January 13 - 19, 2013: Issue 93

Pittwater to Coff's Harbour Ocean Race Start - The 32nd Warm Water Classic as part of the Pittwater to Coff's Regatta 2013. 

Some pictures of some of the beautiful yachts who began this year's Pittwater to Coff's Harbour Ocean Race just outside of Barrenjoey headland on the 2nd of January, 2013. A Feast for the eyes!

The 32nd Club Marine Pittwater to Coff’s Harbour Ocean Race and Regatta- 2nd to 6th of January, 2013 - Wedgetail takes out line honours - Syd Fischer’s TP52 Ragamuffin clean sweeps the handicap spoils on all fronts - From Reports by Damian Devine

Victoire Boat of the Day in Pittwater to Coff's Harbour Regatta - 5.1.2013 by Damian Devine

Pittwater Coff's Harbour Regatta Wrap-up by Damian Devine        First Week of 2013 - A Week In Pittwater (extra photos)

 Ragamuffin RSYS

 Wedgetail RQYS

 Secret Mens Business #1 RPAYC

 Secret Mens Business #1 RPAYC and Le Billet RPAYC

 Le Billet RPAYC

 Kerisma CYCA/MHYC

 Kerisma CYCA/MHYC and Anger Management NCYC

 Occasional Coarse Language One RPAYC

 Occasional Coarse Language One RPAYC and Storage King Wallop LMYC

 Witchcraft RPAYC

 Reverie RPAYC

 Victoire CYCA

 Pretty Woman RPAYC

 The Goat CYCA and Swish RSYS

 Perpetual Mocean RPAYC

 The Real Thing RPAYC

 Wine-dark Sea RSYS

 Nine Dragons MHYC

 Merlin RSYS

All Pictures This Page by A J Guesdon, 2013.