April 7 - 13, 2019: Issue 400


Issue 400 Pictorial: For You

400 Issues = Over 48 Thousand Hours of work done voluntarily, and that's before all those who have contributed articles, notes, photographs, posters made to advertise charity for events and their hours are counted - it's still About, For and BY YOU!

Pittwater Online News commenced its 9th year on April 1st 2019 - April Fools Day was chosen deliberately to launch the first official Issue as it would stay as a great reminder to not take ourselves too seriously and stick to delivering news and letting people make up their own minds. What is taken seriously is getting the work done (it doesn't do itself) and hopefully getting a bit better at it each week.

The focus remains Honouring and Celebrating the wonderful people who do great work here as volunteers and sharing the insights of our elders and our youngsters as we are all wanting to know each other - to see what happened here before we were born and hear that from those who lived it, and hear from those who are looking forward and what their aspirations are. 

Some of those who have run as Profiles have left us now - so their stories, in their stories told by them by their own voices, have extra richness.

Trilby and Philip Bond, 2013. 

Karen Draddy in 2012. Photo by Michael Mannington. 

Doug Crane and wife Joan in 2011

Herminie Swainston in 2011

Edgar Britt in 2013

Harvey Rose, Co-convener People for Pittwater, in full voice/flight during Save Barrenjoey Rally, 2013. 

 Commodore Graham Sloper (Rtd.), President of Avalon Beach RSL Sub-Branch - Anzac Day Dawn Service 2015.

Photo: Bernard "Midget" Farrelly (R) with good friend Matt Giblin (Palm Beach). 

The focus remains creating a series of History pages that are interlinked via the platform the internet and its components allow so that these are gradually creating an ever unfolding 'history map' of here and this demonstrates how all those threads are intertwined with places far from here as much as demonstrating an inter-generational unfolding of how this place has changed. To be able to inspire residents to stand on that same hill in that same Spring or Winter breeze and gaze in that same direction knowing a little more about that someone who stood in that same place and season, looking in that same direction 100, 200 or 50 years ago and seeing what they saw, how they spoke, what they said and how they said it, makes apparent the knowledge that all considered 'history' is still alive. That 'map' is getting bigger, starting to take shape now.

David Lyall, Geoff Searl and John Illingsworth with David's Model of the Inner Stewart Tower at Barrenjoey

The focus remains on trying to find as much as we can each week at a local, state and national level of what has been happening or is about to happen to keep Readers informed on matters that may affect them and their lives, or merely be of interest to them. The social, the healthful, the quirky.

The focus remains on keeping an eye out for Pittwaterians far from home endeavouring to do great things that will inspire us all to reach a little higher, try a little harder - and celebrate not only their triumphs but also their triumph in trying.

The focus remains on providing a platform where people may share their Notices, their News, their hopes and dreams and discussions without having to jump through hoops, be interpreted or shouted down by those who would deny all others a Voice. That is extended to giving up and coming 'journo's a go too as we all know - someone has to give you a go somewhere for you to get a go somewhere else - the next generation needs an opportunity to build a portfolio - in and of words!

The focus remains on trying to cram in as many of the great photographs by all the brilliant photographers who live here; to share their wonderful captures of what's been happening with each other and especially for all those ex-pats who check in from every country around the world each week and for all those here who aren't as limber of limb and cannot run up that hill over yonder. That too is a Celebration.

All you allow us to share is what may inspire another 48 thousand hours of work done for nothing - because it needs to be done, it was way overdue.

So thank you, - for a small 400th Celebration we'd like to share a few of those Visions of you - there's thousands more listed in the Past Features page should you wish to delve deeper.

Michael Mannington, 'photographer at large' at Woody Point Yacht Club's annual Putt Putt Regatta, January 2012, with Cheeky 'pooch at large'. 

Joan Reid and Lynleigh Greig

Lynda Hill with Neil and Sue Evers

 Palm Beach camping ground, circa 1955 - photo courtesy Dave Whiteman - taken from a family slide

North Newport - copyright Dave Whiteman

Newport Rugby Club - The Breakers - circa 1969 - 'making a playfield' - courtesy Newport Ruby Club

 Bob Richardson, Chris Hopton, Chris McGuckin and Gordon Lang - Avalon Beach and Palm Beach SLSC Members training to go to Masters Competition at Rescue 2014 World Life Saving Championships. 

Brian Friend, Pete Verrils, Tom Gilbert

Mermaids of Palm Beach; Day 2 of 2018 B to B Bash - and Beryl's 20th year of being part of Variety the children's Charity B to B events

On the road, from West Wyalong via the Weethalle grain silos, Ivanhoe for lunch then some great dusty bumpy roads from Menindee to Broken Hill. Photo by them!

Avalon Beach Sub-Branch Vice President and Chairperson PFOS Tamara Sloper Harding Oam with mum Dannie Sloper 

Anne Brooksbank and Sue Watson

 The christening ceremony of 'Another Challenge' with the Hon. Bronwyn Bishop MP and Liesl Tesch OAM while Dan Fitzgibbon looks on - photo by Damian Devine - launch was/is part of  RPAYC's IdS Program.

Four Generations of the Waterhouse, Bolewski, Darmanin and Wood family - multi World Champions and Olympians (except for the littlelest one - so far...)

 Mona Vale Hospital Auxiliary's Eileen Gordon with former Mayor of Pittwater, Cr. Jacqueline Townsend - in 2015

 Scotland Island RFB current volunteer members - 60 years of Volunteer Service in 2015 - picture courtesy SIRFB

West Pittwater RFB current volunteer members in 2015 - picture courtesy West Pittwater RFB

Lucy Gullett aged 11 years


Kayleigh Greig with a swamp wallaby joey

John Ogden and Mick Glasheen

Lorrie Morgan, Katherine Roberts and Debby Waters

 Pittwater Artist Trail Members in 2015

Amy Roser creating 'Trust' for the Avalon Art Carnival in 2015.

West Pittwater, Elvina Bay and Scotland Island Volunteer RFB Members along with Allan Brett RFSA Northern Beaches - in 2018

The Gee Family

 President of The Friends of the Palm Beach Bible Garden Memorial Jill Taylor with Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO on Saturday afternoon (29.9.2012). Photo by Michael Mannington.

Friends of the Palm Beach Bible Garden Memorial Incorporated: Front Row:  Leigh Major, Bryce Ross-Jones, Christina de Water, Jane Robinson. Middle Row:  John Swainston, Margaret-Ann Caillard, Virginia Casey, Herminie Swainston, Jill Taylor, Susie Holman,
Back Row:  Peter Kellaway, Kerry Robinson. David Robinson. Photo by Michael Mannington.

Avalon Community Garden members getting ready to share their Zest for Life in 2018

Whale Beach SLSC - the next generation in 2015! 

 Whale Beach SLSC's afternoon patrol the ‘Grey Whales’ - 2015

Warriewood SLSC's Patrol 8 in 2015

Newport SLSC - 'Mad Dogs' - with Rob Emerson, sweep in 2014

Mona Vale SLSC Boat Captain and Sweep Ryan Halangahu and Palm Beach SLSC Boat Captain and Sweep Peter Spence

Avalon Beach SLSC's Warren Young, Stephan Jacek and Roger Sayers - 2017

Nippers Age Manager - at Avalon Beach SLSC - Adriaan van der Wallen

Avalon Beach SLSC Youth Inspirer - Mike Stanley-Jones

Avalon Beach SLSC Members at Carols On the Beach 2016

More Carols on the Beach LOVE through the years:

His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d)
Governor of New South Wales.

Bob Langbein 

Max and Janet Petrie - Biggest Morning Tea hosts for 11th year in a row in 2015

2013 President of Whale Beach SLSC Phil Schmidt with grandchildren Merrick and Torsten. 

The Hon. James (Jim) Macken, Geoff Searl OAM and George Champion OAM. 

 Richard Leplastrier.

Mick Dooley with his Bell's Beach Bell - You Have To Win It To Ring It!

Living Ocean and Sea Shepherd volunteers with Reese Halter in 2015

  Pittwater RSL Directors William Brockhurst (front), Cec Robinson, Brian Sargeson (back) are aboard the David B. Harrison learning all about this Marine Rescue Broken Bay vessel from Jimmy Arteaga. Pittwater RSL provided funds to support the Volunteers at BBMR

Cedric Vincent Williams

Elizabeth Hird (Nee Williams) and her daughter Dionne Challoner 

Left to right: Geoff Searl, Kevin Dennis, Roger Sayers, David Lyall, Robbi Luscombe-Newman, Bob Head, Alex McTaggart 
The timber board Robbi is holding is from the original design that David Lyall talked about in a past article, The Arrival of the Mal – 1956 Surfboards
Left to right. Miss Sue Russell, John (Jack) Ralston PBSLSC with Alrema Samuels on right circa 1934-36 with 9 foot surfboard. Image No.: hood_02985, courtesy State Library of NSW

                            Ian Curlewis with Pittwater Councillor for the Northern Ward, Bob Grace in January 2016

Hon. Rob Stokes and Deborah Carter-Hendy, President of Pittwater RSL Sub Branch 2017 Pittwater Woman of the Year

Member for Warringah Tony Abbot when Prime Minister giving Address at ANZAC 100th Commemoration in Warriewood

 Colleen Russell – President Native Bird Liberation Alliance,  David Palmer – Pittwater Natural Heritage Association, Marita Macrae - Pittwater Natural Heritage Association

 Steve McInnes – CEO Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches, Penny Gleen – Church Point Ferry Service, Doug Menzies – President Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches

Former Pittwater Mayor Pittwater Harvey Rose with wife Wilga Rose 

Ken and Colin Beashel.

Rob Berry

 Sylvia Cummings – Elanora Heights Community Preschool  with Nan Bosler OAM - President Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA)

 Jo-Ann Steeves, President, Friends of Northern Beaches Palliative Care United Hospital Auxiliaries NSW Inc., with Chelsey Baker Mona Vale Hospital Jubilee Ambassador, and Eunice Raymond Chair SMVHC 

Beryl and Don Imison

All volunteers who were awarded Commendations on St Florians Day 2015 with Ingleside RFS's Crew Leader Josh Denney and Deputy Captain Gary Sambridge - Commissioners Commendation for Bravery, at the front. Ingelside  were awarded nine ‪NSW RFS‬ ‎Commissioners ‬Commendations for ‪Bravery‬, ‎Service‬, Unit Citation and Certificates for their response to the tragic petrol tanker fire and collision at Mona Vale. Tumbledown Dick RFS, along with the crews of Warringah Pittwater Headquarters 1, Belrose 1A, Belrose 1B, were also recognised for their response to this incident  Photo by Ingleside RFS.

Avalon Beach RSL Won the People's Choice for 2015 - Club General Manager Angus Rimmer ACCM (front) with Mark Houlder, President of Avalon Beach RSL Club Directors (far right) with support crew on Friday night. Picture courtesy Avalon Beach RSL Club.

Australia Day At Newport's Bert Payne Reserve:

Jack Gale at 2017 Old Timers Race on Pittwater - photo courtesy RPAYC

Mike Kitching

Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club 2012-13 Sailing Season Opening Day

Left to right: Peter Haig (Cmdr. RMYC), Colin Bansgrove, Richard Hudson (Cmdr. RPAYC 1994-96), John Paul (Past Cmdr. RPAYC), Ian Audsley (Vice Cmdr. RPAYC), John Allanson (Cmdr. RPAYC 1990-92), Volker Aebischer (Cmdr. WPYC), Howard Piggott (Cmdr. CYCA), Fred Bidwell (Director RPAYC), Peter Bennett (Rear Cmdr. Centreboard, RPAYC), Rob Curtis (current Cmdr. RPAYC ) Jim Cormack (Rear Cmdr. Cruising, RPAYC), Malcolm Levy (Cmdr. RSYC), Peter McAdie(Rear Cmdr. Membership RPAYC), Ken Hudson (Cmdr. RPAYC 1977-79), Jack Gale (Life Member RPAYC), Ken Moxham (Life Member RPAYC),  1981-84), John Berry (Past Cmdr. RPAYC), Simon Grosser (Director RPAYC), Kevin Smith (Cmdr. RPAYC). 

 Olympian Nina Curtis and Hon. Bronwyn Bishop firing the cannon.

Thumbs Up!

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