October 10 - 16, 2021: Issue 513


Mona Vale Road Upgrade: October 2021 Pictorial Update

Although Pittwater Online hasn't run a Pictorial update on this project since February 2021 the Contractors have been hard at work and apart from a problem with runoff into Narrabeen's Creeks in July 2021, brought to the Council's and community attention through the great photography of Guy Finlay, has been referred to the EPA by Council.

In August 2021 it was announced that some changes to the design that it is hoped will provide good outcomes for the local community were open for feedback. The changes include relocating the shared path for cyclists and pedestrians, and extending the heavy vehicle arrester bed further up the slope to slow heavy vehicles down. 

''We expect the shared zone to be used by residents north of Mona Vale Road and west of Samuel St, and anyone wishing to access Lane Cove Road through the bush. Commuter cyclists and cycle groups are more likely to use the new 3m (approx.) wide shoulders to be constructed along Mona Vale Road between Manor Road and Daydream Street as observed along other sections of Mona Vale Road where wide shoulders have been provided. The realignment of the shared user path into the existing shared zone is to provide greater visibility for those who will use this route rather than be hidden between a noise wall and a fenced/vegetation border.'' it was stated

These changes are outlined in the Addendum Review of Environmental Factors (REF) (PDF, 18.6Mb) review or download a copy at: mona-vale-road-addendum-ref-08-2021.pdf  - dated August 4, 2021

July 2021 Project Update shows Retaining Walls and Noise Abatement walls have been installed. Since then the Contractors have progressed more works, including carrying out major stormwater and sewer works east of Ponderosa Parade, continuing excavating and stabilising the rock cuttings and removing excavated materials to the Western Early Work site. 

Western Early Work site, late September 2021

They have also continued relocating utilities along Mona Vale Road, started constructing the road pavement for the new westbound lanes, continued upgrading the existing road and cross drainage and stormwater systems, continued with the Samuel Street, Ponderosa Parade and Mona Vale Road intersection upgrade and commenced constructing the retaining wall on the southern side of Mona Vale Road between Boundary Street and Daydream Street.

The July 2021 Project update provides further insight on the Shared path:

As part of the Mona Vale Road East upgrade, Transport for NSW will build the shared path between Lane Cove Road East near Katandra Sanctuary and Foley Street.

The planned shared path will:

  • Go through bushland from Lane Cove Road East, just below the Katandra Bushland Sanctuary, to Walana Crescent
  • Travel along Walana Crescent, down Wallaby Circuit and through the Cemetery to Mona Vale Road
  • Travel along Mona Vale Road until Foley Street as planned.

The Project designers had planned to have the shared path running eastbound along Mona Vale Road between Lane Cove Road East and Walana Crescent. The new location of the shared path provides improved safety and amenity for cyclists and pedestrians.

The design change was developed in consultation with the Northern Beaches Council. Council will be constructing the shared path on Lane Cove Road from Manor Road to the Katandra Sanctuary. Please note following completion of works, shoulders will be constructed along the main alignment of Mona Vale Road in both directions.

Other modifications announced in the July 2021 Project update are about the Detention basin: ''We originally planned to build a stormwater detention basin on the northern side of Mona Vale Road, west of Laurel Road West. We’re changing the location of the detention basin to the southern side of Mona Vale Road near Ingleside Road. This will allow easier access for maintenance crews to the detention basin. We’ll landscape around the basin after it is constructed to help it blend into the surroundings.'' and an extension of 100 metres to the Heavy vehicle arrester bed. This will change where the entrance to the arrester bed is – it will now be 100 metres further up the slope.

The arrester bed provides space for heavy vehicles to stop safely in case of emergencies.

The design changes also include:

  • Installing a guard rail on Lane Cove Road East below the Katandra Bushland Sanctuary to improve safety
  • Relocating utilities along Samuel Street up to Fazzolari Avenue and on Foley Street until Jubilee Avenue
  • Installing drainage on Boundary Street.

They're also continuing earthworks along Mona Vale Road between Manor Road and Boundary Street to widen the road corridor. As part of this work they're landscaping the batters with sprayed seed mix (green covering) to stabilise the embankments while the native seeds in the sprayed seed mix germinate, constructing open drains to manage water and installing fauna fencing.

The NSW Government is upgrading Mona Vale Road from two lanes to four lanes between Terrey Hills and Mona Vale. The Mona Vale Road East upgrade includes 3.2 kilometres of Mona Vale Road between Manor Road, Ingleside, and Foley Street, Mona Vale.

Images run below of the works as seen in late September 2021, running from just past Pittwater RSL west and then those taken on the way home, running east.

Also Available:

To left hand side of road:

To right hand side heading west:

On left hand side heading west just past Manor road intersection:

Heading down hill past the Bahai Temple the first changes by the Mona Vale Road West works where excavated materials are being placed shows:

Through remaining tree avenue on way to Kimbriki:

Return journey (from Kimbriki):

Past Manor Road: