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Narrabeen Lakes Amateur Swimming Club By Life Member Maureen Rutlidge OAM + North Narrabeen Rock Pool: Some History


Narrabeen Lakes Amateur Swimming Club

On starting board Nth Narrabeen rockpool - NLASC photo

Compiled by Life Member Maureen Rutlidge OAM from club records

Website: www.nlasc.com.au


The inaugural meeting of the Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club was held on September 17, 1933 at Mrs Selig's House in Narrabeen. Thirty people gathered to discuss the formation of a ladies swimming club. Mrs Mary Chambers from the NSW Women's Amateur Swimming Association presided over the meeting. Mrs Lottie E. Woods put forward the motion that a Swimming Club be formed and Mrs Selig seconded the motion and with that, the Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club was founded.

The officers elected were as follows (from the original minutes of the first meeting):

Patroness: Mrs Playfair
President Mrs H. B. Bruce
Vice Presidents: Mrs Selig, Mrs Pillon and Mrs Moore
Hon. Secretary: Mrs Florence Kenna
Hon. Treasurer: Mrs Marlin
Committee: Mesdames Ward, Lloyd, Misses Barnett, Cameron, Klotz, Mclean and Neasmith
Captain: Mrs Lottie Wood
Vice Captain: Miss Barnett
Hon. Auditors: Mr Selig, Mr Knight
Hon. Handicapper: Miss O'Malley

It was decided that the fees would be £3 for Seniors and £1 6 shillings for Juniors 14 years and under. The members chose black and lemon as the official club colours. The club decided to hold events every Sunday at 10 a.m.

By the end of 1934 there were 83 members. From the beginning, men were enlisted to help as officials. The first events were held in Narrabeen Lagoon. Locals provided boats for the judges and timekeepers to stand in to officiate the races.

When the Rock Baths were completed at North Narrabeen events were relocated to there. By the spring of 1934 the first clubhouse had been built out of wood.

Original Nth Narrabeen rockpool before boardwalk - NLASC photo


Throughout the 1940’s repairs & improvements to the Pool were necessary to provide safer conditions for swimmers. Requests were made for the Pool to be emptied weekly, since soldiers camped nearby, were using them for bathing; for sand to be cleaned out because at times the pool was too shallow to swim in; for a chain to be attached to the wall for safety and urgent repairs were required when the turning board was washed away in high tide in 1943.

Letters sent to Warringah Council expressed the concern that the Club could not enter swimmers in local carnivals because they were unable to get correct times, nor was the Club able to give any training for competition. In 1944 Collaroy Womens Amateur Swimming Club allowed the Narrabeen Club to use their pool & lanes on Sunday evenings for all long distance races.

Vandalism of the Clubhouse was a problem, with repeated break-ins and requests were made to Council for Flood lights, new locks and for holes to be fixed in back wall. On one occasion the lane ropes were stolen, so full length clothes lines were used. Eventually the Club asked for a brick building like Dee Why and Collaroy.

From 1945, the Ladies Club granted permission for the Narrabeen Boys to have the loan of their ropes, watches and to use the Clubhouse on their swim mornings.

In the early 1940’s, a motion was passed to change the minimum joining age from 7 years to any age. In the 1941 Annual Report, congratulations were expressed to the Club’s ‘baby’ member, J. Headford, who, at only 6 years old, was placed 3rd in the 15yds scratch race at Coogee.

Various activities were organised to raise much needed funds for the Club. These included Tennis parties, Housie, Cards, Mannequin parades, Fancy Dress dances and Garden Bazaars. A Popular Girl contest was also begun and became an annual fundraiser.

On several occasions during the 40’s the Narrabeen Club had the pleasure of welcoming Fanny Durack to their Club Presentations and one year she was the referee on the Championship Day. Fanny was Australia’s first female Olympic swimmer and Gold Medal winner at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912.

In 1946 the Headford Memorial Trophy was instituted to perpetuate the memory of Mrs Headford who died in 1945. She had been the Club Starter for many years.

In 1949 Miss Anne Hatton was appointed President of NLASC, a position she was to hold for more than 30 years.

Anne Hatton - Club Captain 1930 - 1941

Nita May - Club Captain 1941 - 1943



Club membership reached 100 during the 53 – 54 season.

Club fundraising included a “Bugs” evening, Fancy Dress Frolics during the Christmas holidays and a Masked Ball. Mr & Mrs Robert Askin presented prizes to the winners at the inaugural Masked Ball. Jumble sales, Film, Television & Housie evenings were organised. Combined Fundraising Stalls were held for NLASC & the Girl Guides Association.

Regular cleaning of the Pool meant all lanes could be used, which helped to foster the enthusiasm of the members for both swimming and training. However safety on the wall was an ongoing concern and plans had been lodged with Council for a new pool or improvements to the existing platform. From 1955 petitions were also made to Warringah Council by local residents & ratepayers about the poor conditions of the pool. Letters were sent to Narrabeen Girls High School and Narrabeen North Primary School to enlist their support for better conditions.

In the 1956 – 57 season, Anne Hatton, President of NLASC, was appointed President of Warringah Shire Womens ASA and Northern Suburbs Ladies ASA. Anne was awarded Life Membership for her services to Narrabeen Club and Mrs Lottie Woods was also made a Life Member in appreciation of her services as co-founder of NLASC. A decision was made to award a Blazer to the Committee member who has rendered outstanding service during that year. This tradition continued for many years.

In 1958 the Club hosted 3 Forbes girls competing in State Championships and January 1959 saw a team of Narrabeen girls, with Anne Hatton as chaperone, make a return visit to Forbes for friendly competition with local swimmers.

Highlights for NLASC in the late 1950’s included 

  • An invitation to compete in an International Carnival at North Sydney to mark the 50th anniversary of the Swimming Union of Australia, with M. Thearle, M. Beckett, B. Fretwell & J. Hayward representing Narrabeen. 
  • The Club was also presented with the Farquharson Shield after winning the Open Premiership of the Northern Suburbs Swimming Association for the first time. 
  • M. Thearle & J. Hayward were selected among 50 representatives of the NSWWSA for the Festival of Youth Pageant for HRH Princess Alexandra.

A new brick clubhouse, commenced in 1957 and built by Warringah Council with NLASC contributing to cost, was officially opened on 14th March 1959.

1959 NLASC Opening of Clubhouse - Guests

1959 NLASC Opening of Clubhouse - Some of the Committee


In 1960, Narrabeen RSL invited Club members to attend a meeting to discuss the possibility of forming a Youth Club in the area. 4 members chose to attend.

In the same year a Learn-to-Swim Campaign was commenced by the Club, conducted on Saturday & Sunday mornings with Mrs Audrey Willan the Chief Instructress, assisted by Club members, Mrs Ilma Slater, Pam Kilduff, Joan Trass and Miss Ilma Slater and officials from the Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club - the Boys Club - after its establishment in 1962. Officials were approached by St Joseph’s Catholic School in Narrabeen to give instruction to pupils on weekdays. Later Mona Vale Catholic School students were also given swimming lessons on a weekday.

Mr Maver from North Narrabeen Progress Association invited Club representatives to join a committee of local interested persons to discuss & implement improvements to the pool. Mr Trass re-submitted his plan for Pool improvements to Councillor Berry. Improvements were eventually achieved in 1962 with construction of a centre wall and improved seating around the pool. The Pool was then able to be used as a Carnival site and the Club could welcome other Clubs to their own pool. Club membership reached 199 with the youngest regular swimmer being Adrienne Maher at 3yrs.

Permission was granted for the Boys Club to use the entrance to the Ladies Clubroom for the purpose of registering & handicapping on Saturday mornings. Gala days were held between both clubs. In 1964 a First Aid Room was erected adjacent to the Ladies Committee Room and was manned by the St John Ambulance.

In 1964, Anne Hatton was appointed Manageress of the Women's Swim Team for the Tokyo Olympic Games. 

Club member, Marilyn Munro was a finalist in the NSW Freestyle Championship in 1967 and was invited to compete in the NSW Championship against France.

Throughout the 60’s, one of the Club’s champion swimmers was Joanne Mitchell. Her achievements included-

  • Gold Medal in state 100m Open Butterfly Championship;
  • Silver Medal in State Medley Relay Team in Australian Championships;
  • Winner of 11 of 12 Championships contested in Warringah carnivals;
  • Recipient of the RSL Youth Club’s trophy for outstanding achievements;
  • Narrabeen Club Champion 7 years in succession.

The Mens Club plans for a clubhouse, including amenities rooms, kitchen and office for the Ladies Club came to fruition in 1967, when an upper level was built on the clubhouse. Council erected the shell only, with both Clubs, NLASC  and NASC contributing $500 each towards the cost and being responsible for all fixtures and fittings.

Rosmary Pirie - Club Captain 1948 - 1949

Joan Headford - Club Captain 1949 - 1950

Jo Mitchell - Club Captain 1964 - 1965


Renovations and additions were completed to the downstairs Clubhouse, including hot showers and lockers for the swimmers. Thanks were extended to John Hanrahan, Cliff Turrall, Joe Crowley and Gary Snow for their assistance.

Significant achievements for Club officials in the 1970s included –

Anne Hatton 

  • Awarded the British Empire Medal for services to swimming, presented to her by HRH Queen Elizabeth 11;
  • Awarded Life Membership of Warringah ASA, 1 of only 4 members at this time to receive this honour;
  • Dinner held at the Master Builders Club to honour Anne’s 30 years as president of NLASC;
  • Awarded the Warringah Shire Council Certificate of Outstanding Service.

Ilma Slater

  • Awarded Life Membership of NLASC recognising her  years of service to the Club and its Learn to Swim Program;
  • Received the Narrabeen Lions Club citizens Award for service to swimming;
  • Received the Warringah Shire Council Award for Citizenship.

Outstanding swimmers included Jenny Turrall, world record holder in 800m & 1500m freestyle competing in the FINA World Championships, gold medal winner in the Christchurch Commonwealth Games in New Zealand in 1974.

Shannon Evers, three years running broke over 10 Club records; represented the Club in State & National titles, finishing in the top 10 swimmers in the State for Backstroke and Medley; represented Narrabeen High School in finals of the State Combined High School Championships and achieved 2nd in 12 yrs 100m Backstroke and 3rd in 12yrs 200m individual Medley in State Winter Championships in 1975. 

In 1975, for the first time a swimming scholarship for the winter season was awarded to the winner of the 220yds u12 Freestyle, won by Kelly Bona. This event encouraged younger girls to attempt the longer distances.

Each year Narrabeen Ladies compete in the 10x50yds Freestyle Relay event, the Narrabeen Shield, organised by the Shivering Sharks Winter Swimming Club for all clubs or organisations with the word “Narrabeen” in their title. In 1975, the Ladies Club were equal first with the North Narrabeen Board Riders.

In 1976, the Annual Presentation was held for the first time at Narrabeen Youth Club Hall in Boondah Rd. Prior to this, the presentations had been held at the Masonic Hall in Collaroy.


In the 1980 Annual Report, three Learn to Swim instructors, Marge and Joe Crowley and Peter Dolly were commended for their membership of Manly Warringah Branch of Hydronauts, whose members conducted swimming lessons at Warringah Aquatic Centre for local adults with a disability.

Celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of NLASC included: -

  • Narrabeen hosted and won the Four Way Meet Carnival competing with Dee Why, Collaroy and Queenscliff. Two special guests assisted as officials – May Williams, who had managed the Women’s Empire Games team in Cardiff in 1958 was referee and Nora Morrison, Manager of the Women’s team for the Vancouver games in 1954.
  • T-shirts with the Club emblem were given to each swimming member and a commemoration teaspoon was given to all at the Presentation Day.
  • Celebrations culminated with a Dinner Dance at Dee Why RSL Club. Shire President, Paul Couvret, presented the Club with a Golden Jubilee Plaque.

In 1984 one of the Club’s former members achieved outstanding swimming results in the 40 to 45 year Championships. Maureen Stanton(nee Thearle) broke a world record in the 50m Backstroke at the NSW State Cup and gained national records at the Australian National & International Masters championships at Christchurch, New Zealand.

Long- time member of NLASC, Connie Trass was awarded a Certificate of Outstanding Service by Warringah Shire Council in 1975, for her many years of service to swimming.

By unanimous vote at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 18th October, 1987, men & boys were admitted as members of Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club. 

After 39 years as President of NLASC, Anne Hatton stood down in 1987 and was replaced as President by Mrs Jan Byrne. Anne continued as Vice President until ill health caused her resignation in 1989. The First Annual Report of NLASC in 1934 lists Anne as a junior member and her mother a member of the first Social Committee.

 A suggested change of Club name in 1989 from ‘Ladies’ to ‘Lakes’ was put on hold.

Also in 1989 a motion to change swimming distances from yards to metres was passed at the AGM. From the next season all races were listed in metres. The decision was taken to have all old Records (in yards) written up and framed and new Records to be formed in the metre distances.


Throughout the 90’s several significant changes were made in the running of the Club-

  • NLASC Inc became an Incorporated Body in 1992;
  • A suggestion to change the swimming meet from Sunday morning to Saturday afternoon was accepted at the 1993 AGM;
  • Learn to Swim officials decided to hold a Sausage Sizzle & Hamper Raffle at the beach on Australia Day in 1994, beginning a tradition which lasted for some years;
  • The Men’s Club – NASC and Shivering Sharks - the Winter Club, agreed to contribute towards the Electricity Bill for the Clubhouse shared by all three Clubs. The Ladies Club had paid all previous bills.

The 60th Anniversary of NLASC was celebrated with a Dinner held at the Master Builders Club in Dee Why.

In 1996, club member Michael Shepheard won a Gold and a Silver Medal for his achievements at the Australian Multi- Disability Swimming Championships. He also received a Certificate from then Pittwater MP John Brogden.

Also in 1996, NLASC received a donation of $200 from SOBS – Sands Old Boys Society, the request was that the money be used for equipment. A stop watch and 2 Cross Lane Ropes were purchased.

The WASA Development Program was begun during the winter months at Warringah Aquatic Centre. Participants were selected from names put forward by the local swimming clubs.

Club members were saddened by the death in 1994 of Mrs Connie Trass, Life Member and long standing official of NLASC and in 1995 news was received of the death of Miss Anne Hatton B.E.M. A foundation member of the Club when it formed in 1933, Anne progressed from a swimmer through club positions, including Vice-Captain, Captain, Handicapper, Referee, was awarded Life Membership in 1959 & was President for 39 years. She was President of both WASA and Northern Suburbs Ladies Amateur Swimming Associations; passed all examinations for every carnival position & was well known as a State Referee and Starter; was a State Examiner for many years and a member of NSW Amateur Swimming Association, the main administrative body governing swimming in the State.

Club Presidents during the 90’s were Jan Byrne, Elaine Ray, Julie Pearson, Pat Sadlier and Sue Freshwater.


In this decade NLASC entered the digital age with Alan Gray developing a Computer Programme for weekly registrations, handicapping & recording.

Providing Club information to current & prospective members was made easier with the setting up of the Club Website – www.nlasc.org.au. Phil Jones who assisted in developing it became the first Webmaster. The website provided information about swimming events and the weekly swimming results.

A Club email was also set up:  nlasc_narrabeen@hotmail.com.

NLASC participated in the Qantas Big Splash Swimathon in 2004, with swimmers being sponsored per lap. This raised over $250 for our Club. In 2007, a similar event was held, the Splash for Cash Swimathon, raising money for the Royal Institute for the Deaf & Blind. 

Sue Freshwater stood down as Club President at the 2005 AGM and was replaced by Helen Rutlidge.

The ‘Drizabone’ award for outstanding service to the Club by non-swimming members was introduced in 2008 and has become an annual award. The inaugural winner was Brian Inns.

In 2008, Club members were saddened by the death of Pat Sadlier, long standing member, former President, Learn to Swim instructor and active Life Member. Through the cooperation of Pittwater Council, a memorial plaque was installed on “Pat’s seat” outside the Clubhouse.

Swimming costumes & caps, jackets and sun hats with Club colours & logo have been made available for sale. This provides a good club image particularly at the inter club carnivals held during the year.

From 2010 Warringah Amateur Swimming Association chose to stand alone as a governing body for recreational swimming clubs on the Northern Beaches, with local rock pool clubs no longer affiliated with Swimming NSW. 

Our club members participate in the WASA Rockpool Handicap held at Freshwater each year with some varying success in both individual & relay results. Some members also compete in the Jenny Oates Meet and the 14 & Under Peninsula Challenge held each year at the Warringah Aquatic Centre.

Our Club also participates in the annual Rockpool Challenge 10 a side Relay organised by Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club at the North Narrabeen Rock Pool.

Bingo nights have been re-introduced and as well as being good fundraisers, they also encourage more social interaction between members, family & friends.

In 2011, the decision was taken to change the club name to Narrabeen Lakes Amateur Swimming Club to reflect the changing nature of the membership, to assist in promoting a fun, family Club and to honour its beginnings.


*Deceased members

Florence Kenna*
Lottie Woods*
E May*
M Thorn*
Anne Hatton B.E.M.*
Rosemary Pirie*
Dolly Smith*
A Pursehouse*
Connie Trass*
Ilma Slater*
Marcia Bennell *
Beryl Tyrer*
Jan Byrne
Judy Dubois
Patricia Sadlier*
Marge Crowley
Audrey Willan*
Susan Freshwater
Maureen Rutlidge
Joseph Crowley*
Alan Gray
Debra Graham
Helen Rutlidge
Sally Raymond

The Changing Face Of NLASC

At the AGM 20 September 1987 it was proposed to have an extraordinary meeting to be held on 18/10/87 to discuss the Notice of Motion (moved by Mrs. Crowley, seconded Mrs. Sadlier) that the constitution of the NLASC be altered to allow male members into the club.

At the meeting of 18/10/87 a unanimous decision was made.

At the AGM 22 Nov 1987, 2 males were nominated to be elected for the committee for the first time.

Learn To Swim For Free Program

The LEARN to SWIM for FREE program was started in 1960 by members of NLASC. The club offered free swimming lessons every Saturday and Sunday between November until March.

This volunteer program went on to teach over 15000 children. Many of these children went on to join the club and become involved in the swimming races available. One of these participants was JENNY TURRELL who was a commonwealth gold medal winner in the 1974 Christchurch games; 800m FINA World Championships winner and 1500m world record holder in 1976.

The chief instructor of more than 20 years, Judy Dubois, received the Community Service Award from Pittwater Council in 1998 for her dedication and efforts in the learn to swim program. Judy was invited to be a torch runner in the 2000 Olympic Torch Relay.

In 1992 the NLASC and learn to swim program received a Highly Commended Award from the NSW State Government. The Learn to Swim Program continues its volunteer services to this day.

NLASC Name Change

During the 2009/2010 season we explored the possibility of changing our name from Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club to Narrabeen Lakes Amateur Swimming Club. This was suggested to reflect the changing membership of our club while maintaining a link to the history of the club as it first started in Narrabeen Lake. Following positive feedback from our Life Members this proposal was unanimously accepted by our members at the presentation.

Also available: North Narrabeen Rock Pool - Some History

NLASC's Anne Hatton BEM in front of Presentation table


North Narrabeen Rock Pool: Some History

With an ample provision of clean still water in Narrabeen Lagoon it is no surprise that a rock pool at North Narrabeen took a lot longer to be installed then at other beaches along the coast. Although discussions to build one at the present site commenced in the early 1920's, it wasn't until the mid 1930's that one was completed. People were going into the surf for that exhilarating scouring only salt water can give you, but the majority of earlier residents and visitors made use of the lagoon's quieter waters given their impression of being safer. Subsequent drownings obviously changed that perception, on the lagoon, as well as for those who ventured into the surf at North Narrabeen. 

The Narrabeen Fatality.
The Headless Trunk of a Han Washed Ashore-THE REMAINS IDENTIFIED.

On Saturday morning between 7 and 8 o'clock as a storekeeper named Donald McLean was walking along the Coliaroy Beach at Narrabeen, he saw an object being tossed about by the breakers at a dietince of about 50 yards from the shore. Be obtained some assistance and recovered the object which proved to be the headless trunk of a man. The body presented a most ghastly appearance, as in addition to the head being gone the major portions of all the Iimbs were missing and what remained had almost been torn to pieces by the sharks. Mr. Folkard, senr., was at once communicated with and he proceeded to the North Sydney Morgue, but he failed to recognise the body, which was, however, afterwards identified as that of Mr. Thom. The funeral took place at the Field of Mars cemetery, on Tuesday. It was conducted very quietly
. The Narrabeen Fatality. (1895, February 2). The Cumberland Mercury (Parramatta, NSW : 1875 - 1895), p. 10. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article252763597

The late Don McLean, who made a heroic rescue off the beach adjacent to the lake’s entrance in 1907, stated local resident families organised regular clubs of Lake Watchers from their ranks. They would safeguard their own children and visitors who came to the northern end of the lagoon adjacent to and just south of where present day Birdwood Park is, especially during the warmer months. However, people still lost their lives in both the surf and the lagoon, despite efforts to keep them safe.


While bathing in the surf at Narrabeen yesterday Mr. Parker Johnston, a young man, was caught in the undertow and washed out of his depth. Mr. Donald McLean, another bather, noticing that Johnston was in trouble, went to his assistance, and after a short struggle succeeded in bringing him ashore. McLean's brother, aged 10 years, in trying to help by throwing out the life-line, was himself caught and washed into deep water. After landing Johnston, McLean went out and brought in his little brother. In the meantime Johnston, who had evidently become excited, was again washed out. McLean, although pretty well exhausted by this time, again plunged in to his friend's assistance, and soon had him safely landed. Altogether McLean and Johnston were, struggling together in the water for about 13 minutes, and the latter was unconscious for about two hours.DANGERS OF SURF BATHING. (1907, January 18). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 7. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article28154024

Narrabeen Looking West -  From 'Scenes of Narrabeen' album, ca. 1900-1927- Sydney & Ashfield : Broadhurst Post Card, courtesy State Library of NSW. Images No: a106056h (above) and 'Ocean and Lake Narrabeen' a105060h Courtesy The Mitchell Library, State Library of Australia  

Narrabeen as a place to visit, and land and water being set aside for public recreation dates back to wild colonial lads and lasses days:

Department of Lands,
Sydney, 18th November. 1885.

HIS Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, directs it to be notified that in pursuance of the provisions of the 101st section of the Crown Lands Act of 1884, the land specified in the Schedule appended hereto shall be reserved from sale for camping and public recreation, and is hereby reserved accordingly.


No. 126. County of Cumberland, parish of Manly Cove, area about 50 acres. The Crown Lands within the following boundaries: Commencing at the water's edge, on the eastern side of Narrabeen Lagoon, at a point west of the north-west corner of James Wheelers 60 acres; thence by a line east to the north-west corner of that portion and its north boundary and its prolongation east to the west boundary of John Ramsay's 410 acres grant; thence north by part of that boundary to the waters of Narrabeen Lagoon ; thence by the water's edge of that lagoon westerly to the south-eastern corner of James McDonald's 80-acre grant; thence by the south boundary of that portion and its prolongation west to the water's edge of the aforesaid lagoon; thence by the water's edge of that lagoon, to the point of commencement, [Ms* 85-17,154]

No. 125 of the county of Cumberland, parish of Narrabeen, area 12 acres. The Crown Lands within the following boundaries: Commencing at the south-east corner of J. W. A. White's, now Josiah Taylor's 60-acre grant, at high-water mark of Narrabeen Lagoon; and bounded on the north by the south boundary of that grant, being a line bearing west about 9 chains 33 links; thence on the west by a line bearing south to the left bank of Wheeler's Creek; thence on the south by the left bank of that creek downwards to the Narrabeen Lagoon} thence on the east by high-water mark of Narrabeen Lagoon to the point of commencement. [Ms. 85-18,909] RESERVES FROM SALE FOR CAMPING AND PUBLIC RECREATION. (1885, November 18). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), p. 7445. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article223763666 


Narrabeen does not, in common with other parts of Australia, possess an everlasting summer but it is, however, a Paradise for those in search of quiet and pleasure. A more delightful spot for ruralising than Narrabeen does not exist in Australasia. To the wearied and faded business man it affords a haven of rest and retirement such as no other spot within easy distance of the city can. The natural beauties of the district alone are attractions. But added to this there is the best of shooting and the best of fishing and boating, and no finer sport for the artist to indulge his proclivities for sketching, or the young and agile to follow their fancies in the shape of cricket, &c. 

As a holiday resort it abounds in every essential to pleasure. For those fond of aquatics and fishing there is a magnificent lake, and for those fond of these beauties and excitement of the ever restless sea there is a beach, unrivalled in New South Wales for wild and romantic scenery, stretching from Long Reef to near the far-famed Barrenjoey, with a most beautiful view of sea and coast. There are also salt and fresh water bathing, and boating parties who make the easy trip up the gorge at the head of the lakes will not soon forget its beauties — the waterfalls, the mountainous banks, with every kind of ferns and wild flowers, and tall palms, some 40ft or 50ft high. A visit to Mount Ramsay will also repay the visitor the trouble of climbing to the top, from which a most delightful panorama of coast, sea, and lake scenery is obtained. 

Now that the steamboat fares to Manly are reduced so liberally, a trip to Narrabeen is within reach of all classes, and a day spent at that quiet, secluded, and most beautiful of our watering places should be a great benefit to a number of people during the holiday season. Narrabeen. (1893, December 23). Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article112936347

Unfortunately with the crowds came numerous incidents where youngsters and even the mature lost their life swimming in the lagoon or off the beach - even the experienced were no exception:


A boy aged 14 named Ernest Crocket, employed at the Rock Lily Hotel, Narrabeen, as a waiter, was drowned in the lagoon there last night. Deceased in company with Richard Bellinger, Arthur Clark, and William Hunter went for a swim about 8 o'clock. They entered the water at the bridge, Crocket being the last to go in, and splashed about for some time. On coming out some time afterwards they missed deceased and made a search for him. His clothes were round where he had left them, so concluding he had been drowned they gave the alarm. About two hours afterwards a man named George Henroad, also employed at the hotel, recovered the body in about seven feet of water. An inquiry will be held today by Mr. Mackenzie, J.P. Fatal Accident. (1896, January 11). Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), p. 4. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article109916313 

Surfer Drowned at Narrabeen

George Linton, 38, a carpenter, who was considered a strong surf swimmer, was drowned at Narrabeen on Saturday afternoon. According to a report made to the City Coroner, he was seen to swim to a sand bank, about 40 yards from the shore, and stand up in water waist deep. A breaker suddenly engulfed him, and he disappeared. Cyril Percival Thompson, a well-known Narrabeen resident, went to his assistance with the lifeline, but was unable to find him. The body was subsequently recovered by Donald McLean, Wallace Russel, and Cyril Thompson, and removed to the Progress Association Hall, Narrabeen. Linton lived at Narrabeen with his wife and three children. Thompson, in a statement to the police, said when he first saw Linton in the water he seemed to be attempting to swim ashore. There was a strong outward current running at the time, and he was battling against it, but appeared to be making no headway. Thompson ran for the life-line, and had got it out of the box, when he noticed Linton standing on a sandbank, with his hands to his mouth. When next he looked Linton had disappeared. Thompson swam out to where he had last seen the unfortunate man, but failed to find him. Donald McLean and Wallace Russel, who were on the shore end of the line, pulled him ashore. About 20 minutes later Thompson saw Linton's body floating face downwards, and it was recovered. A doctor who was in the vicinity pronounced life extinct. Surfer Drowned at Narrabeen (1910, November 7). Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), p. 4. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article117967298 

Quoting from the North Narrabeen SLSC History Book, ‘The Beach Comes First’,

North Narrabeen Surf Club originated from the Narrabeen Lakes Brigade, which itself was formed about 1905, to originally look after the Lake swimmers. Collaroy surf club members referred to the body as ‘The Mouth Life Saving Club’. These were our original “clubbies”.

In 1911, the weekend volunteer lifesavers brigade made application to Warringah Shire Council to form a surf life saving club on North Narrabeen Beach. This original document was signed by Mr Stan Exton, who wrote that a club had been in existence for some time and that about fifty ‘young chaps’, who were regular weekenders, met on the Beach and directed swimmers where to swim safely and also to ‘watch over them’.

Stan Exton advised that the driving force and main organiser of the existing brigade and proposed surf club, was Mr Bill White.
In the 1912-13 Season, North Narrabeen Surf Life Saving Club was officially recognised and registered its original cap as navy blue. This was the season that the Club affiliated with the New South Wales Surf Bathers Association; hence 1912-1913 has been declared our “First Official Season”. Consequently 2011-2012 was their 100th season.

There were discussions prior to this ‘official’ recognition, and with people alighting from the soon to be extended to Collaroy tram and taking off down the nearest 'road'; Waterloo street, to access the beach and surf, those who lived here were the ones who had to step up and look after them;

As the result of the large number of persons frequenting the Narrabeen beach for surf bathing a meeting was held on Saturday evening to consider the question of establishing a surf club and the erection of dressing sheds.  The chair was occupied by Alderman W. J. Tomlin. Alderman Powell explained what steps had been taken by the Warringah Council and stated that a grant had been obtained for the rate of £ for £ up to a certain amount. All present formed themselves into a surf committee and a substantial sum was guaranteed as their share towards the expenses of the sheds and life lines. A motion was passed that an early application be made to the council. The officers were elected as follows - Mr W. Dorman, president,  Miss J Powell, hon. secretary, and Mr W. Douglas, hon treasurer
.  SURF CLUB AT NARRABEEN. (1910, February 4). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from 

The call for a surf club on the beach at North Narrabeen is a reflection of the growing crowds the lagoon and its beach were attracting. To those who came here to have their own little farm in the Warriewood valley, or to fish for a living, were added the tourist and those who started camping permanently on the lagoon itself - all along its creeks towards the west and at the place where the current caravan and tent holiday park is:

At Narrabeen— On the Pittwater Read— The Joys of Simple Life

On Saturday the road to Narrabeen and Pittwater was worthy of many photographers, who might have found really humorous pictures by standing at spots on tho road and snapping the vehicles and the occupants thereof. Said vehicles, of all sorts and descriptions, poured along the road all day long.

The camera men had no time for the road scenes because they were /all hastening on to Pittwater and the regatta. But boats are after all only boats. One racing yacht is very like another racing yacht, though to an expert such an opinion is rank heresy. Whereas the "human Comedy" is 'never the same, it varies with every day. But at first glance, the human comedy, as enacted on the road to the surf, seems deadly, monotonous. You can't help wondering whence most of the vehicles are dug up. You don't see them waiting by Manly pier. Only the over-worked coach, the crowded 'bus, and the smart motor-'bus, with humanity clinging on all over it, are noticed when the traveller leaves the boat and seeks the means of getting along to Pittwater. Except, oh, notable omission!— except, of. course, the 'Manly cab. Everything about dear old Manly is like Itself, and characteristic, but nothing Is so racily Manly-esque as the Manly cab. They breed, a race of pale cream ponies for those would-be elegant vehicles, with their air of faded gentility. A brown or bay or black pair In front of those well-known victorias, which from behind resemble the modest equipage of an admiral, would look shockingly incongruous. Imagine Boutine or the Rock Lily Hotel without a Manly cab with its light-colored chariot-rushers waiting outside the hotel while the fares refresh themselves within!  Why, the mind's eye refuses to form the picture. You simply can't do It . 'Bus and cab and coach stream along, till the outskirts of the village are reached, and then the weird freaks come into the picture.

The tram has apparently made no diminution In the number of horse-drawn vehicles. They are there in greater numbers than ever, and the tooting of the motor horns scatters them more, frequently than of yore. Going down to Pittwater on Saturday, fortunate beings sitting aloft in all kinds of cars and carts, or whirling on bicycles, pitied the groups of less fortunate fellow-mortals waiting for transport with apparently not a hope of getting It. Did they all get to their destination, and if so, how did they all get back again? 

Every hut, hovel; cottage, camp, and tent along the whole route Is crammed chock-a-block these week ends. Most of the huts, hovels, &c., have fancy names, such as "The Castle," "Redbank," "Sandbeck," and the like. Any appropriate name for any seaside building would Just now. be "Gad," for out of it "a troop scometh." From one corrugated iron tank about 10 by 10, twelve men will emerge, each browner and with rather less clothing on than the other. But how contented with life they look! 

The 'bathing of the bottle-oh was a great fact yesterday and Saturday, as it is every week-end; The bottle-oh, like all his superiors in the social sphere, feels the great Sydney yearning to be washed in the surf  every week-end. Alleged "spring" carts full, of him Jolt along the road, while the occupants roar songs and wave flagons of beer and behave themselves just not quite rowdily enough to bring their conduct under the term "righteous behavior" within the meaning of the Act. But once In their "neck-to-knees" and shooting breakers, the bottle-oh is not to be distinguished from the top loftiest Percy de Vere that ever shed his collar fence to don a Canadian. Breakers bring us all to one level. The surf-bather is the true socialist. 

In the Narrabeen Lagoon yesterday a forty of young athletes were doing wonderful things in the water. They were quite as clever as frogs, which are much more agile than fish, because a frog must breathe atmospheric air occasionally, while a fish has only-one element to play about In. These youths would rush down the steep sandbank and turn somersaults under the water, emerging after a long time, that seemed about 15 minutes to the onlookers, yards away from the shore. Their figures were "superb," like the figures of the girls at Maxim's. They looked fit for anything in the water, or on the verge thereof. But in their cart going home wildly waving beer bottles and yelling derision at the cream-colored cab occupants whom, they passed on the road, they were just badly, clad bottle-ohs In frowsy hand-me-downs. The old horse galloped along drawing humans who looked much stronger and more capable than the derelict gee-gee. . 

The charm of Manly and all that part right along to Barrenjoey is that it must be left to nature. You can't brush and comb and titivate it into civilisation. The weekenders don't want to get into civilised clothes and sit down to a silver and crystal laden table or napkin rings and black coffee. The simple life as the camper lives It is truly Australian. For him (and her) the old brown teapot, or even billy, is much to be preferred to any thermos flask. The cold beef and the chops fried out-of-doors are sweeter fare than made dish eaten In a hot dining-room, with perspiring waiters behind the diner, and fashionable hobble-skirted dame sniffing contemptuously at Nature and' all her ways, opposite him. For him (and her): the surf is the great event and attraction, and all the appurtenances of life as she is lived in cities mere Impertinences. ' . ... 

All the parts around the Narrabeen Lakes are pleasantly flavored with the mysterious. The district Is one of the oldest settled In Australia. Then It seemed to be forgotten for years, until the surf bathing craze set in, and now camps are as thick there as houses in a smart suburb. The narrow spit of land lying on the farther side of the bridge, and between the lake and the ocean is a canvas town at present. In New Year's week there were 78 canvas camps alone one bank of the lagoon. These canvas-householders have folded their tents like the Arabs, but the permanent campers are thick as bees there still. 

The great attraction is that after being tossed about in the cold, bracing ocean, the bather can turn his back on the surf and, walking about 50 yards to the Iagoon, plunge into a warm bath. It is an Ideal summer existence. Just surfing and Ioafing and getting tanned and Invigorated. Surfing is the latest cure for nervous breakdown, it is also an antidote to the nor'-easters. also cures Insomnia. In time no doubt it will be found the one and only remedy for 'housemaid's knee!" 

Weird folk dwelt about here In the early days. One extraordinary erection, used now as a summer cottage, is said to be haunted. It Is an enormous corrugated iron structure, with a five-row barbed wire fence all around it, and no windows opening on the road leading to the lagoon. Inside the rooms are vast and cool, being lined as to the walls with asbestos, sawdust, and other cooling substances. There are 'the ghost room,' other haunted chambers upstairs, enormous bats, and other queer things, that recall tales a la R.L.S. of smuggling dens and ponce aboard the lugger and the girl is mine." IN SOCIETY and OUT OF IT (1911, January 9). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 6 (CRICKET EDITION). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article221588977

Old Narrabeen by Madame Roth -1891 - EXHIBITION OF EARLY PAINTINGS BY AUSTRALIAN' ARTISTS AT HORDERNS' GALLERY. (1925, December 2). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 18. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article16258273

The president's minute.

At the last meeting of the Warringah Shire Council, the president (Cr. Quirk) submitted his annual minute. The finances of the shire were in a very sound condition, the total income amounting to £8391, as against £5552 for the previous year. As the outlook was most promising, the current year would probably give a corresponding increase. Surf bathing was one of the shires principal assets, and the pastime had received every attention from the council, accommodation being established at Newport and Narrabeen during the yearTowards the expenditure on the new enclosures the Government department had contributed £ for £, while the local residents subscribed one-third of the amount. 

The roads throughout the shire had been improved considerably. The principal amount spent was on Gordon-road, viz., £500. That thoroughfare was being made trafficable for the purpose of providing a new and direct route to the seaside for northern suburbs residents. 

An excellent business transaction resulted in the handing over of the whole of the Newport beach frontage— about six acres— to the shire. The transfer was effected through the payment of £150 by the Lands Department. The extension of the tram to Brookvale was most satisfactory, and made all the more pleasing by reason of the Minister's promise for an ultimate extension to Narrabeen. During the year 130 new dwellings had been erected within the area. Turimetta Reserve had been improved, and a splendid site secured for the Brookvale Park. Queenscliff and Freshwater had been lighted for the first time, the water supply of those places being also carried out by means of mains from Manly. The health of the shire was good, not one case of infectious disease having occurred during the year. Cr. Quirk hoped for the continued success of the council under the new presidency of Cr. Ralston. WARRINGAH SHIRE COUNCIL (1911, March 1). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 13. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article238718474

However it was people undressing without sheds to do this in and the distance between these and where they 'bathed' that led to those installed near where Narrabeen SLSC is requiring others. It's also important to remember that the fairly young then council did not have a large population living in the area and paying rates to subsidise all these works - they did have a state government that recognised the needs to be met though:

Surf Bathing.

The special committee appointed by the Minister for Works to investigate and report, upon the dressing' accommodation and life-saving organisation and appliances in connection with surf bathing on the various ocean beaches around Sydney, look further evidence at the Public Works Department. Mr. Lord was in the chair. Mr. George Wride, proprietor of bathing sheds at Narrabeen, said additional sheds should be erected about 130 yards north of the present ones. Notwithstanding the inaccessibility of the beach there were thousands of people going to Maroubra, which was a safe beach for bathers. 

Messrs. Mitchell and Pritchard, of the Narrabeen Surf Club, gave evidence that at the present time there was no access to the beach. The land belonged to private owners, and extended right down to the highwater mark. There were at present on the beach two enclosures for the use of surf bathers. They were of the opinion that the boys should be separated from the men in the sheds. As far as Narrabeen was concerned, very little thieving took place. At the present time there was no need to erect enclosures for sun bathing. Notices should be erected at dangerous spots along the beach. Surf Bathing. (1911, September 8). Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950), p. 10. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article132095127 

The Beach, Narrabeen, Album 'Scenes of Narrabeen, N.S.W.' circa 1900-1927, Sydney & Ashfield : Broadhurst Post Card Publishers Item: a106051h, courtesy State Library of NSW

A few years later:


The Surf Bathing Commission of N.S.W. allocated the sum of £220 and the necessary accommodation at North Narrabeen Beach. Since the commission considered the matter, the tramway has been extended from Collaroy Beach to the Narrabeen Bridge, and now trouble has arisen owing to the extension.
At the last meeting of the Warringah Shire Council a petition was read from the residents and visitors calling attention to the need for bathing accommodation at the foot of Waterloo-Street, Narrabeen. The spot is largely patronised by visitors, who will have to walk a mile to the North Narrabeen dressing sheds, and who naturally leave the tram at once make for the handiest spot on the beach for a dip in the surf. Many owners of cottages at Narrabeen have complained of the number of bathers who want the use of a room to undress. On Sundays and holidays, many disrobe behind bushes and sandhills. The beach at this spot was very safe for bathing, as there is a fine sand bank. The council has decided to provide £100, and the local residents are to provide £20. 
 BATHING AT NARRABEEN. (1914, June 17). Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), p. 4. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article114336516 

And then at the north end:


The land purchased by the Warringah Shire Council to give the public a right of way to Narrabeen Beach has been christened Birdwood Park. BIRDWOOD PARK (1916, December 28). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 4 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article223373938 

Narrabeen Head from Lagoon, circa 1928, from Album 'Samuel Wood - postcard photonegatives of Narrabeen,' - Item a1470094h, courtesy State Library of NSW

Field Marshal William Riddell Birdwood, 1st Baron Birdwood, GCB, GCSI, GCMG, GCVO, CIE, DSO (13 September 1865 – 17 May 1951) was a British Army officer. He saw active service in the Second Boer War on the staff of Lord Kitchener. He saw action again in the First World War as Commander of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps during the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915, leading the landings on the peninsula and then the evacuation later in the year, before becoming commander-in-chief of the Fifth Army on the Western Front during the closing stages of the war. He went on to be general officer commanding the Northern Army in India in 1920 and Commander-in-Chief, India, in 1925.

Birdwood was made Baronet of Anzac and of Totnes, in the County of Devon, on 29 December 1919. He toured Australia to great acclaim in 1920, visiting Narrabeen and the site named to honour him:



Yesterday Sir William and Lady Birdwood enjoyed a launch trip in delightful weather on the waters of Kuring-gai Chase, and a motor Journey to Newport and Manly, thus gaining an excellent opportunity of seeing some of the beautiful scenery about Sydney. The party included Sir George Fuller and other Ministers. 0n the way from Newport to Manly a call was made at Furlough House, Narrabeen, where the guests were received by Lady Fuller and Mrs. Cooper Day, secretary of Furlough House, and entertained at afternoon tea. General Birdwood was very much interested in the scheme for enabling soldiers' wives and dependents to enjoy a holiday at this pleasant spot.

To-day, about 11.40 a.m., General Birdwood will inspect tho Matraville Garden Village for soldiers. Originally this engagement was fixed for 3 p.m., and the change involves the cancellation of a large part of the programme arranged for tho day. The Senior Cadets and Boy Scouts, who were notified to muster at Beauchamp-road at 2.30 p.m., will not be re-quired. Many prominent citizens had accepted invitations to the village, and the board will welcome any who can attend the less pictur-lesque event in the morning. After General Birdwood has inspected the village, which now consists of 50 fine cottages, he will motor to the city, and lunch, as arranged, with tho Voluntary Workers' Association, at 189 Pitt-street.

In the evening he will be the guest of the Imperial Service Club, at dinner at the Town Hall.

Sir William and Lady Birdwood will visit the Bankstown Soldiers' Settlement Poultry Farms to-morrow afternoon, arriving at the settlement about 3 o'clock, and will be met by Mr. Ashford.

On Monday, Sir William Birdwood will be engaged all day with the Red Cross Society. Commencing at 10.45 a.m. there will be a re-view of V.A.D.'s on the grounds outside Government House, when General Birdwood will probably deliver a short address. He will then visit the weaving, toy-making, and basket-ware industries before going to Rose Hall for lunch. At 2.30 he will visit the Blinded Soldiers' Tearoom in Pitt-street, and then cross to North Sydney, where he will in-spect the Graythwaite Convalescent Home.

On Monday evening Sir William Birdwood will dine at the Australian Club.

On Tuesday there will be a display by 10,000 Public School children at the Sydney Cricket Ground, in honour of General and Lady Bird-wood. A feature will be a tableau of welcome, and a general rehearsal for this event will be held at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Monday, commencing at 11.15 a.m., and lasting until about 3 p.m.GENERAL BIRDWOOD. (1920, April 10). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 13. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article15870061

He then became general officer commanding the Northern Army in India later that year. He was promoted to field marshal (with the corresponding honorary rank in the Australian Military Forces) on 20 March 1925 and, having been appointed a Member of the Executive Council of the Governor-General of India in July 1925, he went on to be Commander-in-Chief, India, in August 1925.

In retirement Birdwood was Colonel of the 12th Royal Lancers (1920–1951), the 6th Gurkha Rifles (1926–1951), and the 75th (Home Counties) (Cinque Ports) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery (1939–1951). In January 1936 he attended the funeral of King George V and in May 1937 he was present for the coronation of King George VI. He was raised to the peerage in recognition of his wartime service as Baron Birdwood, of Anzac and of Totnes in the County of Devon, on 25 January 1938.

His autobiography Khaki and Gown (1941) was followed by In my time: recollections and anecdotes (1946). Lord Birdwood died at Hampton Court Palace, where he lived in grace-and-favour apartments, on 17 May 1951. He was buried at Twickenham Cemetery with full military honours. The Australian Government still pays for the upkeep of his grave.

General Sir W. R. Birdwood, G.C.M.G., K.C.B. from Gallipoli Diary, Vol. 2 by Sir Ian Hamilton.

In 1918 the idea of Furlough House, a rest place for the children of those who had served in World War One, and their mothers, was first mooted. Officially opened in June 1919, with the first intake of youngsters and their mums months later, the need for a safer area for visitors to swim, especially those unused to surf conditions, was put forward by the surf club and North Narrabeen SLSC that first requested a rock pool be built. The Warringah Shire Council Minutes from Meetings of March 3rd, 1919 records in Item 21. N. Narrabeen Surf Club 24/2/19, requesting construction of rock-bath, and offering to contribute to cost : Resolved,-  That the Engineer prepare plan and estimate for next meeting. ... Item  30. Royal Zoological Society, N.S W., 23/8/19, re Honorary Rangers under Birds & Animals Protection Act ; Resolved, (Councillor Sterland, Councillor Thew) That the Engineer and Sanitary Inspector be nominated as Honorary Rangers for the Shire; Councillor Atkin for Narrabeen; Councillor Rose for and Councillor Duffy for Mona Vale. That an advertisement be inserted in the local papers notifying that the Shire is now a Bird Sanctuary. 

Nothing happened, although a March 1920 Council Meeting records; 19. Deewhy Surf Club., 10/3/20, requesting permission to enlarge Club House and to purchase Newport surf-boat. Resolved, … That the Club be informed that it is the intention of the Council, during May, to hold a Conference with the various surf-clubs, and Surf-Bathing Association, for the purpose of going into the matter of improving the bathing accommodation on the beaches throughout the Shire. 20. Collaroy Beach Progress Association, 10/3/20 suggesting that the Prince of Wales be invited to visit the Shire. Received.

Just before Spring 1920 The Meeting of 9th AUGUST. 1920 records; -That the matter stand over, pending the enquiry to the Port Jackson & Manly Steamship Company, as to whether the Council can get from them, the necessary money for carrying out the whole scheme of improvements on the beaches, was defeated.) Narrabeen 3. Resolved, - (Crs. Greenwood & Campbell) That the sum of Thirty-eight pounds (£38) be voted for effecting improvements and repairs to the public and club accommodation on Narrabeen beach; in accordance with the report. Collaroy & Resolved; -(Crs. Greenwood & Campbell) That the Collaroy Surf Club be furnished with a copy of the report and estimate of the Engineer regarding the Club House at Collaroy Beach, and it be asked what it is prepared.to u contribute towards the cost. 

Through subsequent years the idea seemed to fade away with Warringah Shire Records noting on 19th April, 1922: That the Engineer prepare plans and specification for carrying out the improvements to Mona Vale Rock Bath, and that tenders be called for the work. Resolved, - (Crs. Hewitt, Quirk) That the Engineer prepare plans and specification for putting an extra pile in Bayview Wharf, and carrying the shed towards the road, extending it 15 feet. On Newport Surf & L. S. Club, 23/4/22, drawing attention to the unsafe condition of the cliff overlooking the Rock Bath and also of the hand-rail over the Newport Lagoon Resolved- (Crs. Hitchcock, Quirk) That the hand-rail be repaired, and the Surf Bathing Association, 1/8/22 respecting proposed formation of surf-life saving club at Mona Vale, and suggesting that Council call a public meeting for the purpose :  Resolved., - (Crs. Quirk,Hewitt) They be informed the Shire will call a public meeting for the Sunday immediately preceding 8-hour day, to be held in the afternoon at 3 o'clock at the residence of. Mr, Fred Lane, and that, at the meeting, the question of enlarging the rock-bath will also be discussed, and on the Meeting of October 30th, 1922 Tenders for the enlargement of the Mona Vale Rock Bath were opened. Resolved, - (Crs. Quirk, Hewitt) That the lowest tender, that of Bass & Dunlop of Brookvale for £90/17/ be accepted, and, in the event Of that defaulting, that of £168 Of Roche of Bayview be accepted.

And even at that same meeting: Cr, Quirk moved -  "That the Engineer prepare an estimate for constructing two lawn tennis courts In Trafalgar Square, Newport,...Cr. Hewitt seconded; Carried. and (Crs. Campbell, Parr) That the plan Of the Masonic Temple at Narrabeen, be approved, and no fee paid. Resolved, - (Cr; Greenwood, Campbell) That the incineer estimate, for next meeting, the cost of filling up the adjoining footpath. 

While at the Meeting of 18th of December, 1922: Mrs.  E. Lawrence, 11/12/220 requesting Council's approval to her proposal to build concrete baths and boat-shed at Taylor's Point Beach: Council Resolved; - That it be referred to the Works Committee

 Although all these youngsters were enjoying swimming in the relatively safe waters off Birdwood Park:

Youngsters' Swimming Pool

Narrabeen lagoon just now is the play area of thousands of small children, who are enjoying the vacation with their parents at the seaside. From early morning until well on towards the twilight the little people frolic like a swarm of mackerel in the warm shallow waters a little westward of the entrance, enjoying every game known among those who are expert in the ways of the watersider. Even the tiniest tots in the village are bundled down to the water's edge, where they crawl around and scratch the sand, or swallow sea water at will. Sunburn, sand-eating, blue finger are the only known terrors of the Narrabeen Inner beaches, and the tired suburban mother has no fear of these. 
NARRABEEN LAGOON (1922, January 10). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 6 (CRICKET EDITION). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article225218126 

It seemed everywhere was getting an area they could use as a bathing pool, except North Narrabeen. Meanwhile, Warringah Shire Records of January 26th, 1925 record:

Resolved; - (Crs. Parr, Atkins) That a letter be sent to Messrs. Proudfoot and Barnett of the North Narrabeen Club, expressing appreciation of the recent gallant rescues effected by them on Narrabeen Beach, and a letter also to Austin Dellit for a similar rescue at Palm Beach. 6.. Newport Progress Assn. 22/1/25: requesting that a road and distance sign be erected at the junction of the road leading from the public wharf and Queen Street : Resolved, - (Crs. gnr Hewitt, Hitchcock) That the road sign be erected, as requested, and that the Inspector investigate the drainage nuisance complained of. 8. Narrabeen Progress Asscn. 23/1/25, on the desirability of having and public road or Reserve right round Narrabeen Lake. Resolved, - (Crs. Atkins, Corkery) That the Association be informed the Council is in accord with them on this matter, is already giving it consideration, and is taking steps to confer with some of the owners of land adjoining the Lake. Item 51.E. Trigg. 4/3/25. further re proposed acquisition of beach frontages at Newport, to give access to site for proposed rock-bath  Left with the Clerk to reply to.

May 1925 looked promising: 

Newport Parents Citizens Assn. 1/5/25, on the need for swimming baths on the bay side of Newport. Resolved, - (Crs. Hewitt, Rayner) That a reply be sent pointing out that it has been the general practice, when constructing swimming baths in the shire for the public to contribute one-third of the cost, and asking them what their proposal is in this direction. Also enquire as to The site, if any, they have in view.. Item 7 Narrabeen Improvement Society. 6/5/25, requesting an estimate of the cost of constructing rock-bath at North Narrabeen, near the lake entrance 

On October 6th, 1925 Council's Records state:

South Narrabeen surf sheds; That the B. Riding Councillors view the proposed site for public bathing - accommodation at Clark Street, Narrabeen. Item 6. Resolved, - (Crs. Hope, Simpson) That the Engineer's recommendation for a site for a bath on Pittwater Bay at Newport be adopted, namely - Between the wharf and Johnson's Boat Shed, Pittwater and the Engineer prepare estimates for such bath

In December 1925 an E. H. Archibald, in a letter dated 29/12/25 is requesting that in view of the recent fatality at Narrabeen Lake, notice boards be erected at dangerous spots; while, interestingly the Local Government Association, in a circular dated 24/12/25, is forwarding Summary of the 44-Hour Week Act, coming into force on 4th Jan, 1926

By February 1926 the Mona Vale and Districts Progress Assn, letter dated 2/2/26, is asking that repairs be effected to the dressing sheds on Mona Vale and Bongin Beaches, and drawing attention to the bad state of the uncompleted portions of the main road between Mona Vale and Narrabeen. The Association was also ''drawing attention to dangerous state of the lower end of Darley Street; and enquiring when the promised work on Garden Street, Park Street, and Darley Street, and the improvement of the junction at Mona Vale, will be carried out''. They were informed these roads will be attended when funds are available, underlining that this council did not have millions of £ available for such works.

The Minutes of a Council Meeting of 8th June,1926 record that the Narrabeen Progress Association, in correspondence dated 27.5.26 is submitting resolutions passed by a Public Meeting held on 26th instant and is ''urging that action be taken to prevent the cutting of trees and on Carefree and Wimbledon Reserves; that the Government be approached to convert the Island in Narrabeen Lake into a Recreation Ground; with an approaching causeway from Narrabeen Street''; that ''the Shire Engineer report on some method for regulating the level of the waters of the lagoon; that valuations be obtained for certain lands between Pittwater Road, Powderworks Road and Garden Street, with a view to resumptions, and that the ford obstructing the waterway on the west side of Pittwater Road north of Deep Creek Road be removed''. 

The Council Resolved, - per Crs. Atkins and Main, 'That notice boards be erected as early as possible on Wimbledon and Carefree Reserves, and on the reserve at the entrance to Deep Creek 'and Middle Creek warning against the cutting of trees on this reserve, and that the Association be invited to nominate Honorary Rangers to assist the Council'. It was further Resolved., - 'That the Council write the District Parliamentary Members, and ask then to arrange a deputation regarding the Island on Narrabeen Lake. That the engineer, when opportunity offers, give his views as to the possibility of regulating the level of the waters of the lagoon. And That valuations be supplied, as requested; That the engineer inspect and report regarding the obstruction of the waterway referred to'. 

Also at the same meeting correspondence was read from North Narrabeen Surf L. S. Club. 26.5.26 urging that the contribution the for Club House be expedited, and consideration given to Mrs. Butcher's offer of land for a site. Resolved, - 'They be informed that the matter has been referred to a Special Bathing Committee of the Council.' While Collaroy Beach Surf Life Saving Club. 24.5.26. were suggesting 'that the most suitable position for the new Collaroy Club House would be between the present Club House and the ladies Club House,.and a little closer to the Road'' They too were referred to the Surf Bathing Committee; and ''two representatives of the Surf Club, and also of the Progress Association be invited to attend the meeting of the surf Bathing Committee, and discuss the question.''

In July 1926 the Narrabeen Progress Assn., dated 19/7/26, is submitting petition for 105 signatories for the dredging of a channel between Wimbledon Estate No. 2 and the 8-acres island in Narrabeen Lake.

And in August, when work was undertaken to open the mouth of the Lagoon: 23. 8.26. requesting that sanitary accommodation be provided at the mouth of Narrabeen Lake for the use of men working there at flood time. It was resolved that sanitary accommodation be provided, as requested. 

And then there was hope! At the Council Meeting dated 25th of October, 1926 a letter is received from the Green-Hills Collins Estate Progress Assn., dated 16.10.26, requesting that lights be placed in the public lavatories at the Narrabeen tram-terminus; that the Engineer furnish an estimate for constructing a rock-bath at North Narrabeen Head, and that the Engineer report on a scheme for regulating the level of the water in Narrabeen Lake, by means of a channel through the rocks

It was Resolved By Crs. Hope and Simpson; ''That the Engineer furnish an estimate for the rock- bath, as requested; they be informed of the proposed new public lavatories at the tram terminus, and nothing be done in regard to the third request.''

In 1927 the Minutes of Council's Meeting of 10th January, 1927 show the Greenhills and Collinwood Progress Assoc. 21/12/26. Requesting that a road be constructed round the foot of the hill to Narrabeen Head leading to the site of the proposed rock bath, and that three public shelters be erected on Collinwood Park, with tables and seats, Council to supply the material, the Association the labour, and that a drinking tap be placed at the water-trough at the junction of Powder Works Road and Pittwater Road, and that name boards be erected on the streets in Collinwood as previously promised. It was Resolved by Crs. Parr and Atkins that the Association be informed of the negotiations with the Salvation Army for the opening of a road along the northern side of Lake Park, the Inspector to furnish an estimate for the shelter, sheds, and the drinking Tap be installed at the Powder Works Road junction as requested. Also Resolved, by Crs, Hitchcock and Hope; that a water tap be also installed at the junction of Warriewood and Pittwater Roads, and that the street name boards be erected in Collinwood as suggested

However the records of 24th of January, 1927 show in regard to the North Narrabeen Rock Bath that Crs Atkins and Parr were asking that the Engineer expedite his estimate for the construction of a rock-bath at North Narrabeen.

Later that year funds began being entrusted to council for a future rock-bath: 25th of July, 1927; Narrabeen Rock Bath – F. W. Kinneir-Tarte, Hon Sec Narrabeen Xmas Carnival. Stating how it is proposed to allocate the proceeds of the last carnival. Resolved (Crs. Atkins, Parr) that the proposed allocation for a rock-bath be approved, the Council accept the money and hold it in trust until sufficient is in 'hand to carry out the work

Also happening in July 1927:

Tenders are Accepted
Subject to approval by the Salvation Army, Warringah Shire Council on Monday accepted tenders for the Narrabeen Peninsula Bridge. If council's decision stands also for its approaches, Mr. Holden of Newcastle will build the bridge, and Mr. John MacDonald of Dee Why, who for many years has been road contractor to the Salvation Army, will construct its approaches. NARRABEEN PENINSULA BRIDGE (1927, July 27). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 28. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article246988416 

NEW BRIDGE Over Narrabeen Lake
The Salvation Army has notified Warringah Shire Council that Mr. Jas. Shedden's tender for the bridge, and Mr. John Macdonald's tender for its approaches, have received their approval. The work is to be commenced without delay, and it is hoped it will be completed in time to permit the first sub-division auction sale of Narrabeen Park Estate to be held at ChristmasNEW BRIDGE (1927, August 3). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 24. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article246404351 

Crowds around a new flood control channel from Narrabeen Lake to sea Image. No: hood_06408, circa 1927 courtesy State Library of NSW - NB bridge build background of this photo - compare with:

People onshore at low tide Narrabeen Lake, New South Wales, ca. 1927 Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-157488843

At its Council Meeting of 14th of November, 1927 a letter from the Surf Life Saving Association (dated 241/27) is ''Suggesting.- that Council apply to the Government for a grant for the purpose of erecting a new clubhouse at North-Narrabeen, and pointing out that Waterloo Street bathing area is dangerous thing without a patrol. ''

A few weeks later, at the 28th of November, 1927 Meeting the Greenhills and Collinwood Progress Association. 16/11/27. is ''Requesting that a large "danger deep water" sign, 6 x 6,  painted in red, be erected in  Narrabeen Lake near Collinwood Dredging Park. It was Resolved (Crs. Simpson, Atkins) - That the board be erected as requested.

While the Narrabeen North Progress Association, (21/11/27) is again requesting the Council to do something towards establishing rock baths at the northern end of Narrabeen Beach, and requesting that Deep Creek Road be extended and improved to make Deep Creak accessible by vehicles. The Engineer was asked to expedite his report on the first matter, and the second matter was to be referred to the Overseer for a report.

ONE-WAY TRAFFIC may be instituted at Narrabeen with the completion of this bridge across the lake. It will be a boon to motorists travelling to Palm Beach Beach. POTTERY MAKING ON MODERN LINES--AN INSPIRED STATUE BY NOTED FRENCH [?]H SCULPTOR--BRIDGING THE NARRABEEN LAKE: (1927, November 24). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 18. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article246394596

The Bridge, Lakes Entrance. N. Narrabeen. N.S.W. (Ocean street bridge looking north, circa 1928)

Ocean street Bridge - View to Narrabeen Camping grounds, circa 1931


WITH HIGH SEAS RUNNING ALONG THE COAST members of the North Narrabeen Surf Life-Saving Club were called upon to rescue more than one venturesome surfer yesterday. Their ambition -is to build a new club house, estimated, to cost £2000. It is to the club's credit that during its 14 years' existence no case of drowning has occurred while members have been on duty. 

(1 ) Some of the members. (2) Honorary secretary to the club, Mr. K. MacLeod, wearing his perpetual smile. (3) The Guinea Photographer invests "Fatty" Harding, of Narrabeen, with a halo. He will receive a guinea on presenting a copy ; of the paper at this office. (4) Life-saving patrol, led by W. Proudfoot, prepared against any emergency. (5) A rescue and resuscitation team of picked men.  (6) Fair- surfers for whom: yesterday's heavy surf held no terrors while the life-savers were at call; (7) Watching and - Waiting. — The patrol ready for instant action. Inset: The club's surf boat, Barracoota II., riding in on a breaker. WHY THERE ARE NO DROWNINGS AT NORTH NARRABEEN (1927, November 14). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 24. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article246397473

By January 23rd, 1928 the North Narrabeen Surf Life-saving Club,(letter dated  21/1/8) is ''suggesting that the public dressing sheds be erected on the land acquired from Mrs. Butcher for a Club-house, and that the bathing sheds form the basement of the proposed new club-house. It was Resolved( Cr. Atkins, Cr. Greenwood) that the matter be referred to B Riding Councillors, and they, in company with the Engineer, and Inspector, make an inspection of the site.''

At the Council Meeting held on February 6th, 1928 the Greenhills and Collinwood Assn. 18/1/28 are ''Requesting that Collins St., Walsh St., and Beach St., be repaired and that Lake Park Road be now put in trafficable condition, and that the surface water at the corners of Oak St. and Namona St. be drained off, that the broken bottles and other rubbish on Lake Park be cleaned up; that a footpath for pedestrians be provided at the 2 North bridges on Pittwater Road, and Nareen Rd., also at Narrabeen Creek, Pittwater Rd.'', AND ''that the Engineer’s report re rock- baths at Narrabeen Head be expedited.''

At the same meeting correspondence from G.R.McKay and M.J. Byron, 17/1/8 is ''Requesting Street that Macpherson Street, Sheep Station Hill, be formed, and requesting that it be extended to the Salvation Amy property''. Council Resolved, per Crs. Simpson, Cr. Hope, ''that £30 be voted for the formation of 14 chains, and laying larger pipes across Warriewood Road.''

Finally, at the Warringah Shire Council Meeting held on March 5th, 1928 Crs Hope and Hitchcock were able to Resolve - ''That the report regarding the construction of a rock bath at Narrabeen head be adopted and a copy of it be sent to the Progress Association concerned.'' 

At the same meeting these two Councillors also Resolved; - 'That the approved and "extras" on the Black Swamp Drainage Contract, amounting to £210 be paid in full, that the contract deposit be refunded, and Mr. Dean, the contractor, be offered, without prejudice, the sum of £150 in full satisfaction of his further claim for "extras".'

By June 25th, 1928 beach works further north, worth noting, formed part of the Warringah Shire Council's long-term agenda to facilitate permanent access to beach reserves

Public Works Department. (letter dated 14/6/28) ''Advising that the plan in connection with the regulation of the waters of Narrabeen lagoon will be available about the middle of July''. Received. Item 2. Valuer General (Letter dated 18/6/28). Re compensation claims in respect of Newport Beach resumptions, and inquiring if the Council will agree to a settlement with Mrs. M. Sowerbv of £925. It was Resolved, per Crs. Hitchock and Parr - ''That the suggestion of settlement of £925 be agreed to.''

On July 23rd, 1928 the Narrabeen Chamber of Commerce (letter dated 13/7/28) is requesting to be furnished with a copy of the Engineer's report respecting the site at the north end of the peninsula suggested for rock- baths. Resolved by Crs. Atkins and Hitchcock — That the Engineer revise the report, and a copy be sent to the Chamber

At the same Meeting correspondence from the Narrabeen North Progress Association, (17/7/28) is "Requesting that the association be furnished with the amount of rates money collected in A.Riding in 1926,and where spent in 1927; respecting neglected sanitary service in the district, protesting-against the Council's proposal to bear half the cost of tarring the main road on Narrabeen Park Estate-, and that inspections be made of Alleyne Avenue, Lake Park Road, Powderworks Road and Taiyul Road.'' (1) Left to the Clerk to deal with as he thinks with as fit, (2) referred to-the Inspector and(4) to the Overseer. Item 73  records J. Gallon (18/7/28) Re proposal to-acquire portion of his land for the purpose of connecting Barrenjoey Road and Nullaburra Road, and inquiring if the Council will permit the erection of a building on the residue of the block. That Inquiry was deferred until the next meeting.

The Shire Engineer verbally reported that the cost of making Palm Beach parking area on the ocean beach reserve at Palm Beach, as it was suggested by Mr. A. J. Hordern, would be about £150. Resolved a . (s. Hitchcock, Campbell) -'That Mr. Hordern's offer of a loan for this work, and also for improvements to the-reserve adjoining his place, be accepted, and the work be put in hand as soon as the money is available, tenders to be called for filling.''

With regard to the obtaining of metal from Newport quarry by Mr. J. T. Hewitt, it was decided that Mr. Hewitt be written to point out that the procedure adopted by him was wrong, that he can get no further supplies unless he applies to the Council in writing; and further that no metal will be issued if the Council's work is to be in any way interfered with.- Also Quarries - resolved (Crs.-Atkins, Hitchcock):- That no metal be issued from the Council's quarries to private persons. except upon production of a written order from the Council.

As further indications of how the council was shaping the 'landscape' the Meeting of August 20th, 1928 records; ''Resolved (Crs. Parr, Hitchcock) - That Alford be allowed to remove the cut down timber on the roadside at Bayview.''  And ''Resolved (Crs. Campbefl, Parr) - That the building permits granted since last meeting be confirmed, but that the Palm Beach Club's plan of proposed additions to the Surf Club House be not approved.'' And ''Resolved - That the Inspector furnish an estimate for the repainting and repairing of N. Twight's resumed premise's on the resumed area at Collaroy Beach. ''Lands Department. 3/8/28, Further re: Turimetta Cemetery, and stating reference is being made to the various Church authorities concerned as to whether there is any objection on their part to the control of their respective portions of the cemetery being transferred to the Council.'' Received. Resolved (Crs. Atkins, Parr) - That the Works Committee, if time permits, at its next meeting, discuss with the Narrabeen Chamber of Commerce the question of a Rock bath at North Narrabeen.''

The Meeting of September 3rd, 1928 records ''Narrabeen Chamber of Commerce (16/8/28) ''Requesting the Council receive a deputation respecting the state of Lagoon Street.'' Resolved (Crs. Greenwood, Parr) - They be informed there is no money available for this work, and that the Engineer be instructed to make an inspection and see what can be done in the way of maintenance with gravel

By October 2nd, 1928 it was Resolved (per Crs. Atkins, Hitchcock) -That a copy of the North report regarding a proposed rock bath at North Narrabeen be sent to each of the Progress Associations interested in the matter - Road.Signs Ltd. . 13/9/28. Requesting permission to remove an existing advertising sign at Pittwater Road, Sheep. Station Hill, to the property of Mrs. N. A. Edwards, Pittwater Road, North Narrabeen. Permission granted under the conditions suggested by the Inspector. 

On October 15th, 1928 the Main Roads Board Granting £110 for repairs to No 3 bridge over Narrabeen Lagoon. Work to be proceeded with. The Narrabeen North Progress Association (letter of 5/10/28),are  requesting a definite statement as to when the electricity service will be expended to A. Riding, and also requesting favourable consideration of the extension of the watermain through Taiyul Road to Old Powderworks Road. Council resolved that the Association are to be informed of the position in regard to the electricity service extension proposal, and also of the Water Boards refusal to make further extensions. Narrabeen Chamber of Commerce. 10/10/28. Guaranteeing to pay, before the end of the year, the cost of the shelter shed on the reserve near the tram terminus, in excess of the money held in trust by the Council. Council Resolved - That the work be now proceeded with.

On October 29th, 1928 North Narrabeen S.L.S. Club were Nominating for appointment as Beach Inspectors, J.R. Cameron, J.R. Black, W.A, Grose, W. Lloyd, T. King and W. Barnett. Council Resolved - That the members named be appointed Beach Inspectors, and that the appointments be made under the Seal of the Council.

The Meeting of November 26th, 1928 is worth noting as F. Lambert, 23/11/28, was stating that the footpath at front of his gateway at Ocean House, Narrabeen has be left in a dangerous condition, and that the Council should build a drain while J. McLean, 26/11/28, is submitting proposal for employment of a professional life saver on Waterloo Street beach, Narrabeen. Council Resolved, per Crs. Greenwood and Atkins; - That the Council agree to subsidise the employment of a life saver,  £ for £, for a period of three months commencing from 1st Decemberon condition that the life saver does duty on the beach at week-ends and on holidays, and that he is insured under the Workers Compensation Act.

Two weeks later, on December 10th, 1928; That £9 be voted for restoring the sand and top-.dressing with clay the footpath on Ocean Street adjacent to "Ocean House’’ Ocean Street, Narrabeen

In December 17th, 1928 the Narrabeen  Chamber of Commerce, 6/12/28, is suggesting that an alarm bell be erected at the lake entrance to give warning of accidents in the lake. Council Resolved that a copy of the letter be forwarded to the North Narrabeen Surf Club for an expression of opinion. 

At the same meeting the Harbord Progress Assocation, 12/12/28, are requesting that the Council offer a reward for information leading to the conviction of the person or persons who drowned a dog in the Harbord rock bath, and that the Council give consideration to the advisability of erecting two small dressing sheds, with water service laid on, near the Harbord. Council Resolved; - That the Council offer a reward of £5 for information that will lead to the conviction of the persons who drowned the dog in the rock bath, and that a notice be erected at the rock bath and at all other rock baths, prohibiting the swimming of dogs in the baths, and that the question of erecting dressing sheds….

The Narrabeen North Progress Association, letter dated 11/12/28, is requesting that the promised erection of direction boards and danger signs in that district be expedited, and also that a disc be erected on Gordon Road at the place called Thompson's Folly. The request be acceded to was council's Response. The same organisatiionm was suggesting that steps be erected at Ocean Street bridge as near to the water's edge as possible to give access to the ocean beach for pedestrians, and requesting that something be done in regard to the provision of a pathway between the bridges on the main road, and that the approaches to the main bridge be given attention. These were referred to the Works Overseer for a report. 

At the Meeting of January 21st, 1929, By Cr. Greenwood - that the old grader at the corner of Lagoon Street and Tourmaline Street be brought into the dept; that the North Narrabeen Surf Club be informed that the Council is not in a position to meet their wishes in to the financing the erection of the Club House, but is prepared to do what was done in the case of Collaroy, and that the Council considers their scheme is too elaborate 

On February 4th, 1929 the Main Roads Board, 23/1/29 is Granting £50 towards repairs to No. 1 bridge over Narrabeen Lagoon. 

At the same Meeting correspondence from the Avalon Beach & District Progress Association (16/1/2),- Complaining of the bad condition of Central Avenue.. This was Referred to "A" Riding Councillors, the Engineer to furnish an estimate for putting the road in reasonably trafficable condition. Same residents organisation; ''Complaining of the condition in which Avalon Parade has been left between Wickham's Store and the beach, and suggesting certain improvements, requesting that traffic warning signs be erected on both approaches to the intersection at Wickham's Store, and also a traffic dome opposite this point, (3) inquiring what is proposed to be done in connection with the interference with the natural drainage across Avalon Parade at Wickham's store and on the necessity for extending Taylor's Point Wharf another 25 feet, and of the construction of baths adjoining the wharf.''  Council Resolved, per Crs. Hitchcock and Robertson; - That £2 be voted for a timber culvert to.give a 6-ft. path near the tennis courts in Avalon Parade, that the Assoc. be furnished with a copy' of the Engineer's report that the Works Department be asked to approve of a traffic dome being placed at this junction; and that Mr..A. J. Small be asked whether he intends to proceed with the cutting of a drain as previously arranged.'' Meanwhile, E. Kenny & Son.. 19/1/29, are submitting specifications for a safety fence along The Serpentine, .Avalon Beach Estate, of a type adopted by the Main Roads Board. Specification approved.

While on that dome;

But Position is All Wrong, Say Drivers
Motorists using the road to Palm Beach have narrowly escaped serious accident from time to time by driving their cars over a traffic dome at the corner of Barrenjoey-road and Avalon Parade, Avalon, owing to the dome being in a position not suspected by those unfamiliar with the locality. The N.R.M.A. recently took the matter up with the Warringah Shire Council, and suggested a new location for the dome. The Council has now advised the Association that the present position of the dome was selected by the road authorities, but that the Council, endorsing the N.R.M.A. contention, was communicating with the department in order to have the potential danger removed. "THEY LEFT A DOME AT AVALON" (1929, September 29). Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1930), p. 15. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article131622034 

In the Meeting held on February 18th, 1929 J. J. Hickey 8/2/1929 is forwarding blue prints and specifications of the proposed Club House at North Narrabeen, and requesting that tenders be called for carrying out the work. It was decided that the Council call for tenders, further; it was decided that Council will call for Tenders alternatively for brick and timber, and that representatives of the Club be invited to be present when the Tenders are opened. At the same Meeting the Narrabeen Chamber of Commerce, 12/2/1929, is requesting to be supplied with plans, specifications and estimate for the construction of rock baths at North Narrabeen. Once again the Shire Engineer was asked to furnish the Association with what they require. 

In March 18th, 1929 Crs. Parr and Austin are requesting that the Inspector furnish a report of the work at South Narrabeen to which .£29.17.s of the Narrabeen Carnival proceeds was allocated.  While at Avalon Beach Estate - proposed tarring of roads: that the Council, agree only to the tarring of Plateau Road and Serpentine Crescent, and that the Engineer furnish an estimate of the-cost of this, the Company to be informed that the work will be proceeded with immediately. 

All things Narrabeen featured in the Meeting held on April 29th, 1929: Narrabeen Progress Association, 10/4/29, Requesting (1), that the recently constructed stormwater channel in Nactier Street be extended through to Park Street, (2) that the owner of the land at the corner of Clarke and Park Streets be required to clear the land of very heavy bush, (3) that four culvert stones at the corner of Park and Goodwin Streets be adjusted to do away with a danger to traffic, (4) that the road between Narrabeen Post Office and Taylor’s Store be extended, (5) that Clarke Street between Park Street and Pittwater Road be reformed and tarred, and (6) that provision be made for continuing the footpath from Collaroy to Narrabeen between the Narrabeen Post Office and the Terminus. Council Resolved; (1) Association to be informed there it no money available for this work. (2) referred to the Inspector for report. (3) referred to the Overseer for report or attention. (4) referred to the overseer for report. (5) referred to the Overseer for report. (6)  consideration to be given to the request when the Main Roads Board's work is in hand. The Oxford Falls Progress Association, letter of 15/4/29; Respecting the generally bad condition of Oxford Falls Road, and contending that the expense of maintaining the road should be charged against the quarry. This was Referred to B. and C. Riding Councillors.

Flights at Narrabeen formed part of the Meeting held on July 22nd, 1929; By Cr. Greenwood - That the Land Department’s attention be drawn to the destruction of trees on Narrabeen Lake by the operators of the aeroplane; and that the traffic Departments’ attention be drawn to the congestion of traffic on the main road as a result of the operations of the aeroplane in that locality. 


A sheet of flame to-day almost enveloped the mechanic ' of an aeroplane which regularly makes pleasure flights  over Narrabeen. He was boiling soiled oVealls In a kerosene tin when his clothes suddenly caught fire. The mechanic was severely burned about the lower part of the body, and he was removed, suffering Intense agony, to a doctor's surgery. The victim, Clarence Boyd, aged 26, who lives in Lagoon-street, Narrabeen, had placed the kerosene-tin, containing his overalls over a fire in the bush near the landing ground of the 'plane. The clothes he was wearing were stained with petrol and oil, and burned rapidly.'

The pilot of the 'plane (C. R. Gurney), ran to Boyd's assistance, but Boyd, driven to desperation by extreme pain, dashed for the lake and took a header into the water. Gurney then took Boyd to the surgery of Dr. Mclnnes, who treated the burns, and then ordered Boyd's removal to the Royal North Shore Hospital in the Manly Ambulance. Boyd was admitted Immediately. His condition this afternoon was reportod to be satisfactory. Three Shot and House Burnt in Shocking Tragedy Near Woy Woy (1929, August 22). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 13 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article222951890

Above: John Williams (Father of John L and Cedric M Williams) about to go for a flight at Narrabeen - circa 1929 - photo courtesy the Williams Family. John Williams was a good friend of Captain P G Taylor (later Sir) and these photos were collected by his wife Sophie Iris Williams (nee Fox)

With the increasing popularity of the light aeroplane, this spectacle is likely to be seen more often on the highway: The picture shows Mr. W. Taylor' s plane being towed to Palm Beach after he had landed at Narrabeen, following a flight from Cootamundra. Hitched on to the back of the car, with its wings folded, the plane presented no difficulties in transport. A NEW VEHICLE ON THE ROADS. (1929, January 15).Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), p. 1. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article115697905 

Minutes of Meeting of 23rd September 1929 record Parslow & Lougher, 16/9/29, Advising that they are prepared to carry out the reclamation work on the island reserves in Narrabeen Lake, and to accept payment for such Reclamation work over a number of years. It was Resolved, that the Engineer expedite the furnishing of his estimate. The Main Roads Board, 17/9/29, are replying that there are no funds available for improvements at First Rocks on Gordon Road during the present year, but that a survey had been completed to enable the work to be put in hand when funds are available. ''Received''.  

At the Meeting of October 21st, 1929; Deewhy Beach, Sea-wall Extension: Mr. J. A. Buey (?), Trustee of the Deewhy rock bath, addressed the Council on the matter, and explained an alternative proposal for . proceeding with the extension. It was resolved that the B. Riding Councillors and the Engineer meet representatives of the League and of the Trustees of the rock bath at the beach for the purpose of discussing the matter. It was decided that such conference should be held at 2 o'clock next Monday; and that the conference of A. Riding and B. Riding Councillors with other interested parties on the matter of the Narrabeen dredging of a channel in Narrabeen Lake and the reclamation of the island reserve be held on the same day at 3.15 p.m. at the Narrabeen tram terminus. 

In the November 4th, 1929 Meeting a 'Report on conference held between Councillors, Dredging Contractor and residents of Narrabeen respecting proposed dredging of boating channel and reclamation of Narrabeen island reserves in Narrabeen Lagoon. Letters on the same Lagoon matter from H. Parslow, W. J. Douglass and F. W. Kinneir Tarte, received subsequent to the conference, were read in conjunction with the report. The three gentlemen named were present at the Council meeting; and answered questions put to them by the President and Councillors. It was Resolved (Crs.Hitchcock,Austin) - That; as the offer of contributions towards the cost of dredging the channel, are satisfactory, and satisfactory terms are available from the Dredging Contractors, the recommendations of the conference adopted. Resolved (Ci's. Greenwood, Roes) - That tenders be called for the dredging of the channel; receivable-at the next meeting, under the terms set out in Mr. Parslow’s letter - the advertisement to be inserted in the Sydney Morning Herald and the two local papers twice'.- 

The November 18th, 1929 provides a smile from the distance of time through ''that the Inspector give attention to the piers of the Ladies' dressing sheds at the tram terminus, Narrabeen, and ''that the Engineer endeavour to find a way of remedying the squeaking of the chairs in the Council Room''. Also, by Cr. Greenwood:-. ''That the footpaths in Narrabeen and Collaroy generally, and particularly in the Narrabeen Peninsula, be cleared of scrub, etc. before Christmas'' and  ''that the Works Committee investigate the report that spoil is being taken from Ocean Road, Palm Beach, behind the rock bath, and that the electrical Engineer give attention to the pole adjacent to Mrs. Porter's verandah post for an electric light pole. And by Cr Robertson- That the Overseer report in regard to Bardo be Read and that the Overseer report in regard to the road giving access to the northern end of Newport Beach Reserve. 

Still no rockbaths for North Narrabeen! However;

HAPPY ! Wide Smiles at Narrabeen

NORTH NARRABEEN Surf Club has visions of being housed very soon in a clubhouse that will be somewhere in line with the high standard set by their grand bunch of boys in the championships.

Sec. Charlie Butcher has been doing a bit of heart-to-heart stuff with the local council, and Joyfully announces that the civic fathers aren't such bad sorts of coves after all. To the £600 the club has in hand tor building, the council has added a donation of a hundred, and has loaned £300 free of interest. Already Jack Hickey has the midnight oil burning preparing plans, and if everything goes according to schedule, the new clubhouse will be ready for the club carnival on Easter Monday. It is proposed to erect it of weatherboard and fibro, and the verandah will be the roof of the newly-erected public dressing-rooms.

N.N. promises to be in the forefront in the competitions this year, though it has lost a few of its prominent men. but their places will be well filled by Jack King, Roy Atkins and Fred Butcher, all crackerjack Juniors of last year. Another cause of rejoicing will be the launching of the latest 'Barracoutta' on Sunday morning. Someone pinched the last one, but Charlie Proudfoot, the builder, has put his heart and soul into this one to try and make it the star turn of the surf world racing. SWIMMING. (1929, November 19). Sydney Sportsman (Surry Hills, NSW : 1900 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article166460461

The December 30th, 1929 Meeting shows the Lands Department, 21/12/23, stating conditions of approval to proposed dredging and reclamation of on island in Narrabeen Lagoon. It was Resolved; -  that the Engineer prepare a report for forwarding to the lands Department, explaining the Council's desire to have the conditions regarding to batter and Lascime or rubble work, retaining walls waived. North of there  A. Vernon Allen 26/12/29 was forwarding resolutions of meeting held at Palm Beach on 21st December re electricity extension. Council resolved they be informed that the Council cannot possibly give consideration until the present loan is completed.

The Meeting held on January 13th, 1930 records T.  P. Keirle confirming his verbal offer regarding reclamation of triangular reserve at the Powderworks Road Junction, and stating he is prepared to carry out the reclamation of Lake Park in the terms of his letter of the 22nd May last, and stating he does not propose to charge for replacing with sand the soil taken from Narrabeen Beach Estate Companys land to cover Lake Park.

At the same meeting the matter of DOGS ON BEACHES arose wherein it was Resolved, per Crs.Greenwood, Parr, that the Deewhy Ladies Swimming Club be asked to refrain from having dogs present on the Gala Day. It was further Resolved, per Crs. Corkery, McPaul, that the Inspector be instructed to take whatever action he deems necessary to put down the dog nuisance on beaches and rock baths, and that the Beach Inspectors be supplied with a copy of the Ordinance regarding dogs on beaches. 

At the January 28th, 1930 Meeting the Narrabeen  North Progress Assoc. 14.1.30, are requesting that in the event of the owners of land in the flat area of Narrabeen North being required to raise their lands, the Council formulate a scheme for the payment of the cost by the owners in instalments. Council Resolved; - That a of the Clerk’s report setting out the Council's inability to comply with the request be forwarded to the Association.

Fallout from the Wall Street Crash of 1929, also known as the Great Crash, which started in September and ended late in October, when share prices on the New York Stock Exchange collapsed, began to be reflected in the Minutes of this Meeting and with State, Federal and Local Government needing to meet requirements. The Depression, set off by that October 1929 Wall Street stock market crash, hit the New South Wales economy with great severity. Unemployment, already high at 10% in mid 1929, was 21% by mid 1930 and rising, hitting almost 32% in mid-1932. Factory output fell almost 10% in 1929-30 and another 30% in 1930-31. The Government, which had borrowed heavily for public works, also had the highest level of public expenditure in Australia, especially because of social services payments. In 1930 the budget rapidly went from a surplus to a deficit greater than all the other Australian states put together.

Accompanying this economic collapse  was great social disruption and distress. Many struggled on part-time work, or depended on charity or the dole. For thousands, unemployment also meant eviction, with shanty towns of homeless people springing up in many areas, and places like our area, where you can 'fish and feed a family' as well buy cheap food from farms or house yourself in a tent in one of the reserves set aside for these, meant some moved into these tents and didn't get out of them until some camping areas, such as Palm Beach, were closed in the second half of 1950's when schemes to get materials for people to build homes came into play.

When the Nationalist-Country Party Coalition government of Thomas Bavin crumbled at the 1930 elections in the face of the Depression onslaught. J. T. (“Jack”) Lang was able to form his second Labor Government. Lang’s initial program to maintain wages and to use loans to fund public works, create jobs and generate prosperity, was frustrated by the Federal Government and the Legislative Council. The Supreme and High Courts also blocked his second attempt to abolish the Legislative Council. His 1931 ‘Lang Plan’ of inflation, reduced interest rates and loans re-negotiation was rejected by the Federal Scullin Labor Government. Jack Lang then refused to pay loan interest and the Commonwealth commenced legal action. The NSW Labor party split into State Labor (supporting Lang) and Federal Labor (supporting Scullin). Reluctantly, Lang then agreed to the Premiers’ Plan to cut government expenditure but did little to implement it. The split in Labor ranks worsened and precipitated an early Federal election in December 1931 which was won easily by the United Australia Party led by Labor’s former Treasurer, Joseph Lyons.

The 'Lang issue' quickly came to a head between the State and Commonwealth Lyon Government with the new Federal Government regulating to take over NSW state taxes. Mr. Lang still refused to conform with the Commonwealth requirements, ordering State pubic servants to refuse to cooperate with the Commonwealth. On 19 March, 1932, Lang opened the Sydney Harbour Bridge (although a member of the right-wing New Guard had managed to slash the ribbon ahead of him, another Narrabeen connection there in 'Billabong' and 'Ocean House', Ocean Street, North Narrabeen'), but this great show of hope and achievement was the last. Soon hundreds of Bridge workers joined the ranks of the unemployed in NSW – now with the worst level of unemployment in Australia – and Lang continued his unorthodox attempts to raise funds. On May 13th, Sir Philip Game, the Governor of NSW, determined that Lang was acting unconstitutionally, and dismissed his Government. The Opposition Leader, Bertram Stevens, was appointed as Premier and an election was called which Stevens won decisively. [4.]

The conservative United Australia Party-United Country Party coalition governments which followed Lang did little to improve economic conditions, but were fortunate that the time of their election, 1932, was the peak of the Depression and thereafter things slowly improved. Bertram Stevens retained the Premiership for a then record seven years, largely maintaining social services (and increasing the budget deficit), providing modest relief programs, to which the local government subscribed, and promoting private enterprise-based economic recovery. It is through these work schemes that many of our ocean rock pools were either improved or new ones built.

To return to the January 28th, 1930 Council Meeting - the Narrabeen North Progress Assoc., 18.1.30, is expressing appreciation of the shelter shed recently erected at the junction of Pittwater Road and Powderworks Road. Received and is again urging that steps be taken, to drain the flat area between The Crescent and Powderworks low-lying Road. Council Resolved, - It be suggested to the Association that  property owners-should treat privately with the Dredging Contractors for the reclamation of their low-lying lands. The same resident body was also drawing attention to the rough state of Warraba Road and Kobado Road near Palmer's Store. 

The Warriewood Progress Assoc. 23.1.30;  are Requesting the Council to reconsider, for the sake of decency, its decision respecting the Association's request for the erection of dressing sheds on Warriewood Beach, and also suggesting that as the street lighting service was not in operation last year, no Street Lighting Rate be levied this year, and requesting that Forest Road be remetalled as soon as possible, and requesting that Vineyard Street between Herbert Street and Macpherson Street be included :in the proposed reconditioning of Macpherson Street. Decisions- That the Council adhere to its previous decision; that the Clerk furnish a reply to the Association regarding the street lighting levy, the Forest Road request was referred to the Overseer for report; and it was Resolved (Crs. Austin, Campbell) - That the Engineer furnish an estimate for this work, with a view to its inclusion in the A. Riding loan proposal. One of the last Items was the Shires Association Circular letter, 23.1.30. Setting out the amendments in the various local government awards arising from the declaration of a new living wage, wages &c and pointing out that it rests with the Council to say what date any reduction shall date from. Council Resolved (Crs. Ross, Mcaul) - That the reduction date from the commencement of the next fortnightly pay, and the employees be notified accordingly.

On February 10th, 1930 Council Resolved (per Crs. Parr, Greenwood) - That a box and line be provided at Waterloo Street section of Narrabeen Beach. Other Items included the Lands Department. 28/1/30. Replying re dredging of channel in Narrabeen Lagoon, that there is no objection to the slopes of the channel being constructed at a grade not steeper than 2 to 1, and to the omission of the requirement of fascine or rubble work. Received. The Local Government Dept. 24/1/30. Re: resumption of land at junction of Pittwater Road and Waterloo, Street for road widening purposes, and requiring payment of further amount of £8.9.11 in accordance with the Council's under taking. (Paid!) and the same; Re resumption at Mona Vale Beach, and requesting payment of a further sum of £584.7.3 to enable the claims to be paid. Council Resolved (per Crs. Hitchcock, Robertson) - That the required amount be paid, and that Resumptions application be made for, the resumption of the allotment adjoining the Surf Clubhouse, which was omitted from the original resumption application. The Main Roads Board, 24.1.30, Forwarding plan showing widening of Pittwater Road near Hay Street, and requesting Council to execute, under its Seal, an enclosed Request for Registration respecting the land resumed. Council Resolved ( per Crs, Greenwood, Ross).- That the Council's Seal be affixed to the document and to the plans attached thereto. The Metropolitan Water Sewerage & Drainage Board, 23.1.30, Respecting desired extension of water service to Palm Beach, and stating consideration is being given to the Water Supply preparation of a scheme to extend the water supply to the areas within the Shire which are at present beyond the limits of the existing system. And the North Narrabeen S.L.S.Club. .24.1.30. requesting permission "to seek the co-operation of Mr. G. Carpenter, whose tender was the lowest for the building of the new North Clubhouse, with a view to cutting down' the cost of the Narrabeen Surf Building". Resolved (per Crs. Parr, Ross) - That approval be given to the Club negotiating with Mr. Carpenter, but before doing anything definite, the Club report to the Council.

The Meeting of April 22nd, 1930 reflects recent newspaper articles on a proposed 'Marine Drive' the state government was dreaming of. The Newport Progress Assoc. in a letter dated 14/4/30. RE proposed Marine Drive, and requesting that the Main Roads Board be urged to complete the construction of Pittwater Road before dealing with any such proposal, and drawing attention to Bungan Head and the neglected and dangerous condition of the scenic drive Road around Bungan Head, Newport, and also requesting that the path-way around the recently constructed dressing sheds Newport adjacent to the rock bath, particularly on the eastern side be completed and widened, and requesting that steps and a pathway be constructed in concrete connecting the sheds and the wall of approach to the swimming pool. Councils Decisions were referred to A. Riding Councillors, referred to Works Committee; referred to Works Committee.

Work schemes were also filling the papers and at this meeting a S W. Stokes, 1 4/4/30, writes Re proposal of Minister for Justice to utilise prison labour on road construction if work, suggesting that the Council urge the Minister to use such labour on West Head Road and Cottage Point Road, and offering his assistance in furnishing the Lands Department with the required Licensed Surveyor’s plan of the road to Cottage Point Road. Council Resolved; - That the Council get in touch with the Minister for Justice and put the proposition outlined in the letter to him, and inquire whether he would permit the work to be carried out by prison labour. 

The work schemes, combined with the new Newport Baths at the south end of the beach proposal, reignited the idea of those fro North Narrabeen. At the May 5th, 1930 Meeting the Narrabeen Chamber of Commerce, letter dated 25/4/30, are ''Advising that a conference of local Associations will take place at Nth. Narrabeen Pilon’s Hall, Narrabeen, on 13th May to discuss the matters of the construction of the Narrabeen rock baths proposal, and inquiring if it is possible the might have in its possession information which would be of value to the Committee In discussing the pros and cons of the subject'' Council Resolved, - That they be given whatever information was available on the previous occasion, provided no fresh plan has been prepared. (Crs. Greenwood, Robertson)

In the June 2nd, 1930 the North Narrabeen  S.L.S. Club, 27/5/30, are ''Advising that the old Clubhouse is now vacant, and may be disposed of''. and ''Inviting Councillors to inspect the new Clubhouse'' It was Resolved; - That tenders be called, by advertisement in both local papers, for the purchase and removal of the old Clubhouse, and the Club be thanked for its invitation, that it be suggested the Club, in the event of its proposing to hold an opening function, to invite the Minister for Local Government to perform the ceremony.

At the same Meeting, A. W. Slater, Beach Inspector Mona Vale, 19/5/30, is reporting two persons for permitting their dogs to swim in the Mona Vale rock bath. Council Resolved; - That the Inspector collect all the information possible, with a view to instigating prosecutions. (Per Crs. Corkery, Hitchcock).

The Meeting of June 10th, 1930 records that the Top-dressing of reclaimed portion of island reserves, Narrabeen Lagoon Four tenders were received. Council Resolved; - That this matter be referred to Reclamation B. Riding Councillors for consideration

A week later, on June 16th, 1930, E. H. Parslow, 11/6/30, is submitting modified plan of island reserve reclamation scheme at NarrabeenTo be informed that the Council has no money available for this scheme at present. This is reiterated in another Item from that meeting; - ''Relief of Distress: Resolved (per Crs. Parr, Campell) - That this Council co-operate with the Mayor of Manly's Distress Relief Fund, and that the sum of £50 be voted towards the Fund. Resolved (Crs; McPaul, Parr) - That the Manly & District Relief Committee be informed of this Council's decision to co-operate with the Mayor's Relief Fund during the present time of financial depression. 

Some before, during and after photos that illustrate the changes of reclaiming Wimbledon Avenue, Sanctuary Island (also known as Wimbledon Island) and what we today call Park Reserve. The area between Windsor Parade and Gondola Road, North Narrabeen, then known as Fox’s Flat, was reclaimed by contractor and Manly Mayor Arthur Kierle, who dredged the nearby lake to a depth of 8.4m.. Mr. Paslow reclaimed Wimbledon Avenue, and Hanson filled in the foreshores between Mactier Street and the Terminus Bridge. Used as a processing site for dredging spoil, Wimbledon Island was revegetated in 1985 by Warringah Council. Today, endangered ecological communities, such as Swamp Oak Floodplain Forest and Coastal Saltmarsh, are present.

Narrabeen, Star photo, circa 1900. Item a116483h courtesy State Library of NSW

'View taken near Narrabeen on the road to La Corniche' - Sunday September 17th, 1911. Image No.:  a3289060h from  Allen family albums, courtesy State Library of NSW 

Narrabeen lagoon, circa 1915, Item hall_34703h, courtesy State Library of NSW

Collection of photographs relating to the Whetton family. circa 1923-24, Items FL15564591 and FL15564563 courtesy the State Library of Victoria.

Narrabeen Lagoon, General View showing Lagoon and Ocean and Looking Towards Barrenjoey, From Narrabeen circa 1927, from Album 'Samuel Wood - postcard photonegatives of Narrabeen,' - Items a1470096h, a1470091h, courtesy State Library of NSW 

Narrabeen Lagoon aerial, from album Milton Kent aerial views of Bondi, Cronulla, Granville, Haberfield, Middle Harbour, Narrabeen, Mascot, Sydney, Sydney Harbour, Tempe, between 1926-1938, Item: c111660015, courtesy Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales - and sections from to show details; NB - no Bridge from Ocean street across Lagoon present, and old Nth. NSLSC still on beach - so pre-1927

Photo: The intersection of Pittwater Road (Main Road No. 164) and Wakehurst Parkway (Main Road No. 397) at North Narrabeen. (From Page 12) 1966-67

At the Meeting of July 14th, 1930 Mr. J. Booth, 29/6/30, is ''Requesting that an aboriginal rock carving at the intersection of Acton and Plateau Roads, Narrabeen, be enclosed by a small coping, or failing that, he be allowed to quarry it out intact for placing in the Manly Art Gallery''. This was referred to the Works Committee. A person named D. Moore, 24/6/30, is requesting permission to have two camels on Narrabeen Beach next summer for purpose of earning living by giving camel rides. Council Resolved; - That the request be not granted. 

At the Meeting held on July 28th, 1930 the Main Roads Board, 14/7/30, is requesting the Council to reconsider its decision respecting the widening of Pittwater Road between the second and third bridges north of Narrabeen Lake; also on the blockage of natural drainage on the main road by reclamation works, and requesting Council to arrange with subdividers for immediate rutting of necessary channel to dispose of the storm water. Council Resolved; - The Board be informed the Council cannot see its way to contribute anything towards this section, that the Council considers it the Board's obligation to carry it out, as the Council carried out the reclamation of Pittwater Road adjoining the land resumed for the extension of Lake Park. And that; The subdividers be notified to open up drains as required by the Board. The Local Government Dept is ''Stating positions in regard to Council’s application for Ordinance 71 (Buildings) to be applied to the shire, and suggesting that Council apply for the provision of the Ordinance to be applied to the towns and villages in the Shire. Resolved, - That Ordinances application be made under Seal to the Governor to amend Ordinance 71, Local Government Act, 1919,. So as to provide, that the Ordinance shall apply to tin, following towns and villages in the Shire, viz - Queenscliff, Harbord, Curl Curl, Deewhy Collaroy, Narrabeen, Mona Vale, Newport, Bilgola, Avalon, Whale Beach, Palm Beech, Bayview, Church Point, Manly Vale North Manly and Balgowlah (portion within the Shire.) 

The Newport Progress Assoc. correspondence dated 19/7/30; On advisability of requiring land west of Newport Hotel and south of the wharf for purpose of constructing a swimming pool, and requesting to be furnished with copy of the Engineer's report respecting proposal to construct a bath at the new reserve fronting Kalinya Street, and drawing attention to the defective levels in the new dressing sheds at the rock pool, and also requesting that the defects in the walls of the rock pool be repaired (this was the pool at the north end of the beach), and finally, requesting Council to consider a proposal for levying a local rate for purposes of improving roads and footpaths. Consideration around the pool was 'deferred for the present', while the new pool at south Newport Beach was referred to the Overseer for report and an estimate for remedying the problems.

This meeting also had more Narrabeen business; ''That as recommended a Closing Order under the Seal of the Council be issued in respect of the premises in Devitt Street, Narrabeen, owned by Mr. D. J McLean, and referred to in the Inspector's ret. pq Resolved, - That a Closing Order under the Seal of the Council be also issued in respect of the other building Devitt Street owned by D. McLean referred to in the report, Pg.. unless within 21 days repairs, etc. in the report be carried out. And that a Closing Order, under Seal be issued in respect of the building in Devitt Street owned by Eric H. Bentley, and occupied by William Ashton.And that the scrub along the Park Street between Mactier Street and Clarke Street be cleared away. And it was resolved that, Arthur Larkin of Wetherill Street, Narrabeen, be prosecuted for digging and removing turf sods from the footpath portion of Pittwater Road North Narrabeen, without the authority of the Council. Finally, re: Prosecutions resolved that Dr. Du Maurier be prosecuted for cutting trees on the road at Bayview without authority.

Re: the purchase and removal of old Surf Clubhouse at North Narrabeen Beach: Five tenders were received, the highest. North being Hoffman's and W. Knight's, each for £15. Selection between these two was made by the drawing of lots, and W. Knight's proved.successful.

By the August 25th, 1930 Meeting the Overseer had provided a report about the new Newport pool and was furnishing estimate of £70 for raising the concrete rim at Newport rock bath by 6 inches and repairing the problems. Council Resolved; - ''that the work be carried out provided Newport Progress Association agrees to bear half the cost and £4 was voted for repairing the damaged dressing sheds at Newport rock bath''.

Also reported on was the furnishing of an estimate of £18.5 0 for repairing the sub-Lorries chassis and straightening the crank shaft of No.1 Thornycroft lorry: Resolved; - That the work be carried out. A proposal for additional drainage work on Griffith Park was referred to B. Riding Councillors. and on furnishing an estimate of £4 for repairing with bitumen the roof of North Narrabeen dressing sheds it was Resolved;''That £4 be voted for the work.''

Further Narrabeen items were ''Recommending that the owner of the boat shed at Devitt Street,, Narrabeen, controlled by a Mr. West be notified to provide the shed with adequate conveniences. Council Resolved; - That the recommendation be adopted and the owner notified accordingly. Also decided; ''that the Inspector report on the lack or otherwise of conveniences at the other boat sheds at Narrabeen Lake. And ''That a Closing Order under Section the Health '(Amendment) Act,1915, be served on the.owner of the two-roomed wooden building in Devitt Street, Narrabeen, registered in the name of Obadiah West, declaring such building unfit for human habitation or occupation, and directing that it shall not after one month from the date of the Order, be inhabited or occupied by any person; and that the Seal of the Council be affixed to such Order.'' 

The Narrabeen Progress Assoc. (15/8/30) was ''Recommending Council resume the vacant allotment in Pittwater Road, Narrabeen, adjoining the South Narrabeen Surf Club-room, and detailing proposal to dedicate to the Council portion of the land on which the Club-room stands for the purpose of erecting thereon public dressing accommodation'', and requesting that the corner of Mactier street-and the Clarke Street right-of-way be widened to make a safe turning.point for vehicles; and requesting that the road at the junction of Pittwater Road and Devitt Street between the tarred surface and the footpath be properly regraded, reconstructed and tarred. Council's Decisions were;- That the road be widened for about one chain as recommended by the Overseer.

Also worth noting, with all this metal needed for roads, is that a W. T. Bridges' correspondence of 25/8/1930 was ''Protesting against annoyance and inconvenience caused by blasting operations at Newport Quarry.'' Council Resolved; — That the Engineer and Overseer endeavour to arrange for the blasting to be carried out in such a manner as to cause as little inconvenience and annoyance as possible.

By September 22nd, 1930 the North Narrabeen S.L S.Club (8/9/30) were seeking permission to hold dances in the Clubhouse, the proceeds go towards repaying the Council's advance of £300. That the request was granted.

The Mona Vale Progress Assoc. (13/9/30) at the same meeting were ''Advising that the Association supports the Narrabeen Model Yacht Club's proposal to acquire site for a Clubhouse on the shores of Narrabeen Lake.'' Consideration was deferred pending receipt of further information on the matter. 

Mr. John Macdonald, who did all the work of access for the bridge near the lagoon mouth, has correspondence dated 20/9/30 read, Re: reconditioning and tarring of Cook Terrace and portion of Narrabeen Park Parade by him on behalf of Salvation Army and requesting the Council Park Estate roll the road. Council agreed to roll the road at its own expense. 

Model Yachts on Narrabeen lake-Photographer Sam Hood's eldest son Albert, an enthusiast, on right, in a cap. 1930s, 
Images. No.: Home and Away – 7200 and 7201, courtesy State Library of NSW.

In the October 7th, 1930 Meeting the Newport Progress Assoc (25/9/30) is replying that the Association is prepared to pay half the estimated cost of £70 for improving and repairing the Newport rock bath. Council replied ''The Association to be thanked for the contribution''.

On October 20th, 1930 North Narrabeen SLSC was advising that Mr. W. Proudfoot has been re-elected professional Life Saver for North Narrabeen Beach for the coming season. Council Resolved; - That the appointment be approved, the Life Saver be appointed a Beach Inspector, and that the appointment be under the Seal of the Council. 

In the November 3rd, 1930 Meeting the Lands Department. 29/10/30 is requesting payment of an additional sum of £330.69 to meet claims in respect of District Park resumptions. It was Resolved, - That the money be paid. The Local Government Dept.( 29/10/30) was also requesting payment of a further sum of £109.15.4 to meet claims in respect of Lake Park extension resumptions.The Valuer General. (30/10/30) Re: the same resumptions, was suggesting Council agree to payment of £150 respect of Lots 35 and 45 and 60. Council Resolved; - That a cheque for the amount be forwarded, and that the Council agree to the suggestion. 

The North Narrabeen Surf Clubhouse was part of the Agenda too, with Council Resolving that; - The Chief Secretary's Department be informed the Council does not approve of the building being licensed under the Public Halls and Theatres Act. Also dealt with was the North Narrabeen S.L.S. Club's 18/9/30 letter requesting that the next year's instalment of £100, payable by the Club under the Agreement with the Council, be reduced to £75, the difference to be treated as the Council's yearly contribution towards the cost of the casualty room, and that the Club be paid the proceeds of the sale of the old Club house as previously arranged. Council Resolved; - That a cheque for the proceeds of the sale of the old Clubhouse be forwarded to the Club, and the Club informed the Council regrets it cannot vary the undertaking entered into regarding the payment of the Council's advance of £300.  

Mr. Butcher, secretary of the North Narrabeen Surf Club, at this stage addressed the Council respecting the North Narrabeen matter of letters Nov. 20 and 21 herein. Council Resolved that they would support the licensing of the Club's premises as a hall for a period of one year, the position to be then reviewed, but on no condition do the Council allow the club to sublet the building except for life saving purposes, and that the Club make no application for renewal of the license without the sanction of the Council. 

Also Resolved; - That the gun and platform top on the triangular reserve at the corner of Pittwater Road and Ocean Street, Narrabeen, be painted; more on this soon in a Narrabeen RSL History page.

Correspondence from the Main Roads Board (dated 14/10/30) was advising that the Board has approved of extensive repairs being carried out to the main bridge at Narrabeen, and the two smaller bridges immediately north thereof, on Pittwater Road, and to widen the main bridge by approximately 1 ft. and that the Board proposes to do the work with its bridge repair gang. Council concurred in the proposal and added ''That the Board be asked to make provision for pedestrian traffic over the bridge, say 4’’6" wide, and it also be asked to consider the question of making the bridge 20 ft wide.''

And finally, the Extension of Electricity Service to Palm Beach was revisited wherein Council Resolved; - That the Seal of the Council be affixed to the application for the Governor's approval to the borrowing of £11,000 for the purpose of extending the electricity service from Newport to Palm Beach

By the Meeting held on November 17th, 1930 the Main Roads Board (31/10/30) were replying that the main Narrabeen bridge at Narrabeen will be widened to 18 feet between kerbs, and that bridge No.3 will be widened to 20 feet.

On December 1st, 1930 the Lands Department (14/11/30) replied regarding Council’s application for dedication of land for road between R.P.A. 26158 and Narrabeen Bridge, requesting a deposit of £5 and an undertaking to pay any further costs; etc. It was Resolved; -. That the £5 be forwarded and the undertaking required be given, under Seal.

Also dealt with was correspondence from D. Kilby and 91 other residents of Narrabeen requesting that Goodwin Street between Pittwater Road and highwater mark on the ocean side be made for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, also a turning point for vehicles at the beach end.  This was Referred to B. Riding. Councillors.  

Mr. A. J. Small (25/11/30) wrote, offering to clear the storm water channel on the north side of Avalon Parade of silt for a distance of 10 chains, provided he be allowed to place it on adjoining land. Council Resolved; - That permission be granted. 

F. W. Kinneir Tarte. for D. Co. 20th Batt. Anzac Relief Division. 29/11/30. Requesting permission to have a bonfire on road in Windsor's "Heart of Narrabeen" Estate on 23rd December in connection with function to raise funds for relief of ex-service men. The Council offer no objection provided they obtain the necessary permission from the Fire Brigades Board.

The Meeting held on December 15th, 1930 records that the Main Roads Board (5/12/30) is concurring in proposed prosecution respecting unauthorised removal of material from Bayview Road, and stating that it is not considered necessary for the Board to join in such prosecution. From the Same (4/12/30); Requesting that the rate of expenditure on Warringah Road be regulated so that funds will be in hand to finance further maintenance work throughout the remainder of the financial year ending 30th June next. And the Same (5/12/30) Requesting that the work of renewing the bridges on Bayview Road and Cabbage Tree Road at Figtree Flat be charged to the grants already made by the Board, and stating Board is unable at present time to make available the funds required for the extensive repairs listed in the Council's letter. And finally, that the Board prefers to defer the construction of the drain at Robertson Street, Narrabeen, until this length of the main road is reconstructed, as the funds at the Board’s disposal are required at the present time for works of maintenance improvements of an urgent nature only

It's also worth noting that even though it's December 1930, this Item made it into this Meeting under the Council's Resolutions: That the horse mower be sent to mow the long grass in the streets between Collaroy and Narrabeen.



No title (1926, January 3). Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1930), p. 10 (Social and Magazine Section). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article128132989

At the January 12th, 1931 Meeting W. J. Moxham is requesting that diversion of traffic on to his land at North Narrabeen be stopped, and that a lorry load of spoil be tipped where the land has been cut away. He was ''To be informed that the Council is not responsible.''

Mona Vale SLSC were Nominating Mr. A. Slater for the post of Life Saver on Mona Vale Beach and South Narrabeen Surf L.S Club were asking Council to reconsider the Club’s request for financial assistance. They were ''To be informed the Council is favourable to a donation but would first like to know how the matter stands in regard to the transfer of the Clubhouse site to the Council.''

Mrs. A Butcher 19/12/30 was requesting that the footpath to be made in Malcolm Street, as promised when she transferred to the Council the land on which the North Narrabeen Surf Clubhouse now stands. This was referred to Engineer for an estimate the cost of the footpath. 

At the February 9th, 1931 Meeting South Narrabeen S.L.S.Club (correspondence dated 27/1/31) wrote in regard to request for financial assistance and stating position relative to desired dedication to Council of the Clubhouse land. Council Resolved; - ''The Club be informed that if the rates on the Club's land be paid, the Council will be willing to make a donation of £9.9.0 towards.the Club's expenses''. Canterbury Council. 30/1/31 had forwarded a Circular, inviting Council to appoint two delegates to a meeting of representatives of the Metropolitan Councils, to be held in the vestibule of the Sydney Town Hall at 8 p.m; on Thursday, 19th inst. to consider the advisability of holding a separate local Government Conference in future. That the letter was "received" with a Resolved; -'That the Council oppose the principle of two conferences, separating the Country from the City.''

The area was, after all, still considered 'country' or rural, even if the horse mowers were being scared by the onrush of more and more cars.

The Meeting of March 25th, 1931 records a few problems with Mrs. Alice Wheeler, advising her letter was written at her dictation. Cr. Corkery moved that the portion of the letter stating that Cr. Corkery had interviewed a Solicitor on the Inspector's behalf be forwarded to the Shire Solicitors for the purpose of investigation, advice and recommendation. Cr. Campbell seconded Cr. Robertson moved an amendment.,'Cr.McPaul seconding that the letter be "received'!. The amendment was defeated by five votes to two. The motion was there upon put and carried. 

Further, the Local Government. Dept. 17/3/31. Advising that the Inquiry under Section 99 into certain actions of the Council's Inspector will be held in the Council Chambers, Brookvale, on 25th inst. at. 10 a.m. and will be conducted By Mr. W. R. Wylie, Inspector of Local Government accounts. The Shire Clerk reported that he had, during the day, received a telephone message from Mr. Wylie to the effect that the Councils Solicitor desired postponement of the Inquiry. Council Resolved; - That the matter of the postponement be left in to Shire Clerk's hands. 

A Petition from 52 Ratepayers and residents of Collaroy and Narrabeen called for the Council to cause an inquiry into actions of Cr. D. Ross concerning certain Council matters and requesting and that the inquiry be held conjointly with the inquiry into and relating to the Council’s Inspectors. Cr. Ross requested to be furnished with a copy of the petition with the names of each one who signed it, and the Clerk to indicate of these are ratepayers and for inquiries made as to who took round the petition. Amazingly it was Resolved (per Crs. Robertson, Austin) that this be done and consideration on the matter deferred till the next meeting. 

We turn to the newspapers of the time to find out a little more and note that those engaged to act for a now non-Councillor have been instructed by Council's Solicitors:

(Before Mr. Justice James and juries.)
Corkery v Wheeler.

Francis Frederick Corkery, a former president of the Warringah Shire Council, brought this action in counts of libel and slander against Alice A Wheeler, of South Creek, near Narrabeen, to recover damages of £ 1000 The action was based (In libel) on a letter written by the defendant to the Warringah Shire Council and (in slander) on statements said to have been made by defendant to the editor of the ''Manly and Warringah Times ".

Mr Watt, KC, in opening for plaintiff explained that the happenings leading up to the action took place in 1931 at a time when the plaintiff was a member of the Warringah Shire Council It appeared that there had  been some trouble concerning a drainage scheme which was approved by the health Inspector, Mr Starr. Matters between Mrs Wheeler and Mr Starr having come before a magistrate, they were eventually considered by a commission appointed under the Local Government Act. At that Inquiry Mr Corkery gave evidence of his belief In the absolute fairness and ability of Mr Starr. The report of the Commissioner, on presentation to the council, was found to recommend that Mr Starr's conduct deserved censure but the report absolved him from the formal proposition that his services should be dispensed with.

The report Mr Watt said, was afterwards published in a local newspaper. It seemed to have incensed Mrs Wheeler, and moved her to regrettable recklessness. The fact was that she wrote a letter to the council in which she charged plaintiff with having given untrue evidence at the Inquiry. Apart from that letter there was evidence of spite and spleen in conversations which defendant had with the editor of the ''Manly and Warringah Times".

Mr Watt lnsisted that plaintiff had made repeated efforts to settle the action. The offer was now repeated If the defendant even at this stage was willing to apologise through her counsel and admit that what was said was not true that would end the case.

His Honor: Do I understand Mr Watt that you ask only for an apology'

Mr Watt: I ask for an apology and for nothing more than out-of-pocket costs

'It is a great pity that this action cannot be settled," said his Honor in the course of evidence.

Defendant In evidence, admitted that she had written to the council the letter with the slip attached, that she was now sorry that she had done so but that she could not accept the offer of the other side to withdraw the action if she apologised because what she said was true.

Defendant denied that she told Hayter, editor of the local newspaper, that Corkery was a ''rotter," or that he must have used his influence with the Commissioner to get a verdict in favour of Starr.

The action is part heard. 

Mr Watt, KC, and Mr Hardwick (instructed by Messrs J W Maund and Kelynack), appeared for plaintiff, and Mr Brian Clancy (instructed by Mr D Ross) for defendant. NO. 1 JURY CAUSES. (1932, June 4). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved  from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article16894251

The fallout caused more ripples. The Meeting held on September 26th, 1932 records; ''Mona Vale Progress Assoc:, 15/9/32, requesting Council to advise it as to the procedure to be adopted to secure a secession of A. Riding from the Shire'';. The Mona Vale Progress Association were also requesting that the rounding off of the Noble Street corner be expedited; inquiring as to what extent the Council is prepared to assist in connection with the installing of electric light at the rock -bath; and reporting that the ocean outfall in Bassett Street is blocked. Council's decisions were:-  That the Cleric suggest to the Association that it procure a copy of the Local Government Act; that the Association be informed as to the present position of this matter; a light for their rock-bath was referred to the Electricity Committee; an another inspection was to be made into the outfall.

By the Meeting held on December 5th, 1932 Crs. Austin and Hughes want some action on ''Nuisance arising from dogs on beaches and swimming in Palm Beach rock baths''. It was Resolved; That noticeboards be erected at Palm Beach, as suggested, and also one at Whale Beach and that in the latter case the notice to be put near the store. AND: Mona Vale Rock Pool Carnival Committee were inviting the Councillors  and Officers to a switching on of the electric light at the rock bath by Cr. Austin on 17th December at 8 p,m. It was Resolved; - That the invitation be accepted. 

The last Meeting of the year, held on December 19th, 1932, records; Collaroy Progress Association,' 8/12/32, (a) requesting that the Police be asked to patrol the bathing area between Ocean Grove and Collaroy Street (twice daily; and take names of persons Infringing regulations, especially regarding swimming of dogs, and canoes;' (b) stating the Association has constructed, at Its own expense, a platform at the deep water end of the rock bath, and requesting Council's approval of the action. Council's decisions were:- that the Police be asked to patrol as requested and the Associations Action.be approved.

Still no rock-bath for North Narrabeen.

In the Meeting held on January 16th, 1933 the Collinwood, Greenhills & Narrabeen Rock bath Committee are submitting petition containing 350 signatures regarding inadequate sanitary accommodation on Lake Park; while the Narrabeen North Progress Assoc.(3/1/33) are submitting following requests - (a) that the camping area in Lake Park be set out in sections, with footways between the camps; (b) that additional sanitary accommodation be provided in the park; (c) that the Association be supplied with any information respecting the proposed rock-bath at Narrabeen North. Resolved, - This matter be dealt with in Committee.

In the January 30th, 1933 Meeting the Greenhills & Collinwood Progress Assoc., (15/1/33), are requesting that Lake Park Road be extended through the park to Ocean Street. ( they were to be informed there is no money available). And requesting that the regulations regarding trading on Lake Park, as shown on the notice at the entrance to the park, be enforced. Miss Doris Peterson, 12/1/33, was also protesting against indiscriminate trading on Lake Park. Both these missives were officially "Received" . Further, at the same Meeting,  Ald. Roy Harslett, Ex-Mayor of Kogarah, (letter of 9/1/33) is commending the Council "on the selection of men in regard to the Health Inspector's Department" as indicated by the excellent control of camping in Lake Park. 

And finally; the Narrabeen North Progress- Assoc. 30/1/33, requesting (a) that additional sanitary accommodation be provided in Lake Park; (b) that the Association be supplied with any information respecting-the proposed rock  baths at North  Narrabeen. Council resolved that the information-be supplied.

At the February 13th, 1933; the Collinwood, Greenhills & Narrabeen Rock-bath Committee, 4/2/33, regarding statements made by a member of the Council at last meeting regarding the collection of fees on Lake Park Park, and requesting that the statement be either withdrawn or substantiated. That was also filed under "Received".

And then, Meeting of Meetings for the North Narrabeen Rockpool occurred on February 27th, 1933: ''Collinwood Greenhills & Narrabeen Rock bath Committee, requesting. (a) that the Engineer draw plans and specifications for a rock bath at Narrabeen, the bath to be as near as possible to Olympic requirements (i.e. 50 metres by 20 metres)as an urgent matter; that the Committee be furnished with a copy of the Inspector’s report presented at each of-the last two meetings of the Council.'' Council Resolved; - That the Engineer draw up and take specifications for a rock bath, as requested; and no action be taken in regard to the second matter. 

The March 27th, 1933 Meeting records show the locla newspapers may have been running stories that induce the Narrabeen North Progress Assoc. (7/3/33), to communicate re "A. Riding's generous action" in lending money to B. and C. Ridings and stating Association now knows that A. Riding has money to carry out work in Association’s locality''.  Council Resolved; - That a letter be sent pointing out that A.Riding has not lent the money, and it be left to the Shire Clerk to furnish a suitable reply. (Crs. Austin, Cr. Hughes, pro forma) Included in the same epistle of 7/3/33, ''requesting Council to expedite construction Of rock baths at North Narrabeen''. Council asked that they be informed of the recent instruction to the Shire Engineer to prepare plans.

Also discussed was the Avalon Beach District Progress Association  8/3/33, respecting the necessity for-resuming land for approaches to Avalon Beach Reserve and suggesting Works Committee meet a Committee of the Association on the site. Council Resolved; - That the Works Committee and A. Riding-Councillors meets members of the Association on the ground, and that information as to valuation etc of the land referred to be made available to the conference. The same residents organisation was also requesting that an additional swimming pool Avalon be constructed at Avalon, or, alternatively that the existing Rock bath pool be increased in size and deepened. and submitting plan of proposed dressing sheds at Avalon Beach, stating Mr. Rowe, Architect, is willing to prepare Proper plans, etc free of cost to Council. That was to be deemed "Received"  And the Same, (12/3/33), thanking Council for opportunity afforded the Association to discuss with Cr. Hitchcock and the Town Planning Association the matter of a residential district, and expressing appreciation of Cr.Hitchcock's services in the Matter. 

Council's Meeting of April 24th, 1933 records the Narrabeen Rugby League Football Club, 5/41/33; stating that Narrabeen-Cricket Club, the Rock bath Committee, Chamber of Commerce and North Narrabeen and Collinwood Progress Associations are co-operating in improving the playing area on Lake Park, inquiring if there in soil on the roadside near the eastern gate available for the purpose, as well as Council's roller;. (b) requesting that a floodlight be put somewhere on the park for night training purposes'. Council Referred the first item to the Works Committee and referred.to the Electrical Engineer the light request, with a recommendation that the light at Bayview bath be reused for this purpose, if possible.

Also on the record is information from the Local Government Assoc., 20/33, advising as to legality or, otherwise of the Council's action in writing off the balance of a debt due by an officer of the Council. The Councillors Resolved; - That this matter be taken in Committee. 

The May 8th, 1933 Meeting records a Petition from 40 ratepayers of Whale Beach and adult members of their families protesting against the extreme inadequacy of bathing pool facilities provided by the Council, and suggesting alterations and improvements to the existing rock pool at Whale Beach. This was Referred to the Engineer for a report. 

The Meeting of May 22nd, 1933 shows the Greenhills & Collinwood Progress Assoc., Narrabeen Lake Park Chamber of Commerce, North Narrabeen Progress Assoc., Narrabeen Rock Bath Committee and Warriewood Progress Assoc. 5/5/33, are again requesting Council to proceed with the construction of a road through Lake Park in extension of Lake Park Road, under the unemployment relief scheme, and objecting to a proposal to have road made through the park alongside the Salvation Army fence. Council Resolved; - That these five bodies be invited to send a delegate each to the next meeting to place their views before the Council. 

The winter Meeting of June 6th, 1933 records that F. Schultz, 27/5/33, stating that considerable erosion has been caused by boats landing at the end of Lagoon Street, and suggesting that the road be filled to the alignment of the water frontages, and that the road between Malcolm Street and the water line be levelled up and top-dressed. Council Resolved; - He be informed of what is being done, and funds do not permit of more being done.

The Collinwood, Greenhills & Narrabeen Rock bath Committee, 16/5/33 asking Council to write to the Minister for Labour, suggesting a loan of £500 under the Unemployment North Relief Scheme for the construction of rock baths at North Narrabeen. Council Resolved; - That the work be carried out under the sustenance relief scheme, and camping, and parking fees from Lake-Park in hand be applied towards the purchase of the necessary materials etc. (per Crs. Austin, Hitchcock) 

At this stage a deputation from the North Narrabeen Rock bath Committee,  Narrabeen Chamber of Commerce,  Narrabeen North Lake Park Progress Association-and-Greenhills & Collinwood Progress Association, addressed the Council, the representatives, being Mr. Selig, Mr. Gehrig, Mr: Exley and Mr. Byrnes respectively. Mr. Selig put forward arguments in favour of extending Lake Park Road through Lake Park. He submitted a rough sketch of the locality, not drawn to scale, in support of his arguments. He was supported by the other representatives. After discussion it was decided that an inspection should be made by the whole Council on the date of the next Works Committee meeting. 

Also at that Meeting, Mr. Steele, President of the Freshwater Surf Club waited upon the Council, and submitted a plan of a proposed Clubhouse prepared by a qualified Architect, and asked the Council to build the Surf house for the Club, the estimated cost being £1800. After a discussion it was decided that the proposal should be sent along to the Building Relief Committee for an application for a loan for the purpose of Constructing the building.

Mr. J. L. Notting, 27/5/33,  was requesting, on behalf of the ratepayers of Cottage Point, that the Council start work on the Cottage Point road from the Pittwater end under the dole labour scheme, stating that the ratepayers of Cottage Point would work from their end. Council resolved; - That permission be granted to Mr. Notting to make the road on Terry's Estate, subject to him not turning any water on to private property, and he be informed the Council expects him to do all that is necessary for the £50. and ''That he be paid the £50 in-instalments fortnightly in advance''. 

At the June 19th, 1933 Meeting; By C. Austin -That the construction of a rock bath at North Narrabeen under the sustenance relief scheme as previously directed, be expedited.' 

By Cr. Hughes, seconded by Cr. Austin That the Shire Clerk write to the Metropolitan Water Sewerage & Drainage Board Water requesting an extension of the water-service from Mona Street to Newport by a suggested route to be approved by the Shire Extension Engineer, and in accordance with the plan prepared by him. By Cr. Hughes - That with regard to Newport Lagoon reclamation- Dr. Hutchinson having Verbally agreed to the Council's Lagoon proposal as set out in its last letter to him, the Clerk let him know what procedure to follow in order to obtain the land from the Crown. 

At the July 3rd, 1933; By Cr. Hitchcock - That the construction of the North Narrabeen rock baths be expedited. 

At the July 17th, 1933 Meeting the Narrabeen North Progress Association (4/7/33) are requesting (a) the Association, with kindred Associations, wait upon the Council in a deputation to discuss the conditions of lighting and power charges; (b) that in the event of the Narrabeen North rock bath being completed and ready to open on 8-Hour Day, the Council arrange to make it a gala day, or "Back to Narrabeen" day. Council's decisions:- (a) That the Association be invited to place its views in writing; (b)  that the Council co-operate with the Association. 

The commencement work talks must have been pretty impressive as at the same July 17th Meeting the records reflect that the Palm Beach Progress Assoc. (26/6/33) are stating the present rock baths at Palm Beach are altogether too small for the requirements of the public, and requesting they be enlarged. Council decided that no funds were available for this.

At the July 31st, 1933 Meeting the North Narrabeen Progress Association is ''Recommending purchase of second-hand sluice valve for Narrabeen North  rock bath: Council Resolved;- That £10 be voted for the purchase of the valve, and the Greenhills & Narrabeen Rock bath Committee, 22/7/33, advising Council of the formation of a Committee to be known as "Collinwood, Greenhills & Narrabeen Sports Committee", stating personnel and objects of new body, and inquiring whether Council will give its approval to the (Lake Park) objectsCouncil Resolved;- That the objects of the new Committee, as stated in the letter, be approved. 

A person named H.F.Harvey, 13/7/33 is complimenting the Council on the good use made of material from the main road in improving the roads in the Narrabeen district and the Mona Vale Cricket Club, 24/7/33, are applying for the use of Mona Vale Park cricket ground for the ensuing cricket season. Council Resolved; - That upon payment of the usual fee of £2.10.0, the use of the ground be granted. 

At the Meeting held on August 28th, 1933 Crs. Hughe, Austin  are ''Reporting on progress of construction of North-Narrabeen rock bath:  It was Resolved, The Engineer be recommended to have this work done by the Council's own men, and by ratepayers who desire to work off their rates'', and ''That the ¾ inch metal at Newport quarry go to the North Narrabeen Rock bath, and the heavier metal go to Florida Road.''

The Narrabeen Rugby league Football Club 14/8/33, were thanking Council for the work done on Lake Park and pointing out a need for fencing of park, and stating Club will remove and re-erect around the park the rail fence outside the Brookvale Park, if agreeable to Council; and inquiring how it is proposed to dispose of the existing Clubhouse at South Narrabeen, stating that members of the Football Club assisted in the erection-of the building, and suggesting it be re-erected on lake Park. Council's decisions were; That the fence on Brookvale Park will be required tor the approaches to Harbord Lagoon bridge; and that the building at South Narrabeen is the property of the South Narrabeen Surf Club.

The Meeting of September 11, 1933 records matters around the Financing of construction of North Narrabeen rock bath: Resolved - That tenders be called for the construction of the baths on time payment contract terms, 20% of the contract price to be paid on completion Of the job, the balance to be spread over three years,-with interest at 5% on the unpaid balances.  Also reported, per Crs. Austin, Fox, was an over-expenditure of £178.4.8 on original grant of £5000 for construction of Harbord Lagoon bridge and road approaches:"

The ENGINEER'S REPORT was read and dealt with as follows:- 1. Recommending that Bilgola Reserve money (£139.) held in Trust, be expended in gravelling roads of approach to the parking area from Barrenjoey Road, construction of brick lavatories, and improvement of parking area on the reserve. Resolved, - That the Engineer's recommendation be adopted, and the lavatories be so constructed as to permit of septic tank installation at a future date. 2. Submitting estimate for reconditioning, gravelling and tar-dressing Park Street between Bayview Road and Newport Resolved, - That consideration be deferred on account of want of funds.  3. Submitting estimate of £10 for making dead end of Hudson Hudson Pde. Parade On Taylor's Point Estate more negotiable as a turning point for cars: Resolved, - That £10 be voted for the carrying out of this work. 4. Submitting estimate for new vehicular entrance to Griffith Park, and gravelling two chains of roadway approaching Long Reef Golf Clubhouse: Resolved, - That the Long Reef Golf Club be written to asking whether it is prepared to contribute half the cost, if so, the work to be done under the £6500 emergency relief work loan. 5. Submitting estimate of £15 for improvements to the Rd. junction of Warringah Road and South Creek Road: Resolved;- That this work be recommended to the Main Roads Department. 6. Submitting estimate for constructing a "slippery dip" at the Deewhy rock baths: Resolved, - That consideration be deferred for the present7. Submitting estimate of £675 for constructing the roads in the Government subdivision at Newport: Resolved;- That this estimate be forwarded to the Lands Department with a request that the construction of the roads be carried out as relief work.

At the Meeting of September 25th, 1933 the Narrabeen Rock Bath Committee, led by Lawrence Gehrig (also then President of the Narrabeen Chamber of Commerce) were ''Again drawing attention to the danger of sand accumulating in the proposed rock baths at North Narrabeen''. Council Resolved, - That the whole Council, in company with the North Narrabeen Rock bath Committee, inspect the site of the baths, and that consideration of the tenders for the construction be deferred until after the inspection is made; that the proposed inspection be made on next Works Committee day. (Crs. Barber, McPaul)

All that rock shelf, and all that sand that closes off the mouth of Narrabeen Lagoon, had clearly come into play during the initial and preliminary works undertaken at North Narrabeen. This is reflected in the records of the Meeting held on Monday October, 9th, 1933 in ''Regarding North Narrabeen rock bath proposal, the Committee recommended that tenders for the construction of the rock bath be opened, the contract gone on with on at the present site, on the understanding that the Rock bath Committee keeps the baths clear of sand for two years after completion, and provided the Committee keeps the whole of the parking fees from Lake Park. Council Resolved; - That the Committee's recommendation be adopted, with the following amendment, viz - that the words "for two years after completion" be struck out of the recommendation, and that the whole of the parking fees collected on Lake Park be applied towards defraying the cost of the rock baths until the whole of such cost has been fully paid off.

The Tenders opened at the Meeting show; ''TENDERS for purchase and removal of cottage 'Manors', in Birdwood Avenue, Collaroy: - That the tender Resumed of Mr. W.A,Dawson for £150.0.0 be accepted,.the full amount of the tender to be paid before the demolition commenced. Failing Mr. Dawson going on with his ten the tender of Mrs. M.Hynes for £132.0.0 to be accepted 2. Construction of rock baths at North Narrabeen Messrs. McDonald & Larkin submitted a tender for £449 cash or £494 on three years' terms. Council Resolved; - That an application be made for a loan of £450 for five years at 3% for this work, and if nothing definite in the matter is arrived at, same to be finalised at next, meeting. 

The contract for building North Narrabeen rockbaths was won by Arthur Larkin, son of Isaac Larkin of the Waratah Farm: Ingleside, The Narrabeen Plum fame, and John MacDonald of Deewhy, the same gentleman who did so much of the work for the Salvation Army's roads in their Warriewood and other subdivisions and built the approaches for the bridge near the lagoon mouth, as shown above. Records held in the Mona Vale Library indicate Arthur Larkin built many a road around Narrabeen so this may not have been the first larger scale project the two men worked on together.

The records for the Meeting of October 23, 1933 show - TENDERS: Resolved, - That J. McDonald's tender of £494.0.0 for the Construction of North Narrabeen rockbath, referred from last Council meeting, be now accepted.

At the December 4th, 1933 Meeting the Whale Beach Rock bath Committee,3/11/33, is forwarding a cheque for £15.15.0 towards improvements to the rock bath, and pointing out that the beach is a dangerous one, and the Council has had no expense in connection with surf sheds, life savers, etc., and therefore requesting Council to use every endeavour to provide an adequate rock pool for the swimming season. Resolved, - That the Engineer furnish an estimate for these rock baths, for inclusion in the request for on advance for the drainage scheme in the Palm Beach' reserves. And the Suburban Subdivision Co. Ltd:, 28/11/33, stating that Mr. Macpherson is prepared to dedicate a road 66 ft. wide through his property to the bridge across Deep Creek provided Council will make the road, suggesting that same be done under the relief work scheme, and pointing out that the Company has paid the Council upwards of £1500 in rates on his land at the western end of the lagoon. Council Resolved;- The Company furnish the Council with a survey of the proposed road and the Council will then consider the matter.  

At the Meeting held on December 18th, 1933 the North Narrabeen Rock bath Committee, 12/12/33, are requesting permission to remove one panel of fencing from the western side of Lake Park directly opposite Lake Park Road, the Committee being desirous of reserving portion of the park fronting that road for parking purposes during the holiday season. It was Resolved;- That permission to given for the holiday period only- provided that the track not used right through the park.

The Sydney Morning Herald, amongst a fuller report on the activities of the Warringah shire Council, announces;

Rock baths were built at North Narrabeen Headland at a cost of £494. This is the tenth rock bath built by the council. THE COUNCILS. (1934, January 9). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 13. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17038853

Dressing Sheds were dealt with in the Council Meeting of January 15th, 1934: ''Lake Park, east of Ocean Street - proposal for removal of two existing iron dressing sheds on Lake Park to a suitable position near the rock bath, and the cementing of the floor of each, subject to an estimate of the cost being furnished and the money voted:  Council Resolved; - That the recommendation be adopted. Also -  Lake Park, east of Ocean Street - proposal for formation of footpath from Ocean Street around to rock bath, and track to the top of the headland above the bath, subject to an estimate being submitted and the money voted: Resolved, - That the Committee's recommendation be adopted, provided there be no expense-to the Council except that of relief labour. North Narrabeen Rock bath - recommending (a) that three steps be put in adjacent to the headland; (b) that the posts around the bath be painted white and a chain put through them;  and (c) that a starting board and turning board be installed: Council Resolved; - That the three steps be put in, as recommended and that consideration of the two other proposals be deferred until an estimate of the cost is submitted. 

Recommending payment to Contractors McDonald and Larkin of £98.16.0, on account of the Narrabeen North rock bath construction contract, and refund of £20, contractor's deposit; submitting estimate, £12, for constructing  small concrete wall across the channel of the bath at the north end, with relief labour: It was Resolved; - That payments to the Contractors be made, as recommended. and that £12 be voted for construction of a concrete wall, the cost to be charged against parking fees from Lake Park. 

Narrabeen Pool circa 1934, showing first clubhouse and lavatories - section from:

Compare National Museum of Australia's Josef Lebovic collection postcard, Surf Carnival at North Narrabeen, circa 1925-1927 nma-acc-20182027-1775-wm_o3_1100 - showing pre 1927 North Narrabeen SLSC Clubhouse at left: 

Records for the January 29th, 1934 show the Collinwood, Greenhills & Narrabeen Rock bath Committee, 24/1/34, requesting refund of 10% of camping and parking fees collected on Lake Park to reimburse Committee for payments made to Collector. The refund was granted.

At the February 12th, 1934 Meeting the Collinwood, Greenhills & Narrabeen Rock bath Committee, 6/2/34, (a) recommending fixing of camping fees on graduated scale, according to area occupied by tent, with minimum of 5/- per week, and special charges for charabancs and motor car with tent; (b) requesting that serious consideration be given to the question of prohibiting Grading of any nature on Lake Park; (c) requesting the Committee be given control of the new Rock baths, that a notice board to that effect be erected, and nominating Messrs. Midson, Bibbs, Butcher and Selig as Inspectors; (d) thanking Council's employee, Mr. King, for his attention to the lavatories on Lake Park; (d) requesting that a notice board bar erected at the corner of Lake Park and Pittwater Road directing to the new rock baths, similar to the notice board on Pittwater Road, Deewhy, directing to Deewhy rock baths. Council's decisions were:- (a) That the recommendation be considered later in the year; (b) that this be also considered later in the year (c) to be considered later in the year; (c) that a notice board be erected - "To Lake Park and Rockbaths".

At the same Meeting the Narrabeen North Progress Assoc. (5/2/34), inquiring whether, in the event of ratepayers being allowed to park their cars in and around Lake Park, free of charge, when going to the Rock baths, the Council will consider supplying them with some paper or card for production to Collector (b) drawing attention to "the disreputable condition of the lock-up shop on Ocean Street near Lake Park", Council's decisions were the waiving of parking fees be referred to the Inspector to look into; and that the Association be informed ''it is expected the lock-up shop will be removed after the Easter holidays, if not, some action will then be taken by the Council. 

The 'cow mowers' also rated a mention at this meeting with a V. Gomell, (correspondence dated 6/2/34), complaining of the nuisance and destruction caused by a herd of cows which are driven up to feed around his premises in Clarke Street near Lindley Avenue. This was referred to the Impounding Officer for attention. There were a few dairies still in Narrabeen during the 1930s, as well as at Mona Vale and Avalon Beach, and Sir Frederick Stewart's, of Stewart House, St Cloud Jersey Stud at Elanora Heights.

At the February 26th, 1934 Meeting estimates of the cost of safety chains at North Narrabeen rock bath are presented. Council decided to defer consideration until before the commencement of next season. 

The Narrabeen Ladies Swimming Club, 14/2/34, is suggesting that a notice board be put up at the new rock bath at Narrabeen, asking the public to keep off the southern wall of the bath for an hour on Sunday mornings, while the Club is holding its weekly racing events. It was Resolved;- Council raise no objection to the erection of a board. 

Life Member of the Club, current Treasurer, and a lady who regularly organises History Walks at Bayview, Maureen Rutlidge, has kindly provided this Issue's History Feature, which details The History of the Narrabeen Lakes Amateur Swimming Club. The NLASC History Maureen was compiled in decade stories from Annual reports and other notes which had been kept by Anne Hatton and left with a friend of hers in Qld. They were then delivered here some years ago and Maureen has been trying to file them all together in an organised way.

In Brief for this dual History feature, the club was formed on September 17th 1933. A Mrs Lottie Wood was the initiator of this ladies only swimming club. At this meeting a group of office bearers were nominated, a list of 23 club rules were adopted and a membership Fee would be: Seniors £3; Juniors (under 14) £1 6 shillings.

The initial membership was 30 which grew to 83 by the end of the first season. The club would be affiliated with the NSWWASA (New South Wales Warringah Amateur Swimming Association). The club colours adopted were to be black and lemon, which remain to today. Club events would be held every Sunday at 10am.

The first of these meets was on October 8th 1933 in the Narrabeen lagoon as the North Narrabeen Rockpool wasn't completed, and as seen above, considerations as to location were also being discussed. The ladies had to rally male members of the North Narrabeen Surf Club to assist them initially in providing boats to sit the judges and timekeepers in and to also help in roping off the area and provide ‘touch lines.’ The surf club also assisted in building a ‘starting platform’ in the Lagoon for the ladies.

By season end the ladies had acquired all the skills and equipment necessary to continue holding their race meets by themselves, the rock pool was completed and races were held under easier circumstances from then on.

Original Nth. Narrabeen rockpool before boardwalk, circa January 1934, Photo courtesy the NLASC

Also making the Council Records at its February 26, 1934 Meeting is Mona Vale Golf Club, (9/2/34), re: proposal to extend Black Swamp Reserve by acquiring land from the Salvation Reserve Amy, stating the Club is prepared to pay the amount of the survey fee, provided 20 acres can be secured. Council Resolved.- That the Engineer meet representatives of the Golf Club and the Army on the grounds (Crs. Austin, Hughes) The Returned Sailors & Soldiers League, Warringah Sub-Branch, 17/2/34, requesting permission to conduct a street and house-to-house collection, and sale of buttons and badges, on 16th March, "Tin Hat Day". Council Resolved; - That permission be granted. And C. Swancott, (15/2/34), re: danger to traffic arising from an unprotected culvert at the corner of Gordon Road and Pittwater Road, Mona Vale, and requesting reimbursement in the sum of 7/6 for expense in having his car lifted out of the gutter with towing truck and-crane. Council Resolved; - That a copy of Engineer Brooks' report be sent to him. 

At the March 12th, 1934 Meeting the Narrabeen Rock bath Committee, (3/3/34), protesting against the Narrabeen Ladies Swimming Club proposal for a turning board jutting 42 feet into the baths, as likely to spoil the appearance of the baths and constitute a danger; conveying resolution passed by the Committee - "That if the Council approve of this structure, there would be no further need for the continued existence of the Committee"; suggesting that in lieu a pontoon be placed in the baths,-the Committee being prepared to contribute £5 towards the cost, and suggesting that the Ladies Swimming, Club contribute also. Resolved, That a conference on this matter be held between the President, Councillor Hitchcock, the Inspector, three representatives of the Ladies' Swimming Club and three representatives of the Rock bath Committee. (Crs. Nicholas, Barber)

At the March 26th, 1934 Meeting the Greenhills, Collinwood & Narrabeen Rock bath Committee, (21/3/34), is expressing an opinion that the rock bath should be emptied at least twice a week, and also should be emptied during the winter months to prevent the sand from silting it up, and requesting that the Committee be supplied with a key of the valve in order that it may carry out the work; also pointing out that part of the shallow wall has been washed away. Council Resolved; - That £5 be voted for repairing the wall, out of camping fees. (Ors. Austin, Fox) Resolved, - The Committee be given the key of the valve. (Crs. Hitchcock, Hughes) 

At the same Meeting the Greenhills Collinwood Progress Assoc., (8/3/34), re: proposed starting board for Ladies Swimming Club at North Narrabeen rock bath, requesting Council to consider the requirements of the Club, and stating the Association does not endorse the attitude adopted by its President, Mr. Selig, on this matter. Council Resolved; - That the Association be informed the President will call a conference on this matter at the end of August.

The 'Olympic' dimensions of the North Narrabeen pool may have inspired a second Pittwater residents group to achieve the same. At the Meeting held on April 9th, 1934 the Mona Vale Progress Assoc., (21/3/34), is submitting the following requests - (a) that the Association be furnished with an estimate of the cost of extending Mona Vale Rock baths to a total length of 150 feet; .(b) that the Government be asked to allocate relief money for the formation of a road from Ocean View Road to Darley Street along the crest of the sand hills; (c) that the Mona Vale Cemetery receive attention. Council's decisions were; (a) referred to the Engineer for an estimate of cost; (b) consideration deferred for the time being; (c) that the matter be left in the President's hands.

At its April 23rd, 1934 Meeting correspondence from the Lands Department, (12/4/34), is advising that in compliance with Council's request, about 14 acres adjacent to Barrenjoey Lighthouse Reserve have been reserved for recreation purposes, and the control and management thereof now devolve upon the Council. Council Resolved, - the Department be thanked. The Same, (13/4/34), re: Lake Park, Narrabeen, objecting to the removal of two panels of fencing for the purpose of giving direct access to and through the park, and pointing out that the continued traffic is cutting up the grassy surface, and requesting that the fencing be permanently restored. Council Resolved;- That the  Rock bath Committee be notified to reinstate the fencing. 

Correspondence read at the May 7th, 1934 Meeting records the Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club, (26/4/34), requesting Council to erect a building suitable for a Club room near the North Narrabeen rock bathsConsideration deferred until after June, and the Narrabeen Rock bath Committee.20/4/34, submitting following requests - (a) re shallow wall of  rock bath recently carried away, that the wall-be extended towards the ocean instead of as originally constructed, and that the Engineer confer with the rock bath Committee on the matter; (b) that notice boards be erected at Lake Park limiting speed of 'vehicles to 10 miles per' hour; (c) that the proposed conference regarding a turning board in the rock baths stand over until the beginning of next season. Council's decisions were:- consideration deferred until August next; (b) received (c) the President reported that he would convene a conference in two or three weeks.

Council's Meeting records of May 21st, 1934 show the Palm Beach Progress Assoc. 14/5/34, forwarding plans of proposed Olympic rock bath at Palm Beach for the Shire  Engineer's perusal, opinion, and return: Referred to the Engineer. 

At the June 16th, 1934 Meeting The President verbally reported on a conference which he and Cr. Hitchcock, accompanied by the Inspector, had with representatives of the North Narrabeen Ladies' Swimming and Narrabeen Rock bath Committee respecting the erection of a dressing shed at the rock baths. He recommended that, as agreed at the conference, the erection of the shed be carried out by means of relief labour, the material being already on the job. The recommendation was adopted. 

Mr. J. Selig (11/7/34), was stating he has resigned his position as Secretary of the Narrabeen Rock bath Committee; requesting to be relieved of his guarantee for the proper collection of parking fees and camping fees, and for permission to delete from the notice boards' on Lake Park the reference to himself; stating that Mr. Gehrig (Acting Chairman) and Mr. Butcher (Assistant Secretary and Treasurer) have also resigned; thanking the Council and officials for their prompt and courteous treatment of himself in regard to matters connected with the rock bath. "Received". 

Palm Beach Progress Association were submitting a plan from Palm Beach Surf Club for enlargement of baths: Council Resolved; – That the  Engineer meet the Palm Beach Progress Association on this matter.

At Church Point Wharf a Request to use the wharf in connection with saw-milling business, and to widen same. Letter No. 70 in "Correspondence" from A. L. Green. (11/7/34), is submitting two proposals for the construction of a landing stage at Church Point wharf, expressing preference for one, and stating he will give any reasonable guarantee for the proper completion and the expedition of the carrying out of  the work; was read in conjunction with the report. Council Resolved,- That Mr. Green be allowed to widen the wharf and causeway by 8 feet for its full length, and his operations to be confined to that area, permission being given him to use the area for a period of three years. (Crs. Hitchcock, Hughes). 

The July 30th, 1934 Meeting records the Collinwood, Greenhills & Narrabeen Rock bath Committee, 25/7/34, drawing attention to the substantial increase in the parking fees collected on Lake Park during the last season, and to the excellent work of the collector, and recommending that the collector be paid an honorarium of £25. Council Resolved; - The Committee be informed the Council cannot entertain the request, as an undesirable precedent would be created. It was further Resolved; - That a vote of thanks be accorded to Mr. Selig for his work in connection with Lake Park, and that inquiry be made whether Mr. Gehrig and Mr. Butcher have resigned from the Committee. 

The August 13th, 1934 Meeting records, Re: proposal for construction of a rock bath at Palm Beach Palm Beach on the site of the existing bath: Council Resolved; - That the Engineer give a rough estimate of the cost of constructing a bath as described in his report

Also of interets was the Engineer Furnishing an estimate of the cost, £720, for construction of roads, drains, etc, on Mrs.Trevor-Jones, proposed sub- division at Newport. A Letter from R. Darling, 10/8/34, re inability of Mrs. Trevor-Jones to lodge cash guarantee for execution of the construction of roads, etc. on subdivision, and making suggestion for the protection of the Council's interests. Council Resolved; - That the Clerk put the facts before the Local Government Association and obtain its advice on the matter.Also discussed was The Strand, Re: proposal to acquire land from Mrs. Trevor-Jones at Whale Beach for extension of beach reserve. Council Resolved; That the plan submitted by Mr. Royston Darling on 24th January last be accepted, subject to it being amended to provided that The Strand shall be extended in a straight line. 

Council also Resolved, ''That the construction of the turning board in Narrabeen rock-bath, as promised, be proceeded with, and the Shire Engineer ascertain from the Narrabeen Ladies Swimming Club what is required''. (Cr. Hitchcock) 

Council's August 27th, 1934 Meeting records show Re: Proposed installation of flood light at North Narrabeen rock bath: Resolved - That this work be carried out at a North cost of £85 and the Narrabeen Committee allocates £15 from the Lake Park parking fees account each year for a period of three years towards the liquidation of the debt.

Re: conference with the Progress Association Mona Vale respecting contemplated extension of Mona Vale rock bath. Committees report adopted. 12. Re Engineer's alternative proposal for dealing with drainage at Queen's Pde, Newport was adopted. Re: Mrs. E. Simpson's letter respecting drainage trouble at Nullaburra Road, Newport: Report adopted. Whale Beach proposal for Whale Beach rock bath extension: Report adopted. 

Re: Submitting estimate for the restoring of Great Mackerel Beach Wharf. Resolved; - That tenders be called for the carrying out of work on a time payment basis, payment to be made over a period of five years,with interest at the rate of 4% per annum. Submitting estimate of quantity of tar required for top-dressing the existing tarred roads during the coming year. Resolved; - That the Manly Gas Company be informed of the Supplies estimate, and requested to make a reduction in its charges. Re: drainage at Terry's, Bayview Road. Resolved; - That the improvements recommended by the Engineer be carried cut means of relief labour. Re: proposed installation of a sluice valve at Narrabeen North rock bath: Resolved; - That £10 be voted for the installation of the valve. 

OVERSEER BROOKS' REPORT was dealt with as follows:- 4. Recondition of culvert in New Road up the hill from Esplanade: Resolved; - That be voted to cover the cost of timber and spike for repairs, the work to be done by relief labour. 10. Submitting estimate for erection of turning board, installing new valve, and constructing pathway, at Narrabeen Rock bath. Resolved That £15 be voted for the carrying out of this work under the emergency relief’s schemeBibb and Kenna be appointed as Inspectors for the rock bath at Narrabeen (b) that the Ladies Swimming Club be still allowed permission to hold races on Sunday mornings for a period of 1 ½ hours; (c) that Mr. Selig be asked to annul the agreement now standing in his name; the Committee being prepared to take over all responsibility; (d) that the present Collector of parking fees be retained, and he be granted a commission of Lake Park 20% on his takings. 

Council's decisions were:- (a) That the two be appointed Inspectors for the rock bath, that the desired permission be granted to the Ladies Swimming Club for the duration of the Council's pleasure, that the former guarantors be relieved of their responsibilities, that the taking over of these responsibilities-by the new committee be approved, and that personal guarantees be asked for; that the Council approve of a commission of 20% being allowed the Collector of parking fees in future, as requested. (Crs Hughes, Sterland) 

Also dealt with at this Meeting; 21/8/34, requesting (a) that a light be placed the end of Pacific-Parade approximately at the gate east the northern side of the bridge; (b) that the floodlight at the football oval on lake Park No. 2 be placed at the rock bath for the summer season instead of at Narrabeen bridge. Referred to the Electricity Committee for report. TheMona Vale Progress Assoc., 19/8/34, requesting the erection of a flag-pale at Mona Vale Park be expedited (b) that a shelter shed be created for Kitchener Park for Park Vigor Club. Council Resolved: - That the association be informed Council has no money available for the purpose, but that has no objection to the association carrying out the work ….

Joseph Selig, shopkeeper, who was among the core group of residents who toiled for years to get a pool at North Narrabeen, during what can be read above, was losing his wife. Jessie Selig, mother of three boys, passed away in September 1934. He remarried a decade later. Family Notices found in Trove show:

SELIG— ANKERS. — A wedding was celebrated at St. Peter's Church, Croydon, on February 11, when Joseph, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Selig, of Summer-hill, and Jessie, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Ankers, of Croydon, were married. Rev. Charles A. Stubbin performed the ceremony, and the church was prettily decorated for the occasion. The bride was given away by her father, and was attired in a dress of ivory white crystalline, trimmed with silk lace, fringe, and orange blossom. She wore a beautiful embroidered veil arranged over a wreath of orange blossoms. Her bouquet and gold bracelet were the bridegroom's gifts. There were three bridesmaids— the Misses Alma and Lena Ankers (sisters of the bride) and Miss Lily Selig (sister of the bridegroom). Their bouquets and gold broaches were the gifts of the bridegroom. Mr. H. Selig, brother of the bridegroom, was best man. At the conclusion of the wedding ceremony a reception was held in the Church School-hall, where about 50 guests sat down to the breakfast. Subsequently the bride and bridegroom left for Manly, the bride wearing a pale blue Russian coat and skirt, and a pale blue hat. WEDDINGS. (1911, February 22). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), p. 7. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article238704199 

The twin boys Selig, from Narrabeen, are up here on a visit, and spend most of their time on the courts. Their resemblance to one another is remarkable — we are offering a prize to anyone who can sort them out. TENNIS NOTES (1934, April 20). The Katoomba Daily (NSW : 1920 - 1939), p. 1. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article193899920 

SELIG.—September 10, 1934, at St. Vincent's Hospital, Jessie Linda Selig (nee Ankers), dearly loved wife of Joseph Abraham Selig, of Lake Park-road, North Narrabeen, and loving mother of Lyell, Wallace and Roger. Family Notices (1934, September 11). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17092173 

SELIG - The Relatives and Friends of Mr JOSEPH A SELIG and LYELL, WALLACE and ROGER, are invited to attend the Funeral of his dear WIFE and their MOTHER, Jessie Linda; to leave Geo. Andrews Funeral Chapel, 237 Liverpool-road, Ashfield, THIS DAY, at 3 pm for the Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood. GEO ANDREWS, 237-9 Liverpool-road, Ashfield. Phone U2808 (2 lines).

SELIG - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs M A ANKERS and the late A J ANKERS and FAMILY are invited to attend the Funeral of their dear DAUGHTER and SISTER Jessie Linda to leave Geo Andrews Funeral Chapel Ashfield THIS DAY at 3 p m for the Church of England Cemetery Rookwood. GEO ANDREWS

SELIG-The Relatives and Friends of Mrs L CHRISTIANSON and FAMILY, Mr HARRY SELIG and Mr and Mrs ROY SELIG are invited to attend the Funeral of their dear SISTER IN LAW and AUNT Jessie Linda Selig to leave Geo Andrews Funeral Chapel Ashfield THIS DAY at 3pm for the Church of England Cemetery Rookwood. GEO ANDREWS. Family Notices (1934, September 11). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 9. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17092100 

SELIG-STOREY.-April 6, at Methodist Church, Ashfield, by the Rev. H. Green, Pauline, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. R. Storey, of Leichhardt, formerly of Cowra, to Mr. Joseph Abraham Selig, of Rosebery, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Selig (both deceased), of Newtown. Family Notices (1944, April 29). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 18. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17883056

Council's Meeting of September 10th, 1934 shows the Engineer Submitting an estimate of the cost of extending the Mona Vale rock bath easterly for 47 feet, the estimate of the cost for material and supervision for the carrying out of the work under the emergency relief scheme being £65. Council Resolved; - That the estimate be approved, subject to a 50% contribution being pre-paid, and that a copy of the Engineer's report be sent to the Mona Vale Progress Association. Council's Engineer was also submitting an estimate of £60 for putting the Newport rock bath in order. Council Resolved; - That if the Newport Progress Association or residents find 50% of the cost, the Council will give favourable consideration to the carrying out of the work. He was also recommending that the Clareville wharf be demolished, and a small quantity of decking and the steps and shed be salvaged. Resolved;- That the recommendation be adopted.

At the same meeting the Narrabeen Ladies' Amateur Swimming Club (27/8/34), are again requesting Council to erect a Clubhouse for the Ladies' Swimming Club at North Narrabeen rock bath, the Club to recoup the Council for the cost over a period of 10 years; also submitting a number of questions relative to the use and control of the building, etc.  and (31/8/34), submitting a plan of the proposed Club room. Council Resolved; That the Council accede to the request, and vote £50 for the carrying out of the work, provided £5 be paid each year by the Club as rental, the Club to be given the sole use of the building for that period; not to be charged rent after the £50 has been repaid, but to be allowed the continued use of it, provided it keeps the building in a state of repair, and the Club to be allowed to hold social functions in the building for the benefit of the Club.

The Meeting held a fortnight later, September 24th, 1934, records Re: accumulation of sand in Narrabeen rock bath: Resolved, - That the Rock bath Committee be asked to attend to this matter. 

Crs. Sheppard, Fox are Submitting an estimate of £6.13.0 for material for top rail - fence around the oval enclosure on Newport Beach Reserve: Cr. Hughes reported that the Newport Beach Improvement Committee Reserve had handed in a cheque for £10 to cover the cost of this work. Resolved; - That the work be authorised, relief workers be put on to assist, and that the Gardener be sent down to assist in the tree planting operations. 

By Cr. Hitchcock - That tenders be immediately called for the carrying out of the proposed extension of the Whale Beach rock bath in order that the improved bath may be ready for the summer. Cr. Hughes seconded. Carried. 

The Narrabeen North Rock bath Committee, (9/9/34) are submitting names of guarantors re rock bath and Lake Park - Messrs. Byrne, Bibb and Robertson; (h) requesting certain deletions from, and additions to the notice board at corner opposite Mr. Selig's shop; (c) requesting that Works Committee discuss with four members of the Association the question of removing the rails at the opening to Lake Park opposite Mrs. Peterson's store; (d) requesting that two of the three Park Ranger's badges issued in respect of Lake Park be recalled, and that the Association be supplied with an additional three badges; (e) submitting following proposals re trading on Lake Park - viz - that no one be allowed to trade or sell on the park without a written permit from the Council; that no permit be issued to any trader who lives over a mile outside the area of Lake Park; that a Charge of 2/6 be made for a permit. Council decided; - (a) that the guarantors be approved; (b) that the Association be given permission to make the alterations on the notice board; (c) that the Council. do agree to the request; -(d) that the badges be repealed and then issued to the Association; (c) that the trading on the park be merely restricted to tradesmen living within the Shire, without charging for a permit.

E. Giles Stone, 17/9/34, (a) re dredging lease in Narrabeen Lagoon, and the conditions laid down in connection therewith by the Mines Department, stating proposal to remove two foot of Narrabeen sand in a low places to allow their motor boat to cut access to all parts of the lease, and that a scheme for the general improvement of the lake is being prepared; (b) offering to keep the Narrabeen rock bath free of sand, provided Council make an access to the baths for their lorrie, and also place relief men on the extension to Deep Creek Road to make it. Council decided - (e) that the Council approve of his proposal, (Ors, Sheppard, Pox); (b) that the Engineer furnish an estimate of the cost of complying with his conditions.

Narrabeen North Rock bath Committee. 13/9/34. requesting (a) to be supplied with 25 wooden pegs, etc, for setting out the camps in Lake Park; (b) that the second and third summer-house on the park be removed to a position due east of the one nearest the road entrance, as they at present occupy valuable tent space...

Palm Beach's aspirations for a larger pool are discussed at the Meeting held on October 8th, 1934, along with the Returned Sailors & Soldiers Imperial League, Warringah Sub-Branch, 21/9/34, contending that the Mona Vale Memorial Fountain should stand out prominently to the view of all passers-by, and requesting that the signboard, road notice board, and electric light pole be removed to other Positions. Referred to the Works Committee for report. ... L. Lane, 1/10/34, again complaining of the condition of the baths at Salt Pan, Pittwater. Referred to the Overseer Depts for an estimate of the cost of repairing the baths. Palm Beach Progress assoc., (a) requesting Council to apply for an advance from the Unemployment Relief Council for the carrying out of proposed improvements to the bath; (b) Palm Bch. drawing Council's attention to the deterioration of roads in  the locality. Council Resolved, - That if a ratepayer's advance of £500 is available, tenders be called for the carrying out of the work immediately, in accordance with the Engineer’s report to a recent meeting, with the exception of the construction of footpaths; that if an advance is not available, application be made for a loan, as requested by the association. (Crs. Hitchcock, Hughes) 

In the Meeting held on October 22nd, 1934 the Engineer is Submitting estimate for repairing bathing enclosure adjoining Salt Pan wharf, Pittwater: Consideration was deferred on account of lack of funds. 5. Re suggestion from Mr. E. G. Stone that he keep North Nth N'been Narrabeen rock bath free of sand under certain conditions. Resolved; - That the offer be not adopted. crs. Hitchcock, Hughes. And the Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club, (3/10/34), are thanking the Council for the turning and starting boards at Narrabeen Rock bath; and prepaying annual rent, £5, for proposed Club room

On starting board Nth Narrabeen rockpool - NLASC photo

This item from a Sydney newspaper of that time tells:

Conducted by PAT HANSEN

ONE of the youngest of the clubs affiliated to the New South Wales Women's Amateur Swimming Association, the Narrabeen Club, has set a standard for enterprise that older clubs could well copy. When the rock pool was completed, the Narrabeen Women's Club asked the Warringah Shire Council to build a clubhouse. The council promised to give the material on condition that the women swimmers paid a rental of £5 per year for the clubhouse when completed and also supplied the labor necessary for the building. 

"It was then our supporters showed their sympathy in practical fashion," said Mrs. Bruce, president of the club. 

"The clubhouse was a necessity, but our funds, though excellent for so young a body, could hardly have stood the strain of paying labor costs, and we were delighted when various friends and relatives of the club members offered their services voluntarily. 

"Mr. Woods, whose wife is captain of the club, is doing most of the work." November 17 is the date set aside for the official opening of the clubhouse. The ceremony will be carried out by Mrs. Austin. 


Officials for season 1934-35 of the Telephone Swimming Club Include Miss Kath Fawkner, president; Mrs. S. Sutherland, secretary, coach and referee; Miss Jess Rutledge, treasurer; Miss Nell Tocchini, assistant secretary; Miss Grace McCloskey, social secretary; Mrs. Hawe, starter; Miss Eileen Tier, registrar. Miss Vi Armstrong is again . captain, Miss Joan Davies vice-captain, Mrs. A. Sutherland captain of the water polo team, and Miss M. Gilbert Vice-captain. 

By reducing her 100 yards time by 18 2-5sec, little Miss June Dawson won the trophy presented by Mrs. Sutherland for the most improved swim over 100 yards. Miss Nancy McCarthy was second, her reduction being 12sec., and Miss Irene Conran third with an improvement of 10 3-5 sec. Mrs. Sutherland has decided to present another prize at the end of November. Miss Nola Corbett is concentrating on backstroke, and intends trying for the junior championship this season Miss Joan Wadduns, of the Telephone Club, registered 1.27 In a time trial over 100 yards. WOMEN in SPORT (1934, November 6). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 14. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article247000846 

Days later the same paper reports:

Mining Threat To Narrabeen Lakes
Narrabeen Lakes entrance.

SHALL Narrabeen Lakes be commercialised? At this moment controversy is raging about an application, under a miner's right, for a lease of four acres of land across the entrance to the Lakes. Residents propose objecting to the Mines Department against the granting of an application for a mineral lease "for the purpose of mining for silica and sea shell." Documents lodged with the Mines Department Indicate that the four acres applied for cut across the lake and extend for 760 feet along the entrance right up to and alongside the rock baths of which the people of North Narrabeen and surrounding districts have been so proud during-the past year. One resident has lodged an objection to the lease with the Mining Warden, Sydney. 
Mining Threat To Narrabeen Lakes (1934, November 11). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 9. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230153866 


Application for Mining Lease Withdrawn.

Mr E. G. Stone, in a letter received by the Warringah Shire Council last night, intimated that he had withdrawn his application for a mining lease of four acres at the entrance to Narrabeen Lake, lodged with the Mines Department. He asked the council to co-operate with him in constructing tide gates at the entrance, for which the department had given permission in connection with his dredging lease on- the bed of the lake above the bridges. This matter was deferred to the new council. NARRABEEN LAKE. (1934, November 20). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article28020455


Referring to the recent discussion on the effects of certain dredging to be carried out by a company in Narrabeen Lake, Mr. E. G. Stone, consulting engineer, states in a letter to the Editor that the dredging lease was granted after an inquiry held by the warden, that the granting of the lease was supported by the Warringah Shire, and that no objections were raised by any of the Government departments that were consulted. Dredging of sand from the lake's bottom for reclamation purposes has already been carried out by private individuals to the extent of many mil-lions of tons. The effect of the dredging, says Mr. Stone, has been to improve the lake: in fact, the part where it has been carried out is the only place where boats can move with-out danger and where fishing success is a certainty. The dredging proposed to be carried out by his company would be through areas which at low tide are filthy morasses of decaying seaweed, especially the part between the two bridges. At present it is only by following certain channels that boats can reach their destinations. The channel which the company proposes to create will alter this condition of things, and will add to the pleasure of the public. Besides giving employment to local and other unemployed, the work will create a beauty spot of greater interest than at present. NARRABEEN LAKE. (1934, December 17). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 11. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17114792

On April 30th, 1935 council records note that the Newport Beach Improvement Committee, 29/4/35, is requesting Council to construct a new rock bath on flat rock some distance north of the existing baths, stating Mr. A. M. Moss is prepared to lend £500 for the purpose, with interest at 4% for three or five years. Resolved, - That in order to finance the scheme, the offer of Mr. Moss, a member of the Beach Improvement Committee, to lend £500 for the purpose, be accepted. (Crs. Hughes, Hewitt) Resolved, That the term of the loan be 'five years; that Mr. Moss be thanked for his public-spirited offer. and that the Narrabeen North Rockbath Assoc., 13/2/35, requesting that fire hydrants be installed on Lake Park for-the protection of campers against fire. Resolved, That consideration be deferred until next season.

The Warringah Sub-Branch R.S.& S.I.L. 22/3/35, has written stating that a number of Councils have adopted the practice of flying an Australian flag at half-mast upon the death of returned sailors or soldiers in the district, requesting this Council to follow the practice, and stating the Sub-Branch will supply, for flying with the flag, a pennant with the words - "Lest We Forget". Resolved, - That the practice be adopted by this Council. 37. Same, 23/3/35, suggesting that representations be made to the Narrabeen North Rockbath Committee to employ a returned soldier collector on Lake Park instead of a non-returned man as at present. Resolved, - That the Narrabeen North Rockbath Committee be informed that this Council desires a returned soldier to be employed as parking fees collector for next season, if a man of suitable capacity can be obtained. (Cr. Ross, Cr. Sheppard)

On June 11th, 1935 a letter received shows  the Lake Park Improvement Assoc. 1/6/35, 25. Narrabeen Rock baths & Lake Park (a) advising Council-of the association's name, and requesting the Council to recognise the body under its new name and being the only one to be in charge of rock baths and Lake Park and control of same" and requesting that Birdwood Park, Narrabeen, be placed under the control of the Association. Resolved, - That they be Given control for the duration of the Council's pleasure. (Crs. Nicholas, Hewitt) 

The Minutes of Meeting of Warringah Shire Council hold on Tuesday. 9th July. 1935 show the Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club, drawing attention to the damage to the Clubhouse at North Narrabeen rockbath; and reporting that the Clubhouse has been broken into and electrical appliances stolen. Resolved, - That (a) be referred to A. Riding Councillors; (b) "received" 

Making the news:


—55 Yards Freestyle. Senior: L. Woods 1. H. Hatton 2. H. Findlay 3: time, 46sec. 55 Yards Junior Freestyle, A Grade: A. Findlay 1. B. Simpson 2, I. Crowe 3; time.-, 44 sec. 55 Yards Junior Breaststroke: A. Hunt  1- time, 1-.16. 55 Yards Senior Breaststroke: M. Slater 1. T. Headford 2. T. Cornwell 3; time 64seo. 55 Yds. Junr. Backstroke: L. Potton 1, E. Pearson 2. A. Hunt 3; time, lmin. 18sec. 55 Yards Junior Breaststroke, A Grade:. A. Findlay 1, D. Simpson 2, B. Slater 3: time. 70sec. 15 Yards Tiny Tots' Freestyle: M. Simpson 1. P. Totts 2. B. Simpson 3: time. 34sec. SUNDAY SWIMMING (1935, October 28). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 4. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article246578050


Ivy Crowe, a 13-year-old Junior, caused a stir yesterday by winning the 220 yards senior championship of Narrabeen Ladies' A.S.C. Laurel Ford led up till the last 30 yards, but the winner then put In a well-timed sprint and won by 3 yards. Hannah Hatton was third.  SUNDAY SWIMS (1936, February 17). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article246483331


Headed by Mrs. Sutherland, 20 members of the Telephone Ladies' Swimming Club visited Narrabeen rock pool yesterday afternoon to augment the Wally Proudfoot Memorial. Narrabeen ladies provided afternoon tea for the visitors, and a crowd estimated at 1000 were enthused by the display of Joan Davies, record holder, over 500 metres; Vi. Armstrong, 50 metres record holder; and the water polo match. 

A collection was made on behalf of the fund. Joan Davies's exhibition swim over 1000 metres was a capital effort, and her time indicates that she will take a lot of beating in the N.S.W. mile championship, to be decided in March. Mrs. Sutherland gave a demonstration of coaching, which was greatly appreciated by local club officials and members. JOAN DAVIES. PHONE GIRLS' CALL (1936, February 3). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article246487016  

On the 26th of January, 1937 the Warringah shire Council records show the Narrabeen Lake  Warringah Lakes Affiliated Ladies' amateur Swimming Club's request for the erection of dressing sheds: resolved, - That the Engineer prepare plan and specification of dressing sheds with a view of the Council calling for tenders for the carrying out of the work in July or August next. 

September 7th, 1937:  Re request from North Narrabeen Parents & Citizens association for the erection of a footbridge over Mullett Craek, pointing out that it would be necessary to secue the extension of Namona St. through private property to Powderworks Rd. Resolved, -. That consideration be deferred (Cr. Hewitt, Cr. Hitchcock). r(7) Re request of Warringah Ladies Amateur Swimming Club, for the erection of a dressing shed at Deep Creek Rd. junction, North Narrabeen,& pointing out the difficulty of selecting a suitable site. Resolved, - That the matter be referred to "A Riding Counoillors. Manly and District Junior Cricket Assn., offering a sum of £5 in advance for rental of the cricket ground on Lake Park No. 2, North Narrabeen; Resolved, - That the offer be Park accepted. (Cr. McPaul, Cr. Campbell). Warringh Ladies ,Amateur SWimming Club , 26.8.37 urging the Council to proceed with the erection of dressing sheds for the Club. Referred to the "A" Riding Councillors

By October 5th, 1937 the Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club, 20/9/37, were asking that the vote of £40 for repairing the Clubhouse at Narrabeen rockbaths be proceeded with as the Club is anxious to commence swimming events; and stating that some of the Club's property (broom, flag, electric jug, etc.) has been stolen, and asking the Council to replace some of the property. Resolved, - They be informed the work is in hand, and.that the broom, flag, and electric jug will be replaced by the Council, the cost to be charged to B.Riding. Cr. Green handed in a letter from the Narrabeen Amateur Male Swimming Club, stating that the Club would commence swimming and club functions in Narrabeen lake on Sunday, 10th inst., and requesting Council to supply timber for a starting board, and a few posts and some planks, the members of the Club to erect the board voluntarily. The President replied, that this would be done, and the cost charged to B. Riding. 

On January 18th, 1938 the Narrabeen District affiliated Men's Amateur Swimming  Club, letter dated 4/1/38, are drawing attention to an obstruction that has been erected in Narrabeen Lake on the northern side of the bridge, which is a danger to children. Resolved - That the old stakes be removed from the lake. and requesting Council to supply the Club with a reel for the purpose of winding the Club's lane-lines on. The Club to be informed there is no reel available. W. H. Claydon, 8/1/38, drawing attention to the untidy conditions efleting in the locality of Narrabeen Park Parade, Warriewood Beach; (b) drawing attention to the dilapidated condition of a cottage in Bruce Street; (c) requesting that a pathway be constructed down to Warriewood Beach, it being impossible to use the 12-ft. pathway provided.; (d) requesting repairs to Hunter Street, Narrabeen Park Parade. Resolved, - That requests (a), (c) and (d) be referred to the engineer. for report, and request (b) to the Inspector. 54. Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club. 16/1/38, regarding North the slippery and dangerous condition of the wall at the North Narrabeen rockbath, and requesting Council to erect a wooden platform around the wall of the baths attached to the postsReferred to the Works Committee for reports  R.C.Underwood, 10/1/38, (a) requesting Council to put a stop to the nuisance arising from dogs swimming in the baths at Taylor's Taylor's point, suggesting that a warning notice be erected at  the entrance to the baths; (b) inquiring whether property owners have the right to..allow numbers of tents to be erected on their lands in proclaimed residential districts. Resolved (a) that a notice be erected as requested, and (b) that this matter be considered at a later date.

On March 29th, 1938 North Narrabeen Rockbath Committee (16/3/38) are requesting (a) that attention be given to the lack of water supply at the rockbaths at Narrabeen; (b) that lavatory accommodation at the rockbaths be improved. Council's decisions were:- (a) That the engineer submit estimate of the cost of providing water service; (b) association be informed of the Inspector's report that daily service will be given during the holiday periods. The Same, submitting a letter from Mr. R. K. Yaldwyn, suggesting Council should require that all future buildings be given a frontage to roads at a uniform, distance from the front fences and not on, house with its back yard to the street and the next house fronting the street", and ''that houses should be uniform distance from the front fences''. "Received" was the reply to that one.

The Council's records for November 8th, 1938 note Re: dressing accommodation for members of the Warringah ladies Amateur Swimming Club at Narrabeen Lake, stating that the only accommodation is an old lavatory. Resolved, He be informed the matter will receive consideration. 

Meanwhile, the North Narrabeen Rock Baths and Lake Improvement Association was paying off the debt incurred in building the rock baths, and then some, even after fee collectors had received their percentage of dues collected:

Heavy Furniture in Tents.
The canvas town at Narrabeen, where 2,400 people have been under canvas, is by far the most pretentious holiday camp ever seen In the State. Of the 400 tents that stood on the shores of Narrabeen Lake during the holidays, 180 were struck yesterday evening, when the families occupying them returned to the city in time for work to-day. So much furniture had to be removed from the camp that more than 100 furniture vans, pantechnicons, motor cars, motor lorries, and trailers were needed to transport the owners' goods and chattels' back to their homes in the suburbs

The camp at Narrabeen has been called a camper's paradise, because it offers a maximum of home comforts with a minimum of what is customarily called '’roughing it " Families who arrived in the camp 10 days ago were followed by furniture vans packed with every household comfort-tables, chairs, beds, kitchen dressers, chests of drawers, cushions eiderdown quilts radio sets gramophones petrol stoves, ice chests, alarm clocks, and canary cages

Gone are the days when a camp beside the sea meant sleeping on straw, boiling the billy on a scrub fire and eating off a soap box. The campers at Narrabeen have carpets on the floor, cushions on their chairs, and kapok mattresses and pillows on their beds They shave every morning, sip cool drinks off the ice, and bask in easy chairs listening to chamber music on their radio sets.


One furniture van removed from a palatial three-roomed tent yesterday four rolls of carpet a dressing table, an oak dining table a kitchen dresser, six chairs, a cream painted ice chest, a baby's crib, and a double bed.

Every morning the camp is visited by a butcher, a grocer, a baker, a milkman, an iceman, and a newspaper boy. Telegrams are delivered to the campers by bicycle, and there is a telephone in a nearby shop. There are provision stores, soda fountains, and motor garages at the entrance, and an Interdenominational mission attends to the spiritual welfare of the community in a large marquee in the middle of the canvas town.

The principal recreations of this holiday camp are fishing, swimming, boating, sun-bathing and listening to the racing summary broadcast over the air. Hundreds of men and youths, bronzed by the sun, stand round every available wireless set when the race commentators are on the air, and hundreds of healthy children, who from at least half the camp's population, flock as eagerly around the milk bar and soda fountain In the neighbouring stores

All these holiday joys and amenities are obtainable for 10/ a week, the camping fee charged by the North Narrabeen Rock Baths and Lake Park Improvement Association-besides, of course, the hire of pantechnicons.

It is, as one camper expressed it, a cheap and carefree holiday spent under reasonably civilised conditions "I have been coming to this place for the last three years," he said, "and I would not choose any other." CAMP IN LUXURY. (1939, January 3). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17560684 

On March 7th, 1939 Council's records show that the Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club, 18/2/39 reporting further vandalism at the Clubhouse, suggesting a notice be erected on the building warning trespassers, against damaging. Resolved, - That a notice board be erected as requested.

On May 2nd, 1939 Mr. Percy C. Spender, M.B.R. 15/4/39, is recommending Council to give consideration to a suggestion by Mr. A. G. Windsor that an area of land at North Narrabeen, on which is erected the old homestead belonging to the Macpherson family, and is about to be demolished, is resumed. At the same meeting the Narrabeen Sports Federation (comprising five sporting or recreation clubs), 24/4/39, is requesting erection of dressing sheds at Narrabeen Lake adjacent to the Pittwater Road bridge, and requesting that steps be taken to clear the weeds from the portion of Narrabeen Lake used by Warringah Lakes Ladies Swimming Club and the Narrabeen Men's Amateur Swimming Club. That was "Received".

At the Council Meeting of October 31st, 1939 a letter from A. J. Devereux, 16/10/39, is read wherein he is stating that on account of the abnormal height of Narrabeen Lake for the past two months, considerable damage had been done to the properties of, and inconvenience caused to the people of Wimbledon Avenue, and requesting Council to restore the lake to its normal level. It was resolved, that he be informed of the substance of the Engineers report, and that the waters will be let out when they reach the top level. 

During WWII soldiers were trained and stationed at Narrabeen. Council's Meeting of December 19th, 1939 shows a letter is read from the Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club, 14/12/39, requesting that the Narrabeen baths be let out at least once a week as there are now over 400 soldiers using them every day. Resolved, - That the engineer's report that the maintenance men attend to the matter be adopted.

Narrabeen Camping Series5 January 1939 / photographed by R. Wolfe at: http://archival.sl.nsw.gov.au/Details/archive/110589900Images: c19300_0016_c, c19300_0017_c, c19300_0018_c, c19300_0020_c, all courtesy State Library of NSW

The meeting of July 23rd, 1940 shows E. Giles Stone, 16/7/40, is protesting against the Council's action in regard to the proposal to remove sand from the vicinity of the entrance to Narrabeen Lake, stating, without prejudice, that as the Company cannot apparently work in accord with the Council, it proposes to rely on the conditions of its lease, and to erect tide gates at the lake entrance in the position most suitable to the Company, and to operate such gates and remove sand as the Company considers necessary. "Received" is the answer to this epistle.

1940 Arch & Norma McKinnon's store, 1 Narrabeen Park Parade - opposite caravan park, near pool and bridge. Norma's brother in law, Jack Clarke planted the Norfolk Pines c1940. You can see a couple of them on the right of this photo, inside protective barriers. Jack was a Gallipoli Veteran and also played cricket in Don Bradman's club side. Photo from Trove/ Info from Tim Channon (Norma was his Great Aunt) Thanks Tim.

By May 27th, 1941 the Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club, 10/5/41, stating that the Clubhouse has been broken into (again), the First Aid kit destroyed, and a big hole made in the back of the building; requesting Council to build a brick or a stone room. Resolved, The Club be informed the small hole has been repaired, and that the Council is not in a position to erect a brick building.

War shortages as well as everything being thrown into the defence of Australia would persist long after peace was gained. The vandalism continued though.

In the September 15th, 1942 Meeting a letter from the Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club, 31/8/42, is requesting that the Clubhouse be repaired for the purposes of the ensuing swimmingreporting that all the windows have been broken and suggesting that the two end windows be-boarded up; and they are requesting that the turning-board be repaired and that some of the sand be removed from the baths while they are empty, and suggesting the baths be closed for the holiday week- end. It was Resolved; - That all the requests be referred to the Works Committee, and the Club be invited to have a representative to discuss the matter with the Committee on the spot.

Warringah Shire Council's meeting of September 29th, 1942 records that the Brookvale Branch of Legal Rights Committee (LETTER OF 20/9/42) requesting that Council endeavour to have the footbridge over Mullet Creek between Powderworks Road and Pittwater Road, North Narrabeen, to be replaced, contending that the removal by the Military was premature and unnecessary, and placed undue hardship on the people in that area: - That a copy of the letter be sent to the authorities with a request.for the restoration of the bridge and they be informed that Council is prepared to provide the necessary supervision, if they will provide the labour.

At the October 27th, 1942 Meeting Mr. E. Hallstrom, 27/10/42, communicates regarding his application to the Lands Department to purchase portion of an unnamed and unmade road in Portion 30, Parish of Narrabeen, off Cabbage Tree Road, stating he owns the land on both sides and is desirous of establishing a bird and koala sanctuary there; suggesting that the Works Committee meet him on the site in order that he may

In November 10th, 1942 Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club, 2/11/42, are complaining that the Club-house has not yet been attended to as promised by the Council on the Works Committee's recommendation; also complaining that the turning-board in the rockbath has not been attended to, and of insufficient water in the baths owing to leaky valves. Resolved, - That the Engineer furnish an estimate for a portable sand pump, and Mr. Byrne be informed Council is unable to do anything about the baths at present. However Crs. Nicholas, Batho resolved that urgent attention be given to the carrying out of the instructions issued from the Council meeting of 29th September last relating to the Clubhouse and the turning-board. They were backed up by Crs. McLean and Nicholas.

Council's Meeting records dated February 2nd, 1943 show the Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club, 16/1/43, is advising that the District Premiership of the Northern Districts Swimming North Clubs will be held in North Narrabeen baths on 20th March, and requesting that a sand pump be installed similar to the pump in the Deewhy baths; that if this is not possible the baths be otherwise cleaned of sand;  that the moss and shells be cleaned from the turning board for the sake of safety; and that the chain around the baths be replaced to prevent children being washed over the sides. Council's decisions were:-  the Club  be informed there is no sand pump in the Deewhy baths; that an estimate be obtained for a sand pump for use in the various baths; that the turning board be cleaned down and painted, as recommended by the Engineer; and the Club be informed that galvanised chains are unprocurable, that a rope would be stolen, and that the matter will be given consideration when the necessary material is available.

Maureen Rutlidge's compilation on the club shows that on several occasions during the 40’s the Narrabeen Club had the pleasure of welcoming Fanny Durack to their Club Presentations and one year she was the referee on the Championship Day. Fanny was Australia’s first female Olympic swimmer and Gold Medal winner at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912.

In September 14th, 1943 Council's records show the Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club, 31/8/43, reporting that the turning board has been washed away, requesting that it be reinstated and the baths made ready for the commencement of the swimming seasonThe Engineer reported that the turning-board will be replaced as soon as Material is to hand, and that the cleaning of the baths is always a big job, very few men being available for it. It was Resolved;- That the report be adopted, and the Club informed accordingly. 

In all things Narrabeen Council's meeting of October 26th, 1943 notes that the Harbord Branch A.L.P., 15/10/43, advising that the Branch will support the Council in any move taken by it to acquire for the public all the land adjacent to Deep, Middle and South Creeks. It was Resolved; - That they be thanked. 

A tragedy in Autumn 1944 concerning the pool is published state-wide:

Woman's Body Found At Narrabeen

SYDNEY. Wed.— The body of an elderly woman, whose identity has not yet been established, was found in the Narrabeen rock baths to-day. The woman's clothing and handbag were found, folded neatly in some scrub a short distance from a 70ft cliff, from which she had apparently jumped to her death on to the rocks below. The body was found by a man who was walking to Narrabeen Head to fish. To-day's tragedy marks the third involving women under similar circumstances in less than a month. On April 6 the naked body of Vera Manning, 18 years, was found floating in the water off Bondi, she apparently having fallen or jumped from the cliff, and on April 14 Angela Pearce, 19 years, was found dead at the foot, of the Gap at Watson's Bay. She was later identified as Mrs Maude Muriel Driver (51), wife of the caretaker of the lower Domain. She was last seen by friends at Circular Quay about 2 p.m.. yesterday. It is understood Mrs. Driver was worried since her son was reported missing in New Guinea about two months ago. Woman's Body Found At Narrabeen (1944, May 4). Daily Examiner (Grafton, NSW : 1915 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article194611128 

Nude Body of Woman At Foot of Cliff

The nude body of a middle-aged woman was found at the foot of a 70-feet drop from Narrabeen' Head, North Narrabeen, today. The body was found lying on its back in a corner of Narrabeen rock baths, which had been emptied only this morning. Positive Identification has not yet been established, but it Is believed the body is that of a woman reported at Phillip-street police station early this week as missing. At the top of the cliff police found the woman's clothes folded in the scrub near a track which leads to the headland from Narrabeen Park-parade. The clothing consisted of a floral frock, underclothing, corsets, shoes and stockings, also a handbag.

There was no identification card in the bag. 

Injuries On Body 

Police so far have not been able to learn how long the woman has been dead, but suggest probably for some hours. The woman's legs were badly cut about, and there were nasty wounds on the right shoulder at the base of the neck and near the right eye. The body was found about 10.30 am by Mr. John Gyler, of Narrabeen, who was going fishing. He said he had been near the spot about 6.30 pm yesterday, but had not noticed anything. This is the third death of a similar nature, involving women, since April 6. On that day, the body of Vera Manning, 18-year-old Gosford girl, was found floating in the water off Bondi. It also was naked. On April 14, Angela Pearce, 19, beautiful photographer's model, was found dead at the foot of the Gap. Nude Body of Woman Af Foot of Cliff (1944, May 3). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 3 (LATE FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article231699876 

In Council's records date July 4th, 1944 it is shown that the Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club, 1/7/44, is urging council to provide a turning-board in the North Narrabeen rockbath, complaining that owing to the absence of such provision the Narrabeen Club operates under a disadvantage compared with other Clubs in the Shire. It was again Resolved that the turning-board be replaced.

Vandalism to the shed is recorded over the Summer of 1945. 

On January 30th, 1945 Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club, 8/1/45, drawing attention to a big hole driven by vandals in the back of the Club room at North Narrabeen, and requesting a chain round the Rockbaths and the widening of the wall as a matter of safety. Resolved, - That the hole be repaired, and a report and estimate submitted in regard to the provision of a chain. (Ore. Green, McLean) (7) P. Wright, 12/1/45, complaining of the smell from the Narrabeen Lake, and the certain danger of an epidemic, and suggesting it would not be a very costly or laborious under- taking to construct some sort of a channel at the entrance to maintain a permanent flow of water in the lake. (Already dealt with in Cr. Windsor's Notice of Motion.) "Received" (8) Secretary to P.C.Spender, M.P., 6/1/45, forwarding copy of Letter from the Deputy Director, Posts & Telegraphs, refusing the Council's request for the provision of a public telephone at the junction of New Street and The Esplanade, Narrabeen West, Public stating the Department is facing extreme difficulty in obtain- Telephoning supplies of essential materials for public telephones; also stating the question will be reviewed in connection with general post-war developments. Resolved, - That the Council make further representations in this regard. (Crs. Forester, Batho) (9) Public Health Dept., 8/1/45, in connection with proposed Baby Health Centre at Narrabeen, stating the Department has not received definite advice of the acceptance by the Council of Baby Government assistance towards the capital cost, and forwarding an Agreement for completion meter Seal of the Council if it is desired to apply for Government assistance. Resolved, - That this matter be deferred pending receipt of information from the Baby Health Centre Committee. 

In February 2nd, 1945 the Engineer's report is ''Advising that permission could be given the Narrabeen Men's Amateur Swimming Club to use the Narrabeen rockbaths on Sunday mornings between 9 and 10 o'clock: Adopted''

In the Meeting held on January 22nd,1946 Council gets to read another letter from Mr. E.  G. Stone, 7/1/46, ''regarding drowning fatalities at Narrabeen Lake is not the only place where people have lost their lives and where there is depth of water lives may be lost, advising that he is papering a report which will be presented to the Council, such report being on the potential value of Narrabeen Lake, especially in regard to essential improvements and in relation to the manufacture of standard Portland cement and other items and works near Deep Creek. He is also forwarding lengthy report, which he intends to have cyclostyled; the main feature of the report stating that the troubles at the lake start at the entrance, which needs to be kept permanently open, and should be followed by the dredging of the shallows on a gradual slope, and the building up of islands and reserves with the residue after removal of shell, and suggesting that advantage be taken of the projected manufacture of Standard Portland in and around the lake to bring to fruition a proposal to complete essential improvements, urging the value of co-operation. Resolved, - That consideration be deferred pending receipt of copies of report referred to. (Crs. Forster, Dunbar) 

At the same meeting a letter is read from the Royal Life Saving Society, 4/146, (a) requesting removal of barbed wire partially buried in the water at Narrabeen Lake, stating that if a few would remove this danger the expenditure would be justified; stating the Society is endeavouring to form a Club to operate at the bathing area; requesting that consideration be given to preventing boats passing under the bridge and going among bathers. Resolved, - That the letter "received", and the Society informed the Army authorities will attend to the buried wire in the lake shortly. 

Narrabeen Lagoon's barbed wire defences during WWII

January's Meeting is also privy to a letter from a G. L. Hobson, 7/1/46, regarding a letter in the Press inferring that Council should virtually provide nursemaids to look after children owing to the carelessness of parents and guardians; (b) suggesting the planting of trees from Collaroy to Narrabeen. Resolved, - That the letter be "received", and he be thanked for the suggestion regarding planting of trees. Narrabeen North P. & C. ASSOC., 2/1/46, requesting that consideration be given to a children's play area, suitably fenced and furnished, and located in a suitable location. Resolved; That the Association indicate the site it has in mind (Crs, Dunbar, Green) (41) Narrabeen Ladies' Amateur Swimming Club, 10/1/46, stating it is proposed to hold a Championship Carnival at North Narrabeen rockbaths on 17th February, and requesting that the baths be cleaned, and attention given to the turning-board; requesting permission to hold the Carnival from 2.30 to 4 p.m. and requesting that Council send a representative. It was Resolved; ''That the necessary attention be given to the baths, permission given for the holding of the Carnival, and Cr. McLean asked to represent the Council. (Crs. Green, Morrow) 

Narrabeen Police 5/1/46, were also forwarding reports in regard to five persons caught fishing from Narrabeen bridges, and requesting to be advised of any action proposed by Council. Resolved, - That action be taken against the persons concerned. 

Council attempting to have adequate people to fight fires is reflected in this item from October 29th, 1946: ''Board of Fire Commissioner, regarding staffing of Narrabeen Fire Station, stating that an analysis of the calls attended shows they are almost 90% bush fires, the response of members compares most favourably with other volunteer Fire Stations, and the efficiency of the Brigade is undisputed; also pointing out that the fire protection at Narrabeen is not confined to the personnel and Equipment of that Brigade, but the resources of neighbouring Stations are available, and reiterating its opinion that the appointment of a permanent Fireman is not warranted.'' "Received" was the answer to that.

Narrabeen Camping Ground – Lake Park: There have been 900 tents at Lake Park, Narrabeen Lakes. Caravan days. (1947, January 7). The Sydney Morning Herald(NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 1 Supplement: The Sydney Morning Herald Magazine.. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article27904020 

Narrabeen Swimmers To Visit Next Month

North Narrabeen Swimming Club will visit Goulburn on Saturday, December 9, tb participate in a carnival at the City Baths. On Sunday, the visitors will visit Crook-Well to take part in a combined carnival. Narrabeen Swimmers To Visit Next Month (1950, November 30). Goulburn Evening Post (NSW : 1940 - 1954), p. 3 (Daily and Evening). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article104341380 

Finally a new brick clubhouse, commenced in 1957 and built by Warringah Council with NLASC contributing to cost, was officially opened on March 14th 1959.

1959 NLASC Opening of Clubhouse - Guests, photo courtesy NLASC

1959 - NLASC Opening of Clubhouse - Some of the Committee, photo courtesy NLASC

Council's Meeting held on March 3rd, 1958 records the Warriewood Beach Progress Association, (10/2/58), stating that the owner of No. 110 Narrabeen Park Parade has fenced in, and included in his property, the right-of-way from Narrabeen Park Parade to Carpenter Crescent, such right-of-way being the only entrance from the beach to the recreation reserve at the rear. Council Resolved; - That he be given fourteen days in which to remove the obstruction.

At the Meeting held on October 13th, 1958 the Mona Vale War Memorial Hall & Community Centre Committee, A. Riding, (30/9/58) are replying to Council's letter stating that £3200 will be made available when the Hall Committee has raised the balance of the tender price, pointing out that it will take many years to raise the required sum and it may then be faced with another amount (Perhaps double the amount required today), that if the Council reconsiders its decision it may not only prevent that situation occurring, but it will be receiving what would amount to a return of its outlay by way of revenue received; and contending that the sum involved would not be too great for the residents of A.Riding to bear, particularly as it would be in the form of a loan. Council Resolved; - That the Committee be informed the Council regrets it appears that negotiations for the completion of the hall cannot be finalised, and since the hall as it exists is serving no useful purpose and would appear to be unsatisfactory in design, the Council does not intend to proceed with its construction and that the Engineer make further recommendations as to its disposal, and that any money invested in this building by the Committee be the subject of discussion between the Council, and members of the Committee for disposal of such money for the benefit of the Mona Vale district. (per Crs. Fisher, Reynolds) (Cr. Corkery asked that his vote be recorded against this motion.) 

Petitions from 1956 – 1960 to Warringah Council were raised regarding repairs that were required for the south side of the pool seawall. This was where swimmers used to walk along hanging on for dear life to the chains to get to diving platform at 50-metre mark. It was proposed that a boardwalk be built.

In 1960 the NLASC Learn to Swim Program which still runs today, 60 years later, was commenced at the North Narrabeen Pool. These were conducted on Saturday and Sunday mornings with Mrs Audrey Willan the Chief Instructress, assisted by Club members, Mrs Ilma Slater, Pam Kilduff, Joan Trass and Miss Ilma Slater and officials from the Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club - the Boys Club- after its establishment in 1962. Officials were approached by St Joseph’s Catholic School in Narrabeen to give instruction to pupils on weekdays. Later Mona Vale Catholic School students were also given swimming lessons on a weekday.

In 1961 the Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club was formed. They too run a LTSD Program, headed currently and for years prior to 2020 by Liz Kelly, who is also the contact point for NLASC LTS Program.

The Mona Vale District Public Hospital was opened on February 22nd, 1964. Council's Meeting held on March 2nd, 1964 records; BUSINESS WITHOUT NOTICE; INTRODUCED BY COUNCILLOR MAVER. Appreciation - Mona Vale Hospital Cr. Maver on being granted permission by the President, introduced this matter and spoke briefly in reference to the success of the official opening and moved ''That this Council offers hearty appreciation and congratulations to Cr. Jones as the Board Chairman and members of the Board, together with all others who contributed to the successful official opening of the Mona Vale District Hospital on Saturday 22nd February, 1964''. 3.The motion was seconded by Cr. Job and CARRIED by acclamation. Cr. G. B. Jones, Chairman of the Hospital Board, responded on behalf of the Board members and all other persons and thanked Council for its expressions of appreciation. 

At the same Meeting: Congratulations to Miss A.B. Hatton Cr. Maver informed Council that Miss A.B. Hatton of the Narrabeen Ladies Amateur  Swimming Club, had been appointed Manageress of the Australian Ladies Swimming Team for the forthcoming Olympic Games and thereupon Moved ''That the President of the Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club, Miss A.B. Hatton of 41 Collins Street, North Narrabeen, be heartily congratulated on her official appointment as Manageress of the Australian Ladies Swimming Team for the forthcoming Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo, Japan.

The 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games brought up a few inconsistencies in Australian sports; the women swimmers were reported by some local publications as not being permitted to take part in the Opening Ceremony due to them 'not being able to stand in the sun for too long', with word skirmishes over their places being allotted to male officials and male competitors following on for years later, Dawn Fraser won Gold in the 100 metres, her 3rd successive Gold in this event having won the same medal in the 1956 Melbourne and 1960 Wales Olympics, and was also banned for a decade by the Australian Swimming Union (ASU) for, apparently, marching in the opening ceremony against their wishes, and wearing an older swimming costume in competition, as she found it more comfortable than the one supplied by the sponsors. Dawn was accused of stealing an Olympic flag from a flagpole outside Emperor Hirohito's palace, the Kōkyo, was arrested but released without charge and then given the flag as a souvenir.

Anne Hatton, who named the swimmers in a report to the A.S.U, commented in the Sydney Morning Herald (March, 1965) said she was "surprised and shocked" by the penalties. "These are unbelievably savage sentences. I am appalled," she added. 

"These sentences are ridiculous and out of all proportion for such minor offences," she said. "The most I expected to happen was that they would be reprimanded or at the worst suspended for a year."

Miss Hatton said the sentences were imposed undemocratically and allowed the girls no right of appeal.

Dawn was also reported as having an ear infection at these Olympics, and being a bit of a bugler:

Ear trouble halts Dawn's training
TOKYO, Sunday ;'(-A.A.P.')'.—Ear trouble prevented Dawn Fraser from taking part in today's second swimming training session for the Australian girls. 
The girls went immediately to the pool after the flag-raising ceremony. There Dawn told coach, Terry Gathercole she could not swim because of her ear trouble. She then left the pool and returned to the women's quarters. Women's chaperone Miss Ann Hatton said the infection was clearing but Dawn did not wish to take any chances. 
"The doctor feels it is best to give it a chance to clear up, and not aggravate it," she said.
As the girls have no training session tomorrow morning, Dawn will have a clear 24 hours for her sore ear to recover. All the other girls attended tonight's session, and are fit and well.

The Australian flag — the first team flag to fly in Tokyo's Yoyogi Olympic village — was raised today in a short but colourful ceremony from the village plaza.  The Australian team — about 135 of them, trim and neat in their green and gold uniforms — marched to the plaza led by the secretary of the Australian Olympic Federation, Mr. Edgar Tanner, who carried the flag. The members lined up with the blue-uniformed Rumanians and Koreans and the two-man team from the Congo. This was the first flag-raising ceremony of the 1964 Games and the Australian flag was raised first this afternoon. 

Officials join 'royal party'
Australian officials sat in the Royal Box to watch the rehearsal of the 1964 Olympic Games opening ceremony today. They included the general manager. Mr. Len Curnow, administrative officer, Mr. Syd Grange, the secretary of the Australian Olympic Federation, Mr. Edgar Tanner, a Federation official, Mr. W. Uren, and the Olympic attache in Rome, Mr. John Alderson.
Mr. Curnow said tonight their entry into the stadium was unrehearsed.
"We did not know the rehearsal was on and were on an inspection of venues. 
"We got a little lost when we entered the stadium and found ourselves in a palatial section covered with thick carpets. 
"Four or five Japanese were walking up the steps and, thinking they would know the way, we followed them.
"We did not then know we had unwittingly joined the 'royal party.' 
"But we learned later they were standing in for the royal party in the rehearsal.
"We sat down on some seats and the parade of athletes began with Japanese girls standing in for athletes.
As the girl carrying the Australian name plate passed we clapped.
"Spectators looked at us and bowed.
"We were then invited to sit in the royal box," he said.
Members of the Australian Olympic hockey team delighted Japanese staff in the Yoyogi Olympic Village today with an impromtu game of cricket.
The hockey players used their hockey sticks as bats and soon had an admiring crowd. mostly women, around them. 
Ear trouble halts Dawn's training (1964, September 28). The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995), p. 16. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article131751309

A bugle blast by Dawn

TOKYO, Wednesday (A.A.P.).—An angry Japanese swimming official left his seat by the side of the Tokyo Olympic Pool today to remonstrate with Australia's Dawn Fraser, who was blowing a bugle in the competitors' section.

Miss Fraser brought the bugle to the pool with her this morning. When the Australian women's relay team entered the pool concourse to compete in the heals of the 100 metres, Dawn saluted them with two sharp blasts. The girls — Robyn Thorn, Janice Murphy, Jan Turner, and Lyn Bell — giggled as the bugle sound echoed across the vast pool. Then, as the girls lined up behind their starting blocks Dawn blew the bugle twice more.

The Japanese official, who had turned and looked keenly into the competitor's section, rose from his seat, shaking his head and waving his hand. About to give another blow, Dawn had raised the bugle to her lips to give another blast when she saw him approaching. He called out and waved excitedly to her, indicating that she should put it away. She held it a moment longer as he advanced but then placed it on the seat beside her and the official returned to his place.

Dawn was sitting with group of half dozen Australian swimmers at the time. Beside her was the team chaperone, Miss Ann Hatton. Not to be denied, Dawn produced the bugle again us the Australian relay team left the pool after winning their heat. This time the blast was short and sharp and the official took no notice. A bugle blast by Dawn (1964, October 15). The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995), p. 27. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article131754756

Dawn herself stated:

“No, it wasn't that. It ... look, I believe it was, because I think that Berge Phillips got his way, by getting me out of swimming. But the letter that I received from the Australian Swimming Union was the fact that I marched in the opening ceremony and disobeyed the manager's control of marching in the opening ceremony, and also I wore an unofficial swimsuit in the heats, which I did. I admit to both of those. But I also had my explanation for those, but they were not listened to. And I was banned before I even ... I was banned whilst I was on my honeymoon, actually.” –Dawn Fraser, ABC Interview, Dawn Fraser Still Kicking, 15 April 2007

JUST WED. Australian swimmer Dawn Fraser arriving with her husband. Mr. Gary Ware, at the reception at Balmain Town Hall following their marriage at St. Stephen's Church, Macquarie Street, Sydney. They are honeymooning in Tahiti. SOCIAL ROUNDABOUT (1965, February 17). The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), p. 11. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article51780245

On November 11th, 1964 the times changing are reflected as the N.S.W. Surfriders' Association, (letter dated 27.10.64), stating they have investigated the whole of Warringah Shire area, and can only foresee 2 problem areas - the southern end of Collaroy beach and the northern end of Narrabeen. They are in agreement with the closing of the southern end of Collaroy beach, but suggest some discretion be allowed when the weather is not favourable to the everyday surfer. Regarding the northern end of Narrabeen beach, suggesting a time restriction be imposed of say after 11 a.m., as after this the predominant north east winds tend to make this area then unsuitable on most occasions for board riding, but still suitable for the surfer. Resolved, That the contents of the letter be noted and the information forwarded on to the North Narrabeen Surf Life Saving Club. 

On June 15th, 1965 Cr. Maver: Could I have an answer to my question some weeks ago regarding financial assistance given by council to Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club to establish their clubrooms? The Shire Clerk stated he would give Cr. Maver the information.

This refers to the second storey built atop the ground floor. This upstairs section was built by Warringah Council with both the Ladies Club and the Men’s Club – the Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club formed in 1962 - contributing to the cost.

Later the same year the Avalon Bilgola Amateur Swimming Club, 13.12.1965 - advising the clock has been purchased by Speedo and will be donated to the club for erection at Bilgola Pool, however before this can be done it will  necessary to have a power point installed on the light pole at the beach and the pool and they would be grateful if this could be done as soon as possible. Moved by Cr. Beckman seconded Cr.Knight that the power point be installed as soon as possible. An Amendment was moved by Cr. Mill seconded ...the engineer inspects the clock and reports to council on whether there are advertising signs on it. DEFEATED. 105. The MOTION was thereupon CARRIED. Cr. Mill requested his name be recorded as being opposed to this motion. 

In January 16th, 1967 LAUNCHING RAMPS AND WATER SKIING ON NARRABEEN LAKES. During discussion on this item, reference was made to the decision of the Council last week to ask for a deputation to have the control of the waters of Narrabeen Lakes transferred from the Maritime Services Board to the Council and it was moved by Cr. Knight; seconded by Cr. Mill, that the Shire President send a telegram to the Ministerial head of the Maritime Services Board, MOS. R. W. Askin, Premier, requesting that this deputation be received as a matter of extreme urgency. CARRIED.

By July 4th, 1967 the North Narrabeen Swimming Club Additions are finally underway. Councils records show Excavating for concrete stairway at south-eastern end of existing building in progressNorth Narrabeen Swimming Clubhouse. Concrete stairway on southeastern end formed and poured. Forming-for stairway in western end in progress:  

Meanwhile BUNGAN BEACH SURF CLUB BUILDING - Manly-Warringah Branch S.L.S.A.of Aust., supporting request by Bungan Beach for the provision of funds for the construction of a clubhouse at Bungan Beach. Comments, Amended plans have been submitted by the Club, indicating that the estimated cost of construction of stage 1 of the proposed building (ground floor only) is $8,800, which it is proposed to finance as follows - contribution by Club, $2,000; loan from "Herald" gear fund, $2,000, leaving a balance of $4,800 to contributed by Council. RECOMMENDATION, That the Bungan Beach S.L.S. Club be advised that, as all funds have been committed for the current year, Council cannot contribute towards the project at this stage, but will further consider the matter when preparing its 1968 Estimates.

Councils records show:

August 29th, 1967: North Narrabeen Swimming Clubhouse Additions. Brickwork in progress.

On September 25th, 1967: North Narrabeen Swimming Club Additions - Brickwork complete, erection of forming for concrete roof in progress.

October 23rd, 1967: North Narrabeen Ladies' & Gents' Swimming Club. Concrete roof poured.

November 20th, 1967: Narrabeen Swimming Clubhouse. Fitting of sashes to window frames, cement rendering of floor and erection of handrail to stairs in progress

February 26th, 1968: North Narrabeen Pool Dressing Sheds. Hinges renewed on toilet doors and minor repairs carried out to seating.

And then later that year, on 18TH NOVEMBER, 1968 ITEM 14 - REQUEST FOR DONATION OF RESUSCITATION UNIT The Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club has requested that the Council donate a C.I.G. mouth-to-mouth resuscitator to the Club for use in drowning cases attended to by members of the Club: On Sunday, 20th October, they were called upon to apply mouth to mouth resuscitation to a young boy who nearly drowned in Narrabeen Lakes. The boy revived, and went by ambulance to Mona Vale Hospital: The Club feels it could be of much greater assistance if such equipment was available. As this service is beyond the duties of the Club, it hopes that the Council approves of the request. A quotation of $25 has been obtained for the supply of a C.I.G. Resuscitator. The Secretary of the Warringah Amateur Swimming Club has stated that the combined Clubs support the application, as the Narrabeen Club is not adjacent to a surf club, whereas at other pools the nearby self clubs carry out resuscitation when necessary. RECOMMENDATION: That an amount of $25 be voted for the provision of a mouth-to-mouth resuscitator for the Narrabeen Ladies' Amateur Swimming

Miss Anne Hatton was awarded the Order of British Empire Medal in 1970 for ''outstanding service to sport''. In Warringah Councils' Community Services Committee - Community Service Awards - report dated September 12th, 1979, presented on the 19th, nominations included:

''HATTON, Anne; North Narrabeen. Nominated by Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club. HAD been President of Narrabeen Ladies Amateur Swimming Club  for 30 consecutive years. Has held most positions in the Club  during that time including Club Captain, Handicapper, Race Secretary and at the moment holds the position of Life Member President and Referee. Is a Life Member of the Warringah Amateur Swimming Association and held the position of President for three years of that Association. Was appointed Manager of the Womens' Swimming Team at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. Most highly respected and popular figure in the swimming world. LESLIE, Leonard James, Narrabeen. Nominated by Northside Sculptors. Stonemason for Warringah Shire Council for 5 years. Responsible for Aboriginal rock carvings at North Curl Curl, Palm Beach etc. creating tourist attractions and desirable public relations for the Shire. 

NLASC's Anne Hatton BEM in front of Presentation table

Associated with the North Narrabeen Rock Pool from 1965 was the then newly formed 'Shivering Sharks'.

Winners of the Northside Shield in 2012 North Narrabeen Shivering Sharks (left to right, top row to front row)Steve Everett(coach),Graeme Jephcote, Rob Jack, Terry Taylor, Michael Whittaker, Ian Thompson, Steve SeeHoe, Alan Rose, Rod Tucker, Brandon Ockelford, Bruce Sweeting. Photo by Michael Mannington OAM

At a July 28th, 1980 meeting the Reserves Committee had allocated $45,000 for a concrete floor for the pool. Most of the items listed were adopted, with one exception, that in view of the Council's  financial  circumstances and the request by the Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club not to concrete the base of the pool, the 1981 programme be rescinded. In 1987 it was requested that the council change the pool from yards to metres, this was passed and amended. In 1989 all races were to be conducted in metres not yards.

North Narrabeen Rock Baths, Narrabeen (NSW) Dated: No date (circa 1983) Digital ID: 12932-a012-a012X2442000141, courtesy NSW State Archives and Records

There were petitions from 1987 through to 1992 to Warringah Council to have the rockpool named “The ILMA SLATER POOL”. This was put forward by NLASC, The Shivering Sharks and WASA. Ilma was a life member of NLASC and had a lot to do with the club's Learn To Swim program.

In minutes of 3/7/1993, a survey was handed out to all NLASC members asking them for their preference regarding changing the swimming club day from Sunday to Saturday. The results won by one was to change to Saturday 1.30pm on a trial basis for one season. The swimming day has remained Saturday ever since.

In March 2002, the NSW government created an Aquatic Reserve from the south end of Turimetta Beach to the rockbaths at Narrabeen Head. Within the protection zone, which extends to 100 metres offshore, recreational fishing is allowed, but there are bans on taking a whole range of intertidal invertebrates including oysters, mussels, crabs and pippies. [15.]

The NLASC has arranged for Council staff from the Coastal Environment Centre to conduct educational tours for younger members over this rock platform and its environment, and one of these 'tours' in 2013 and all shown forms part of the images for this page. 

North Narrabeen Pool - photo by Selena Griffith

Taken morning of June 6th at Narrabeen Rock Pool by Joe Mills.  Joe reports; "The area around the pool has been totally washed away of sand from the footpaths, ramps, rocks, etc."

The most recent improvements to facilities for swimmers and swim clubs who call this their home pool are those undertaken by Council in 2019. 

On Thursday, November 7th 2019 Council announced that the clubhouse and amenities block next to North Narrabeen rockpool has been significantly upgraded in time for the busy summer swim season.

Work commenced in March 2019 and was completed in September 2019. The detailed refurbishment involved upgrading the men’s and women’s toilets as well as the addition of an accessible amenity and family change room. The swim club on the upper floor was also refurbished to provide a new kitchen and undercover outdoor BBQ area, with additional room for storage and office space. A refreshed external appearance, undercover seating, a ramp and a walkway completed the project.

Mayor Michael Regan said local swim clubs and the broader community would benefit from these significant works.

“Given the area is highly utilised all year round, it’s great to increase the use and enjoyment of the community space,” Mayor Regan said. “Thanks to the Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club, Narrabeen Lakes Amateur Swimming Club, Learn to Swim groups and the Winter Shivering Sharks for working with us to achieve such a great outcome. This is now a much more usable space for members of these important local clubs and other users. I’m pleased we have been able to deliver the works on time with summer just a few weeks away.”

Brody O’Mara, president of Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club thanked Council for completing the project; "This renovation has given our club a new, more modern home that will last well into the future, and will allow us to continue to grow our family friendly club,” Mr O’Mara said.

A brand new board walk, September 2019  -  photo courtesy NASC

Known as the ''Narrabeen Rock Baths'', the pool is one of the largest and most distinctive rock baths in the Sydney area. North Narrabeen Rock Pool is located at the entrance to Narrabeen Lagoon with access off Narrabeen Park Parade. The distinctive boardwalk between the pools is an original feature and has been replaced many times. The decking encloses a 50-metre by 18-metre pool within a larger 70-metre by 40-metre pool, while the 60-metre by 50-metre pool reservoir acts as a wading pool. This pool and its boardwalk are popular subjects for photographers, with so many wonderful images out there a book could be filled with these at all times of day and night and in all seasons.

That lovely little bay of a beach next door, called by some 'Little Narrabeen' and named 'Turimetta', likewise attracts photographers and lovers of nature and was, prior to people taking their off-leash dogs into this Aquatic Reserve, the home of many bird colonies, including a fairy penguin one. A pair of Sooty Oystercatchers, that would return annually to breed near the Narrabeen-Turimetta rockshelf, and photographed by Pittwater Online in 2013, has not been seen in recent Summers.

Turimetta Beach postcards, from the personal collection of Geoff Searl OAM, President Avalon Beach Historical Society. The Carlton Studio, at No 53 Darlinghurst Road from 1926-28 and at No 149 from 1936-38  Darlinghurst, produced well over 6000 images. The curve of a road atop the headland above dates these images from at least the 1927 Warriewood Slavation Army Subdivisions.

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Yesterday afternoon the Lang Government was dismissed from office. An election will follow shortly. It had been guilty of having issued a circular instructing its officers to break the Federal Government's Enforcement Act. The State Governor, Sir Philip Game, dismissed the Premier after Mr. Lang had visited him, and had refused to resign. Thus ended the regime which took office in 1930. 

Mr. B. S. B. Stevens, Leader of the Opposition, was sworn-in as Premier last evening, having accepted the invitation of the Governor to form a Ministry. Cabinet will probably be announced at the beginning of next week. It is thought that an election will be held within a few weeks. It is not expected that Parliament will meet before the election. Mr. Stevens will ask the Governor for a dissolution, which will be granted. 

The dismissal of the Government will at once ease the position between the Federal and the State Governments, as N.S.W. now returns to the Premiers' Plan. The attachment proclamations will be reviewed at a special meeting of Federal Ministers this morning. As Premier Stevens is committed to the Premiers' Plan, relief is certain. The Federal Government will afford him every help in his task of restoring N.SW. affairs. Taxation papers, both Federal and State, which were locked away by Mr. Lang, will he made available by the new Government on Monday morning. The Federal Parliament, whose business for the current session has consisted almost entirely of legislation to deal with the N.S.W. crisis, will adjourn on Friday next. A London message states that Sir Philip Game did not consult the British Government, but acted entirely on his own initiative.

THE sudden dismissal' of the Government, and the swearing-in of Mr. Stevens as Premier, came as the climax of one of the most hectic days in the political history of the State. Mr. Lang himself anticipated the Governor's move, and was not surprised when it came, but the members of his Ministry were taken completely off their guard, and consternation reigned in the Ministerial offices last evening. The actual dismissal came in the form of a letter from the Governor, delivered late In the afternoon, and it followed the refusal of Mr. Lang to hand in his resignation. The crisis centred round a circular issued; by the Government; Instructing its officers not to pay money to the Federal Government. In a letter to the Premier the Governor expressed the view that this circular was Illegal, and asked the Premier to prove its legality or withdraw When When Mr. Lang replied to the Governor that in no circumstances would the circular be withdrawn the letter informing him that the Governor had no alternative but to dismiss the Ministry was sent to him. 


Mr. Lang, who was prepared for the crisis, promptly finalised what correspondence was on his desk, and left at. six o'clock last night for his farm at Windsor. Before he went he issued a brief statement to the press, in which he announced the Governor's action. He made no comment on it, however. It was characteristic of Mr. Lang that his Ministers learned of the fall of the Government only when they bought their evening papers. The official secretary to the Governor, Mr. Budge, called on Mr. Stevens in the Opposition Leader's rooms at Parliament House about six o'clock, and informed him that the Governor had sent for him. Mr. Stevens went to Government House immediately, was asked if he could form a Ministry, replied In the affirmative, and was promptly sworn in. There was the greatest excitement among private members when the news became known, and preparations were Immediately made by many to visit their electorates in anticipation of an immediate appeal to the people 


Mr Stevens, it is understood, will not take possession of the Premiers office until after the week-end In the meantime he will make his headquarters in the Opposition rooms at Parliament House, where last night he received a constant stream of callers until a late hour. The action of the Governor in dismissing the Ministry has only one precedent. That was in 1917, when Sir Gerald Strickland dismissed the Holman-Fuller Government. The Stevens Ministry will not be chosen until Monday. The constitution of the party provides that the members of the Cabinet shall be chosen by ballot of the party;  but, in view of the exceptional circumstances, Mr. Stevens may be given a free hand to choose his own Ministers. Though the Mortgage Taxation Bill has been passed by both Houses of Parliament it is not yet law. It will not be sent to the Governor for his signature until Monday. It is not considered that he will assent to it, in view of the dismissal of the Ministry. This will render unnecessary any measures by the Federal Government to override the bill. 


Pale and tired-looking, but calm and courteous, Sir Philip Game, when seen at Government House last night, said he had nothing whatever to say in regard to the dismissal of the Ministry. "The whole story," his Excellency said, "is contained In the correspondence between the Premier and myself "

It revealed quite clearly that the Lang Government's circular directing public servants to break a Commonwealth law was the one and only question at issue between the Governor and the Premier. A copy of the circular reached his Excellency on Thursday. He studied it carefully, considered its import from all angles, and then wrote to the Premier on the matter. The correspondence, extending over two days, appears on Page 5. The climax was reached shortly after 5 last evening, when , his Excellency wrote dismissing the Government from office. There was no reply to this letter. Mr. Lang has not returned his commission. That term Is used broadly; it is not necessary for a Premier, to hunt out his commission and return it to the Governor directly he leaves office. It is understood that the personal discussion between the Governor and the Premier, which extended over about. an hour late yesterday afternoon, was entirely friendly, but was marked by distinctive firmness on both sides. 


Mr; Lang, ex-Premier, left his office last night for his Ebenezer farm, after the most dramatic series of events in any day of his Government's stormy career. Mr. Lang handed over his last official paper to the Under-Secretary, and left in his private car, without farewells. "I've finished here," he remarked laconically.


Although it is customary for a new Cabinet to be sworn-in together, the unprecedented circumstances of the present crisis caused Mr. Stevens alone to be sworn-in yesterday. He took the oath as Premier at Government House about 6 o'clock. Mr. Stevens immediately asked for time to form his Ministry, and was granted the week-end to do so. It will not be necessary for the new Ministry to meet Parliament; Mr. Stevens will probably be granted a prorogation next week, and he and his colleagues will go to the country as the Ministry of the day. 

Lyons' relief 

CANBERRA, Friday.— The Prime Minister showed undisguised relief co-night at the news of the Lang Government's defeat In the past few days he has exhibited marked signs of strain He has not had any leisure since his election and the NSW crisis, and the consequent legislation of the Federal Government has meant that his daily routine has reached an average of 15 hours Last night the strain caused a severe headache, and the Prime Minister, had to leave long before the House adjourned, to take some rest. He said to-night that when he first heard of the Lang Government's downfall he could not credit it. He will preside at important, if informal, negotiations with the new Premier regarding the future relations between the two Governments.

SIR PHILIP GAME, Governor of N.S.W., who dismissed Mr. Lang.

MR. STEVENS, leaving Government House after his interview with Sir Philip Game.

LANG DISMISSED -- NOW FOR ELECTION (1932, May 14). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 1. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article246335947

Mr. George Wride

The president of the Coogee, Surf Club, and one of the founders.MR. GEORGE WRIDE (1912, March 27). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 12 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article221995741


Mr. George Wride died at his residence at Gordon-road, Gordon, recently, aged 64 years. Mrv. Wride In 1900 founded the Country Press Association, of which he became the first secretary. He retained that office for four years, but relinquished it in order to devote his time to his advertising agency, tater on he extended his commercial interests, and at the time of his death he was managing director of the Hotel Grand Central. Mr. Wride was an enthusiastic Freemason. He was a past-master of Lodge Tranquillity (Sydney) and was a foundation member of Lodge Gordon (Gordon). He is survived by Mrs. Wride and family. MR. GEORGE WRIDE. (1931, December 5). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 17. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article2803817

The late Mr. L. Gehrig.

A name linked with the progress and civic expansion of Narrabeen was that of Mr. Lawrence Gehrig, who died suddenly on the Mona Vale golf links on November 7. He was for a number of years President of the Narrabeen and district Chamber of Commerce, also the Rock Baths Committee. His untiring efforts and zeal in the latter has resulted tn the construction of one of the finest baths on the coast. There was scarcely a movement that did not have Mr. Gehrig's active support. 

A devoted adherent of the Catholic Church, he was a member of various Catholic activities. He was a life member of the Catholic Club. The St. Vincent de Paul Society appealed particularly to his active and charitable disposition. The deceased gentleman came of a very well known and highly respected family, his father being one of the oldest wine merchants in Sydney. Mr. Gehrig leaves a daughter, Florence, to mourn his great loss, also his mother, sister and a number of relatives. The interment took place in Manly. The late Mr. L. Gehrig. (1940, November 28). Catholic Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1932 - 1942), p. 19. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article146098171


The many friends of Mr. Lawrence Gehrig, of Narrabeen, will learn with deep sorrow of his sudden death on the Mona Vale golf links on the 7th inst. Mr. Gehrig was widely known and highly respected in his business career and his interest in all Catholic activities, even to the extent of helping with his son Bernard (recently deceased) in the building of the new Narrabeen Church. He was a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society from his youth and president of the Dee Why conference since its inception.

Mr. Gehrig suffered the irreparable loss of his wife and son quite recently. One daughter, Florence, remains to mourn a triple loss. The interment took place privately in the Manly cemetery on the 8th inst.— R.I.P. All About People: Tittle Tattle (1940, November 28). The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1942), p. 14. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article106420075

21. Arthur Rickard &Cost 1 7/3/21, offering to transfer to Council Lots l and. 55, Brocks Estate for extension to Noble Street : Resolved, - (Ore. Quirk & Hewitt) That the Council's Solicitors be instructed to put the transfer through. 

More Hatton family at Narrabeen:

Eileen Mary Hatton (nee Keating) and Oscar Hatton married in 1924, registered at Manly. 

Oscar was the son of a Ryde farmer, Henry Albert, his mother was named Johanna (Hanna). Both his parents passed away at Narrabeen and he and Eileen continued to live in a family home owned by their father. Another brother, Sidney Clifford, was also in Narrabeen from at least 1917, working as a dairyman with stock registered.

Henry Albert Hatton was born in 1846 at Ryde, New South Wales. He was the youngest child of Joseph Hatton and Sarah Patfield. All four of his grandparents had been sent to New South Wales as convicts; the paternal grandparents both being First Fleeters and maternal grandfather being a Second Fleeter.  Henry was a grandson of First Fleeters, Joseph Hatton and Ann Smith, and Second Fleeter George Patfield and 1793 convict arrival, Mary O'Brien; all of whom were early pioneers of the Ryde district.

Henry married Johanna Beer in 1868 in Sydney, New South Wales. 

HATTON–BEER–September 9th, by the Rev. Dr. Bailey, of the Free Church of England, Mr. Henry Hatton, of Kissing Point, to Johanna, youngest daughter of the late Captain Beer, of Woodbridge Farm, Lane Cove, North Shore. Family Notices (1868, September 26). Sydney Mail (NSW : 1860 - 1871), p. 2. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article166798477

According to family records, they had eleven children. The children of Henry Albert and Johanna, according to NSW BDM's were all born at Ryde and named:


Hannah and Henry passed away at Narrabeen:

HATTON.—March 30, 1925, at her residence, Pittwater-road, Narrabeen, Hannah, beloved wife of Henry Albert Hatton, late of Ryde, aged 76 years. Family Notices (1925, March 31). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 8. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article16203718

HATTON.-August 8, 1927, at his residence, Pittwater-road, North Narrabeen, Henry Albert Hatton, late of Princes-street, Ryde, aged 82 years. Family Notices (1927, August 9). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 8. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article16395895

Oscar was killed in an accident:


Arthur Sinclair, 62, of Bligh's Gully, Deewhy West, was killed instantly when knocked down by a car in Pittwater Road, Deewhy, yesterday.  Manly Ambulance took his body to Manly Hospital mortuary.

Oswald Hatton, 50, of Collins Street, North Narrabeen, was fatally injured last night when a lorry he was driving crashed into a stationary truck at the corner of Goodwin Street and Pittwater Road, Narrabeen.  Manly Ambulance took him to Manly District Hospital, where he died later. Sergeant Searl, of Narrabeen, is investigating. MEN KILLED IN ACCIDENTS (1948, May 1). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article18069902

HATTON, Oscar.—April 30, 1948, result of accident, beloved husband of Eileen Mary Hatton, of 41 Collins Avenue, North Narrabeen, and fond father of Anne, Beryl, Victor, Leslie, and Albert, aged 60 years.

HATTON.—The Relatives and Friends of the late OSCAR HATTON are invited to attend his Funeral; to leave his late residence, 41 Collins Avenue, North Narrabeen, This Monday, at 2 pm, for Church of England Cemetery, Mona Vale.  Wood Coffill Limited, Sydney and Manly. 'Phone, M4611 and XU2059.  Family Notices (1948, May 3). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article18070021

HATTON, Eileen Mary Margaret Catherine.—June 12, 1950, at Royal North Shore Hospital, of Narrabeen, widow of Oscar (Os) Hatton and beloved mother of Anna, Victor, and Albert, and foster mother of Robert, aged 49 vears. R.I.P. Family Notices (1950, June 13). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 18. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article18163623




Her father passed away after her:

KEATING Walter Norman -September 28 1952 at Lidcombe Hospital late 139 Victoria Road Gladesville loved father of Eileen (deceased) Walter and Bryan. Privately interred. Family Notices (1952, October 7). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 14. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article18285152


Her mother before her, and quite young:

KEATING. — February 15, 1032, at her late residence. 27 Meriton Street, Gladesvllle, Catherine, beloved wife of Walter N. Keating, aged 56 years. R. I. P. 

KEATING. — The Relatives and Friends of Mr. WALTER N. KEATING and FAMILY are invited to attend the Funeral of his beloved wife and their mother, Catherine, to leave her late residence. 27 Meriton Street, Oladesville. THIS TUESDAY. at 3.15 p.m., for Catholic Cemetery. Field of Mars. WOOD COFFILL LIMITED, Motor Funeral Directors. Family Notices (1932, February 16). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article246556236

NSW BDM's: KEATING  CATHERINE 2785/1932 Parents - JOHN ELIZABETH registered at RYDE

Birth:  MATHESON  CATHERINE 18267/1875  Parents - JOHN ELIZABETH registered at - PORT MACQUARIE

HATTON ANNA BERYL : Service Number - NF454093 : Date of birth - 14 Aug 1921 : Place of birth - NARRABEEN NSW : Place of enlistment - PADDINGTON NSW : Next of Kin - HATTON OSSIE. Date of Contents: 1939 - 1948- Citizen Military Forces Personnel Dossiers, 1939-1947

Miss Anna Beryl HATTON- Award: The Order of the British Empire - Medal (Civil) / British Empire Medal (Civil) (Imperial). Post-Nominal BEM. Date Granted: 1st of January, 1970. For services to Sport.

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics became renowned for Dawn Fraser being banned from the sport of swimming for a decade, effectively ending her chances of competing in the next Olympics. Other publications note that the swimmers' chaperone Anne Hatton had her own problems, criticised after swimmers were labelled overweight and tasked with greater supervision of the girls' eating habits.

An Open Letter to the Australian Swimming Union

Gentlemen: Few Australians have a daffodil and an orchid named after them. Fewer still are arrested for pinching an Emperor’s flag, are accused of clobbering an Olympic team-mate, are elected ABC Sportsman of the Year, and, crowning glory, are driven up the straight at Flemington on Cup Day.

Dawn Fraser has done all this and more. She had made the transition from a Sydney dockside slum to international fame and remained remarkably free of humbug and phoney self-importance. She is an exceptional figure, tremendously gifted but essentially earthy. You have shown, however, that you are not prepared to treat her as an uncommon character through the savagery with which you have punished her failure to conform. She is an unconventional girl, sure, but your organisation has shown itself unwilling to live with any non-conformity.

Dawn Fraser has been asthmatic all her life and allergic to chlorine, but she has been the fastest woman swimmer in history, with more than 40 world records to her name and an unprecedented three successive Olympic titles. Surely that record is worth something, but you have chosen to ignore it in handing her a 10-year suspension which virtually ends her career. In my view her suspension should be reduced immediately along with the penalties imposed on Marlene Dayman, Nan Duncan and Linda McGill.

Premiers have defended her, she has lunched with the Queen, earned hundreds of pounds for charities, supporting, with personal appearances, everything from heart research to blood banks. She even sold kisses at two dollars a time in the rocket town, Woomera.

Not many Australians have ever been so headline-prone, but you seem to envy her her fame. She has been thrown into an Adelaide police cell, had the preacher lecture her husband on television at the wedding altar. Before that much bally-hooed wedding she had had 200 marriage proposals, including one from a prisoner in Long Bay gaol.

Somehow when Fraser has an orchid or a daffodil named after her they win prize ribbons. The racehorse she got for an engagement present actually wins races. The day she was arrested after a chase through the palace gardens in Tokyo was the very day she carried the Australian banner in the Olympic stadium. When she became a champion of amateurism it was found she had been branded a professional years before when 'she was 14. It's pretty hard to compete with this kind of thing.

Part of her headline-making stems from a candor which has always irked you, gentlemen. She is astoundingly free of airs and graces, some say naively honest. When she became the first woman to swim 100 metres inside a minute a Pressman asked how she would celebrate. She said she would go to a party and drink a lot of beer and get a little tight. You officials objected to that at the poolside and told her she  should not mention beer drinking. She said she would not be two-faced about it. If people were upset because she had a few beers, she was sorry, but she was not going to be sanctimonious about it.

And you certainly didn’t like her suggestion that the way to further reduce swimming records was to swim in the nude. Swimmers have been shaving the hairs from their legs for years and swimsuits have been getting tighter and lighter in the effort to reduce body resistance to water. At a time when we've gone almost as far as we can go in physical conditioning, nude swimming against the clock makes sense. But you consider that view unladylike.

The public stand in awe of Fraser’s great physical power, but you give her no credit for the thousands of hours she has put into developing that strength. It’s as if you regard swimming for six hours a day to gain perfection as commonplace.

Before the Rome Olympics in 1960 I wrote a story for the “Sunday Telegraph” suggesting Fraser should be given the honor of carrying Australia's flag into the Olympic stadium at the opening ceremony. You scoffed at the idea and said no woman would be strong enough to carry a heavy flag and stand for so long in the hot sun. I asked Dawn what she thought of that and she said if she was given the job she could do it with two wrestlers on her back. Judging by the letters I got from readers, Australians believed she could have done, too.

When she finally was given the task of carrying Australia’s flag into an Olympic stadium at the Tokyo Games’ closing ceremony she did the job with heavy bandages protecting a badly swollen ankle —hurt earlier that day in her encounter with the Tokyo police. Granted, she is a gameswoman who occasionally kids opponents into false starts or makes remarks designed to lower their confidence. But it’s a rugged, no- holds-barred world at the top in most international sports and champions soon learn to live with that. It’s part of the game.

She so enjoys the crowds and the limelight she cannot resist playing up to spectators and joshing those who feel nervous before crowds. Back in 1960 she was so relaxed and nerveless before an Olympic 100 metres trial in Sydney she forgot to put her swimsuit on. When she started to peel off her tracksuit an official spotted the lack of a suit. They had to hold up the start of the race while Dawn got into her costume.

Fraser’s loyalty to her friends is well known. One of the charges against her in Tokyo was that she refused to wear the official team costume. The fact is she had the costume remade once because it restricted her breathing. Even the alterations did not make her happy with the suit so she wore one she liked which was not the official uniform. This may sound a small thing but in the struggle to win Olympic titles even small  items like this can upset competitors psychologically. When the 100 metres final arrived she heard that her friend Len Curnow, general manager of the Australian team, would be in trouble if she failed to wear the official costume. For Curnow's sake she changed to the regulation suit and swam the final in it. 

Her popularity with the Australian sporting public is immense for they admire her physical power, her swimming wizardry, her ability to overcome handicaps like the back injury which restricted her Tokyo Games’ preparation, and they often envy her her lack of sham. But for years this popularity did not stop you swimming officials from indulging in the old Australian habit of white-anting a celebrity.

The sheer lack of mercy in the penalty you have imposed is incredible to anyone who has been out to Balmain to see where Fraser started. You hear it is squalid but it still shocks you when you see the house and the environment. She did well to rise above it.

Not a high price

FRASER’s father was a Scot, a ship-wright who worked in dockland, and for much of her early life his daughter suffered from chest complaints. She did well to beat that, too. For years you men who run Australian swimming told sportswriters this or that girl would soon whip Fraser. Watch this girl from Kingaroy, Robyn Thorn, you said, she’ll put Fraser in her place. It was as if you wanted to prove there was no place for individualism in topline sport, and yet it is one trait common to most champions. One by one Fraser beat the girls you hoped would humiliate her, until finally the only way to stop her was to suspend her.

Unfortunately, in your eagerness to deal with Fraser you brought in three other swimmers. I suppose the fact that you have ruined their swimming careers is not a high price to pay for finally getting Fraser in your sights and gunning her down.

Having announced the four suspensions, you neglected to list any of the charges against any of the four girls. This set the scene for some pretty foul rumors to spread which were far worse than the original complaints against the girls. Why you did not play it square and announce you could not reveal the charges because of the danger of legal action, is a puzzle.

If we may speculate then on the real charges against Fraser —most sports-writers seem to be aware of them—were her offences bad enough to justify a 10-year suspension? Is failing to wear the official costume in all her swims such a crime? Is taking part in the Tokyo Games’ opening ceremony against the instructions of the swimming team manager Bill Slade such a heinous offence? Why, even the Tokyo police captain who arrested Fraser after the romp in the palace grounds ended up presenting her with the flag she had sought with the best wishes of his force.

The witch hunt

Tan Andrew, the girl alleged to have collected the fourpenny one from Dawn in Rome, turned up to help Fraser launch her book. Fraser paid for that Rome misdemeanor when she was dropped from the Australian team that visited Japan and South Africa in 1961. I have heard officials say that Fraser upset the training routine of our swimming teams at Townsville and other places she went to to get ready for her big events. She knew what she had to do to get into the best possible shape and if this did not conform with what the official team coaches had in mind, it certainly proved successful. If there was any lack of discipline at the pre-Olympic training centres, the officials in charge of them were to blame.

I agree that some penalty is needed, but in view of Fraser’s wonderful record a 10-year sentence is out of all proportion to the offences. It only makes sense when you couple it with the background of officials staging a long witch hunt against Fraser. No wonder the women swimmers’ chaperone in Tokyo, Anne Hatton, said she was bewildered by the punishments handed out.

American journals, notably “Time Magazine”, blame publication of Fraser’s book “Gold Medal Girl” for her long suspension. “Time” calls the book an aquatic “Peyton Place” and says it should be renamed “Below the Surface”. The fact is, however, that the report of swim team manager Bill Slade, on which the Australian Swimming Union acted in suspending Fraser, was written before publication of the book.


I have no doubt that material in the book and the manner in which it was serialised by some afternoon papers did a lot to persuade any delegates to the ASU meeting who may have been swerving Fraser’s way that they should accept Slade’s recommendations. The book is typical of Fraser, irrepressible and deserving of the remarkable success it is now having. It has been serialised in the London “Sunday Mirror”, who paid £2500 (Aust.) for three articles from it, by the “Asahi Weekly” in Japan, the New York “Daily Mirror”, the Chicago “Tribune” and by papers in France, Italy, Mexico, Germany and Spain.

Harry Gordon, the Melbourne journalist who collaborated in producing it with Fraser, says he was aware two years ago that the ASU were out to “get” Fraser. Nobody was out to “get” the other three girls, though, and their parents are understandably determined to have their daughters vindicated.

Linda McGill says the charges against her —she had it in a letter from you gentlemen—were that she tried to take part in the opening day ceremony and that she refused to wear the official costume. The severity of McGill’s four-year suspension becomes apparent when it is realised she did not succeed in getting into the opening day march. She was put off the team bus which took the marchers to the Olympic stadium.

In any case, there is no logic at all in refusing robust girls like McGill and Fraser the opportunity of taking part in the opening day march. The official excuse that standing in the sun and marching tires them for their events is absurd. Leaving them out certainly allows more officials to get into the march, but it does not improve the girls’ medal prospects in the slightest.

The charges against Dayman and Duncan are secret but even if we accept the most outrageous rumors there is again a complete lack of charity in the ASU’s punishments. After all, both these girls are in their teens, both have worked hard to reach Olympic standard. The way things are they have been knocked out of swimming for good at a time when we can ill-afford to neglect any talented young swimmer.

The report of the general manager of the Australian Olympic team to Tokyo, Len Curnow, is eagerly awaited. He thought so much of Fraser’s effort in Tokyo he gave her the signal honor of carrying Australia’s flag into the closing ceremony and all his public statements were full of praise for her magnificent achievement in becoming the first swimmer ever to win a title at three successive Olympics.

Asked for her reaction to carrying Australia’s flag into the stadium, Fraser replied typically: “Mag-bloody-nificent.”

Even before Curnow’s report is published, the ASU would win back a lot of the public support it has lost if it reduced the punishments. Two years for Fraser —which would give her a chance to get into the next Olympics at Mexico City if she wanted to make the effort —and six months each for the other three girls would get across the message that the ASU expects a higher standard of behavior from its team members overseas. Indeed if the suspensions were scrubbed altogether, that message would already have been well and truly underlined.

Think again, gentlemen, is a 10-year banishment adequate reward for 40-odd world’s records and three Olympic gold medals?  - (1880). The Bulletin  Vol. 87 No. 4440 (3 Apr 1965) Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-682522808

Eileen's daughter Anne, is not the Anna Beryl Hatton, born in 1921, to Oswald Henry and Mary Hatton (nee Cutler - married 1920 at Paddington). 


Death: HATTON  OSWALD HENRY 23582/1988 Parents SAMUEL MARTHA - born to Samuel Edbury HATTON and Martha Hatton (born LUCK). Samuel was born on May 29 1843, in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia. Martha was born on May 31 1845, in Newcastle,New South Wales,Australia.

HATTON OSWALD HENRY : Service Number - N390545 : Date of birth - 26 Dec 1886 : Place of birth - MENDOORAN NSW : Place of enlistment - SYDNEY NSW : Next of Kin - HATTON MARY. Contents date range: 1939 - 1948, Citizen Military Forces Personnel Dossiers, 1939-1947

South Narrabeen girls life saving carnival, 23 January 1955 / photographs by R. Donaldson http://archival.sl.nsw.gov.au/Details/archive/110621376

TO LET. To LET, BUTCHER'S and Dwelling, on main road, Ice house, blocks, and tables, low rent. North Narrabeen. Apply Mrs. COLLINS, Collinwood, Pittwater-road, North Narrabeen. Advertising (1927, October 22). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 5. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article16413288

Names of Roads.

IN accordance with Ordinance No. 30 (Clause 54), Local Government Act, 1919, it is hereby notified, for public information, that the Minister for Local Government has approved of the following new names for roads within the Shire, and such new names shall apply from the date of the publication of this notice:—
(a) Naming of existing un-named Roads.
Location of previously un-named road and new name.
On west side of and adjoining portion 4f, PH. Narrabeen and Carefree Estate (d.p. 1,157)—Mirrool-street.
Running north-easterly, then northerly, from French's Forest road (Beacon Hill road) to northern boundary of portion 752, ph. Manly Cove, and forming western boundary of portions 795, 796, 757, 759 and 760—McKillop-road.
Running due west from Fisher-road, and forming northern boundary of Waratah Estate (d.p. 7,012) and portions 1,213 and 730, ph. Manly Cove—Lynwood-avenue.
Running along southern boundary of portions 727, 728, 729, ph. Manly Cove, and separating those portions from portions 723 and 726—Karoola-street.
Lying between portions- 620, 621, 624 and 626 on west, and portions 631-4 on east—Inman-road.
Lying between portions 634 and 635 on north and 633 and 638 on the south, ph. Manty Cove—Orlando-road. Lying between portions 615, 616 and 618 on north, and portions 620, 619 aud 657 on south, ph. Manly Cove—Middleton-road.
Lying between portions 619, 622, 623 and 625 on east, and portions 656 and 657 oil west—Thew-parade.
On ivest side of portions 86 (Sunnybank Estate) - and 87, Pozieres Estate (d.p. 11,373), ph. Manly Cove— Orara-road.
Running in general north-westerly direction from Kentwell-road at S.E. corner of portion 1,751, Government Allambie Subdivision, to N.W. corner of portion 1,531, ph. Manly Cove, and bounding Manly Water Supply Reserve, on north-east side—Allambie road.

(b) Alteration of Names of existing Roads.
Old Name and New Name.

French's Forest road, Brookvale, that portion running from Old Pittwater road, opposite Roger-street to S.W. corner of Beacon Hill Recreation Reserve, opposite portion 1,890, ph. Manly Cove—Beacon Hill road. Pacific-parade, Deewliy, that portion running in a south erly or south-easterly direction from lot 160, Dee Why Beach Estate, d.p. 6,167, to Dee Why road on the southern boundary of Ackland Estate, d.p. 10,569 —Monash-parade.
Jenkins-parad,e, Collaroy (on west side of Collaroy Park Estate No. 2, d.p. 7,392)—Jamieson-parade.
Bulgola-road, Newport, running from Newport Lagoon at Ross-st., d.p. 7,424, southerly to Pacific Ocean on south side of Bungan Head (and shown on d.p's. 6,638, 7,424, *9,877, 8,764, &c.)—Myola-street. .
Bellevue-parade, Mona Vale (d.p. 8,212) —Bellevarde parade.
Beach-street, Collinwood (d.p. 6,544, in portion 47, ph. Narrabeen)—Namona-street.
Oxford-street, Dee Why (in d.p. 9,125)—Hawkesbury avenue. 
Dalley-road, Brookvale, running south from Abbott-road to Greendale Creek—Lawson-street.
Gordon-street, Harboard, running from Wyadra-avenue to Brighton-street—Corella-street.
Shire Clerk. Shire Hall, Brookvale,
12th October, 1927.
 SHIRE OF WARRINGAH. (1927, October 14). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 4940. Retrieved June 25, 2020, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article219955023

Old-World Garden

I STOOD in a beautiful garden. It surrounded a large, rambling old house. The green lawn was dotted in many places with colorful beds of pansies, roses, petunias, violets, forget-me-nots and other flowers. A large green stone fountain played with crystal clearness into a pond where goldfish swam and birds gaily sang. As I walked away, I thought of the people of olden days who had lived in the big house and roamed in that beautiful garden.

(Midget Certificate to Fred Johnson, "Collinwood," 53 Pittwater-road, North Narrabeen.)  Old-World Garden (1940, March 31). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 9 (SUNBEAMS SUPPLEMENT). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article232025816

FIRE AT NARRABEEN Sydney, Thursday. The refreshment rooms and mixed store of Miss Doris Peterson, at North Narrabeen, were destroyed by fire last night. A dwelling of six rooms adjoining the shop was gutted. FIRE AT NARRABEEN (1929, February 21). Glen Innes Examiner (NSW : 1908 - 1954), p. 1. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article178583702 

STOKES.—December 20, at Narrabeen, Charles Frederick Stokes, eldest son of the late F. M. Stokes, of Graythorpe, Marrickville, colonel of the 4th Regiment Infantry, N.S.W. Family Notices (1896, December 23). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 1. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article14081076 

Parishes Sutherland and Wattamolla, county Cumberland; Special Leases 47-379. Metropolitan, to obtain sand. Land applied for—about 250 acres below high-water mark in Port Hacking, Port Hacking River and North-west Arm, from Audley to Lightning Point. Applicant—John Lamerand.

Objections may be lodged at the Land Board Office, Sydney.

Parish Manly Cove, county Cumberland; Special Lease 47 380, Metropolitan, to obtain sand. Land applied for—about 50 acres below high-water mark within Dee Why Lagoon. Applicant—John Lamerand. Objections may be lodged at the Land Board Office, Sydney.

Parish Manly Cove, county Cumberland; Special Lease 47 405, Metropolitan, to obtain sand. Land applied for—about 50 acres, below high-water mark of Narrabeen Lagoon and sand dunes on Birdwood Park. Applicant—John Lamerand. Objections may be lodged at the Land Board Office, Sydney.

Parish Narrabeen, county Cumberland; Special Lease 47 383, Metropolitan, to obtain sand. Land applied for—about 60 acres below high-water mark of Bay View, Pittwater. Applicant—John Lamerand. Objections may be lodged at the Land Board Office, Sydney. APPLICATIONS FOR LEASES FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES. (1947, October 17). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 2412. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article224773071 

Mrs. Bob Orford. who will sail the 18-footer Eclipse II., in a handicap event over the George's Head circuit on February 20, will have the distinction of being the first woman to steer an 18-footer. Mrs. Orford was formerly Miss Jessie Hansen, and has won a number of races on Narrabeen Lakes In 16ft skiffs owned by her father, Mr. Ben Hansen. On this occasion the ladles' committee of the Sydney Flying Squadron will give the whole of the prize-money. Still Hope For N.S.Wales Skippers (1932, January 5). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), p. 2 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230535075 

Sth. Narrabeen Has Fine Premises
By "Bellman")

The keynote of the speeches at the official opening of the new surf pavilion at South Narrabeen on Saturday afternoon was the intention of the Warringah Shire see that the whole of the surf clubs on the beaches within Its area were provided with proper accommodation and that the visitors should have dressing pavilions. Cr. McPaul paid they had been accused of spending too much money on the beach. They could not do that, he said, for the people were attracted to the beaches and many became permanent residents. Cr. Sheppard. In formally opening the pavilion, said that people coming from all parts of the world visited their surf benches. It was up to the Federal and State Governments to assist the council in providing proper accommodation for these splendid bodies of young men who gave up their time to training to make themselves perfect as life-savers without fee or reward.- It was these young men who made the beaches safe for the public. The Warringah Shire had no fewer than 1000, fully-qualified lifesavers in Its area. 

Mr. Dick Millar, president of the South Narrabeen Club and live wire mainly responsible for getting the new building, said that South Narrabeen Club started with a few enthusiasts in a shed some ten years ago, then erected the old wooden building which had served its purpose. and to-day they had this new pavilion which was perhaps the finest on the coast. It had cost In the vicinity of £1500 and the contractor had done his work well. 

The premises contain a ground floor and upper storey. On the former, facing the ocean, a committee room and behind It the general room for members. On the opposite side are the ambulance room and special showers. Outside, to the ' south and north, are the women's and men's dressing sheds respectively. Upstairs is an entertainment room covering almost the whole building. Outside Is a sun-baking verandah for members. 

Subsequent to the opening, a fine photograph of the late Wally Proudfoot, who was killed In a motor accident when returning from the - championship carnival at Bondi early In the year, was unveiled and dedicated by the Rev. H. Barter, of Vaucluse. The Photo shows this fine swimmer standing near the reel and line.

Impromptu Carnival 

An Impromptu carnival was run for the benefit of the spectators They had plenty of thrills. A heavy surf was running, with a particularly strong southerly current. Four teams gave a fine display In the R and R, event— South Narrabeen, North Narrabeen, Dee Why, and Queenscliff. The swim was about 260 yards out, and the current carried the lines another 200 yards to the south. Each reel had but u few yards of line left when the beltman reached their patients, and in the swim back they were swept to the south again, having a walk lip the beach of 150 to 200 yards. The young men displayed great stamina and were warmly applauded. Then the rest of the surf events was cancelled for signals wore given of the presence of a shark at the buoys. The aeroplane patrol also sent down a message. In the beach sprint and flag relay races North Narrabeen scooped the pool, while in the "chariot" race South Narrabeen was successful. NEW SURF PAVILION IS OPENED (1934, December 17). The Labor Daily (Sydney, NSW : 1924 - 1938), p. 8. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article236480447 


Another Important step In the campaign to ensure the safety of surf bathers was taken yesterday, when the president of the Surf Life Saving Association of Australia, Mr Adrian Curlewis, officially switched on a powerful wireless receiving set, valued at £185, complete with loud speakers operating on the beach, which has Just been installed In the club-house of North Narrabeen Surf Club Mr Curlewis described the Installation as absolutely unique as far as any surf life saving club Is concerned In Australia, and added that he believed It was the only one of its kind In the world. The set will enable the club to receive directly from the safety patrol aeroplanes their messages and reports on the safety of the water for surfbathing, and to transmit them instantly to those on the beach. NORTH NARRABEEN'S ENTERPRISE. (1935, December 16). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 17. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article17215591 

SHIRE OF WARRINGAH.—The Council of the Shire of Warringah hereby notifies, in pursuance of section 180 of the Local Government Act, 1919, that:—(1) The Council proposes to raise a special loan of twenty-fire thousand pounds (£25,000) for the following purposes in connection with parks and reserves of the Shire, viz.:—Palm Beach—Improvements along ocean front and provision of parking area, £3,500; Whale Beach—Resumption of land along ocean foreshore, £2,000; Newport Sports Ground—Finalising of resumptions and draining and levelling. £4.000; Lake Park—Resumption of land and road work, £5,000; Narrabeen Lake—Resumption of land at lake front, Narrabeen terminus, £1,000; Narrabeen Peninsula— Resumption of land south of Malcolm-street, £1,000; Collaroy Beach—Estimated contribution towards cost of resumption of land by Lands Department, £700; Collaroy—Resumption of land and improvements to reserve above rock baths, £1,300; Griffith Park South—Provision of parking and picnic area, £1,000; Deewhy Oval—Completion of raising, levelling and draining, £1,000; Deewhy Rock Baths—Improvements, £1,800; North Curl Curl—Replacement of rock baths, £1,200; Pickering Point, Seaforth—Resumption of land, £400; Warringah-Manly Memorial Park—Improvements, £1,100; total £25,000. (2) The rate of interest on the proposed loan will not exceed 3£ per cent, per annum, and the securities will be issued at par. (3) It is proposed to repay the loan over a period of twenty years by forty (40) equal half-yearly instalments of principal and interest combined, each amounting to £874 Gs. (4) The Council does not propose to levy a loan rate for the purpose of providing for the payment of the abovementioned instalments. It is intended that the instalments shall be paid from income received from parks and reserves. (5) Further particulars of the loan proposal may be obtained at the Council's office during ordinary office hours. (6) A period of one month from the date of the publication of this notice is allowed in which any number, not less than- 25 per cent., of the ratepayers may petition the Council to take a poll of ratepayers on the question as to whether the ratepayers approve of the loan. The number of ratepayers on the roll is 21,344. W. U. GORS, Shire Clerk, Shire Hall, Brookvale, 11th December, 1947. 2—£1 19s. SHIRE OF WARRINGAH.—The Council of the Shire of Warringah hereby notifies, in pursuance of section 180 of the (1948, January 2). Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), p. 17. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article225373818 


SYDNEY. September 21. An 81-year-old invalid woman was incinerated when her caravan caught fire at Narrabeen, Sydney, early today. The woman, Mrs Lily Becker Williams, lived with her daughter, Mrs Audrey Frawley, in the caravan and canvas annexe. Two other caravan dwellers dragged Mrs Frawley from under the blazing canvas. She was admitted to hospital suffering from burns to the face and hands. INCINERATED IN CARAVAN (1955, September 22). The Central Queensland Herald (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1930 - 1956), p. 4. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article79254553 

First suburb to get 1000 signatures to ban H-bomb 

Mr. Wentworth should note that 82 out of every 100 people approached in the Mackellar electorate want H-bombs banned. By signing the appeal they are expressing their determination to do something to save humanity from Mr. Wentworth and his "Bomb Happy" friends who are so out of touch with ordinary people.

Fourteen people gathered at Narrabeen bus terminus on Sunday April 17 and started knocking on doors and asking for signatures. They returned to the terminus two hours later with 306 signatures out of 360 people approached. Two young schoolteachers canvassing for the first time in their life collected 35 and 25 signatures . . . the lowest score for the morning 16 . . . the highest 45. How did the people react? "If that is against atom bombs," said an old lady, "I'll sign twice." "I've got three sons," said another, "but I'm sorry only one is home this morning. Could you call back next Sunday for the other two." "Can I sign for my husband?" said a third. "He'll be most disappointed he missed you." "If they drop the bomb it's curtains for all of us," said a young ex-serviceman. "Give it to me till -X get the...wife ..and mother-in-law." One lady came running after us. "Could I do something to help," she said. "Could I come out on a canvass with you?" Could she? I had to control my emotion before I answered. A young chap just back from Korea signed and wanted to put me straight about the humane treatment the Chinese gave POWs. A young chap working on his car said if I didn't mind a bit of "honest grease" he'd sign, otherwise he'd get the wife to do it. I mind? I assured a bit of "honest grease" would be a worthy decoration on such an appeal. "Guess you're right," he said, "its the workers that will be killed."  

Sunday 24, saw 12 confident collectors gather 425 signatures in less than two hours — 276 bus- workers at the Brookvale bus depot signed on pay day— 8 out of 10 teachers at a local school — 25 young people at a dance — 90 at a film night — 20 workers at a game of bowls on Sunday afternoon took time off in turn to sign and go back to their game. Twelve people in a work party at a local school — from 80 percent to 100 per cent — a local factory 16 out of 16 people approached signed it without hesitation. 

If every person who reads this article takes an appeal form to their relatives, friends, work-mates, the response they'll get will take them a long way toward knocking on doors. The Australian people are intelligent enough to understand the terrible danger to humanity in any atom bomb war, and they come from a long line of people who have always responded to the call to do something for themselves and their mates. They'll be in the front ranks to-day provided we go out and seek their co-operation. First suburb to get 1000 signatures to ban H-bomb (1955, May 4). Tribune (Sydney, NSW : 1939 - 1991), p. 3. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article236257530 

Narrabeen Rock Baths & Surrounds: More Recent Images (2012-2020)

Narrabeen's Octopus

Photos by Joe Mills
December 4, 2019
Joe says: 'This is our resident octopus in the tidal flats near the swimming pool at Narrabeen Headland. The water is about half a metre deep, and the picture was taken laying down on the pool wall and holding my mobile phone camera out at arms length. The okkie comes out when big seas expose the rocks. Normally these rocks are under water and covered in sand.'

Narrabeen Rock Pool soon after Dawn, Summer of 2020 - photo by Joe Mills.

North Narrabeen Rock Pool: Some History - threads collected and collated by A J Guesdon. Photographs, apart from those already credited, by A J Guesdon.