV SLSC surfboat crew member Trent Rogers

Since before Christmas Mona Vale SLSC's Open Mens and Womens crews have been taking 1sts all over the place. On December 20th, 2015 the Mona Vale 'Dial Before you Dig' crew of David Schumacher, James Bezer and Jaxon Rudduck, Trent Rogers and Sweep Matt Collins were selected as the 2016 Australian representatives in the Trans -Tasman. 

Each year Surf Life Saving Australia and Surf Life Saving New Zealand select an open men’s and open women’s surf boat crew to represent each country respectively to compete in the annual Trans -Tasman Surf Boat Test Series.

This year’s event will be held as part of the ASRL Open on Saturday February 20th at Shellharbour. 

Two weeks ago, January 9, 2016, Mona Vale competed in Round 3 of the 2015/16 Ocean Thunder Surfboat Series held at Dee Why Beach, with the Dial Before You Dig crew taking 1st and 2nd being won by Boat Captain and Sweep Ryan Halangahu's Mona Vale Rocks Open Men's crew. The Mona Vale ladies, the Kone Elevator Open woman's crew, placed 3rd. 

Current Ocean Thunder titleholders Currumbin placed fourth in the final, their lead reduced to just one point from the 'Dial Before you Dig' crew with the final round to be decided at Dee Why on February 6.

Matthew Collins is the gentleman who, along with Kim Marsh, has been running Sweeps School and rowing schools all over the country since 2003.

Yesterday, Saturday January 23rd 2016, the Mona Vale Big Macs, Chris Reid, Mathew Chave, Ryan Halangahu, Samuel Wallrock and Nick Ellis,.won the Open Men at the Team Navy ASRL Manly Open!

Palm Beach SLSC took 2nd and 3rd was claimed by Queenscliff.

Today is also a pretty big day for Mona Vale SLSC with the 39th Don Jenkin Memorial Swim commencing from 10 a.m. from Warriewood Becah and finishing at Mona Vale. Those who haven't entered and want to be a part of this second last swim for the Pittwater Swim Series need to get to Warriewood to register from 8.30 a.m. and by 9.45 a.m.

Congratulations to the Open Women from North Cottesloe SLSC Westerfeld Engineering who won the Open Women final at Manly this year with South Curl Curl 2nd and Elouera in 3rd.

Avalon Beach SLSC's Pinkies Under 23 men qualified 1st for the NSW State Team at the Manly Carnival, the final NSW State Team Selection Event, and 1st for the Australian under 23 development team. 

Conditions at Manly were challenging leading organisers to cancel the Under 19 and Under 23 womens rows. Bilgola's beautiful Carol McManus boat sustained some serious damage, as did the sweeps oar - some indication of how difficult getting out, and then getting back in was. Fortunately everyone was ok.

Last Sunday Avalon Beach SLSC launched a new surfboat, named for Daryl Johnson, one of the club's long service members and long term boatie.  He was in the old boys Masters crew last year and part of the crew who won the Club’s first national surfboat championships in 1993 with Rick Millar, Michael Heathcote, Brent Walker, and Nathan Press in 1993 at Kurrawa. 

Avalon Beach SLSC's Ocean Swim 2016  is the Pictorial for Issue 248 celebrating that Summer is Surf Life Saving Club peak season and a great time to dive into one of the remaining Pittwater Ocean Swims.

 Mona Vale Big Macs win Manly 2016 - photo courtesy Team Navy ASRL

 Above: Avalon Beach Pinkies Under 23 men triumph at Manly Team Navy Boat Carnival 

Below: The Daryl Johnson!

 Australia Day 2016 

 Spotted at Palm Beach 23.1.2016 -  photo by A J Guesdon

Events in Pittwater to celebrate Australia Day this year include Breakfast by the Beach, supported by Pittwater Council with great food and drinks provided by the RFS, SES, Zonta, Rotary and the Lions Club. Newport Beach Surf Life Saving Club is hosting the thong-throwing event and there’s beach volleyball for the young and young at heart.

See Issue 248's: Park Bench Philosopher: Bert Payne Park, Newport: Named for A Man with Community Spirit - The site for the Australia Day Breakfast on the Beach Celebrations each year is in Bert Payne Park (Reserve) at Newport. Younger readers may wonder who the person honoured and even how this reserve came to be.

On the estuary Avalon Sailing Club hosts the 180th Australia Day Regatta, the world's oldest continuously conducted sailing regatta, on behalf of the Australia Day Regatta Management Committee. Owners of all yachts - including centreboard classes, one-design keelboats, gaff-rigged and classic yachts will be part of the regatta. 

The Royal Motor Yacht Club of Broken Bay (at Newport) members will be dressing their flotilla of vessels and themselves for the annual Parade of Sail. This will be preceded by a Brunch and followed by the announcement of the best dressed crew and boat plus some great music. 

If you're thinking of venturing into the harbour for the Ferryathon, Tall Ships race, Australia Day Harbour Parade, other components of the 180th Australia Day Regatta or even the Tug and Yacht Ballet (?!) ... these events and more are listed here and here 

 Palm Beach SLSC’s BBB’s Carnival 2016

Palm Beach SLSC Freshers Team 2015/2016

The annual Brats (Freshers), Brutes (Active Members) and Bruisers (Active Patrol and Masters Members) Carnival held by Palm Beach SLSC members is a chance for mature experienced and younger life savers to test the perimeters and parameters of the skills, wits, finesse and determination of each other. Although the teams are comprised mainly from age groups that indicate whether they are a Brat, Brute or Bruiser you will see a two year old mascot among the older representatives and a gent sporting frosting about the ears prepared to support the younger members as part of their efforts each year. 

When we asked Gordon Lang, Masters Captain, Open Carnival Organiser and Adrian Curlewis Twilight Masters Carnival organiser at Palmy ‘so, who won?’ during the week the initial response was, 

It was a good day – the winner is not important.’


Palm Beach SLSC Captain Alex Tyrell and Palm Beach SLSC President Kate MacDonald are leading a great team doing great things 

 Summer in Pittwater - January 2016

 The 6th Adrian Curlewis Twilight Masters Carnival: 2016 PB SLSC

                                 Above: Ian Curlewis with Pittwater Councillor for the Northern Ward, Bob Grace - A J Guesdon photo

Palm Beach Surf Club hosted the 6th annual Adrian Curlewis Twilight Masters Carnival on Saturday January 23rd, postponed from January 9th when atrocious weather made running a safe, clean water carnival unlikely.

The postponement and subsequent carnivals over the weekend leading into Australia Day, as well as the East Coast Masters commencing today (January 24th) at Collaroy SLSC were contributors to 10 clubs sending their apologies. 

There was still a healthy representation of Masters on the sand with members from North Steyne, Mona Vale, Narrabeen, Newport, Avalon and host club Palm Beach running a great quick carnival of swims, board, ski and sand sprint events.

Apart from standout performances the post event presentation talk by the Ian Curlewis, son of the gentleman the carnival is named to honour, gave an insight to visitors of the formation days of Palm Beach SLSC.

Results, pictures of some of the action and more as this Issue's Pictorial

Top: Christine Hopton, Avalon Beach SLSC, part of the winning Masters Team for Newport SLSC, making water into surf ski art

Above: Fi Rae Palm Beach SLSC Master member epitomising the fun this carnival is about

 Australia Day 2016 Breakfast at the Beach and Citizenship Ceremony 

Pittwater's Australia Day Ambassador for 2016,  Acting Commissioner Catherine Burn APM 

Bert Payne Reserve, Newport Beach attracted over a thousand residents on Tuesday January 26th for the annual Breakfast by the Beach provided by the joined teams of local volunteer organisations. Great food, good music, face painting and rides for youngsters, volleyball and games ensured those who came to relax enjoyed themselves.

A community affirming Citizenship Ceremony undertaken by people from every corner of the world was preceded by an inspirational Formal Address from Acting Commissioner Catherine  Burn APM.

The festivities were also a chance for the Pittwater Mayor Jacqueline Townsend to introduce the Pittwater Australia Day Award winners to the and applaud those who received Australia Day honours, Tamara Sloper Harding being awarded an OAM for her work for the people of Soibada and Timor Leste and Harvey Rose a posthumous OAM for all he had long inspired in Pittwater.

Acting Commissioner Catherine  Burn APM full Address, the list of Pittwater Award Winners, Nominees and Australia Day Honours 2016


Families looking for photographs of yesterday's festivities (26.1.2016) for their own family albums will find images to download at Pittwater Online News Photo Albums website here

Members of the Northern Beaches Zonta Club at Newport serving up breakfast. Tickets for the annual International Women's Day Breakfast at RPAYC are now on sale - details in Events and Community News pages

Palm Beach's Four Surf Boat Teams Representing NSW at Interstate's 2016

Photo by A J Guesdon.

On Friday Surf Life Saving New South Wales announced the 2016 Surf Boat Interstate Crews, stating, " Congratulations to the crews selected in the NSW Surfboat Interstate Team to compete on Friday 19 February at Shellharbour, NSW.

Big surf at Manly Carnival last weekend was the final decider for crews, with the Palmy Army claiming rep rights in all but two divisions. Palm Beach SLSC sweep Peter Spence will be a busy boy at Shellharbour on 19 February!"

Pittwater surf clubs surf boat teams comprise five of the six teams selected, with North Cronulla SLSC's Under 19's, the Purdies, winning the sixth spot. From Pittwater the Avalon Beach SLSC Pinkies will be State Representatives in the Men's Under 23's while Palm Beach SLSC's Under 23 Women, the Pumas,  Reserves, the Projects, Open Mens Pidgeons and Open Womens Patriots will be heading north in a few weeks time for the 2016 Interstate Surf Boat races.

We spoke to Peter Spence, Boat Captain at Palm Beach SLSC on Friday afternoon regarding the official announcement.

Results from Manly Team Navy ASRL 23-24 + Freshwater and more HERE

Avalon Quilters 2016 Show - Handmade Quilt Raffle Tickets Now Available

Avalon Quilters members with "Ladies Leaping at the Zebra Crossing".  

Avalon Quilters 2016 Show runs March 11-12 in the Uniting Church in Bellevue Avenue, Avalon. 

The Quilt for 2016 Raffle is now open, with all funds raised again going to support the vital work of the Quilters nominated chairty, the Australian Mitochondrial Foundation. Tickets for the 2016 Raffle Quilt are now on sale at Avalon Fabrics and Craft (in Amber Waves arcade) just $5 each. 

We popped into see the girls this week - pictured here with current works and the wonderful 2016 Raffle Quilt "Ladies Leaping at the Zebra Crossing", to find out who made this year's quilt and what else will be on display at this year's exhibition.  


Avalon Quilters Members with their beautiful handmade quilts.

 Summer in Pittwater - January 2016

 Cheese wheel tree, Glochidion ferdinandi, - Red arils may attract birds and spread the tree's seeds - Summer Fruits

 Painters Sky at Dawn, 27.1.2016

 North Avalon Surfriders 2016 Retro Comp. A Great Fun Blast from the Past

The North Avalon Surfriders Association (NASA) held their registration day on Friday, with 90 members signing up for another year of fun. Over the next few weeks new and long term members will bring this year’s membership up to the 150 mark. 

This doesn’t include all the support crew of course, the mums who ‘woman’ the BBQ at events, the dads on the sand doing board prep, the committee members who arrive first to set up and leave last after the pack up.

On Saturday morning they held their first event for the year, a Retro Surf Competition, with great prizes, including a Quicksilver replica board up for grabs. This was a flashback to surfing in the 1970’s with great music that had everyone grooving, brilliant surfing by Groms who made those old boards supplied do some pretty amazing things and added a fair amount of 70’s style antics, including ‘riding the nose’ and ‘sitting down on the job’!


 Summer in Pittwater - January 2016

 Tiny Saltwater Communities washed onto the beach this week.

 Sydney Northern Beaches Branch 2016  Carnival Shines A Light On All Ages

 Warriewood showing why everyone loves the boats!

Everyone loves the Branch Carnival each year - surf club members love all the clubs getting together on the one beach, they love that it's Masters and Open Champion Lifesavers one day and Juniors the next, the following weekend the Open Water and Sand Events are at one end while the Surf Boat family are taking up midships to do battle with the tide and sandbanks.

Some use it as a good lead into the Navy ASRL weekend, the States and the Aussies where they will be one team together, under one tent. Everyone wants to win this one though, or push themselves a little bit further this year than last year and once the race is run, handshakes all round, a hug or slap to the back, and in between - have a chat, play with your knee high ones and stretch out those muscles. 

Branch each year has a definite family feel to it, only it's the biggest family day and days out of the year, with thousands on the sand and in the water and scores of great officials backing them up tallying results, doing water safety, as starters, flag officials, judges,  or  doing whatever needs to be done, such as NSW SLS President Tony Haven OAM and Dr. Matt Giblin on the sand in the Boat Section yesterday, or in the case of SNB CEO Steve McInnes, saving people in trouble while packing up afterwards.

As SNB SLS reported earlier in the week;

"Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches CEO Steve McInnes was packing up the gear after the Masters carnival at Palm Beach on Saturday afternoon and ready to head home.

Next thing Steve knows, he’s rescuing two Japanese tourists.

Steve noticed a swimmer struggling in a strong rip which had formed near the Palm Beach pavilion. And then a second man, who had gone to his aid, also got into trouble. 

With all competitors having left the beach and the Palmy patrol some 400 metres south in the corner, Steve wasted little time stripping down to his shorts and hitting the water.

In the meantime, Marcial Nunura (Branch surf sports coordinator) made radio contact with an IRB crew retrieving cans, to get their assistance.

Steve, a patrolling member of Narrabeen Beach Surf Life Saving Club, got the first person back to the sand bank and then swam back to the other person keeping him afloat until the IRB arrived shortly after and took him to shore."

First on the beach, and last to leave, the team who put these events together should line up for a medal themselves.

Sydney Northern Beaches 2016 Branch Carnival is celebrated in a few photos as this Issue's Pictorial - we've put a Photo Album up for those who want a few pictures for their own albums HERE

 Steve McInnes and Peter Finch - Jet Ski Water Safety

Dr. Matthew Giblin and Tony Haven OAM 

Wendy and Sascha Taurins - Silver in the 2klm. Marathon 

Newport SLSC Members in the Open Iron Man - 'Newport, Newport, Manly, Newport, Newport, Newport...then Newport, Newport, Newport...  and Freshwater...Newport!' was the commentary for this event.

Jester Win Shoreshocked Pittwater Round: Off to the Festival They Go!

The winner of Pittwater Youth’s first ever Band Comp. is Jester. The Juicy Ones taking out the people’s choice!

This was a great night, a great way to launch Council’s Pittwater Youth Team with an amped up focus on ensuring there’s something for the young people of Pittwater to do, somewhere for them to go, and a brilliant way to ensure they get to have a say.

Six bands rocked out the old Mona Vale Hall on Friday night; Down For Tomorrow, Caravanõ, Little Coyote, Juicy Ones, Uncanny Decoy and Jester.


 Summer in Pittwater - February 2016

 Above: the reason Summer is noisy - Below: lots of young magpies around at present

 Australia Wins 2016 Trans Tasman Surfboat Title: NSW State Team Ties with WA for Interstate Championships 

 Above and Below: Avalon Beach SLSC's Pinkies are have an outstanding Season! Photos courtesy Team Navy ASRL

Pittwater's Mona Vale SLSC Open Men's 'Dial Before you Dig' crew of David Schumacher, James Bezer and Jaxon Rudduck, Trent Rogers and Sweep Matt Collins have succeeded in retaining the Trans Tasman International Surfboat Test Title for Australia.

For the first time, the series included Development Under 23 Squads of male and female crews. The Avalon Beach SLSC crew, the Pinkies; Sweep Nathan Wellings, Andrew Bright, Nick Sampson, Matt Mayall and Tom Curnow, winning all three of their races.

Open Women’s – Torquay SLSC and Open Men’s – Mona Vale SLSC with Australian team manager Brett Main and former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke at SLSA Jacket presentation - photo courtesy SLSA.

On Friday, February 19th, the Team Navy ASRL- SLSA Interstate Surfboat Championships were held, resulting in a tie between New South Wales and Western Australia with both finishing on 72 points.

Five out of the six New South Wales State Representative crews came from Pittwater - four from Palm Beach SLSC and the Avalon Beach SLSC Pinkies taking the Under 23's Division and helping out in the Relay to secure that race too.

The culmination of 29 events around Australia, the 2016 Team Navy Australian Open is the biggest stand-alone surf boat racing event in Australia and the one every surfboat team wants to do well at. 

Divisions of surf boat racing being contested at Shellharbour include Open Men, Open Women, Reserve Men, Reserve Women, Under 23 Men, Under 23 Women, Under 19 Men, Under 19 Women and Masters with finals to run today, Sunday 21st of February. Surfboat teams from Palm Beach, Warriewood, Bilgola, Newport, South Narrabeen, Collaroy, Long Reef and Manly are being hosted by Shellharbour SLSC.

The Pinkies are into the final heats today which will be streamed live from 9.30 a.m. at: livestream.com/asrl/asrlopen

We spoke to Nathan Wellings and some of his crew members late Saturday to congratulate them and hear how the first two days of their Team Navy ASRL Open championships were going.


NSW State Team 2016 for Interstates Championship - photo courtesy SLS NSW

 Under 19 Female crew Newport Sharknado in action day two Navy Australian Open - Photo courtesy Team Navy ASRL

 Inpatient Palliative Care Service for Mona Vale Hospital Announced

The Mona Vale Chamber of Commerce’s Fundraising dinner for the Mona Vale Hospital Auxiliary was a huge success on Friday, February 19th with all chairs taken, raising vital funds to support Mona Vale Hospital.  

The highlight of the evening was an announcement by the Hon. Rob Stokes, MP for Pittwater, that an Inpatient Palliative Care Service for Mona Vale Hospital will finally be realised.


 Summer in Pittwater - February 2016

Afternoon Sailing on the Pittwater Estuary viewed from among trees at Clareville - Photo by Paul Wheeler, 2016

Photos by Pittwater and all those who love her, 2015- 2016.