December 7- 13, 2014: Issue 192

 Warriewood SLSC Hosts Round 3 of SLS - SNB Boat Premiership 2014-15

Warriewood SLSC's Wildcats made the finals of Saturday 6th of December's Round three of the 2014-15 Season's Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Boat Premiership. 

The host club ran a smooth, fast carnival ably supported by a great crew of officials. In between heats some clubs could be seen rowing out beyond the breakers across the alleys - proving it is not only the women's crews who can display grace.

Saturday's carnival also honoured Allan Collins, a gentleman sweep of the Warriewood club, who contracted pneumonia  earlier this year and passed away in October. All crew members from all clubs raised their oars in salute and a minute's silence to Allan, whose ashes were given back to the beach he loved.

At Warriewood's 2013 Boat Carnival a surfboat to honour Allan was launched and we were fortunate to interview him for a Profile which ran in January of this year, as well as welcome him as our guest for a roast lamb lunch - his choice! - not have to twist his arm too hard to take home seconds and a large slab of cake, and were treated to long chats about all things surfboats up until a few weeks before we all lost him. 

Warriewood beach with the high tide shorebreak and waves that dropped off under boats on the run back to the beach, challenged some and benefited those that caught them. By this stage of this season's Boat Premiership all crews have lifted and some heats showed neck in neck finishes - fluidity and stretching themselves, as well as having a great time keeping fit is bringing out the best in individuals and cohesion as crews. 

Surf Boat Crews from southern Sydney beaches were part of this year's carnival and are also hosting Boat Carnivals of their own over coming weeks - the Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches website lists all these in their Surf Sports 2014-15 calendar.

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The next round of the SLSSNB Boat Premiership will be hosted by Queenscliff SLSC on Saturday 17th of January so we'll take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a brilliant New Year's - thanks for all the exciting intensity so far this season - and may many a wave rise to speed you to shore until then!



UNDER 23 MALE                                      
COLLAROY KNIGHTS         1    
WHALE BCH TEAM A         3    
Avalon Pinkies                           
Sth Maroubra Team A          5                        
UNDER 23 WOMEN                 
COLLAROY GUNNERS        1         
PALM BCH PEARLS            2    
NEWPORT MAD DOGS       3    
Avalon Bch Chickadees        4    

OPEN WOMEN              
PALM BCH PATRIOTS              2     
BILGOLA GOLD                          3     
Mona Vale Sharks                       5      
Sth Curl Curl HEAT                      6  

Queenscliff T-REX              3
Newport Makos                   4
Palm Bch Padlocks            5
Dee Why A                          6

Sth CURL CURL LAMP       38
Newport A                              31
Newport B                              24

Palm Bch Projects                     1
Manly Alley Won                         2
Warriewood Business Time     3
Palm Bch Punters                      4
Sth Curl Curl ROCKS                5
Mona Vale Black                       6


Bilgola SLSC’s Clean Sweep in Round One of 2014-15 Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Boat Premiership

Bilgola Beach SLSC Launches the Anthony O'Toole Surfboat

Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches Boat Premiership 2014- 15 - Round Two Hosted by Newport SLSC

Michael King Profile

Allan Collins - 'The Master' sweep

Warriewood SLSC Club Launches the Allan Collins Surf Boat - named to honour the man known as 'The Master' throughout the 1950's and 1960's for his prowess as a sweep

  Hon. Bronwyn Bishop, Warriewood SLSC Boat Captain - Russell Lamb, Allan Collins christening the Allan Collins. Picture by A J Guesdon,  2013

Warriewood SLSC - Wild Cats (Women's) - Wombats and Business Time (Men's) - Sweeps; Matt Sheridan and Shaun Taylor 

Elouera - 'Great Men'

Newport SLSC - Reserves with Sweep - Rob Emerson

Mona Vale SLSC - Rudes Dudes and MV Black - Sweep: Matthew Collins 

Bondi SLSC - Mumbles and The Mumblinas 

Newport SLSC - 'Viperfish' - Under 19's - 1st and 2nd ever carnival for these crew members.

Kyle, Harry, Max, (Jarrad: rowing with other crew this carnival) and Braden: "It's Intense" - "Exciting" - "Keeping me fit".

Dee Why SLSC - DY Doves

South Curl Curl SLSC -  Heat (Womens); Sweep Nathan Wilson -  Lamp(Mens); Sweep Rob Lowery

Sweeps Matt Giblin and Midget Farrelly - for Palm Beach and Whale Beach SLSC's.

Palm Beach SLSC - The Packman  and The Patriots - Sweep: Matty Giblin

Newport SLSC - Fury - Sweep: Stuart Torrington 

South Maroubra SLSC - Sandstorm 

Palm Beach  SLSC - Pearls and Terradactyls  - Sweep: Stephen Cox

Queenscliff SLSC - T-Rex 

Collaroy Krakens - Under 19's - Sweep: Mark Reece 

Pictures by A J Guesdon, 2014