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Avalon Beach Public School: Some History For A 70th Birthday

Above: Motor cars driving along road, Avalon, New South Wales, 1930 Retrieved from - courtesy National Library of Australia - Avalon Public school will be built to the left of this image.

Buyers Interested in the Pride of Avalon Estate, Avalon, will be motored to Inspect it by Messrs. McLaughlin and Co., of 72 Pitt-street, city, the managing agents. This recently-opened subdivision is within the shelter of Avalon valley, handily situated to beach, swimming pool, golf course, and the calm waters of Careel Bay, on the other side of the Barrenjoey Peninsular. It Is just off the main road, and sheltered from boisterous winds, while its elevation affords fine views across the green plain which stretches from the ocean to Pittwater. This estate is being offered on easy terms, .which allow purchasers five years to pay. IN AVALON'S VALLEY (1929, March 15). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), , p. 3. Retrieved from 

Old Barrenjoey Road how named and when: Street Names Resolved (Crs Hope, Hitchcock) - That the deviations of Barrenjoey Road be called "Barrenjoey Road", and that the old road in the same section be called "Old Barrenjoey Road." 19/03/1928  from - Warringah Shire Council Minutes

AVALON -UNIQUE IN POSITION BEAUTIFUL SCENERY. The Estate is so well and beautifully located that you ore within a few minutes walk of the many and varied attractions which the Pride of Avalon Estate offers. They include the surf swimming pool, golf links, and store, on one side, whilst on the other, if calm water and beautiful scenery, fishing, and boating or yachting appeals to you, then you have ail these on the Glorious Pittwater, just exactly 6 minutes' walk from the Estate. This estate has proved so saleable that an early Inspection is advisable, because— Our Terms — From 5/’ Weekly HAVE PLACED IT WITHIN THE REACH OF ALL. Secure an interest in this beautiful part, which, though of easy access, is at the same time sufficiently secluded to give that degree of Isolation and freedom which Is so essential to the professional or business man seeking rest and recreation. ALL LOTS ABE .AS LEVEL AS A LAWN, AND READY FOR IMMEDIATE BUILDING, PRICES FROM £85 PER BLOCK. MOTOR INSPECTIONS ARRANGED 'DAILY. Representatives on the estate during weekends. Managing Agents, A. McLaughlin & Company BW6407 72 Pitt Street Local Agent : S. WICKHAM Store, AVALON Mona Vale 107 a. McLaughlin and coy.. 72 Pitt-street, City. Please forward me, free of  obligation, an Illustrated pamphlet, plan, and price list, of the Pride of Avalon Estate. Advertising (1929, March 1). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), , p. 2 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from 
Above: Avalon Beach General Store, Avalon Beach, New South Wales, 1930, Retrieved from - courtesy National Library of Australia
Avalon Public School has been celebrating the 70th anniversary of its official opening this week, May 26th, 1951, and today, May 30th, 2021, is holding the first 'Art on the Green' event, organised by parents and staff and supporters, in the Avalon Golf Club. Friends and family from outside APS are also welcome, so please extend this invitation to anyone you think would love to attend. There will be a mini market of ten local creative talents, coffee, hot chocolate, a bake sale and a musical artist playing for your entertainment throughout the morning.

For only $40 per canvas, grab your family or a group of friends, create a piece of art and have a laugh along the way. The AOTG team would like to thank their incredible sponsor Pinot & Picasso Newport for partnering with them. Cellar By Sea will be there selling hot beverages and Year 3 will be there with baked goods to warm you up! All proceeds from both will go to Avalon Public School.
Come and say hi!-. They would love to see you. Click on the link to purchase today:

To get you in the spirit of Avalon PS celebrations, the Pittwater Online history page on this great local school from 2016 has been reprised this Issue for your enjoyment.

As can be seen above, the sale of land in Avalon Beach began in earnest during the 1920's and was pursued throughout the 1930's through the promotion of Avalon Beach as a healthy and beautiful area by Arthur Jabez Small from 1921 and followed by others either in conjunction or independent of Mr. Small. A catchy phrase, revived by the Willbes Film Festival held at Avalon Bowling Club, first brought people to Avalon's green valley:

Cronulla was, Palm Beach is, and Avalon Beach will be. 

This is the catch slogan which has been adopted by the vendor of the Palmgrove Estate at Avalon, which is to be sold by Messrs. H. W. Horning and Co., on Boxing Day. Judging by the beautiful panoramic views which appear in an attractive booklet, and which also occupy a conspicuous position in Messrs. Horning and Co.'s windows, Martin-place, the scenery surrounding the estate must be exceptionally beautiful. Avalon is the new sea side resort between Newport and Palm Beach. The Palmgrove Estate is on the main Barrenjoey-road, and is right at the beach. The owner has evidently had the public good in mind, as the estate has been well planted with Ornamental shade trees, while a section of it known as the Palm Grove, has been presented as a park. This is a remarkable beauty spot, with a wealth of graceful palms, maidenhair, burrawang, and other ferns. The estate is in every respect a most attractive proposition to those looking  for week-end and holiday sites. REAL ESTATE NEWS. (1921, December 11). Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1930), p. 10. Retrieved from

UNIQUE BIT OF SIDNEY SCENERY A real jungle growth on the Palmgrove Estate, Avalon Beach, presented as a park. UNIQUE BIT OF SYDNEY SCENERY. (1921, December 18).Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1930), p. 10. Retrieved from

Keeping much of the original bush and trees intact formed part of the ethos, as demonstrated not only through Mr. Small's input into looking after The Basin but also through putting his money where his mouth is:

The ceremony took place beneath the giant Angophora (Red Gum) which is estimated to be 1,000 years old. In this native bushland, only one hour's run from the city, flora and fauna will find sanctuary for all time, thanks to the; enterprise of Mr. David G. Stead, the Wild Life Preservation Society and Mr. A. J. Small who released the land at a tithe of its value. THE OPENING CEREMONY, ANGOPHORAPARK, AVALON, 19th MARCH, 1938 (1938, April 6). Construction and Real Estate Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1930 - 1938), , p. 8. Retrieved from 

Another Contribution by A. J. Small
When the history of Avalon is written, one man's name in particular will be outstanding. It is that of Mr. A. J. Small. Not only has he given headlands and parklands to the people to preserve for them vantage points from which ocean views can be seen for all time, but he is still giving. 

His last act of graciousness was when he gave an area of seven acres of land at half value in order that the Wild Life Preservation Society could acquire its Angophora Park. Mr. Small also erected the fence and iron gates, made the approach, built the steps, and cleared the paths so that the giant Angophora (sometimes called Red Gum) which is said to be 1,000 years old and of immense girth, may be viewed in its natural surroundings. 

At the time of the opening (by Sir Phillip Street on March 19th) there was an improvised orchestra of birds — butcher birds, soldier birds, warblers, and jackasses, in fact a representative from practically all the feathered families — which came down to look curiously on the people who attended the opening and to contribute, to the scene. 

Afterwards, 100 invited guests accepted Mr. Small's hospitality to afternoon tea at the New Golf .House at Avalon. The fine golf course there has not a club. All visitors can play there on an equal footing, and in this respect it occupies a unique position among the metropolitan golf courses. The new building, illustrated herewith, is of white sandstone with buttressed corners. The internal walls are of brick. 

In the lower storey are locker and retiring rooms for golfers with hot and cold showers for both sexes. The upper walls are shingled and the roof is covered with semi' glazed brown tiles. It is mainly occupied by a large combined lounge and dining room about 60 feet in length. The flooring is of tallowwood designed for dancing. 

For log fires in winter, an open fireplace, framed in 9in. x 2in. briquettes, has been provided, with a hearth of 9 feet wide. Manchurian Ash of exceptional figure lines the lounge artistically furnished in autumn tints. The architect for the golf building was E. Lindsay Thompson, and F. C. Fripp, the builder. AVALON (1938, April 6). Construction and Real Estate Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1930 - 1938), , p. 8. Retrieved from 

Searle, E. W. Red gum, angophora lanceolata, Avalon, New South Wales, circa. 1935 Retrieved from 
Centre of New Reserve.
'Set aside by' the Wild Life Preservation Society of Australia, primarily for the preservation of a giant example of the Sydney red-gum (Angophora lanceolata), the Angophora Reserve, at Avalon, was officially opened on Saturday afternoon by Sir Philip Street. The president of the society (Mr. W. G. Kett) said the reserve was a memorial to the line work in the cause of science done by their secretary, Mr. D. G. Stead.

Sir Philip Street said that the society, in preserving this great tree as a natural monument and setting apart the area with its interesting fauna and flora, was rendering a public service. The magnificent angophora, on which many axemen must have cast covetous eyes, was. he had been told, about 1,000 years old.

Mr. Kett said that, in the reserve, which contained about six and a half acres, there were many varieties of Australian trees and shrubs, and it was also the rendezvous of some of the most beautiful Australian birds.

Other speakers were the president of Warringah Shire, Councillor Green, Messrs. R. T. Baker, and D. G. Stead.

The reserve is a fine example of Australian bush land, rising from a small valley to the top of a hill overlooking the coast and Broken Bay. About 150 persons attended Saturday's function. After the function, the visitors were entertained at afternoon tea by the society at the Avalon Golf House. ANCIENT RED GUM. (1938, March 21).The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 9. Retrieved from 

NEW GOLF HOUSE, AVALON GOLF COURSE Architect: E. Lindsay Thompson Builder: F. C. Fripp. 
NEW GOLF HOUSE, AVALON GOLF COURSE (1938, April 6). Construction and Real Estate Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1930 - 1938), , p. 8. Retrieved from 


We illustrate the lounge room of the new Golf House which was opened on Saturday, 19th March. NEW GOLF HOUSE, AVALON (1938, April 6).Construction and Real Estate Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1930 - 1938), , p. 6. Retrieved from 

Golf Links - Avalon Beach, Image No.: a1470004, from Album: Samuel Wood - postcard photonegatives of Avalon, Bilgola and Newport, circa. 1928, courtesy Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

First established in 1923, more insights into the Avalon Beach Golf Links are available in Avalon Beach Golf Links - Pittwater Fields of Dreams II

Australian National Archive records indicate numerous people who attained Australian citizenship during 1941 all settled at Avalon Beach. After the cessation of World War Two hostilities Avalon Beach was still an affordable place to live for the many newly married couples, and, having a [public transport system of sorts, meant people who moved here would be able to commute to work and, despite post-war shortages, managed to establish homes - even if these were simple sheds or converted garages until adequate building materials could be obtained. Those that could not immediately pitch a roof could always pitch a tent in the Avalon Camping Grounds (some for many years until this was closed in 1953) or in caravans installed on building lots.

With them came their children, with scores more born when couiples were reunited after serving in this conflict or as the result of post-war marriages. We don't have a 'baby boomers' generation term for no reason - there was a baby boom.

Some examples in one item published in the child's section of this newspaper, of a visitor's perspective during Summer in the Boxing Day edition:

AVALON: Avalon Beach has a camping area, with golden sandhills forming a background. It's a lovely place to picnic. There are grassy slopes to eat your lunch on, and there are slippery-dips, swings, monkey-bars and many other delightful things. The surf is beautiful, but if you prefer still water, you can swim in the rock baths. Nearly every weekend I go down to m our caravan and spend enjoyable days basking in the sunshine. If you like walking you can visit St. Michael's Cave. It has a small entrance  but a large interior. — Bruce Arbon, 497 Great North Road, Abbotsford. RAMBLER'S NOTEBOOK (1948, December 26). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), , p. 3 (SUPPLEMENT TO THE SUNDAY SUN AND GUARDIAN). Retrieved from

And this lady:

"Miraculous" is how Mrs. Preston, now of Avalon. N.S.W., describes the change in her mental and physical well-being after only ten weeks of taking a tiny daily dose of Kruschen.

READ MRS. PRESTON'S LETTER FOR YOURSELF "After living in London throughout the war and experiencing the horrors of both day and night bombing raids, which had an adverse effect on my health, there followed six years during which I suffered from insomnia and acute mental depression. At 31 years of age I felt completely worn out.

About ten weeks ago I began taking a tiny daily dose of Kruschen Salts and the only word which will adequately describe . the result is ' Miraculous ' I now sleep soundly, eat heartily, and feel wonderfully fit. I would never have believed it possible for my outlook on life to change so completely in so short a time ... no more gloom and misery, it will be Kruschen forever

Photo: Mrs. Preston finds the calm of living In a caravan at Avalon mighty different from wartime London. Feel different, too, thanks .to Kruschen.

Kruschen's skilful combination of six natural salts will stimulate liver and kidneys to function properly. Then the little daily dose" of Kruschen will keep you fit and well. Like Mrs. Preston you'll say "Kruschen forever."

TWO WAYS TO TAKE KRUSCHEN .in Medicinal Dose for rheumatism, gout, lumbago-a teaspoonful in a glass of _hot water, daily. The  Daily Dose"-as much as will cover a sixpence-is tasteless your morning cup of tea

Trial Size ..- 1/9 SALTS Large Economy 3/ . At Chemists and Stores The Tonic Effect of Kruschen Keeps Millions of Fit. GET THAT FAMOUS KRUSCHEN FEELING!
Advertising (1951, April 6). Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved  from 

Warringah Shire Council records from before this conflict, and after it, for years, are filled with residents petitions and letters requesting attention be paid to the roads, which were 'dangerous' according to most of these letters, and for attention to be paid to flooding, which was centralised close tot he beach and on the flat areas around Avalon Parade and adjoining the then still intact camping area.

Then, as more recently, many of this letters are inquiring why, with so many more homes and rates being paid, there is no corresponding indication of this being invested back into much needed infrastructure, or upgrades of roads. Petitions from Tasman Road, from the roads around Queens parade, from Careel Bay and roads around Avalon Parade indicate that between 1946 and 1950 there were many more people living here full time. The valley of Avalon had changed from being a holiday resort, visited by country and urban people alike at holiday times, to being a new suburb of a growing city with a growing populace of permanent residents.

So many people, and so many new children, meant Avalon Beach should have a school of its own. In 1948 more land had been resumed to expand Newport Public school but as there were more students than desk already, the then state government put in place its first steps towards establishing the same for those north of Newport:

IT is hereby notified and declared by His Excellency the Governor, acting with the advice of the Executive Council, that as much of the land described in the Schedule hereto as is Crown land is hereby appropriated, and so much of the said land as is private property is hereby resumed, under the Public Works Act, 1912, as amended, for the following public purpose, namely, a Public School at AVALON, and that the said land is vested in the Minister of Public Instruction as Constructing Authority on behalf of His Majesty the King.
Dated this seventeenth day of November, one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight.
J. NORTHCOTT, Governor. By His Excellency's Command
E. J. HEFFRON, Minister of Public Instruction.
The Schedule.
All that piece or parcel of land situate at Avalon, Shire of Warringah, parish of Narrabeen, county of Cumberland, and State of New South Wales, being lot 5 in deposited plan 11,462,—-having an area of 1 rood 5 ½ perches or thereabouts, and said to be in the possession of Terry Willis Petersen. NOTIFICATION OF RESUMPTION OF LAND UNDER THE PUBLIC WORKS ACT, 1912, AS AMENDED. (1948, December 3).Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 3248. Retrieved from 

Avalon Beach Public School - the Foundations, Picture courtesy Avalon Beach Historical Society

The first headmaster of Avalon Public School, Les McGuire, stands rather disconcertedly amongst the debris that would become the first playground and assembly area. The building was a ‘demountable’ and lay in parts in mud during some heavy rain in June and July until the weather cleared to enable construction. The telegraph poles behind the bulldozer mark the line of Old Barrenjoey Road - Geoff SearlABHS President. Picture courtesy Avalon Beach Historical Society.

1950: The first school building of Avalon Public School late in 1950 after 66 pupils from Newport Public School, who had travelled from all points north of Newport to get to school, became the first pupils of the new Avalon Public School. Doss McGuire, with the white hair, was the headmaster’s wife who taught Kindergarten to 3rd grade in one half of the building. Much-loved teacher Bonnie Kissen stands behind Doss wearing sunglasses. Geoff SearlABHS President. Picture courtesy Avalon Beach Historical Society.

In the May 1950 Warringah Shire records, along with usual requests to spend 'A Riding' rates in A riding, there appears this request to a council obviously experiencing post-war shortages too:

(10) Avalon Beach Progress Association, 4/5/50, asking the Council to urgently arrange kerbing and guttering adjacent to the new school to be opened within the next few weeks at the corner of Old Barrenjoey Road and Sanders Lane. Resolved, - The Association be informed that as the Council has such a long kerbing and guttering programme for this year, where it is urgently necessary for drainage purposes, it cannot give consideration to this request at present. (Cr. McKay) (11) Same, 4/5/502 informing Council that the Association is dissatisfied with the Council's apparent inability to provide  adequate maintenance, construction and drainage in the locality, Avalon that the majority of roads and footpaths are in a deplorable condition, and if necessary improvements cannot be carried out by the Council's staff, the construction work, if possible, be immediately let out by private contract; and contending that rates and services are on the increase without any apparent benefit to the ratepayers.  Council Resolved, - The Association be informed of the large amount of work to be done throughout the Shire, and that such work is held up owing to the acute position in regard to labour and materials.  - Warringah Shire Council records

A report dated May 30th, 1950 from the then council records indicates the safety of those driving on what were old sand and dirt roads within this growing suburb was negated again, while a June 1950 report explains why it floods around Avalon Parade when it rains. Known prior to the early 1920's development's as 'Priest's Flat, the area had been described as 'swampy flat lands' even though this provided good fodder for cattle and dairy farms prior to the changes becoming a holiday destination brought. Warringah Shire Council records show:

Reporting that the estimated cost of giving attention to Avalon, Careel Road and Marine Parade, North Avalon, is £800 regarding gravelling being necessary: Resolved, - That this work be listed for consideration in next years works programme. (Crs. McKay, Bayliss)

Local Government Department, 26/6/50, stating that  Avalon representations have been made to the Department by H. Thornhill concerning drainage in the vicinity of his property at Avalon  Parade, Avalon, and requesting to be supplied with the Council's comments thereon. Council Resolved, - That the Department be informed of the Engineer's report that these houses are built on a swampy flat taking all the stormwater from near hills during heavy rains, and that there is considerable flooding of the flat area. (Cr. Butcher) 

In July 1950:
(20) Education Department, 27/7/50, stating that the Department's school site at Avalon comprises Lots 2/13 and 27/30, that Lots 8/13 are separated from the balance of the site by a Avalon laneway 20ft. wide, and inquiring whether the Council would be School  prepared to agree to the closing of that portion of the laneway Site shown on the accompanying helio, and its incorporation in the school site in order that the Department's land might be 26. consolidated. Resolved, - That the Council do not agree to the request, owing to the fact that a dead-end would be created between Bellevue Avenue and Barrenjoey Road, and inconvenience would be caused to adjoining land owners. 

In August 1950:
8)Avalon Beach P & C Association, 4/8/50, requesting that the planting Association be supplied with trees for planting in the grounds of the school to be opened at Avalon in the very near future. 20 .Resolved, - The Association be informed that trees will be supplied, that they should be planted from 40 to 60 ft. apart, and the work done under the supervision of the Engineer. 

In September 1950:
20) Avalon Beach P. & C. Association, 1/9/50, inquiring as to the possibilities of hiring a grader and driver for a few hours to work on the grounds of the new school at Avalon Beach. 33. Resolved, - They be informed the trader will do this work as soon as the ground dries up, two attempts having already been made to carry out the work. (21) Warriewood Beach S.L.S. Club, 4/9/50, nominating for appointment as Beach Inspectors V. Waugh, O. Settler and R.C. Smith. Resolved, - That the Club be asked for particulars as to membership, names and addresses of its President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. (32) Avalon Beach Progress Association, 4/9/50, asking that the authorised work of kerbing and guttering the western side of Old Barrenjoey Road between Avalon Parade and Sanders Lane be treated as urgent.

The school was open for children and for evening classes prior to being officially opened by the then Minister for education Mr. R. J. Heffron - some newspaper accounts and records indicating that after the May 1950 school holidays, classes commenced:

Mr W. H. Nelson, Headmaster of the Coolongolook Public School, for the past two years, has had notice of his transfer to the Coopernook Public School; the transfer to take effect during the May vacation in about five weeks time.
Mr Nelson, a keen bowls enthusiast, will appreciate the better roads and shorter distance. Mr Les McGuire, Headmaster at Coopernook, has been transferred to Avalon where a new school building has just been erected. Personal Pars (1950, April 1). The Northern Champion (Taree, NSW : 1913 - 1954), , p. 2. Retrieved from 

When Mr and Mrs Les McGuire leave Coopernook shortly to take over the school at Avalon, near Sydney, they will carry with them the good Wishes of a host of friends on the Manning and Wallamba. Mr McGuire had charge of the school at Bohnock for some years, and then went to Coolongolook, and finally took over the Coopernook School last year. Both Mr and Mrs McGuire proved to be excellent citizens at each centre where they have resided. On Wednesday night next their friends will farewell them in the Coopernook Hall. Mr W. Nelson, from Coolongolook, will succeed Mr McGuire as headmaster of the Coopernook School.  Personal Pars (1950, May 27). The Northern Champion (Taree, NSW : 1913 - 1954), , p. 2. Retrieved from 

These boys from the Cleveland Street Public School showed their enthusiasm as they left the school yesterday to begin their May holidays. NO SCHOOL FOR A FORTNIGHT (1950, May 5). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 3. Retrieved from 

Mr W. H. Nelson  has moved from Coolongolook to Coopernook, where he has taken up duty as headmaster in succession to Mr. Les McGuire, who has been transferred to the school at Avalon Beach. Personal Pars (1950, August 12). The Northern Champion (Taree, NSW : 1913 - 1954), , p. 2. Retrieved from 

An evening college was quickly in place as well:


putting the finishing touches to the exhibition of arts and crafts which was officially opened at Avalon school yesterday by Mr. Richard Windeyer.The exhibition was organised by Mr. Arthur Murch, to raise funds for a lathe and pottery kiln for the school's evening college.  No title (1951, January 21). The Sunday Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1949 - 1953), , p. 12. Retrieved from 

On May 24th a letter of thanks was received:

Avalon Parents & Citizens Assoc., 24/5/51, expressing appreciation for the work done in Old Barrenjoey Road and Sanders Lane, Avalon, which has proved of benefit to the school children, and stating that the workmen showed great kindness to the children, and if possible, "we would like them to know that this was indeed a pleasure to see". "Received"

Avalon Beach Primary School was Officially opened Saturday May 26th, 1951

Cannot Build Schools Fast Enough
Schools could not be built  quickly enough to provide for Australia's increasing population, the Minister for Education, Mr. R. J. Heffron, said yesterday.
"Our school population is increasing by 20,000 every year," he said,
"The scope of our problems can be realised from the.fact that a new classroom and a new teacher are necessary for each 40 pupils."

Mr. Heffron was speaking at the opening of the Avalon Primary School.

He said the biggest difficulty in providing enough schools was the shortage of men and materials.

"We are spending £17 million on education in N.S.W. this year, but in view of our rapidly increasing [population this is not enough

"School building this year will cost £2 million alone."  Cannot Build Schools Fast Enough (1951, May 27). The Sunday Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1949 - 1953), , p. 4. Retrieved from 

From 1948 on, until years after the primary school opened, and still today, Avalon's community did all they could to support and further what was needed and taught at the school, with a few distinguished part-time teachers among those who offered educational classes at the little school:

Artist’s Advice On Art Show Work
Photo: The Organiser of the N.S.W. Division of the Arts Council (Mr. G. Horswell) and Mr. Arthur Murch, winner of the Archibald Prize for 1949, examining one of the entries in the ‘Newcastle Sun’ Children’s Art Show.
Mr. Arthur Murch, visiting painter and winner of the 1949 Archibald Prize, has some good advice for schoolchildren intending to enter this year's 'Newcastle Sun' Children's Art Show.
He says children should: 
Find a simple pattern of not more than five or«-six distinct parts and avoid complex structures. 
Not try for adult expression, but keep within the scope of their own experience. 
Not allow any over-keen desire for neatness in presentation to restrict the expression of their thoughts and brush 
Mr. Murch is particularly, qualified to offer advice, quite apart from the success he has achieved as an artist. In his class of children at Avalon Mr. Murch is seeking to inspire artistic perception unfettered by the rules and regulations of stereotyped painting.  
Mr. Murch today took time off from lecturing to school children at the exhibition of contemporary art in the Cultural Centre Hut to examine some of the entries which won distinction in 'The Newcastle Sun' Art Show over the past four years. He had a good word for most of the works and special praise for 15-year-old Joyce Keane's painting of 'At The Circus'— I like the clear definite statement.' he said; the more abstract 'Industry' of Robin Lakes and Beverley Lidbury's 'Our Town'— 'a good primitive landscape.' Altogether Mr. Murch feels that 'The Newcastle Sun' Children's Art Show is making an important contribution to the cultural life of the community. Artist's Advice On Art Show Work (1951, June 15). The Newcastle Sun (NSW : 1918 - 1954), , p. 3. Retrieved from 

Schools Celebrate Arbor Day In The Rain: Children’s Enthusiasm

By Our Special Representative.

'THE growing interest among school children in the planting and protection of trees was  demonstrated last Friday at Arbor Day ceremonies at public schools in seaside resorts  north of Sydney.

To celebrate Jubilee year and in support of the Festival of Trees special ceremonies had been arranged at Avalon, Newport and Mona Vale. These districts are well known surf and holiday resorts, but with increased building development they axe rapidly becoming suburban residential areas.

This part of our northern coastline is well endowed with trees and the undulating country sweeping down to the sea provides many picturesque vistas. With the change to suburbia., however, many of the tree clad hills are showing the effects of the axe and the five stick. As land is subdivided and building blocks cleared trees have to come down to make way for progress.

People Tree Conscious

A tour of the district last Friday during the school Arbor Day ceremonies revealed that many of the local public bodies and residents are tree conscious and are anxious to preserve as much as possible of the district's natural beauty.

The schools at Avalon, Newport and Mona Vale, therefore, received generous support in their tree planting programmes from their own parents and citizens' associations and other local organisations.

Be cause of continuous heavy rain Arbor Day was celebrated at the three schools with only token plantings of trees.

The extremely wet conditions, however, appeared to act as a spur to the enthusiasm of the youngsters and their parents and friends. Programmes of songs, physical culture exercises, verse speaking and tableaus were performed indoors or in the open in those few brief moments when the rain eased.

R.S.L. Support

The first ceremony was at Avalon, where the local sub-branch of the R.S.L. had provided the trees for a planting programme in the school grounds.

This is a comparatively new school. Only temporary buildings have been erected so far I and there is plenty of scope for tree planting in the four acres of grounds.

The headmaster, Mr. T. E. L. McGuire, explained that a master plan had been prepared on the advice of a nurseryman for laying out and planting the school grounds with trees and shrubs. The plan provides for windbreak and shade trees, an agricultural section and a properly equipped playground.

After the children had given several items short addresses on the value of trees and the need for their protection were delivered by Mrs. A. Wyatt, a vice-president of the Forestry Advisory Council and a member of the Kuring-gai' Tree Lovers' Civic League, and Mr. E. Breakwell, former organiser of Junior Farmers' Clubs, and representing the Australian Forest League.

Mr. Breakwell, who is well known throughout New South Wales for his work in the interests of school agriculture and tree planting, is now residing at Newport. He continues to take a moist active interest in the local schools and is particularly keen on the development of a tree consciousness among school children and the public generally.

LEFT (above): MR. BREAKWELL, former organiser of Junior Farmer Clubs throughout N.S.W. and representing the Australian Forest League, took a prominent part in the tree-planting ceremony at Avalon Public School, The headmaster, MR. T. E. L. McGUIRE, is also in the picture.

With due ceremony a Norfolk Island Pine, one of many to be planted on the southern boundary, was "planted" in a large pot indoors, while the children recited the tree warden's pledge. Schools Celebrate Arbor Day (Continued from page 8) Schools Celebrate Arbor Day In The Rain; Children's Enthusiasm (1951, July 6). The Land(Sydney, NSW : 1911 - 1954), , p. 8. Retrieved from

The above ceremony was followed by this letter to Warringah Shire Council:

Avalon Beach Progress Assoc. 5/7/51, stating the Association views with concern the devastation taking place to trees in the district, that it is proposed to publicise a campaign to "Spare the Trees", and requesting permission to erect a signboard in this regard at the junction of Old Barrenjoey, New Barrenjoey and Plateau Roads. Resolved,- That the desired permission be given. (Crs. McKay, Berry)

While within the community efforts were being made to not only secure green tracts of land and save trees, which were coming down by the score  as electricity wires and new homes sprang up, but to also try and save those who lived in and fed off those trees:

RESIDENTS of Palm Beach Peninsula are concerned about their colony of koalas—they have, or had, about 60. Some of them think they are in danger of losing them and are holding a meeting at Avalon Beach public school on August 14 to discuss means for their  preservation. There is, I understand, some difference of opinion, as to whether the koalas will continue to thrive on the Peninsula now that so many humans have taken to the spot.
Koalas are fastidious animals. There seems to be plenty of the right trees for them at Kuring-gai Chase, for instance, but to be on the safe side the Trust is planting another 3,000 trees for the koalas to feed on in the future. COLUMN 8 (1953, August 11). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 1. Retrieved from 

Believe koalas being stolen
SYDNEY (by teleprinter) — Palm Beach, Newport, and Avalon residents believe that koalas are being stolen from the bush near their homes. They have formed a vigilance committee to search taxis, cars, and utilities for stolen koalas. Avalon storekeeper W. J. McDonald, who called a meeting of local residents this week, said last night: 'More than 20 bears have been stolen recently. 'There are now fewer than 60 bears in this area.’ Believe koalas being stolen (1953, August 17). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved from

Above Photograph: 'Avalon - NSW - Koala bear in oak tree on lawn at Noah's house' - 652 Barrenjoey Rd. From album of Photographs taken by Jack Thwaites, largely in Tasmania. The images include bushwalking trips, wilderness scenery, flora and fauna, coastal scenery and historic buildings in Tasmania. Retrieved from and with thanks to the Archives Office of Tasmania - archival record No.: NS3195_1_2555


Sydney: A stormy public meeting at Avalon Beach School decided that local residents would arrest any-body seen taking koala bears from their peninsula. The chairman of the meeting (Mr. McDonald) said several residents from the Palm Beach. Avalon, Newport and Mona Vale areas (outer Sydney suburbs) gave evidence of people arriving in cars, taxis and utilities to take koalas from the peninsula.

"We've formed a protective committee. News of our campaign will be spread and any resident who sees a stranger taking away our koalas will immediately inform the protective committee." he said. "We'll arrest and hold these people ourselves until police action is taken." PROTECTION OF KOALAS (1953, August 18). Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 - 1954), , p. 4. Retrieved from

Mr. Mc Donald had strong views on what was good for the community and what was needed:
A blot on the city
May I congratulate you on your editorials during the past 12 months, and at the same time suggest one on the disgraceful lack of sewerage in many areas of Sydney. The  sanitary service is a blot on our supposedly modern city.
And here's another: How can Mr. Anthony, as Post master-General justify his action in changing Avalon Beach area, after 15 years, from automatic phones back to trunk phones. Is it Melbourne rubber stamp administration? The rubber stamp says that in a 15 miles radius of each capital city there shall be automatic phones and that outside that area shall be trunk lines
W. J. MCDONALD, -Avalon Beach.   LETTER FROM THE EDITOR'S MAILBAG (1953, November 22). Truth (Sydney, NSW : 1894 - 1954), , p. 62. Retrieved from 

And this should also be kept in this record since it began at Avalon Public School:
RESIDENTS of Avalon  Beach have formed a branch of the North Shore Flora and Fauna Protection Council and have 60 members.
They say there has been wanton destruction of the bushland and of wild birds and animals in the district.
Although the area is supposed to be a sanctuary for koalas many are taken and kept in captivity, and residents are determined to stop it. COLUMN 8 (1954, November 15). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 1. Retrieved from 

From 1950 through to at least the mid 1950's Avalon Beach experienced a 'building boom' of sorts, so much so that this item appeared as therewas another 'Avalon' then, not just the one famous for being a training flight area in Victoria during these decades, this one being closer to Tuncurry:

P.M..'s Department wrote that it had been suggested that the name of the Avalon Telephone Office be changed to Paff Hill Office. This is to avoid confusion with the Avalon Beach P.O. — Krambach Progress Association to be asked for its views. Many Letters To Shire Council (1950, August 19). The Northern Champion (Taree, NSW : 1913 - 1954), , p. 3. Retrieved from 

Construction listings point to a weekly list of new houses in both timber and brick being raised along with shops in the village, something that first began, past the initial tea rooms and recreation facilities built to attract and keep happy those who came for holidays - a sample of these:

Homes Are Dream For Housewives

MRS. ARTHUR MURCH with models of houses designed for modern living. (See story below).

MODELS of 24 ultra-modern Sydney homes-most of them giving the appearance of a bird poised for flight-will be exhibited at Avalon School from tomorrow to next Sunday.
They form one section of a display of architectural design, home planning and, interior decoration, arranged by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Murch, of Avalon, to raise funds for the Junior Craft Club and Parents' and Citizens' organisation.
Architects and designers showing models include Messrs. Harry Seidler, Peter Storey, Harold Smith, Frank Fox, and C. Baldwinson.
Mr. Fox, who is arranging the display, said all the models show accent on the new trend in functional design, economy of space, light and colour.
"In fact, from a womans point of view," he said, "they are a housewife's dream. Basic materials for the houses, as shown in model, are steel, concrete, copper, pine and glass. Many of the rooms are divided by plate glass to permit the entry of a maximum of light. The old bugaboo about sunlight drenching the colours in drapes has been banished by the modern designer,’ commented Mr. Fox.
Other sections in the exhibition will feature modern Swedish furniture, and handblocked fabrics for interior decoration. Homes Are Dream For Housewives. (1952, May 4). The Sunday Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1949 - 1953), p. 16. Retrieved from 

The irony of the above is Mrs. Murch stated in two published books,  R. Murch, Arthur Murch: An Artist's Life 1902-1989 (1997- Ruskin Rowe Press) and in Jan RobertsRemembering Avalon: Growing up in the 1940s & 50s, (2011- Ruskin Rowe Press) as stating that their own home in Palmgrove road Avalon was not alike those that formed this display to arise funds for the school.

Gloria (Ria) Mavis Murch (nee Counsell) and Arthur Murch moved to Avalon in 1947 where they would have wanted son John, born 1941, to go to school without too much travel, Newport being the closest primary and infant school then. Their daughter Michelle, born 1951, would have been extra impetus to have a school for resident children.

Their home in Palmgove, Block 394, was a 'shell of a house' according to the lady's record, where it took six months to lay floors and she was still hen managing without a kitchen or bathroom and scarce water supply. This was still paradise to Mrs. Murch though, they lived next to Angophora Reserve with all its stately trees and masses of bushflowers, year round.

AS will be obvious from the few sample articles run, Ria and her husband were investors in people and community - decades of anecdotes of her supporting local artists, in both their works and by her words, she was a renowned wordsmith, as well as doing the work itself enriched Avalon Beach, and many adjoining societal needs, throughout her life.

A few more instances of things for the community of a quickly growing resident population:

Avalon Beach Scouts are to have a Scout Hall built in Barrenjoey Rd., Avalon Beach, at a cost of £5,000. OPPORTUNITIES FOR BUSINESS (1953, November 18). Construction (Sydney, NSW : 1938 - 1954), , p. 9. Retrieved from 

Avalon. £32,000 will be the cost of a brick cinema theatre to be built in Old Barrenjoey Road for Avalon Theatres P/L.184 Wvndora Avenue. Harbord. by Comber Bros. OPPORTUNITIES FOR BUSINESS (1954, December 29). Construction (Sydney, NSW : 1938 - 1954), , p. 6. Retrieved from 

Three brick shops, costing £15,000 are to be erected in Avalon Pde., Avalon, by the Avalon Development Pty. Ltd., 8 Bond # St.,  Sydney.  - 1948 Avalon. A tim. dwg. to cost £5000 is to be erected in Avalon Pde. For Mr. K. A. Cameron. The builder is O. W. Casaly, 19 Highview Avenue, Queenscliff. Palm Beach. Messrs. F. L. & E. S. Verrills, Barrenjoey Rd., Palm Beach, are to erect a brick dwg. Costing £6000 in Pacific Rd. for H. M. Roffe. OPPORTUNITIES FOR BUSINESS (1954, May 19). Construction (Sydney, NSW : 1938 - 1954), , p. 9. Retrieved from 

The photograph below, and sections blown up from it, from then resident photographer Frank Hurley (at Loggon Rock Cabin - Whale Beach - built by Alexander Stewart Jolly) predates 1953, when the Avalon Beach Camping ground was closed, as this can still be seen behind the dunes. This image shows how many homes and holiday places were established during that time from the 1929 empty Priests Flat plains of 'boisterous winds' until 1953.

The first one below the main picture shows where the first school buildings were placed on whta we now know is a mch larger sie with many more structures, such as the two storey brick buildings that house the library

Hurley, Frank. (Avalon Beach & surroundings [Aerial views, Sydney, New South Wales] Retrieved from

PUPILS from Avalon Beach School will visit Newcastle on Monday. Their Headmaster (Mr. L. McGuire) will accompany them. They will go to Minmi by special bus to see an open-cut mine and have lunch at the R.H.P., where they will be taken on a two-hour conducted tour. They will return to Sydney by the Flyer. AROUND THE SCHOOLS (1952, December 4). Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954), , p. 7. Retrieved from 

Avalon Public School's Drama League will present a one-hour nativity play, "The Coventry," at the school's open-air theatre next Thursday at 7.30 p.m. The producer is Dennis Glenny, the school's voluntary drama teacher. NATIVITY PLAY (1953, December 19). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 12. Retrieved from 

More home, more people, more children meant the school needed to be extended:

IT is hereby notified and declared by His Excellency the Governor, acting with the advice of the Executive Council, that so much of the land described inthe Schedule hereto as is Crown land is hereby appropriated, and so much of the said land as is private property is hereby resumed, under the Public Works Act, 1912, as amended, for the following public purpose, namely, a Public School at AVALON, and that the said land is vested in the Minister of Public Instruction and Constructing Authority on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.
Dated this seventh day of April, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-four.
J. NORTHCOTT, Governor. By His Excellency's Command,
R. J. HEFFRON, Minister of Public Instruction.

The Schedule.
All that piece or parcel of land containing by admeasurement 13 ¼  perches be the same more or less situated in the county of Cumberland, parish of Narrabeen, Shire of Warringah at Avalon: Commencing on the north-western side of Barrenjoey-road at the south-eastern corner of lot 7, in deposited plan 11,462; and bounded thence on the southeast by Barrenjoey-road bearing 198 degrees 20 feet 0 1/8 inch on the south-west and north-west by lines bearing 286 degrees 182 feet and 16 degrees 20 feet and on the north-east by the south-western boundary of the aforesaid lot 7 bearing 16 degrees 182 feet 8 inches to the point of commencement.
NOTIFICATION OF RESUMPTION OF LAND UNDER THE PUBLIC WORKS ACT, 1912, AS AMENDED. (1954, April 30).Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 1294. Retrieved from 

This 'parcel of land' was owned by an E Stewart according to LPI maps. The works advertised for the school are also an indication of expansion and meeting required needs:

Avalon Public School—Fencing. TENDERS. (1954, September 24).Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 2911. Retrieved from 

Avalon Public School—Fencing.—  A. J. Williams, 32 Wellington Rd.,Auburn .(only tender), accepted at £365. TENDERS ACCEPTED OR RECEIVED (1954, November 17). Construction (Sydney, NSW : 1938 - 1954), , p. 30. Retrieved from 

And some youngsters from that year, some of whom you will still find in Avalon Beach:

Avalon Beach Public School 3rd Grade, 1954 - Photos courtesy Ron Turton and Geoff Searl OAM, Avalon Beach Historical Society - Geoff has named class members below:
More work being done:

Avalon Public School—Installation of Additional Electrical Services. TENDERS. (1955, July 15). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 1956. Retrieved from 

Avalon Telephone Exchange.—Supply and install two air-conditioning units.—Carrier Air Conditioning Ltd., 36-40 Bourke St.. Sydney, £3235.
Avalon. — Erect manproof fencing and gates.—Cyclone Co .of Aust. Ltd., Gipps St., Abbotsford, £6802, TENDERS ACCEPTED OR RECEIVED (1954, May 5). Construction (Sydney, NSW : 1938 - 1954), , p. 23. Retrieved from 

Avalon Public School—Double Timber-framed Classroom Building with Folding Partition and Extensions, Paving and Electricity.TENDERS. (1955, December 16).Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 3715. Retrieved from 

Even more families and more children meant more schoolrooms were required of course:

Avalon Public School, Primary Boys'—New classroom block, toilet block and septic tank. TENDERS (1960, November 25).Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 3762. Retrieved from 

23rd September, 1963
Avalon Public School—Stage III Buildings. (Bills of Quantities, £4 4s. each.) Department of Public Works—Tenders for Works (1963, August 30). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 2537. Retrieved from 

A bill of quantities (BOQ) is a document used in tendering in the construction industry in which materials, parts, and labor (and their costs) are itemized. It also (ideally) details the terms and conditions of the construction or repair contract and itemizes all work to enable a contractor to price the work for which he or she is bidding.

Right; Avalon Public School Assembly hall, circa 1960's - from DET History Archives

Avalon Public School—Stage III—Electrical Services. Department of Public Works—Tenders for Works (1963, November 8). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 3346. Retrieved from 

While all this was happening, up on the hill with one of the best views in Pittwater:
Sydney, 10th January, 1964.
IT is hereby notified for general information in accordance with the provisions of the 34th section of the Public Instruction Act jot 1880, as amended, that ithas been decided to establish a school on the Bilgola-Avalon Plateau to be known as BILGOLA HEIGHTS PUBLIC SCHOOL. E. WETHERELL, Minister for Education. NEW PUBLIC SCHOOL (1964, January 10). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 26. Retrieved from 

Avalon Public School—Grassing with Kikuyu Sods. Department of Public Works—Tenders for Works (1966, December 9). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 5014. Retrieved from 

Avalon Public School—Provision of Water Service.  Department of Public Works—Tenders for Works (1968, January 12). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 97. Retrieved from 

1969 and 1970: Painting -

Avalon Public School—Installation of fluorescent lighting.  Department of Public Works—Tenders for Works (1970, May 22). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 1906. Retrieved from 

Avalon Public School—Painting. Department of Public Works—Tenders for Works (1970, September 4). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 3560. Retrieved from 

As well as a concert or two in the school hall - this is obviously people who hired the hall in the Notice below, the Drum Corps, which leads the Vietnam Veterans - Northern each year, as well as a current great Wind Ensemble began during the early years of this school. Art, Dance as well as your three R's have always formed part of the school culture.

Concert van Syntagma Musicum in zaal '. Avalon Public School
SYDNEY, NSW — Op Zondagmiddag 23 Mei zal het uit 6 personen bestaande Nederlandse kamermuziek ensemble Syntagma Musicum om half 4 een concert geven in de 'Avalon Public School Assembly Hall' aan de Old Barrenjoey Road te Avalon. Het programma is getiteld 'Renaissance in May' en bestaat uit rpopulaire en religieuze Italiaanse. muziek uit de 14e en 15e eeuw. Stichter en dirigent van Syntagma Musicum, Kees Otterr. zal een en ander vertellen over de oude inst^umenten, die de groep bespeelt, en ook de muziek die gebracht wordt. Het . ensemble bestaat naast Kees Otten uit mevrouw Kippersluys. het echtpaar Leo Mellink, Maria Foot en Marius van Altena. Concert van Syntagma Musicum in zaal Avalon Public School (1971, May 14).Dutch Australian Weekly (Sydney, NSW : 1951 - 1993), , p. 9. Retrieved from 

Avalon Public School Drum Corps warming up for Vietnam Veterans Northern VVD March 2014 at Palm Beach ferry wharf (Pittwater Park)

More services needed at the school, and more land!:

Avalon Public School—Electrical services.  Department of Public Works—Tenders for Works (1973, October 12). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 4433. Retrieved from 


IT is hereby notified and declared by His Excellency the Governor, acting with the advice of the Executive Council, that so much of the land described in the Schedule hereto as is Crown land is hereby appropriated, and so much of the said land as is private property is hereby resumed, under the Public Works Act, 1912, as amended, for the following public purpose, namely a Public School at AVALON, and that the said land is vested in the Minister for Education as Constructing Authority on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.
Dated this fourth day of September, one thousand nine hundred and seventy-four.

by Deputation from His Excellency the Governor.
By His Excellency's Command,
E. A. WILLIS, Minister for Education.

The Schedule
All that piece or pared of land situated in the Parish of Narrabeen, County of Cumberland, commencing at the northwestern corner of lot 26, Deposited Plan 11462, and bounded thence by a line bearing 16 degrees 6.096 metres to the southwestern corner of lot 27, Deposited Plan 11462, and bounded thence by the southwestern boundary of that lot, bearing 106 degrees, 60.35 metres to the southeastern corner of that lot, and bounded thence by a line bearing 196 degrees, 6.096 metres to the northeastern corner of lot 26, Deposited Plan 11462, and bounded thence by the northeastern boundary of that lot, bearing 286 degrees, 60.35 metres, to the point of commencement.NOTIFICATION OF RESUMPTION OF LAND UNDER THE PUBLIC WORKS ACT, 1912, AS AMENDED (1974, October 4).Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 3912. Retrieved from 

Pittwater High School was too far away for all these Primary School students to travel to, and there were a growing number of them - once again something closer to home needed to be begun:

IT is hereby notified and declared by His Excellency the Governor, acting with the advice of the Executive Council, that so much of the land described in the Schedule hereto as is Crown land is hereby appropriated, and so much of the said land as is private property is hereby resumed, under the Public Works Act, 1912, as amended, for the following public purpose, namely, a High School at AVALON, and that the said land is vested in the Minister for Education as Constructing Authority on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.
Dated this twenty-second day of June, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-six.

A. R. CUTLER, Governor. By His Excellency's Command,
C. B. CUTLER, Minister for Education.

The Schedule
All that piece or parcel of land situate in the Shire of Warringah, parish of Narrabeen and county of Cumberland, being lots 1 and 2, section 4, Deposited Plan 13,811, and being also the whole of the land comprised in Certificates of Title, volume 9,994, folios 134 and 135,—having an area of 2 roods 11 perches or thereabouts and said to be in the possession of Avalon Developments Pty Ltd and Northbridge Constructions Pty Ltd. (399) NOTIFICATION OF RESUMPTION OF LAND UNDER THE PUBLIC WORKS ACT, 1912, AS AMENDED (1966, July 8).Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 2703. Retrieved from 

Fifty-five years ago this year:

Avalon High School—Stage I. (Bills of Quantity, $8 each.)  Department of Public Works—Tenders for Works (1966, October 28). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 4448. Retrieved from 

Avalon High School—Electrical Services. (Sub-contract.) Department of Public Works—Tenders for Works (1966, November 18). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 4713. Retrieved from 

And yet more land for the high school, now known as 'Barrenjoey':

IT is hereby notified and declared by His Excellency the Governor, acting with the advice of the Executive Council, that so much of the land described in the Schedule hereto as is crown land is hereby appropriated, and so much of the said land as is private property is hereby resumed, under the Public Works Act, 1912, as amended, for the following public purpose, namely a High School at AVALON, and that the said land is vested in the Minister for Education as Constructing Authority on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.
Dated this sixth day of December, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven.
A. R. CUTLER, Governor. By His Excellency's Command,
C. B. CUTLER, Minister for Education.

The Schedule
All that piece or parcel of land situated in the Shire of Warringah, Parish of Narrabeen and County of Cumberland, being lot 3, section 4, Deposited Plan 13811, containing an area of 1 rood 5 ¾  perches or thereabouts and said to be in the possession of the Department of Education.NOTIFICATION OF RESUMPTION OF LAND UNDER THE PUBLIC WORKS ACT, 1912, AS AMENDED (1967, December 22).Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), , p. 4846. Retrieved from

With a school motto of 'Respect, Responsibility, Personal Best', coming from a time and place where the environment was respected, the people who lived here respected, and everyone took some responsibility in giving to or building the community up, and all strove to do their own personal best, and that's all anyone can ask of anyone else.

Parents still fulfil roles in the school canteen with a regular roster that contributes thousands towards a very active P&C Association. The Department of Education is still providing thousands of dollars each year for everything from classroom resources to ipads for students to use.

Today Avalon Public school has grown to be home to five kindergarten classes, five Grade 1's and 1 1/2A's, five Grade 2 classes, five Grade 3 classes, three Grade 4 classes, and nine classes at Grade 5 and 6.
Outside Avalon Public School 2016 - muster point for ANZAC Day Marches.

A Few Extras

Spring Peeps Over the Horizon

The advent of spring is heralded by the sunshine glinting on the breakers and sands at Avalon Beach. Soon the water will be warm enough for surfing, and the places of this small boy and his dusky pets will be taken by a joyous multitude. ' It wont be long , now ' sums up the thoughts of this party of investigators.  Spring Peeps Over the Horizon (1938, August 31). Sydney Mail (NSW : 1912 - 1938), , p. 5. Retrieved from 


President of the committee which h organising the motor picnic to Avalon Beach on December 6 in aid of the Limbless Soldiers Appeal. A picnic hamper is to be given as the prize for q guessing competition during the afternoon and a treasure hunt is another of the entertainments planned. Members of the Middle Harbor Yacht Club have decided to 'desert the rudder for the steering wheel and give the picnic a helping hand. Cars will meet at the Soldiers Memorial, St. Leonards Park at 2, — Swiss Studios(photo). COUNTRY WEDDING (1929, November 12). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), , p. 23. Retrieved from 

Its Varied Attractions.
Of all the many beautiful beaches abounding within reach of a short car run from Sydney, surely there is none, which for sheer loveliness, can compare with Avalon. As one tops the rise above it on the road from New-port, the eye rests with delight on the exquisite picture that it forms. Backed by a dense growth of Angophoras and other native trees which clothe the hills behind it, the vale Itself lies green and restful, and leads the eye down to the golden crescent of the beach. Beyond the rugged grandeur of the rocky point at the far end of the beach, green headlands run out to meet the ocean, and it is within one of these that a cave of unusual formation Is to be found-the peculiarity of which is not observed from the out-side; but walk a little way into its dim re-cesses, then turn and look back, and you will see etched upon the brilliance of the blue water by the outline of the dark entrance rocks,' an almost perfect reproduction of the map of Australia.

But the most exquisite sight the writer ever beheld at Avalon was seen from the beach one night when the light of the moon fell across the waves at such an angle that the crest of every breaking billow was irradiated by H shimmering Luna-bow. All the tints and tones of a rainbow were there-but subdued, muted as it were, into an etherealised loveliness never to be forgotten by the beholder. THE VALE OF AVALON. (1934, April 7).The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 11. Retrieved from 

As a result of a promise by the Premier the Main Roads Commissioner (Mr. Newell) on Saturday conferred with objectors to the quarry opened by the Main Roads Department between Newport and Avalon, near Bilgola Beach It was pointed out that the quarry would spoil the beautiful scenic road. It was suggested that the department's operations should be transferred to the Shire Council's quarry.  Mr. Newell promised consideration of the request, and said he would give a decision as soon as possible. THE SUBURBS. (1935, April 2). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 6. Retrieved from 

Coogee and Newcastle Surf Clubs, who have maintained a close social spirit since 1916, held their annual reunion at Avalon Beach on Sunday. Fifty members of the Newcastle Club and 25 from Coogee Club made a happy departure from Coogee Clubhouse early on Sunday morning.
The renowned 'Coo Castle' Cup, which has been the medium of many stirring contests between the two clubs in past years, was again competed for, with success going to Coogee. The conditions of the cup are such that the losers hold it for 12 months, and the challengers must travel to the centre where the cup is held. The competitions held were two cricket matches and a surf relay race. Newcastle had an easy victory In the surf event, and was badly beaten in the cricket matches, and are the holders for 12 months.. . The surf relay teams comprlsod T. Mllgate (captain), G. Scott, H. Scott, D. Thomson, R. Hancock, B. Brownjohn. Coogee: S. Lorklng, K. Shelton, C. Devorage, L. Bedford, J. Canott, W. Asher.  SURFING Notes & News (1933, March 22).The Newcastle Sun (NSW : 1918 - 1954), , p. 2. Retrieved from 


Our picture was taken near Palm Beach, a near-Sydney surf resort. 
Plainly the car is a fine one; but the  human foreground is well up with it! Read as usual: 1st Villa Maria T.  L. Don McRae; Scouts Charles Rigley and Arthur Cooke. The boys were returning to the Avalon camp.  SCOUTING (1937, March 31). The World's News (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 1955), , p. 32. Retrieved from 

The camp shower was appreciated yesterday by bathers at the Avalon camping ground, where many holiday-makers spent the weekend.

Hair-setting, after a holiday week-end in the surf, was an important item in the toilet of girl campers at Avalon yesterday afternoon. And even the sergeant gave his help. 

COMPETITION RESULTS. (1940, January 2). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 10. Retrieved from 

The R.A.F. casualty list includes Pilot Officer S. M. Wickham, of Avalon Beach, New South Wales, and acting-Flight Lieutenant E. J. Heatherington, of Timaru, New Zealand. Both were, killed on active service. The sixteenth' casualty list contains 66 names. Details are :
Killed in action 5. NAZIS LOSE TWO 'PLANES IN RAID (1940, January 3). Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954), , p. 1. Retrieved from 

CORRESPONDENCE WAS DEALT WITH AS FOLLOWS:- (1) J. O'Brien, 29/9/50,drawing attention to the destruction Avalon and spoliation on the sand dunes at Avalon Beach, and the Beach Council's apparent intention to continue the construction of Central Road to the junction of Marine Parade and Tasman Road. 16.(Copy for each Councillor):Resolved, - that this matter be referred to the Works Committee.  - retrieved from Warringah Shore Council Meetings Minutes

LIKE Mark Twain's famous pre-demise 'obituary,' our recent reference to ex-Parramatta and Rugby Union international, Stan Wickham, as the 'late,' was 'somewhat premature.' Stan, of course (like Johnie Walker) is still going strong at his seaside home at Avalon Beach and, come January next, he'll be 80 years young. 
'Tell the folks in Parramatta that I'm feeling as fit as a fiddle,' said Stan', when I phoned him to apologise for having inadvertently written him off  this world's ledger. Stan, who was playing with Parramatta Rugby Union Football Club when the team temporarily folded up in 1884, is sad about the side's present eclipse. ''Tell the boys I'm open to an offer,' he cracked as we hung up. ROUNDABOUT (1955, August 17). The Cumberland Argus(Parramatta, NSW : 1950 - 1962), , p. 1. Retrieved from 

Second Red Cross Appeal Day
Beach Wraps Sold Well.
MRS. ALAN COPELAND was justifiably proud that the two dozen beach wraps she made for the Palm Beach, Whale Beach, Avalon, stall sold early in the morning. "They could have sold twice as many," she said. For Women. UNUSUAL MOUNTS: CHRISTENING (1940, December 7). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 9. Retrieved from 

EVERYONE seemed quite satisfied with the deal at the cracker card party held in the local hall at Avalon last night. Proceeds went to aid pretty brown-haired Judy Barraclough's candidature in the Miss Red Cross comp. She's 'Miss Avalon Beach.'  Women in War Work (1942, November 1).Truth (Sydney, NSW : 1894 - 1954), , p. 25. Retrieved from 

MR. and MRS. FRANK BALL left early this week to make their home in Melbourne, after returning from their honeymoon at Avalon Beach.
Mr. Ball is a pilot with T.A.A., and served in the R.A.A.F. during the war. Mrs. Ball was formerly Miss Rae Murchie, of Waverton. This Week In Town (1947, June 19). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 14. Retrieved from 

A site has been purchased by the Avalon Beach sub-branch of the R.S.S. & A.I.L.A. on which a clubhouse will be erected. Opportunities for Business (1948, June 23). Construction (Sydney, NSW : 1938 - 1954), , p. 5. Retrieved from 

Plans for the erection of a new clubhouse at Avalon Beach have been prepared and will go to the Warringah Shire Council for approval. Opportunities for Business (1948, September 29). Construction (Sydney, NSW : 1938 - 1954), , p. 6. Retrieved from 

BRIGHTEST spot of colour in town this week is the strange jumper worn by Sydney painter and sculptor, Arthur Murch. An exhibition of his paintings is at present showing at the Moreton Galleries, and he is staying with the director of the galleries, John Cooper. Reason f
or his visit to Brisbane? He is painting a portrait of one of our loveliest younger set members.On Thursday Murch will return to his Avalon home in what is known as the 'Mad Half Mile.' In and Out of Brisbane with Annette (1949, May 19). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954), , p. 8. Retrieved from 

Please note, Ria Murch states in her book,  R. Murch, Arthur Murch: An Artist's Life 1902-1989 (1997- Ruskin Rowe Press), that 'The Mad Half Mile' was in fact in Waterview Street, Mona Vale and a name given to that area by Sydney Ure Smith in his Australia, National Journal as part of an article run in 1945. 

"AUSTRALIA, NATIONAL JOURNAL" - Variety is the keynote of "Australia, National Journal." edited by Sydney Ure Smith and Gwen Morton Spencer. The May issue, just to hand, provides entertainment and interest on every page. The witty drawings by Wiz, Wall, Missingham, Molnar and others are evidence of the high standard of Australian humorous artists. Missingham sketches a gentleman "spook" carrying his head (blushing) under his arm who encounters a naked lady ghost. The caption reads, "Boy, was my face RED!"

Right: Michaelis, Margaret - circa 1945 - SYDNEY, C 1945. WWII OFFICIAL WAR ARTIST ARTHUR MURCH WITH HIS CAT. Image No.: P00933.005, courtesy Australian War Memorial.

Allan Aldous has a good short story about a couple who found a flat after endless searchings, only to be "chiselled" out of it by a cunning trick of another flat hungry couple, in "Other Woman," Charmian Clift convincingly shows how a philanderer is not cured of his fickleness by divorce and remarriage. Book reviews and digests of recent books keep one up to date with the latest writings; "Personality Parade" presents, in photographic and brief sketches, people in the news in Australia.

Despite hampering wartime paper restrictions this little mazagine is well presented. It reflects the best .side of Australian life, proving that our writers and artists can stand comparison with those from overseas. Published by Ure Smith Pty. Ltd., Sydney. "AUSTRALIA, NATIONAL JOURNAL" (1945, May 15). Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954), p. 7. Retrieved from

....That will be followed by a one-man exhibition of paintings by Mr. Arthur Murch, of Sydney, a foremost landscape artist, at one time chief assistant in the studio of the famous G. W. Lambert. ART SHOW TO STAY LONGER (1945, October 4). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954), , p. 2. Retrieved from

George Lambert and Arthur Murch at work on the sculpture "Recumbent warrior" - photo by Harold Cazneaux, 1920, courtesy National Library of Australia

Mr Arthur Murch, the Sydney artist, who has been staying with Mr and Mrs John Cooper at Clayfield, left by plane this morning to return to his home at Newport Beach. Mr Murch will return to Brisbane early in the New Year to carry out three portrait commissions. PERSONAL (1945, November 13). The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947), p. 3 (CITY FINAL LAST MINUTE NEWS). Retrieved from

The Murch family lived there from 1940 on in a house called 'Dellwood' and returned in 1945, noting that it had become a 'mecca for artists'.  Mrs. Murch states in Chapter 8, 'The Mad Half Mile, Avalon and Other Places' that a photograph taken by Margaret Michaelis for the magazine article from which the phrase comes shows all of them at this property. 

Another, circa 1945, from the Australian War Memorial archives (above at right) was also taken by the same lady with a description of 'SYDNEY, C 1945. WWII OFFICIAL WAR ARTIST ARTHUR MURCH WITH HIS CAT', so that may be 1945 Mona Vale in the background!

Ria states in the opening phrases of this chapter that although these houses had been largely empty in 1940, by 1945 artist Weaver Hawkins and family lived near by as did American Indian artist Raymond Glass, and writers such as poet John Thompson and his wife Pat whose adopted son is well known Jack Thompson, the actor.

The Murch family, Arthur, Ria, son and daughter John and Michelle.

Some other Avalon people of this era - some who came for holidays and some who came to stay, and some who are 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations of earliest Pittwater settling families, such as the Wilsons, of Careel Bay:

MR. and MRS. R. WILSON, of Avalon Beach, 

who went to the rescue of the three persons who had a narrow escape with their 'lives when their launch was wrecked off Avalon Beach, near Palm Beach, on Friday afternoon. No Title (1935, July 1). Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) , , p. 8. Retrieved from 


A close-up view of the launch which belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Adams and Edward Baxter, wrecked at Avalon Beach, near Palm Beach, on Friday afternoon. The picture also shows how the craft was damaged by being smashed against the rocks. SCHOOL ADDITIONS OPENED AT WANGI WANGI (1935, July 1). Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) , , p. 5. Retrieved from 

AVALON S.L.S.C. are building an addition to their club premises — a brick constructed boat-shed. DIFFERENT SWIMMING STYLES TO SUIT VARIOUS PHYSIQUES (1936, December 24). Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), , p. 17. Retrieved from 

Board of Fire commission, 7/3/50, informing Council of the provision of Fire Alarms at the corner of Avalon  Parade and Fire Seaview Street,  Avalon
 Beach, and at Hudson Parade Taylor'.3 Alarms Point, and stating that the matter of installing Fire Alarms at the corner of George and Joseph Streets, Careel Bay, and at the Pasadena Marine Service Station, Church Point, is being kept - Warringah Shire Council Meetings Records

THE ALAN COPELANDS' new camera-a polaroid which literally produces finished photographs within a minute. You take the photograph, count sixty, then pull out the picture. The camera was tried out at a lunch party at Mr. and Mrs. Claude Healy's beach home at Avalon, when Miss Dorothy Williams and her fiancé, Mr. Dan Dwyer, were among the guests.
Nobody was more surprised than the lunchers when Mr. Copeland produced their photographs at the meal. Sydney's Talking About— (1950, September 21). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 12. Retrieved from 

FORTUNATE people who are already settled at their beach homes and who are in town for only a day at a time. Among the temporary commuters are Mr. and Mrs. Bill Adams, from Palm Beach, Misses Sheila and Nan Connor, from Avalon, and Mr. and Mrs. John Carr.  Sydney's Talking About— (1950, December 21). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 11. Retrieved from 

Health Plan Facets
Sir,-While I agree that the provision of free milk for school children is a worthy object, the more cynically minded may point, out that this scheme should at least do no harm to Dr. Page's fellow Country Party members who depend upon dairymen for support.

On the other hand, Dr. Page's suggestion that a means test be imposed before admittance to a public ward in a hospital is manifestly unjust.

Though I suffer more than the average amount of illness each year, in 41 years no doctor has prescribed for me any of the drugs in Dr. Page's formulary. I almost qualified last Sunday, when I crushed my finger and the doctor prescribed penicillin ointment. However, I find that although penicillin is a free drug, penicillin ointment is not.

Dr' Page's health plan may spell a victory for the B.M.A., but it may well also spell the undoing of the Government Dr. Page supports.

W. T. BENTLEY. Avalon Beach. Health Plan Facets (1950, October 9). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 2. Retrieved from 

Stone Of Destiny
Sir,-In time's like these when men are sick of rumours of war yet are prepared to squabble, and scratch open old sores for the sake of a block of sandstone-what a consolation it is to be a common Englishman with no tribal instincts.

Neither fish, flesh, fowl, or good red herring. It makes us kin with all men. Do the Scots who glorify the removal of the relic from its old home in Westminster, remember that the Queen of Great Britain which includes the Scot-is herself a Scots woman; and that within living memory, the Scot, the Irishman, and the Welshman, as well as many men of mark from the Commonwealth or the old Empire, have ruled the destines of Britain between them to as great a proportional extent as Englishmen themselves?

As one of your correspondents suggests-United we stand, but divided-we will soon take a back seat. SHELLBACK, Avalon Beach. Stone Of Destiny (1951, January 1). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 2. Retrieved from 

Damage To Roads
Sir,-It is not essential that fleets of heavy road transport vehicles should carry pulverising loads of goods for hundreds of miles. Australia possesses a long coast-line within easy reach of the majority of its population dwelling in the coastal strip. 
It also possesses a few fine ports and many other inlets and estuaries which could, without much trouble, be converted into ports for the smaller types of coastal shipping.
Some day, when Australia escapes from the stranglehold which is gripping her unsurpassed port and shipping facilities through varieties of trade-union action, she will possess a lively coast shipping service, when a single unit will transport from port to port as much cargo as hundreds of road vehicles -at a fraction of the present cost.
SHELLBACK.  Avalon BeachDamage To Roads (1951, February 19).The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 2. Retrieved from 

Lord Birdwood
Sir,-In your excellent tribute to the late Field-Marshal Lord Birdwood ("Herald," May 18), you say that he, had a long, distinguished career in 'the British Army. This should have read "Indian Army," in which he served from 1886 to 1930. Like Field Marshal Sir William Slim, and many other distinguished leaders, he was a British officer of the Indian Army, of which he was justly proud.
V. C. ALDERSON, Indian Army (Retired).
Avalon Beach. Lord Birdwood (1951, May 22). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 2. Retrieved from 

Daylight Saving
Sir,-Mr. Cahill's argument ("Herald," May 16), that an hour of daylight-saving in winter would not help in black-outs, is not very convincing. We arc constantly told to turn off every light we can. With one hour of daylight-saving, those now retiring at, say, five hours after sunset would then be doing so four hours after, an hour's saving of lights in thousands of homes every night. The two statements don't add up. Either there is error in Mr. Cahill's reckoning or we are putting ourselves to inconvenience every night for no useful purpose.
ERIC POCKLEY. Avalon Beach Daylight Saving (1951, May 23). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 2. Retrieved from 

Mrs. Ross Aiken and family, Alan and Julie, are spending the school vacation with Mr. and Mrs. V. Chapman, of Avalon Beach.  PORTLAND SECTION OF LITHGOW "MERCURY" (1951, January 11). Lithgow Mercury (NSW : 1898 - 1954), p. 6 (CITY EDITION). Retrieved from 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Barrett and two sons-in-law, Messrs. Joe Cullen and Em Bray, have just returned from a three weeks' holiday at Avalon Beach and Katoomba. PERSONAL (1951, January 16).Cootamundra Herald (NSW : 1877 - 1954), p. 2. Retrieved from 

WHEN Gretta Erby married Tony Lucas, at St. Michael's. Vaucluse, last week, she wore a gown of palest shell-pink slipper satin and a Honiton lace veil mounted on pink tulle. The bride is the youngest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. E. F. Erby, of Avalon Beach, formerly of Wingham. The bridegroom is the twin son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Lucas, of Belmont, formerly of East Maitland. There was a reception at Florida House, after the ceremony. Socially Speaking (1951, January 17). The Manning River Times and Advocate for the Northern Coast Districts of New South Wales (Taree, NSW : 1898 - 1954), , p. 5. Retrieved from 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cosier, of Warne Street, accompanied by son Ronald, left to-day for Avalon Beach, where their caravan is resting. They expect to be away about three weeks. Their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Cosier, of 'Hillcrest,' Curra Creek, have just returned from the same holiday resort.
MlSS Jan Bayly left for the city last Saturday morning. She will spend her annual holiday at Palm Beach. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Bayly, of Simpson-st., leave this week for a short holiday at Manly. Gossip From Joan (1951, January 29).Wellington Times (NSW : 1899 - 1954), p. 8. Retrieved from 

Margaret Copeland, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Copeland, of Bandon Street, left Forbes last Saturday evening to spend three weeks asthe guest of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon and family at Avalon Beach. Mrs. Gordon is State President of the Country Women's Association. About People (1951, February 9). The Forbes Advocate (NSW : 1911 - 1954), , p. 2. Retrieved from 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ford, of Donaldson Street, Port 'Kembla together with their son John and daughter Julianne, are spending, a holiday in a weekender at Avalon Beach. Mainly About People (1951, February 10).Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1950 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from 

A holiday cottage for employees of the Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney was opened yesterday at Avalon Beach by the bank's general manager, Mr. A. S. Osborne. Built and furnished entirely by the bank's R.S.L. sub-branch, the cottage is intended mainly for bank families from country branchesHOLIDAY HOME FOR BANK MEN (1951, April 16). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 4. Retrieved from 

More of the building boom:

Sketch by Kerwin Maegrahh.
The Immediate Past - President of Manly-Warringah Branch, Mr. T. J. Chegwyn, has been a master builder for about 18 yearsand is a well-known cottage-builder in the Avalon Beach district, where he resides. Mr. Chegwyn served his apprenticeship in Baling, London. He came to Australia in 1912 and settled in N.S.W. He was in charge of construction for the Fresh Food and Ice Co. for a number of years. Previous to that, Mr. Chegwyn was engaged on Government Savings Bank works, and building. Before the last war he did construction work in South Australia and New Guinea. He formed the local fire brigade at Avalon Beach and played an active part in fire-fighting. During the war he was in the V.D.C. Mr. Chegwyn was president of Manly-Warringah Master Builders' Association for 12 months.

The Treasurer of Manly-Warringah Branch, Mr. Dawson has been a master builder for 30 years. He commenced his career as a cottage builder on "spec," and in later years went Into flat-building in a big way. He has built many of the blocks of flats in his district, and he is one of the oldest-established builders in Manly. Mr. Dawson is an active member of the Rotary and civic clubs, and the Red Cross. He has a family of two boys and a girl. One son, Wally Lawson, is a civil engineer with the Cement Association, and will be remembered as an International Wallaby footballer, having played in England, U.S.A., and the Continent.

Mr. W. A. DAWSON.  
Personalities (1953, August 5).Construction (Sydney, NSW : 1938 - 1954), , p. 5. Retrieved from 

J Styles & H.H.Smith, Architects, 18/11/1949 further regarding proposal for a hotel at Barrenjoey Road, Avalon  Beach, Hotels and giving details of such proposal, which is estimated to cost £120,000. Resolved - That the Council approve of the proposal and an interim development application. (Crs. McKay, Harries) - Warringah Shire Council Meetings Records

A hotel will be built at Avalon as soon as building materials become available, at a cost of approximately £125,000. Accommodation will be provided for 120 guests, and plans will provide for indoor and outdoor lounges, swimming pool, billiard room, etc. The hotel will be built on a site opposite the golf house. Opportunities for Business (1947, November 26). Construction (Sydney, NSW : 1938 - 1954), , p. 6. Retrieved from 

Avalon—Ruskin Rowe Drive, W.B. dwlg.—J. Gallery, 8 Brentwood Ave., Turramurra, O., £5500; Marine Pde., F. dwlg.—J. V. Macintosh, 48 Pacific Ave., Penshurst, O., £3000; Avalon Pde., Bk. dwlg. and gar.—C. and B. Penty, "Tring," Elouera Ave., Avalon Beach, O., £3500; Ruskin Rowe Rd.,W.B. dwlg. and gar.—James 6 Cooper., O.; S. Lazosky, Darcey Street, Bankstown, B., £3500; Watkins Rd., W.B. dwlg.—G. D. Down, 4 Kings Ave., Roseville, O./B., £2500; Palm Grove, W.B. dwlg.—A. N. Fortescue, 50 Avalon Pde., Avalon Beach, O. B„ £2000; Wollstonecraft Ave., F. dwlg.—T. Jackanson, 27 Elvina Ave., Avalon, O./B., £2000.  SMALL CONTRACTS (1953, March 11).Construction (Sydney, NSW : 1938 - 1954), , p. 20. Retrieved from 

Avalon: Patrick Street; W.B. cott. —N. M. Smith, 17 Albert Rd., Ashfield, O/B., £1600; Barrenjoey Rd.: W.B. cott. 6? gar.—R. Ashworth, C/o Mr. Prentice, at 121, Barrenjoey Rd.North Avalon, O., £3500; Park Ave.: W.B. cott.—E. T. & P. Hock, Central Rd., Avalon Beach, O., £2500: Kevin Avenue: F. cott. — F. G. Payne, 28 Mcpunga St., Concord West, O/B., £1 275; Milga Road: W.B. cott. 6 gar. — M. Domarecki, 30 Whale Beach Rd., Whale Beach, O., £3000. SMALL CONTRACTS (1954, August 25).Construction (Sydney, NSW : 1938 - 1954), , p. 22. Retrieved from 

5 shops, 3 flats, Avalon Pde.—R. H.  Browne;  Metropolitan Water, Sewerage and Drainage Board (1939, December 20).Construction (Sydney, NSW : 1938 - 1954), , p. 13. Retrieved from 

Avalon Beach: Old Barranjoey Rd.: Four Bk. lock-up shops—H. J. Frankland, Barrenjoey Rd., Avalon Beach, O/B., £4750. SMALL CONTRACTS (1954, April 28).Construction (Sydney, NSW : 1938 - 1954), , p. 20. Retrieved from 
Panorama of Avalon with Avalon Beach in the background, New South Wales, 1930,  - sections from enlarged from showing what the site of Avalon Public Schoollooked like around 21 years  before it was built. Retrieved from http://nla - courtesy National Library of Australia (NLA)
General View - Avalon, circa 1928 - Image No.: a1470004, from Album - Samuel Wood - postcard photonegatives of Avalon, Bilgola and Newport, circa. 1928 – on – courtesy Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Avalon Beach Public School - A History -  threads collected by A J Guesdon, 2016.