March 3 - 9, 2013: Issue 100

Articles This Week: 

Rare Giant Burrowing  Frog Discovered in Pittwater - Pittwater Environment Foundation and Pittwater Council bring you one of the best Environmental news stories for this year

Avalon Quilters Annual Show 2013 – Antique American Quilts by Michael Mannington

Coastal Forum at CEC 28.2.2013 - Hon. Rob Stokes, MP for Pittwater, hosts informative speakers Professor Bruce Thom and former Pittwater Council General Manager and Coastal Engineer Angus Gordon who share insights into offshore sand areas, their formation and our reef structures and what beach nourishment is - commercial needs vs. saving iconic beaches discussed.

Out of the Ashes by Adrian Boddy

Ghan Through The Red Centre by Robyn McWilliam

Cayley & Son - The life and Art of Neville Henry Cayley & Neville William Caiyley by Penny Olsen - great new book on the art works on birds of these Australian gentlemen and a few insights from the author herself

Pictures: Michael Mannington's reprise of the 12 year Saving of Currawong in pictures - special for our 100th Issue

Artist of the Month for March 2013:   Stephanie Brown-Extraordinary Portrait Artist, teacher, champion of Volunteers with a genuine respect for the artistry of children too allows us to share a few of her wonderful creations with you

DIY Hints: How to Make Garden Compost by Paul Johnson

Collector's Corner: HMS Endeavour replica cannon at RPAYC

As well as all our regular pages crammed with news, events and information for all of you.

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Front Page Photo by Michael Mannington, Graphics by A Guesdon. 

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