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Mona Vale SLSC: The Clubhouses - Some history

View over Mona Vale from Bushrangers Hill, Bungan Beach, circa 1915-1920. Item: FL2703359, courtesy NSW State Records and Archives. Visit: Pittwater Summer Houses: Cooinoo Bungan Beach

Mona Vale Surf Club 1908 to 1918

Mona Vale SLSC celebrated the opening of a brand new clubhouse on Saturday, May 4th, 2022. Throughout the years since 1908, when locals first formed themselves into being available to go to the aid of those who found themselves in difficulties in the waters off this beach, there have been several changes of places and structures used as a clubhouse - the first seemingly a mere shed to house a boat in to be used as a rescue item.

In 1908 Warringah Shire Council Minutes of Meetings records for the 14th August 1908, 51st Meeting, Minutes: Mona Vale Park Trust ; Re handing over the park to Council. Mona Vale Progress Association – complaining of roads in that district. Motions – Purchase of life boat – CR. Powell and Cr. Quirk, seconded the following motion: That the Works Committee report on the advisability of purchasing a life-boat for Mona Vale and establishing a life-boat Brigade – carried unanimously 

Just prior to this:
10/2/1907- 10th Meeting: That the present Douglas pump at Mona Vale be replaced with a force pump and stand pipe similar to the one at Narrabeen, if it is thought advisable by the Engineer
8th May 1908 Works Committee Surf swimming; Correspondence – Manly Council re amount to put beaches in order for surf bathing the following amounts were agreed upon Beach maintenance; Freshwater Beach £300; Dee Why Beach £100; Narrabeen Beach £100; Mona Vale  Beach £100;Bayview Beach £100; Newport Beach £100

Later that same year:

The Warringah Shire Council has decided to financially help the Mona Vale Surf Club in the erection of a dressing shed on the beach. The councillors recognise that, this spot is becoming popular among surf bathers. MINING. (1908, December 17). Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), p. 4. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article113764718

The North Steyne Surf Club journeyed from Manly to Mona Vale on December 12, and gave life-saving exhibitions on the beach, which proved interesting, as well as instructive. In the evening, the visitors were entertained at dinner by the Mona Vale Surf Club and residents. The repast was laid at Brock's Mansions

President A. Ralston (of the Warringah Shire) presided, and thanked the visiting life-savers for their beach display. He said the local club had been doing good work, and would now be better able to cope with accidents. The other speakers included Councillor Powell, Mr. C. D. Paterson (captain North Steyne Surf Club), Mr. S. A. Rigney (secretary N.S.S.C.), Rev. F. R. Ford. Councillor Quirk, and Mr. E. Lincoln. SOCIAL ITEMS. (1908, December 19). Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), p. 14. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article113762480
MANLY,  Monday.— Several matters of local -interest carne up for discussion at the last meeting of the Warringah Shire Council. The North Sydney Council wrote declining to support the shire in its endeavour towards securing the bridging of The Spit. The letter was received. 
The Mona Vale Surf Club applied for financial assistance towards the building of a bathing shed. On the motion of Cr. Quirk n sum of £2/10/ was voted. The council received permission from the Minister for Works to negotiate a loan of £600. 
The following motion by Cr. Quirk was carried:— "That the council write to the Minister for Lands and ascertain if any steps were being taken to give affect to the Minister's reply to the deputation that Waited upon him, some time ago requesting assistance towards the regulation of surf bathing." 
Owing to the depleted bank account it was decided to ask the Minister for a special grant of £300 from the endowment due to the shire for 1909. IN THE SHIRES. (1908, December 22). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 8. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article238191788

This had been preceded by an end of Winter visit by members of North Steyne and this may have been where a discussion about a surf club at Mona Vale advanced or first took place, so soon after that August 14, 1908 unanimous decision and bearing in mind that the Sly brothers had by then been employed by Manly Council to manage a fisherman's boat/surf boat for visitors to that popular beach:
The social committee of the North Steyne Life Saving and Surf Club held a successful drag and motor launch picnic on August 30 to celebrate the close of its successful winter social season.
The party drove to Mona Vale, thence to the Newport Hotel, where a banquet was prepared in a first-class manner. Speeches were made by Alderman Quirk and Mr. Field. After the banquet the motor launch Wiga Wiga conveyed the visitors round M'Garr's Creek, Lion's Point, and to Kurring-gai Chase, where they alighted, and were photographed; thence to the Basin, and past Barrenjoey Lighthouse. 
Among the guests were Alderman Quirk, Messrs. Field, Franklin, Dale, Hurd, Fox, Veness, Richmond, B. .Hard, Mesdames Franklin, Rogers, Fox, Quirk, Denmead, Field, Hind, and the Misses Heaton, M'Grubbos, Denmead, Masters Field and Quirk. Mr. Field and Alderman Quirk were thanked for their successful efforts. The guests returned to Manly laden with lovely wild flowers and fruit at about 6 p.m. SOCIAL ITEMS. (1908, September 5). Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), p. 14. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article114760762

Bongin-Bongin was the then name for Mona Vale Beach, although the name 'Mona Vale' was in use as well for the surrounding area. Taken to mean by some sources 'lots of shells' and by others as stemming from the original inhabitants word 'bangin-bagin' or 'bung-gie' and referring to the sound of guns being used by early colonists in the area, particularly around Bungan Beach and Mona Vale, as related in this article:


I have visited all the environs of Sydney, stood on all the principal points of vantage, and viewed a multitude of beautiful scenes from commanding hills. Therefore, my opinion as an absolutely impartial observer on what appears to me as the grandest views from any point within ten miles of Sydney, may be of some interest.

The spot to be indicated appears to have been comparatively unknown and neglected by the tourist, the picnicker, and the citizen in search of a perfect suburban site. Allured by the tram or ferry facilities, or fascinated by wily auctioneers' advertisements, Sydney people have been artfully led away to all points of the compass, sometimes to create new suburbs where the auctioneers' 'Pactolian streams rippling over silver sands' proved to be inglorious muddy ditches meandering slowly to the swamps; and the sun-clad heights, that on every new morn 'grew radiant with the glory at the dawn,' became in reality mere masses of barren sandstone, suitable only for a Troglodyte or the crazed hunters who desired to 'catch the wild goat by the beard and hurl their lances' — or a brickbat — in the sun. 

We shall go to Manly by the steamer, and land on that historic beach named by Governor Philip. About four miles beyond Manly, on the road to Newport and Pittwater, we arrive at a locality remarkable historically and geographically. A sandstone tableland, covered by heaths and honeysuckle and astonishing profusion of wild flowers, slopes gently upward to a commanding eminence 489ft above sea level. On the crest of that hill is the Manly Trignometrical Station, chosen for its altitude and the vast expanse of country which it overlooks. 

From this hill, and the sloping tableland can be seen the most magnificent of all the scenes around Sydney. This is due entirely to the unique geographical position of that plateau which stands happily on the spot that commands the largest area of the splendid panorama of sea and land. The view includes far south to Bondi, Coogee, and Botany. At Bondi and Coogee the surf lies apparently motionless, like great snow wreaths, at the foot of the dark cliffs. Nearer to us, the waves break in white foam on the grim sandstone crags of the 'Gap' and South Head. There is seen the harbour in and about South Head and Watson's Bay; the noble entrance; the scrub-covered slopes on North Head, and the township of Manly, with its white and red tiled houses, nestling calmly in the bosom of a wave washed peninsula. The long white beach ends where Curl Curl headland vibrates to the thunder of the surge, and behind and under the shelter of that headland sleeps, the Curl Curl lagoon, shooting its long arm far up among heath-covered I swamps and green gardens. Then the second beautiful bay ending in the rocks of Deewhy Point which curves into that third beach, behind which slumber the blue Deewhy and Manly lagoons, the old favoured home of the swans, 'Deewhy' and 'Marroo.' Deewhy point was known to the blacks as 'Arragong,' the name of the hardwood shield.


Beautiful beyond description are the ever changing marine colours on Deewhy beach, seen from the crest of the hill. The long white sand bars guard the lagoons from the over ocean, as a mother's bare arm stretched forth to save her child. The white foam on the beach merges into bright green, growing darker as it fades into light blue, dissolving into dark blue, finally lost in the measureless azure of the vast ocean stretching away to the horizon. Next is the majestic far-flung headland of Long Point, the 'Carrowang,' or 'long Nulla' of the blacks, with its projecting reef of hardstone rocks swept by the dangerous 'long rollers' marked on the old charts, the reef on which the 'Collaroy' was wrecked. Beyond 'Carrowang' sweeps the magnificent Collaroy white beach to a headland known to the blacks as 'Warrigalba,' a place frequented by 'warrigals,' the name of the dingo. 

Beyond that point is a small beach ending in Narrabeen Head, the 'Guarrabeen' of the blacks, the name of the honeysuckle. Beyond these are two more romantic headlands, and then the sheer precipice of Bungy Head with its grey, white, and yellow sandstone, at the foot of which lie confused enormous boulders, torn down by the wild surf that has assailed the rugged rock fortress since a dark unrecorded morning when man was not. 

This wild foreland received its present name in 1815 from the blacks who called it m 'Bung-gie Bung-gie' their name for a musket and the noise of the report, because ten of their people were shot there by a party of soldiers sent out to bring in a convict man and woman, Ben Squires and Jane Dalton, who had lived at peace with the blacks for five years. 

Behind 'Bung-gie Bung-gie' rises 'Bushrangers Hill,' the 'Bannaweera' of the blacks, from 'banna' rain and 'weera' bad, literally much rain, or a bad place for rain. This is the site of another trignometrical station, the height of which is 221 feet. Beyond 'Bung-gie' is Bulgolo Head, and also the bays and headlands ending in the lofty promontory of Barrenjoey, and beyond that the dark blue outline of the Three Capes. Looking still further, we see the hills of  the Barrenjoey Peninsula, all the hills of Kuringai Chase, the blue and beautiful harbour of Pittwater, all the hills in which that harbour is embosomed, all the grey and green hills ribbed with grey and white standstone stretching west, the blue Narrabeen Lake and the hills by which it is encircled— all these are spread before you in the north and west head eastern view from that remarkable hill only four miles from Manly. ... THE CONTRIBUTOR (1909, December 1).The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912), p. 5. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article165737545 

Others state the Ben Squires-Jane Dalton story is just local 'folklore' and never really occurred. Either way, another alternative from where 'Bongin Bongin' stemmed from.

The name 'Mona Vale' would appear decades later, officially, and was named from an Irish place and for the farm run by David Foley:


Sir,-In Thursday's "Herald" Mr. Alfred Newham, in his letter, stated that there was no Mona Vale in the early days. This is quite at variance with the fact, as the land from Sheep Station Hill to Pittwater was occupied by my grandfather prior to 1825, and named by him Mona Vale. Correspondence from him in 1830 is extant at the Mitchell Library, and the shingles for the first St. Mary's were supplied by him from timber grown at Mona Vale.
I am, etc,
Deewhy, July 12.  EARLY MANLY. (1935, July 18). The Sydney Morning Herald(NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from  http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17201367

The placement of where on the beach the bathing sheds were can be seen from these lithographs - the boat shed itself seems adjacent to a large pool or mini-lake near the early golf course that was part of Brock's 'The Oaks' and which can just be seen in some images from that time, although this may just have been a shelter shed for those paddling in the 'lake' - you would think any boatshed used to store equipment would be closer to the water to enable quick and efficient launching during a rescue attempt, so the shed itself may well have been part of the original dressing sheds erected at the end of Darley street:

Brock's Estate - Mona Vale - Waterview St, Newport Rd, Darley street Rickards private sale. Bongin Bongin Beach. NB: The Oaks then called 'The Hydro' and Golf Links still being advertised ( Daniel Gordon Soutar's Influence On Local Golf Courses: Some History NotesItem No.: c046820030, from Mona Vale Subdivisions, courtesy State Library of New South Wales

The Mona Vale Hydro, as taken over by Mr. Rickard, was formally opened on December 22nd, 1910:


The ceremony of opening the Mona Vale Hydro formerly known as Brocks Mansion Pittwater took place yesterday afternoon. The estate which has a frontage to the beach was recently acquired by Mr Arthur Rickard of this city and he has leased the house to Mr Fox as a hydro and the polo grounds as golf links.

Upwards of 80 people accepted invitations and in the unavoidable absence of the Minister  for Works the ceremony of opening the hydro was performed by Mrs Griffith.

A dinner presided over by Mr Arthur Rickard followed, among those present being Mrs Griffith, Mi G B Edwards MP and Mrs Edwards, Dr Arthur M L A and Mrs Arthur, Mr E W Quirk (president of the Warringah Shire Council) Mr D Hogan (town clerk Manly) Mr P J Carew (Warringah Shire clerk) Mr J J Mulligan, Mr Jas. Rickard, Mr G Crowley, Mr J W Duesbury, Mr Robey, Mr G Morgan, Mr Scott Fell and Mr Robey.

Mr Quirk proposed the toast of the Federal and State Parliaments coupled with the names of Mr G P Edwards M P and Dr Aithur MLA both of whom responded.

Dr Arthur M L A submitted Success to the Hydro which was acknowledged by Mr Arthur Rickard (who said that the surfing beach on the estate was one of the safest in the State) and by Mr Fox the lessee. MONA VALE HYDRO. (1910, December 23). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 8. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article15190827

The magnificent building popularly known as "Brock's Folly" but now rejoicing in the name of Mona Vale Hydro, was formally opened yesterday. Mr. Brock, to whose architectural genius the building owes its being, was  struck by the possibilities offered by the wonderful stretch of moor, hillside and ocean beach, which is overlooked by the mansion, and he became seized with the idea that a seaside residence on a large scale would soon become  a paying concern. He spent £25,000 and much labor in the task, and a stately and ornate pile in time dominated the landscape. 
About six months ago the3 building was secured by Mr. Arthur Rickard. He has since leased the place to Mr. F. W. Fox, who has decided to convert it into a popular resort. The opening ceremony was performed yesterday by Mrs. Arthur Griffith. The Minister for Works was to have performed the ceremony but parliamentary duties prevented him. Mrs. Griffith opened the building to about 80 visitors by the simple expedient of severing a ribbon at the main door. The visitors, who were conveyed from Manly in drags, included Dr. Arthur M.L.A.. Messrs. G. B. Edwards MHA, and Cr. E.W. Quirk (president of the Warringah Shire Council).
At the dinner which followed the opening of the building' a happy and optimistic tone was noticeable in all the speeches.  Both Dr. Arthur and Mr. Edwards became quite enthusiastic in their descriptions of the building and the beauties of the land and sea scape. 
Mr. Edwards, who was down to respond to the  toast of' the '"Federal and State Parliament'', spoke as a politician who had had quite enough Parliament. He thought Australia was burdened with too much Parliament and too much legislation, and he, for one, would be glad of a sort rest from it. 
The visitors were loud in their appreciation of the appointments of the building and the surrounding country, and three golf professionals present ventured the opinion that the race course could be transformed info a first-class golf course of nine holes. 
The absence of adequate communication from Manly was touched upon by Dr. Arthur, who was sanguine of the ultimate success of the Hydro when tram or other communication was established.
Messrs. Rickard and Co. are subdividing the estate, and putting it on the market at the end of January. MONA VALE HYDRO. (1910, December 23). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 5. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article238660378

The Golf course was then built and opened in February 1911  and the place became La Corniche before it burnt down on January 8th 1912 and was subsequently rebuilt by Rickard - see: 

Brock's Surf Beach Estate - Mona Vale - Manly - Waterview St, Grandview Parade, Rickard Road, placement of 'The Hydro' Building and Golf Club House and 'The Oakes' shown. Beach still called Bongin Bongin Beach. Bathing Sheds shown., January 24th 1911 Auction on the grounds. Item No.: c046820029, from Mona Vale Subdivisions, courtesy State Library of New South Wales

FROM:  Album 57: Photographs of the Allen family, 2 May 1911 - 7 October 1911 Digital Order No. a3289055; 'Top: Enlargement of view taken looking over the Polo GroundsThe road up the hill leads to Barrenjoey' and Digital Order No. a3289054

Above: View from Brock's House, Allen Family Album, circa 1914. Image No: 3289054, courtesy Mitchell Library NSW.

Brock's Surf Beach Estate - Mona Vale - Manly - 2nd Subdivision; shows location of Scott-Fell land and beach still called 'Bongin Bongin' 1913. Item No.:  c046820086, from Mona Vale Subdivisions, courtesy State Library of New South Wales

It's worth noting that the 'lifesavers' at Mona Vale then did come from the local population and in some instances were those who supplemented their farm income through fishing - the Mr. Holding mentioned among those recognised in the then annual Royal Shipwreck and Humane Society of New South Wales would later lose his life through drowning at Mona Vale's 'The Basin'. Unable to retrieve his body, he could not be declared drowned for years. 

His son, John Charles Holding, served in WWI, one of the thousands who did not return. His name is listed on the Mona Vale Village Park cenotaph. He is also commemorated by name at panel 91 in the Commemorative Area at the Australian War Memorial, and the Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres, Flanders, Belgium. 

(See Illustrated Section.)
Herewith are particulars of the incidents that have gained recognition by the Royal Shipwreck and Humane Society of New South Wales this year. The awards are to be presented by Lady Chelmsford at the Town Hall on Monday evening next:
John William Holding, Ernest William Oliver, and Charles Henry Wilcox.— On July 29th, 1908, a message was sent to the Mona Vale Police Station that a boat with two men in it was in a helpless condition off Little Reef, near Barranjoey, N.S.W. 

Mr. Holding, on hearing of the occurrence, with great promptitude put off In a small boat to the rescue, accompanied by Messrs. Oliver and Wilcox, although the constable on duty endeavoured to dissuade him from doing so on account of the heavy sea running. The three, men, however, pulled through the breakers, but on reaching the scene found the object was only old wharfage with two posts standing at the ends, and with great difficulty succeeded in getting the boat back across the bar. HEROES OF THE YEAR. (1909, August 18). The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912), p. 27. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article164338996 

That this first 'clubhouse' of sorts was a boatshed is further indicated in Mr. Rickard requesting council mow the lawn around it in 1912. Meetings may have taken place with members in either Booth's Hall on the way to Bayview then or in Brock's Mansions, later known as La Corniche after Mr. Brock lost the lot, soon after it was completed.

In 1909 the first edition of a rock bath also commenced through the then Mona Vale Surf Club:

At a meeting called by the local surf club it was decided to sink a bath at Brock’s Reef 100ft long by 60ft wide, and from 7ft to 2ft deep. The sinking is through soft shale, estimated top cost 2shillings per cubic yard to excavate. It is, however, strong enough to stand any erosion of the new, and will cost nothing to keep in repair. It is estimated to cost £100, local subscriptions totalling £11 10s were collected in one day. SEA BATHS AT MONA VALE. (1909, March 12). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article15042417

The Department of Lands has notified the Shire Council of Warringah that a grant £ for £ up to £100 would be made to assist surf bathing on three of the beaches in the shire, viz., Freshwater, Bongin Bongin, and Curl Curl. This means that £200 will be spent. The Government suggested the grant should be  expended as follows: £50 for Freshwater, Bongin Bongin and Curl Curl to divide the remaining £50. 

Reserves - Public recreation and bathing conveniences on the beach at  Bongin Bongin and Curl Curl will be renovated and added to. At Freshwater the matter is not so easy as the beach down to high water-mark is in the hands of private owners. The grant is offered on the understanding that the councillors can make arrangements for the satisfactory disbursement of the money. If the owners will grant a long lease at a small rent of sufficient beach for the erection of the conveniences 'for the use of surfbathers they would reap the benefit and become as well public benefactors.  TO HELP SURF-BATHING. (1909, June 30). Evening News(Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), p. 9. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article115499903 

The popular pastime of surf battling is again in full' swing at Manly and the adjacent beaches. The Manly Surf Club has enrolled a large number of members, and the (honorary secretary (Mr. A. W. Relph) predicts a very busy time. Extensive, Improvements will be made shortly for providing, increased accommodation for the patrols or the surf. The Manly Municipal Council is' expending nearly £500 in the erection of additional bathing quarters at the south end. and the North Steyne Club's quarters will receive assistance to the amount of £250. Lavatory accommodation will be installed at the northern end. For bathing at night electric arc lamps will be erected on the beach in the vicinity of the bathing area. Freshwater Beach will again be the scene of great activity among surf bathers this year. A club has been formed at Brookvale and Mona Vale (Narrabeen).SURF-BATHING AT MANLY. (1909, October 3). The Sunday Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1903 - 1910), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article227028216

The official opening of Newport Beach, recently resumed by the Government, took place on Saturday. Amongst those present were the president of the Warringah Shire (Councillor Ralston), Councillor Quirk,  
Dr. Arthur, M.L.A., Alderman C. D. Paterson (Manly), and several prominent visitors. Newport Beach is    one of the many beautiful spots resumed by the Lands Department and handed over to the Warringah Shire.
The members of the North Steyne Surf Club gave the first life-saving demonstration. Councillor Ralston said that the shire had been in existence close on five years. They had control of two beaches at first, Curl Curl and Bongin-Bongin. Then Freshwater Beach, which was alienated from the public, was secured, and  it is now the premier surf-bathing beach in the State.  Mrs. Nielsen, wife of the Minister for Lands, was presented by Councillor Ralston with a pair of silver scissors, and in severing the ribbon declared the beach open for all time to the people. NEWPORT BEACH OPENED. (1911, April 10). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article15235233 

And just after a lifeboat is installed for Mona Vale Beach:

The surf claimed another victim at Mona Vale beach on Saturday afternoon, when Dr. Charles Murray Woods, lately residing at Arnott House, Wynyard Square, was swept out by the current, and drowned in full view of his companions. The deceased was 32 years of age, and a single man. He was in the habit of visiting the spot on week-end trips, being the medical officer to the Oddfellows' Lodge at Mona Vale. He entered the water in company with several others about 6 p.m., and, being a good swimmer, ventured well out into the breakers. Mona Vale beach is rarely used by visitors, and is considered at times to be treacherous at several places. The doctor was seen by his companions suddenly to disappear under the water, and, on rising, signalled for assistance. A man named Lloyd, who was in the vicinity, attempted to render aid, but could not cross the swirling current that separated him from the struggling swimmer. On the other side of the channel was a sandbank, and the unfortunate victim was washed against this, but all attempts to reach him failed, and Lloyd himself had to be taken out of the surf in an exhausted state. The body was washed ashore some hours later. The deceased was widely respected in the district. DOCTOR DROWNED. (1911, November 14). Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940), p. 4 Edition: EVENING. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article98811751 

The funeral of the late Dr Charles Murray Woods took place at the Mona Vale Cemetery yesterday afternoon. A large number of friends attended, including several members of the Mona Vale Oddfellows' Lodge, the secretary of the Grand Lodge, and members of the Naval Reserve of which the late doctor was a member. The Oddfellows held a private service in the Rocklily Hotel, and a public one at the graveside, where the Rev Mr Hill, of Manly, officiated. Wreaths wore sent from Arnott House, Wynyard-square, his late residence, from local lodges, and from the Naval Reserve. PERSONAL. (1911, November 14). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 8. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article15288919 

Every other Shire we know of realizes its duty to these pleasure resorts, and especially where camping is the vogue. Byron, Tweed, Hastings, Manning, and other Shires we could name, have all done conspicuously good work in this direction, while Warringah Shire, which extends from Manly to Barrenjoey, and embraces such fine surfing beaches as Freshwater, Curl Curl, Deewhy, Narrabeen, and Bongin Bongin, and a number of lesser-known ones, has installed bathing accommodation and life-saving appliances at all of them, the Council rightly recognising that those resorts are a necessary sanitoria, and need fostering and building up on the interests of a bronzed and healthy Australia. Good roads have been formed to the principal beach as, beautiful drives constructed round the lakes, and a new sea-side park has been acquired for the purpose' of leasing portions to campers during the surfing season. 

At the Council's instigation a tram-line is being built by the Government to Narrabeen, while on the chief seaside park the Shire band regularly discourses music from a rotunda built for that purpose. Warringah Shire glories in (the fact that it has already spent £1500 of its own money on the road to Pittwater, while a vigorous advertising policy is adopted in order (will some of the anti-Evansites please note this?) to draw visitors - to its various watering places. Postcards by the thousand and cinematograph views of the pleasure places are some of the aids invoked to this end. To do all this costs money, but the ratepayers have, right from the commencement of local government, ungrudgingly paid the maximum rate of 2d in the £; and because of their public spirit in doing so the Government have increased the Shire subsidy from 25s in the £ to30s. A PLEA FOR THE CAMPERS. (1912, January 12). The Richmond River Herald and Northern Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1886 - 1942), p. 4. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article126482293 

Mona Vale Beach, Mona Vale, New South Wales, Australia, c1913 

This is described by the photographer as "Coast Scene from Newport Looking South", but it is, in fact, a photograph of Mona Vale Beach. Scanned from an original photographic album of views, mostly around the greater Sydney area, photographed and assembled by Arthur Ernest Hezlet (c1861 - 1929) of Burwood, New South Wales.

Judged by a Parliamentary return, furnished on the motion of the member for The Namoi, no cogent reply can be made to his contention that the provision of dressing sheds and other bathing accommodation at seaside and mountain resorts is a municipal and not a political function. Altogether, the Minister for Works has expended £24,845 12s 3d in the erection of these conveniences at Cronulla, Warringah (Freshwater, Curl Curl, Dee Why, Collaroy, Narrabeen, Bongin Bongin, and Newport), Bronte, Manly (North and South Steyne), Randwick, Maroubra, Coogee, Little Coogee, and Newcastle. Obviously it is unfair that the ninety per cent. of the taxed who rarely, or never, have an opportunity to use these places should have to pay as great a proportion of their cost as those who daily enjoy such comforts and conveniences. Although the bulk of the bathers at Manly and Bondi pay no fees for the use of the dressing sheds, it is nevertheless a fact that during last bathing season, the Manly Council's returns from that source more than covered its sanitary expenses for the year, while Bondi, on a total municipal expenditure of £7238, made a net profit of£2407, or in the vicinity of 33 per cent. !What Bondi did the other municipalities should also have done. Randwick, about to borrow £80,000 for the improvement of the borough, has already borrowed from the Minister for Works £11,448 for the erection of surf-bathing sheds at Maroubra, Coogee, and Little Coogee, and for some in-explicable reason will only hand back £9548,or £1900 less than it received. Which is to say that the general public is being defrauded of that sum in order to convenience bathers at those beaches, and in order to enrich the property-holders at those resorts. There can be no doubt about the enrichment. Enormous increases in waterside land values have followed the popularising of the sea-beaches. Land at Manly, which went begging a few years ago at £5 and £10 afoot, has recently been sold at from £50 to £250 a foot. Land on the Coogee oceanfront, which no one would look at ten years ago, was sold at auction a month ago at from £20 to £50 a foot. Surely the property holders who have reaped, and will continue to reap, such enormous advantages from public expenditure, should be called on by in-creased rates to refund some proportion of the expenditures which have made them rich without any effort of their own?

The Minister's only defence is that the moneys thus advanced are to be repaid in  ten years' time (save the £1900 forgiven to the Randwick Council) by annual instalments. But so far as can be learned from the return, the municipalities in question are to have the use of this State's money free of cost, save that if payments are not met on the due date, an additional ten per cent, shall be imposed — unless an extension of time has been given. Which means that the interest loss for ten years is to be borne by the general taxpayer. The worst feature of the whole business, however, is that stated in the daily press and in Parliament by the member for The Namoi, who charges the Minister for Works with refusing a few hundreds here and there for the supply of water(by means of tanks, wells, and artesian bores)to small townships and stock-trucking stations. Mr. Griffith's plea has been, it is said, either that these are matters for the Shire  Council, or that no money is available. In both these directions he had already cutaway the ground from under his own feet, by lending nearly £25,000 to municipalities for a corporative luxury while refusing a necessity of life to people in the arid back-country and to many thousands of dumb animals. The inlanders are prepared in every case, we are told, to repay any advances made to them for the provision of water, by yearly instalments, and to pay 5 per cent. on the principal until all is repaid. Therefore it is almost incredible that, under such circumstances, there should have been a cold-blooded disregard of the absolute needs of the interior, while luxuries for the seaboard were supplied without hesitation or delay. It does not appear that the distinction made be-tween advances to suburban municipalities and to places situated within the domains of shire councils was made deliberately, but that it was made evidences a lack of sympathy and a narrowness of view which do not appear harmonious in relation to the professed humanitarianism of the Labour platform and policy. STARVING STOCK V. SURF BATHERS. (1914, June 4).Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932), p. 22. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article111290714 

A Rock Pool and a surf clubhouse: 1914-1915

The Warringah Shire Council has constructed baths on the ocean beach at Mona Vale, and the official opening took place last Saturday afternoon in the presence of a big gathering of visitors and residents. It is confidently anticipated the facility will prove a valuable asset to the district. Councillor Duffy was the originator of the scheme, and with the zealous assistance of Councillors Quirk (president) and Williams was able to have it given effect to. The formation of a Swimming Club was mooted by the president of the Shire when making the official declaration.  THE SURF AND SURFERS. (1914, December 26). Saturday Referee and the Arrow (Sydney, NSW : 1912 - 1916), p. 7. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article117415633

The Warringah Shire Council is intent on encouraging surf-bathing. Great improvements have been made on the various beaches during the past two years. On Saturday afternoon, in the presence of a large number of people, including several prominent surf-bathing representatives, the president of the Warringah Shire Council (Mr. E. W. Quirk) performed the ceremony of opening the new club-house erected for the life-savers and surfers at Mona Vale. 

The council also have a number of lifeboats in course of construction. The first of these was launched at Mona Vale during the afternoon. When the remainder are completed they will he placed at Narrabeen, Curl Curl, Freshwater, and other prominent beaches in the shire. Mr. A. Lord (president of the Surf-bathing Commission) and Mr. J. J. K. Taylor (instructor to the district life-saving clubs) referred to the good work the life-saving clubs were doing on the beaches. CEREMONY AT MONA VALE. (1915, February 1). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article15554799 

Top: MONA VALE BEACHES, With rock-bath shown in left-centre of picture. A regular hourly service of motor buses takes 'trippers' to this beach.  From: (1915, April 7).Sydney Mail (NSW : 1912 - 1938), p. 34. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article166255867

View over Mona Vale circa 1913-1920 (new La Corniche building present in landscape and one of those buildings facing the ocean must be the clubhouse): 

Section from 'View from Bushrangers Hill, over Bungan Beach - Mona Vale', courtesy NSW State Records & Archives.

The Oaks, circa 1907-1909, and a possible 'shed' option, Mona Vale, courtesy NSW State Records & Archives.

Although, unfortunately, Warringah Shire Council records have gone missing from the period 1908 to 1918, some of the other residents of Mona Vale and her surrounds who served in this first edition of Mona Vale Surf Lifesaving Club do turn up in the newspapers of the time. One confirmed early member from this edition of a Mona Vale Surf Club was a Newcastle gentleman, born in 1874, William Stanley Johns, who appears to have been aged around 40 when he enlisted to serve in WWI:

PRIVATE W. S. JOHNS, who fought at Lonesome Pine and also in West Egypt, and has now been wounded in France. He was captain of the first Mona Vale Life-Saving Club, and also a member of the Manly Cycling Club.

The arrival of hospital ships with Australian wounded Is becoming almost a regular weekly event. Our picture shows last Saturday's batch of returned men leaving the transport at Sydney. — (Special 'Mirror' photo.) 


Here are photographs of Gunner Smith (In centre), the Imperial soldier who has received such scurvy treatment at the hands of the- N.S.W. Government, and his two brothers, both of whom are serving at the front. Particulars of an entertainment that Is being arranged on behalf of Gunner Smith will be found on another page. "THE MIRROR'S" WEEKLY GALLERY OF INTERESTING' AUSTRALIAN WAR-TIME PICTURES. (1916, August 19). The Mirror of Australia (Sydney, NSW : 1915 - 1917), p. 16. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article105137481

Manly.—A warrant has been issued by the Manly Police Bench for the arrest of William Took (correct name supposed to be Alfred Bowden), charged with stealing a baritone, value £4, the property of John Duffy and others, trustees of the Warringah Shire Band, at Mona Vale, on or about 22nd November 1910. Offender is about 22 years of age, 5 feet 3 inches high, sturdy build, dark complexion, brown hair- clean shaved, broken nose, “A.B.” tatooed on one arm- has a white coat with yellow facings in his possession an ex-Sobraon boy; may have a white flannel shirt with his Sobraon number on it; usually plays an instrument in circus bands. Can be identified. Complainant, William Johns, Mona Vale. Offences not otherwise described. (1911, February 1). New South Wales Police Gazette and Weekly Record of Crime (Sydney : 1860 - 1930), p. 50. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article251650022 

Mr Johns passed away in 1968, aged 94, the death registered at Ryde.

RE the estate of WILLIAM STANLEY JOHNS, late of Cremorne Point, in the State of New South Wales, retired, deceased.—Probate of the will dated 11th February, 1943, granted by the Supreme Court of New South Wales on the 11th March, 1969.—Pursuant to the Wills, Probate and Administration Act, 1898-1954; Testator's Family Maintenance and Guardianship of Infants Act, 1916-1954; and Trustee Act, 1925-1942, Nancy Mary Coomber, the executrix of the will of the said William Stanley Johns, who died on the 17th October, 1968, hereby gives notice that creditors and others having any claim against or to the estate of the said deceased, are required to send particulars of their claims to the said Nancy Mary Coomber, at the office hereunder mentioned on or before the 13th June, 1969, at the expiration of which time the said Nancy Mary Coomber will distribute the assets of the said deceased to the persons entitled, having regard only to the claims of which she has notice.—Dated this twenty-first day of April, 1969. PRENTICE, TREMLETT & BERNFIELD, Proctors for the Executrix, Challis House, 10 Mahin Place, Sydney, N.S.W. 2000. 2663—$4 RE the estate of WILLIAM STANLEY JOHNS, late of (1969, April 24). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 1548. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article219993752 

Charles Frederick Roby, a carpenter by trade whose residence was Mona Vale when he enlisted, may well have been another. He enlisted in December 1915, when he was 35 years 7months, was enrolled in the 36th Battalion in February 1916. The 36th became part of the 9th Brigade of the 3rd Australian Division. It left Sydney, bound for the United Kingdom on 13 May 1916. Arriving there in early July, the battalion spent the next four months in training. It crossed to France in late November, and moved into the trenches of the Western Front for the first time on 4 December, just in time for the onset of the terrible winter of 1916-17. He was sent into France where those he fought beside took part in some of the most horrific battles of this conflict: Battle of Amiens, Battle of Broodseinde Ridge, Battle of Villers Bretonneux, First Battle for Passchendaele, German Spring Offensive.

Battle Honours; Avre, Broodseinde, France and Flanders, 1916-18, Messines, 1917, Passchendaele, Poelcappelle, Polygon Wood, Somme, 1918, Ypres, 1917.

During its service, the battalion suffered 452 killed and 1,253 wounded.

Charles Frederick Roby was one of those killed, by then serving as part of the 34th Battalion. He died of gunshot wounds to the head (fractured scalp), wrist and arm on September 4th 1918, wounds he had received on August 18th. By August 24th he had been transferred to Rouen hospital facilities and now rests in St. Sever Cemetery in Rouen, having been interred there on September 7th, 1918. 

His wife, Ella Roby of Vineyard Street Mona Vale, received this telegram (below) when he had already passed away. She too, alike Edith Alice Holding, the wife of John Charles Holding of Waratah street Mona Vale, or Alice Kuhlmorgen of Palm Grove, Newport, had to fight for what benefits there were for War Widows then as anything her husband had allocated to her was given by then then powers that be to the males of the family, in this case, Charles' father John.

In Ella's case this was particularly 'out of touch' with reality as they had married in 1904 and had six children born prior to his enlistment. NSW BDM Birth Records provides:


07 Oct 1918 - N.S.W. HONOR ROLL. - Trove - The Sun

Just born Ella Roby would never know her father.

Members of the 36th Battalion received the following decorations: one Distinguished Service Order, 11 Military Crosses, three Distinguished Conduct Medals, 34 Military Medals with four Bars, three Meritorious Service Medals, and 13 Mentions in Despatches.

Other who may have served on the beach at Mona Vale before they served in this conflict are: 

Wounded Soldier and Nurse.

At a ball at Mona Vale, between Narrabeen and Newport, in aid of the Belgian Fund, little Patty Maley (daughter of Private Maley, who is now at the Dardanelles) appeared as a wounded soldier; and Mrs. Clamorgan's youthful daughter (whose brother is on the way to the front) was attired as a Red Cross nurse. Photo: Sweeney. Wounded Soldier and Nurse. (1915, July 14). Sydney Mail (NSW : 1912 - 1938), p. 31. Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article162494200 

The Commission for Relief in Belgium or C.R.B. , also known as the Belgian Relief, was an international organisation that arranged for the supply of food to German-occupied Belgium and northern France during the First World War. 

The surnames of these young girls seem to be be misspelled here - Kuhlmorgen rather than Clamorgan is closer to members of one family among those who was sent from Mona Vale, Newport, Bayview, Narrabeen, Warriewood and Church Point, and the little girl, in looks and age, matches members of the Kuhlmorgens of Newport. Two daughters, Ethel (born 1905) and Edna (born 1908) may be this young nurse. Three sons - Carl John, Walter Edwin and Harry Moritz Kuhlmorgen served in World War One. Their mother, Alice Kuhlmorgen (nee Bellchambers), who was a widow with eight children, had a brother also previously living at Newport with her young family prior to enlisting, William Bellchambers. He too enlisted and was sent to The Front.

It is worth noticing, and possibly may be just an unrelated harbinger of what was to come, but the 36th Battalion's Unit Colour badge was white atop a bottle green colour - which would become and is the colours of Mona Vale SLSC and may indicate the post WWI members knew the originals or at least with whom so many of them served. These colours for the club did not appear until 1930/31 though.

36th Australian Infantry Battalion Colours - image courtesy AWM

The impact of this conflict on Mona Vale sons and the surf club was devastating - people need only visit the cenotaph erected in Mona Vale's Village Park after this conflict to read how many sons in what was then a rural district with a small population served in this war. The names listed there are incomplete as some of those who served lived in two places and counted themselves as residents of both, as can be seen from Mr. Roby's and Mr. John's instances, and there were so many lost that the records are still being updated by local organisations when information comes to light.

Certainly many of these gentlemen that had been residents of Mona Vale for any amount of time were active in the Mona Vale Progress Association and any community building activity or associations then looking after those who lived or visited here.

Mona Vale Village Park Cenotaph

Post WWII - A New Surf Club For Mona Vale: 1922

The Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club was formed in 1922. The members in the earliest years were mostly locals, and the first Club president was Australia’s first Olympic Gold Medallist in the pool, Freddie Lane, who called everyone together with: 


A meeting is to be held this afternoon at Mr. F. C. V. Lane's residence, Oceania, Mona Vale, with the object, of forming a local surf life-saving and swimming club. All interested are cordially invited to attend. NEW CLUB FOR MONA VALE. (1922, October 8- Sunday). Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1930), p. 10. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article128222438 

Frederick Claude Vivian Lane (2 February 1880 – 14 May 1969) was an Australian swimmer who competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics. Lane, from Manly, New South Wales, was four years old when his brother saved him from drowning in Sydney Harbour, whereupon he decided to learn to swim. Later, he attended high school at Saint Ignatius' College, Riverview.

Lane, standing at right in back row, with East Sydney Swimming Club teammates

After breaking many Australasian swimming records, Lane moved to England to compete in the English Championships in 1899.

He was the first Australian to represent his country in swimming at the Olympic Games, when he competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, and won two gold medals. He first won the 200 metres freestyle, clearly beating Hungarian Zoltán Halmay. His second final was just 45 minutes later, the discontinued 200 metre obstacle event, where he beat Austrian Otto Wahle.

After the Olympics, Lane stayed in England for another two years working for a legal firm in Blackpool while he continued to swim and break records. In July 1902, he won a 100 yard race and became the first person to record one minute dead for that distance. In August, he swam 220 yards in 2 minutes 28.6 seconds, which in 1974 was ratified by FINA as the first World Record for 200 metres. In October, he broke the one-minute barrier for 100 yards in 59.6 seconds.

On returning to Australia, Lane became a master printer and a partner in a printing and stationary firm on Bridge Street, Sydney. He married in 1908 and had a home at Mona Vale beach.

He died in 1969 at Avalon Beach, New South Wales. He was survived by a son and a daughter. In 1969, Lane was honoured by the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On December 10th 1985, Lane was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

In this item we hear about the original Mona Vale SLSC colours:


Freddy Lane speaks most enthusiastically of the Mona Vale Club. He predicts that in a very short time the baby of the metropolitan clubs will be well to the fore. 'The new costumes are neat, but not gay,' says the old champion. They are royal blue, with yellow and black band waist high (if men have waists). Mona Vale are awaiting Bill Harris return, when they threaten to outdo Cronulla Surf Club and North Steyne in entertaining the popular Hawaiian.  They possess a magnificent beach — equal to any — and a splendid bath chopped out of the solid rock on the headland. The district is rapidly growing, and the beach becoming more popular each week. SURF CLUBS ACTIVE (1923, February 2). Arrow (Sydney, NSW : 1916 - 1933), p. 7. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article103537324

Mona Vale SLSC Records show that a further initial meeting took place at the Pittwater Hall in Mona Vale on Saturday, 21st October, 1922. Amongst those present were Messrs. F.C.V. Lane, W.W. Hill, J.W. Austin, J.W. Austin, Jnr., J.L. Williams, F. Baldwin, J.T. Hewitt, G. Blackwood, J.G. Blackwood, J. Dunbar and G. Johnson.  The name for this new edition of Mona Vale Surf Club was the Mona Vale Surf Bathers' Life Saving Club, although 'Bathers' was later dropped from the name.

It is from this inauguration of a surf club that the current club dates its existence and why there will be a centenary celebration of Mona Vale SLSC this coming Spring. October 21st falls on a Friday in 2022.

Those who have read some notes about the early beginnings of Mona Vale Golf Club will know some of these same names appear among the early members and players of this course.

Mona Vale SLSC records state the first Club House for this Mona Vale SLSC was built on Lot 37 next to Darley Street as the survey shows and comprised a three room wooden structure comprising one large room and two smaller rooms. Geoff M. Mould designed the first Club House with its feature being large wooden moulded pillars supporting a verandah. G.M. Mould was also the first Life Member of the club.

Although it was reported in the newspapers that Fred Lane donated three blocks of beachfront land to the Club in 1923, this is a myth. In fact Freddie sold Lot 37 to the club for £25 less £5 as a donation. This was accepted by the club and arrangements to build went ahead.

Mr. F. C. V. Lane has handed over to the Warringah Shire Council, as trustees, a block of land at Mona Vale, which he is giving for a site for a surf club-house.  No title (1923, September 19). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 7 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article222689706


Jock Blackwood, Mona Vale's hon. secretary, is most enthusiastic concerning this season's prospects. The club is now in possession of a site for a club house with a 50ft frontage to the beachCALL OF THE SURF IS INSISTENT (1923, October 12). Arrow (Sydney, NSW : 1916 - 1933), p. 7. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article103539906

Warringah Shire Council would resume his other Mona Vale beachfront lots, numbers 38 to 41 inclusive of Section A, in 1928 and this would be the extension of a beachfront reserve for Mona Vale Beach. The NSW Historical Land Records Viewer (HRLV) Volume 3454 - Folio 99 provides the details. Volume 3460 - Folio 87 provides Lot 42 as that resumed by Council as well in 1924, while Lot 36, Section had been bought by Elizabeth Ann Allen on July 13th, 1916  and this too was resumed by the Council in 1928; Volume 2681- Folio 143 provides those details. 

Newspapers listings provide some insight into what was planned to be resumed here from that first 1924 resumption of Lot 42:

Proposed Special Loan of £21,000,

NOTICE is hereby given that it is the intention of the Warringah Shire Council to. apply for authority, under section 180, Local Government Act, 1919, to borrow the sum of £21,000 for the purpose of acquiring certain lands for public recreation purposes in "A" Riding of the Shire, in the localities mentioned hereunder, and for defraying expenses incidental to the effecting of such acquisitions, and to the raising of the loan.

The reserves proposed to/be established, and the estimated value of the lands to be acquired, are— £

(a) Ocean Beach Reserve at Newport  8,970 (&) Reserve for Recreation, and for Access to Pittwater at Newport . 1,820 

(c) Ocean Beach Reserve at Mona Vale .. 2,638 

(d) Reserve on Pittwater foreshores at Palm Beach 4,042 

(e) Reserve at Careel Bay, Pittwater 1,270 

(f) Extension of existing Reserve on northern side of Narrabeen Lake 1,526

Total £20,266 

Allowance for forced resumptions* and for contingencies / 3,400

-Total £23,666 

Less contribution promised by Government 2,666

Amount proposed to be raised by loan .... £21,000

The interest payable on such loan shall not exceed six per cent. (6%) per annum, and it is proposed to arrange the loan 011 terms which shall provide for the repayment of principal and the payment of interest, combined, in half-yearly instalments extending over a period of twenty-five years. The amount of each such instalment, if the interest be 6%, "will be £816 3s. 6d.

To provide the sum necessary for such instalments, it is proposed to levy a loan rate of one farthing (|d.) in the £ on the unimproved capital value of all ratable land in "A'' Riding. Should such rate not provide sufficient for the purpose, the balance will be paid from the General Fund of the Shire. The total unimproved capital value of all ratable lands in "A" Riding is £1,335,415. "

A report on the proposal,' giving detailed descriptions and valuations of the lands to be acquired, may be inspected at the Shire Hall, Brookvale, during office hours. -

Within one month of the publication of this notice, any number not less than 25 per cent, of the ratepayers for "A" Riding may petition the Council to take a poll of ratepayers either as to whether such ratepayers approve of the loan, or whether the loan rate should lie on the unimproved value or on the improved value,, or on both questions. The number of ratepayers enrolled for "A' Riding is 4,418.


Shire Hall, Brookvale, 'Shire Cleric.

1st December, 1926, 1926. SHIRE OF WARRINGAH. (1926, December 3). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 5193. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article223000695 


IN pursuance of section 536 (4) of the Local Government Act, 1919, and under Division 3, Part V, of the Public Works Act, IP 12-, I notify that so much of the land hereunder described as is Crown Land is hereby appropriated, and so much thereof as is private properly is hereby resumed for Public Recreation purposes; and I further notify that the said land is hereby vested in the Council of the Shire of Warringah. 

Dated this sixteenth day of January, 1928.


Minister for Public Work's.

Descriptions of Land referred to.

All that piece or parcel of land situate at Mona Vale, Shire of Warringah, parish of Narrabeen, county of Cumberland, and State of New South Wales, being lots 36 to 41 inclusive, section A, deposited plan 6,195: Commencing at the intersection of the north-eastern side of Darley -street with the south-eastern side of Surfview-road; and bounded thence on the north-west by that side of Surfview-road bearing 29 degrees 45 minutes 302 feet 2\ inches; on the north-east by the south-western boundary of lot 42 of the said section A bearing 119 degrees 36 minutes 30 seconds 205 feet; on the south-east oy the south-eastern boundary of the said lots 41 to 33 inclusive, bearing 209 degrees 45 minutes 302 feet 2J inches; and on the south-west by the north-eastern side of Darley-street aforesaid bearing 299 degrees 36 minutes 30 seconds 205 feet, to the point of commencement,—having an area of 1 acre 1 rood 26| perches or thereabouts, and said to be in the possession of Elizabeth A. Allen, W. S. Nixon and F. C. V. Lane.

And all that piece or parcel of land situate as aforesaid, being lots 44 to 54 inclusive, section A, deposited plan 0,195: Commencing on the south-eastern side of Surfview-road at the northernmost corner of lot 43 of the said section A; and bounded thence on the north-west and west by the south-eastern and eastern sides of Surfview-road, being lines bearing successively 29 degrees 45 minutes 55 feet 11 inches, 37 degrees 15 minutes 472 feet 7| inches and 354 degrees 31 minutes 37 feet 8 inches; on the north by the northern boundary of the said lot 54, bearing 96 degrees 29 minutes 30 seconds 194 feet 11 inches; on the north-east by the north-eastern boundary of that lot bearing 165 degrees 15 minutes 96 feet 5 inches; on the south-east by the south-eastern boundary of the said lots 53 to 44 inclusive, bearing 217 degrees 15 minutes 566 feet 11 ½ inches; and on the south-west by the north-eastern boundary of the said lot 43, bearing 299 degrees 36 minutes 30 seconds 212 feet 9 ½ inches, to the point of commencement,—having an area of 3 acres 0 roods 2\ perches or thereabouts, and said to be in the possession of C. N. Anderson, J. M. Gibson, Bridget V. Considine, Mary M. Gorman, Mrs. C. Tatchell, N. C. Richard, A. B. Blackmore, W. S. Nixon, L. Taverney and H. R. Hunter[Misc. 1927-7,084] [11067J  NOTIFICATION OF RESUMPTION OF LAND UNDER THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, 1919. (1928, February 3). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 614. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article223010576 

In March 1924 Warringah Shire Council minutes of meetings records a tender to build the clubhouse has been accepted:

Item 37; Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club, 25/ 3/24, intimating that a tender has been accepted for the erection of the Club House, and suggesting that the Council's contribution be paid direct to the Contractor on the Architects Certificate : Resolved- (Crs. Hewitt, Ellsworth) That the Club be reminded that they have the Council’s assurance to contribute £200 towards the cost, and informed the Council will pay this £ for the Club on the Certificate of the Architect.

The newspapers recorded:


Following members of the Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club have passed the test for the surf bronze medallion: — E. W. Browne, N. Wilmott, J. Hughes, B. Russell. C. Baldwin, L. Grant and L. Hill. The Instructor's certificate was awarded to J. Williams. Seventeen members of the Infant club are now qualified life-savers. MONA VALE PROGRESSING. (1924, March 1). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 16. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article245891040

1924 Senior Drill Team. MVSLSC photo

MONA VALE. — Erection of club house; Esplin and Mould, 85 Pitt Street. TENDERS CALLED (1924, March 12). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article245902151 


Next Sunday the Mona Vale Surf Life saving Club will hold its second annual meeting, and the new premises of the club will be officially opened. This club is in its infancy, yet it is already in possession of n club-house, which cost £500 to erect, exclusive of painting, which was carried out by the members themselves. It is under the able management of Mr. W. W. Hill, as president, and Mr. J. G. Blackwood (the well-known Rugby Union footballer), hon, secretary and captain. Mona Vale Beach was well protected by the club during the year, and six rescues were effected with line and belt, and a number without. There were no fatalities, Mr. J. H. Williams gained the Instructor's certificate, and Messrs B. Russell, N. Willimott, 15. W. Brewer, L. E. Grant, J. Hughes. C. Baldwin, L. Hill, and S. Perry were awarded the bronze medallions of the Surf Life-saving Association. THE SURF (1924, November 3 - Monday). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 9. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article245465947 

Which means this clubhouse was officially opened on Sunday November 9th, 1924.

Also happening in 1924:

Borg at Mona Vale

Mona Vale was invaded by champion swimmers yesterday, when Arne Borg, Moss Christie, W. Herald, Keith Kirkland, and officials of the A.S.A. visited the local Life-saving Club as the guests of Mr. W. W. Hill. president of the club. A large crowd attended the beach, eager to get a glimpse of Borg. In the morning the party adjourned lo the local baths. A 66 yards handicap race was arranged, Borg winning one heat and Herald the other. Moss Christie and Borg then gave a 133 yards exhibition swim, and Keith Kirkland 66 yards back stroke exhibition. F. Lane, the old champion, and W. Herald, the modern sprinter, then swam 100 yards, each man demonstrating the stroke which made him a champion. A life-saving exhibition was given on the beach by the local club, and Moss Christie and W. Herald started In a surf race, which was won by the latter. Borg did not compete. Borg at Mona Vale (1924, January 21). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 5. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article245892529 

"Victim" points to his scars: —

It should not be necessary to have to add my protest to others .against the dangerous pests who delight in smashing bottles on the beaches; but apparently this type of criminal lunatic is
lightly regarded by those in authority.
At Mona Vale Beach there are four small public surf sheds, which are never crowded. Yet those who do use them have to wear shoes going to and from the sheds because of the broken bottles which strew the approaches and lie waiting just under the surface of the loose sand to cripple the unwary. The same danger Is found on all these more remote beaches; it Indicates wanton disregard of the safety of others by casual visitors who do not reckon on again enjoying the place themselves — or else It is just due to the hopeless moron's inability to think. 
A BUNDLE OF LETTERS (1926, January 6). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 8 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article224063988 

Warringah Shire Council minutes of meetings records on 15th of February 1926: Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club, urging that lavatory conveniences be erected on Mona Vale Beach, quite apart surf from the conveniences attached to the Surf Sheds : Referred to the Inspector for report. 

Two years later at the July 23rd, 1928 Warringah Shire Council meeting:

That the recommendations submitted by A. Riding Councillors respecting proposed works in A. Riding be adopted; the recommendations being (a) that inquiries be made regarding the possible removal and reconstruction of bridge by Arthur Rickard and Co. and the Main Roads Board, with a view to having a footway included in the new structure; (2) that the Overseer furnish an estimate for maintenance of Lake Park Road, (3) that the work completed on Old Powderworks Road be again rolled and kept maintained, and (4) that the Deposited flan be inspected to ascertain whether there is any easement or natural watercourse on Mrs .Hanson's land in Old Powderworks Road, (5) that the blackberries on Mona Vale Kitchener Park be kept in check by the maintenance man, and  that the clearing of the park stand over, (6.) that the Over- seer furnish an estimate for forming the footpath in Pittwater Road, Mona Vale, from Gordon Road to Bay-view Road, (7) that the Overseer furnish an estimate of the cost of maintaining Mona Street to the foot of the hill, (8) that no action.be taken in. regard to Messrs. Ward and Palmer's proposal for the improvement of Maxwell Street, (9) that no action be taken in regard to the Overseer’s recommendation for the making of a parking space at Mona Vale Beach, (10) that the Inspector's Mona Vale report regarding erection of the public dressing sheds on Mona Surf-bathing Vale Beach be adopted, the floors to be concreted at an additional estimated cost of £12, and that tenders be called for the work,

A rescue - and one of their long-term members, Alexander William Slater, a Mona Vale-Bayview resident, is called to help:


A wonderful surf rescue story comes from tranquil Mona Vale, a growing seaside resort near Manly, where this season a surf life-saving club was established. One of its most enthusiastic members is Mr. A. W. Slater, who lives at Bay View, Manly. Recently Slater passed his life-saving tests and obtained his bronze medallion. On Monday Mrs. Thomas, matron of Twilight House, Mosman, and her daughter Naide were spending the day on Mona Vale beach with the three male grandchildren of Mrs. Thomas, who lives at Florence-Avenue, Pymble. About 4 p.m. Mrs. Thomas and her daughter entered the ladies' dressing sheds. .The eldest boy took the other two children into the men's sheds. They were all going in for a dip, and it was arranged they should meet on the beach outside the sheds.

'He's Dead!' 

When, they came out, however, Billy, who is only three years old, was missing, and the others didn't know where he had gone. Mrs. Thomas- and her daughter hurriedly searched the beach and surroundings, but to no avail. Then Miss Thomas noticed something tossing in the water just beyond the first line of breakers. She ran to the edge. It was her nephew being swiftly carried out to sea. As the waves rolled down she saw that his little face was black. Realising that there wasn't a moment to lose, she waded in and snatched Billy from the sea. There wasn't a sign of life in him. His face was blacker still, and his cold, limp body bore the pallor of death. His heart and pulse made no response even to the trained ear and fingers of his matron grandmother. She examined him closely and said, 'He's dead!' But one of the tiny crowd that had gathered cried out 'I'll 'phone Narrabeen for a doctor — and get Slater.' 

He took some minutes to find him in the tiny township, but Slater left his horse and cart — he is a carrier — and made for Mona Vale post haste. The little body was lying on a coat on the sand when Slater arrived. 'You can do nothing with him,' the onlookers said, ''he was in the water too long.' 

Slater knew he had to do things; not see them or talk about them. So he turned Billy over and began to rub him. For a quarter of an hour he swayed to and fro with his strong hands rising and descending over the boy's lungs ; but the face seemed to grow blacker still and the flesh colder. For another 15 minutes, he continued his efforts to snatch the life of this baby surfer from the clutches of the Reaper, but still the onlookers told him it was all no use 

'Doctor is Out.' 

He went on more determined than ever. Perspiration streamed down his face and his arms grew tired. Summoning up all his strength and concentration he kept to his task and, in ten minutes that seemed ten hours of anxiety the tiny water-clogged lungs were opened. It was new hope for Slater, and it urged him on the more. The man who found Slater returned. 'It's no use,' he' whispered, 'I can't get the doctor. He's out on a call.' 

And then Billy's wet, curly head moved; he began to breathe ever so slightly. A few more gentle pressures, and his eyes opened. Death had given up the fight. The crowd, which had increased in the meantime, was amazed. The anxious matron regarded it as a miracle. Slater regarded it  just as something for which the Mona Vale Surf Club had been founded. 

The child recovered completely after a while, and Slater carried him to the La Corniche Hotel, a little distance away where it was given stimulants, a hot bath, and chocolate. An hour afterwards he carried him to the tram and waved him good-bye. 'Good-bye, Mister,' said Billy, his blue-pink nose poking out of the heavy cloak granny had tucked around him. 

The fact which adds to the lustre of Slater's work is the infancy of his first patient, and his saving of Billy Thomas life reflects magnificent credit not only upon himself, but upon his club and the main, modest governing Association a well. 

The president of the Mona Vale Club is Mr. F. C. V. Lane, formerly one of the most distinguished swimmers. The secretary is Mr. J. G. Blackwood, of Starkey and Starkey, York-street, and the treasurer Mr. L. Grant, of Mona Vale. "HE'S DEAD" (1923, February 25). Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1930), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article120541900

With surf carnivals held at Newport, Stockton, Tweed Heads-Coolangatta, Corrimal, and North Narrabeen during the Easter holidays, the surfing season an competitive events officially closes. It has been a record Season. Members have joined the already established clubs in big numbers, whilst new clubs have been formed at Mona Vale and South Narrabeen. THE SURFERS (1923, April 4). Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 14. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article128110939


Mr. J. G. Blackwood, the Eastern Suburbs Rugby Union forward, and hooker for the State team In New Zealand recently, is in charge of the surf club's affairs at Mona Vale. Mr. W. W. Hill, of Rugby Union fame, has become president of this club, and his first official motion has been the creation of a swimming as well as a surfing club . The recent conference between the surfing and swimming authorities has borne good fruit. Consequently, in order to compete for a trophy donated by Mr. Hill, the Mona Vale surfers will also form a nucleus of the Mona Vale Swimming Club. Ex-champion F. C. V. Lane Is a resident of this district, which Is likely to produce some able swimmers. SWIMMING (1923, October 30). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 10. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article245998789

It wasn't long before the skills they learned were put to use:


A wonderful surf rescue story comes from tranquil Mona Vale, a growing seaside resort near Manly, where this season a surf life-saving club was established. One of its most' enthusiastic members is Mr. A. W. Slater, who lives at Bay View, Manly. Recently Slater passed his life-saving tests and obtained his bronze medallion. On Monday Mrs. Thomas, matron of Twilight House, Mosman, and her daughter Naide were spending the day on Mona Vale beach with the three male grandchildren of Mrs. Thomas, who lives at Florence-avenue, Pymble. About 4 p.m. Mrs. Thomas and her daughter entered the ladies' dressing sheds.  The eldest boy took the other two children into the men's sheds. They were all going in for a dip, and it was arranged they should meet on the beach outside the sheds.

'He's Dead!'

When, they came out, however, Billy, who is' only three years old, was missing, and the others didn't know where he had gone. Mrs. Thomas and her daughter hurriedly searched the beach and surroundings, but to no avail. Then Miss Thomas noticed something tossing in the water just beyond the first line of breakers. She ran to the edge. It was her nephew being swiftly carried out to sea. As the waves rolled down she saw that his little face was black. Realising that there wasn't a moment to lose, she waded in and snatched Billy from the sea. There wasn't a sign of life in him. His face was blacker still, and his cold, limp body bore the pallor of death. His heart and pulse made no response even to the trained ear and fingers of his matron grandmother. She examined him closely and said, 'He's dead!' But one of the tiny ' crowd that, had gathered cried out 'I'll 'phone Narrabeen for a doctor — and get Slater.' He took some minutes to find him in the tiny township, but Slater left his horse and cart — he is a carrier — and made for Mona Vale post haste. The little body was lying on a coat on the sand when Slater arrived. 'You can do nothing with him,' the onlookers said, ''he , was in the water too long.' Slater knew he had to do things; not see them or talk about them. So he turned Billy over and began to rub For a quarter of an hour he swayed to and fro with his strong hands rising and descending over the boy's lungs ;but the face seemed to grow blacker still and the flesh colder. For another 15 minutes he continued his efforts to snatch the life of this baby surfer from the clutches of the Reaper, but still the onlookers told him it was all so use.

'Doctor is Out.' 
He went on more determined than ever. Perspiration streamed down his face and his arms grew tired. Summoning up all his strength and concentration he kept to his task and, in ten minutes that seemed ten hours of anxiety the tiny water-clogged lungs were opened. It was new hope for Slater, and it urged him on the more. The man who found Slater returned. 'It's no use,' he' whispered, 'I can't get the doctor. He's out on a call.' And then Billy's wet, curly head moved; he began to breathe ever so slightly. A few more gentle pressures, and his eyes opened. Death had given up the fight. The crowd, which had increased in the meantime, was amazed. The anxious matron regarded it as a miracle. Slater regarded it — just as something for which the Mona Vale Surf Club had been founded. The child recovered completely after awhile, and Slater carried him to the La Corniche Hotel, a little distance away where it was given stimulants, a hot bath, and chocolate. An hour afterwards he carried him to the tram and waved him good-bye. 'Dood-bye, Mittett,' said Billy, his blue-pink nose poking out of the heavy cloak granny had tucked around him. The fact which adds to the lustre of Slater's work is the infancy of his first patient, and his saving of Billy Thomas life reflects magnificent credit not only upon himself, but upon his club and the main, modest governing Association as well. The president of the Mona Vale Club is Mr. F. C. V. Lane, formerly one of the most distinguished swimmers. The secretary is Mr. J. G. Blackwood, of Starkey and Starkey, York-street, and the treasurer Mr. L. Grant, of Mona Vale.' "HE'S DEAD". (1923, February 25). Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1930), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article120541900

Mona Vale surfers experienced more excitement than they bargained for last week-end. They were being put through their pacings by the instructor of Palm Beach when the belt man got into difficulties. He and the patient were rescued; but came in for a tossing. Members of the infant club, Mona Vale, experienced some thrills last Sunday. Palm Beach's hon. instructor(L. A. Palmer) visited the beach to put the lads through their facings, and everything went serenely until the water section of the R. and R. was attempted. The patient — the local limb of the law — swam out in a heavy sea and the beltman was despatched after him. The beltman, a raw youth, after battling for a considerable time, became exhausted, and L.A.P. ordered him to be hauled ashore, as he was being gradually drawn towards the rocks.
Things looked serious until Johnny Blackwood, hon. secretary of the club and a Rugby Union rep. forward, supported by Palmer, went to his assistance and landed him safely. The unfortunate patient came in for a strenuous time.  AMONG THE SURFERS. (1923, March 9). Arrow (Sydney, NSW : 1916 - 1933), p. 11. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article103536866 

Austin Dellitt, Hero — North Narrabeen Again — Arne Borg at Mona Vale — Newcastle Doings
Now that the State Swimming Championships are a thing of the past, breaker shooters will settle down and prepare for the coming carnivals, club and State championships. To the names of Jack Chalmers, Frank Beaurepaire, and Bob Chalmers, whose heroic deed's are still fresh in public memory, must be added the name of Austin Dellitt, of Palm Beach, who last week saved the lives of some small children by diving into the water on top of a shark, thus scaring the monster away from the children for whom he was heading. Dellitt's act was magnificent, as it was done in cold blood. Dellitt, realising the danger the children were in, dashed away, intercepted the shark, and scared it out of its path. The Palm Beach Club has applied for recognition for Dellitt, and nothing short of the meritorious award will satisfy them. The matter has been referred to the meritorious award committee for consideration and report.
NORTH NARRABEEN AGAIN. North Narrabeen's famous tour snared its third successive victory in the Rivoli Cup competition at Dee Why last Sunday. The event was a surfteams' race. Ron Harris (Collaroy) was first home, followed up Geo. Proudfoot .J. Lincoln-Block, and W. Grose, all of N.N. Geoff Oatley (Palm Beach) was fifth, with Dusty White N.N.'s fourth man, sixth. It was a great race. Ron Harris was in front until he struck the broken water, then Proudfoot and Black headed him, but Ron eventually won by 3yds from Proudfoot. The first six finished within 15yds of the winner. The alarm reel race was magnificent, Gordon Morrow, Freshwater's beltman, and Barney Barnett, of N.N., dead-heating for first place. N.N.'s four, Stan Exton, D. Mattes, T. Taylor, and C. Bell, won the beach relay race.
BORG AT MONA VALE.W. W. (Billy) Hill— Mona Vale's president — entertained about 20 visitors, including Arne Borg, O. G. H. Merrett, Billy Herald, Moss Christie, Keith Kirkland. H. R. Kelly, L. E. Duff, Jack Dexter, Wally York, and Freddy Williams, at Mona Vale last Sunday. In the morning the party visited the baths and indulged in a series of events, Moss Christie winning the visitors' handicap. The afternoon was spent in surfing and tennis. A big crowd watched proceedings. SURF GOSSIP. (1924, January 25). Arrow (Sydney, NSW : 1916 - 1933), p. 12. Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article103536769 

Cronulla and Mona Vale Surf Clubs banded "The Sun" to-day the names of their competitors for the Queen of the Surf Competition: Miss Phyllis Stroud (Cronulla).
Miss Violet Armstrong (Mona Vale). The Surf Life-Saving Association at its meeting last night accepted. The Suns offer of prizes for a teams competition, and appointed a sub-committee to draw up the conditions. The meeting left the Surf Queen Contest (a separate competition) to the Clubs themselves.
Sea, sun and sand — what more is needed jar health and happiness?
THE Mona Vale Club, in deciding to enter the competition, congratulated "The Sun" on its effort to assist the hospitals — and the surf clubs. "It may appear presumptuous," writes the Mona Vale secretary- (J. G. Blackwood), "for such a small club to enter into competition with those in the more populated areas, but, after all, the object is the thing." "If the entry means a few more pounds for the' hospitals, that is as far as we can aspire." It is far from presumptuous. It shows a tine spirit. And, anyhow, as the voting for the election of the Queen will have the widest possible scope — it will not, by any means, lie confined to the beaches — Mona Vale, with a little organisation, may quite reasonably hope to win a prize If it does, it will be handy — there is still about £30 owing on the club house, built four years ago when the club was formed. Mona Vale's candidate, Miss Violet Armstrong, could teach many men something In the art of "shooting " It Is thrilling to watch her in the surf. Last year she was a prominent member of the Metropolitan Ladies' Swimming Club, and at the end of the season swam third in the New South Wales 150 yards championship. She is well known and well liked. 
From Surfing Family Cronulla's choice. 
Miss Phyllis Stroud, is another great swimmer and surfer. Her father, Frank Stroud was one of the founders of the Cronulla Club, and was captain for several years. The family is' one of the oldest and best known in the Cronulla district. Who'll Be Maroubra's Girl? The Maroubra Surf Club , will select its candidate for the queenship by the end of the week. Names of girls wishing to run for this club' should be sent to L. S. Powell, secretary of the club, Box 39, G.P.O.. Sydney. LATEST IN (1926, October 20). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 11 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article224128111 

N.N. Surfers Join .Mona Vale Club
Fresh to Mona Vale's little band of .life-savers are two' brothers- from the North Narrabeen Club — "Dusty" White and Hoc. White. "

W. W. Hill
Both are good surf swimmers — what Mona Vale, a small, young club, needs to give it a hope in some of the surf competitions. "Dusty" used to be one of North Narrabeen's shark experts; He was always out where the big ones break. A few seasons ago— so they say at Narrabeen— "Dusty" dusted up a shark, so to speak. It wasn't far from him, in deep water, where "Dusty" kicked on to a "shoot," and rode It high and dry to the beach. 
A few years, ago the Mona Vale Club had no club house, and no equipment., They got to work, received £200 from the council, added to it, and built a clubhouse. The Job cost £600. By organising entertainments the club has raised enough money since then to clear the place of all debts, except about £30.  

The club's president, by the way, is W. W. Hill, once secretary of the Rugby Union, and also of the Swimming Association.. He still takes a deep interest in both. He will be remembered as the man who organised the last Olympic tour. Before that he was well known as an Interstate Rugby Union forward— a hard, keen footballer. Mona Vale's candidate for the Queen of the Surf Competition is Miss Violet Armstrong, a young, pretty, keen surf girl.
DUSTY'S DUST-UP (1926, October 23).The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 6 (LAST RACE EDITION). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article224115374 

To make the £30 still outstanding  one of their supporters entered this competition:


Miss Violet Armstrong, the Mona Vale Surf Club nomination for the Queen of the Surf Competition. — (Photo. by Monte Luke.) MONA VALE'S CHOICE (1926, October 24). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 1. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article224117403 

All Athletes
Leaders of Mona Vale Drive
Who's behind the Mona Vale girl? A team of athletes, all young; men, all vigorous, all keen to see a little beach put up a good fight with the big ones!
Mona Vale's campaign is being conducted quietly and earnestly, and with the confidence that even if Miss Violet Armstrong cannot be placed first on the list, she will not be very far away, and that, anyhow, a good cheque, representing the votes polled for her; will be 'handed over to charity. ' Here  are the leaders of the campaign:— 
UNION HOOKER - : J. G. Blackwood, — The smart hooker in Rugby Union. He has played against the New Zealanders since 1922 — was in the team that won the rubber from the AU Blacks- In that year. He is secretary and captain of the Mona Vale Club,' and a good sport. His job— public accountancy.. . 
ABOUT TURN - :J.- Dickson. — Treasurer of the club. An old Sydney High boy. Cricketer, footballer, surfer and swimmer. A member of the Y.M.C.A. reserve grade Rugby Union team. He thinks so much of Mona Vale that he takes on the long trip there every week-end, though his home is in the other direction — Marrickville. He is now going through public accountancy exams.
 THE MARATHON F. W. Baldwin.— A Marathon runner, at present on a long chase for hospital pennies. Holds a medal for first Manly Club man homo In the 1924 Marathon. He is instructor-in-chief in the Surf Club, wicketkeeper in the local cricket team, and a member of Mona Vale Swimming Club and Manly reserve grade fifteen. 
FATHER'S WAY L. W. Hill. — An old Sydney Grammar boy, son of the club's president, W. W. Hill, the well-known swimming and Rugby Union man. Looks like following "W.W."— played with Randwick's third fifteen last season, and is now a promising member of the Manly Swimming Club. This is the young man Who, while working for the hospitals in "The Sun's" Surf '.Queen Competition, has been receiving hospital treatment himself following a motor cycle smash. All Athletes (1926, November 23). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 10 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article224132055
One lost:

Nude Man's Strange Behaviour 

A naked man who, it is said, had been drinking on the beach, swam out to sea at Mona Vale yesterday, and was drowned. Two men who watched his peculiar behaviour on the beach went to his rescue, but ' were too late. The name, of the victim is unknown, though an Electrical Trade Union card, bearing the name S. Hemmings, was found In 'the pocket of his clothes. He had been a regular visitor to Mona Vale for the past four or five years. but little Is known about him. He was a man of eccentric habits, and apparently had few friends. It is not thought that the man tried to commit suicide. When he went into the water he attempted to "shoot" the breakers, but soon got into, difficulties, and it is believed he was dead when his rescuers reached him. 
Two brothers — Clyde and Ray Merry, of Clifton Gardens — saw the man in the morning lying on the beach about half a mile from the spot where surfers generally go into the water. Their attention was attracted by the man's strange behaviour. He was naked, and lie had in his hand a quart bottle of wine, from which he would take a sip every few minutes. On several occasions he started to his feel and ran about the beach in a peculiar manner. The brothers had been watching the man for some time when he jumped to his feet and' at top pace ran Into the water, striking out to sea. He swam straight out for about 100 yards, and then turned over on his back. The man, who was about 55 years of age, then commenced to struggle, and it did not take the brothers long to realise that he was in trouble. They entered the water together, and after a strenuous swim reached the man, who was in deep water.
They thought he was unconscious, and, holding his head above the water, struggled with him to the shore. One of them ran to the Mona Vale Surf Club and obtained the assistance of John Hughes and Alexander Slater, two club members. They attempted to bring the man round, but all their efforts were futile, and Dr. M'Guinness, of Narrabeen, who was summoned, pronounced life extinct. Constable Huckins, of Narrabeen, began inquiries, but could find nobody who knew the man's name. A number of people told him that they had often seen the victim about the beach, and that he visited Mona Vale nearly every week-end. He lived in a cottage by himself, and was particularly taciturn and eccentric in many ways. However, he had told one or two residents that he lived at Ashfield, and that beyond some acquaintances at Wollongong had no friends in Australia. 
The victim is described as being about 6ft. to 6ft. 1in., in height, of medium build, and very erect carriage. He had reddish-brown hair, a short moustache, and several teeth were missing from the upper jaw. The man had bad varicose veins on both legs. SURF VICTIM (1927, March 21). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 1. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article245872029

The Waratah Rugby Union forward, G. Blackwood, has been elected president of the Mona Vale Surf Club. There are several very fine swimmers in the Waratah's team. A WARATAH. (1927, October 26). Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 17. Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article127914974


John C. Blackwood, who hooks the ball in the Waratah scrummage, had his nose fractured in the Ulster match at Belfast last week, but will be all there against Wales next Saturday. Blackwood is a Manly boy, and captain of the Mona Vale Surf Club* though he plays Rugger with Eastern Suburbs. THE WARATAHS' HOOKER AND HIS NOSE. (1927, November 23). Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 1. Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article127911882 

A seaplane is being employed to search for Dorothy Grace May Shaw, aged 23, of New South Head-road, Rose Bay, who disappeared at Mona Vale Beach, near Newport, in the late after-noon of Boxing Day, after having gone for a swim. It is feared that she may have been taken by a shark. Miss Shaw was staying at La Corniche boarding-house, Newport, with her mother and father. At 6.30 p.m. on Boxing Day she drove her mother In their car to Mona Vale beach. Both were in bathing costume, and the mother . decided that she would swim in a rock pool, about 300 yards from the car. Miss Shaw, however, said she' preferred a plunge in the surf. 
Sharks at Dusk? 
Mrs. Shaw is reported to have seen her daughter entering the surf, but half an hour later there was no sign of her. It was then practically dusk. If Miss Shaw had screamed It is probable that her mother would have heard her. The mother searched along the water's edge, and eventually returned stricken to the boarding-house. Constable Langworthy, of Mona Vale, searched the beach without success, and on Boxing Night Captain Taylor volunteered to continue the search next day in his seaplane. He made a search from the air lasting half an hour, but this also proved futile. Miss Shaw, who was subject to fainting fits, may have collapsed in the surf. It has been reported that the surf at the time was extraordinarily calm and that there was probably no undertow. The search has not been relinquished. Lifesavers and others are assisting the police. LOST GIRL (1930, December 29). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 5 (CRICKET STUMPS). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article225349235 

1930-1931 Changes - The 'Alumni' Mona Vale Surf Club

By 1930 those who had served in the 1922 formed surf club were busy raising children or working in areas far from Mona Vale. The next generation needed to step up.

The Club's name was changed to "The Mona Vale Alumni Surf Lifesaving Club". Club correspondence, minutes and photos surviving from this period shows Club members mostly resided on the Lower North Shore commuting each weekend for patrols and social functions, and, as suggested by the new name, had been given an opportunity to become well educated.

On Saturday nights the members would usually reside in the old "La Corniche", building, by then a rambling old guesthouse at the top of Darley Street. Provisions were bought but not always paid for at Mr. and Mrs. E C Bill's beach store located at the northern end of the Car Park.

Some mentions in the papers of the past provides good insights:

After a stern fight, members of the new club at Mona Vale are congratulating themselves upon the way the wheel of Fortune has turned. The club was formed In October by a few boys who visited Mona Vale at the week-end. Gradually new members were trained, and today the club can boast, of 40 men all of whom know how to conduct themselves well In the water. Two reels were supplied by the Warringah council, and one of the older clubs on the north side presented a surf boat, and the boys are becoming quite adept at handling It. Now the council have given paint with which to rejuvenate the comfortable little club-house that has nestled on the beach for several years. 

The captain of the club, A. Porter, and the secretary. S. Mould, are confident that they have a batch of men who will help to make a name for Mona Vale. Members have performed creditably In the baths over all distances, and they Include Fred Lane, son of the famous Olympic champion, George Dean, J. Walton, A. Porter, and L. Knox. Few of the members have their bronze medallions, but Instructor Fred Baldwin has been working hard, and a big batch will face the examiner on Sunday. Cup Event Features Tattersall's Holiday Programme. (1930, December 31). Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), p. 2. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article118756968


The assistant secretary for the Alumni Surf Club (Mona Vale) Ball, which will be held in the Warringah Hall on August 19th. No title. (1931, August 13). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article16816975

The members of the Mona Vale Alumni Surf Life-Saving Club, Alumni Rugby Union football Club, and the Alumni Debating Society held a successful dance at Warringah Hall last night to gain funds for the building of a surf club-house at Mona Vale
Mrs D F Nettlefold was the president of the dance committee, Mrs G A Moore hon. treasurer Miss Dorise Hill hon secretary, Miss Norma McKillop assistant hon secretary, and Miss Dundas-Smith Mrs Jack Pratten Miss Mary Wells, and Miss Cherry Barclay Haley vice-presidents. The Alumni club colours of green and white decorated the tables and the committee members wore white carnations and green leaves. The club song was sung during the evening. More than 500 people attended the dance, and among these were the Misses Dorothy Hughes S Barntastle L Weaver Enid Jones, Betty Bevan J Weekes Jean Ruthen Phillis Porter, Joan Webster, B Williams, Kathleen Lord, T Dickens, Peggy Ryan and Peggy Finch.  THE ALUMNI DANCE. (1931, August 20). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article16824744 

SURPRISES were the order of the afternoon. In the senior belt race the Australian title holder, Aub. Laidlaw, did not gain club representation, and Deewhy, last year's surf boat champions, finished last in their heat, the final of tho boat race being won by Manly, with North Steyne second. The surprise in the belt race came from D. Dickson, of the resurrected Mona Vale-Alumni Club. He narrowly defeated the favorite, A. Henley (Deewhy) in the first heat, and again beat Henley in the final, with Noel Walpole (Manly) in third place. FIRST OF SEASON'S SURF CARNIVALS. (1931, December 2).Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 22. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article136748357 

The first public appearance of the green and white Mona Vale SLSC uniform and colours:
THAT was Just one of the features of the North Steyne Surf Carnival. Others were the wonderful handling of surf boats by Rastus' Evans and the success of the smaller clubs....
Yesterday might well have been called "Rastus Evans" day for the spectators went home quite certain that they had seen easily the best boat skipper ever. It was a picture to see him in action after he'd done great and hard service in laying and relaying the buoys. Called in from that job he took his place in the Surf Boat heat and showed what's what in boat racing. Other crews went like bulls at gates at the huge waves but 'Rastus' nursed his crew and stopped them rowing until things looked brighter, with the result that whilst Dee Why and Cronulla turned turtle, North Steyne went on to a lone victory. In the final, "Rastus' using different methods to get through the waves and finished miles ahead of Manly, the only other crew to finish. 
Huge Seas
In one heat of the boat race it was lucky that a serious accident did not take place. Huge seas hit the competitors and Manly 'B' crew was shot at speed-boat pace right back onto Bronte's boat The two collided and over they went Things looked very black, but the only injury was a badly gashed eye sustained by J. Atkins of Manly
Mona Vale surprised the natives with a very showy costume of green and white vertical stripes, and brought their name into prominence again when Dickson, after being beaten by Jack Butcher in the Beltrace heats, turned the tables in the final to win a great race. 'Mona' also notched a heat win in the Beach Relay, but was 'put out' for starting too early. 
Very Fast 
Another of the smaller clubs won a first prize when Tom Guthrie, of Palm Beach, surf-boarded cobber 'Pete' Hunter to victory in the first Surf Board Rescue Event held. This was a most interesting contest, and the pace with which the boards were urged through the heavy seas to the patients at the buoys was an eye opener. It certainly showed beltmen a point or two in speed. ...Rings Run Round Empire Champion Ryan in Rough Race (1931, December 13). Truth (Sydney, NSW : 1894 - 1954), p. 9. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article169123631


The honorary secretary of the annual ball of the Alumni Mona Vale Surf Club, to be held at the Blaxland Galleries on August 29. A card party to defray the expenses of the ball will take place at the Pickwick Club this evening. MISS BETTY RANKEN. (1932, August 18). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article16889647

The switching on of lights at Mona Vale rock pool was cause for celebration - from Warringah shire council minutes of meetings:

68. Mona Vale Rock Pool  Carnival Committee 29/11/32, Mona Vale inviting the Councillors and Officers in the switching on of Rockbath the electric light at the rockbaths by Cr. Austin on 17th December at 8 p,m. Resolved, - That the invitation be accepted. (Crs. Sterland, Pox)

Old boys of the various Great Public Schools have banded together and formed the Alumni Surf Club at Mona Vale, with other clubs for cricket and football. Last night the annual ball of the Alumni Mona Vale Club was held at the Blaxland Galleries, to raise funds for the club's activities. The dance was a most successful one, the efforts of the organizing committee resulting in a large attendance
Mr R A O Martin (representing the Rugby Union), Mr L Stevenson and Mr Burke (Surf Life Saving Association), and Mrs L Steven-son, were members of the official party, which was entertained by the president of the dance committee, Mrs E A Moore. Miss Betty Rankin (secretary), Miss Miriam Leverrier (as-  sistant secretary), Mr Geoffrey Moore (treasurer), Mrs Frank Cooper, Mrs Douglas Nettlefold and Miss Shirley Smith (vice presidents), were among those who entertained parties.
Others present were the Misses M Dundas Smith, Lurline Brown, Gladys Griffin, Margot Beetham, Jean Lillyman, Jean Wilkinson, Sheila Curtis, Peggy Finch, Dorothy Heming-way, Joan and Mary Maiks, Cynthia Harkness, Sheila Warburton, B Kerr, Grace Richards, Denise Humphreys, Meg Beeman, Ruth Challand, Phyllis Porter, Betty Broad, Molly Talbot, Olive Simpson, Betty Canvin, Kathleen Lord, Messrs W Cunningham, Frank Cooper, Roy Andrew, Arthur Frost, Ted Webster, D Dickson, P. Paton, Eric Thomas, L Knox, Rowley Morgan, Frank Brown, and W. Alexander. ALUMNI SURF CLUB. (1932, August 30). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 4. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article16915660 

Imagine the delight of the members of the Alumni Club of ex-G.P.S. athletic stars when they found their little "mother," Mrs. E. C. Bill, at the Club's annual ball last night at Farmer's Blaxland Galleries. 
MRS. BILL has the store at Mona Vale, and looks after the district life-savers, all of whom are Alumni boys, as if they belonged to her. The ball committee extended to Mr. and Mrs. Bill a cordial Invitation to be present, and the pair travelled all the way from Mona Vale to share in the gaiety. Among the 600 dancers it was easy to detect the committee responsible for this outstandingly successful dance, for the girls wore sprigs of white hyacinths, and the men white camellias. 

At the official table, which was decked with green and white balloons — the club colors — and green and white flowers, Mrs. Eric Moore (president), who wore black lace, entertained Mrs. F. Cooper (vice-president), who wore brown lace and chiffon; Mr. Geoff. Moore (treasurer). Mr. W. L. Stevenson (representing Life Saving Association), Mrs. Stevenson, who was gowned in blush pink satin; Mr. M. J. Bourke (Life Saving Association); Miss E. McNamee, in black velvet made with a smart cape; Mrs. M. Taylor, and Mr. Bookallil, Miss Betty Ranken (honorary secretary) was in simple black chiffon on which her committee badge looked most effective; Miss Peggy Finch wore one of the most striking frocks. It was of cherry red satin, made with puffed sleeves and a little tucked bustle, a perfect finish being the rather large corsage posy of white hyacinths; Miss Mollie Bell's frock, of black chiffon, had a wide scalloped cape. One of the prettiest frocks was worn by Miss Doreen Moore, which was of petal-pink chiffon tucked from waist to knee, from which it fell In fine pleats. Miss Joan Davis was In a long-sleeved frock o( black velvet banded In cerise around the waist; Miss Yvonne Wright's frock, of palest pink taffeta, had a skirt of floral taffeta formed of frills, and the flvwe red silk was also Introduced Into the yoke. A well-cut frock of syrup brown velvet was the choice of Miss Violet Mercer. With her frock of emerald green angel skin. Miss Marjorie Barton wore a cape of silver tissue; Miss Shirley Smith was in a cape frock of leaf-green velvet, the cape of which was bordered with rich skunk fur. Miss Sheila Christmas wore plain black velvet, made with long, tight-fitting sleeves. Also at the dance were Misses Ruth Moore, n lovebird green chiffon frilled from the knees: Dorothy Finch, in pink satin, with epaulettes of sliver sequins; Sheila Curtis, who chose black marlette with a little coat of white velvet trimmed with silver buttons; Sybil Burncastle, who wore honey-colored satin, which suited her fairness; Mimi Leverrier (assistant secretary), who chose lipstick red chiffon made long and tight-fitting; Norma Lieblnger, who chose ciel blue organdl, the coat being edged with finely pleated organdi; Denise Humphreys, , Betty Poate, Jean Lillyman, Olive Simpson, Gladys Griffen, Biddy Tait, Phyl Reynolds, Bonnie Horlev and Pat Slatter. FROM MONA VALE (1932, August 30). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article246303131 

Mona Vale, once the Cinderella of surf clubs, promises to be one of the most powerful this year. Sixty members of the University Swimming Club have joined the reorganised club, now known as the Mona Vale-Alumni. Geoff Moore, the Manly life-saver, swimmer, and worker, has charge of the instructing of this great batch, including -some excellent material for coming competitions. The bottle-green and white is going to be conspicuous at carnivals this year, especially as. the colors will be presented in unique designs for costumes and-blazers. Surf Club Splashes (1932, November 14). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 5. Retrieved , from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article247326824 

Another Mona Vale surf lover:

Warringah Shire


Left: Warringah Shire representative for the Lady Game Beach Cup.— Miss Marcelle Shaw ( Mona Vale ). —Leon Cayley photo. Warringah Shire (1932, November 26). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 5 (CRICKET STUMPS). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230580097

U.S.A. Tennis Stars In Action Warringah Shire Beach Girls (1932, November 10). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 36 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230570481

The Lady Game Beach Cup was named to honour Lady Gwendolen Game, the wife of Sir Philip Game, Governor of New South Wales between 1930 and 1935 was a two round competition sponsored by the Sun newspaper and held over two weekends in December 1932. The competition involved a march past parade with the judging based on “rhythm, deportment, physique and feminine charm’. The previous year in 1931, the all-female teams from arch-rivals Manly and Bondi had fought for the Silver Reel trophy for the first time. The first carnival was held at the Bondi Pavilion where the spectator turnout on the day was estimated to be in the vicinity of 80,000 people. The final carnival was held at Manly Beach on December 19th 1931 and was again attended by thousands of spectators. On that occasion Manly won a closely fought contest.

The following year the expanded competition was renamed the Lady Game Beach Cup. A round was held at Manly on December 12th 1932 and a 'Grand Final' parade was held on Sunday 18 December 18th  1932 at Coogee Beach.

The six competing teams covered just about every colour of the rainbow with their costume designs and were heralded on stage by a fanfare of trumpets and with Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith buzzing the crowd.

Bondi's team of twenty-three local girls looked amazing in their blue and gold costumes and won with a near perfect performance. Manly came in second with Randwick in third place. 

These competitions attracted thousands to these locations, benefitting the local economies. Funds raised went to The Sun's Toy Fund for youngsters wo did not have toys.

Fairfax Corporation. (1932). Manly female lifesavers lined up in competition costume at the Lady Game Beach Cup, Manly Oval, Sydney 10 December 1932 Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-161870150

Police As Golfers Lady Game Cup Entrants (1932, November 17). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 32 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230565055

SHIRE IN - Lady Game Beach Cup Contest


WARRINGAH Shire responded nobly to the call of the Shire President (Cr. Shepherd) to a meeting at Brookvale Shire Hall last night to form a committee to direct War-ringah's campaign in the Lady Game Beach Cup competition. Mr. Barry Young (director of Manly's team) accompanied by Messrs, Frank Dobbs and W. Stewart (of the Manly committee) attended, and offered every possible assistance to their sister-municipality in its first competition with other beaches. Mr. Young outlined "The Sun" scheme to such purpose that Cr. Barber Immediately announced his willingness to give a silver cup to the winner of the Warringah competition. Crs. Fox and Nicholas promised a silver cup for the second girl.

Strong Committee 

A committee, representative of almost every one of the 14 beaches In the shire was formed to conduct the competition, Cr. Shepherd being appointed chairman. Mr. H. Hollinworth was appointed honorary secretary and organiser, and Col. G. Robey drill instructor to the team. It was decided that the team should be known as "Warringah." The committee will meet again on Thursday next at 8 p.m. in Dee Why Theatre ' In the meantime, and also at the week-end, a canvass will be made of the 14 beaches in the shire to select the beauties of each beach. A keen competition is assured for inclusion in the team and for the local trophies.

Bondi Contests 

Bondi's elimination contests will commence on Monday next. Candidates for inclusion in the Bondi team should notify the Advance Bondi Committee, School of Arts. Bondi-road, Bondi. The likelihood of Balmoral also entering a team for the Lady Game Cup contest was indicated at yesterday's meeting of delegates to "The Sun" committee controlling the contest. On behalf of Manly, it was stated that an invitation had been sent to Newcastle to send a team to augment the. northern forces, and to be the guests of Manly on December 10, when the first of the two final judging days Is held at Manly, and over that week-end. 

Colors notified on behalf of contestant teams are as follow:— Bondi, navy and gold; Coogee, white ground, red, blue and black; Manly, light and dark blue and white; Brighton, red and white. Other teams are asked to notify colors which will be easily distinguishable from these. Mr. Bennetts reported that agreement had been reached by the northern beaches upon the first judging of all the teams, on December 10, being held at Manly. Both Mr. Bennetts and Mr. Reeves (Bondi organiser) offered to place at the disposal of the northern and southern beaches respectively the experience which had been gained by Manly and Bondi in "The Sun" Silver Reel contest last year. SHIRE IN (1932, November 15). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 11 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230569837

Warringah Candidates

Warringah Shire's bid for the Lady Game Beach Cup. — Six entrants for the shire's team taking their ease after training. — Leon Cayley photo. Warringah Candidates (1932, December 1). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 19 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230572136

Fairfax Corporation. (1932). Female flag-bearers at the Lady Game Beach Cup, Manly Oval, Sydney, 10 December 1932 Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-161870877

Warringah's colours for their 21 girls, and why we include this here, apart from the obvious Mona Vale girls included and threads showing previously that women and girls were already supporters of the surf club in whatever capacity they were allowed to be then, were forest green adorned with white flannel flowers - indicating a bit more of a Mona Vale SLSC influence on this competition and setting an outstanding example of service in our area during the 1920's and 1930's:


Thanks to the popularity of the Lady Game Beach Cup, thousands who thronged Manly Oval, packed the grandstand and lined the banks at Manly Oval yesterday, were able to come closer to the realisation of the world fame of Sydney beaches and beach girls — and to tingle with the glow of their own Australianism. As a spectacle the gala parade of the six competing teams was probably unique in local pageantry. To the deafening tumult of warm public approval, the whirr of. "movie" handles, the click of cameras, and the infectious counter-melody of music, it captured the imagination of the great crowd.


BUT even without its carnival gaiety, or its spectacular ceremonial in the cause of our beaches : even without its rainbow sparkle and colorful appeal, its revelation of the wealth of healthy and beautiful girlhood, must, earn for it, a place in universal attention. There could be no finer type of beach girl on any beach in the world. It was not a case of seeking alabaster miracle women or dimpled knees and cheeks: it was not a case of 120 beautiful Galateas stepping to life from the pedestal of beauty, nor the rediscovery of Venus, Aphrodite or Atalanta. It was simply the clean, fresh, glowing virility of our splendid girlhood that won the day so magnificently. And to pass judgment on such a perfect combination of perfect types, the judges will require courage as well as discernment! 

Colored Costumes 

In the order of their appearance, which was determined by ballot, the teams were: Manly smiling, with charm and grace, in costumes of light blue, dark blue and white); Warringah (as virile and fresh as the forest green of their costumes, bearing the relief of dainty flannel flowers): Bondi (as dazzling as the day in blue and gold); Brighton-le-Sands (graceful and attractive in simple black costumes) ; Cronulla (captivating in light blue and white stripes); and Rand wick (with a pleasant dash of zig-zag color on their costumes of white). 

Typical, said Mr. Delamore Mc-Cay, Editor of "The Sun." who performed the official opening, of "the bright-eyed daughters of Australia's sunlit waters." The parade of individual teams and the final massed parade provided a tableau of magnificent girlhood such as has never been seen in Australia. Heralded by a fanfare of trumpets by the Cenotaph Corps, their glittering uniforms sparkling in the sun, the teams marched round in front of the official platform, thence on a route through the crowd and round to the other side. The din of the applause almost became an embarrassment for some of the competitors. 

Teams Indebted 

In welcoming Mr, McCay, the Acting-Mayor (Aid. V. J. Brady) spoke of the great Interest shown by the whole metropolis in the contest, which, he said, reflected the highest credit on the newspaper which had organised it, and so splendidly sustained it. The The Lady Game Cup, which stood on the platform, had been presented by "The Sun," and the competing teams were indebted to Lady Game and to Mr. McCay and his staff for their splendid work in the great cause of Sydney beaches. 

Lovely Creatures 

In performing the official opening ceremony, Mr. McCay said: "You have heard of the fairy at the gates of Paradise — that lovely creature whose story is so exquisitely told in 'Lallah Rookh.' "This afternoon you are to see more than 100 equally lovely creatures, and when you behold those delectable damsels you will imagine yourselves not merely at the gates of Paradise, but within the portals."

"The Test is on its way — a test which we hope will be more pleasing than the recent Test tragedy." (Laughter.) It was a test, added Mr. McCay, of the capacity of our beaches to produce healthy, wholesome Australian ' girlhood and womanhood. He gratefully acknowledged the interest of Lady Game in the free, wholesome life of our beaches, and regretted her inability to be present at the parade. He also paid tribute to the councils which had interested themselves in the contest, which was to benefit all the beaches: to the Mayors and aldermen and the active workers, who had contributed so much to the general success of the contest. 

Faultless Organisation 

In a word of praise to Manly as the hostess beach for yesterday's Gala Parade, Mr. McCay said he trusted that they would come out on the right side of the ledger, adding jocularly, "I understand that any surplus will go to the Manly Gas Company or some other local charity." (Laughter.) The faultless way in which yesterday's big programme was carried out was the subject of congratulation to the Manly Chamber of Commerce and the organiser (Mr. Barry Young). The final Gala Parade will take place at Coogee next Saturday, after which the winning team will be announced. Congratulations The committee responsible for the organising of the Brighton-le-Sands team last night congratulated Manly and "The Sun" on the wonderful organisation of yesterday's parade. An Invitation was extended to all committees to attend the Brighton-le-Sands Cup carnival next Wednesday evening. (See pictures. Page 24.) GIRLHOOD PARADE IN LADY GAME CUP (1932, December 11). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 2. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230579481

It should also be noted that women were called in to use on our beaches a lot earlier than they were allowed to become fully-fledged members of life saving clubs. Warringah Shire Council Minutes of Meetings provides from that Meeting of 8th November, 1926

North Curl Curl Life Saving Club. 1/11/26 nominating James Wilson, Thos Christian; Miss H. Macklin and Miss P. Macklin, as Beach Inspectors; (2) requesting some old timber the council's depot for the purpose of roofing their shed and enclosing the Club Room verandah : Resolved – (Crs. Campbell, Corkery) That the persons nominated be Beach Inspectors, the appointments to be under seal, and the timber supplied as requested. 

A swim, on this occasion, included a demonstration of surfboard riding by a Hawaiian:


Frank Kurtz and Malola Kallil were the guests of Mr. W. W. Hill and the Mona Vale-Alumni Surf Life Saving Club at Mona Vale Beach yesterday Mr. Hill, who was the foundation secretary of the Australian Swimming Union, entertained the two famous Americans. Mr. J. Dexter, chairman of the council, Mr. D. Hellmrich, Hon. secretary, and several members of the executive of the Amateur Swimming Association, were also present.

Kallil gave a demonstration of surfboard riding, but found the choppy sea a trifle strange. However, he performed skilfully, and also gave an exhibition of freestyle and backstroke swimming in the Mona Vale rock baths. He caused Interest and amusement by his Imitations of J. Weissmuller and other famous swimmers with whom he has come In contact In other parts of the world. SURF LIFE-SAVING. (1933, March 6). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 13. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article16972951

Malola Kallill (U.S.A.), and Phil Hooper (Randwick and Coogee) in a happy pose immediately after the former had defeated the Sydney swimmer in the 100 yards international invitation scratch race. Kallil's time of 54sec established a new Australian record. Glimpses of Australian Sport and Sportsmen (1933, March 1). Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), , p. 18. Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article135318880

A member lost:

The three men victims of the level-crossing accident at Warwick Farm near Liverpool late on Tuesday night were well-known city business men. They and the woman passenger were identified by relatives yesterday. The names of the victims are:—  
Miss Ellen Lee Count, 27, of Parramatta-road and Layton-street, Camperdown.
Pier Noel Clark, 37, of Upper Pitt-street, Kirribilli.
Leslie William Paterson, 37, of Hurlstone-avenue, Summer Hill.
Edric Dalkeith Scott, 24 of Undercliffe-street, Neutral Bay.
Mr. Clark was the managing director of  Messrs. Westphal and Clark wine and spirit merchants. Mr. Scott was the sales manager of the firm and Mr. Patterson the chief cellarman. 

Mr. Scott, who was the sales manager of the firm, was well known and popular at Sydney University. He was a bachelor. A former pupil of the Church of England Grammar School, North Shore, Mr. Scott had five years' experience on pastoral properties near Cobar after leaving school. While he was on the land, he completed a correspondence course in accountancy. Returning to Sydney, he began the diploma course in economics, attending evening lectures, and had completed his first year shortly before his death. Mr. Scott was a member of the Sydney University Eight, which competed on the Huon River last year, and which rowed second to Western Australia, the present holders of the title. He had also rowed with the Grammar School, in the eight of 1926. Mr. Scott was a member of the Alumni Rugby Union Football Club, and of the Alumni Mona Vale Surf Club. The funeral is to take place to-day. There will be a service at 1.30 p m. at St. Augustine's  Church, Neutral Bay, before the remains are conveyed to the Crematorium. CAR TRAGEDY. (1933, June 1). The Sydney Morning Herald(NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article16985647

A telephone at the beach needed:

Mr. J. Lord has brought under the notice of the Surf Life-Saving Association the necessity for a pubic telephone at Mona Vale beach. So far the Postmaster-General's Department has declined to install one, and the only means of quickly summoning assistance in case of emergency is to use a telephone at a private residence, about a quarter of a mile from the beachSURF LIFE-SAVING. (1933, November 28). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 14. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17027738

March Past And A Mishap

At the Mona Vale-Alumni surf carnival yesterday. — The Mona Vale-Alumni team in the march past. 
(Below) Dee Why boat swamped in the senior boat race. 
March Past and a Mishap (1933, December 31). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 14. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230197636 
SLS SNB Junior Carnival Newport SLSC - 9.11.2014

The Mona Vale Alumni a club composed principally of former University students held a successful carnival at Mona Vale on Saturday under bright and pleasant conditions There was a splendid attendance
Ten teams competed in the grand parade and march past. The unbeaten champions Bronte did not compete but Queenscliff, another club with a good record In this spectacular competition, won ... by the North Narrabeen swimmer who won seven open surf races last season scored another win at this carnival and in the junior event Ashur Hart of Bondi scored his fourth win this season The greatest surprise was in the rescue and resuscitation competition The champion team North Bondi, which has been selected to represent New South Wales in Western Australia this month competed with the other metropolitan clubs but failed to win any better place than fourth It was a close contest and little more thin a point separated each of the placed teams North Steyne scored a meritorious win with 73 67 points- Coogee was second with 7243 and North Narrabeen 7132 third North Bondi scored 71 ..points The winning team was composed of W Purey patient A Oven belt Mullumby A Hill, .. Piton and J McNaughton. Another close finish was witnessed In the final of the senior boat race Those who qualified were' Freshwater B Maroubra A and B and Cronulla B Maroubra A appeared the first crew In the race the boat led by 15 seconds to the turning point and was riding ohced when a wave nearly swamped the boat all way back to shore. Freshwater came along on the crest of another wave and appeared to overtake the Maroubra bolt as both responded Freshwater being declared the winner by a few feet
Results -
Grand parade and march past Queenscliff 1 Coogee and North Bondi a dead heat 2
Senior boat race Freshwater B 1 Maroubra A 2 Maroubra B 3
Senior belt race G Cannaway (Manly) 1 J King, (North Narrabeen) 2 Ivo Wyatt (North Bondi) 3
Open surf race J Reilly (North Narrabeen) 1 A Laidlaw (North Bondi) 2 J Stroud (North Bondi)I 3
Surfboard race K Hunter (Palm Beach) 1
Beach flag relay race North Steyne (J Carter, D Soutar R Geary C Paton) 1 Queenscliff A 2 North Narrabeen A 3
Junior surf race A Hart (Bondi) 1, T Moore(Coogee) 2 A Hill (North Steyne) 3
Novice surf race A Watson (Bondi), H Nightingale (Bondi) 2, N. Duggan (Deewhy) 3 SURF LIFE-SAVING. (1934, January 1). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 4. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17036851 


WHERE THE SENTINELS OF THE COAST STAND GUARD—LOOKING NORTH FROM NARRABEEN PARK. (1934, March 20).The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17054406 

With 80+ members it was clearly time for a better clubhouse. Those who could not stay at La Corniche, bunked, according to club records, at a 'shack' up the hill. The members secured a house which was at 84 Pittwater Road Mona Vale, on the hill overlooking the flat at Mona Vale. This was owned by a number of members after the war and the residential section moved to the "Shack".

However a surf club needs a surf clubhouse. There is a fair amount of paperwork behind this new clubhouse, in broad strokes, a two story brick structure located about 70 meters southeast of the present building site was completed.  

From Warringah Shire Council Minutes of Meetings Records:

18/6/1934: 3. Mr. Noel Leahy, Architect, submitted his amended plan of proposed surf building at Avalon Beach in respect of which £1000 advance is being received from the Government, and he also submitted tenders for the work received in response to his advertisement, numbering four, the lowest being that of George Sheppard of Mona Vale, for £945: Resolved, - That the Architect be instructed to accept the tender of George Sheppard for £945. (Crs. Hughes, Austin) Resolved, - That tenders be called for the removal of the old surf building on Mona Vale Beach, and the re-erection of it on Bayview Park in its present form. (Crs. Austin, Nicholas)

Noel Leahy, 4/10/34, Architect for Mona Vale surf build, 4/10/34, submitting request from the Surf Club for certain additional work on the building at cost of approximately £18.13.0, giving details. Resolved, - That if the Mona Vale surf Alumni Surf Club will pay half the cost of the additions, the Council approve of the work being carried out. (Crs. Austin, Hughes.) 9a. Same, 10/10/34, submitting claim, by the Contractor, for £20 to cover expense he was put to as a result of the alteration of the site after the work commenced. Referred to the Works Committee for report, the Inspector to accompany the Committee.

Section from ''Avalon and coast'' Milton Kent aerial views of Avalon, Bronte, Palm Beach and Sydney, ca. 1931-1935, courtesy State Library of New South Wales

Mona Vale Alumni Surf L.S. Club anticipates a successful season. The annual report disclosed that there had been a profit of over £46 on the year's workings and that the club was in a sound position financially. The club, for the first' time last season, entered an R. and R. team in competitions, and It gained third place at its initial outing In open company. With the experience gained better things are naturally expected this summer. No lives were lost on Mona Vale beach during patrol hours last Season, while 29 rescues were effected by club members. A new club-house and dressing-sheds, as well as parking area, are now in the course of construction. Members hope to occupy the new premises In November. The only unhappy note struck In the annual report concerns membership, which is regarded as unsatisfactory. An appeal is made to members to use every effort to swell their number. MAKING PROGRESS (1934, September 29). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 2. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article246682057 

This clubhouse was officially opened on Saturday December 22nd, 1934 - the papers of the day reported:

The club's new surf pavilion was officially opened last Saturday in the  presence of a large and enthusiastic crowd. At the conclusion of the ceremony club members took part in a surf display. This was followed at night by a dance at "La Corniche," their former club-house.
This club Is certainly gaining In popularity, Every week their membership is Increasing. A week-end with the "boys" of this club is one never to be forgotten, and brings a desire to pay another visit.
The costume of the club is one of the most outstanding in the State.
Following the resignation of F. Shennin as publicity officer, the position was filled by the appointment of Ken Weeke, who is also boat captain. A fine worker for North Bondi, Shennin has now joined Mona Vale Club. DEEWHY'S BIG DAY IS TO-DAY (1934, December 26). The Labor Daily (Sydney, NSW : 1924 - 1938), p. 6. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article236468026

This building underwent a number of renovations over the years but was well and truly past its prime when it was replaced by the building just one back from that completed this year - that second last clubhouse being built in the late '60s.

SURF LIFE-SAVING.  Royal Visit Carnival.
At the Surf Life Saving Association organizing committee meeting held at the Sports Club special instructions for ail officials were given by Mr MJ Burke for the forthcoming carnival A special marshalling area will be established adjacent to the sports enclosure and in this area all teams and Individual competitors will assemble each club will be asked to appoint on official to take1 charge of Its team A salute Is being arranged for H R H the Duke of Gloucester At the conclusion of the march past and when all clubs have assembled for the grand parade they will advance up the beach and come to attention when cheers will be called for and each club's standard will be raised three times.
The surfers are expected to make a good showing in the procession through the city in honour of the Duke and Inspector Walsh of the Police Department who was present at the meeting placed before the committee the positions which have been allotted to the surf clubs along the route Bondi club will be placed at the entrance to the route Tamarama and Cronulla clubs at Registrar General s Department In charge of Inspector White Coogee and North Cronulla and South Brighton Mitchell Library Inspector Robson Deewhy club Macquarie place and Bridge street Inspector Brodie Manly Hunter and Pitt streets> Inspector Miller North Curl Curl and North Narrabeen Pitt street and Martin place Inspector Allen North Steyne Queenscliff and South Curl Curl George street and Market street Inspector Chaseling Freshwater South Narrabeen and Mona Vale Alumni Druitt and George streets Inspector Walsh Bronte and Brighton Bathurst and George streets Inspector Napper North Bondi Pitt and Liverpool streets Inspector Lynch Maroubra and Clovelly clubs College and Oxford streets Inspector Ferguson. SURF LIFE-SAVING. (1934, November 16). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 17. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17114454 

Looking northward along Mona Vale ocean beach from the heights of Narrabeen Park.   LATE AFTERNOON SEASCAPE—ROOF LIFTED BY GALE—WITH THE FLEET ON MANOEUVRES. (1935, February 15).The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 14. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17159640 

Annual Dance Held SURF L.S. CLUB

Members of the Alumni Surf Live-Saving Club held their annual ball at Farmer's Blaxland Galleries last night, when representatives of great public schools, old boys of which are members of the club were present.

DECORATIONS were in green and white, the colors of the club, which has its headquarters at Mona Vale. The president (Mr. E. Scott Scott) acted as host to the official party, which Included the president of the women's committee (Mrs. Eric Moore), the headmaster of Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Mr. L. C. Robson) and Mrs. Robson, the headmaster of Sydney Grammar School (Mr. H. S. Dettmann), the headmaster of the Scots College (Mr. A. K. Anderson) and Mrs. Anderson), the president of the Surf Life Saving Association (Mr. Adrian Curlcwis) and Mrs. Curlewis, and the secretary of the Surf Life Saving Association (Mr. George Millar) and Mrs. Millar. Others who arranged parties were the honorary secretary (Mr. R. A. Dickson), the honorary treasurer (Mr. R. B. Morgan), the captain of the Manly Life Saving Club (Mr. W. Healy), Mr. J. Blow, Mr. B. W. Brahe, the secretary of the Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club (Mr. G. Kennedy), Mr. I. Porter, Mr. A. Bathgate, Mr. F. Shannon and Mr. J. Harkness. Members of the women's committee who arranged parties included Miss S. Fountain, Miss A. Commander, Miss F. Morath and Miss Betty Paton. ALUMNI (1935, June 29). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 7 (LAST RACE EDITION). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230247761 

Mona Vale Alumni Surf Club, which is mainly composed of former Sydney Grammar School students, held its annual meeting at the Surf Life Saving Association rooms, when Mr. E. Scott was elected president In place of Mr. F. Cooper, who retired. The club report showed a sound financial position, and the club will make an effort to secure a new surf boat before the coming season ends. Mr. R. Dickson was reelected captain and boat captain, Mr. J. Kennedy is hon. treasurer and vice-boat captain, and Mr. G. Kennedy hon. secretary. Messrs. J Blow, R Dickson, and G Walton are the selection committee. SURF LIFE-SAVING. (1935, October 4). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 17. Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17226495

A new method of keeping people safe installed:


'THE Mona Val-Alumni Surf Life Saving Club is another to introduce a new scheme for the protection of surfers. Next Sunday a loud speaker from the wireless in the clubhouse will be placed in the patrol area on the beach so that directions from the shark patrol plane may be heard immediately by the members on duty. If tests are successful officials will install the loud speaker each week-end. This will entail a great amount of work, for the distance between the set and the patrol is approximately 50 yards. This season will see quite a number of new boats in action at carnivals, and Mona Vale should figure prominently In races with the new craft that has just been laid down. Club captain "Wazzan" Dickson will be at the sweep. SURFING (1935, October 31). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article246584086

A number of new surf boats will be seen inaction at carnivals this season, and the Mona Vale Alumni club's new boat, which has just been laid down, should be prominent. Next Sunday a loud speaker from the wireless set In the clubhouse will be placed In the patrol area on the beach so that directions from the patrol plane can be heard by the men on duty. If successful the Mona Vale club proposes to install the loud speaker every week-end. MONA VALE ALUMNI. (1935, November 1). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 15. Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17207610


who is working for the success of the Mona Vale Alumni Surf Club's dance, to be held this year at the Mona Vale Golf Club on December 28, —Raymond Sawyer. No title (1935, December 20). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 14 (CRICKET STUMPS). Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230182055 

TO CELEBRATE the christening' of their new surfboat, the Sam Lands III.Mona Vale-Alumni will hold a picnic carnival on Sunday. It is expected that many North Metropolitan clubs will participate, and special Invitations have been sent to North Bondi and Bondi in the hope that they will bring their boats, so that a surf boat race could be staged between the 'SamLands I, II, and III.' Vic. Leads N.S.W. In Australian Athletic Championships. (1936, January 16). Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 14. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article135649481

Mona Vale Alumni club although very active, have not until recently possessed a surf boat suitable for competition purposes The club held a gala yesterday to celebrate the christening of a craft which has been presented by Mr S Lands North Bondi Bondi North Narrabeen and South Narrabeen as well as several local clubs were all represented in the events on the programme many of which however were icndcied Inconclusive by exceptionally heavy surf
Mr Lands was so pleased to find that the three placed boats in the surf boat race bore his name that he presented a special cup for annual com-petition among them the winning boat to hold the trophy for 12 months The last lace was held yesterday and the North Bondi boat won It. Results of events decided were -
Rescue and resuscitation competition North Bondi (J Cunningham patient Hans Robertson beltman) 1, South Narrabeen 2
Sam Lands Cup surf boat race Sam Lands I (North Bondi) 1 Sam Lands II (Bondi) 2 Sam Lands II (Mona Vale Alumni) 3 . MONA VALUE ALUMNI. (1936, January 20). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 16. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17208501

The Mona Vale Surf Lifesaving Club yesterday launched a new surf boat. WOMEN'S ATHLETIC CHAMPIONSHIPS—"SURF-SKIS" FOR RESCUES. (1936, January 20). The Sydney Morning Herald(NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 14. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17208481

Who was Sam Lands? A popular and community minded jeweller who invested in everyone despite the economic downturn the Great Depression brought:

Sam Land's Hikers (1932, August 25). The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate (Parramatta, NSW : 1888 - 1950), p. 11. Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article105931019 

The police were notified yesterday afternoon that a Showcase on the Museum. Station of the City Railway, ,belonging to Mr. Sam Lands, jeweller of 37 Liverpool Street, had been broken open with a jemmy, and a quantity of valuable samples stolen. SAM LANDS' SHOWCASE RIFLED (1931, October 12). The Labor Daily (Sydney, NSW : 1924 - 1938), p. 1. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article236677693 

 Members with boat, 1933.

Above: 1933. 

MudgeeTeam For Sam Lands Cup Match
The Mudgee Hockey Association rep. team will travel to Bathurst on Sunday next in quest of the coveted Sam Lands Cup.
Mudgee, defeated by Bathurst last year by 8 goals to 2 will field a much better and more experienced eleven on Sunday, and has a very good chance of victory. Following is the team: Goal: E. Gawthorne; backs: A. Pirie and G. Graham; halves: R. Paterson, P. Carroll (capt.). J. Branscombe (v. capt.); forwards: A. Garling, R.. Price, G Roth K. England, W. McCullum. Mudgee seconds will accompany the potential cup-takers, and will play Bathurst seconds. This, also, should be a very evenly contested match. The team is as follows: — D. Brown, A. Pitt, C. Swords K. Pile, K. Nott, N. Cox. K. McCullum, E. Gawthorne, J. Nelson, D. Lester, K. Nicolle. Players are reminded that the bus will leave the depot at 7a.m. Mudgee Team For Sam Lands Cup Match (1947, May 15). Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW : 1890 - 1954), p. 8. Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article156403023 

Sam Land's Palace of Gems being rebuilt, 1930s - photo by Ted Hood, 1911-2000, Digital order no:hood_06228 courtesy State Library of NSW

No less than 110 swimmers will contest the open surf race, including Asher Hart(Bondi), Ivo Wyatt (North Bondi),Hermie Doerner (Bondi), Eric Clift(Manly), ,J., Riley (Bronte), Clem Walsh(Bondi), with a host of other well-known stars, and an' exciting race is anticipated. The Senior Belt Race, in which I. Wyatt(North Bondi), J. Mannaford (Queensliff), A. Dickson (Mona Vale), Hermie Doerner (Bondi), etc., will require from the winner an outstanding effort. BONDI'S SURF CARNIVAL. (1936, January 30). Referee(Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 11. Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article135642070

On the car parking at Mona Vale Beach, from the Warringah Shire Council minutes of a Meeting held April 2nd, 1935:

OVERSEER BROOKS' REPORT on works in "A" Riding was dealt with as follows:- Recommending that the carting of top-dressing for Mona Vale Vale Beach parking area be done by the Council's lorry:   Resolved, - That the recommendation be adopted. (Crs. Austin, Reserve Hewitt- 3. Submitting estimate of cost of brush fence to cope with sand drift on Mona Vale Beach  parking-area: Resolved, - That £10 be voted for this work, in accordance with the Overseer's report. (Crs. Hughes, Sheppard) 

Mona Vale Basin circa 1935; picnic rotunda in centre and dressing sheds and toilets on left, Item: Mona Vale beach FL281929, courtesy State Records and Archives

The Newport Surf Life Saving Club held a restricted carnival for which a number of clubs in Warringah Shire were eligible on Its beach on Saturday afternoon North Narrabeen won the rescue and resuscitation competition the beach sprint the beach relay race and the musical flags G L Canaway (Palm Beach) won the senior belt race and the surfoplane race and swam a good second to E Clift (Mona Vale Alumni)in the open surf race. Palm Beach won the Inter club trophy. Palm Beach won the senior boat race after a long spectacular row The surf was heavy
Rescue and Resuscitation Competition –North Narrabeen (L Fletcher patient Tas King belt)7484 points 1 South Narrabeen 7319 points 2 Newport 6642 points 3
Senior Belt Race -G L Canaway (Palm Beach)1 A Carrier (South Narrabeen) 2 W Dickson(Mona Vale Alumni) 3
Open Surf Race-E Clift (Mona Vale Alumni)1 G L Canaway (Palm Beach) 2 A Frew(Mona Vale Alumni) 3
Senior Boat Race -Palm Beach (L Armitage sweep P Lister stroke P Braund R Derrin A Stevens) 1 Mona Vale Alumni 2 Newport 3
Surfoplane Race -G L Canaway (Palm Beach)Beach Sprint-K Collins (North Narrabeen) 1R Henderson (Palm Beach) 2 B Honey (Palm Beach), 3
Beach Relay Race -North Narrabeen 1 South Narrabeen 2 Palm Beach 3
Wheelbarrow Rare -A Mcintosh and R Small Newport) 1
Chariot Race -Palm Beach 1
Palm Beach Club presented Its third squad of candidates this season for bronze medallions yesterday and all-A Hunter N Goodall B Honey W Barnes K Russell R Henderson-were successful In passing the examination Another squad will be presented for examination in a fortnight
A team from Palm Beach also competed successfully at the Kilcare Club s carnival. SURF LIFE-SAVING. (1937, January 18). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 14. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17309457

-Raymond Sawyer.

MISS NANCY ASHCROFT, a member of the committee organising the Mona vale-Alumni Surf Club and Alumni Football Club's combined annual ball, to be held at the Paddington Town Hall on July 16. ON DANCE COMMITTEE. (1937, July 6). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 4. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17380661 

NEWPORT is greatly pleased with two new members — John Boles, stroke of the N.S.W. King's Cup crew, and Ted Bromley, who has been selected for the Australian eight in the Empire Games. Both these members are keen to get the feel of the surf boat. 
MONA-VALE'S- boat has a new man in Gordon Cowden. He has all the marks of a good clubman and Is a handy man with the oar. ALAN FREW, formerly of Manly Club, has saddled up with Mona- Vale Alumni this season. He is a good swimmer and is at home in 'the belt. Alumni is fortunate in gaining his services this season.
WHALE BEACH, baby club of the surf movement, is training hard to acquaint all its members of the intricacies of line and reel work. Once a week they come from all over Sydney to train beneath the floodlight at North Steyne. IT is rumored that Bill Fielder has been smitten with the love bug bite. Of the damsels who are acquainted with the Whale Beach boy's, Bill,  I am told, chose one as graceful as a butterfly. Bill is watching, his fellow members very closely. SURF SHOOTS. (1937, December 30). Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 12. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article127614576

Boat races provided the thrills of the day. Capsizes under huge waves were numerous. Hard working Mona Vale-Alumni beat Manly and North Bondi for the title. Cronulla won the junior surf boat title from North Steyne and North Narrabeen. NORTH STEYNE WINS Surf Premiership. (1939, March 23).Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 16. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article127603614

Representing Australia

In 1939 the rise and rise of surfboards and surf boats, sports in which Mona Vale SLSC members have always excelled, led to Mona Vale members not only representing Australia in a surf boat contests but also coming home victorious. In 1937-38 and 1939-40, the Club won the Australian Senior Surf Boat Championship and, subsequently, R.A. Dickson, J.B. Harkness, F. Braund and W.A. Mackney were selected in an Australian Surf Team which toured Hawaii.

Mona Vale SLSC Photos

Some insights from the pages of the past:

Surf board skill is likely to be matched between champions of Australia and America in an international contest at Hawaii in July. The proposal (states Sydney Daily 'Telegraph') has been received with enthusiasm by the Surf Life Saving Association of Australia. A sub-committee has been appointed to suggest the means of finding the right men to represent Australia at Honolulu. 
The famous Hawaii Beachcomber Club of American and Hawaiian University athletes is leading the movement for the international test. Among the prominent swimmers supporting it are Duke and Sam Kahanamoku and Marlechen Wehselau, former American Olympics, who have visited Australia, The proposal may become more .than a challenge between Australian and Honolulu surf-board men. Overtures have been. made from Honolulu to San Francisco and Los Angeles athletic leaders. It has been suggested that the contest might develop into annual Pacific Olympic Games. Whether this happens or not, the proposal for an International surf-board test in Hawaii includes a return contest In Australia next year. 
LONG RANGE FORECAST OF (1939, February 20). Daily Mercury (Mackay, Qld. : 1906 - 1954), p. 8. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article168814824
Kamaaina Beach Combers' Hui 
Honolulu, Hawaii, 
6th March, 1939. 

Mr. Adrian Curlewis, 
The Surf Life-Saving Association, Sydney, Australia. 

Dear Mr. Curlewis, 
On behalf of the Hawaii Pacific Aquatic Carnival Committee, which is a merger of the outstanding Hawaii athletic and swimming interests to take care of the Australian team's visit here in July, I wish to place on record that Hawaii's deep gratitude for your invitation for Hawaii to send a swim team to Sydney in March, 1940. 
We gladly accept this invitation and right now we anticipate sending a minimum of ten men, but, of course, we will increase this number if you are willing and circumstances permit. 
You can rest assured that we will do our utmost to make a success of your team's visit here in July. So far Australia has done everything for Hawaii's boys, but your visit will enable Hawaii to in part repay an old sports debt. 
Our Committee has instructed its Secretary, John WilIiams, to keep in touch with you via his cable contacts with Mr. Frank Packer. 
Please thank Mr. Packer for his generous interest and enthusiasm. 
With aloha to all my Aussie friends, and all Aussie swimmers and sportsmen in general, 
Yours very sincerely,
Above is extract from 1939 Volume 3 Number 8.  April 1, 1939, page 2. Surf Life Saving Association of Australia: Surf in AustraliaOfficial Organ of the Surf Life Saving Association of Australia. (Head Centre), 119 Phillip, Street Sydney. Editor: W.G. Simmonds Esq.  Published by Alexander Leo Finn, 149 Dover Road, Rose Bay. Printed by Lake and Ashes Pty Ltd., 389-391 Sussex Street, Sydney. 

Everyone wanted to go, of course, and trials were held for those who had the skills:

Testing Surf Men For Hawaii
Thirteen of Queensland's best life-savers gave demonstrations at Burleigh and Tweed Heads yesterday, in the hope of being selected .tor a team which will sail from Sydney on June 23. to represent Australia at an international surf carnival at Honolulu. How many, if any, representatives Queensland will have in the team will not be known until May 15 or 16, when the judges from Sydney, Mr. J. R. Cameron, chief superintendent of instruction and examinations of the Surf Life-saving Association of Australia, and Mr. T. Moran,. honorary registrar of the association, will announce their selections.When they have finished their work they will have examined 165 aspirants for the honour of representing Australia, but only 15 or 16 will be selected. SEA WAS CALM 
The tests began on Burleigh Beach yesterday morning with a calm sea that gave little opportunity for real surf work. The competitors swam out 200 yards and back. R. Blow (Kirra) won from A. Imrie (Burleigh Heads and Mowbray Park), with G. Turpin (Burleigh Heads and Mowbray Parki third. The other competitors were T. Long (Burleigh Heads and Mowbray Park), W. Fleming (Kirra), and R. Roslan (Tweed Heads and Coolangatta). A belt race was won by Imrie, with Blow second, and Roslan third. Then six competitors gave a display of rescue and resuscitation, in which no order was announced. The Tweed Heads and Coolangatta Club's surf boat gave a demonstration before the judges. It was manned by J. Cranney (sweep). C. Phillip (stroke), D. Hargrave, W. Dalley, and C. Hargrave. In the afternoon an adjournment was made to Tweed Heads, where C. G. Englert and R. J. Noonan gave a display with surf boards. 
Reviewing the day's work, Mr. Cameron said that the standard displayed by the Queenslandevs was heartening, and illustrated the good effect of the policy of standardisation of life-saving work being carried out by the central body. Although invitations had been sent to the other States, Queensland was the only one, apart from New South Wales, to enter competitors. 'The team we have seen to-day could worthily represent Australia,' Mr. Cameron said, 'but we have 165 in all from whom to select our team, so. that we can only take the best.' Messrs. Cameron and Moran will leave Brisbane by air this morning, and will finish their examination of candidates on May 14, when they will test surf-board men on the Narrabeen Lakes. 
The team, which will be accompanied by H. R. Biddulph, Australia's champion swimmer, will be the first to represent Australia outside the Empire. In February, 1937, Australia sent a team to New Zealand. Surf Men For Hawaii (1939, May 1). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article40858550

The team selected for Hawaii was printed in Volume 3 Number 10. June 1, 1939, page 14., of the Surf Life Saving Association of Australia: Surf in Australia.as follows: 
J. R. Cameron (Captain-Instructor), H. R. Biddulph (Manly), C. R. Chapple (N. Bondi), R. Russell (Palm Beach)W. Furey (N. Steyne), L. McKay (N. Cronulla) , H. Doerner (Bondi), A. Imrie (Queensland), H. Scott (Newcastle), R. Dickson, W. Mackney and J. Harkness (Mona Vale)F. Braund (Palm Beach), F. Davis (Manly), A. Fitzgerald (N. Wollongong), L. Moreth (Manly)
'L. Moreth' was actually Clem Morath, of the Freshwater SLSC.

The item also stated:
'the R. and R. team for Hawaii is to be provided with military boots to race over the coral sea beds.'  and 'Harold Spry, well-known Manly identity and ex-member of the Queenscliff club, will be visiting Hawaii at the same time as the surf team. Harold is an expert amateur movie photographer, and we hope he will be afforded all facilities to record the team's activities in film.'

They shipped per the s.s. "Monterey" on the 23rd June.
The July 1st Issue states:
Harold Spry, well-known Manly identity, has been appointed Hon. Photographer with the Australian team in Honolulu. 
It was surprising to see so many old surfers at the send-off, including Freddie Williams (the father of surf shooters in Australia), Neville CayleyLes Duff, Roy Doyle, George Millar, Stan Windon, Geoff Cohen and others.

Harold Spry, in partnership with Laurence Minot Quilla, would later build and run the Avalon picture theatre. A few lines about the event:

At the final day's surf carnival at Honolulu the Australians defeated the Hawaii surf boat team by a length, while Russell would have won the surf board race but for having to swerve near the finish to avoid an opponent, and so came second. SPORTING ITEMS (1939, July 28). The Richmond River Herald and Northern Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1886 - 1942), p. 7. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article125943669

Surf Men In Action.  Oarsmen in the Australian Surf Team take out a surf boat at Maroubra for a try-out. They leave for Honolulu on June 23 to compete at the Pacific Surf Games in July. Crew here is: F. Davis (sweep), J. B. Hardness (stroke), R. Dickson (3), G. Wray (2) (emergency who substituted for W. Mackney), F. Braund (bow)Surf Men In Action. (1939, June 18). Sunday Times (Perth, WA : 1902 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article59008010

SURF BOAT CREW.— F. C. Davis (Manly) sweep, J. B. Harness (Mona Vale) stroke. R. A. Dickson (Mona Vale) No. 3, W. A. R. Mackney (Mona Vale) No. 2, F. N. Braund (Palm Beach) bow. HITCH OVER SURF TOUR. (1939, May 17). The Courier-Mail(Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954), p. 16. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article40843003

Winner of Surf Board Race

R. J. Noonan paddling his tray to win the surf board test held on the Tweed River to enable the judges to select representatives for the Australian team of lifesavers for Honolulu Winner of Surf Board Race (1939, May 1).The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947), p. 11 (SECOND EDITION). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article185110952 


Australian surf team for Hawaiian tour. Back row: J. K. Russell, J. L. Mackay, J. Cameron (captain-instructor), F. C. Davis, F. N. Braund, R. A. Dickson. Front row: H. J. Scott, J. B. Harkness, W. A. Furey. C. R. E Chappell, L. A. Morath.
SURF BOAT CREW for Honolulu practising in Sydney before their departure on June 23. The crew is: Sweep, F. C. Davis; strike, J. B. Harkness; R. A. Dickson, G. Wray (replacing W. Mackney) ; bow, F. N. Braund. AUSTRALIAN SURF TEAM (1939, June 15). Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 21. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article127606676 

Australian Life Savers Thrill Hawaiian Crowd
Quite at Home in 'Dangerous' Koko Head Breakers
By Phil Wynter, special Representative of "The Telegraph."
HONOLULU, July 10.
Fifteen thousand people drove 15 miles from Honolulu to watch the Australian surf team in an exhibition at -Koko Head ocean beach to-day.
The crowd screamed with excitement as the surf boat crew rode the choppy medium sized waves. They were the first real breakers that the Australians had experienced here.

The waves at Waikiki have been only a foot high, reminding the team of Sydney's harbour bound Balmoral beach on a windless day. Themselves disappointed by the quiet surf, the Hawaiians this morning prayed to the native gods to whip it up. Coincidentally the wind rose bringing up bigger waves.

Hawaiians Warn Australians.
The Hawaiians warned the Australians against taking their surf boards and boats into the surf at Koko Head because they thought it was too rough. In their element at the sight of good surf, however, the Australians staged a carnival like those they have become used to at home.
They gave a rescue and resuscitation demonstration and then indulged in belt racing, board riding, and surf racing among themselves. The huge crowd was spellbound at first and then continued to shout their delight at their first sight of Australian surf life saving activities.

Biddulph Prepares.
Robin Biddulph has an extensive daily training routine for his 800 metres clash on Wednesday with Bob Pirie (Canada) and Paul Wolfe (U.S.A.).
Pirie won the British Empire Games 110 yards and 100 yards titles in Sydney last year, defeating Bob Lievers (England) and Biddulph.
Wolfe Is from the University of Southern California and this year won the American National 100 metres title and was sent by the University to Honolulu instead of Ralph Flanagan. He stars at all distances as does Pirie.
The second swimming carnival in which Biddulph will compete is on Friday and the third on July 19. The Australians will compete in surf boat and surf board races against the Hawaiians and Americans in still water on Sunday, July 16. The monster surf carnival which Is exciting intense interest will be held on Saturday, July 22. Even in Honolulu, the home of surf-boat riding, Australian exponents thrilled spectators with their work in "choppy" surf. Australian Life Savers Thrill Hawaiian Crowd (1939, July 11). The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947), p. 22 (SECOND EDITION). Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article188593482 

Pacific Surf Games - 
On Sunday the Australian team competed at a surf-boat, canoe, surf-board, ski, and outboard motor regatta at Alma Moana canal. Here the surf-boat and crew clinched Australia's first victory since the games commenced. They won the three-quarter mile boatrace. Chappie, Boorman, Morath, and Russell were also successful in the surfboard relay race. They won from Hawaii's No. 1 team. Hawaii and Australia were the only competitors. In an open water swim over 880 yards Robin Biddulph looked like winning, but Nakama, who knew the tide and currents, passed him during the final 300 yards, and went on to win - by 30 yards. Biddulph's Unlucky Defeat In 800 Metres. (1939, July 20).Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 21. Retrieved  from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article127601317

Waikiki Boat Race Win.
HONOLULU, July 22. (A.A.P.)
The surfboat race was the feature of the aquatic carnival today on Waikiki Beach which was the concluding event in the Australian surf teams visit.
The distance was a mile and after a close struggle the Australian crew beat the Hawaiians by a length.
In the surfboard race of a mile, R. K. Russell of Australia was forced to swerve near the finish to avoid colliding with an opponent.
Russell finished second to George Smith (Honolulu).
In a second surfboard race the Hawaiians far outdistanced the Australians C. R. Chapple (fourth) F. Borman (fifth) and L Morath (sixth).
AUSTRALIAN SURFERS. (1939, July 24).The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 15. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17596068 

THE AUSTRALIAN SURF TEAM pictured on their arrival back in Sydney from the Pacific Surf  Games at Honolulu. H. R. Biddulph (left) and W. Furey are holding the Hawaiian catamaran a trophy. No title. (1939, August 13). Sunday Times (Perth, WA : 1902 - 1954), p. 9. Retrieved  from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article58964000

Their club gives them a cheer:

Surf Club Dance.
THREE members of the Mona Vale Alumni Surf Life Saving Club who competed in the recent surf championships in Honolulu and who returned to Sydney last Monday were officially welcomed home by their fellow members at the clubs eleventh annual ball which took place last night at the Mosman Town Hall The competitors welcomed were Messrs R A Dickson J B Harkness and W Mackney. Two other guests of honour were Mr P M Braund who also was a member of the Australian team and Mr W W Hill. From Day to Day in Sydney. (1939, August 19). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 11. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17602610

The date of this Surf Team's return is a few weeks prior to Australia declaring war on Germany - September 3rd, 1939, shortly after the invasion of Poland. The second world war had a huge impact on the ability of the Mona Vale Surf Club to look after residents and visitors as most of those enrolled to serve as lifesavers then enrolled to serve Australia and stand beside their mates.

Mona Vale's Great Record
Mona Vale Surf Club has a membership of 30. Of these nine are in the 2nd A.I.F. and nine in the militia. Only one of these is a private. As a result of the absence of so many members the club has not been represented at any of the carnivals this season, and a number of the married men have been called up for beach patrols. However officials are confident that the club's crew will retain its Australian surf boat championships. . In the three years it has participated the club has won this title twice and was second on the other occasion. Mona Vale's Great Record (1939, December 31). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 33. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article247823924 

Mona Vale-Alumni surf boat crew will have covered 150-miles in training when they take their place in the Australian championship field at Bondi on March 16.
Holders of the title, they are rowing three nights a week at The Spit. The club, with only 20' members, is one of the smallest on the coast, but it has an outstanding record in boat events. Club crews have competed in five Australian title races for two wins. In 1938 they were beaten by a foot for the inter-Dominion title. 
Heavy Veterans 
This year's crew is particularly heavy. The weights are: G. Kennedy 12.7, G. Wray 14.7, W. Mackney 13.0, J. Harkness 13.2, and R. Dickson (sweep) 14.7. Mackney, Wray, and Harkness have rowed in State King's Cup crews. Kennedy rowed with success with the Mosman Club. Dickson, Mackney. and Harkness were members of the Australian surf team which competed in Hawaii last year. "We're a crew, of old-timers," said Kennedy, captain and coach, yesterday. "Some of us have had 16 years' experience, but we are as keen as ever." MONA VALE'S BID TO RETAIN BOAT TITLE (1940, February 29). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 20. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article248227915 

In February 1942 the armed forces under the direction of Eastern Command took over the Club House and remained there for the rest of the War. Barbed wire entanglements were put up along the beach and across the rockshelf, (apparently you could still see the remains of the fence in the rocks by the pool when the club's 90th anniversary history was penned).

G. Wray, late of the A.I.F., and newly-elected honorary secretary of the Mona Vale Club, was elected to the executive of the association. Surf Life-saving SHARK RESCUE AT FORSTER (1944, April 5). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17889708

One of those who served on the beach then was Alex Slater.
Veteran Surf Man Honored
For more than 30 years a life-saver at Mona Vale, Alex. Slater was given a presentation by residents and surfers. Now in his sixties, he is believed to be the oldest lifesaver on the coast. All his beach patrol work has been voluntary, and he has made many meritorious rescues. Mona Vale Club had 35 senior members in 1939. Of these, 32 are in the forces. Veteran Surf Man Honored (1944, November 22). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 10 (LATE FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article229275654

Alex Slater - Bruce and Rod are probably among these young fans. MVSLSC photo

Beach Veteran's Task of Saving Lives
A man who has saved an average of 11 lives a year has just been honoured by residents of the Mona Vale district and members of the local life-saving club.  For more than 20 years Mr. Alex Slater has carried out a self-imposed task of beach patrol duties In the district.
Although nearing his 66th birth-day, Mr. Slater still carries on his work. Daily he Journeys to Mona Vale from his home In Harbord, and for hours patrols the lonely beach. During the week-ends his efforts are supplemented by those of members of the Mona Vale Surf Life-saving Club.
Recognition of his services took a tangible form when residents and club members made a presentation to Mr. Slater. 
"Last season Mr, Slater made several rescues, including some soldiers who had got into difficulties," said the club secretary, Mr. G. Wray, last night.
"He has saved hundreds of lives in his many years of voluntary patrol work, and although we have asked him to take a spell during the week-ends, he is most active."
The Surf Life-saving Association has arranged for its squad of demonstrators to visit Newport, Whale Beach, Mona Vale, and Avalon clubs on Sunday. The squad, which will be In charge of the chief superintendent. Mr. J. Cameron,' and the district supervisor. Mr. M. Brown, will Instruct on all phases of bronze medallion work, and demonstrate the newly-adopted rocking apparatus. Beach Veteran's Task of Saving Lives (1944, November 23). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article27940224

Margaret Tink, in an interview a few years ago, recalled: 
We used to go down there for all our school holidays. Dad was very worried about sharks and Mona Vale beach as a swimming place as the old man who used to bring the wood, Alex Slater on his horse Creamy, was a lifesaver at Mona Vale and used to say to dad ‘don’t let the girls go swimming there, it’s a dreadful beach, very dangerous.’

Don Taylor said: I remember Alex, he used to do all sorts of things. He was one of the few people who actually lived at Bayview, a bit further around towards Mona Vale

Alexander William Slater passed away in 1950. The NSW BDM's records his parents were Thomas Henry and Mary Anne (nee Collins, married 1876- registered at Paddington) - the death was recorded at Manly. He was born in 1877, the birth registered at Parramatta. One of his rescues can be read about above among the 1923 incidents for this surf club.

Another was Bruce Robertson who was convinced to serve on Mona Vale Beach by Australian film actor Rod Taylor, then a Mona Vale resident or part of the so-called 'Mad Mile' group of artists who lived in and around Waterview Street Mona Vale. Bruce Robertson OAM, during his interview for a Profile shared:

How did you come to Mona Vale originally?

Through talking to Rod Taylor (later well-known Australian actor), when we were wrapping papers, we’d talk about what we were doing. He was doing art at Sydney Technical College and I was still at school. We used to wrap all the newspapers and periodicals for Swains, which was a big stationer in Pitt Street in Sydney. This was in 1941 and 1942, I was 11 and 12.

We were both keen on the surf and said one day ‘let’s have a look’. So we decided we’d get the bus where we could, caught a bus and went as far as the bus would go which was Mona Vale.  We walked down to the beach and that was it.

About 14 or 15 of us used to sleep on a big wrestling mat in the middle of the floor. The clubhouse had gone up three or four years prior to that.

During the war I was a messenger boy for the Air Raid organisation at Roseville. This was exciting work. I must admit I was never frightened of the Japanese, I didn’t think they could really get here (to Sydney) but at the same time, that’s exactly what was happening.

What happened at Mona Vale Beach in terms of preparation was one clear example of this. They had an enormous barricade of barbed wire set there. 

To prevent or stall a feared invasion by Japanese forces, a tank trap was built across the course from Turrimetta to Mona Vale heads and barbed wire entanglements erected next to the beach. An influx of defence forces meant La Corniche was utilised while Mona Vale Golf Club's clubhouse was commandeered for use as administration offices and officers’ mess for the nearby army camp.

I must say though that during the war there were other hazards causing problems, namely the amount of barbed wire placed there as a deterrent against any potential invasion. They had captured plans you see, plans made by the Japanese to use tanks in an invasion right along our coasts and so tank traps and barbed wire were installed. Every beach had these big concrete triangles, the waterways at Pittwater had them too. 

We all had to go in and out of these. To go to the surf at Mona Vale during the war you went through two ‘S’s going round and in and out and then in and out again and add to these a series of barbed wire. My main activity then was giving First Aid to people and applying ointments and washing out sand from cuts from barbed wire.

Didn’t you row for Mona Vale?
Yes, I rowed in the surf boats. They went to Hawaii prior to the war in a contest between the Hawaiians and Australians. They took that surf boat over there, so it was good to be part of that.

Once peace had been declared there was still a lot of reconstruction work to put the beach and surrounds to usable again. The National Archives of Australia contains numerous documents about all the tank traps in Mona Vale, Bungan and down to Bayview, as well as the impacts on Mona Vale Golf Course of its use during this war for defence and training purposes. Some of this was spoken of in Bungan Head 'Bridge' and Tank Trap During WWII. The claims by those running diaries who had cows scared or damaged on barbed wire, or the recollections of those living adjacent to Bayview and Winnererremy Bay, where practice occurred regularly, or those trying to access the beach or even areas further north of Bungan, and how long it took to restore these places relate local war time experiences. 

There were also other challenges members had to deal with:

Five Mona Vale Surf Club members used buckets of seawater to put out a fire on the first floor of the surf club house early yesterday morning.
They were Bruce Robertson, Ken Sticker, John Purvis, Eric Fryer, and John Dixon, who had camped in a tent near the club house. Bruce Robertson saw smoke issuing from the building when he re-turned from a dance at Narrabeen.
He woke his mates who rushed up the stairs of the building and found that a wrestling mat was on fire on the first floor landing. Efforts to extinguish the blaze with a hose failed and the men dashed60 yards to the surf with buckets.
It took them -almost half an hour to extinguish the fire completely.
The wrestling mat, which was valued at £30, was destroyed, and a hole about a foot wide was burnt through the floor.
The Mona Vale Surf Club's boat was directly underneath the fire. It was showered with cinders but was not damaged.  SURF CLUB MEN FIGHT FIRE. (1947, December 15). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 5. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article18053688

Spikes in sand menace surfers

BARBED wire and steel spikes left on northern beaches after the war are still a danger to surfers. Army Minister Chambers was warned of the danger more than a year ago. Serious accidents have already occurred. A Sunday Sun reporter yesterday found remains of Army devices on all northern beaches from Queenscliff to Palm Beach

Rusty iron 

Surf club officials said they had treated many children injured by these devices in the last three years. Parts of the concrete retaining wall at Queenscliff have not been rebuilt since the Army dug it up for gun em-placements. Pieces of barbed wire are lying on the sand 50 yards from the clubhouse. Inch-thick rusty steel cables on the beach at Harbord has unravelled and broken off into small, dangerous pieces. Jagged ends of a tank-trap are sticking out from the ground. 

Wire under sand

Alan Angus, of North Narrabeen Surf Club, said: "During heavy seas waves chew out the sandhills and expose rows of wire entanglements." 

Mona Vale storekeeper Arthur Bill said: "A child sliding down beach sand-hills received .a six-inch gash in her thigh." 

Mona Vale Surf Club secretary D. Clare said sand had filled much of the 15ft. Mona Vale- Newport tank trap, but supports and cable were still exposed Spikes in sand menace surfers (1949, January 9). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 5. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230244305

The Club managed to carry on in a much reduced capacity until the end of the War and the generally lower levels of membership persisted throughout the late 1940s. Although some of the old Alumni members returned to the Club after the War, there were mostly new members. The late 1940s and early '50s brought members from Northern Suburbs Rugby Union Club and then Northbridge Swimming Club. 

The most notable of these members was Bon Andrews (J. Andrews), who brought a large number and some notable members to the Club including Doc Jenkin.

It was decided to drop the "Alumni" from the name at the 1948-49 Annual General Meeting and to acknowledge that the Club had been formed back in 1922 and not just in 1930, although really there has been a Mona Vale Surf Club in one form or another since at least 1908 and surf sheds on the Surfview-Darley street from 1909.

In 1949-50 the Club won the N.S.W. Senior Surf Boat Championships and was second in the Junior Surf Boat. J. "Bon" Andrews was made a Life Member. The Club's membership increased gradually and a bunkhouse was constructed. Also, in the early '50s, the Club won the Metropolitan Junior Surf Boat Championship. 

The club was always looking to raise funds to supplement the costs of surf equipment and maintenance on the clubhouse, just as it is with most of our surf clubs today. This poor shark ended up raising £70 for Mona Vale and Manly clubs, which they split:

SYDNEY, Sunday.-Five members of Mona Vale Lifesaving Club caught a 9ft. grey nurse shark which attacked their boat this afternoon. A fisherman saw the shark and returned to the beach and gave the alarm. The Mona Vale boat put out, but had only gone 500 yards when the shark attacked. The shark charged and hit the boat's stern. The impact almost knocked John Winchapel, 20, overboard. He was saved by Noel Mason, 17. who grabbed him about the waist. Frank Spencer, 24, of Mosman, jabbed his oar into the shark's gill; Blood spread for several feet over the water. While two of the youths dazed the shark by hitting it about the head with their oars, the others ran a line around its tail. The shark was then towed back to the beach. 
Weighed 593lb.
It was strung up in the Mona Vale Club House. It weighed 593lb. The shark regained consciousness and began lashing out. It broke a window, before being killed by repeated blows by oars and hammer. The shark wan taken to Manly beach and exhibited at 6d a time. Officials estimate that 2000 people saw it. Proceeds will go to Mona Vale Club funds. SHARK ATTACKS SURF BOAT. (1949, February 28). Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) , p. 1. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article134341142


TOP: Frank Spencer, of Mona Vale's junior surfboat crew, shows how he stunned a shark by jabbing an oar into its gill. Others in the boat from left are:John Windshuttle, Neil Mason, and Noel Mason.

BOTTOM: A lifesaver holds open the shark's jaws. 

NOVEL CAPTURE OF SHARK BY FIVE MONA VALE LIFESAVERS. (1949, February 28). The Sydney Morning Herald(NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 1. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article32153295

Used hands to catch shark

THIS 9-FT. GREY NURSE SHARK, weighing 593 lb. was caught by Mona Vale Surf Club Members (NSW) with their bare hands after it had charged their boat. The shark was stunned with steel-bound oars after charging the boat. Two of the crew grabbed its tail as it began to sink, passed a line over it, and towed it ashore. Used hands to catch shark. (1949, March 3). Barrier Miner(Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article48586903

Mona Vale Surf Club's first surf carnival for 17 years will be held next Sunday. It was postponed from last Saturday because of heavy seas.  MONA VALE SURF CLUB CARNIVAL. (1950, February 24). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 7. Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article27582966

Damage To Gear Embarrasses Surf Club
Spiteful damage to its life-saving gear and clubhouse has put Mona Vale Surf Club in an embarrassing position. Mona Vale, like many Sydney clubs, is broke. The club members will have to dip into their own pockets again if bathers are to get proper protection this year.
Early this year club members, by a great effort, raised about £250 for a new surf boat. Last week some persons broke into the clubhouse, damaged a boat, and ruined several lifelines.
They scrawled filthy slogans on the walls and scattered paint over equipment, furniture, blankets, and walls.
The blankets belonged to club members who leave their homes in Sydney suburbs and stay at the clubhouse during summer week-ends.
The club captain, Mr. J. Andrews, said last night that the club receives no money from outside.
"The members made a tremendous effort to raise money for a new boat early this year, and it seems unfair they should be called upon to meet the repairs," he said. 
'The club is flat broke, but we must do something to protect the lives of the many people who will flock to our beach this summer." Damage To Gear Embarrasses Surf Club. (1950, September 18). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 4. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article18178259

Offer To Surf Club
A local amateur theatrical company has offered to raise funds for Mona Vale Surf Club, to replace gear damaged by vandals last week. The club, which is financially weak, lost valuable life-saving equipment and had its boat damaged when the vandals broke into the clubhouse. The theatrical company will put on a play and give the proceeds to the club. Offer To Surf Club. (1950, September 20). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article18176520

Efforts are being made to purchase a surf boat to add to the safety of bathers on Kiama Beach, and for the purpose of guarding members against shark attack while swimming in competitions. Keith Young and George Bloomfield of the inspection committee, have reported favourably on the condition of the boat offered by Mona Vale Club and recommended purchase. A decision will be made at the next committee meeting. SURF NOTES. (1951, January 13). Kiama Independent (NSW : 1947 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article100832955

1950s - Mona Vale SLSC flag bearer and Avalon SLSC marching in front of him at Palm Beach carnival. Photo: Ron Turton

Mona Vale Swamped

MONA VALE senior boat crew battles to save the craft after it had been swamped by a heavy wave at the North Steyne carnival yesterday. Mona Vale Swamped (1954, January 10).The Sun-Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1953 - 1954), p. 47. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article28659001 

Mona Vale district - aerial circa 1956

In 1977-78, Mona Vale SLSC's first Marathon Ocean Swim from Warriewood was held with 20 swimmers and years later it continues as one of the club's biggest fund raisers, named after Life member Don “Doc” Jenkin. It was one of the first swims held in Australia, and has been replicated by many other clubs to assist with their own fund raising events. MVSLSC is also now holding the “Cold Water Classic” winter solstice swim as a popular additional fund raiser. A few snippets about Doc. Jenkins from his first years at the surf club:

Ski Men Rescued - Two Miles Out From Beach

Mona Vale Surf Club's boat crew rescued two club members who were being swept out to sea on a surf ski two miles from the beach yesterday afternoon. The club's champion swimmer, Don Jenkin, 21, swam a mile from. the beach when he saw the surf club captain, Dick Jenkins, also 21, in difficulties on a surf ski. Jenkins had a cramp in his  left arm. When Don Jenkin reached him they could make no head-way in the strong westerly wind, which swept them out to sea. Dick Jenkins then developed cramp in his left leg.


The men were then two miles from the beach. They could barely see the beach, except when they were on the crest of a wave.  The club's boat crew captain, Lindsay Small, organized a crew to row out and bring the two men in. Later Dick Jenkins said: "When I developed the first cramp in my left arm I thought 1 would be able to make the beach.

"However, I was swept quickly out and I was a mile from the beach when Don reached me. I was just about exhausted. When we tried to make our way back I developed another cramp in my left leg.


"Porpoises were diving all around us, so we were not frightened of sharks.

"If the surf club members had not seen us we may have been swept right out to sea. "That is one experience both Don and I do not want to have again." Ski Men Rescued Two Miles Out From Beach. (1952, December 7). The Sunday Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1949 - 1953), p. 1. Retrieved  from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article18505374

French Visitors

At Mona Vale, two lifesavers yesterday rescued two Frenchmen who had beens wept 350 yards out to sea by a strong rip. The Frenchmen, Raphael Desplechin, 24, and Jean deCreme, 23, both of Reed Street, Cremorne, are in the wool trade. They came to Australia recently, and were surfing for the first time. Barry Parks, captain of the Mona Vale Surf Club, said: "A club member, Don Jenkins, was swimming near the two men when they got into difficulties. He supported Desplechin and advised de Creme to swim across the current to some rocks near a rock pool. Ian Kearn, 23, who was on patrol, swam out with a belt and rescued Desplechin, who was then unconscious. Jenkins then swam after de Creme and helped him to climb ashore on the rocks. Both lifesavers and the two Frenchmen suffered multiple cuts to the hands, legs and feet as they came ashore. We applied artificial respiration to Desplechin and he responded after about 15 minutes." THREE MEN SWIM FOR 2 HOURS. (1954, October 31). The Sun-Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1953 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article12643190


A capsized surfboat with three of its crew clinging to it was in danger of being smashed on to rocks by huge waves at Mona Vale. However, lifesavers got a line to the boat in time and took 15 minutes to haul the boat and the three crew members to safety.

The boat had capsized when it went out to retrieve the marker buoys about 250 yards from the beach.

Two crew members, Eric Fryer and John Dunbar, clung to the buoys for half an hour before the seas abated sufficiently for them to reach the beach.

Vic Garisyne, Peter Drew and Don Dickson clung to the boat as it was driven toward the rocks.


Don Jenkins and Vina Kelly swam through the pounding surf and got a line aboard the swamped surfboat when it was almost on the point of being crashed against the rocks.  The carnival umpires cancelled the carnival after the march past and the senior surf and teams race.  Crowd Hampers Lifesavers In Mass Rescue. (1954, February 1). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 4. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article29608239

A Boat House was constructed in the late '50s, which housed the Club's two surf boats and life saving equipment, allowing the lower part of the Club House, with the introduction of lockers, to provide dressing accommodation for members.

The ''Shack'' in Basset street was still utilised as a weekend home away from home until then.

Farewell dance - end of Season, in old clubhouse, 1950. Photo courtesy Dave Murray, MVSLSC Historian

A New Clubhouse - 1969

The Club received a bequest of $17,000 from the Estate of the late William Carl Dyring:

The Court also granted probate on the £74,117 will of retired company director William Carl Constantine Dyring. 
Mr. Dyring, of Katina St., Turramurra, left a legacy of between £5,000 and £7,500 to Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club. He left the legacy to the club to commemorate the memory of his wife, Ivy Irene Dyring, who often surfed at Mona Vale. 
He left bequests of £35,000 to a brother, friends and to Ballarat Historical Society. £99,441 Left By Grazier (1961, December 28). The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995), p. 4. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article105857400

First sod turned for new clubhouse, 1969. Photo courtesy Dave Murray, MVSLSC Historian

These funds, with local Council's assistance, were used to construct a modem Club House to cater for a large membership.

The new Club House was opened on 8th November, 1969.

The use of local women being prepared to enter beauty contests run by newspapers was still paying off for the club, with Mona Vale resident Toni Walker entering the Sunday Telegraph contest with proceeds to be split - 80% to the club and 20% to Surf Life Saving Australia and the surf club which nominated the winning girl receiving an aluminium surfboat worth $1800.
Toni won:

MVSLSC photo

THE JOURNAL OF THE SOIL CONSERVATION SERVICE OF NEW SOUTH WALES Volume 30 Number 2 April, 1974. Issued under the authority of The Hon. G. F. Freudenstein, M.L.A. Minister for Conservation New South Wales. Published quarterly by the Soil Conservation Service, Box R2Ol Royal Exchange Post Office, Sydney, N.S.W. 2000. Edited by J. C. NEWMAN, B.Sc.Agr., Special Soil Conservationist. D. West, Government Printer, New South Wales—1974 G 45725—1. Courtesy National Library of Australia - TROVE

COVER: Part of a sand-drift area at Mona Vale which is being stabilized with marram grass by Warringah Shire Council. The Soil Conservation Service prepared plans and specifications to assist Council in the overall project.

The patrols of the early 70s consisted of mandatory reel, line and belt, (one in front of the Club House and one just north of the pipe), three sided patrol area and no board shorts.
In 1973-74 the Club received its first IRB courtesy of the Lion's Club and it was a yellow boat more like a barge in design and every time a wave was hit the front of the boat would fold back. This was a godsend to the speed merchants in the Club who drove the boat as fast as it would go which was very fast with a 35 HP motor and no prop guard. Very soon after in about 1975/76 the Club attempted IRB competition with little success. The Branch Championships were held at Mona Vale and were sponsored by Brylcream.

Around this time radios were introduced and quickly proved their worth although for many years you could only reach Warringah Surf Rescue (originally Northern Command) from the 5 watt Base Set in the first aid room.

1974/75 saw the Australian Championships in Tasmania with Paul Ramsay wining the Club's first Australian medal in craft events with a 3rd in the Cadet Single Ski and the first medal for many years in any area.
1974/75 also saw the end of Bob Hutchinson's 11 year reign as Club Secretary. Bob, (also know as Hutcho or Sludge), was also senior lifeguard at Mona Vale for many years and apart from school holidays was the sole lifeguard.

The State Titles were held at Redhead (Newcastle) and were flooded out but saw Grant Hughes win the gold medal in Open Wave Ski at Blacksmiths Beach. This year on the way to the State Championships a group of non competitors eager to enjoy themselves gave a fast food operator in Wyong such a hard time over a chicken neck being the only available hot food that another prospective customer (a middle aged lady and her daughter) followed MVSLSC to Redhead for the weekend and the Noel Chettle Sponsorship was born. This was a valuable sponsorship for the club during some lean  times until Mrs Chettle's death in 1990.

From Mona Vale SLSC's 90 Year History booklet - a few excerpts:

From 1973, the Club ski section was being built up under the direction of Tony Wilson and this reached its peak in 1975/76 when the Branch Championships were held at Mona Vale. The board and ski team including Tony Wilson, Ross Beaton, Grant Hughes, Kirk Ball, Paul Ramsay, Stuart Ball and Alan Young won every ski event on offer including junior and senior ironman and taplin relay. The Club also had good swimmers including Peter Dawson (a 1976 Olympian), who won the junior and senior surf races and the belt races. The Branch Championships have not seen anyone since who did butterfly to the cans and then backstroked home to win easily. Without medals in the beach or boat events the Club finished 2nd overall in the pointscore to Queenscliff.

The Club had a bunkhouse where the present bar is and after many seafood raffles at Mona Vale Hotel Don "Doc" Jenkin raised enough money for a gym upstairs. 

1976/77 saw the club still dominating local carnivals in the ski area and Chris Boss sweeping a junior and senior boat crew. This season saw Gary Larkin interrupt Grant Hughes' 5 year domination of Club events with a win in the Club Championships.

Dennis Ryan was showing surfing movies on Friday nights and the Club had a large cadet and Junior membership.

In 1979-80, women were admitted into the Club (which was a hotly debated topic!), and like other Clubs, MVSLSC  initially struggled to adopt the cultural change, but soon learned of the benefit of greater patrol strengths and family direction.

Another important milestone was the establishing of the ‘Nippers’ section, first formed in 1965 to 1972. It was re-established 1977-78.

In the 1979/80 Season fire completely gutted the bunkhouse and gymnasium upstairs in the clubhouse which is why the brickwork upstairs was all painted.

Club membership had dropped severely during these years. The 1983/84 season was the turn around year which started the club on the way back. At the start of the season the club only had 18 active patrol members and an open carnival in November to run. In what was tremendous club spirit all members workedtogether to recruit and train, members did extra patrols, held successful social events, ran a hugely successful carnival and revived the finances through large numbers of traffic light collections. By recruiting 12 bronze members fr'om Narrabeen Beach we were able to re-establish boat crews. Some members like Drew Jonson went well beyond what was expected with Drew completing over 50 half day patrols and earning a special blazer from the Branch in recognition.

To run the carnival members from Bungan helped with patrols, the Lion's Club ran the food sales, member's parents organised official lunches and post carnival refreshments. Every member worked hard
and we were rewarded with a successful carnival that the carnival referee Mike Edwards said was one of the best run carnivals he had been to. After it was revealed that we only had 18 active members the Branch had suggested we relinquish the carnival. The carnival even received coverage in the USA Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition.

This carnival helped fuel club spirit with large numbers of members upgrading to Advance Resuscitation Certificates and IRB Licences by the end of the season. By the end of the summer season the club had 50 active members with numerous IRB drivers and several boat crews. The Reserve Grade crew even won bronze at the Branch. But more importantly the club had been re-established on a sound footing with which to grow over the next 13 years.

The 1983/84 Season saw the first of the Smee brothers Glenn on the Executive Committee as Treasurer for 3 years with brother Gavin "Groover" Smee Club Captain for two years from 1987/88. With their brother Rod they are the best known brothers in the club since Len & Wally Gibson and Max & Mike Hodgson. The winter of 1984 saw the creation of "The Dream Team" a group that dreamt of winning the Branch IRB Pointscore and in it's first year could have won at North Narrabeen if it had not been for some unbelievable judging from officials. The team included drivers Peter Laing and Martin "Tas" Gould, crew Peter Hill and Adrian Holliday, patients Karina Skewes (now Sinclair), Hugh Monnock, Karen Lewis, Trent Angwin and mechanic Kevin Monnock amongst others. A further educational trip to the State at Cook's Hill whetted the appetite. Further controversial refereeing at next year's 1985 Branch was followed by our first State IRB Medal at Wamberal with drivers Peter Laing and Martin Gould, crew Peter Hill and John Dibbs and patient Hugh Monnock taking a 3rd in the Teams Race.

From 1986 Mona Vale became the dominant IRB club in Sydney winning the Branch pointscore many years in a row including many one two results and even amassing more points than ALL other clubs
combined. Rules were changed especially but no impact was made on our dominance. The peak year was probably 1988 when we were the Branch, State and National IRB Champions. At this stage our club had more IRB drivers as a percentage of active members than any other club in Australia. Peter Laing was also considered by many as one of, if not the, best IRB driver in Australia. Giselle Addison also became the first female to win the Best Driver of the Branch Championships Award.

MVSLSC's Giselle Addison. MVSLSC photo

The 1984/85 Season saw the club consolidating its position with continued growth in membership, finances and carnival strength. 
A storm caused damage to the roof of the clubhouse in November 1984 after metal ties had been completed rusted. 

The club had several boat crews rowing and a number of cadets who had graduated from the Junior Club. Another Open Carnival was held after the success of the previous year.

The mid eighties saw the rise of a new phenomenon "Nipper Parents" who did their Bronze Medallions and patrols so they could help run the Junior Activities Board. Many of these members went on to become valuable members of the senior club including George Cooper, Geoff Jones, Margo Williams, Bill Andrews, Greg Browne and Paul Munro. They added a lot of depth to the club in experience and maturity. It also helped bond the club more closely from the 5 year olds up.

The 1986/87 Season began the 3 year reign of Lou Johnson as President and the construction of the bar upstairs by a group led by Greg "Hymie" Watt. The bar led to a dramatic rise in the finances of the club through takings and increased social membership. It gave non-active members a meeting place and a reason to remain a member.

David "DM" Murray led a crusade to cover the wood panelling with old and current photographs that would excite interest amongst visitors and new members.

The 1990/91 Season was the first of a six year stint as President by George Cooper and the year John Dibbs recruited most of North Narrabeen's swim team including Sean Lawrence and Steve Dunn who spearheaded the club to a win in the Branch Handicap Pointscore and third place overall. John Dibbs raised the attitude of the club towards its competitors and competition in his 3 year stint as Club Captain.
Can you have glimpses without including Paul & Rhonda Munro and the children. Rhonda who has done so much for the junior movement including training state champions at R.& R. and featured in one of our committee meeting minutes as a model. Paul, or affectionately known as "Munro" has been doing things for the club and members since the beginning of time. If you don't "owe" Munro then you have not been a member for very long. Rumour has it that he swims in the Whitsundays annually.

John Mitchell tragically passed away at the age of 40 but not before he had started the project to build the Nippers' Room. This was completed by Paul Munro during his term as President and the room was opened by John's wife Margaret on 28 November 1982.

The room was built by Nipper parents and volunteers at a cost of $4,000 which was raised at a Gala Day organised by the Nippers, the Pittwater Apex and Terrey Hills Apex. The person who put the Gala Day together was Robert Dunn, R.I.P.,a future Mayor of Pittwater Council.

In 1993 we received a grant of $20000.00 to build a new gymnasium. This never materialised due to the council putting a caveat on any major building on top of the surf club.
In late 1996 Pittwater Council passed the Mona Vale Headland Coastal Plan which moves any new club building back by 10 metre for safety reasons. 

In 2011/12, MVSLSC celebrated 90 years of protecting and educating our community.

Since those 90th year celebrations the Mona Vale SLSC has continued to grow in membership, and in recent years has been ably led by Presidents Bryce Munro and current President Paula Tocquer.

Above: Mona Vale SLSC clubhouse in 2017 - top: beachfront façade - below: street view


One of the busier beaches in the area, MVSLSC also has one of the most challenging beach environments to patrol. How things have changed for the better- in 1981, there were only 30 patrol members. Now, there are over 1,000 members, including 150 active patrolling lifesavers and 400 Nippers. Over a dozen members patrolled for over 50 hours in the 2011-12 season, with two lifesavers who achieved 100+ hours.  65 advanced life saving awards were gained.

Since our beginnings, we– as has the movement in general – have become a much greater professional operation. This is only possible with the significant support of our key sponsors – with Greater Building Society investing in over $75,000 towards lifesaving in recent years as our major sponsor.

We offer quality training to assist new members to become lifesavers, and also to attain further qualifications. Nothing prides us more than to see someone become a fully accredited lifesaver when they initially didn’t think they could do it. But Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club has something for everyone regardless of their age, gender or swimming strength. There is a role for everyone –all sorts of skills are needed to run a Surf Life Saving Club, not just lifesavers!

Our Nippers program is credited with being fun and educational and teaches our Under 6’s to Under 14 year olds confidence on the beach and in the surf environs. Many of the Nippers often go on to become fully qualified Life Savers.

Whilst often being recognised as a family Club, MVSLSC is also very competitive at Surf Life Saving Carnivals including being the current two time winners of the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships Open Men’s Boat Race. Significant training programs under the guidance of qualified and experienced coaches are available to members who are interested, and enable our competitors to achieve their personal goals across a range of disciplines on the beach and in the water, from Nippers to Masters.

We also have great casual training, recreational and social activities and events – we invite you to get involved – please see www.monavaleslsc.org.au for more information.

A new 21st Century Clubhouse

On May 28, 2021 Community members turned out to celebrate the start of construction of the $10 million new Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club. It is the second major beachfront community infrastructure to commence in as many months after construction of the $7.5 million Long Reef Surf Club started in April.

To commemorate the occasion, one of the Club’s senior members and one of its youngest members had their handprints cast together in plaster to be displayed later in the new clubhouse.

Christian Boss - 77 years old - joined Mona Vale in 1959, while nine-year-old Avigail Kedmi-Gencher joined as a six-year-old nipper in 2018.

With construction scheduled to be completed in time for its centenary year, the club began life in 1923 on the dunes near Darley Street. In 1934, a new clubhouse was built 100 metres to the south of the existing club, and then in 1969 it evolved to dwell on its current site.

Mayor Michael Regan said the 52-year-old clubhouse had served the community exceptionally well but needed a complete overhaul to service the needs of 1,600 club members, Council Lifeguards and a growing community.

“The new club will facilitate surf club operations, including increased on-site storage capacity for surf lifesaving equipment, better access to the beach, function space, first aid and family change facilities, and a nippers’ room,” Mayor Regan said.

“However, its pièce de résistance sure to be a local drawcard will be an 70 seat café and 90 seat restaurant offering magnificent vistas of the stunning Mona Vale Beach and South Pacific Ocean.”

“The delivery of this project will see the area transformed into a vibrant, activated precinct with significant public amenities.

“I would like to sincerely thank our partners that worked together with Council to make this clubhouse a reality – local MPs, the NSW Government and the Mona Vale SLSC members who dug deep to fund this project.”

Member for Pittwater, Hon Rob Stokes said the new clubhouse is a vital upgrade to one of our most important community facilities.

“Mona Vale is one of Sydney’s most popular beaches during summer and its lifesavers perform an invaluable service.

“Surf clubs aren’t just places that accommodate surf rescue equipment and training facilities – they’re also key community hubs used by dozens of local groups and organisations.

“This project has been on the to-do-list for many years – so it’s great the NSW Government is partnering with Northern Beaches Council and the club to get work underway,” Mr Stokes said.

Locals, lifeguards and club members are thrilled with the long-awaited new facilities that will increase floor space to 1690 square metres over two levels.

Mona Vale SLSC President Paula Tocquer said she and many others had been involved in getting the project off the ground for eight years, and was overjoyed that it was to finally become a reality today.

“Many members have expressed a little sadness to see the old building go. So many memories were made in the old clubhouse. But we are all very excited to have a new place to call home,” Ms Tocquer said.

“Council has been great to work with. It has been a great partnership that will result in a much-need community building.”

about The New Mona Vale SLSC

The facilities proposed include, but are not limited to, equipment storage, gym, restaurant, public amenities and changes rooms, function area, lifeguard room, office and a first aid room. There will be a commercial space for the café.

The new building floor area is proposed to be in the vicinity of 1400m2. The proposed building will be approx. 1690m² in built area including balconies. The original building’s built area was approx. 933m. The new building is to have two storeys with lift access. The building will be approximately 8.5m in height at the highest point.

External materials will be raw, earthy and robust that can withstand the coastal environment. The concept design explores the use of textured and exposed concrete and timber. 

The concept design has provided for a height of 3.5m in the storage area. This will enable vertical storage of surf rescue boards. 

Environmental initiatives include the use of raw materials, sustainable timber, natural ventilation where possible, rain water storage tanks, WELS rated and efficient tapware and solar panels. 

The building is set back from the current dunes in-line with the acceptable coastal report. The building has been designed to meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

The proposed new, larger building will meet the existing and future needs of the club and the community by providing new and improved amenities and accessibility.  The new building will also address existing safety issues and reduce long term maintenance costs by implementing environmentally sustainable initiatives. 

In addition to the Mona Vale Surf Life Saving renewal project Council approved two new external public amenities buildings, as part of the 2019-2023 Delivery Program. As a result public amenities at Mona Vale Beach with the construction of new amenities in Apex Park and the upgrade of the existing amenities adjacent to the pool are part of this project.

The surf club's new building is designed to feel inclusive and accessible to a broad cross-section of the community. Facilities will be family-friendly with spaces and amenities catering to all generations of lifesavers. Particular consideration will be given to welcoming migrant communities, who are a principal target for water safety campaigns.

The new clubhouse will be open and active on all sides, with a café at ground level and sightlines through to the water, linking both park and beach. Elevated glass pavilions will house a restaurant, lounge bar and function room, angled to capture the spectacular views and outstanding natural beauty.

The functional space will be doubled almost within the footprint of the previous structure. New revenue streams will be established, including café and restaurant tenancies and flexible function spaces for private hire. Sustainable design elements serve to minimise water and energy use and long-term maintenance requirements.

Mona Vale SLSC members envisage the new facility will exceed all expectations in its scope to boost membership revenue, secure the club’s future and create an enduring legacy for the community.

Warren and Mahoney are the Architects for the building, scale and stamped drawings available here, and other documents in Mod2019/0454. At its March 23, 2021 Meeting Council accepted the Tender of Kane Constructions Pty Ltd for the Redevelopment of Mona Vale SLSC and Beach Amenities for the sum of $9,077,787 excluding GST. 

Concept design (Apr 2018)

Mona Vale Surf Lifesaving new Clubhouse: Beach access

Mona Vale Surf Lifesaving new Clubhouse: Entry via Surview Road

Mona Vale Surf Lifesaving new Clubhouse: Surfview Road access

Mona Vale Surf Lifesaving new Clubhouse: Walking path view

On Saturday May 5th, 2022 the new clubhouse was officially opened - report HERE

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20th September 1907 Meeting shows Cr. Duffy complaining of the number of bulls straying in the Mona Vale area - it was decided to put an advertisement in the Manly Daily warining resdents they would be prosecuted.

Meeting held 29th November 1907 shows Warringah Council will allow the maintenance men to form Darley Road.

John Garvin Blackwood (1899 - 1980)

John ‘Jock’ Blackwood was born on August 26th 1899 at Mona Vale. He attended Manly Superior Public School. In 1921 he was playing for Eastern Suburbs, was 5’10” tall and weighed 12 stone.  In rugby, he represented NSW and Australia at hooker. In 1934 he became an Australian selector. In 2015 he was inducted into the Australian Rugby Hall of Fame. He died on 30 October 1980 aged 81, at Wahroonga.
His brother was also a founding member of MVSLSC.

Briquets Lithograph showing Blackwood home on Darley Street, Mona Vale, then considered towards Bayview, courtesy State Library of NSW

BLACKWOOD—GRAHAM-SMITH.—April 21, at St. Clement's Church, Mosman, John elder son of Ludovic Blackwood, of Pollokshields, Glasgow, to Agnes Mary, eldest daughter of the late Charles Graham-Smith, Mosman (late Dungog). Family Notices (1897, May 15). Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1919), p. 18. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article71293248 

BLACKWOOD.— January 23rd, at Bayview, the wife of John Blackwood of a son. Family Notices (1898, January 26). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 1. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article238365246 

On Saturday last the several committees who were formed to secure the return of Mr. Dugald Thomson as member for Warringah tendered to that gentleman a complimentary picnic The arrangements were in the hands of the hon. secretaries of the various committees, namely -Messrs G. J. Barry, of Neutral Bay; John Blackwood, of Pittwater , J. G. Cannon, of Mosman, W. McClelland Inglis, of Sydney, and O H. Warburton, of Manly. The metropolitan contingent left Sydney by the 1 pm. boat, and were met at Manly wharf by many villagers, with whom, in well appointed coaches, they were driven to the Rock Lily Hotel, picking up on route members from Greendale and Narrabeen.
The afternoon was spent in inspecting Mr J J. Roach's orchard at Bayview, enjoying the charming scenery of Pittwater, whose waters lay calm and unruffled in the sunshine which favoured the occasion, and after sampling the oranges generously placed at their disposal, the party returned to the Rock Lily for dinner Host Houreaux had provided for 70, but no less than 100 presented themselves, yet be gave them all an excellent repast Representatives were present from the whole of the Warringah electorate Apologies for absence were read from many gentlemen The chair was occupied by the Mayor of Manly, and the vice-chair by Mr. Leonard Dodds After the toast of the " Queen " had been honoured the toast, "Our Guest, Mr Dugald Thomson, was proposed by Alderman Fletcher of Manly, seconded by Mr. J. Barre Johnston, and supported by Mr Leonard Dodds, Dr Cullen, M.L O and Mr. P. T. Taylor. 
Mr. Dugald Thomson. M.L.A., who was received with loud cheers, said that he had to thank his committees most cordially for their invitation, and owed them another debt of gratitude. He was proud to know that by going straight and fulfilling his pledges he had gained the support not only of his former adherents but also of some who at one time were opposed to him, and this notwithstanding the fact that his action in following Mr. Barton had been misconstrued. He felt satisfied that federation must receive the earnest attention of the House, because it was essentially a federal Parliament, and he would be willing to give Mr. Reid his support if that gentleman proved himself true in the cause of federation. He concluded by again thanking the electors for his return, and congratulated his committees upon the successful work he had performed.'' The third toast was Federation, proposed by Mr. J J. Cohen, ML A., seconded by Mr. T. J. West, and the last was Mrs Thomson," proposed by Mr. C. H. Warburton, and honoured with acclamation. With the usual thanks to the chair, the party adjourned to a smoke social, and after an hour's enjoyment returned to Manly by instalments in time to catch the steamers for Sydney. COMPLIMENTARY PICNIC TO MR. DUGALD THOMSON, M.L.A. (1898, August 8). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 5. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article14138961 

The Newport Surf Life-saving Club held its fourth annual carnival yesterday on the local beach, and the weather and surf being excellent, the attendance was large, and the various events Keenly contested the surf was calm and free from currents, and there was consequently some fine swimming, particularly in the rescue event, the alarm reel race, the surf teams lace, and the open surf race.
North Narrabeen club, of which has had many successes at this season's carnivals, was again prominent, and carried off the march past, the rescue event, and the alarm reel race. The performances of North Narrabeen will be watched with interest when the club is pitted against the champions of the Manly Surf Club and the clubs on the southern side of Sydney Harbour.
The surf boat race was a keen contest, in which Newport Palm Beach, 1 Freshwater, North Narrabeen, and Collaroy took part, and which resulted in the local club securing a well merited win.
The arrangements of the carnival were in the hands of the executive officers of the Newport club Messrs A Robertson (president), G S Mellor (hon secretary C Robertson (assistant hon secretary), and L T Mulhall (hon treasurer) The principal carnival officials were -Referee, Mr O D Paterson, re force's steward, Mr L A Ellison, starter, Mr O Whitehead, check starter, Mr R Burns Judges (water events), Messrs R D Doyle, T Glazebrook, and W Owen, judges (beach events), Messrs E Sheldon, Q Snell, and E H Lemaire 
Results -
Alarm Reel Race North Narrabeen A (G Proudfoot, C Butcher, G George, S Ogilvie, and S K Jack), 1, Freshwater (J Johnson, L Scott, G Sinclair, 1 Leitchfield, and N Widerberg), 2, Mona Vale (J G Blackwood, S Perry, C Baldwin, J W Austin, and L G Blackwood), 3. SURF CARNIVALS. (1925, January 2). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article16194912 

Blackwood, Ludovic, superintending engineer, 15. Princes street, Pollokshields. 

Father's Brother:? Born in Eastwood, Renfrewshire, Scotland on 27 MAY 1862 to James Blackwood and Elizabeth Janet Graham Gatherer. Ludovic Blackwood married Mary Wilson Gatherer and had 5 children. He passed away on 2 Jul 1939 in Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia.

‘Jock’ Blackwood rugby biography
21Caps - 177 Wallaby Number

Debut Test Match1922 Wallabies v New Zealand Maori, 1st Test Sydney
Final Test Match1928 Wallabies v France, Paris
The importance of ‘Jock’ Blackwood to Waratah teams of the mid-1920s can be best illustrated by two statistics: the number of matches he played on each of the tours he made and the number of wins New South Wales secured while he was on the field. Although Blackwood was not particularly mobile or a skilled ball-player and, at 5ft 10in (1.78m) and 11st 12lb (75kg), he certainly was not a big man, his ability as a hooker and a fierce competitor meant he was one of the world’s best during his time. He had the strength associated with a high-class surf-lifesaver (he was captain of the Mona Vale Surf Club for many years) and in 1927-28 his skills convinced the British that a specialist hooker was essential to any side – surprisingly, that lesson had not then been learned in the home of rugby.
It took Blackwood a little time to make his mark, as he was only two months shy of his 23rd birthday when he was first chosen to represent the State. He may have been held back initially by playing for a club of small account, as Mosman, his original club, folded after the 1921 season and he switched to the far stronger Eastern Suburbs club. He flourished in a pack that included a number of representative players and by 1922 was in the forefront of selectorial minds. He was chosen to make his debut against the Maori team that year, playing in the first of three thrilling encounters but making way for Duncan Fowles in the other two.
Read in full at: https://classicwallabies.com.au/players/john-garven-blackwood  © 2021 Rugby Australia. All rights reserved. Part of the Rugby Network

Cabin Trunks and Plus Fours
"Jock" Blackwood, the Rugby Union hooker, received a pleasant surprise last Saturday evening at Mona Vale, when, at the golf club dance, he was called upon to receive a presentation as evidence of good wishes for the coming tour.
‘’I’ve had a big surprise," stammered the State hooker, when he rose to respond, and after a few more splutters, he added. "Almost as big a surprise as my selection in the team." 
There is another function for Blackwood on Saturday next, at Mona Vale, when the local residents will show their appreciation of his efforts as surf club captain and secretary for many years past. 

"What luggage are you taking?" is one of the most repeated questions among the team just now. Wallace and other over-seas travellers, have been giving advice to the uninitiated as to the number of shirts and other garments that should be Included. . "Travel light" is their motto. The Manly Club has solved the problem for Ted" Thorn and "Geoff" Bland by presenting cabin trunks to these players. 
It is a safe bet that no one will be better equipped in this respect than E. N. Greatorex, the Y.M.C.A. breakaway. It is stated that his travelling trunk, with provision for coat-hanging space in plenty, will make even the Prince of Wales green. with envy. "John" Wallace and "Tom" Lawton aver that the team will be decked out in "plus fours." during most of the tour, the usual sporting costume of touring athletes in Britain.
J. Blackwood. MUST TRAVEL LIGHT (1927, July 7). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 7. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article246988855 

John C. Blackwood, who hooks the ball in the Waratah scrummage, had his nose fractured in the Ulster match at Belfast last week, but will be all there against Wales next Saturday. Blackwood is a Manly boy, and captain of the Mona Vale Surf Club, though he plays Rugger with Eastern Suburbs. THE WARATAHS' HOOKER AND HIS NOSE. (1927, November 23). Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939), p. 1. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article127911882 

A CHARMING frock of white chiffon, beaded In silver and studded with rhinestones, and showing a delicate pattern of pastel sequins, was chosen by Miss Myree Row for her wedding Inst night to Mr. J. G. Blackwood, a member of the "Waratahs" team, which recently returned from England. Mrs. McDonald lent the Honiton lace which formed a band around the bride's head, and which, with orange blossom, held the long white cut tulle veil in place. Her shower bouquet was of lily of the valley, Cecil Brunner and white roses. The bride is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Row. of Randwick. Mr. Row is a veteran footballer who toured with the "Wallabies" in 1908. The bridegroom is the younger son of Mr. John Blackwood, of Mona Vale. 
He was attended by the captain of the "Waratahs" (Mr. A. C. Wallace) and the vice-captain (Mr. Charles Fox). Rev. J F. S. Russell officiated at the ceremony at St. James's Church which was decorated by the bride's aunt, Mrs. Reginald Walker (Adelaide), and Mrs. Hathoway with Easter daisies, chrysanthemums, and dahlias. Frocks of deep gold and primrose georgette respectively were worn by the bridesmaids, the Misses Isabel Johnson and Enid Wade. They were studded with rhinestones, and fashioned with the long hem line at the back and front. Felt hats matched the frocks, and the maids carried armlets of golden roses and wallflower. Their gifts from the bridegroom, brought from abroad, were French bended bags. The wedding cake, ornamented with pale pink footballs and tiny footballers, was set amidst radiance roses on the bridal table at the Ambassadors.
The guests wore received by the bride's mother, who wore a gown of midnight blue georgette, beaded In silver, and a black hat. She carried a posy of radiance roses and fuchsias. The mother of the bridegroom chose black georgette, relieved with beige, and her flowers were radiance roses.

Mrs. J. C. Blackwood — Falk photo. 
"WARATAH" WEDS (1928, April 12). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 21 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article222023352 

"Jock" Blackwood Assisted by Team-mates
TUST back from his tour with the "Waratahs" Mr. "Jock" Blackwood, one of the most popular members of the team, was married last night to Miss Myree Row, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Row, of "Cooee," Randwick. The ceremony was celebrated by Rev. J. F. S. Russell at St. James's Church. The young couple were besieged by hosts of admirers and well-wishers, who showered them with congratulations as they were leaving the church.
Banks of pink and white flowers, intermingled with clusters of green foliage, were chosen by the girl friends of the bride to decorate the altar.
Mr.. Blackwood is the younger son of Mr. and Mrs. John Blackwood, of Mona Vale. His two associates in the "Waratahs" — Mr. John Wallace (captain of the team) and Mr. Charlie Fox (vice-captain) — were the best man and groomsman respectively. A LOVELY GOWN The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a shimmering gown of georgette heavily beaded in silver bugles and studded with rhinestones. Tiny motifs of the palest pink blue and mauve pastel beads were scattered among the silver beads on the frock, which was made with a full skirt falling into uneven lengths at the hem-tine. A veil of art tulle fell in deep billows from a chaplet of Honiton lace and orange blossom to form the train, and she carried a shower bouquet of Cecil Brunner roses and lily of the valley. THE BRIDESMAIDS Miss Isabel Johnson, in a diamente studded frock of gold georgette flared at the sides and falling into uneven lengths at the front and back, and Miss Enid Wade, wearing a similar frock of primrose georgette, attended the bride. They wore felt hats with diamente trimming. Armlets of autumn tinted flowers' completed their dainty ensembles. The reception was held at the Ambassadors, where Mrs. Row, in a smart .frock of midnight blue georgette heavily beaded in silver and crystal, received, the guests,. She chose a hat of black straw and carried a posy in fuschia tones. Mrs. Blackwood's frock of black georgette was trimmed with beige, and she carried a posy of pink radiance roses. . Her hat was also of black.

MR. AND MRS. JOCK BLACKWOOD leaving St. James's Church, after their wedding last night. 
WARATAH ENDS LONG TOUR WITH MATRIMONY (1928, April 12). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 23. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article246796223 

A Waratah Wedding.
Interspersed with ballroom festivities was the wedding party at the Ambassadors, of "Jock" Blackwood (one of the Waratahs) to Myrtle Row, only child of Norman Row, of Rand-wick. The ballgoers listened to the strains at the Wedding March, and admired the pheasants shot by the King during a shooting excursion given by His Majesty for the Waratahs. The birds were served at the wedding feast. Mr. John Wallace (captain) and Mr. Charlie Fox (vice-captain) supported the bridegroom, who is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Blackwood, of Mona Vale. A Waratah Wadding. (1928, April 16). Leader (Orange, NSW : 1899 - 1945), p. 1. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article254418446 

Olympic swimmer F C V Lane was the first man to swim 100 yards in under a minute. He died on 16 May 1969. His son Fred junior also died in 1969. His daughter Mrs Jean Rubensohn travelled to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to see him enrolled in the International Swimming Hall of Fame. F C V Lane was a founder of Mona Vale Surf Club. He was head of a printing business.

Mona Vale 1900 (on way to/from Bayview) Item: FL20622468 courtesy State library of Victoria postcard

Mr. Patrick Bourke, Mona Vale.
The death occurred in St. Ronan's Private Hospital Manly, on November 20th, after a lingering illness lasting sixteen weeks, of Mr. Patrick Bourke, of Mona Vale, through neuritis supervening upon an attack of influenza. Mr. Bourke, who was a native of Innes, Co. Clare, Ireland, and 65 years old,
landed in Melbourne in the year 1863 at the age of 19. He afterwards went to Albury and Wagga, and at the latter place got married, and followed farming pursuits. Eventually he went to Nevertire, where, with his eldest son, John, he took up the well known property, 'Summerfield,' spending fifteen years there, after which, his health breaking down, his medical adviser ordered him to the seaside. Mr. Patrick Bourke disposed of the property, 'Summerfield,' to his eldest son, John, and then settled at Mona Vale and went in for fruit growing, besides owning a butcher's shop at Narrabeen. After disposing of these two properties to his eldest son, John, he contemplated settling in Woy Woy, but illness overtook him, and he died fortified by the last rites of the Church, leaving a widow, three sons, and two grandchildren to mourn their loss. The remains were interred in the Manly cemetery, on November 21st, the Rev. E. Brauer, assisted by the Rev. R. McElligott, officiating at the graveside. — R.I. P. Mr. Patrick Bourke, Mona Vale. (1912, December 5). Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932), p. 25. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article108035169 


Average samples of fine quality glass-house tomatoes, grown by J. B. Hastings and Son. Mona Vale. They were grown in unheated houses. THE PRODUCT OF MONA VALE (1936, December 30). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 13 (COUNTRY EDITION). Retrieved fromhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230907662

Mona Vale, Pittwater, N.S.W - ca. 1900-1927, Sydney & Ashfield : Broadhurst Post Card Publishers, Image No.: a106170h courtesy State Library of NSW

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