June 2 - 28, 2014: Issue 168

A Week In Pittwater - June 2014 

Even though Winter and mid-June seems to be a little quieter, there's still a lot happening in Pittwater. Community Groups are getting on with all they do from knitting clubs to bushcare groups, out on the estuary people are training, keeping fit, or simply going about their aquatic business. On the beaches there's been a few nice waves and glassy conditions early each day - Little Av. on Monday was great.

When you draw back from all this human activity the waterways, creeks, sport playing fields and bush reserves are thriving with everything that is furred, finned, feathered and scaled.

Events wise there's been two biggies this week - A World Record was broken by an exercise class for seniors in Mona Vale, and the celebration of International Surfing Day at Avalon with coaching from superlative surfers Barton Lynch, 'Rabbit' Bartholomew and Adrian Buchan - what better way to celebrate the ocean and surfing then to take people out for their first wave?

The Pittwater Online News Public Galleries are available for participants and their family members for both these events. There are thousands of photos for you to help yourselves to, including the fuzzy in between ones, should you wish to view your surfing sequences or exercising. Pittwater Online News Photo Albums are HERE

This week we share a few visions of this June 2014 Pittwater kaleidoscope...  

World Record Exercise Class - Village Park, Mona Vale

Community Care Northern Beaches ladies Alyssa Stephenson and Jenny Stevenson had a great idea a short time ago – let’s try for a Guinness World Record in an exercise class for seniors. On Friday morning, in the Village Park at Mona Vale, 52 over 70 years young people agreed and joined in learning a series of exercises taught by Steve and his wife Anna that focused on increasing strength, mobility, balance and finished with some stretching.

According to Guinness World Records, the only existing, similar world record for people aged over 70 years is the oldest dance troupe, The Hip Op-eration Crew (New Zealand), consisting of 23 active members aged 67 to 95 years old, with an average age of 79 years and 197 days as of 10 May 2014. With a whopping 52 ladies and gentlemen performing Friday’s Class, although not officially confirmed as yet, you could say they did…they really really did it!

Full story HERE

Val and Faye (Faye is part of the Manly Masters and Harbord Diggers swim teams - still!).

Left to right: Judy (70), Jean (75), Maria (76), Denise (78), Dave (81 - although he claims he's really 19!) .

 June King and Marie Flynn.

 Left to right: Michelin (88), Ken (77) and Sarah (84).

Brian and Dave - who remain ageless! 

Lorraine and Jane.

 Alyssa Stephenson and Jenny Stevenson - Community Care (Northern Beaches) - (CCNB).

International Surfing Day 2014 - Catch Your First Wave!

 International Surfing Day 2014 – Hurley Champions Coaches at Avalon Beach - June 20th, 2014 

Friday, June 20th was International Surfing Day. Initiated by  the Surfrider Foundation in 2005, International Surfing Day is held annually on or near the summer solstice or winter solstice, depending on which hemisphere you are in. The day has an environmental focus and encourages people to clean up our coastal areas and then celebrate the sport of surfing.

The great team at Hurley Australia put on a coaching session with champion surfers Barton Lynch, Wayne ‘Rabbit’’ Bartholomew  and Adrian Buchan ably supported by Shane of Palm Beach Surf School. The idea was to celebrate International Surfing Day by helping youngsters to catch their first wave. 

We spoke with the three lead coaches, and a few others, about what this day and surfing means to them.... Report HERE

A Pittwater Online News Public Gallery is available for participants and their family members for this event. There are over a thousand photos for you to help yourselves to, including the fuzzy in between ones, should you wish to check your surfing's sequence flow.

Pittwater Online News Photo Albums are HERE

A few from the day shared here...

Wayne 'Rabbit' Bartholomew and Alex 'Frog' Lofts - catch up time.

Barton Lynch (BL) - about to go out. 

Barton with daughter Tamarin.

 Adam Varvaressos.

Sandy Whittaker - Below; with dad Gary.

Adrian (Ace) Buchan.

Birdland This Week

 Corella flock at Avalon Beach Reserve

Eastern Great Egret that frequently visits and fishes at Careel Creek 

Woolly Wednesday Ladies at Mona Vale Library - Upcoming Profile of the Week during July 2014 - Community Clubs and Groups 

 Clareville - Pre-Dawn, 18.6.2014

Avalon Beach SLSC - Masters Ladies Boat Crew - The Antiques - Pre-Dawn Training on Pittwater - Winter 2014 - Profile of the Week - Issue 168

Tracey and Donna. 

Bev and Kerry 

With sweep Rick Millar in foreground 

Pictures by A J Guesdon, 2014