December 12, 2021 - January 22, 2022: Issue 522


Original Sales Pamphlets Of Scotland Island, Mona Vale, Great Mackerel Beach, Bungan, Offer Images Into Our Past – A Pittwater Summer Idyll

Coast view Newport, "View near Newport" -- handwritten in pencil on reverse, is Bungan Beach south headland circa 1900-1910. Image No.: a116494h courtesy the State Library of New South Wales.

There can be no doubt that being away from Pittwater causes a certain longing for that sense of home that’s restored as soon as we reach Foleys’ Hill and get that first whiff of salt air and see the ocean, a sense of home fulfilled as we come down into the valley and are surrounded by banks of green trees.

Our appetite to see our home as it was long before we were born is satisfied only by delving into History records and photographs. Rarely a week goes by without an email or phone call from those living from Manly to Palm Beach and beyond, with queries about history pages run as they relate to family records or those that depict old views of bays, communicate anecdotes, the first regattas, the first to build Summer homes, or those who realised their own Fields of Dreams. Thanks for the work being done to produce an ever expanding Historic insight into Pittwater through interlinking those records are also received on a weekly basis; although it should be noted that many people contribute or help out with these pages and Pittwater Online simply backs them up with the hard yards research by finding those exact dates in the records. Without the great work being done to digitise and make these available by the New South Wales State Archives collection, the State Library of NSW, the NSW Historical Land Records, the National Library of Australia and its great TROVE facility, along with all the other State Libraries of Australia, that research would take much longer. In fact, if it wasn’t for the ongoing commitment of our NSW state government to fund the work to make permanently available these records the appetite of our Readers, both young and older, for knowing more could not be met. 

This year, 2021, a choice was made to do a year of ‘filling in the gaps’ on a range of subjects, and naturally brought up several anniversaries simply because 1921 and those years on were all BIG years for Pittwater, for example;    

The completion of one of the larger ‘series’ was also made available during the Christmas-New Years break of 2020/2021 with the final in the ‘Street Names’ pages run culminating in ''Narrabeen''. The great range of subdivisions pamphlets and flyers made available through the State Library of NSW made that series possible. 

What has been so great about collating those threads are the insights into the people some of those streets were named for or by along with the photographs that were taken to support these land sales, especially those printed in the pamphlets issued to garner interest. These offer the sight of our home as it was then.

As so many of you love these old photos and will be diving deeper into enjoying the great outdoors of Pittwater itself during this Christmas-New Years break, this Issue there will be no mini-thesis or small book. A simple glance into what makes this place so special for all who came here marks our end of year celebration of Pittwater the beautiful. Some of these images have been enlarged to show you the details therein and are new to these pages.

The series that accompanies this is available in:

There is also an as yet uncompleted list of History insights in Photographers of early Pittwater list as well as:

We hope you have a wonderful time exploring these records and then step outside to stand on that ridge or beach or bush reserve and look in that same direction with the same breeze from the middle of the same season washing over your face, even if you are doing so 100 years or more later.

Scotland Island: 1906

Hardie & Gorman Pty. Ltd & Cantle, J. M & Dobbie, S. R & Smith, W. E. (1906). Scotland Island, Pittwater water frontage blocks, courtesy State Library of NSW - Scotland Island, Pittwater [cartographic material] : water frontage blocks / for auction sale on the island at 2.30 o'clock on Saturday, 10th November, 1906, Hardie & Gorman, auctioneers, 133 Pitt St. Author / Creator: Hardie & Gorman Pty. Ltd. Publisher:Sydney : W.E. Smith litho, 1906. Date:1906. Call Numbers:Z/M4 811.1459/1906/1

Messrs. Hardie and Gorman announce by advertisement particulars concerning the sale In- auction of Scotland Island, near Pittwater. The vendors' point out that the island is well adapted to residential purposes, that the soil is good, and that the subdivision has be in so arranged as to give a great depth to every purchase of a water frontage. Moreover, provision  will be made for children and families on portion of the water frontage which can be used for general recreation purposes.  The vendors further point out that the present motor bus service between Manly and Pittwater may eventually be replaced by an electric tram service.  THE COMMONWEALTH. (1906, November 3). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 13. Retrieved from 

PROPERTY SALES.  Messrs. Hardie and Gorman held a sale of Scotland Island Pittwater (in subdivision), on the Island on Saturday afternoon last. Several blocks were sold at from 20s to 25s per foot on the water frontages. It is proposed to hold a continuation sale of the remaining portions in the salerooms, 133 Pitt-street, on Wednesday next, for the convenience of those persons who could not attend the sale on Saturday last.  PROPERTY SALES. (1906, November 16). The Sydney Morning Herald(NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 9. Retrieved from 

Ye Banks And Braes Of Scotland Island, Pittwater.

Sydney : Hardie & Gorman, [1906]. Mitchell Library copy transferred from Pittwater subdivision plans P13/84. Online images available via the State Library of NSW at:; c05346

Scotland Island subdivision, Pittwater [cartographic material] / Hardy, Busby & Norman, Civil Engineers & Licensed Surveyors, R.P.A. PUBLISHER Sydney : Scotland Island Estates, 1924. Scotland Island subdivision, Pittwater [cartographic material] / Hardy, Busby & Norman, Civil Engineers & Licensed Surveyors, R.P.A. Additional notes: letter to Mrs. J. Spencer, from W. R. Hardy of Hardy, Busby & Tyson surveyors, describing a short history of the plan, available at: MA3 811.1459/1924/1. At courtesy State Library of NSW - shows position of tennis courst and Tennis wharf baths. 

Warringah Shire Council Meeting of April 7th, 1924 records:

Item 12. Hardy, Busby & Norman, re Scotland Island Subdivision and stating proposal to construct a pathway in Elvina crescent and a Tennis Court in Catherine Park : Resolved, - (Crs. Hewitt Campbell)'That the Council approve of the proposal. Item 13. Same. 24/3/24, re same Estate, and stating proposal to substitute sawn turpentine sheeting for galvanised wire mesh in baths to be constructed : Resolved, (Crs. Hewitt, Campbell) That the Council approve; --

1961 aerial shot of Tennis Court Wharf and Catherine Park 

Also available:   

This picturesque spot is one of the few privately owned islands in Australia. It lies just off Church Point, at the mouth of McCarr's Creek, Pittwater, an arm of Broken Bay. Not so many years ago the region was practically unknown even to the people of Sydney. Gradually, however, the popularity of the seaside resorts has accounted for the creeping out of weekend cottages and permanent habitations from Manly to Barrenjoey and around the foreshores of Broken Bay and the various inlets near the mouth of the Hawkesbury River. Even Scotland Island itself is now becoming a week-end resort. ON SCOTLAND ISLAND, PITTWATER. (1920, April 21). Sydney Mail (NSW : 1912 - 1938), p. 5. Retrieved from

Scotland Island, Newport, Pittwater, N.S.W.’, Henry King, Sydney, Australia, c. 1880-1900, courtesy Powerhouse Museum – Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS), Tyrell collection

Mona Vale & Surrounds 1907 - The Brock Estate Sales Brochure

The Brock Estate, The Most Beautiful Spot In New South Wales : Tourist Guide And Map Of The Manly To Pittwater District. 

Published 1907 - Mitchell Library copy transferred for Newport subdivision plans N5/99 Online images available via the State Library of NSW at:

Narrabeen, Star photo company image, circa 1900-1906. Item a116483h courtesy State Library of NSW

Newport from Bayview, ca. 1900-1910, Image No.: a4367004h, courtesy State Library of NSW.

Beaconsfield Street, Newport, Circa 1900 - 'Newport Road', ca. 1900-1910, courtesy State Library of NSW. Image No.: a116490h

Also available;

Bungan Beach

'Long Reef' - on the Pittwater-Manly road (is actually the view from Bushrangers Hill over Bungan Beach and towards Mona Vale). Henry King, Sydney, Australia, c. 1880-1900, courtesy MAAS

View From Bushranger’s Pt Near Newport Hill [NSW] c1920s. Vintage silver gelatin photograph, typed title on accompanying slip, Shows Bungan and Mona Vale Beaches. By NSW Government Printer (Aust., commenced 1842). Item #CL174-113 - Price (AUD): $1,250.00 - from Josef Lebovic Gallery - 'Cooinoo' is the house mid picture with 4 tents in its' backyard - to the far right of frame can be seen Brock's 'The Oaks' Mansion in its first version and prior to the fire of January 8th 1912 which gutted the main structure.


Ocean Spray Estate - Bungan Beach 1924. Grandview Parade, Bulgola Road, Beach Road - 'Newport Road' is Barrenjoey Road Item No.: c050400074  - from Newport Subdivisions folder, courtesy State Library of NSW - and enlarged sections from

AT 3.30 P.M.
FREE 'BUS SERVICE from NARRABEEN from 11 a.m. till 8 p.m. on DAY OF SALE.
BACKHOUSE and GOYDER, AUCTIONEERS, 88 Hunter-street, Sydney and 27 Sydney-road, Manly.
  Advertising (1924, December 17). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 22. Retrieved from

Mackerel Beach - 1920

Great Mackerel Beach Kuring-Gai Chase, Pittwater - Monash Av. and Ross Smith Crescent - 1920 showing those sold - Item No.: c053460063, and section from showing H. Daniell's bungalow, from Pittwater Subdivisions Album, courtesy State Library of NSW

Visit: Pittwater Roads II: Where The Streets Have Your Name - Great Mackerel Beach

Also available:

Great Mackarel Beach : Kuring-Gai Chase : The Balmoral Of Pittwater 

Sydney, N.S.W. : H. W. Horning & Co., 1920. Copy at Mitchell Library has book plate 'Presented to Mitchell Library by Horning & Co, Ltd'. Mitchell Library copy 2 at Q981.1/H1 transferred from Pittwater subdivision plans P13/85-85f. Online images available via the State Library of NSW at:

from Album Hood Collection part II : [Foreshores: Sydney Harbour, rivers, lakes and waterways; beaches] Circa 1920 - 1950 Photos 25-28. [Beach scenes, Pittwater ?] Images  No.: a230022h, a230023h and a230024h, Courtesy The Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW.