February 14 - 20, 2016: Issue 251

Sydney Northern Beaches Surf Life Saving Branch Carnival 2016:
 Juniors - Masters - Opens - Boats

Everyone loves the Branch Carnival each year - surf club members love all the clubs getting together on the one beach, they love that it's Masters and Open Champion Lifesavers one day and Juniors the next, the following weekend the Open Water and Sand Events are at one end while the Surf Boat family are taking up midships to do battle with the tide and sandbanks.

Some use it as a good lead into the Navy ASRL weekend, the States and the Aussies where they will be one team together, under one tent. Everyone wants to win this one though, or push themselves a little bit further this year than last year and once the race is run, handshakes all round, a hug or slap to the back, and in between - have a chat, play with your knee high ones and stretch out those muscles. 

Branch each year has a definite family feel to it, only it's the biggest family day and days out of the year, with thousands on the sand and in the water and scores of great officials backing them up tallying results, doing water safety, as starters, flag officials, judges,  or  doing whatever needs to be done, such as NSW SLS President Tony Haven OAM and Dr. Matt Giblin on the sand in the Boat Section yesterday, or in the case of SNB CEO Steve McInnes, saving people in trouble while packing up afterwards.

As SNB SLS reported earlier in the week;

"Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches CEO Steve McInnes was packing up the gear after the Masters carnival at Palm Beach on Saturday afternoon and ready to head home.

Next thing Steve knows, he’s rescuing two Japanese tourists.

Steve noticed a swimmer struggling in a strong rip which had formed near the Palm Beach pavilion. And then a second man, who had gone to his aid, also got into trouble. 

With all competitors having left the beach and the Palmy patrol some 400 metres south in the corner, Steve wasted little time stripping down to his shorts and hitting the water.

In the meantime, Marcial Nunura (Branch surf sports coordinator) made radio contact with an IRB crew retrieving cans, to get their assistance.

Steve, a patrolling member of Narrabeen Beach Surf Life Saving Club, got the first person back to the sand bank and then swam back to the other person keeping him afloat until the IRB arrived shortly after and took him to shore."

First on the beach, and last to leave, the team who put these events together should line up for a medal themselves.

Sydney Northern Beaches 2016 Branch Carnival is celebrated in a few photos as this Issue's Pictorial - we've put a Photo Album up for those who want a few pictures for their own albums HERE

CLUB                                      Opens     Masters     Juniors           Total         Place
MANLY                                      590             257         731               1578            1    
NEWPORT                               921             229         200               1350            2    
QUEENSCLIFF                         80             409            70                 559            3    
NORTH CURL CURL              175               90          279                544            4    
FRESHWATER                        215               79          211                505            5    
PALM BEACH                         105             387                                 492            6        
COLLAROY                              223              70           176                469            7    
MONA VALE                              31            154           104                289            8 
AVALON                                     14               78           158                250           9    
NORTH STEYNE                       90               58             52                200         10    
DEE WHY                                   25               98             34                157         11    
NARRABEEN                                                83                                    83         12    
WARRIEWOOD                            8               61               6                  75         13
NORTH NARRABEEN                 5                 4             40                  49         14
SOUTH CURL CURL                 21                 2             16                  39         15
BILGOLA                                        3                 5             18                 26          16    
LONG REEF                                21                 3                                  24          17    
WHALE BEACH                                             17                                 17           18    
SOUTH NARRABEEN                   1                6                                    7          19
BUNGAN                                         3                                                       3          20
                                                   2531           2090          2095           6716

  Steve McInnes and Peter Finch - Jet Ski Water Safety SNB SLS

 Dr. Matthew Giblin PBSLSC Sweep and SLS NSW President Tony Haven OAM 

Juniors: Sunday 7th February 2016

Masters: Saturday 6th of February, 2016

Opens: Saturday 13th February, 2016

SYDNEY NORTHERN BEACHES Branch OPEN Surf Lifesaving Carnival PALM BEACH February 2016
SWIM: Jay Furniss (Manly) Nathan Smith (Manly) Jackson Borg (Newport) Cooper Krenkels (Manly) Ejay Schaffer (Newport) Ben Blakeney (Freshwater)
SWIM TEAMS: Manly (14) Newport (22) Palm Bch (42)
OVER 24 SWIM: Nathan Smith (Manly) Tom Atkinson (Newport) Adriaan Van Der Wallen (Palm Bch)
IRONPERSON: Max Brooks (Newport) Jackson Borg (Newport) Jonah Beard (Newport) Jay Furniss (Manly) Chad Alston (Newport) Mitchell Trim (Newport)
TAPLIN: Newport A (Beard/Brooks/Brooks/Alston/Trim/Louis) Manly (Krenkels/Kelly/Speer/Smith/Furniss/Stone) Newport (Atkinson/Euers/Marr/Borg/Reid/Schaffer) Freshwater (Nicholas/Blakeney/Kirkby/Kirkby/Malm/Godoy) Newport (Smith/Halligan/McAlpine/Rees/Bell/Hargreaves) Queenscliff (Lai/Slennett/Ferreira/Selosse)
BOARD: Max Brooks (Newport) Nathan Smith (Manly) Jay Furniss (Manly) Harrison Stone (Manly) Mitchell Robert (Manly) Tin Kirkby (Freshwater)
BOARD RELAY: Manly (Furniss/Stone/Smith) Newport B (McAlpine/Rees/Marr) Newport C (Brooks/Atkinson/Rees) Newport A (Beard/Brooks/Borg) Freshwater (Kirkby/Kirkby/Malm) Manly B (Kelly/Roberts/Curtis)
BOARD RESCUE: Freshwater (Blakeney/Kirkby) Manly (Stone/Krenkels) Newport (Borg/Schaffer) Palm Bch (English/Van Der Wallen) Freshwater (Tomo/Weston) Nth Curl Curl (Hickey/Jones)
SKI: Mitchell Trim (Newport) Max Brooks (Newport) Sam Speer (Manly) Tom Atkinson (Newport) Jakob Hammond (Collaroy) Greg Armstrong (Collaroy)
DOUBLE SKI: Newport A (Trim/Alston) Freshwater A (T Kirkby/B Kirkby) Nth Curl Curl (Hoschke/Plunkett) Newport (Atkinson/Brooks) Nth Curl Curl (Henderson/Oakes) Freshwater B (Godoy/Malm)
MIXED DOUBLE SKI: Freshwater (Kirkby/Jander) Newport (Trim/Miller) Manly (Kristensen/Vieceli) Queenscliff (Lai/Duncan) Queenscliff (Slennett/Custance) Palm Bch (Van Der Wallen/Rae)
SKI RELAY: Newport B (Halligan/McAlpine/Marr) Nth Curl Curl (Henderson/Plunkett/Hoschke) Manly A (Kelly/Speer/Farrell) Freshwater (Kirkby/Marr/Crozier) Newport A (Brooks/Trim/Alston) Newport (Atkinson/Beard/Bell)
BELT RACE: Ben Blakeney (Freshwater) Adriaan Van Der Wallen (Palm Bch)
BEACH SPRINT: Dean Scarff (Collaroy) Michael Kember (Collaroy) Dan Grubac (Newport) Jett Van Der Wallen (Newport) Will Devries (Freshwater) Lachie MacMahon (Collaroy)
BEACH RELAY: Newport Collaroy Palm Bch Freshwater Collaroy Palm Bch
2KM RUN: Quentin Reeve (Palm Bch) Gilbert Olzmer (Queenscliff) Charles Luxford (Palm Bch) Jeremy English (Palm Bch) Matt Bell (Newport) Michael Jones (Nth Curl Curl)
FLAGS: Jake Lynch (Newport) Dean Scarff (Collaroy) Michael Kember (Collaroy) Tristan Conn (Newport) Alister Shields (Palm Bch) Josh Ferris (Palm Bch)
LIFESAVER RELAY: Newport A (Trim/Borg/Smith/Heaton/King/Brown/Brock/Brock/James) Newport B (Alston/Brooks/McAlpine/Marr/Emmerson/Howse/Collin/Gunns/Quinn) Manly A (Speer/Stone/Myall/Perry/Nicholas/Jnes/Butcher/Fletcher/Pannowitz) Manly B
(Kelly/Krenkels/Farrell/Miller/Walding/Walton/Wogers/Larson) Freshwater (Kirkby/Malm/Blakeney/Jander/Craddock/Walmsley/Donohue/Gillespie/Mouse)
CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Shannon Job 113 (Nth Steyne) Peter Euers 96.25 (Newport) Nick Warby 96 (Queenscliff) Guyren Smith 89.25 (Newport) Christian Justesen 87 (Newport)
FIRST AID: Manly 440 (Sita Mason/Aiden Baldwin) Freshwater 431 (Kelly Dobrow/Cheryl White) Dee Why A 399 (Adrienne Lowe/Allen Lakeman) Newport Yellow 304 (Peter Euers/Christian Justesen) Nth Narrabeen Black 287 (Matthew Murphy/Gordon Cockburn) Newport Maroon 277 (Jessica Steiner/Gemma Williamson)
PATROL COMPETITION: Nth Steyne 73.5 (Matthew Chapman/Deborah Foote/Kyra Jenkins/Shannon Job/Alexandra Patrick-Dunn/Courtney Sloan) Newport 50.05 (Nathan Doyle/Peter Euers/Christian Justesen/Kieran Menzies/Guyren Smith/Marvin Smith)

SWIM: Georgia Miller (Newport) Lara Moses (Newport) Naomi Scott (Manly) Madison Spencer (Newport) Phoebe Cater (Palm Bch)
SWIM TEAMS: Newport (12) Manly (24)
OVER 24 SWIM: Arielle Bird (Newport) Rachel Crerar (Manly)
Georgia Miller (Newport) Naomi Scott (Manly) Madison Spencer (Newport) Lara Moses (Newport) Tayla Tullett (Newport) Phoebe Savage (Newport)
TAPLIN: Newport A (Miller/Spencer/Moses) Manly A (Scott/Crerar/Sloan) Palm Bch (Rae/Davies/Cater) Manly C (Ward/Crerar/Myall) Newport B (Bird/Tullet/Heaton) Manly B (Crowley/Kristensen/Gurr)
BOARD: Rachel Crerar (Manly) Georgia Miller (Newport) Lara Moses (Newport) Grace Gurr (Manly) Olivia Heaton (Newport) Janice Quinn (Newport)
BOARD RELAY: Newport A (Miller/Moses/Heaton) Manly A (Gurr/R Crerar/L Crerar) Newport B (Wilcox/Tullett/Spencer) Newport C (Savage/Nichols/Spencer)
BOARD RESCUE: Newport (Miller/Moses) Newport (M Spencer/K Spencer) Manly (Crerar/Myall)
SKI: Rachel Crerar (Manly) Georgia Miller (Newport) Fiona Rae (Palm Bch) Eleanor Owen (Manly) Lara Moses (Newport) Phoebe Savage (Newport)
DOUBLE SKI: Newport (Miller/Spencer) Queenscliff (Duncan/Custance) Freshwater (Jander/Malm) Manly (Sloan/Kristensen)
SKI RELAY: Newport A (Moses/Miller/Spencer) Newport B (Quinn/Tonoli/Tullett) Manly B (Owen/De Carmejne/Crerar) Manly A (Crerar/Sloan/Kristensen)
2KM RUN: Phoebe Savage (Newport) Sita Mason (Manly) Phoebe McAlpine (Long Reef) Anna Hamilton (Palm Bch) Lucy Fletcher (Newport)
BEACH SPRINT: Sophie McGovern (Nth Curl Curl) Laticka Toombs (Collaroy) Ellie Maxton (Palm Bch) Chloe Platt (Newport) Amelia Suters (Collaroy) Kaitlyn Glanville (Nth Curl Curl)
BEACH RELAY: Nth Curl Curl Newport Palm Bch
FLAGS: Sophie McGovern (Nth Curl Curl) Alyssa Eveleigh (Collaroy) Bethany Pate (Newport) Laticka Toombs
(Collaroy) Isabel Andia (Nth Curl Curl Abbey Baker (Collaroy)
CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Clare Freakley 109.75 (Freshwater) Sita Mason 106.5 (Manly) Phoebe Savage 93.25 (Newport) Sarah Stambolieff 83.5 (Nth Narrabeen) Gemma Williamson 76 (Newport)

SWIM: Cooper Krenkels (Manly) Jackson Borg (Newport) Ejay Schaffer (Newport) Charlie Brooks (Newport) David Euers (Newport) Alex Malm (Freshwater)
SWIM TEAMS: Newport (10) Newport (26)
IRONPERSON: Jackson Borg (Newport) Charlie Brooks (Newport) David Euers (Newport) Ejay Shaffer (Newport) Harrison Stone (Manly) Jasper Damp (Mona Vale)
TAPLIN: Newport A (Brooks/Euers/Borg) Manly A (Krenkels/Stone/Farrell) Newport C (Hargreaves/Rees/Schaffer) Newport B (Marr/Hill/Boyce)
BOARD: Jackson Borg (Newport) Harrison Stone (Manly) Guy Rees (Newport) Blake Lovely (Manly) Callum Hargreaves (Newport) David Euers (Newport)
BOARD RELAY: Newport A (Rees/Borg/Brooks) Manly A (Lovely/Stone/Scott) Newport C (Hargreaves/Marr/Hill) Newport B (Schaffer/Boyce/Euers) Freshwater (Malm/Goehring/Doyle)
BOARD RESCUE: Manly (Stone/Krenkels) Newport (Schaffer/Borg)
SKI: Charlie Brooks (Newport) David Euers (Newport) Charlie Jormanainen (Collaroy) Alex Malm (Freshwater) Darcy Marr (Newport) Callum Hargreaves (Newport)
DOUBLE SKI: Newport (Brooks/Hargreaves) Newport (Marr/Euers) Newport (Boyce/Rees) Freshwater (Malm/Godoy) Manly (Stone/Jones)
SKI RELAY: Newport A (Borg/Euers/Brooks) Collaroy (Hammond/O’Shea/Schmidt) Newport C (Marr/Hill/Rees) Collaroy (Jormanainen/Oliver/Garland) Freshwater (Malm/Godoy/Vella) Newport B (Hargreaves/Schaffer/Boyce)
BEACH SPRINT: Jett Van Der Wallen (Newport) Jesse Bowyer (Collaroy) Jasper Damp (Mona Vale) Liam Goehring (Freshwater)
2KM RUN: Jackson Borg (Newport) Remy Hill (Newport) Kieran Casey (Nth Steyne) Hugh Grant (Bungan) Will Oliver (Collaroy) Thomas Garland (Collaroy)
FLAGS: Jesse Bowyer (Collaroy) Jett Van Der Wallen (Newport) Ben Hickey (Nth Curl Curl)
CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Jackson Borg 98.5 (Newport) Harry Hickey 88.5 (Nth Steyne) Matthew Chapman 86.25 (Nth Steyne) Kyle Wong 71.25 (Nth Steyne)
FIRST AID: Manly A 372 (Ruby Costello/Chris Ducklin) Freshwater 311 (Tahlia Dearden/Julia Baker) Nth Steyne 132 (Kyra Jenkins/Jessica Wait)

SWIM: Tayla Tullett (Newport) Bella Charlesworth (Collaroy) Gemma Nicholas (Newport) Teneal Brown (Newport)
SWIM TEAMS: Newport (10)
IRONPERSON: Tayla Tullet (Newport) Bronte Sloan (Manly) Eleanor Owen (Manly) Bella Charlesworth (Collaroy) Gemma Nicholas (Newport) Teneal Brown (Newport)
TAPLIN: Newport C (Heaton/S Wilcox/Tonoli) Manly (Sloan/McGrath/Sillar) Newport A (Nicholas/Tullett/Elliott) Newport B (Brown/Bellklem/Spencer) Collaroy (Bowyer/Yeates/Charlesworth)
BOARD: Tayla Tullett (Newport) Katie Spencer (Newport) Gemma Nicholas (Newport) Teneal Brown (Newport)
BOARD RELAY: Newport D (Wilcox/Heaton/Marr) Newport B (Quinn/Tonoli/Moran) Newport C (Bellklem/Spencer/Lerpiniere) Manly (Owen/Sloan/Sillar) Newport A (Brown/Tullett/Nicholas)
BOARD RESCUE: Newport (Tullett/Nicholas) Manly (Sloan/Owen) Newport (Brown/Spencer)
SKI: Bronte Sloan (Manly) Eleanor Owen (Manly) Hannah Yeates (Collaroy) Tayla Tullett (Newport) Sophie Elliott (Newport) Bella Charlesworth (Collaroy)
SKI RELAY: Newport B (S Wilcox/C Wilcox/Marr) Newport A (Tullett/Nichols/Elliott) Manly (Owen/Sloan/McGrath) Collaroy (Bowyer/Charlesworth/Yeates) Newport C (Blackley/Young/Moran) Newport D (Bellklem/Manning/Brown)
BEACH SPRINT: Amelia Suters (Collaroy) Kaitlyn Glanville (Nth Curl Curl)
BEACH RELAY: Nth Curl Curl
FLAGS: Kaitlyn Glanville (Nth Curl Curl)
CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Courtney Sloan 106 (Nth Steyne) Kyra Jenkins 90.75 (Nth Steyne) Alexandra Patrick-Dunn 87.75 (Nth Steyne)

 Joel Aitken (Queenscliff) Andrew Newling (Manly) Isaac Smith (Newport) Ben Blakeney (Freshwater) Matt Melhuish (Newport) Oscar Jones (Manly)
SWIM TEAMS: Newport (23) Freshwater (27) Manly (33) Long Reef (53)
TAPLIN: Newport A (Smith/McAlpine/Melhuish) Queenscliff (Aitken/Lai/Ferreira) Freshwater (Godoy/Vella/Blakeney) Manly B (Jones/Hughes/Newton) Newport B (Melhuish/Boyce/Alston) Manly A (Newling/Farrell/Van Haren)
IRONPERSON: Joel Aitken (Queenscliff) Ben Blakeney (Freshwater) Hugh McAlpine (Newport) Lochie Vella (Freshwater) Matt Melhuish (Newport) Oscar Jones (Manly)
BOARD: Joel Aitken (Queenscliff) Hugh McAlpine (Newport) Tristan Godoy (Freshwater) Adam Van Haren (Manly) Matt Melhuish (Newport) Lochie Vella (Freshwater)
BOARD RESCUE: Freshwater (Godoy/Blakeney) Manly (Jones/Van Haren) Manly (Wacher/Moon) Newport (Melhuish/Boyce) Queenscliff (Ferreira/Lai)
BOARD RELAY: Newport A (Melhuish/McAlpine/Smith) Freshwater (Godoy/Vella/Blakeney) Manly A (Jones/Newling/Van Haren) Queenscliff (Lai/Ferreira/Aitken) Newport B (Boyce/Kiernan/Alston) Freshwater B (Thomson/Doyle/Weston)
SKI: Jacob Hammond (Collaroy) Oscar Jones (Manly) Liam Farrell (Manly) Zac Lai (Queenscliff) Angus Schmidt (Collaroy) Hugh McAlpine (Newport)
SKI RELAY: Newport A (Smith/McAlpine/K Smith) Manly A (Jones/Farrell/Newton) Collaroy (Schmidt/Hammond/O’Shea) Newport B (Kiernan/Alston/Melhuish) Freshwater (Godoy/Vella/Doyle)
RESCUE TUBE: Ben Blakeney (Freshwater) Oscar Jones (Manly) Daniel Ferreira (Queenscliff) Zac Drysdale (Long Reef) Tristan Godoy (Freshwater)
BEACH SPRINT: Josh Tyrrell (Freshwater) Will Devries (Freshwater) Will Jefferies (Long Reef) Ethan Cradock (Freshwater) Jack Muston (Long Reef)
BEACH RELAY: Freshwater
2KM RUN: Finn O’Shea (Collaroy) Louis Alston (Newport)
FLAGS: Josh Tyrrell (Freshwater) Keelan Smith (Newport) Finn Kelleher (Queenscliff) Jack Muston (Long Reef) Will Jefferies (Long Reef) Ethan Cradock (Freshwater)
CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Jonathon Curulli 98.75 (Manly) Max Moon 85.75 (Manly) James Wacher 84.75 C/B (Manly) Christopher Curulli 84.75 C/B (Manly) Marvin Smith 79.25 (Newport) Keelan Smith 78.5 (Newport)
FIRST AID: Manly B 161 (Max Moon/James Wacher) Manly C 153 (Rebecca Murdoch/Nancy Notting) Manly A 144 (Jessica Egan/Georgia Warner)
PATROL COMPETITION: Manly 54.25 (Max Moon/James Wacher/Jonathon Curulli/Christopher Curulli)

SWIM: Naomi Scott (Manly) Olivia Heaton (Newport) Hannah Baldwin (Newport) Tilda Bellklemm (Newport) Tessa Houston (Manly) Sophia Sillar (Manly)
SWIM TEAMS: Newport A (16) Manly A (20) Newport B (42)
IRONPERSON: Naomi Scott (Manly) Isabella Ward (Manly) Tilda Bellklemm (Newport) Remi Krenkels (Manly) Olivia Heaton (Newport) Grace Gurr (Manly)
TAPLIN: Newport A (Heaton/Wilcox/Tonoli) Manly A (Scot/Gurr/Myles) Newport C (Manning/Wilcox/Moran) Newport B (Baldwin/Marr/Quinn) Manly B (Crowley/Houston/Ward) Freshwater (Jander/Douglas/Malm)
BOARD: Grace Gurr (Manly) Janice Quinn (Newport) Naomi Scott (Manly) Sam Wilcox (Newport) Olivia Heaton (Newport) Amber Moran (Newport)
BOARD RESCUE: Manly (Scott/Krenkels) Newport (Marr/Baldwin) Newport (Tonoli/Bellklemm) Manly (Ward/Gurr) Newport (Moran/Manning) Manly (Houston/Sillar)
BOARD RELAY: Newport A (Heaton/Marr/Wilcox) Manly A (Scott/Gurr/Ward) Manly B (Myall/Houston/Grout) Newport B (Quinn/Tonoli/Moran) Newport D (Manning/Young/Bellklem) Newport C (Lerpiniere/Wilcox/Baldwin)
SKI: Sophie Tonoli (Newport) Natalie Jander (Freshwater) Olivia Heaton (Newport) Remi Krenkels (Manly) Grace Gurr (Manly) Tilda Bellklem (Newport)
SKI RELAY: Manly B (Scott/Ward/Gurr) Manly A (Krenkels/Myall/Houston) Newport A (Quinn/Tonoli/Heaton) Freshwater (Jander/Malm/Douglas) Newport B (Wilcox/C Wilcox/Marr) Newport D (Blackley/Young/Bellklemm)
BEACH SPRINT: Sophie McGovern (Nth Curl Curl) Laticka Toombs (Collaroy) Bethany Pate (Newport) Alyssa Everleigh (Collaroy) Claudia Howlorth (Newport) Jordon Hunt (Mona Vale) Elise Glanville (Nth Curl Curl) Lily Belle Sullivan (Newport)
BEACH RELAY: Nth Curl Curl Newport
2KM RUN: Amber Moran (Newport) Emma Kalen (Dee Why) Lily Belle Sullivan (Newport)
FLAGS: Sophie McGovern (Nth Curl Curl) Laticka Toombs (Collaroy) Katie McGovern (Nth Curl Curl) Bethany Pate (Newport) Cortney Young (Newport) Elise Glanville (Nth Curl Curl)
CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Andrea Malm 101.75 (Freshwater) Jessica Wait 83 (Nth Steyne) Rebecca Murdoch 67 (Manly)

SWIM: Zach Morris (Manly) James Finn (Newport) Taylor Gabb (Newport) Ryan Singleton (Manly) Zane Tullett (Newport) Daniel Gabb (Newport)
SWIM TEAMS: Newport (17) Manly (20) Nth Curl Curl (44) Nth Steyne (55)
IRONPERSON: James Finn (Newport) Zach Morris (Manly) Ryan Singleton (Manly) Taylor Gabb (Newport) Harry Chilcott (Queenscliff) Ryan Pearson (Newport)
CAMERON RELAY: Newport (Finn/Gabb/Tullett/Pearson) Manly (Bedingfield/Cowan/Singleton/Morris) Nth Curl Curl (Dunford/Milner/Howell/Gurtata) Nth Steyne (Richardson/Cooper-Frater/Cowell/Muller)
BOARD: Ryan Singleton (Manly) James Finn (Newport) Taylor Gabb (Newport) Thomas Bedingfield (Manly) Hamish Cowan (Manly) ach Morris (Manly)
BOARD RESCUE: Manly (Morris/Singleton) Newport (T Gabb/Finn) Nth Curl Curl (Milner/Gurtata) Nth Curl Curl (King/Dunford) Newport (D Gabb/Warrener) Newport (Tullett/Pearson)
BOARD RELAY: Newport A (Finn/Gabb/Pearson) Manly (Bedingfield/Singleton/Morris) Nth Curl Curl A (Howell/Milner/King) Newport B (Gabb/Tullett/Warrener) Nth Curl Curl B (Prowse/Gurtata/Dunford) Nth Steyne (Richardson/Cooper-Frater/Jenkins)
RESCUE TUBE: Ryan Singleton (Manly) Declan King (Nth Curl Curl) Sam Howell (Nth Curl Curl) Greg Gurtata (Nth Curl Curl) Lewis Milner (Nth Curl Curl) Braden Newling (Manly)
BEACH SPRINT: Toby Newey (Newport) Reuben Sharma (Dee Why) Oscar Cowell (Nth Steyne) Ricky Charlston (Newport) Otto Prowse (Dee Why) Ewan Cooper-Frater (Nth Steyne) Ryan Singleton (Manly) Fraser Richardson (Nth Steyne)
BEACH RELAY: Nth Steyne Nth Curl Curl
2KM RUN: James Finn (Newport) Taylor Gab (Newport) Ryan Pearson (Newport)
FLAGS: Toby Newey (Newport) Reuben Sharma (Dee Why) Otto Prowse (Dee Why) Ricky Charlston (Newport) Ewan Cooper-Frater (Nth Steyne)
CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Joe Jenkins 87.25 (Nth Steyne) Oscar Cowell 86.25 (Nth Steyne) Ewan Cooper-Frater 80.75 (Nth Steyne) Matthew King 76.5 (Sth Curl Curl) Hamish Thorpe 61.5 (Manly)
FIRST AID: Newport 267 (Linda Leck/Lily Tancred) Manly A 187 (Jo Notting/Grace Underhill) Manly C 174 (Lauren Costello/Andie Thorpe) Manly E 156 (Jasmine Costello/Millie Wacher) Manly B 128 (Annabelle Gilbert/Charlie Rose Gilbert) Manly D 110 (Hamish Thorpe/Robin Evans)

SWIM: Jami Prowse (Nth Curl Curl) Madison Louw (Newport) Eliza Curll (Manly) Keely Allsop (Nth Curl Curl) Madison Ward (Manly) Georgie Singleton (Manly)
SWIM TEAMS: Manly (21) Nth Curl Curl (23) Newport (34)
IRONPERSON: Jami Prowse (Nth Curl Curl) Madison Louw (Newport) Amy Polikowski (Manly) Madison Ward (Manly) Vicki Cuthbert (Manly) Eliza Curll (Manly)
CAMERON RELAY: Nth Curl Curl (Prowse/Allsop/McCauley/Lovell) Manly A (Donoghue/Polikowski/Curll/Curtis) Newport (Smith/Louw/Lerpiniere/LeFevre) Manly B (Ward/Crawford/Cuthbert/Singleton)
BOARD: Madison Louw (Newport) Jami Prowse (Nth Curl Curl) Geordie Smith (Newport) Vicki Cuthbert (Manly) Amy Polikowski (Manly) Keely Allsop (Nth Curl Curl)
BOARD RESCUE: Nth Curl Curl A (Prowse/Allsop) Newport (Louw/Smith) Manly A (Curll/Singleton) Manly B (Cuthbert/Donoghue) Nth Curl Curl B (McCauley/Lovell) Manly C (Curtis/Crawford)
BOARD RELAY: Manly A (Ward/Curll/Polikowski) Newport A (Louw/Lerpiniere/Smith) Manly B (Curtis/Cuthbert/Donoghue) Nth Curl Curl A (McCauley/Prowse/Allsop) Newport B (LeFevre/Thornton/Taurins)
RESCUE TUBE: Jami Prowse (Nth Curl Curl) Madison Ward (Manly) Vicki Cuthbert (Manly) Georgia Singleton (Manly) Keely Allsop (Nth Curl Curl) Eliza Curll (Manly)
BEACH SPRINT: Ashleigh Dunford (Collaroy) Lily Marsters (Manly) Macy Carrothers (Avalon) Bailee Radford (Newport) Kailey Harlen (Queenscliff) Gemma Caldarola (Collaroy) Phoebe Curtis (Manly) Rose Richardson (Nth Steyne)
2KM RUN: Jemma Donohue (Manly) Sascha Taurins (Newport) Tasma Wooley (Nth Curl Curl) Darian Crawford (Manly)
FLAGS: Bailee Radford (Newport) Macy Carrothers (Avalon) Lily Marsters (Manly) Rose Richardson (Nth
CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Monique Curulli 98.25 (Manly) Geordie Smith 85.75 (Newport) Emily Thornton 61(Newport)

6 PERSON R&R: Freshwater Maroon (2) Freshwater White (7.10) Collaroy (9.94)
OPEN MIXED 5 PERSON R&R: Freshwater Maroon (5.86) Collaroy Black (8.32) Collaroy Red (10.5) Freshwater White (12.14)
OPEN WOMENS 5 PERSON R&R: Freshwater (5) Collaroy (6.56)
OPEN MENS 5 PERSON R&R: Freshwater (2)
UNDER 19 5 PERSON R&R: Collaroy Red (7.5) Collaroy Black (8.28) Freshwater (9.58)
UNDER 17 5 PERSON R&R: Collaroy (7.5)

OPEN: Collaroy Ladies (1) Collaroy Bears (1.01) Freshwater (3) Queenscliff (4) Warriewood (5) Manly (8) Palm Bch (27)
FINAL HANDICAP POINT SCORE: Freshwater Warriewood Queenscliff Manly Collaroy Bears Collaroy Ladies
PREMIERSHIP POINT SCORE: Collaroy Ladies Collaroy Bears Queenscliff Freshwater Manly Warriewood

 Wendy and Sascha Taurins - Silver in the 2klm. Marathon

Newport SLSC Members in the Open Iron Man - 'Newport, Newport, Manly, Newport, Newport, Newport...then Newport, Newport, Newport...  and Freshwater...Newport!' was the commentary for this event.

 Surf Boats: Saturday 13th February, 2016

OPEN MEN: Collaroy (Garricks) Mona Vale (Rocks) Palm Bch (Pigeons) Mona Vale (Big Macs) Bilgola (Gold) Palm Bch (Padlocks)
OPEN WOMEN: Collaroy (Gunners) Palm Bch (Patriots) Palm Bch (Pterodactyl) Sth Curl Curl (Straw Hats) Manly (Mighty Ducks) Bilgola (Gold)
RESERVES: Queenscliff (I saw her first) Palm Bch (Project) Manly (Boat People) Collaroy (Spiders) Palm Bch (Postmen) Manly (TransRex)
UNDER 23 MEN: Palm Bch (Pencils) Sth Curl Curl (Thunderbirds) Avalon Bch (Pinkies) Mona Vale (Rude Dudes) Palm Bch (Parallax) Sth Narrabeen (Speed Dealers)
UNDER 23 WOMEN: Palm Bch (Pumas) Collaroy (Cab Savs) Newport (Maddoggs) Palm Bch (Punchers) Nth Curl Curl (Little Miss Piggies) Avalon Bch (Avocados)
UNDER 19 MIXED: Palm Bch (Police) Sth Curl Curl (The Lamp) Collaroy (Fatties & Skinnies) Mona Vale (Junior Jugheads) Mona Vale (Junior Burgers) Sth Curl Curl (Slickers)
BOAT RELAY: Mona Vale A Collaroy Sth Curl Curl Mona Vale B Palm Bch

Collaroy: Gold in Open Mens and Womens 

Palm Beach: Gold in U19's - Bronze in Men and Silver and Bronze in Women's Opens 


 Warriewood showing why everyone loves the boats!

Pictures by Richard Cole, Lise Barry, Palm Beach SLSC, A J Guesdon, 2016.