July 22 - 28, 2018: Issue 368

Bush Regeneration Near Creeks In The Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment

Grevillea caleyi, now critically endangered. Image taken in Bush at Ingleside/Terrey Hills verges - picture by A J Guesdon, 31.10.2014. 

Bush Regeneration Near Creeks In The Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment

From Friends of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment July 2018 Newsletter
Information supplied by Northern Beaches Council staff - with thanks.
The Narrabeen Lagoon catchment has been a focal point for bushland restoration works for Northern beaches Council during the 2017/18 financial year. This is one of Council’s largest catchments and has the greatest extent of bushland reserves and biodiversity on the Northern
Beaches. Due to its environmental significance and importance to our community, Council has invested significant resources to continue restoration works within the various reserves and creek-lines of this catchment.

A summary of works that Council has undertaken include;

Upper Middle Creek contract: The main reserves that this contract is addressing include Jindabyne, Nandi, Wakehurst Park way, Rabbett, Corymbia, and Peppercorn Reserves. These reserves receive funding from Council and the RFS for Hazard Reduction works.

Jamieson Park contract: A diversity of Council activities has been undertaken including bush regeneration works, hazard reduction burning, and installation of nest boxes. There has been powerful owl and barking owl sightings within the reserve. This contract has also included bush regeneration works in Ambleside, South Creek, Lantana Ave and Windermere Reserves.

Four contracts have been underway within the Deep Creek region with two focusing on bush regeneration and two on bushfire hazard reduction activities. A bush regeneration contract has focused on the core areas of bushland and along riparian creek-line. Works included substantial weed control and revegetation of 200 tube stock plants focusing on areas of low biodiversity values. 

Greater Sydney Local Land Services “Deep Creek Biodiversity Conservation Stage 2” grant funding program ends November 2018 working along the lower riparian Endangered Ecological Community of Swamp Sclerophyll Forests on Coastal Floodplains and Swamp
Oak Woodland. This projects site is located near Wakehurst Parkway and Elanora Road.

Deep Creek Fire Mitigation grant funded works has been completed along the Elanora Road urban interface and the Elanora Road Bushcare site. Deep Creek Rural Fire Service Local Government Programme grant hazard reduction works at the urban interface along Wongala, Woorarra and Amaroo Roads has also been undertaken.

Bilarong Foreshore Reserve has included a bush regeneration contract and Green Army project. The Bilarong Foreshore Reserve Bush Regeneration contract has resulted in works along the track, entrances and within core areas. The Green Army project comprised a team of 8-10 staff that worked both the Bilarong Foreshore area near Deep Creek outlet as well as the area within Middle Creek on the western side of Wakehurst Parkway near the Narrabeen Sports Academy.

Kundibah Reserve, Elanora Heights bush regeneration contract included hazard reduction works and an area burn undertaken in August 2017. This was also undertaken for ecological purposes due to this site not having been burnt for over 20 years.

Kywong Reserve works included hazard reduction, revegetation works and bush regeneration.

Nareen Wetlands bush regeneration contract has been implemented to target both riparian and aquatic weeds. Council has successfully applied for Environmental Trust grant funding for this project to continue into the next financial year.

Ingleside Chase Reserve bush regeneration contract has a component of the project that focuses on Mullet Creek which flows through Warriewood Wetlands into Narrabeen Lagoon.

The final year of a 6 year Environmental Trust grant awarded to Pittwater Environmental Foundation to control weeds along the riparian areas of Mullet Creek from Ingleside down to the floodplain and waterfall area within the reserve has been completed. Works included substantial enrichment planting within the floodplain and Irrawong Reserve to replace thickets of Coral Trees and Ludwigia.

Warriewood Wetlands bush regeneration and water weed control project is underway restoring a section of Swamp Schlerophyll endangered ecological community and habitat for Grey Headed Flying Fox colony.

Some local little bentwings snuggling .... cute as buttons - there are 6 species in this cave, somewhere on the Northern beaches - Information and Photo by Sonja Elwood 

Cromer and Beacon Hill contract: The main reserves that have undergone bush regeneration works during the financial year has included Red Hill, Oxford Falls Quarry, Golden Grove, Moonarie, Grover, Washington, Government, and Cromer Reserves.

Additionally bush regeneration contracts have been established as part of the Cromer to Curl Curl contract which includes Lilihina Reserve. Duffys and Caleyi contract has seen bush regeneration works in JJ Hills Reserve. 

The Oxford Creeks Bush Regeneration Project is underway utilising Crown Lands grant funding , and St Matthews Farm Bushregeneration project is undertaking targeted weed control with a Bushlink volunteer group working monthly.

Council’s Bush Regeneration Team have also been working along South Creek at Toronto Avenue.

Council has also been undertaking Fauna monitoring in the upper catchment of Ingleside Chase Reserve monitoring the activities of Eastern Pygmy Possum. This project has been underway since 2012. This work included 30 nest boxes installed in the heath area near Ingleside Chase Reserve and the Ingleside Elanora Heights area.
Eastern Pygmy Possum mummy and 6 babies in nestbox survey lines up around Ingleside installed by Sonja Elwood. Image courtesy Sonja Elwood. Photo credit: Emma Griffen - July 2018.

Friends Of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment August 2018 Forum

Next forum: Creeks in the Catchment
7pm Monday August 27, 2018
Coastal Environment Centre, Pelican Path,
Lake Park Road, Narrabeen

Presenters: Staff members from Northern Beaches Council will outline the works needed to control erosion and protect against flooding. Plus information about the bush regeneration projects in near creeks in the catchment.

Are you concerned about any of these issues?
* Water quality in creeks leading to Narrabeen Lagoon
* Health of aquatic wildlife
* Creek flooding
* Blockages in creeks
* Erosion of creek banks
* Rubbish in creeks
* Weeds in riparian zones?
Bring your concerns and questions to the forum on August 27 and find out more about creek care from Council staff.

Entry is free but we ask for a donation to cover expenses.
Make sure you get a ticket preferably by emailing Judith Bennett email@narrabeenlagoon.org.au 

Friends Of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment Activities

Bush Regeneration - Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment  
This is a wonderful way to become connected to nature and contribute to the health of the environment.  Over the weeks and months you can see positive changes as you give native species a better chance to thrive.  Wildlife appreciate the improvement in their habitat.

Belrose area - Thursday mornings 
Belrose area - Weekend mornings by arrangement
Contact: Phone or text Conny Harris on 0432 643 295

Wheeler Creek - Wednesday mornings 9-11am
Contact: Phone or text Judith Bennett on 0402 974 105
Or email: Friends of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment : email@narrabeenlagoon.org.au


Rare Giant Burrowing  Frog Discovered in Pittwater - Pittwater Environment Foundation March 2013

June 2017:

Saving Grevillea Caleyi

Hosted by Pittwater Natural Heritage Association (PNHA)
Monday at 8:30 AM - 12 PM
Sydney Bahá’í Temple, 
Mona Vale Rd Ingleside

We are making progress in ensuring the survival of the endangered Grevillea caleyi and would like you to join us for an interesting morning of bushcare.

Meet on site at the picnic shelter at 8.30 am.
New volunteers welcome - training provided.
The session will be cancelled in the event of rain. 


Published on 9 Sep 2012 by PittwaterEcowarriors
Mullet Creek project launch by Pittwater MP Rob Stokes, Welcome to Country by Neil Evers, Guringai elder. Thanks to bush-care staff of Pittwater Council who did the hard work and Pittwater Environmental Foundation for instigating the project.