February 26 - March 3, 2012: Issue 47

The Girls 

Sacred Ibis At Careel Bay Wetlands, Jan. 2012

Stone Curlew, North Avalon, Spring 2011

 Restoring the Diamond: every single drop 

A Reason to Keep Dogs and Cats in at night

On Wednesday morning we found one of the bandicoots that lives in our yard dead on the lawn, puncture marks in its throat. Up until Thursday morning at 4.30am we had chooks in a coop and wandering through the garden (during the day), who not only rid our measures of private green of ticks, enriched the soil with their droppings and provided the kind of eggs you can’t buy in shops, but were companions, quirky individuals who would sit on the window ledge outside the office here clucking and offering editorial ‘advice’. We all called them The Girls’. They were also known as our feathered dogs due to coming when called or following us around the yards. They were sociable, funny, loved.

Unfortunately they were all murdered by roaming dogs Thursday morning, their bodies mauled and necks snapped. They died a terrible death in horrifying circumstances. The two dogs responsible, who apparently escaped their fenced yard, most certainly should be the ones sleeping in a cage at night. They did not eat the chickens, they only wanted to kill them.

We live near wetlands, nesting and breeding grounds for other splendant birds, which we have also heard screaming in the early a.m.s. and also cannot get to quickly enough.

Their mortified owner offered to replace our darlings which is, of course, no replacement at all. There is no guarantee there will be no repeat performance. Training our woofers and locking them in cages or on leashes at night if your yard is not secure is what is needed here. In Pittwater we are losing, due to dogs and cats, all of our wildlife and our gentler natured domestic pets.

From WIRES (to 2010; these are reported cases, many of these incidents go unreported; link for full article in Further): ‘Almost 17,000 attacks by domestic pets on native birds and animals have been recorded by four of Australia's most prominent wildlife groups over a five year period. The statistics were collated by the Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) which is Australia's biggest wildlife rescue group, Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Service (SMWS), Wildcare Australia in Queensland and Wildlife Victoria. At 16,775 reported attacks, they paint a grim picture for wildlife in Australia's eastern states and give an indication of what the national figures might be. The Australian Veterinary Association says 75 million native animals a year are killed by cats alone.’

Our unique Environment, and all in it and of it, is the core of and essence of Pittwater itself. Staff here have recently begun attending and putting our own hands to helping local BushCare Groups plant and restore bushlands and wetlands. The main reason for doing this is to not to speak from experience of how vital this is, to chart a Restoration, it is to also see Pittwater become as it should be, to bring back all the wonderful creatures of air, tree, water and earth.

Every drop is precious, perfect, all that has come together to be in it, to be it; clear, pristine, threaded from all elements; air, earth, wood, stone, fire and water, to be and be in and be a part of this place, its season, its reasons, its grace. To be food or drink for the perfect curlew or other bird, the perfect fish, bandicoot or possum. All these threads, and their entwining, the perfect drop, the perfect diamond, make.

‘Praying’ as one lady from PNHA stated she calls it a recent wetlands Bushcare morning, on your knees as your hands plant the new grasses and reeds, can also be a physical investment. Restoring the wetlands and every single tuft of green and genus of reed that once thrived to bring back the birds, the water birds, to bring back the perfect land, water and sky. Restoring the Bushlands so a vision of wildflowers greets you from every season, so birds sing from every tree, doe eyes blink from every path. The perfect drop. Restoring the diamond. All once more in every place and season with every creatured tune. Restoring every facet, so all in and of and issued from this place can most wonderfully shine.

While knowing; There is no point to rebuilding a safe-house where there is no actual safety.

We must all contribute. We must create and recreate the world we wish to live in. We must be mindful and take purposeful action every single moment of every single day... and night...

Love you my absent darlings...see you in the next place.


Careel Bay Wetlands Birds Spring 2011 Waterbirds

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Eastern Curlew, Numenius madagascariensis at Careel Bay, Spring, 2011