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Iluka Park, Woorak Park, Pittwater Park, sand point reserve, snapperman beach reserve - Palm Beach: Some History

Sunday November 21st, 1909:

Description beneath photograph 'View on the Hawkesbury River on the road to Barranjoey - (is really view over Sandy Point, Pittwater, Palm Beach - taken from what we would today call 'Craig Rossie corner')

Description beneath photograph - 'This shows the kind of bush track we passed over on our way to Barranjoey' (corner down the hill from Craig Rossie Corner)

Description beneath photograph - 'On the Pittwater side, linking the last hill before descent to Barranjoey'.

Description beneath photograph - 'A better view of the same beach'

Pittwater side of Palm Beach showing what would become Snapperman, Sand Point and recently named Pittwater Park - Album 52: Photographs of the Allen family, November 1909 - Digital Order Numbers: a1373025h and a1373021h courtesy Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales.

 All from:- Album 52: Photographs of the Allen family, November - December, 1909, courtesy Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

 Panorama of Palm Beach and Pittwater, New South Wales, circa 1917, above: sections from, Part of Enemark collection of panoramic photographs - courtesy National Library of Australia. EB Studios (Sydney, N.S.W.). (1917). Panorama of Palm Beach, Pittwater, New South Wales Retrieved from

EB Studios (Sydney, N.S.W.). (1917-1920). Panorama of Palm Beach, New South Wales, 12  above: sections from, Part of Enemark collection of panoramic photographs - courtesy National Library of Australia. Retrieved from
These reserves are grouped together as they all came from the estate of the Forssberg family. 

The word 'Iluka' is reputedly an Aboriginal word meaning 'near the sea' and stems from the language of the Yagir peoples. These people lived within a fairly small, well-defined area as the plenitude of resources negated the need for lengthy migrations. Yaygir country stretched from Coffs Harbour northwards to Evans Head, and inland to Cowper on the Clarence River. They were a coastal people.

Woorak is a rural locality in north-west Victoria, 13 km from Nhill on the road which runs north-east to Jeparit. ... 'Woorak', it is thought, is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning plain (plains) country or mouth. Settlement on farm selections began in 1875, and numerous settlers were of the German Lutheran tradition.

It should be noted this was ‘Woorah’ road on one original subdivision lithograph and although this may have been a typo; Woorah has a meaning of ‘to give’. Listed in the November 21, 1899 edition. Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia. (1898). Science of man and journal of the Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia Retrieved from

Another meaning is given in 1907: Woorah:  ‘These’, ‘Their’, ‘Our’. January 1st, 1907 edition. ABORIGINAL WORDS AND MEANINGS  
The Society is indebted to the Hon. J. C. Dutton  Under-Secretary, Brisbane, Queensland, and his officers for their courtesy in supplying the following interesting information re the Goa Tribe :  Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia. (1898). Science of man and journal of the Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia Retrieved from 

In Western Australia and Victoria 'Woorah' is a place-name.

Charles John Edward Forssberg purchased 31 acres of the original Napier Grant fronting Pittwater from the then Wentworth Estate on the 23rd of August 1900. His wife, Catherine, originally a Camden lass, had spent much time on the Hawkesbury and would have known of the beauty of this place. They also lived near Camden during the first decades of their marriage, prior to moving to Manly permanently, where they became active members of the local community as well as maintaining connections with their old home.

Born in Sydney in 1856 to a Swedish migrant Charles Magnus (1820-1895 and Elizabeth Masterton (nee Oxer 1829 - 1881) C J E Forssberg became a successful furniture warehouse owner and also served as Mayor of the Vaucluse Council. 

On June 25th 1884 he married Catherine G. Hancock. Charles John Edward Forssberg (1856–1921) and Catherine G. Hancock (1868–1926) had 13 children, two of which died as infants. Another son, Oroya, known as 'Roy', lost his life serving in World War One.

When he passed away in July 1921 his will allocated control over the land to his wife and daughters:

The sudden death of Mr. Charles John Edward Forssberg, a well-known city business man, and resident of Manly, has occasioned, much regret amongst a large circle of friends and acquaintances. Mr. Forssberg, who died from haemorrhage of the brain, had been thirty-two years in business in William Street. City, as a house furnisher. He was born in Sydney 65 years ago, and was well known and .esteemed In commercial and sporting circles. He was a very-old member of Tattersall's Club, a member of the City and Manly Bowling Clubs for a long period, and captain of the Windsor (N.S.W.) rifle club for seventeen years. Most of that time was also a leading marksman. In addition to his sporting achievements, which included the winning of the City Bowling Club championship, second place in the contest for the Bowls Championship of Australia (played at Melbourne), and the winning of a Tattersall's Club billiard tournament, he gave generous financial support to quite a large number of clubs. 

In civic affairs the late Mr. Forssberg devoted considerable time to the interests of Watson's Bay district. He was an alderman of the Vaucluse Council for some years, and filled the office of mayor for a term. The deceased had large interests In the Windsor and Richmond districts, mainly farm lands, and held property also at Palm Beach. With the widow (a native of New South Wales) are left six daughters and two sous. A son, the eldest, fell in the war. The interment will take place today from the late residence of the deceased, "Stancombe." Addison Road, Manly. DEATH OF MR. C. FORSSBERG (1921, July 28). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 6. Retrieved from 

Mr Charles John Edward Forssberg died at his residence, Stancombe, Addison road Manly on Wednesday after a brief illness.
Mr Forssberg was, born in Sydney and was 65 years of age. For 32 years he carried on a successful business in William Street as a house furnisher. He was well known as a bowler having won the City Bowling Clubs Championship on one occasion He was also a good billiard player, having won Tattersall's Club billiard tournament and was for many years an active member of the Windsor Rifle Club of which he was captain. He was at one time Mayor of Watsons Bay. He is survived by a widow, six daughters and three sons. The funeral took place yesterday at Waverley Cemetery. DEATH OF MR. C. J. E. FORSSBERG (1921, July 29). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from


Probate has been granted of the will of Mr. Charles John Edward- Forssberg, of  'Stancombe,' Addison-road, Manly, furniture warehouseman, who' died on July 25 last. The estate was valued at £44,303, of which £26,640 was comprised in realty. The date of the will was October 29, 1918. 

Mr. Forssberg appointed his wife, Catherine Forssborg, and his daughters, Christina Elizabeth Forssberg, and Valetta Forssberg, the executrices and trustees of the will. Among the legacies were the following: To his sister, Edith Florence Alberta Tait, of Melbourne, £250; to his brother, Ernest ' Albert Edward Forssberg, of North Sydnev £250. To his step-sister, Alline Christina Campbell Kennedy, of Allora, Queensland, £100; the property known as 'Stancombe,' Addison-road, Manly, and also the property near Mulgrave railway station, used- by testator as a country residence, to his widow. He directed that out of the income from the estate £600 a year should be paid to his widow, the residue of the estate to be divided among his children. LATE MR. FORSSBERG'S WILL. | (1921, October 7). Windsor and Richmond Gazette (NSW : 1888 - 1961), p. 8. Retrieved from

More Fossberg family notes may be found under Extras.

Concerns about the public’s permanent access to Pittwater commenced as soon as advertisements, lithographs and the May 1922 Real Property Act Notice appeared for the Pittwater estuary side of the Forssberg holdings. The court cases which ensued were focussed on permission having been granted by the then Warringah Shire Council to proceed being revoked are still cited in similar cases. However, threaded through that are council's own records and their determination to ensure parks, reserves and access to the estuary was established permanently through the dedication to council of those lands by their owners and their objections to some of the sections required. There was also at least one gentleman who did not want his lot to be resumed, this was Lot 10 of the 10 lots that comprise present day Pittwater Park.

Ultimately this resulted in the establishment of a 30 feet deep 520 feet long section of public recreation space to the shoreline at Sandy Point (Sand Point) as well as lane access to this, and the just over one acre of Iluka Park, and the establishment of Pittwater Park of 1.4 hectares, next to the Palm Beach ferry wharf, and access to as well as the reserve on Snapperman Beach itself, again a 33.9 feet deep by 320 feet length of reserve to the shoreline for the public to have access, permanently, to the estuary and its beach. The range of homes built right onto Snapperman Beach at the south end is a visual reminder of what could have occurred right along this stretch, effectively locking out every subsequent generation excepting during low tides. 

Woorak Reserve, although a later addition, is also part of this whole package of interlinked green spaces and estuary frontage reserves. This 0.3297 hectares, comprising Lots 68, 69, 70, 71 and 72 in DP 14682,  was exchanged by council by giving Stuart St, Newport (closed road at Newport PS) for the Department of Education’s five land parcels constituting Woorak Reserve. These five lots are not the same as those lands resumed by the government to establish the Barrenjoey School - that lot was later sold off to the Barrenjoey Company.

Likewise the 1 rood 21 1/4 perches dedicated on October 21st 1960 for a War Memorial Kindergarten (Palm Beach Kindy), a section that came from Iluka Park, is also a separate part of these lands given over to education.

By the time all the resumptions and dedications had been made the Forssberg family were only selling 27 acres of the original 31 acres, 2 roods and 9 3/4 perches their father had originally bought.

The original subdivision of the 31 acres purchased by Forssberg in 1900, showing the block bought by the Barrenjoey Company splitting the estate in two. Source: Land Titles Office Vol 3429 - Folio 234

By October 1927. Volume 4061 Folio 122, sourced from HRLV, NSW Land Titles Office

The Real Property Act Notice:

No. 23,996. Catherine Forssberg, Christina Elizabeth Forssberg, and Valetta Forssberg, 21 a. 2 r. 3 1/4; p., and 11 a. 0 r. 34 1/2 p., front. Pittwater, on Barrenjoey-rd., being lots 20 to 25 incl., and 26 to 32 incl., rsp., Bassett-Darley Est., Pittwater. NOTICE UNDER REAL PROPERTY ACT. (1922, May 5). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 2638. Retrieved from 

The community's concerns was at first expressed in this newspaper item as:

Palm Beach Anxious

Lovers of Palm Beach are becoming concerned at the threatened mar-ring of one of its chief beauty spots, the delightful run of gently shelving beach in Pittwater running from the jetty south to Careel Bay, the play-ground and paddling area designated by nature for the use and pleasure of child and grown-up. It appears that the wooded triangular area bounded on two sides by this beach and by the main Sydney-Newport-Palm Beach-road on the third, is shortly to he sold by auction subdivisionially. With the water frontage alienated, Palm Beach would become shorn of one of its jewels, and all Sydney may be said to be interested in the avoidance of such vandalism. There is an urgent duty to be performed. The public must accept the trusteeship of nature's gifts. The alienation of such beauty spots must be prevented, and for all generations their charm should be preserved as far as may be. It is understood that the Warringah Shire Council Is moving in the matter, and has arranged a conference with the owners of this land — trustees in a deceased estate. That the interests of the many should be sacrificed to the casual interests of a few — that the public should be barred for all time from this beautiful natural playground, to allow a few to erect their boatsheds and slips across the beach, and in so doing convert a thing of beauty and delight into a broken shoreline of sheds and shacks, is unthinkable. A compromise, a give and take arrangement of some sort, must surely be arrived at. FRONTAGE THREATENED (1922, February 17). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 10 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from 

A deputation asked the Minister for Lands to resume certain lands on the Pittwater side of Palm Beach as a public reserve. Mr. Wearne recognised the need for making an early decision. The Minister will inspect Palm Beach to-day. SUMMARY. (1922, April 29). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 1. Retrieved from 

Warringah Shire Council minutes of meetings show that on May 1st 1922
PRESIDENT'S MINUTES :  Forssberg Estate. The President verbally reported regarding a deputation to the Minister for Lands on 27th April, with the object of obtaining Government assistance in acquiring, for the public, portion  of Forssberg' s Estate, Palm Beach; and also that the Minister of Lands had made an Inspection of the locality on the following day, and had promised that the matter should be given the fullest consideration. (Resolved, - (ers. Quirk,: Hitchcock). Bilgola Estate. That the Vendors of Bilgola Estate be asked to dedicate the beach reserve to the Council by proper legal method. Resolved, - (Ors, Corkery, Sterland.) That a search be made, at the Lands Titles' Office in respect of the Title of Beach at Deewhy Beach Reserve, and, if necessary, the Salvation Army be asked to dedicate the Reserve to the Council by proper legal method

However money for public recreation spaces at Palm Beach wasn't as priority 100 years ago:

Yesterday the Minister for Lands (Mr. W. B. Wearne) refused a request by the Lord Mayor and Dr. Mary Booth that the site of the P.F.A. premises at Kirribilli should be converted at the expense of the Government, into a harbourside park. He explained that lack of funds left no alternative. A similar reply was given to members of the Warringah Shire Council, who had asked that portions of Inner Palm roach should be purchased for use as a watering-place.
Mr. Wearne explained that the Federal Government and the North Sydney council were not favourable In their attitude towards the P.F.A. proposal. However, he was powerless to help them. A sum of £10,000 had been provided to be used for the purposes of resumption and assistance to park lands covering the whole State, while he had before him at that moment claims for the expenditure of over a quarter of a million pounds. "But," he added, any other suggestion that you might put before me in connection with the utilisation of Crown lands as parks will receive my consideration. But when it comes to expending money, neither I nor the State Government can help you."
Dr. Mary Booth; There are already slums at Milson's Point, and there are so many people living in flats that the children are Just BE badly off for playgrounds as the children of the slums.
"Well," interrupted the Lord Mayor, "I think we must resign ourselves to this: Our only chance is that some patriotic people will come along and buy the site for the people and for the little kiddies."
In reply to the representations of the Warringah Shire Council that land on the smooth side of Pittwater, known as Inner Palm Beach, should be resumed, the Minister said; "I have been out there, and I have given the proposal every consideration, but I have had many similar requests since yours, and these force me to the conclusion that, with the limited sum of money at my disposal, I cannot help you. If such a thing was possible, and I gave you the money," proceeded the Minister, "there would be an outcry, and it would he said You can find money for Palm Beach, where the rich people go In their motor cars, but you cannot find money to provide spaces for the poor in the congested city.' "
Cr. W. K. Quick; Is there any possibility of you resuming the land, and then being repaid by us?
The Minister. To what sum would you be prepared to go, assuming that we resumed the land and allowed you to pay us back?
Cr. Quirk: Any reasonable sum Inside of £5000.
Mr. Wearne asked that the shire council should commit themselves to a definite proposal embodied In a resolution. He would then give the proposal further attention. MONEY FOR PARKS. (1922, August 12). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 13. Retrieved from 

The first lithograph and prepared plans in 1922:

Forssberg's Palm Beach Estate (no 1) - Palm Beach Rd, Barrenjoey Rd, 1922 - lots in acres, Item c052700004, courtesy State Library of NSW

The then Warringah Shire Council, urged on by the local residents and progress association:

This was an appeal under section 341 of the Local Government Act, on behalf of Catherine Forssberg, Christina Elizabeth Forssberg, and Valetta Forssberg, executrices and trustees of the estate of Charles John Edward Forssberg, of Stancombe, Addison-road, Manly, against the decision and disapproval of the Warringah Shire Council, of a plan and design submitted by the appellants of a subdivision of three allotments of the Bassett Darley Estate, the lands having a frontage of about three-quarters of a mile to the foreshores of Pittwater Bay.

The respondent council disapproved of the plan on the grounds that it was not In accordance with ordinance 32 of the Local Government Act, of 1919, and that in its opinion the amount of public, garden and recreation space proposed to be provided by the subdivision was insufficient. The council also asked that there should be a 30ft reservation above high water mark along the fore-shores, and that the means of access from the rear allotments in the subdivision to the foreshores should be 66ft wide in every instance, instead of 20ft, as provided in the plan for certain of the passages. Mr. Monahan (instructed by Mr. G. S. MacKellar) appeared for the appellants; and Mr. Halse Rogers (Instructed by Messrs. J. W. Maund and Christie) for the respondent council.
The matter is part heard  DISTRICT COURT. (1922, October 17). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from 

(Before Judge White.) 
In the appeal under section-841 of the Local Government Act, on behalf of the executrices and trustees of the estate of the late Charles John Edward Forssberg, against the decision and disapproval of the Warringah Shire Council of a plan and design submitted by the appellants of a subdivision of three sections of the Bennett Darley Estate, fronting Pitt-water Bay, the matter was allowed to stand over generally, to allow the appellants to consider whether they were prepared to allow three means of access to a frontage of 900 feet, or two to a frontage of 800 feet, with a depth of 30 feet above high water mark. His Honor said he thought some provision should be made for purchasers of the back portions of the subdivision for access to the water-side, and also some provision for certain portions of the frontage to Pittwater Bay for public recreation. Taking into consideration the area and situation generally of the land, it was proposed to subdivide, he was of opinion that an 800 feet frontage, with a depth of 30 feet divided into two portions should be allowed, or it divided into three portions, the frontage should be 900 feet. He did not think the appellants should be called upon to give up free of cost a 30 feet reservation along the whole frontage of their property. DISTRICT COURT. (1922, October 18). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from 

Hearing was concluded of the appeal under section 3.1 of the Local Government Act, on behalf of Catherine Forssberg, Christina Elizabeth Forssberg, and Valetta Forssberg, executrices and trustees of the estate of Charles John Edward Forssberg, of Stancombe, Addison-road, Manly, against the decision and disapproval of the Warringah Shire Council, of a plan and design submitted by the appellants of a subdivision of three allotments of the Bassett Darley Estate, the lands having a frontage of about threequarters of a mile to the foreshores of Pittwater Bay. The respondent council disapproved of the plan on the grounds that It was not in accordance with ordinance 32 of the Local Government Act, 1919, and that in its opinion the amount of public, garden, and re-creation space proposed to be provided by the subdivision was Insufficient. The council also asked that there should be a 30ft reservation above high water mark along the fore-shores, and that the menus of access from the rear allotments in the subdivision to the foreshores should be 66.ft wide in every instance, instead of 20ft, as provided In the plan for certain of the passages. Mr. Monahan (Instructed by Mr. G. S. MacKellar) appeared for the appellants; and Mr. Halse Rogers (Instructed by Messrs. J. W. Mund and Christie) for the respondent council.

When the matter was last before the Court, his Honor suggested that, taking into consideration the area and situation generally of the land it was proposed to subdivide a water frontage of 800ft above high water mark, with a depth of 30ft divided into two' portions, should be allowed by the appellants, or if divided into three portions, a frontage of 900ft, as provision for purchasers of the back portion of the subdivision for access to the waterside, and as some provision for portions of the frontage to Pittwater Bay for public recreation. The matter was then allowed to stand over to allow the appellants to consider his suggestion.

His Honor was now informed that the appellant trustees had come to the conclusion that the suggestion, if carried out, would not be advantageous to the estate, and that-they preferred to adhere to the original plan of subdivision. He said he thought a plan embodying the suggestion made by him with regard to water frontage reservations, and a provision that the means of access to such water frontages should be 60ft wide, should be submitted to the Court, and If such a plan were submitted he would approve of it. No order was made as to costs. DISTRICT COURT. (1922, November 2). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from 

Forssberg's Estate at Palm Beach is another Important offering. It will be sold in separate allotments, and the land has absolute frontages to Palm Beach. The Idea of selling In the rooms Is to save buyers the Journey to the land. INDOOR AUCTIONS (1922, November 24). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 11. Retrieved from

Enlarged section from EB Studios (Sydney, N.S.W.). (1917). Panorama of Palm Beach, New South Wales12 Retrieved from - end of Sunrise view with Barranjoey House tucked into – and shows Fossberg lands – view towards Sand Point, Taylors Point (Careel Bay) in background and Snapperman beach end

In the 1925 lithograph the Snapperman Reserve can be seen:

Forssbergs Estate - Palm Beach - Barrenjoey Rd, Iluka Rd, 1925. Item: c052700016, courtesy State Library of NSW

On these 1922 and 1925 subdivision maps you can see a portion between blocks 26 and 25 on the first and between section A and Section B on the second one. Those coloured red are already sold. One gentleman who did buy one of the Lots 1-10 plus a little more that constitute present day Pittwater Park at Palm Beach Ferry wharf shows up in Warringah Shire Council records:

Willmore and Randell 28.7.26. enquiring. if Council will approve of Mr J. H. Graham's application for a Special Lease Occupancies, of the foreshores of Forssberg Estate; Palm Beach : Resolved, (Crs.Simpson; Makin) That approval be not granted. 

On October 25th, 1926:
J. H. Graham, 19.10.26. again requesting that his Lot 10, Forssberg Estate, be excluded from the resumption proposal at Palm Beach. Council Resolved: The previous decision be adhered to. 

Another was Mr. Augustus McCabe - he and his brother John both bought lots, and both were from the Windsor area so possibly knew the Forssbergs from their time there:

NSW Land Registry Services   HLRV Vol-Fol 3750-74- Augustus McCabe vested in crown

The death occurred on July 25, at his brother's residence, Iluka Road, Palm Beach, of Mr. Thomas McCabe, 78, late of Summer Island, and brother of Messrs. John, Gus, Jim, Steve, Martin and Paddy McCabe. Mrs. Jeanne Ellis of Sydney is a sister. One brother Lachlan (Newcastle), predeceased him. The funeral on Saturday, took place to the Catholic Cemetery at Mona Vale. OBITUARY. (1952, July 30). The Macleay Chronicle (Kempsey, NSW : 1899 - 1952), p. 2. Retrieved from 

His brother John's block on Iluka - he onsold to Ellis in 1954:

John McCabe block - he sold to John Laughlan Ellis January 1954 - from NSW Land Registry Services   HLRV Vol-Fol 3750-118  

Meanwhile, the lawyers were still cashing in on the disagreement between the council and the Forssbergs - Council's Minutes of Meetings and old newspaper reports show:

August 30th 1926 Council Meeting: Resolved; — (Crs Simpson; Campbell) That the Land Department be asked to go on with the resumption of Forssberg Estate land as early as possible as previously agreed upon, and the President be empowered to make arrangements for the raising of a loan for the purpose. And: G. S. MacKellar. 21.8.26. notifying the Council that unless the plan of No. 3 Subdivision of Forssberg Estate be approved, Appeal will be made to the District Court against the Council's decision Resolved- (Crs. Simpson, Hitchcock) That the Council adhere to its previous decision 

(Before Judge Curlewis.)
Forssberg and another v the Council of the Shire of Warringah.
This was an appeal under Section 341 of the Local Government Act, 1919, by Christina Elizabeth Forssberg, of Stancombe, Addison road, Manly, spinster, and Valetta Eccles, wife of Herbert Eccles, of Lauderville-avenue, Manly, sharebroker (the surviving executrices and trustees of the will of Charles John Edward Forssberg, deceased) against the decision and disapproval of the Council of the Shire of Warringah on the application of the plaintiffs for the approval of the council to the plan and design of a subdivision of a parcel of land comprising lots 20 to 25 Inclusive, of the Bassett Darley Estate. Pitt-water. Appellants submitted for the council's approval a plan of subdivision of a large block of land at Palm Beach, showing a road-Iluka-road-running through it. The subdivision was bisected by another block known as the Barrenjoey Estate. 

The council in November last notified appellants by letter that the plan of subdivision had been approved, and certain work was carried out, but it subsequently refused to note the approval and place its seal on the plans unless the appellants agreed to so construct Iluka-road to the boundaries of the Barrenjoey Estate that 'a Continuous thoroughfare could be made when that estate came to be subdivided. 

His Honor held that he had no jurisdiction in respect of the appeal. The position seemed to him that the council had given a decision in favour of the appellants, and yet they were appealing against it. He thought they had mistaken their remedy, and should have applied for a mandamus. Mr. Miles and Mr. Leaver (instructed by Mr. C. S. McKellar) appeared for the appellants; and Mr. Henry (Instructed by Messrs. J. W. Maund and Kelynack) for the respondent council. DISTRICT COURT. (1926, December 1). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved from

In 1926 Mrs. Forssberg passed away.  
In 1927 the Forssberg No.3 Subdivision was finally able to be put up for sale - Council and TROVE records provide: 

CORRESONDENCE was read and dealt with as follows:- 1. Lands Department. 13/1/27. stating that the resumption of the Forssberg Estate, foreshores of Pittwater, Palm beach,. will probably be notified in the Government Gazette of 21st inst. Received.

Ex-parte Forssberg Trustees, re Warringah Shire.
On the application of Mr. Rundell Miles and Mr. Leaver (instructed by Mr. G. S. McKellar) a rule nisi for mandamus was granted, calling upon the council of the Shire of Warringah to note its approval under seal upon a plan of subdivision No. 3 forwarded on February 2, 1926, and again on December 31, 1926, by the trustees of the estate of the late Charles John Edward Forsberg, and to direct the shire clerk to notify applicants that the requirements of the Local Government Act had been compiled with. LAW REPORT. FULL COURT. (1927, February 18). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from 

(Before Mr. Justice Ferguson, Mr. Justice Campbell, and Mr. Justice Davidson.)
Argument was concluded, on a motion by the trustees of the estate of the late Charles John Edward Forssberg to have made absolute a rule nisi for mandamus calling upon the Council of the Shire of Warringah to formally approve of certain deposited land subdivisional plans. The Court reserved Judgment. LAW REPORT. FULL COURT. (1927, March 15). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 8. Retrieved from

A month later:

Mandamus Granted
The Full Court yesterday granted an application to make absolute a rule nisi by which the Council of the Shire of Warringah had been called upon to show cause why a mandamus should not be granted directing the council to note its approval under seal upon a plan of subdivision forwarded on February 2, 1926, and again on December 31 last, by the trustees of the estate of the late Charles John Edward Forssberg, and to direct the shire clerk to notify the applicants that the requirements of the Local Government Act had been complied with. It was contended on behalf of the council that Its action in refusing approval was justified by the failure of the trustees to show a continuation of Ilucca Road in a straight line through the subdivision. Mr. Rundell Miles and Mr. Leaver (instructed by Mr. G. A M'Kellar), appeared for the applicants, and Mr. Henry (instructed by Messrs. J. W. Maund and Kelynack) represented the respondent council. SUBDIVISION PLAN (1927, April 9). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 18. Retrieved from 

Warringah Shire Council minutes of Meetings records on April 19th, 1927
LEGAL MATTERS A : - Letters were received from the Shire’s Solicitors, advising the Council of the result of the District Court and respecting. Bills' Estate Subdivision, Bayview, and Forssberg Estate Subdivision Palm Beach. Resolved Est. (Crs. Hitchcock,Parr) — That the Seal of. the Council be now affixed to the Deposited Plan of the Forssberg Estate. 

In August 1927: 
F.G.C. Pascoe and others.,4/8/27. Petitioning that the whole of the land. fronting' the ocean at Palm Beach be proclaimed a residential area and that a parking area be resumed between Palm Beach Road and the lane north of Mr. Peters' , residence. 'Resolved (Crs. Hitchcock, Simpson) ,- That the matter be deferred pending further information. 

5th September 1927
The SHIRE CLERK'S REPORT was read and dealt with as follows,- Forssberg Estate Resumptions, Resolved (Crs Simpson, Hitchcock) - That the Council Furnish the Lands Department with an Undertaking, under Seal, to make available when required, the money necessary for the Resumption of that portion of Forssberg Estate, between. Lot 1, Sec  A, already resumed, and Gow's Store at Palm Beach, in accordance with the proposal previously agreed upon. These are the Lots that make up current day Pittwater Park. 
E.W. Bell. 28/10/27. Requesting permission for a deputation to wait on Council re resuming land at Palm Beach for the public Decided to grant permission, and receive the deputation at next meeting at 7.30 p.m. 

Warringah Shire Council's Minutes of the Meeting held on October 31st, 1927 record:
Maund and Kellynack. 26/10/27. Furnishing particulars of Forssberg Estate Subdivision Appeal. Resolved (Crs. Simpson; Hitchcock) .- That the costs stated in the letter, viz. £157.92 be paid. 

When using the CPI/RPI, the (average) value in 2020 of £158 from 1927 is $12,100.00. That's not the real context though - this article from 1935 sheds more light on wages then - if only for 'workers' with women only receiving half what men did:



CANBERRA, Tuesday.

Figures prepared by the Commonwealth Statistician (Mr. E. T. Mc-phee), disclose the remarkable fact that during the last few years of the depression there was an increase, and not a decrease, in real wages.

Although nominal wage rates have declined, the fall in the prices of commodities has made their purchasing power greater than during the peak year, 1929.

The average nominal weekly rate of wage In Australia, based on an Investigation of the weekly rates for over 4000 occupations, was £5/1/5 for adult males, and £2/14/2 for adult females on September 30,1928, when peak rates were recorded. Since that date nominal wages have declined steadily. The corresponding rates were £4/6/10 and £2/7/5 at the end of 1931. £4/1/10 and £2/4/2 at the end of 1932. and, £4/0/6 and £2/3/5 at the end of 1933. On June 30, 1934, they were £4/1/7 for males and £2/3/10 for females, representing the first increase since the decline commenced in 1929. 

The highest average rate was recorded for employees in the printing and allied trades, and the lowest In the agricultural Industry. Wage rates for the fourth quarter of 1933 were for the aggregate of the six States 21 per cent, below the 1929 level. In South Australia the fall amounted to 25 per cent., In Victoria 24 per cent., in New South Wales 21 per cent., In Western Australia 19 per cent., in Tasmania l8 per cent., and in Queensland 13 per cent. Notwithstanding the fall in nominal wages, all States show an increase in "real" wages over the rates for 1929, due to the greater fall in prices. All States show a slight increase on. rates for 1932, with the exception of New South Wales. During 1933 there was an increase In "real" wages for full work compared with the preceding year. Comparison with 1911 shows that the "real" wage for full-time work in' 1933 was 17.8 per cent, higher, but if allowance is made for unemployment, it was 7.4 per cent, lower. .... REAL WAGES. (1935, March 6). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 13. Retrieved from

In November:
Valuer General. 15/11/27 re further resumption of Pittwater foreshores at Palm Beach; and stating the owners of Forssberg Estate will not agree to 'accept the compromise suggested by the Council Resolved (Crs. Hitchcock, R...n) - The Valuer General be informed the Council considers £8-per foot a very liberal offer; that if it is' not satisfactory to the claimants, the matter should be decided by the Valuation Court.
At this juncture, a deputation of five ratepayers from Palm Beach waited upon the Council to urge, firstly, request the Palm Beach Road frontages from Mr. Peters property to Gallagher's Store at Palm Beach Road, be resumed for the public and that the eastern slopes of Palm Beach be declared a reserve area. Messrs Weldon, McKay, Hinds and Bell each addressed the Council in turn, advocating the two proposals. President in reply promised the deputation that their request would receive the Council's serious consideration. On the deputation retiring it was resolved (Crs. Atkins, Corkery) That the members of the deputation be written to asking … will give an undertaking to finance the resumption of the blocks occupied by business premises, fronting Ocean Road, consequent on an area to be defined being declared a residential area, and that the Councillors for A. Riding are requested to call a public meeting for the purpose of an expression of opinion from the people of the district.

Of course the $615 to $860 per foot this would equate to today would not be enough to buy land in Palm Beach.

The Auction of the No. 3 subdivision took place in the first week of Summer that year:

Palm Beach - Forssberg Estate - No. 3 Subdivision, December 3rd,1927 - Barranjoey Road (spelt original way) Iluka Rd, Nabilla Road and 'Woorah' instead of 'Woorak'. Item: c052700042, courtesy State Library of NSW

These items indicate the owners did not do too badly out of their sales:

two lots in Forsberg's estate, No. 3, at Palm Beach, £380; REAL ESTATE. (1927, December 24). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from 

Messrs. Raine and Horne At auction on the ground last Saturday this firm, In conjunction with Robey, Hanson, and Strong, Ltd., of Manly, submitted Forssberg's Estate No. 3. Palm Beach. A number of allotments were disposed of at prices ranging from £4 to £10 per foot. The sales totalled £8924. A representative of the firm will be on the estate from 2 pm. to-day for the convenience of Intending purchasers. During the week Messrs. Raine and Horne sold buy private treaty the following: Palm Beach. Forssberg's Estate, two lots, £438.  REAL ESTATE. (1927, December 10). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 14. Retrieved from 

The sales commenced in 1922 went on until 1945. The Land Records, Volume 3429 Folio 234, lists the bulk of these and some familiar names associated with the earliest Palm Beach ocean side and Sunrise Hill visitors - the Bullmores and Brown-Craig family members buying whole lots. Volume 3429 Folio 234 in the Historical Records Lands Viewer lists those from 1926 on, when the bulk of these smaller lots were sold.

Included here (below) are all those land sales from October 1926 on for today’s relatives who want to track the transfer of their lands – just go to HRLV and choose the ‘Volume- Folio’ search function and enter those Vol-Fol numbers shown in red against your ancestors names on the right hand side of those screenshots under Extras. 

This provides a start point for how these properties have changed hands or stayed in the same families for almost 100 years now. If you have problems, drop us an email with the subject line 'HRLV Help!' and we'll get to it - but have a go yourself first; it's great fun and a good way to find out more about your own family or these early land sales even if you didn't have family here form the outset of these subdivisions.


Iluka Park - Woorak Reserve - sandy point Reserve

NRS-4481-3-[7/15991]-St10026A. Title Government Printing Office d1_15934 - Palm Beach and Pittwater - [From NSW Government Printer series: Palm Beach views] (SANDY POINT BEACH FROM CRAIG ROSSIE CORNER) Contents Date Range; 01-01-1925 to 31-12-1925

The section of reserve above high water mark at Sandy Point is part of the parcel of land that was transferred to Warringah Council from the Forssberg estate in October 1927, and is zoned 6A Public Recreation. The remainder of Sandy Beach Reserve is Crown land, also zoned 6A Public Recreation. Pittwater Council was made Trust Manager for the portion of Sandy Beach Reserve owned by the Crown, in August 2009.    

The Plan of the Forssberg Estate, dated February 1927 Forssberg Estate (DP 14682) shows in an extract from Plan:

“It is intended to dedicate to the public the roads marked Iluka Road, Nabilla Road and Woorak Road and the two lanes 24 feet wide shown on the plan. It is intended to dedicate to the Council of the Shire of Warringah for Public Recreation purposes the Reserve of 1ac.0r.71/4per (Iluka Park) and the Reserve of about 30 feet wide along the waterfront shown on this plan….” Source: Land Titles Office No 3.

Iluka Park was transferred to council from the estate of the late C J E Forssberg in October 1927 for the purpose of public recreation, and it is evident as part of 1927 subdivision plans and advertising materials. 

NSW Land Registry Services   HLRV (1) Volume 4061 Folio 122 - 30 foot Reserve, Snapperman - also shows Iluka Park as 1 acre and Sand Point Reserves

A Half Cricket Pitch in iluka park

Searle, E. W. (1939). Aerial view of Palm Beach, Broken Bay, New South Wales, and enlarged sections from circa. 1939 Retrieved February from

Council Asset Number A12067, Reserve Number 14 is a small developed park, 0.4232 hectares in area, located adjacent to the Palm Beach kindergarten in Barrenjoey Road, Palm Beach. It is bounded by Barrenjoey Road to the east, Iluka Road to the south west, and Woorak Road to the west.

Warringah Shire Council's need to create a playing field that commenced the filling in of the mangroves at the northern end of Careel Bay current playing fields and the leasing of the land for a tip, also to fill in the mangroves. 

Warringah Shire Council records on July 3rd, 1933, by Cr. Hitchcock, seconded by Cr. Hughes, that ''in regard to the Palm Beach District Cricket Club's letter handed in to this meeting, submitting several requests; the Club be supplied with metal from Newport quarry for the construction of  a wicket on Careel Bay Park, the work to be done under the supervision of the Inspector, and in consideration of the Club doing this work and improving the reserve; it be granted the use of the ground for three years without charge.''

Those of 25th of September 1933; That the sand pump at Newport Beach be sent to Careel Bay Park cricket ground and installed there.

On November 6th, 1933 the Council Meeting records:

36. Palm Beach District Cricket Club, 26/10/33, (a) inviting Councillors and Officers to attend the opening of the new cricket ground on Careel Bay Park on 11th November at 1.30 p.m; (b) requesting Council to call the reserve at Careel Bay "Hitchcock Park". Council Resolved, - That the reserve be called Hitchcock Park. .(Cre. Austin, Hughes)

Warringah Shire Council minutes of Meetings record, November 20th, 1933: By Cr. Hitchcock - That the preparation of plans for drain age at Wilshire Park and Glenburnie Park be expedited. Careel Park; by Cr. Hitchcock - That plans for dredging Careel Park be prepared as soon as possible. 

Worth noting from the same council minutes is how that triangular piece of land where the North Avalon bus stop is was formed:

Main Roads Department, 16/6/37, forwarding for Council's information, copy of plan shoving the portion of Hitchcock Park Careel Bay, resumed for main road purposes. Resolved, Hitchcock' That the Department be asked to beautify the small triangular-cornered piece severed from the park by the deviation of the road. (Crs. Hitchcock, Ross)

On October 28th, 1941 that same Council records: Re Careel Bay Reserves, recommending that the Minister be requested to dedicate or reserve a strip between Hitchcock Park and highwater mark for public recreation purposes, as an addition to Hitchcock Park.

Although the above shows the Warringah Shire Council was calling this area 'Hitchcock Park' by 1933, it wasn't officially gazetted as Hitchcock reserve an area designated for public recreation and registered as such until November 13th, 1942.

Geoff Searl OAM, President of Avalon Beach Historical Society provides this aerial from 1951 which shows just a cricket pitch on the site of the Careel Bay Tennis Courts (directly opposite Whale Beach Road!).

Geoff says;

There seems to be some activity and an entrance to the mangroves from the entrance to the dairy buildings opposite.

No sign of the tip but I think some locals have begun to use the area for depositing rubbish (dairy mob.?).

No sign of the cricket club building before it was moved to Palm Beach to serve as the surf club for North Palm Beach SLSC. I think it had already been moved - soon after 1946?

Meanwhile, Warringah Shire Council Minutes of Meetings records March 26th, 1934: Palm Beach District Cricket Club, 10/3,/34, inquiring whether the Council would permit the Club to put down a practice pitch on the reserve on Forssberg Estate. Resolved,- That the proposal be not approved. I 28. A.J.Small, 15/3/34,advising that, by arrangement with the NRMA. he proposes to provide accommodations At Avalon Building Beach as a petrol depot. Resolved, - That the proposal be approved provided the building be kept back 9 feet from the building line instead of 5 feet.

August 27th, 1934: Stacey A Heave, Architect, 16/8/34, inquiring at what charge the Council would construct a concrete motor Crossing, Contrib. or other suitable type of crossing, to the site of Mr. W.A. Starkey's proposed garage at Iluka Road, Palm Beach. Resolved, - That upon receipt of £15.5.0, the full estimated cost of the work described in the Engineer's report on the . letter, the work be carried out. 35. Palm Beach Cricket Club, 14/8/34, requesting permission to put down a "half-wicket" for batting practice on the small public reserve on Forssberg Estate, PaIm Beach. Resolved, That permission be granted on the understanding that the Club will accept all responsibility in the event of an accident or damage occurring

September 10th, 1934: Palm Beach The following requests, submitted by the Councillors named, were agreed to. By Cr. Hitchcock - That in regard to Mrs. Hordern's offer to supply posts, rails and palings for fencing Wilshire Park, the Council, subject to Mrs. Hordern agreeing, erect a chain Park wire fence in lieu of a paling fence, and use the palings for the purpose of constructing the drain through the park. By Cr. Hitchcock - That the Overseer be instructed to provide the Palm Beach Cricket Club with two loads of metal for the proposed half-wicket on Forssberg Estate Reserve. 

Searle, E. W. (1920). Barrenjoey Head and Palm Beach, New South Wales, circa. 1945, 1 and enlarged section from Retrieved February from

In the enlarged sections from these images the cricket pitch can still be seen:

Hurley, Frank. (1910). Palm Beach section (Pittwater) [Sydney, New South Wales, Aerial circa 1950and enlarged section from Retrieved from

Hurley, Frank. (1910). Palm Beach general [looking north from Pittwater side circa 1950] [Sydney, New South Wales, Aerial] and enlarged sections from Retrieved from

The pitch is a rectangular area of the ground 22 yards/20.12 m in length and 10 ft/3.05 m in width. It is bounded at either end by the bowling creases and on either side by imaginary lines, one each side of the imaginary line joining the centres of the two middle stumps, each parallel to it and 5 ft/1.52 m from it. – Lords 

In the game of cricket, the cricket pitch consists of the central strip of the cricket field between the wickets. It is 22 yd (20.12 m) long (1 chain) and 10 ft (3.05 m) wide.] The surface is flat and is normally covered with extremely short grass, but can be completely dry or dusty soil with barely any grass or, in some circumstances (that are rarely seen in high level cricket), made from an artificial material. Over the course of a cricket match, the pitch is not repaired or altered other than in special circumstances - meaning that it will change condition. Any grass on the pitch in the game's first over, for example, may have disappeared by the twentieth over due to wear.

Today contains some items of play equipment in a lawn setting, with some excellent mature native specimens including Eucalypts, Angophoras, Banksias and Melaleucas. Photos taken in 2022 run berlow to show the current state of Iluka Park

A section of the park, 173.7m2 in area, to the south western corner, was acquired by Sydney Water for the purposes of a pumping station. Iluka Park is zoned 6A existing recreation under the Pittwater LEP 199, and is classified as community land under the Local Government Act, 1993. Pittwater Council owned the land fee simple.

Woorak Reserve

Council and residents Asset Number A12095, Reserve Number 449 is a series of 5 lots known as Woorak Road Reserve, comprising Lots 68, 69, 70, 71 and 72 in DP 14682. Woorak Reserve is a small park, 0.3297 hectares in area, located opposite Iluka Park Palm Beach, bounded by Iluka Road to the south west, and Woorak Road to the north east. It consists of open lawn areas with scattered mature native tree species.

The Council exchanged Stuart St, Newport (closed road) for the Department of Education’s five land parcels constituting Woorak Reserve, Palm Beach. It would seem that as soon as the State Government sold their previous site (of the Barrenjoey School) another was needed and the sale of the 2 acres may have offset the cost of the new site:

Department of Education,
Sydney, 11th August, 1920.
IT is hereby notified, for general information, in accordance with the provisions of the 34th section of the Public Instruction Act of 1880, that it is proposed to establish a Public School at Palm Beach.
Minister of Public Instruction. NEW PUBLIC SCHOOL. (1920, August 27). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 4978. Retrieved from

Screenshots courtesy HRLV LTO Charting Map 1991

This land is subject to Positive Covenant Number 5973417, which states that the land “… will not be used other than as a park open to the public and that the owner of the said lands and any occupier… will not erect any building or structure on the said lands not being reasonably incidental to their use as a park open to the public.”

Woorak Reserve was zoned 6A existing recreation under the Pittwater Local Environmental Plan, 1993 (LEP). It was proposed to categorise the reserves as Park and General Community Use under the Local Government Act 1993. Pittwater Council owned the land fee simple. The land is classified as community land. 

WARRINGAH SHIRE COUNCIL.—Proposed Road Closure: Woorak Road, Palm Beach.—Notice is hereby given that the Council intends to apply to the in the Authority of New South Wales for consent to the placing and maintaining of obstructions or barriers in Woorak Road, Palm Beach, at its southern intersection with Iluka Road. The proposal has been developed following negotiations between Council and the State Government regarding the use of the surplus Department of Education site at Iluka Road, Palm Beach. Plans of the scheme are on exhibition at the Civic Centre, Dee Why, Mona Vale Library and Palm Beach RSL. Any person may lodge with the Council an objection in writing, to the application. The time for objection will expire on 26th May, 1986. F. L. THOMSON, General Manager/Shire Clerk, Civic Centre, Dee Why. (8010) WARRINGAH SHIRE COUNCIL.—PROPOSED ROAD CLOSURE: WOORAK ROAD, PALM BEACH.—Notice is hereby given that the (1986, April 24).Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 1862. Retrieved from 


IN pursuance of the provisions of the Public Roads Act 1902, I propose to consider the closing of the roads hereunder described.

All persons interested are hereby called upon to set forth in writing and forward to the officer specified in the notice for the purpose, within one month from the date of publication of this notice, any objections which may appear to them to exist in these proposals.

I. R. CAUSLEY, Minister for Natural Resources.

Sydney, 23rd December, 1988.


Land District—Metropolitan; Shire—Warringah

Part of Woorak Road west of Iluka Park at Palm Beach, Parish Narrabeen (Sheet 1), County Cumberland. Objections should be forwarded to the Regional Manager, Metropolitan Lands Office, Blacktown. MN88 H 491. NOTIFICATION OF PROPOSED CLOSING OF ROADS (1988, December 23). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 6620. Retrieved from 

Sydney, 6th September, 1939.


I, the Right Honourable John de Vere, Baron Wakehurst, Governor of the State of New South Wales, with the advice of the Executive Council, and in pursuance of the provisions of section 20, Public Roads Act, 1902, hereby declare the roads hereunder described, which are now no longer required, to be closed, and that the lands comprised therein shall be freed and discharged from any right of the public or any person to the same as highways.

WAKEHURST, Governor. COLIN A. SINCLAIR, Minister for Lands.


The part of confirmed public road (R. 1,477-1,603) shown by neutral colour on plan R. 20,536-3 1,603 and adjoining lots 62 and 63 of D.P. 13,620 and part of lot 61 of D.P. 14,682, parish Narrabeen, county Cumberland, Land District Metropolitan, Shire Warringah. R. 37 3,167. .

NOTE.—The land in the above-described toad now vests in the owner of the adjoining lands (area 13 ½ perches). NOTIFICATION OF CLOSING OF UNNECESSARY ROADS. (1940, January 5). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 28. Retrieved from 


Proposed Alteration of Residential District No. 3 WITHIN WARRINGAH SHIRE

IT is hereby notified that the Warringah Shire Council has applied to the Governor to alter Residential District No. 3— Warringah Shire, as proclaimed in Government Gazette No. 109 of 26th September, 1947, by excluding therefrom the portion of Warringah Shire defined in the Schedule hereto.

Any person interested may lodge objection to this proposal on or before 18th March, 1960. (S. 59-2,580)

P. D. HILLS, Minister for Local Government. Department of Local Government,

Sydney, 12th February, 1960.


Land proposed to be excluded from Residential District No. 3 (at Palm Beach)

The whole of lot 6, deposited plan 14,682,—having frontage to Nabilla-road, Palm Beach. (2769) LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, 1919 (1960, February 12). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 397. Retrieved from 



I, the Minister for Planning, in pursuance of section 70 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, make the local environmental plan set out hereunder. (S91-06974)


Minister for Planning Sydney, 20 January, 1992 


1. This plan may be cited as Warringah Local Environmental Plan 1985 (Amendment No. 74).

Aims, objectives etc.

2. This plan aims to rezone the land to which this plan applies to allow Warringah Shire Council to permit development for the purposes of open space/public recreation. Land to which plan applies

3. This plan applies to Lots 68-72, DP 14682, Iluka Road, Palm Beach and part of Woorak Road west of Iluka Park, comprising an area of approximately 895m2 at Palm Beach, as shown edged heavy black on the map marked "Warringah Local Environmental Plan 1985 (Amendment No. 74)" deposited in the office of Warringah Shire Council.

Relationship to other environmental planning instruments

4. This plan amends Warringah Local Environmental Plan 1985 in the manner set out in clause 5.

Amendment of Warringah Local Environmental Plan 1985

5. Warringah Local Environmental Plan 1985 is amended by inserting in appropriate order, at the end of the definition of "the map" in clause 5(1) the following words:

Warringah Local Environmental Plan 1985 (Amendment No. 74) ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING AND ASSESSMENT ACT 1979 (1992, January 31). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 597. Retrieved from

In 2012 Pittwater Council commenced changing part of Woorak to accommodate boat trailers for those accessing Sand Point to launch the same

Improvements to Woorak reserve, Palm Beach - photos taken December 12th, 2012. Pictures: A J Guesdon:

The other Old School Ground

 EB Studios (Sydney, N.S.W.). circa 1917, Panorama of Palm Beach, New South Wales, 14 , PIC P865/6/1 LOC Nitrate store,  (zoomable at ) and sections from – courtesy National Library of Australia 

Barrenjoey Lighthouse and cottages, with builders cottage still visible - circa 1880
The Barrenjoey School: 1872 To 1894, the school provided as required for the benefit of the Coast Waiters and Lighthouse Keepers children as well as those from surrounding the district, had four locations over the duration of its existence: 1; the Sand dunes, Barranjoey isthmus, 1872 - 1876, 2; Careel Bay, between Hitchcock Park and Currawong Street, 1878 - 1882, 3;  Palm Beach Golf Course, Governor Phillip Park, 1882 - 1886 and 4; near current day Iluka Park, Palm Beach, 1886 - 1894.

The Inspector's report of April 25, 1885, described the two acre site for the new school as commencing at a telegraph pole marked X, 22 chains (442 metres) from the grave on Chinaman's beach (Snapperman Beach) along the road to Careel Bay. Part of the Bassett Darley Estate, a price of £25 per acre with a frontage to the water, was deemed ample value for the land. 

In December, the land was officially resumed, and a building was constructed by Mr F. Collins at a cost of £180. This schoolhouse measured 36 feet x 20 feet x 10 feet high, and it was made of hardwood timber, with a galvanised corrugated iron roof. 

New South Wales, to wit.
Sir Alfred Stephen, Lieutenant' Governor
Administering the Government,
By His Excellency Sir Alfred Stephen, Knight Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, and a Companion of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath, Lieutenant-Governor of the Colony of New South Wales and its Dependencies,
WHEREAS the parcel of land hereinafter described is required for the purpose of the erection thereon of a Public School and of buildings to be used in connection therewith: And whereas I, as such Lieutenant-Governor as aforesaid, with the advice of the Executive Council of the said Colony, have sanctioned the acquisition of the said land for a site for a Public School: Now, therefore, I, Sir Ai/feed Stephen, the Lieutenant-Governor aforesaid, with the advice of the said Executive Council, in pursuance of the power and authority given to or vested in me by " The Lands for Public Purposes Acquisition Act," by this notification published in the Gazette and a newspaper circulated in the Police District wherein the said land is situated, that is to say, in the " Sydney Morning Herald" newspaper, declare that the parcel of land hereinafter particularly described has been resumed for the purpose of the erection thereon of a Public School and of buildings in connection therewith : And that the said land hereinafter described is resumed with the intent that by the publication in the Government Gazette, and in a newspaper circulated in the Metropolitan Police District, of this notification of the said land being so resumed, the said land shall forthwith become and be vested in the Minister of Public Instruction of the said Colony, and his successors, on behalf of Her Majesty, for the purposes of the said Act, for an estate of inheritance in fee simple in possession freed and discharged from all trusts, obligations, estates, interests, contracts, charges, rights-of-way, or other easements whatsoever, and that the legal estate therein, together with all powers incident thereto or conferred by the said Act shall foe vested in the Minister of Public Instruction as a trustee as in the said Act is provided. And I declare that the following is the parcel of land hereinbefore referred to, as resumed by this notification, that is to say:—

All that piece or parcel of land forming part of the Bassett-Darley Estate, James Napper's 400 acres, situate at Barrenjoey, parish of Narrabeen, county of Cumberland, containing by admeasurement two acres more or less: Commencing on the west side of the road from Manly to Barrenjoey, at a point bearing south 3 degrees 13 minutes west, and distant 47 chains and 30 links from the intersection of that side of that road with the north boundary of James Napper's 400-acre grant and bounded thence on the east by the west side of that road bearing south 2 chains 20 ½ links; on the south by a line bearing west 9 chains and 70 links; on the north-west by a line forming the shores of Pittwater bearing north 29 degrees 19 minutes east 2 chains 52 and six-tenths links ; and on the north by a line bearing east 8 chains 46 and one-fifth links, to the point of commencement.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my Hand, and caused the Great Seal of the Colony to be hereto affixed, at Government House, Sydney, this twenty-fourth day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-five, and in the forty-ninth year of Her Majesty's Reign.
By His Excellency's Command,
[7595] GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! NOTIFICATION OF RESUMPTION OF LAND UNDER 44 VICTORIA, No. 16. (1885, December 8). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), p. 7852. Retrieved from 

NSW HRLV Map, 1905, showing resumed 2 acres 

Resumption of Land.-Certain land situate at: certain land forming part of the Bassett-Darley  Estate; James Napper's 400 acres, situate at Barrenjoey, parish of Narrabeen, county of Cumberland, containing by ad measurement 2 acres more or less;  GOVERNMENT GAZETTE. (1885, December 9). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 7. Retrieved from 

Resumption of land at— continued.  Basset-Darley Estate at Barrenjoey, Parish of Narrabeen,  for Public School  7852 Index page (1885, December 31). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), , p. xiv. Retrieved from 

This school officially opened on January 25, 1886. Jervis Sparks' 'Tales from Barrenjoey' states the following school furniture was forwarded per the S.S. Marramarra in the care of Mr A. Black (Broken Bay Customs Station Coast Waiter); 4 Desks, 9 feet long,  4 Forms, 9 feet long (chairs for our younger readers - these were a long bench) 1 Book-press, 4 feet x 3 feet x 18 inches deep Table, 3 feet x 2 feet, with two drawers, Bentwood chair and 24 American School-House hat pegs, No 92, on batten.

On February 2, 1894, a statement was put out that although the enrolment was 8 students, attendance was an average of 6, and likely to decrease. An idea to start a school at Wilson's Beach (Currawong) on the opposite shore of Pitt Water, was deemed inadvisable because there were too few pupils, no school room available, and the residents had manifested no desire to provide or help to provide one. The cost to the Department to construct one would be £32, and there would be a boat approach only.

On February 14, 1894, the Under Secretary agreed to close the Barranjoey school, and a week later, Mr Day, the teacher at the time, was on his way to Wallambuie Provisional School. On August 1, 1898, Frank Eckman, Isaac Newman (keeper), Lizzie Smith (William Smith's wife) and Nancy Mulford (wife of Mackerel Beach orchardist) proposed that Miss A Madigan be appointed as an itinerant teacher. The school would be located in a room in Lizzie's cottage and Miss Madigan would be accommodated at the Eckmans's home for 15 shillings per week. She had been instructing the children there for 2 years, presumably as a tutor.

On December 22, 1898, the Acting Inspector visited the lighthouse and the Customs Station, with the view of establishing a school. This was vetoed due to the lack of school age children and the rough crossing of Pitt Water in bad weather. In 1899 applications by residents of Barranjoey and Careel Bay were again refused, for the same reasons.

The children continued were without the required Teacher until a proposal to use launch to transport them to school allowed Bill Sykes to tender a offer,  eventually won the contract, and started the first school launch service in Australia in April 1904. For the first four months he always kept to schedule, despite rough weather. The Patonga was a thirty foot motor launch with a beam of eight feet and powered by an 8 hp Hercules engine. 

James Booth, a jack-of-all-trades (he built a cairn, since destroyed, on Barranjoey Headland to mark an original lighthouse site), was always interested in the Palm Beach school land. On September 28, 1898, he unsuccessfully applied to rent the two acres, offering £ 2/ 12/- per year. He tried again on March 29, 1917, that time for only one acre at 2/6d a week. In his application to start a small boat hire business, he promised not to 'put up any unsightly buildings'. The Education Department still refused his application, advising that the land had been transferred to the Barrenjoey Company and later to what became the Palm Beach Land company. 

NSW HRLV Map, 1913, showing resumed 2 acres sold - Real Property Act 31230

James Booth purchased the school house, dismantled and removed it, filled in all the holes, and sent the Education Department a cheque for £ 9 for the salvaged material in 1909. The nearest school was now at Newport, which those of school age either walked or rowed to.

The old school site subdivision plan was first submitted to Warringah Shire Council in 1926, 1927 and was eventually approved in 1929. Council records provide:

July 5th, 1926
E. Kenny 28.6.26. submitting, on behalf of Palm Beach in Beach Lands, plan of subdivision of about 2 acres of land, between Nos 2 and 3 Subdivisions of Forssberg Estate' (Dealt with in Engineer's report)

October 1927:
Palm Beach Lands Ltd. re proposed subdivision of "Old School Site" in Barrenjoey Road Resolved(Crs. Hitchcock, Simpson) - That the plan be approved, and the necessary action be taken to secure the dedication of the 2-ft. reserve at the end of Iluka Road, the Seal to be affixed to the plan when this matter is finalised.

E. Kenny & Son. 9/4/29. Submitting, for affixing of Council's Seal, final plan of subdivision of the Old School site, Palm Beach, for Palm Beach Lands Ltd. Resolved (Crc P1 Do.ach Hitchcock, Austin) - That the Seal of the Council be  affixed to the plan when the Engineer certifies that the permanent marks are established.

APPLICATIONS have been made to bring the lands respectively described under the provisions of the Real Property Act. Caveats may be lodged on or before the respective dates mentioned:—
25th September, 1931.
No. 31,230. Palm Beach Lands Limited, 2 a. 17 p., old school site in Barrenjoey and Iluka rds., and on Pittwater, at Palm Beach. NOTICE UNDER REAL PEOPEETY ACT. (1931, August 21). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 2973. Retrieved from


Palm Beach War Memorial Kindergarten 

The Palm Beach Kindergarten now operates alongside Iluka Park. Originally it was housed in the caretakers cottage at Governor Phillip Palm Beach as well as the resited old Avalon Beach Cricket Club House when that became the first North Palm Beach SLSC clubhouse. Even from the outset though the plan was to have this in or adjacent to Iluka Park. This would have worked in with the public school that was originally planned to be sited in the same locality.

North Palm Beach Surf Lifesaving Club was officially founded in 1946 although those camping in Governoir Phillip Park during the early 1930's had already formed themselves into Patrols of sorts to look after the campers using the north end of Palm Beach as the Barrenjoey SLSC. The club was started by local families and regular holiday makers at the northern end of Palm Beach. In those days the area near the base of Barrenjoey Headland was a public camping ground and it was popular destination for people living on the northern beaches and families and tourists traveling the 40 kilometers from the centre of Sydney each weekend. Palm Beach remains a popular holiday destination but these days it has become the location of choice for many celebrities wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

The first clubhouse was very small and was located where the public amenities block now stands. A little further north in the hollow of the dunes was the boat shed and the bunkhouse.

The North Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club reformed after WWII and by 1946 the Old Avalon Cricket Club Building was moved to a location near the present site of the club (located where the current public toilet facilities are today) and the club added verandahs. In these early days the club shared the facility with the Palm Beach Kindergarten. 

Palm Beach Camping in 1946. Item: FL3733992, Courtesy Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW. More In: Camping at Palm Beach 

Warringah Shire Council records show that even prior to a kindergarten being established at North Palm Beach discussions about one being started in Iluka Park had commenced:

August 20th, 1946: 20/8/1946. the Lands Department for permission for the erection of such a building on this reserve. With the consent of the Council, the motion was altered to read - "That the question of establishing a  Kindergarten on Forssberg Estate, Palm Beach, be referred to the Parks & Reserves Committee, and inquiries be made of the Lands Department regarding such a building on the Reserve. Kinder- Cr. Morrow seconded, and the motion was carried.   MOTION IN PURSUANCE OF NOTICE:  Cr.. Dunbar moved - That the Council approve of the establishment of a Kindergarten on Forssberg Estate, Palm Beach, and apply to 

November 12th, 1946: Palm Beach Kindergarten & Recreation Trust, 5/11/46, requesting permission to start clearing the reserve in Barrenjoey Road, the proposed site for the Kindergarten Centre. Resolved, - That a copy of the letter be sent to Solicitor L.W. Jones for an opinion.

November 26th, 1946: Palm Beach Kindergarten  & Recreation Trust 16/11/1946, forwarding report on the activities of the Trust. Resolved, - That they be congratulated on their work, and a copy of the report supplied to Cr. Batho. 

February 18th, 1947: Palm Beach Kindergarten & Recreation Trust, 12/2/47, stating that the Committee has an opportunity of purchasing a Government weatherboard recreation hut, and inquiring whether Council would have any objection to its being placed on the reserve agreed upon for use as a kindergarten school until the permanent building is erected. Referred to the Health and Building Committee. (38) Same 12/2/47 requesting that the Shire Engineer survey the land at Forssberg Reserve at his convenience, putting in pegs so that their Architect will not encroach on adjacent land. Resolved, - That the survey be made.

April 29th, 1947: Palm Beach Kindergarten & Recreation Trust, 19/4/47 (a) thanking Council and officers for assistance, and stating it is taking steps to purchase structures on the lines of Captain Taylor's, and will submit plans in due course; and (b) stating it desires to render the present tennis court serviceable and maintain it, and inquiring whether this would be in order. Council's decisions- (a) "received"; (b) that permission be Courts given for the term of the Council's pleasure.

The Captain Taylor would be Captain P G Taylor who established the Bayview school for his children and others in old army huts - they had all been on his front verandah to begin with. This has become the current day St Lukes' Grammar school at Bayview:

Airman Started A New Kind Of School

In a little bush clearing overlooking the reaches of Pittwater, 60 children are going to Australia's most unusual school-founded by an airman. Captain Patrick Gordon Taylor, pioneer of world air routes, set out after the war to blaze a new trail-and it led to Loquat Valley School, Bayview. He came home from service on the North Atlantic air routes with two daughters, Jennie (now 9) and Sue (7), and found there was no school for them to go to up that way. Others in neighbouring districts were full.

Captain Taylor decided to found his own school and neighbours welcomed the idea. 

Captain Taylor arranged to start in a tennis club building, but the club found it needed its building. So 13 children attended their first session on the verandah of a nearby home. 

From the old Army camp in French's Forest Captain Taylor bought two big huts.

Captain Taylor got the bricks by driving around the country in his car, telling his story to sympathetic but unhelpful brick-yard men. At last, one said: "You shall have the bricks to-morrow." 

He got the bricklayer by persuading his household maid to talk her boy friend, a brick-layer on another job, into it.

Captain Taylor and his wife, his secretary and his school staff sawed wood, painted walls, made window boxes, helped with the building-and got the school going.

Now there are two full-time teachers at the school-Miss Joyce Kennington, who started the school in 1946 With Mrs. Gomme, and Mrs. John Day, who teaches the older children.

Right from the start Captain Taylor determined it should be an Australian school for young Australians to give them a feeling of confidence in their country and themselves, and to break away from ideas unsuitable to life in Australia.

He poured more than £5,000 into his ideal.

Children aged 3 to 11 sit at desks built of Australian wood, in airy classrooms with walls tinted in warm shades and ceil-ings a pastel blue.


The children see their lessons chalked on a green board-not black, because it is too drab-1 and on their bush rambles they learn nature lore from seeing koalas and wallabies and possums and jet black rabbits frolicking in the undergrowth.

They swim in Pittwater, they ride ponies, they learn ballet. 

Captain Taylor watches the school grow and plans how he will extend it-a swimming pool here, a new building there. And because it is an ideal he is working for, he puts back into it all the profits from fees.

BELOW: Children leave Loquat Valley School, Bayview, after their day's lessons. Airman Started A New Kind Of School (1949, November 20). The Sunday Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1949 - 1953), , p. 6. Retrieved from

At the Council Meeting held on October 14th, 1947: Palm Beach District Citizens' Assoc., 3/10/47, requesting support in an application by the Palm Beach Kindergarten Trust to the Building Materials Division for a permit and materials for the establishment of a kindergarten and recreation centre on Forssberg Reserve,  Palm Beach and submitting list of residents who are supporting the proposal. (13a) M. & F. R. Stapleton, 30/9/47 - further in opposition to the proposal for the establishment of the kindergarten on the reserve. Resolved, - That the Association be advised of the legal position in this matter, and letter be "received'. 

The former Barrenjoey Surf Life Saving Club reformed as the North Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club after WWII and by 1947 the old Avalon Cricket Club Building was moved to a location near the present site of the club (located where the current public toilet facilities are today) and the club added verandahs. In these early days the club shared the facility with the Palm Beach Kindergarten. 

photos courtesy North Palm Beach SLSC

A series of fundraisers commenced:


There will be thrills; spills and chills at Palm Beach public park on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, October 5, 6 and 7, when a super carnival and novelty regatta will provide the fun and frolic. Proceeds will be for the erection of a local kindergarten. Among the many events will be races for leading jockeys on sea horses, races for men, women and children in dinghies, rowing and motor skiffs, motor yachts and cruisers and the State championship for seine trawlers. There will be every opportunity for patrons to 'study the form,' as a mannequin parade of beauties with 1946. G-string costumes will take place. Luncheon and supper win be available in a novel way. Pick your own live fish or lobster and it will be caught, killed, cleaned and cooked in any style you require. What more could anyone want! If you are interested, phone Mrs. Ward (Palm Beach 1). CHARITY GALA (1946, September 22). Truth (Sydney, NSW : 1894 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from 

Jockeys to stage sea-horse Derby

Sydney jockeys have staged many sorts of queer races for patriotic and charitable funds. They have had hobby-horse Derbies, draught-horse Derbies, trotting matches and running races. Now they will hold the Seahorse Derby at an outing in aid of the local kindergarten at Palm Beach Park on October 6.The The sea-horses will be 44-gallon drums on which tails and wooden heads will be attached. Contestants who will wear swimming trunks and racing colors, will have to paddle the drums for 25 yards with hands and heels. Jockeys who have promised to take part Include F. Shean, G. Moore, E. and S. Cracknel!, J. Hickey, G. Podmore, W. Cook, N. McGrowdie and H. Russell.  Jockeys to stage sea-horse Derby (1946, September 29). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 7 (SUNDAY SUN SPORTS SECTION). Retrieved from 

Funds raised at the North Palm Beach Surf Club ball at Grace Auditorium last night will help defray costs of the newly established Palm Beach kindergarten which will be officially opened the first Sunday of October. I see...and hear... (1948, August 25). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 11 (LATE FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from 

Palm Beach locals establish new kindergarten

Thirty-five Palm Beach children between the ages of three and five years will form a guard of honor when their new kindergarten is officially opened by Mr. P. C. Spender, MHR. on October 3.

"Establishment of this kindergarten is the result of three years' hard work by local residents," secretary and organiser of the Kindergarten Committee, Mrs. Harold Daniell, said. "We are particularly delighted, as it is the first time all Palm Beach residents have been working for one project." 

The new building, which will be worth about £3500, also contains a pavilion for the North Palm Beach Surf Club members and a hall which may be rented by other local organisations — the first hall of this type in the district. 

Worked in cottage 

The children started their kindergarten work about two months ago in a nearby cottage, but are anxious to move into their new building, which has all the latest kindergarten equipment. A full-time trained kindergarten teacher will be in charge, with a domestic assistant. For a nominal fee the children will receive their fruit and daily milk, and, in time, the committee hopes to provide a midday meal cooked in the modern all-electric kitchen. An upright baby grand piano was bought with funds raised for the committee by Mrs. S. Donsalves. A sum of £250 subsidised by the Warringah Shire Council went towards building costs. Members of the management committee include Mrs. Daniell, Mrs. Rudolph Mueller, Mr. C. Gow, and Mr. Frank Savage, who is president of the North Palm Beach Surf Club. Palm Beach locals establish new kindergarten (1948, September 15). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 11 (LATE FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from 

The kindy at North Palm Beach was duly opened officially on Sunday October 3rd, 1948 – Percy Spender (later Sir), MP for Warringah, had a place at Whale Beach – see The Strand Reserve History page, so possibly the Sunday opening was chosen to coincide with him being at his Whale Beach weekender. NB: the reference of a ‘Donsalves’ would actually be a Gonsalves family member. Mr. C. Gow would have been Carl Gow. 

These photos from Tom Gilbert's family albums show him as a tacker and Carl with his own son as well as a fundraising function held at the Gow's-Gonsalves boatshed in 1949 and underline it wasn't just those in the camping reserve that needed a kindergarten.

back of photo reads (Carl Gow is at right and back with blond little boy on his lap):

Tom (in middle) atop Carl Gow's/Gonsalves Boatshed, 1949.

On January 6th, 1948 Warringah Shire Council's Minutes from Meetings records:  Education Department 2/1/48 re proposed Kindergarten and Day Nursery at Palm Beach, inquiring if it was placed on the Department's land adjoining Iluka Reserve, whether the reserve would be available for playground purposes, and failing this, requesting Council's views on the dedication of the area for school purposes. Resolved, - That the Department be informed if the Kindergarten and Nursery are erected on its land, the Council considers there would, be no objection to the use of the reserve for playground purposes, provided the public was not excluded from such reserve

On March 30th, 1948  S. Yewen. 22/3/48 'requesting that Myola Road between Bungan Head Road and the beach be cleared sufficiently to permit building materials to be delivered to his land. Resolved - That the builder be given permission to provide temporary access for building material., as recommended by the Acting Engineer.  V. J. Toohey, requesting that a tree which obstructs the entrance to his property "Allendale", Iluka Road Palm Beach be removed. Resolved - That the tree be removed. • Removal (Crs. Kent Forster)... ('+8) North Palm Beach S L. S C, 23/3/48 stating that the Palm Beach Kindergarten & Recreation Trust has donated building material to the club and requesting (a) permission to remove this material from Forssberg Reserve to North Palm Beach adjacent to the temporary Clubhouse; and (b) permission to erect a Surf Clubhouse on Governor Phillip Park on the site at present known as the "Car Reserve". - Referred to Parks & Reserves Committee. 48(a) Palm Beach  Kindergarten  & Recreation Trust, 23/3/48, supporting the requests of the Surf Club. -Referred to Parks & Reserves Committee. (Crs. Porstor Kent). 

At the December 21st, 1948: Palm Beach Kindergarten & Recreation Trust, 10/12/48, thanking Council for its rebate of rent on the Caretaker's cottage at Palm Beach, and extending to Councillors and Officers Compliments of the Season.

March 8th, 1949: Manly-Warringah Council of Sub-Branches of RSSAIIA 1/3/49 requesting to the council to make available to the Palm Beach Sub-Branch a meeting-place, stating it is hoped that His Excellency the Governor of N.S.W. will be visiting the Sub-Branch very shortly. Resolved, - They be informed the Council has no building available, but that the Palm Beach Kindergarten and the North PaIm Beach Surf Club will be asked if arrangement could be made for the temporary use of their building at night.

Palm Beach Kindergarten Trust, 11/3/49, (a) inviting Councillors to inspect some of the activities of the Kindergarten, (b)requesting the provision of a street light adjacent to the 'Trust's building and (c) inquiring whether Council would deposit some filling to build up portions of the land on which the building is situated to prevent undermining. council's decisions:- (a) Parks &-Reserves Committee to make inspection; -(0)referred to the Electrical Engineer; (c) that the work be carried out. 

The program to raise funds for a permanent kindergarten and support that already in place continued:

Palm Beach Kindergarten Trust, which maintains a kindergarten at Palm Beach, will hold their first annual ball at the Pasadena, Church Point, on Friday, September 30. Evelyn Gardiner, well-known Gilbert and Sullivan opera singer, will be compere. Winner of the lucky ticket competition will be given a model gown. Reservations may be made by ringing the Pasadena or the secretary, Mrs. Harold Daniell, at Palm Beach 181. around and about (1949, September 7). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 21 (LATE FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from 


The Mosman Spastic Centre and the Palm Beach Kindergarten will hold a joint "Gala Fishing' and ' Entertainment Day" at Palm Beach next Sunday. Launches will leave Palm Beach public Wharf at 6 a.m. for deep-sea fishing, and the organisers will give prizes for the biggest and best catch. Luncheon, including fish foods, will be available in a marquee at the beach, and also in the park. FISHING DAY FOR CHILDREN (1949, September 26). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from 

An organised deep-sea fishing outing and entertainment day will be held at Palm Beach to-day. LAUNCHES will leave Palm Beach public wharf at 6 a.m. and return at midday. The fish will then be weighed and prizes awarded for the biggest and best catch.

Rollo Moore last week speared 20 good-sized lobsters, as well as bream, luderick, and morwong at Long Reef, Deewhy. Although conditions were bad last week-end, spearmen had successful outings. During the week Wally Gibbons speared five luderick and four morwong at Fairy Bower, Manly.

The Underwater Spear Fisher-men's Association will hold a picnic and barbecue at Deep Creek, Narrabeen, to-morrow. One of the main events will be an underwater shoot at a target for the McNiven trophy. Proceeds will go to the Spastic Centre, Mosman, and the Palm Beach Kindergarten. FISHING AND WHERE (1949, October 2). The Sunday Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1949 - 1953), p. 14 (Sports Section). Retrieved  from 

MR. and MRS. NEVILLE GOODALL were among the guests at the dance given in aid of the Palm Beach Kindergarten at the Pasadena Ballroom on Friday. Many of the guests arrived in a launch from Palm Beach and were serenaded on arrival and up to the ballroom. Dining, Dancing Prelude To Race Week (1949, October 2). The Sunday Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1949 - 1953), p. 10. Retrieved from 


THE Spastic Centre, Mosman, and the Palm Beach Kindergarten will share £500, the proceeds of the fishing outing held at Palm Beach last week-end. FISHING AND WHERE (1949, October 9). The Sunday Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1949 - 1953), p. 14 (Sports Section). Retrieved from 


Mr. Johnny Hawkes will be Santa Claus this morning at the Christmas party for the 36 children who attend the Palm Beach Kindergarten. Mrs. R. Muller, Mrs. H. Daniel, and Mrs. Scotty Allan helped decorate- the- Christmas tree and arrange the party. CHRISTMAS TREE (1949, December 14). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 19. Retrieved from 

Johnny Hawkes, one of Palm Beach's glamor boys, seems to me to spend the ideal life. He runs a surfers' service at the beach through summer, and spends the winter living a "Bongo-Bongo-I-don't-want-to-leave-the-Congo" life at Barrier Reef. On Saturday he rescued a gent in difficulties in a moderate surf. The gent gave a grunt (probably full of sea water) and walked some distance. He came back and gave Hawkes five bob, which will be part of next year's fare back to the Congo. CONTACT (1948, October 18). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 1 (LATE FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from 

Photos: Some of original Beachcombers Surfboard Riders Club members - Palm Beach 1961 near the present day dressing sheds. Note Johnny Hawkes Beach Buffet in the background washed away in king tides. The Beachcomber’s Club was underneath the Beach Buffet.  Back row – Ken ‘The Blue Streak’ Mackey, John ‘Pine’ Prosser, Richard Parkinson.  Front – John ‘Olly’ Oliver, Ron Turton, Johnny McIlroy (with hat on)Pearl Turton, Glenys Pearson, John ‘Beaver’ Gonsalves, Ronnie Berczelley (smoking!)and Laci ‘Hompus Stompus’ Berczelley. Note the jackets with the initials on them. ‘Cooky’ Burnes style from 77 Sunset Strip. Photos: Ron Turton.

CHINESE dishes and barbecued food were served to more than 60 guests by the committee of the Palm Beach Kindergarten at the buffet party held at the home of their president, Mrs. Rudolph Mueller, at Palm Beach last night. Mrs. Mueller was assisted in entertaining the guests by Mrs. S. Allen. Social News And Gossip (1951, August 19). The Sunday Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1949 - 1953), p. 19. Retrieved from 

Birthday dances Garden lights. . .

COLORED fairy lights floodlit the garden of Mrs. R. Mueller's Palm Beach home for the barbecue party she gave in aid of the Palm Beach kindergarten last night. Chinese food, which the host cooked, was served to the 60 guests. Among them were Mr. and Mrs. Scotty Allen. Mr and Mrs. N. Stirling. Mr. and Mrs. Eric McIlwraith. Commander and Mrs P. Carr, Mr. and Mrs. N. Goodall, and Mr and Mrs Harold Daniels. Birthday dances Garden lights... (1951, August 19). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 43. Retrieved from

A GAY model beach frock was the present to the person with the lucky door ticket at the Palm Beach Kindergarten Ball last night . . .it was held at the Pasadena Road House at Church Point ... Mrs. Scottie Allen welcomed more than 200 guests . . . the menu included savories, grills and fillets of fish . . . Mr. and Mrs. Neville Goodall;  Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Mueller, and Dr. and Mrs. Brien Oxenham were among the guests. They're saying that... (1953, August 2). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 21. Retrieved from

Finally, in 1959 the Kindy with funds raised by the Palm Beach Community. The Gazettal:

Sydney, 21st October, 1960.


IT is hereby notified that, in accordance with the provisions of section 5 of the Crown Lands Consolidation Act, 1913, the following is hereby declared a public purpose within the meaning of section 24 of that Act :—

War Memorial Kindergarten. P. 59-6,588.

J. B. RENSHAW, Minister for Lands.  DECLARATION OF PUBLIC PURPOSE (1960, October 21). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 3359. Retrieved from 

And then it was built, to a design by well-known Architect Peter Muller:

Kindergarten. Palm Beach. N.S.W. Peter Muller. 1961. Photographer: Wille, Peter, 1931-1971. Courtesy State Library of Victoria. Items: FL17626454, FL17628203 and FL16267776

Peter Neil Muller AO (3 July 1927 – 17 February 2023) was an Australian architect with works in New South Wales, Victoria, Adelaide, Bali, and Lombok. In Sydney 1953, Muller worked in his own architectural practice called 'The Office of Peter Muller'. He avoided synthetic finishes and instead used natural materials, as he felt strongly about the Australian landscape. This is reflected in many of his Sydney contemporaries.

Another local example: Richardson House, 949 Barrenjoey Road, Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia, 1956; Like many of Peter Muller’s designs, the Richardson House began with extensive research of the site. Muller designed this house to sit on the edge of a cliff face, seven metres below the adjoining road and fifteen metres above the water. One design key was the use of circles as the primary motif. This motif came from the form of a large rock already on the site. Twenty-nine hollow cylinders, made of curved concrete blocks and of a natural grey and green appearance, made up the main support system. Muller was a designer of organic architecture and all of the interior spaces of this design are connected and freely flowing.

Mr. Muller later moved to Marulan, New South Wales where he practiced at home in his grazing property "Glenrock". In 1962 Muller tutored at the University of New South Wales and worked as a director of the National Capital Branch of the National Capital Development Commission in Canberra from 1975 to 1977. This helped and allowed him to author 'The Esoteric Nature of Griffin’s Design for Canberra’ in 1976. Later, in 1978, he was the founding Principal of Regional Design and Research and he has acted independently from locations all around the world as a consultant for 'Peter Muller International'.

In the 2014 Australia Day Honours, Muller was appointed Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) "for distinguished service to architecture, to the adaptation and preservation of Indigenous design and construction, and to the integration of the built and environmental landscape."

Trustees appointed were published in the Government Gazette:

Sydney, 13th December, 1963.

IT is hereby notified that, in accordance with the provisions of section 26 of the Crown Lands Consolidation Act, 1913, the undermentioned gentlemen are hereby appointed as trustees, respectively, of the portions of land hereinafter particularised.

K. C. COMPTON, Minister for Lands

An area of 1 rood 21 1/2 perches at Palm Beach, parish of Narrabeen, county of Cumberland, dedicated 21st October, 1960, for War Memorial Kindergarten:—Alfred Perkins Curtis, Ronald Edgar Ogden, Neville Philip Goodall and Geoffrey Michael Cohen. Pks. 59-6,588. Government Gazette Appointments and Employment (1963, December 13). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 3691. Retrieved from 


Pursuant to section 92(1) of the Crown Lands Act 1989, the reserve trust specified in Column 1 of the Schedule hereunder is established under the name stated in that Column and is appointed as trustee of the reserve specified opposite thereto in Column 2 of the Schedule.

GARRY WEST, M.P., Minister for Conservation and Land Management

Sydney, 21st June, 1991.


COLUMN 1; Palm Beach War Memorial Kindergarten Trust

COLUMN 2; Area at Narrabeen dedicated for the public purpose of War Memorial Kindergarten in the Gazette of 21st October 1960. Torrens title identifier: Lots 83 and 84 of D P 14682. MN79R38. ESTABLISHMENT OF RESERVE TRUST (1991, June 21). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 4891. Retrieved from 

In 2018 Pittwater Online was fortunate to speak to Carolyn Tucker (Nee Gee) as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations for Barrenjoey High School - Carolyn was a member of the first graduating class. In sharing some insights into the Pittwater of her younger years Carolyn also shared a few insights into Palm Beach Kindergarten:

My best friend at that time was Sylvia Capel who was tall and very good at Athletics. She became the New South Wales State High Jumper. She was also a very good hockey player, in fact very good at everything. I would try out for everything so I could get in and go to the carnivals with her and see her compete.

Sylvia lives at Cromer now and is semi-retired but it is worth mentioning that she became the Director of Palm Beach Kindergarten for many years.


Sylvia at PB Kindy - Adam Crowley, Carolyn's son, has a red sailboat on his jumper.

Palm Beach Kindergarten continues as a non-profit Kindy at 1053 Barrenjoey Road, Palm Beach. It remains a community that encourages the involvement of parents and family members; they are all required to attend at least one weekend morning each year to help maintain the centre. 

The Management Committee is still a group of volunteer parents who fulfil duties, which assist with the successful running of the Kindy. These positions are filled annually at our AGM and are both rewarding and fun. The Committee consists of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Fundraising Co-ordinator (and fund raising sub committee), Working Bee Co-ordinator, Fundraising Treasurer

Palm Beach kindy has 29 children each day it is open with four staff members looking after them.

It serves as a polling booth during elections, a role it took on after opening that had previously been fulfilled by the Gow's-Gonsalves boatshed and even Barrenjoey House, and remains, in registered name, the Palm Beach War Memorial Kindergarten 


Snapperman Beach Reserve

Snapperman Beach in 1912. Item FL2703455  courtesy State Records NSW

Snapperman Beach Reserve was dedicated as a Public Recreation Area (Certificate of Title - Volume 4061 Folio 122) and transferred to the then Warringah Council on October 5th 1927. It was then transferred into Pittwater Council’s name on 8 August 2000.

Access to the Reserve is via a laneway six (6) metres wide off Iluka Road between numbers 100 and 102 Iluka Road, Palm Beach. Pittwater Council owned the land in Fee Simple. The adjoining land on the eastern boundary is residential (Lots 12 – 18 DP 12979). The land to the west is the foreshore transition zone to the Pittwater estuary , being unreserved Crown land. At the present time the recognised boundary between the Reserve and Crown Land remains ‘High Water Mark ’ as per D P 12979.

Snapperman Beach Reserve is classified as community land, which means that it is intended to be managed for use by the community and may not be leased for more than 21 years and cannot be sold.  Snapperman Beach Reserve is a narrow rectangular strip of land (approximately nine (9) metres wide and one hundred and two (102) metres long). The Reserve contains open manicured lawn, the two large Screw Pines (Pandanus tectorius ), a park bench, reserve signage and a seawall.

The western front of the reserve is a sandy beach and the waters of Pittwater and the remaining s ides are bound by residential properties. It has a predominantly open and relaxed character and nat ural beauty. This is highly valued by the local community. 

In a report prepared by the Royal Botanic Gardens for the Pittwater Council 2006 POM, the Screw Pines were identified as extraordinary species because they are extremely large specimens in the Sydney area and because they are a pair, one male and one female. 

Screw Pines (Pandanus tectorius) on Snapperman Reserve - more photos below.

The beach itself has had at least two names, one being 'Chinaman's Beach' and the other the current 'Snapperman. Records state that there was a group of fishermen here drying fish. A few items from the pages of the past shedding insights include:

Fisherman's garden

WHERE the Palm Beach (Barranjoey, NSW) wharf is today there was a garden kept by three old fishermen back in 1828. This bower of the fishermen was hidden by rocks and luxuriant fig trees. They had a hut and a garden in cultivation, and supplied the settlers far up the Hawkesbury with fish. The name of one of these fisher-folk was John Howard. He arrived in the transport Scarborough with the First Fleet. 

Felton Mathew (a surveyor) and his wife visited the bower in 1834. On that occasion two of its inhabitants were away fishing. They found the other very civil, offering them dried fish and poultry, so they stopped for breakfast; and afterward crossed the swells in a boat to Brisbane Water. The place is shown on the maps now as Snapperman Beach, because there was a colony of Chinamen there 90 years ago engaged in curing fish for the Sydney and Melbourne markets. 

The manager, Ah Chuey, was a Chinese gentleman, much respected by the residents of Pittwater. He was exceedingly fair in his dealings and had a regular price for the fish. He preferred snapper, for which he gave 5/- a dozen, but he would take other fish, and sometimes two or three boatloads would be piled up on the beach. The Chinese also had a garden from which they sold excellent vegetables to less industrious residents. The bus to Palm Beach now passes over the site of the fishermen's garden.-J.S.N.W. (NSW).  AUSTRALIANA (1953, January 3). The World's News (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 1955), p. 30. Retrieved from 

This is from Mr Wheeler, of Church Point knowledge - John Howard was actually who was assigned to set up the Broken Bay Customs Station at Barranjoey

The Pittwater Online News page on St. Michael's Arch/ Hole in the Wall at Avalon Beach, shares, on St. Michael's Arch a report from June 1867 wherein the storm that turned an arch into a pedestal also impacted on this garden:



June 24 – We have had tremendous weather, but, as far as Pitt Water is concerned, no damage has been done with the exception to one of our picturesque curiosities, St. Michael’s Arch. It has at length to the too mighty elements and the destroying influence of time, that which was the admiration of all who have beheld it is now almost baseless fabric-there is only about one half of the outer support left, looking at it at a distance it has the resemblance of a coloured pillar. In its fall it carried a large portion of the overhanging rock with it, a thousand tons of gigantic boulders, and in such masses that I think it will stop the ingress from that part to the cave, but at yet we have had no close inspection for the rollers are dashing to the height of the stupendous rocks. The only idea I can give of the gale is that the froth of (not spray) the sea came over Mount St. Joseph, opposite the house, half a foot in size, and spread itself down to the dam, at times shading the heights of the mountain,-its resemblance was that of an overwhelming snow storm.

The sea at Barranjoey washed away the flower garden in front of the Chinamen's huts, taking soil and all, so that the beach comes close up to their door. There must have been awful havoc in the Hawkesbury, for all the beaches from Barranjoey to the Long Beach are strewn with fragments of houses, boxes, chairs, door frames, dead pigs, hay, wheat, broken bedsteads, weather-board sides of houses, oranges with large branches, pumpkins, melons, corn cobs, and other debris, that scarcely any portion of the beaches can be seen. Mr. Conolly picked up a workbox, in which was contained a number of receipts and letters directed to Mr. Moss, Windsor. The beaches on which are the debris is Barrenjoey, Whale Beach, Collins's Beach, Mick's Hollow Beach, Farrell's Beach, Mona Beach, and Long Beach, so it may be imagined the great extent of destruction. BROKEN BAY. (1867, June 27). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 2. Retrieved from 

South Snapperman Beach

One of the earliest purchasers of lots was the patriarch of the Goddard family who bought lots 6 and 7 in Iluka road:

After William Joseph Goddard purchased two blocks of land in 1926 he applied for and was granted a Special Lease for a jetty as well as kerbing and guttering through Warringah Shire Council:

September 13th, 1926 Council Meeting: That Mr. Goddard's frontage, Iluka Road, Palm Beach, be kerbed and guttered at an estimated cost of £14/16-, on payment of half cost

On December 6th, 1926; That Mr. Goddard's application to instal a septic tank on his property in Iluka  Road, Palm Beach, be granted.

W. Goddard and Sons. 29/10/27. Requesting permission to instal a petrol pump in Iluka Road, Palm Beach. Referred to Works Committee for report. 

Special Lease Granted. Lease: 1926-21910 , 1926-10 - Goddard, William Joseph, of Palm Beach. AT: County Cumberland, parish Narrabeen, below high-water mark Pittwater, adjoining allotment 7 of section B., Forssberg's estate. Area, about 11 perches - Jetty, Granted 1 April 1927 to 31 December, 1933. Annual Rent: £7 10s. NOTIFICATION OF GRANTING OF SPECIAL LEASES. (1927, March 11). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 1394. Retrieved from

And kept renewing the same:

Parish Narrabeen, county Cumberland, Special Lease 26-10, Metropolitan, for jetty, slips and skids. Land applied for—about 1 rood 24 perches below high-water mark, fronting lots 6 and 7, section B, d.p. 12,979, Snapperman Beach, Pittwater. Applicant—William Joseph Goddard. Objections may be lodged at Land Board Office, Sydney. APPLICATIONS FOR LEASES FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES. (1940, November 22). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 4632. Retrieved from

At Palm Beach W J Goddard and sons began a northern estuary enterprise in 1917 with a fair amount of boat-building and boat running experience:


An old identity of North Sydney in the person of William Rueben Goddard, died at his residence in West-Street Blues Point, on Saturday, aged 68 years. Mr. Goddard, though a native of England, was brought out to Sydney by his parents when only two years of age, so that he spent 66 years at Blue’s Point.

It was as a boat builder that he became known to the people of North Sydney, and he won a big reputation as a designer of small craft—skiffs, dinghies, buteder boats and model yachts. In fact, he was recognised as an expert in this particular branch of the Industry. After passing through his apprenticeship to the late Mr. W. Dunn, of Lavender Bay, he opened some 40 years ago, his own building shed in Berry’s Bay upon the site now occupied by Mr. J. W. Eaton's  timber yards. Later he erected the present sheds, where for about 20 years he was actively engaged in building skiffs and dinghies for almost every aquatic man on the north side of the harbor, and for the Royal Navy. In addition, he designed and built innumerable flood boats for the country, inland boats for trading purposes, and fishing craft in great variety. Among his numerous clients were Messrs. T.A. Dibbs, H. H. Massie, R. J. Black, M.L.C., the late W. A. Adams, Geo. Crowley, M'Donald, and the late Robert Moodie and Deltrach. 

Mr. Goddard, known to a great many as ‘Billy’ Goddard, had a wide circle of friends and nothing gave him greater pleasure then to see them trying out his skiffs and determining the merits of this or that design. But he was never tempted to build racing skiffs or wager boats, a branch of the trade he was often asked to take up. As a designer and builder of model yachts he was considered the best of his time, and he at all times took a keen Interest in the model yacht contests at Centennial and Moore Parks. He was a great sufferer for two years prior to his death. He left behind him four sons and two daughters, the eldest son. Mr. W. J.  Goddard, being the well-known motor launch builder of Rose Bay.  Picture: THE LATE MR. GODDARD. BILLY GOODARD. ILLUSTRATED (1916, February 16). Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), p. 6. Retrieved from

The Goddard men were renowned in Palm Beach SLSC and were firm friends with the already resident Gonsalves and Verrills families, and were the men called by a succession of Barrenjoey lightkeepers when people were in distress at sea. In between escapades and rescue efforts, they built yachts, launches and opened a shop:

MOTOR LAUNCH FOR HAWKESBURY RIVER. A motor launch, to be utilised for passenger service  on the Hawkesbury River, for Mr A Deas, has been  completed by Mr. W .J. Goddard, of Palm Beach, Pittwater, and was launched on Saturday. The dimensions are length 43ft overall, 12ft beam, and 4ft moulded depth. She is planked with New Zealand kauri, with a spotted gum frame. The cabin is finished in Queensland maple. The vessel has seating accommodation for 74 passengers and is designed for a speed of 10 miles. The launching was somewhat novel as the boat was built a quarter of a mile form the water. MOTOR LAUNCH FOR HAWKESBURY RIVER. (1922, October 23). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from

These were also the men, along with the Gonsalves and Carl Gow, who would go out and help people in danger at sea:

Men's Struggle To Save Yachts. SYDNEY, Saturday.— In mountainous seas which raged off Palm Beach yesterday and last night gallant work was per formed by W J and A Goddard and S. Gonsalves in rescuing two fine yachts which had broken adrift from their moorings. It was not until after midnight that they completed their job. According to eye witnesses it was often touch and go whether they would meet with disaster themselves. In addition to the two yachts a launch broke its moorings and eventually piled up on the sands,. Several small boats were swamped in the storm. Men's Struggle To Save Yachts. (1934, February 3). The Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1912 - 1954), p. 5. Retrieved from

FISHERMEN RESCUED IN HEAVY GALE. ABOVE: Two elderly fishermen, who refused to give their names, photographed in their launch last night, after it had been towed into the shelter of Pittwater from four miles off Palm Beach, where the craft had been caught in a 50-miles-an hour gale. AT RIGHT: Two of the three rescuers, Messrs. Arthur Goddard (left) and Charles Pritchard. FISHERMEN RESCUED IN HEAVY GALE. (1946, July 31). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 1. Retrieved from Photo courtesy Peter Verrills.

Licence for Store. 

Without hearing the address by counsel for the applicant, the full bench of the Licensing Court yesterday granted an application for a spirit merchant’s licence made by William Joseph Goddardstorekeeper, of Iluka and Barrenjoey Roads Palm Beach

Mr Scobie, L.M., said that the Court had heard no opposition to the licence from local residents. The only opposition had come from the police, the licensee of the nearest hotel and from one civilian who was not a resident at Palm Beach.

The Court was inclined to agree with evidence that there was no other place within the metropolitan area of the importance of Palm Beach where the nearest licensed premises were of more then six miles distant.

Evidence was given by Mr. Creswell O’Reilly, Chief Film Censor, who said that he had a week-end cottage at Palm Beach for 18 years and had never heard anybody there complain about the lack of facilities for buying liquor. He considered the normal liquor requirements of Palm Beach residents were met by the regular deliveries of reputable city firms.

To  Mr. J W M Laidlaw (for Goddard) Mr. O Reilly denied that he was known throughout the State as an ardent temperance worker. He said he approved of licensed hotels provided they were properly conducted and also of spirit merchant licences in certain circumstances but he did not think such a licence was needed at Palm Beach

Mr. Laidlaw: When did you last have a drink?

Mr. O Reilly: In France during the last war.

The licence granted yesterday will allow Goddard to sell beer, wine and spirits at Palm Beach in quantities of not less than two gallons. PALM REACH LIQUOR. (1941, August 12). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 7. Retrieved from

Goddard's wharf circa 1939, as seen from Observation Point; postcard/photo.

Peter Verrills regarding this image; the vessel to the left being built is the Wongawill - the big yacht slipped on the south is the Mistral. The date of the image is circa 1945/46.

William J Goddard would also acquire and then on-sell Lot 5:

Lot 6 is where the current day Palm Beach General store is - photo is from the Vietnam Veterans Northern (Palm Beach RSL - Mark Ferguson OAM and Peter Rumble were initiators) 2016 March and Commemorative Service:

On the opposite corner:

Palm Beach Garage

Here are two photos Ray John Henman shared with Tom Gilbert years ago of Palm Beach Garage - the top one is circa 1920-1930's.

Warringah Shire Council notes show at the meeting held on August 3rd, 1926
E. M. Simpson for Barrenjoey Motor Co. 24.7.26. requesting permission to jnstall a Kerbsjde petrol pump in Petrol Pump front of the proposed garage building on Lot 21, Forssberg Estate. Referred to the Works Committee.

August 16th, 1926: That E. L. Simpson's application, for permission to instal a petrol pump in Barrenjoey Road, in front of Lot 21, Forssberg's Estate; be approved;

February 7th, 1927: Palm Beach Motor Garage and Service Station. 3/2/27. Applying for permission to erect additional petrol pump at corner of Iluka and Barrenjoey roads. Referred to Works Committee. 

NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned Jack Lewis Rigney and William John Henman, carrying on business as garage and service station proprietors at the corner of Barrenjoey and Iluka roads, Palm Beach, under the name of Palm Beach Garage, was dissolved by mutual consent on the 19th October, 1953. All debts due and owing by the said late firm will be received and said by William John Henman, who will continue to carry on the business under the same name at the same place.—Dated at Sydney, this nineteenth day of October, 1953. JACK L. RIGNEY. Signed by the said Jack Lewis Rigney in the presence of,—W. J. C. Forsyth, Solicitor, Sydney. J. HENMAN. Signed by the said William John Henman in the presence of W. J. C. Forsyth, Solicitor, Sydney. 3160—£1 5s. NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership heretofore (1953, October 23). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 3555. Retrieved from 

There were other first shops, kiosks, boatsheds and small businesses along with early permanent residents and seasonal visitors thriving around these Pittwater estuary reserves at Palm Beach as the place changed from pristine outpost to holiday resort and then urban community. One more of these:


IT is hereby notified, for general information, that the undermentioned applications have been received for leases for special purposes and for extensions of terms of Special Leases, under the provisions of the 74th, 76th and 229th sections of the Crown Lands Consolidation Act, 1913, of the lands and for the purposes hereunder stated, and that it is the intention to grant leases should no sufficient objection be found to exist, after inquiry by the Land Board and consideration by the Minister.

Any objections will receive due consideration, if lodged in writing with the District Surveyor for the Land Board District in which the land is situated, on or before the date specified, in each case hereunder.

R. T. BALL, Minister for Lands.

Parish of Narrabeen, county of Cumberland; Special Lease 28-29, Metropolitan, for boat-shed. Land applied for—about 9 perches, adjacent to lots 59, 60, 61 and 62, at the southern end of 'Chinaman's Beach', Pittwater. Applicant—Willie Christian. Objections may be lodged at the Metropolitan Land Board Office, Sydney, up to 19th August, 1928.APPLICATIONS FOR LEASES FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES AND FOR EXTENSIONS OF TERMS OF SPECIAL LEASES. (1928, July 20). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 3486. Retrieved from

A few other early Iluka end of the Forssberg estate notes from Warringah Shire Council's records:

July 23rd, 1929: H.C. Sims 10/7/28. Requesting that something and be done to the end of the drain and roadway adjoining his property in Forssberg Estate to prevent further encroachment by the sea on his property. The Overseer's recommendation noted on the letter was adopted.

April 3rd, 1929; A. Muddle & Stephenson. 14/3/29. Respecting the inadequacy of the stormwater drain adjacent to Mr. H. C Sims place in Forssberg Estate, Palm Beach, and inquiring if the Engineer could discuss the matter with Mr. Sims.. Resolved that the Engineer make a further., and close inspection, and report to next meeting.

H. B. Hirst. 9/4/29 Requesting the Council to take steps to prevent the further destruction of aboriginal rock carvings at Palm Beach, Decided to refer the request to Palm Beach Lands, Ltd. on whose land the carvings are situate on (this is actually towards the north end of this section)

May 27th, 1929;  C. Fisher.. 7/5/9. Suggesting that the Council erect two public conveniences on the reserve at the south end of Forssberg Estate, Palm Beach. Consideration deferred until before the next .summer season

December 2nd, 1929: Resolved (Crs. Hitchcock, Robertson) That H. E. Rogers be given permission to erect a tent on his land in Barrenjoey Road, Forssberg Estate, on the conditions set put in the report.

January 28th, 1930; Forssberg Estate, Palm Beach .- H Holloway's letter asking, in the event of his taking over Mr. Christians’ boatshed lease, that he be permitted to erect a landing skid on the right-of-way near Mclntosh's property; Resolved (Crs. Parr, Greenwood) - That, as recommended, permission be refused.

February 10th, 1930; - That H.C. Rogers be notified to remove immediately the camp from his land in Forssberg  Estate, Palm Beach

February 24th, 1930: W. Christian. 11.2.30. Resubmitting his request for permission to erect a landing wharf off the 24-ft. right-of-way adjacent to Mr. Sims' lot, Forssberg Estate. Resolved (Crs.. Robertson, Ross) - That the Council adhere to its previous decision, and do not agree to the erection of the wharf in the position mentioned. 

July 14th, 1930: Land Department. 25/6/30. Inquiring whether there are any objections: to the 'granting of W. A. Peirce's application for a site for a jetty adjacent to the 24-ft. lane in Forssberg Estate, Pittwater. Referred to the Works Committee.

September 22nd, 1930: 14 and 15. The applications of Mrs. Taylor for installation of septic tank at Quirk Street, Deewhy, end Mr. J.  Orr in Bayview Road, Mona Vale, was referred: to the Works Committee. 17 Resolved, - That the Inspector make an inspection of W Christian's kiosk on Forssberg Estate, Barrenjoey Road, Buildings and see whether it is constructed on the correct alignment. (Ore, Hitchcock, Austin) -

August 10th, 1931: Re F. Geddes application to make an extension of his garage at Iluka Road, Palm Beach. Referred to the Works Committee for report.

October 23rd, 1933; By Cr. Hitchcock - That attention be given at the first opportunity to Iluka Road where material has been deposited, the material to be levelled up and attended to generally.

November 20th, 1933; Emergency Belief Work: Resolved, - That £30 be voted for cartage of ballast, supervision, etc, for Iluka Road. (Crs. Hitchcock, Hughes) 

March 26th, 1934:  E. Raymond, 20/3/34, requesting Council to remove, or substantially lop, a tree growing on the footpath in front Roads of her cottage, in Iluka Road, which is extremely dangerous. Resolved, - That the tree be lopped by the Council's employees in conjunction with the Electricity Department.

May 14th, 1935; G. F. Ashby, 29/4/35, stating his desire to have his allotments, Nos. 49 and 50, Iluka Road, Palm Beach, and also the land between them and the bitumen road filled in and levelled, he being prepared to pay the cost. Resolved, - 'That he be forwarded a copy of the. Oversocr's report, and informed that upon payment of £6, the Council will till in and top-dress the depression on the footpath. 

Main Road's Dept., 27/5/35, stating that the future alignment of Barrenjoey Read near Mr. Christian's property, opposite Iluka Road, Palm Beach, has been investigated, and it is found that no acquisition will be necessary to effect the improvement required in the existing alignment. Received. 

September 22nd, 1936: Re Miss A. Swain's building at corner of Iluka Read and Barrenjoey Read, Palm Beach, in respect of which a Closing Order has been issued: Resolved, -That the Inapector's recommendation be adopted, and Miss Swain be notified that the condition of the building warrants demolition, and the Council expects this will be done within a reasonable time. (Crs. Hewitt, Hitchcock) Resolved, - That the Inspector also report regarding the building on the opposite side of  the road, which was badly damaged by a falling tree some time ago. (Crs. Hitchcock, Boss) Compare at the same Meeting- Re Mr. James Wheeler's application for permission to occupy an unfinished building at Waterloo Street, Narrabeen by using the front portion as a hardware shop: Resolved, - That permission be granted, provided the doors of the roar room are nailed up, kept closed, and not used, as recommended in the report. (Ore. Hewitt, Green) 

January 18th, 1938; Main Roads Department, 17/12/37, re kerbing and guttering of Barrenjoey Road south of Iluka Road, Palm Beach, (a) pointing out that the adoption of the permanent levels of the Department will involve alterations to existing kerbing, Kerb & guttering and constructed footpath; (b) approving of the Gutter tire Engineer's estimate, £77, for the whole work; (c) explaining the manner in which the work, and what work, should be carried out; (d) stating that in accordance with its usual policy the Department will bear one-fourth of the cost of kerbing. and guttering where none existed before; and (e) requesting that upon the completion of the whole work a certificate of expenditure be submitted with a view of securing the Department's share, £66.10.0, of the whole of the proposed works. Resolved, - That the terms of the Department's letter be accepted, and the Council vote £10.10.0, its share of the cost. 

March 1st, 1938: By Cr. Latham - The Council has a piece of land running off Barrenjoey Road down to Goddard' s boat shed and around the corner, and there is a lot of lantana on it. Could this be  cleared? On the Engineer stating that the land referred to was Iluka Road, the President stated an instruction would be issued for it to be cleared. 

April 12th, 1938;  Re Condition of Mr. Goddard's premises at Iluka Road, Palm Beach: as regards a septic tank: Resolved - That Mr. Goddard Tank be required to abate the nuisance forthwith, and should he fail to do so, he be prosecuted, (Crs. Lathan, Nicholas) Palm Beach Progress Assoc, 4/4/38, requesting that the Council again make representations to the Water Board for the giving of a supply of water to the higher levels of the Palm Beach district. "Received" 4/4/38, Same, requesting that the clearing of lantana in the area about Iluka, Nabilla, Woorak and Barrenjoey Roads be expedited; (b) on the necessity for the provision of a...


Pittwater Reserve - then Park: on snapperman beach, palm beach

 Observation Point, Palm Beach, Newport Digital Order Number: a106120 circa 1912-1917, Broadhurst Image, courtesy State Library of NSW. NB: no 1917 installed fenced swimming enclosure

Pittwater Park is Crown reserve No R60988 for the purpose of Public Recreation. The land comprises Lot 7008, in DP 93682 & Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 in Section A of DP 12979, Barrenjoey Road, Palm Beach. This too was land resumed from the Forssberg Estate or lots taken from those who had already purchased land and was officially gazetted in 1929.

Vol-Fol: 4398-7 and Vol 388 Fol 154 from the NSW Land Records shows the blocks of Forssberg land resumed - along with the lots such as that owned by Mr. Graham and earlier and later land purchasers.

Currently the Reserve is roughly rectangular in shape and has a total area of 1.4ha, has parking spaces at its north and south ends with a centralised green reserve. The north area has a parking capacity for approximately 53 vehicles. Other uses of this area of the Reserve that are associated with the Wharf functions include a bus set down area and underground fuel tanks located adjacent to the wharf. The carpark is currently utilised by the Gonsalves Boatshed for access to its premises. The southern carpark accommodates 76 vehicles in marked spaces and is accessed via two access ways to Barrenjoey Road.

Pete Verrills recalls family anecdotes about this being the place where lumber for building holiday homes and other materials would be offloaded prior to being carted over the hill.

Barrenjoey House, the first version, not the white building standing on the site today, was first built around 1920. Albert Verrills chose the land on which Barrenjoey House still stands as his lumber for building was being offloaded at the pier named Palm Beach Jetty by the Barrenjoey Land Company when bringing people into the far end of Pittwater, and what became Gow's Wharf, and stored in what is now Pittwater Park, and he wanted to keep an eye on these valuable supplies.

This published construction item confirms the existence of one of a growing number of boarding establishments and one of the names for the structure you may eat in and stay in that is now called 'Barrenjoey House' - and that it was trading at least earlier then Spring 1923:

For making additions and generally re-modelling the hotel at Palm Beach, plans have been prepared by Mr. W. H. H. Thomson, architect, who has let a contract to Mr. A. Verrills, builder, to carry out the work. GENERAL NOTES. (1923, September 19). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 11. Retrieved from 

Albert's Home, circa 1919.

The original Barrenjoey House, circa 1920-1922. Photo courtesy of Peter Verrills.

A new building, new management and a proprietor and the name 'Barrenjoey House' appeared for the first time in January 1925  more can be read about the owner and course of this iconic building's history in  Barrenjoey House Celebrates its Centenary in 2022.

By January 1925 the new two storey building was complete and open for business:

PALM BEACH.-Accommodation, surf, tennis, golf.  Garner and Bruggen. Tele.,P.B. 31.
PALM BEACH, Barrenjoey House. Lately rebuilt and under new management. Excellent accommodation, SURFING, BOATING, FISHING, GOLF, GARAGE. Tele.. Palm Beach 35Advertising. (1925, January 14). The Sydney Morning Herald(NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from

NSW Records and Archives photographs from June 1925 show:

Palm Beach Snapperman Beach Observation Point end circa June 1925. FL3839467 NSW State Records. NRS-4481-3-[7/15991]-St10027. Title; Government Printing Office d1_15936 - View from road to Barrenjoey, Lion Island on left - [From NSW Government Printer series: Palm Beach views]. Contents Date Range; 01-01-1925 to 31-12-1925, courtesy NSW State Records

Photo: NRS-4481-3-[7/15991]-St10026. Title, 'Government Printing Office d1_15935 - From road to Barrenjoey, Palm Beach - [From NSW Government Printer series: Palm Beach views]'. Contents Date Range. 01-01-1925 to 31-12-1925, courtesy NSW State Records

FL3839441 NRS-4481-3-[7/15991]-St10025. Title; Government Printing Office d1_15933 - Palm Beach and Pittwater - [From NSW Government Printer series: Palm Beach views] (Snapperman Beach from Observation Point). Contents Date Range; 01-01-1925 to 31-12-1925 courtesy NSW State Records

EB Studios (Sydney, N.S.W.). (1917-1927). Panorama of Palm Beach, New South Wales, 12 Retrieved from - and enlarged parts from - the same section of road a few years on when new Barrenjoey House was built (and also then originally called 'Barranjoey' House) as well as the section leading south towards Sandy Point and where the RSL now is. Courtesy National Library of Australia

Enlarged section from EB Studios (Sydney, N.S.W.). (1917-1925). Panorama of Palm Beach, New South Wales12 Retrieved from - More in: Barranjoey House 

Barrenjoey Road, Pittwater Park prior to being resumed and named as such and Ferry Wharf - Gows Jetty with Pool area shown circa 1917. Gow-Gonsalves-Verrills family photo

EXTENSION OF TERMS OF SPECIAL LEASES. County Cumberland, parish Narrabeen, below high-water mark, Pitt water, portion Sp. L. 1912 4 ; Ms. 3,922 Sy. Area, 1 rood 20 perches. 

1917 -1176 Barranjoey Co., Ltd., 14 Castlereagh-st., Sydney. No. of Application – 1912 – 4, Metropolitan Bathing Place – from 1 Jan. 1917 to 31 Dec. 1921

Special Lease 1912 4, Metropolitan. Barrenjoey Company, Limited.—The lease shall be subject to subsections 1, 3, 4, G to 0, 11, and 13 of Regulation No. 10G (notified 20th April, 1917), and to the following special conditions:—(a) The lessees shall permit children attending any school in Warringah Shire, and in charge of teachers, to have the free use of the baths without payment on one day in each week between the hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., such children to provide their own towels and bathing costumes. (b) The lessees shall have not less than three life-buoys readily available at all times. (c) The lessees shall be responsible for the proper conduct and cleanliness of the baths, and shall compel bathers to wear suitable bathing costumes, (d) The lessees shall, after determination of the lease by forfeiture, effluxion of time, or otherwise, and within such time as may be given, remove the structure or all or any material from the lanel at their own cost, and without compensation, if required by the Minister in writing to do so. ) The lessees shall, within six months from the date of notification in the Government Gazette of the granting of the extension of the term of the lease, enclose the land with a shark-proof fence, and maintain such fence in efficient repair throughout the currency of the lease. (e) A breach of any of the conditions, or the occurrence of any indecent or disorderly conduct, will render the lease liable to forfeiture. EXTENSION OF TERMS OF SPECIAL LEASES. (1917, November 2). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 5968. Retrieved from 

Local lore states what we now call Pittwater Park, beside the current ferry wharf for Palm Beach, stems from a bet between old Carl Gow and Cr. Hitchcock of Warringah Council (for whom Hitchcock Park at Careel Bay is named); the bet being the Councillor could not get it gazetted as a park which he did, Carl having to hand over £100 for losing. That bet may be the reason Cr. Hitchcock's name appears so often in fighting for these Reserves in Warringah Shire Council records. Those who knew Carl state the bet was a ruse as this land was obviously slated for development prior to then. 

The Barrenjoey Company records of sales of their lots from June 1911 on, as well as those when the Palm Beach Lands Ltd took over show both these men were Palm Beach land owners - George William Hitchcock buying in 1923, when he moved out here, and Carl, in conjunction with the Gonsalves family, in 1926 and again in the 1930's. 

Although these records, and who is in them and when, will form part of a future history investigation, it's worth putting them here in this page given the Council asked for and received another old school site atop Sunrise Hill and that this was where Cr. Hitchcock chose to live too, while Carl's venture into being a land owner placed him and his mate Frank Gonsalves alongside Pittwater Park - council's records show:

Sunrise road reserve; 4/10/1949, Resolved, - That the Education Department be requested to dedicate the former School Site on Sunrise Road Palm Beach as a public Reserves recreation area and vantage point. (Crs. McKay, Thomas)

The Hitchcock and Gow/Gonsalves lands:

This Park was Gazetted 21/1/1927, finalised  23.9.1927. The Government Gazette Notice provides:


IT is hereby notified and declared by His Excellency the Governor, acting with the advice of the Executive Council, that so much of the land hereunder described as is Crown Land has been appropriated, and so much thereof as is private property has been resumed under the Public Works Act, 1912, for the following public purpose, namely, for the establishment of a Public Recreation Ground at Palm Beach, and is vested in the Minister for Lands as Constructing Authority on behalf of His Majesty. [Misc. 1926-13,363]

Signed and sealed at Sydney, this twenty-first day of January, 1927.

( i,s.) D. R. CHAIR,  Governor.

By His Excellency's Command,

W. F. DUNN, Assistant Minister for Lands.



All that piece or parcel of land situate in the parish of Narrabeen, county of Cumberland, and State of New South Wales, containing an area of 1 acre 1 rood 17 1/2 perches: Commencing at the high-water mark of Pittwater at the north-western corner of lot 11 of section A of the Forssberg Estate,—as shown on d.p. 12,979; and bounded thence on the south by the northern boundary of that lot bearing 90 degrees 57 minutes for 152 feet to the western side of Barranjoey-road; thence on the east by that side of that road bearing 8 degrees 53 minutes 30 seconds for 278 feet 6| inches and 350 degrees 49 minutes for 126 feet inches; thence on the north by a line bearing 270 degree's 57 minutes for 143 feet to high-water mark, Pittwater, aforesaid; thence on the west by that high-water mark generally southerly, to the point of commencement, and being lots 1 to 10 inclusive, of the Forssberg Estate,—as shown on d.p. 12,979, and being also part of freehold portion 18 of 400 acres.  NOTIFICATION OF RESUMPTION OF LAND UNDER THE PUBLIC WORKS ACT, 1912. (1927, January 21). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 418. Retrieved from

Pittwater Park confirmed

For Public Recreation.

Metropolitan Land District, and Warringah Shire.

No. 60,988. County of Cumberland, parish of Narrabeen, containing an area of about 2 acres 1 rood 12 1/2 perches. The Crown Lands within the following boundaries: Commencing at a point on the high-water mark of Pittwater at the north-western corner of lot 11, section A, deposited plan 12,979; and bounded thence by the northern boundary of that lot Rearing 90 degrees 57 minutes 152 feet; thence by the western side of Barrenjoey-road, being lines bearing 8 degrees 53 minutes 30 seconds 278 feet 6 /4 inches and 350 degrees 49 minutes 486 feet 5 3/4 inches; thence by the south-eastern boundary of lot 10A of deposited plan 13,374, and end of road of variable width, being a line bearing 243 degrees 20 minutes 132 feet to the high-water mark of Pittwater; thence by that high-water mark of Pittwater- generally southerly, to the point of commencement, comprising lots 1 to 10 inclusive, deposited plan 12,979, and the unsubdivided balance of lot 32 of the Bassett Darley Estate. [Us. 1927-9,366] RESERVES FROM SALE. (1929, February 22). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 1016. Retrieved from

Also worth noting:

W. P. CULLEN, Lieutenant-Governor. 9th October, 1928

I Sir William Portus Cullen, the Lieutenant-Governor of the State of New South Wales, with the advice of the Executive Council, in pursuance of the Local Government Act, 1919, do hereby declare the wharf described in the Schedule hereto to be a public wharf and vest the control thereof in the Warringah Shire Council.

[L.G. 1928-60,933] By His Excellency's Command, MICHAEL F. BRUXNER, GOD SAVE THE KING!


The wharf constructed of timber on piles about 165 feet by about 6 feet together with appurtenances, situated on the northern end of Snapperman Beach of Pittwater, Broken Bay, in the parish of Narrabeen, county of Cumberland, and having an area of about 3 1/2 perches (shown on a plan catalogued Ms. 3,609 Sy., in the Department of Lands, Sydney). *[1760]. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, 1919. (1928, October 19). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 4563. Retrieved from


During the past five years the ratepayers of Warringah Shire have paid £50,790 of the £68,956 authorised for the purchase of fore-shores and reserves.

The principal resumptions and their costs are:- Newport Beach reserve, £9600; Newport reserve, for access to Pittwater, £2200; Mona Vale Beach, £2800; Palm Beach, £4500; Lake Park extension, Narrabeen, £1900; Collaroy Beach reserve, £18,050, Deewhy Beach reserve extension, £2000; district park, £9500, Manly Municipal Council contributing a similar amount in respect of the last-mentioned purchase.

The matter was referred to the council meeting by the shire clerk (Mr. R. G. Jamie-son), who stated that probably no other council in New South Wales could show such a fine record.

The president (Councillor Corkery) said that they could not be expected to go on burdening the ratepayers in that way indefinitely. The beaches were used by people who came in their thousands from all parts, and the acquisition of places of access, in his opinion, should be a national work. THE FORESHORES. (1929, August 9). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved from 

Historical notes on the Palm Beach Whale Beach Association, along with those kept in Warringah Shire Council records, show that the 1930's named 'Progress Association' first suggested a name for the park opposite Barrenjoey House, the then Warringah Shire Council records show:

Palm Beach Progress Assoc., (letter dated 14/3/35), pointing out that the absence of a notice bearing the name "Palm Beach" on the public wharf is the cause of uncertainty and inconvenience to visitors by launch; (b) on the necessity for a name for the reserve opposite Barrenjoey House, suggesting the name “Pittwater Reserve”; (c) pointing out the need for repairing and widening Palm Beach Road to render it less dangerous; (d) expressing the opinion that the building of a concrete retaining wall on the ocean beach reserve would detract from the appearance of the beach. Council's decisions were that a notice be erected as requested; and that the name Pittwater Reserve be adopted. (Per Crs. Hewitt, Austin); 

Pittwater Park the view south circa 1930-1939

The above image, with its plane landed on Snapperman beach, may be related the Ailsa Craig-Brown when she became Mrs. Lee-Brown. Her father bought one of the Forssberg lots, gifted it to her after her marriage, and she onsold in 1929. Both Ailsa and her husband had a passion for flying. Tragically he was killed in a plane accident in 1934. 

Ailsa later married Scotty Allen. So this plane may even be his when they lived atop this hill in what has been called The Pink House.

Palm Beach Ferry wharf and Pittwater Park circa 1938 from beside Barrenjoey House. Crowley Family records state Mr Crowley was allowed to form a vegetable garden in the land behind Barrenjoey House and did so for a few years, which is the aspect from which this image has been taken. The Norfolk pines are already in place.

Gow's-Gonsalve's Boatshed circa 1930 or 1940 - Verrills Family photos

Gows and Gonsalves boatshed taken from Carls originals courtesy Peter Verrills, circa 1939-1940

WWI Veteran Mr Gow also had other dealings, along with the Gonsalves, over the original Palm Beach Jetty, now a wharf, with Warringah Council. Their records chart its changes:

C.B.Gow  20/12/29. Asking if Council has any, objection to the granting of a permissive occupancy to C.B. Gow for a business boatshed at Palm Beach. - Referred to Work's Committee (Crs.Parr,Austin.) 

'31. C.B. Gow, applying for permission to wall and fill in an area about 30' x 20' between his boat shed and garage on the foreshore at Palm Beach. Referred to Works Committee. 19/11/1934

(b) that the carrying out of the drainage of Barrenjoey Road "between Milton's corner and Gow’sbe 'proceeded with; 27/3/1933

A. Dangar-Browne & 9 others, 21/9/35, submitting an emphatic protest against the proposal to use Goddard's wharf Palm Beach at Palm Beach in lieu of the public wharf, and setting out reasons for the protest. 18a. C.B.Gow, 23/9/35, regarding condition of wharf, and stating he is prepared to repair and maintain it in a state of good repair for period of 12 months for the sum of £20, the money to be paid at the end of the 12 months. Resolved, - That the offer of Mr. C. B. Gow  be accepted, (Crs. Austin, Hewitt) 1/10/1935

C.B. Gow, 25/3/38, requesting permission to take over the old wharf at Palm beach stating he is prepared to reconstruct it to the engineer's satisfaction and take over the lease from the Lands Department. 29a. A .Dangar Burne, suggesting that the old wharf be allowed to remain for the convenience of boating men. Resolved, - That Mr. Gow be informed the Council proposes to terminate the occupancy of the site of the wharf, and will Permit him to take it over provided that the public will have uninterrupted use of the wharf and he complies with whatever conditions the Lands Department may lay down. (Crs. Hitchcock, Savage)

Lands Department, 7/12/38replying that it offers no objection to the leasing of the old wharf at Palm Beach to Mr. C.B. Gow, provided he undertakes to repair and keep it in good order and allow the public free use of it at all times. Resolved, - That the Council agree to the lease to Mr. Gow, provided he first places the wharf in good order to the Shire Engineer’s satisfaction. 20/12/1938

Reporting that the old structure of Palm Beach Wharf Beach should be demolished: Resolved - That Mr. C.B. Gow  be given two months in which to complete the restoration work to the Shire engineer’s satisfaction. (Crs. Latham, Savage) 24/1/1939

Reporting that Mr. Gow has ceased his improvement operations on the old public wharf at Palm Beach: Resolved, That Mr. Gow be required to finish the whole of the work within two months. (Crs. Butcher, Campbell) 11/7/1949

Gow  & Gonsalves, 12/7/52, drawing attention to the state of the Council's wharf adjacent to Gow's boatshed and suggesting that it be repaired or demolished, but if the Council is not prepared to do this, stating that they are prepared to take over the structure. Resolved: that this wharf be demolished (Crs. McKay and Berry).

C. B. Gow, 18/9/52, regarding the old wharf at Palm Beach, contending that it would be more expedient to re-build the old wharf than to demolish it, pointing out that a wharf has been at this site for about 40 years, and is greatly used by local residents; and stating that he would be prepared to build and maintain a new wharf or pull the old one down. 22. Resolved, - That he be informed that Council adheres to its previous decision, and the Engineer be instructed to demolish this wharf at. the earliest possible Opportunity.- (Crs. McKay, Berry)

CARRIED. (b) Cr. Berry moved, Cr. McKay seconding, that the decision of 21/7/52 to demolish Mr. C.B. Gow's wharf at Palm Beach be rescinded, and he be allowed to rebuild the wharf at his own expense and that the Council be relieved of any legal Wharves responsibility as to the management of this wharf. Cr. Horn moved as an amendment, Cr. Quinlan seconding, that this matter be referred to the Finance & General Purposes Committee, with a report by the Shire Engineer and Legal Officer, and in the meantime Mr. Gow  be asked to confer with the Engineer and submit a proposal as to what he is prepared to do to reinstate the wharf to good condition., and the terms under which he desires to be allowed to use the wharf. The amendment was carried, and on becoming the motion, was again carried. (c) Cr. McKay moved, Cr. Berry seconding 30/3/1953

Tom Gilbert (in middle) atop Carl Gow's/Gonsalves Boatshed, 1949. Annual fundraisers were held in the park near the ferry wharf to raise funds to support the Randwick Hospital with the Carl Gow/Gonsalves Boatshed put into use as the 'Beer House'. This became an annual event: HOSPITAL BENEFIT AT PALM BEACH. The Randwick Auxiliary Hospital will benefit from a deep sea fishing and sporting day at Palm Beach tomorrow. Professional fishermen operating from Palm Beach and private owners are providing the trawlers. HOSPITAL BENEFIT AT PALM BEACH. (1950, March 18). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 5. Retrieved from

Tom: My old man always used to sing ‘Jealousy’. He loved a rum or two; then he’d sing 'Jealousy'; Cecil Bluey Gilbert. Mum used to find his rum bottle out in the store and she’d half fill it with water. Mum used to sing too; ‘Roll out the Barrel’ and ‘Palm Beach Boys are Happy.’ 

‘The Palm Beach boys are happy
The Palm Beach boys are free
They never tarry
For they’re all good company
Oh the Palm Beach Boys are happy
When they’re out upon a spree
But they all drop dead when Friendly says
Come and have a drink with me’

Palm Beach Boys 1920, Picture courtesy Peter Verrills

At Palm Beach (1920s) by James Squire MORGAN - from and courtesy National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Felton Bequest, 1926 © Estate of the artist. Item: Df112248

Palm Beach -  made in 1926, by Sydney Long (1871–1955)
line-etching, printed in brown ink with plate-tone, from one copper plate Reproduced with the kind permission of the Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia. intaglio , line-etching, printed in brown ink with plate- one, from one copper plate on thin smooth dark cream laid Van Gelder Zonen paper 
17.5 (h) x 35.2 (w) cm  7/60 , published state , edition of 60 , watermark centre, 'VAN GELDER ZONEN [runs vertically]' 
Signed lower right below plate-mark in black pencil, 'Sydney Long'. Titled lower centre below plate-mark in black pencil 'Palm. Beach.' Inscribed with edition details lower left below plate-mark in black pencil, '7/60'. 
Reference: Mendelssohn (1979), 75; Paul (1928), 6
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra NGA 1977.9.80
The Stephen Collection, purchased 1976.
Reproduced with the kind permission of the Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia
By National Gallery of Australia's Emma Kindred: 
'The wooden boathouse, originally used as a shed for sail making, sits out from the curve of the sandy shoreline in Long’s composition, with a ramp leading down to shallow ripples at the water’s edge. Long sketched the scene sitting on the sand looking towards the mouth of Pittwater as it opens out to the Tasman Sea, opposite West Head and Resolute Beach. The view encompasses the dense shrubbery of Barrenjoey Headland, which divides the opposing sides of the peninsula. Long did not invert his drawing before etching the plate, and consequently the image is in reverse. By the 1920s, Palm Beach was a haven for popular sports such as fishing, sailing, golf and rowing. Prosperous Sydneysiders maintained second homes or stayed in guesthouses that were dotted around the beach. The Palm Beach Surf Lifesaving Club was established on the beachfront in 1921, and the boathouse that faces north, away from the beach on the Pittwater shoreline, was also built around this time. A copy of Palm Beach was first exhibited in 1926 at the ‘Sixth annual exhibition of the Australian Painter–Etchers’ Society’, Sydney, June–July (43). An artist’s proof is held by the Art Gallery of New South Wales." 

Gonsalves Boatshed as it was and is today - still run by a Gonsalves:

Gonsalves Boatshed aerial - courtesy Beryl Driver OAM

Carl Gonsalves, son of Carl and Caressa Gonsalves, current proprietor, in 2013. (sorry Carl, running it again!)

Also a long term part of what was around Pittwater Park was the recently demolished fish and chip shop:

There's much more to all these Public Reserves, including the stories behind the people who were part of the original sales. A broad strokes overview allows for delving deeper into these - but first, a few more pictures, including those that are more current, but also chart the changes - for the records:

The Phoenix pulling into Palm Beach Jetty, pre 1931 installation of electricity poles, from and courtesy John Cowper's family albums. 

Sailing Palm Beach, 5 January 1939, courtesy Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and Courtesy ACP Magazines Ltd. Item: c21138_0001_c

Searle, E. W. (1939). Aerial view of Palm Beach, Broken Bay, New South Wales, and enlarged section from circa. 1939 Retrieved February from

Hurley, Frank. (1910). Palm Beach good general [looking north from Pittwater side circa 1950 - enlarged section from showing just planted Norfolk pines growing] [Sydney, New South Wales, Aerial] Retrieved from

Sandy Point, Iluka Park, Woorak Reserve, Snapperman Beach, Pittwater Park: 2011 to 2022 Pictorial Records

Photos; A J Guesdon unless otherwise credited

Iluka Park

South perimeter edge shows kindergarten and facilities block:

playground and grassed areas

Woorak Park

sand point (Sandy Pointy): 2011 - 2022

Sandy Point foreshore, Palm Beach, 2011 


Trevor Gourlay's Photos of Sandy Point, Palm Beach after April 20-22, 2015 Sydney Storm - See Issue 211

Woronora - A Dutch-style Grand Banks Schooner 100’ – on Pittwater Saturday December 12th, 2015

More in  Palm Beach Sailing Club's Christmas Sail 2015 Blessed with Great WindsMore photos in Palm Beach Sailing Club Christmas Sail 2015 Album

Avalon Sailing Club Hosts MJ States, November 2015 - more in: Avalon Sailing Club NSW MJ Album
Palm Beach Sailing Club's 2015 Beware the Bullets Regatta - Day 1

Hobie States 2020-2021 fleet at Sandy Point, Palm Beach - photo: A J Guesdon

Pittwater Park: pre/post ferry wharf upgrade (completed in 2015)

Snapperman Beach and Pittwater Park, Pittwater - families picnicking - June 2020 

Coloured photos these sections: A J Guesdon, 2012-2022.


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MAIN ROADS ACT, 1924-1938.
(L.S.) WAKEHURST, Governor.

The Right Honourable John de Vere, Baron Wakehurst, Governor of the State of New South Wales, with the advice of the Executive Council, and in terms of section 8 of the Main, Roads Act, 1924-1938, and in pursuance of the Transport (Division of Functions) Act, 1932, do hereby repeal the Proclamation of Main Road No. 164, published in the Government Gazette of 2nd April, 1937, No. 43, folio 1412, and I do hereby proclaim the roads described in the Schedule hereto as main roads; and I farther hereby give and notify the numbers set opposite thereto to the said main roads.

Signed and sealed at Sydney, this fifth day of April, 1939.

By His Excellency's Command,




Road Nos. and Descriptions.

Main Road No. 164. From the intersection of the Pacific Highway (State Highway No. 10) and Mount-street, North Sydney, via Miller-street (with branch from the Pacific Highway, via Falcon-street to Miller-street), Falcon-street, Merlin-street (with a branch from Merlin-street easterly and northerly via Falcon-street, and haycock-street to Militaryroad), Military-road, Spit-road, Upper Spit road, Spit Bridge (with a .branch via Battle-boulevarde, Edgecliff-esplanade, Palmerston-place and Ponsonby-parade to Sydney-road), Sydney-road, Condamine-street, Pittwater-road, Barrenjoey-road, Beach-road and Ocean-road to the junction with Palm Beach road, Palm Beach. MAIN ROADS ACT, 1924-1938. (1939, April 14). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 2109. Retrieved from

(l.s.) J. NORTHCOTT, Governor. 19th August, 1953.

ORDINANCE No. 35a, as proclaimed in the Government Gazette of 12th November, 1920, and subsequently amended, is hereby further amended in clause 1 by inserting under the heading "Shires" after the words "Coal and Candle Creek Wharf, Cowan Creek" appearing opposite the word "Warringah" the words "Palm Beach Wharf in Pittwater Park, Salt Pan Wharf, Taylor's Point Wharf, Great Mackerel Wharf, four wljarves on Scotland Island".

(S. 53-787)

By His Excellency's Command,


GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!  LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, 1919.—PROCLAMATION. (1953, August 28). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 2736. Retrieved from

At the Gnowangerup Road Health & Vermin Board meeting held on October 22nd, considerable concern was felt by the members on account of the continued outbreaks of meningitis among the natives of the district. Dr. Boyd attended the meeting to advise the Board on actions necessary to be taken in an endeavour to isolate the disease as far as possible. The local protector of aboriginals, Cons. Wm. Adshead. and Mr. Wright of the United Abo's Mission also attended. Dr. Boyd said that in endeavouring to locate a carrier, it would be necessary to take swabs and these would be useless from a point of diagnosis as it would be necessary for him to have an incubator here and there was no incubator of a travelling nature in the State. Arrangements were being made to keep the natives separated in groups as much as possible to minimise the spread of the disease. Arrangements have also been made for possible carriers to be sent to Perth for examination. STOP PRESS—Three natives sent to Perth have been certified as carriers & confined for treatment. ---------The Gnowangerup Star And Tambellup-ongerup Gazette. Printed at Yougenup Street, Gnowangerup, for the Proprietor, AUGUSTINE WALKER, by ISAAC WALKER, of Denny Street, Gnowangerup. TELEPHONE NO. 31. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31st, 1942 Woorah Abos. (1942, October 31). Gnowangerup Star (WA : 1941 - 1954), p. 1. Retrieved from - amazing record of disconnect/paradox; continued use of original languages combined with ingrained prejudices.

The Land Records, Vol-Fol 3885-154 - 'Live Title Remains Forssberg' - Land Sales From october 1926 On:

Forssberg Family notes are within the PDF Research File above.

Photo Forssberg family at Stancombe, Manly, c1915 Back row: Beatrice, Marjorie, Victor, Ruby, Val; 2n Row;  Christina, Charles, Catherine, Roy (Oroya Charles), Front; Elizabeth (Mollie), Jack, Reg. photo courtesy Forssberg family and Manly Library Local History Studies unit.