November 23 - 29, 2014: Issue 190

 Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches Boat Premiership 2014- 15 - Round Two Hosted by Newport SLSC

 SLS SNB Boat Premiership 2014-15 at Newport SLSC – Round Two

A nice swell at high tide saw what many describe as the ‘wave of the day’ caught by the Under 23’s Palm Beach SLSC boat crew the ‘Pearls’, sweep - Steve Cox.

Host club Newport scored well with the Jollytails, sweep Michael King, who we’re running a bit extra on this Issue, doing Newport proud coming in first in the Under 23, men’s, while Newport’s ‘Mad Dogs’, sweep Rob Emerson, came third in the under 23 women’s as did the Newport Makos.

As the tide turned there were a few spills, one broken sweep oar but no let up in the competition. Round Two if anything showed all crews have settled into their stride (or stroke?) and it was very exciting watching crew after crew take advantage of good conditions and settling as members of one team together.

Due to Nationals Trials at Mollymook there was a smaller showing in Round Two, but plenty of action, and some decent shooters. Round Three will be hosted by Warriewood SLSC on Saturday December 6th and is sure to be just as exciting with everyone well and truly warmed up and set to fly.

We have placed around 2300 photos up in the albums for you to help yourselves to, including those fuzzy in betweeners so you can see your stroke everyone keeps askling for. The Albums are stored – HERE – and there are also a few happy snaps as part of this week’s Pictorial – Water! Water! Water!

If you have a glance through the other pictures there you’ll see why this week inspired a very watery theme!

Below are the Newport results. Those who are still learning (like us), will notice that some were pointscore races indicated by numbers in the 30’s. This is based on three rounds and no final due to insufficient starters in those Divisions.  

The other result where there are numbers 1-5 or 6 mean that there was a final after three rounds.

SLS SNB Boat Premiership 2014-15 – Round Two at Newport SLSC
QUEENSCLIFF T REX                                             31
DEE WHY A                                                               25
NEWPORT MAKOS                                                  25
AVALON BEACH PINKIES                                      22
PALM BEACH PTERODACTYLS                          1
SOUTH NARRABEEN STINGERS                         2
PALM BEACH POSEIDON                                     3
AVALON BEACH ANTIQUES                                 4
WARRIEWOOD WILDCASTS                                5
PALM BEACH PATRIOTS                                      6
MONA VALE BLACK                                              1
BILGOLA OLD                                                          2
PALM BEACH PUNTERS                                      3
LONG REEF MAKYBES                                         4
NEWPORT A                                                            5
NEWPORT JOLLYTAILS                                        1
AVALON BEACH PINKIES                                    2
PALM BEACH PINTS                                             3
MONA VALE MONKEY MEN                                4
PALM BEACH PARALLAX                                   5
PALM BEACH PEARLS                                       31
COLLAROY GUNNERS                                        29
NEWPORT MAD DOGS                                       24
SOUTH NARRABEEN SLIDERS                         24
BILGOLA SWEET CHEEKS                                 6
LONG REEF LOOSE CREW                               31
PALM BEACH PEPTIDES                                   28
NEWPORT A                                                          25
Pittwater Online News Photo Albums: HERE

Newports Jollytails - sweep Michael King 

Peter Spence - Palm Beach SLSC 

Newport SLSC - 'Mad Dogs' - with Rob Emerson, sweep 

Palm Beach SLSC - 'Patriots' - sweep Matt Giblin 

Bilgola SLSC - Old Gold and Sweet Cheeks - sweep Don McManus 

Warriewood SLSC - 'Wild Cats' 

 Long Reef SLSC 'Loose Crew'

Newport SLSC - 'Mako' 

Report and Pictures- A J Guesdon, 2014.