July 3 - 9, 2016: Issue 270


Take a Bush Walk: School Holidays Fun That Doesn't Cost Anything: Go Outside and Play

"Go Outside and Play" was a familiar suggestion to many of us when younger and one that is still the best idea for our own children.

This week we'd like to reprise some of the local and close by walking tracks and reserves we've run in Issues past for those who love these visual records because they're unable to leap tall hills or ford wide streams anymore or because they'd like to see some of what's out along these winding bush tracks.

Pittwater has all kinds of options, from lagoon to estuary to wetlands, if you like seeing waterbirds, views that show how the big waters meet the big skies, as well as flat tracks and medium hills climbs that wend through beautiful treed groves and alcoves and cathedrals of trunks, among birdlife that is resident or visits during due season, and these too can often lead to hilltop vistas that show you where the green green hills meet the blue and cobalt skies.

Winter is a great time for choosing one of these places to revisit again - if it hasn't been raining too much, a climb through the Ingleside escarpment will show you what bushflowers are out, or the flat walkways through the Warriewood wetlands are ideal for those of smaller limbs so they can enjoy seeing kingfishers and waterhens without getting worn out. 

Bayview's heights are wonderful or views of green and views of blue as well as falcons and sea eagles circling high above you. Barrenjoey headland always makes the grade of course, although you may want to reserve your climb there for when you can take the children up the lighthouse too, a great view imbued with some great history.

A ferry ride from Church Point or Palm Beach can lead to offshore bushtracks to gambol along while you explore. Or, for close by exhalation run into the bush reserves atop most suburbs, and hills, in Pittwater - from Mackay Reserve or Annie Watts and the Bible Garden at Palm Beach, to Bangalley, Cannes, Angophora, Bushrangers, Attunga, Irrawong, Narrabeen and Turrimetta - the list rolls on and on from north to south, or south to north, and brings with it a 'go outside and play song'.
Whether you're looking for a morning enjoying stroll or exploration, or a place to picnic, to ponder, to just catch a breath - there's something in Pittwater for you.

Some of those previously run, as both History and current places you may visit and enjoy:

And a few inspirations run below: - and more are listed in Past Features!
Photos by A J Guesdon.