September 13 - 19, 2020: Issue 466


Mona Vale Road East Upgrade Project: Construction Update – September 2020

The NSW Government is investing $140 million to upgrade Mona Vale Road between Manor Road, Ingleside and Foley Street, Mona Vale, from two lanes to four lanes improving safety and traffic efficiency.

Work is well underway across the full 3.2 kilometre length of the project.

This update outlines our work from August to October 2020, weather permitting.

During the evolving coronavirus situation, to support industry and continue delivering critical infrastructure, the NSW Government introduced new rules allowing construction sites, including public infrastructure projects, to operate on weekends and public holidays. With the support of the local community our delivery partner Georgiou Group has been able to excavate a further 5,000 cubic metres of rock over the three weekends of continuous work in May and June.

Weekend closure of Mona Vale Road

The full road closure of Mona Vale Road was postponed due to wet weather in July and August. It was successfully carried out between Friday 21 August and Monday 24 August. The full closure allowed us to remove several large boulders next to the road as well as other rock faces along Mona Vale Road so we can continue with widening the road. During the closure, we transported excess spoil to our stockpile area near Tumburra Street, dug trenches for stormwater drainage lines and undertook other necessary work along Mona Vale Road.

Lane closures at the Mona Vale Road and Forest Way intersection were also implemented to slow traffic down to one lane as it passed the heavy vehicle advisory stop located east of the intersection. Heavy vehicles that had missed the messaging of the road closure were able to turn back to Forest Way to access Pittwater Road via Aumuna Road.

The removal of rock from the five cuttings will be finished progressively between late August 2020 and March 2021, weather permitting. 

Snapshot of works completed over the past few months

Manor Road to Mona Vale Cemetery

Activities in the coming months include:

  • ongoing rock breaking along Mona Vale Road at the rock cuttings
  • stabilising and landscaping the rock batters along the northern boundary of the project (parallel to the fauna fencing)
  • ongoing installation of the permanent fauna fencing along Mona Vale Road to protect fauna crossing the road
  • overhead and underground utility relocation work
  • continuing to install new stormwater drainage lines and drains
  • completing the retaining wall over Narrabeen Creek to the west of Lane Cove Road and building a retaining wall for the fauna underpass
  • constructing the foundations for the noise wall along Mona Vale Road eastbound (from near Boundary Street to near Daydream Street) and installing noise wall panels (partial installation by the end of 2020)
  • starting construction of the shared use path, road asphalt, kerb and gutters in the area east of the site compound.

Western Early Works

We will continue crushing rock during the day at the Western Early Works site. We are temporarily stockpiling the crushed rock in this area and will use it as road base and backfill material on the project.

Mona Vale Cemetery to Foley Street

Work between Mona Vale Cemetery and Foley Street started in September 2019. The main focus of work in this area is utilities investigations and relocations. Utilities work includes upgrading and relocating  stormwater, sewage and water mains, electricity and gas mains and telecommunications. Temporary traffic changes and pedestrian detours will be in place to safely guide people around our work in this area. 

Activities in the coming months include:

  • relocating underground and overhead utilities along both sides of Mona Vale Road, on Samuel Street, Ponderosa Parade and Foley Street
  • constructing the stormwater detention basin and drainage along the shoulder of Mona Vale Road from Samuel Street to the west of Emma Street
  • building new road surfaces westbound along Mona Vale Road
  • temporarily closing two bus stops on Samuel Street (closest to Mona Vale Road) to allow for work to be undertaken.

How will the work affect you?

Our utility and earthworks use a range of equipment, including excavators with rock hammers, rippers, tipper trucks, vacuum trucks, road saws, rollers, street sweepers, light vehicles and light towers. No rock  crushing takes place at night. During night work we aim to direct light away from residential properties and turn off equipment and vehicles when not in use. Sound mats are used where possible to reduce the noise from activities taking place within a confined area. Residents who may be heavily impacted by the out of hours work and are eligible for alternative accommodation will be notified 24 hours before the work.

Working hours - day

From Monday 4 May 2020, the NSW Government introduced new rules allowing construction sites, including public infrastructure projects, to operate on weekends and public holidays from 7am to 6pm.

This is expected to continue until September 2020. Any high noise generating work is not allowed a after 1pm on Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays unless we consult with the community and it is then approved by the Environment Protection Authority.

Working hours - night

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) approved a six-week trial period of working four nights a week. Under the trial, Georgiou Group will be required to conduct a community agreement review. Georgiou  Group will contact highly and moderately impacted residents again to seek their views on whether the agreement should continue. Working four nights a week allows us to complete a greater amount of work  each. It is expected that this will reduce the overall night work program for rock breaking by eight weeks.

The removal of rock from the five cuttings will be finished progressively between late August 2020 and March 2021, weather permitting.

The six week trial of working four nights a week was to commence Monday 13 July 2020 but was delayed due to wet weather and weekend work requiring extended respite. The trial is expected to begin Monday 7 September 2020. Night work at other locations, from the Mona Vale Cemetery to Foley Street, will continue to be carried out over three nights a week only.

For more information

If you have any enquiries, feedback or concerns, or would like to sign up for our emailing list, please:

Call: 1800 413 640 (24 hour number)

The Mona Vale Project team organises regular information stalls in Mona Vale shopping precinct. 

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