May 26 - June 15, 2024: Issue 627


The Inaugural Pittwater RSL Boardriders Inclusive Classic: To Run Saturday June 1, 2024 - a few words from the committee of the Northern Beaches Para Surfer Boardriders club

Northern Beaches Para Surfer Boardriders Inc First Official Competition crew, 2023
Left to Right: Lee Ferrier, Lori Foti, Michael Foti, Jack Jackson, Max Devery (from WA!), Sam Bloom, Chris Astill
Back Row: Kirk Watson, John Crampton, Chook Harris
Front Row: Em Dieters 
Notable Absentees: Cam Bloom, Jaz Astill
Photo Byron Chadwick - nomoredahl

This Saturday June 1, the inaugural Inclusive Classic surfing contest, hosted by the Northern Beaches Para Surfers Boardriders Club, will take place at Mona Vale Beach.

Some of the Members were spoken to while taking part in the 2024 Hawaii Adaptive Surfing Championships, run May 13-16 at Waikiki, and where Kirk Watson and Sam Bloom won their Divisions, as did fellow Australians Mark "Mono" Stewart and Jocelyn Neumueller, while Em Dieters secured a great 2nd in her Division. 

You can see these guys + other past and present Australian Irukandjis Para Surf Team in action on the Saturday 1st of June, at the Pittwater RSL Boardriders Inclusive Classic, brought to you by NBPSB, Mona Vale Boardriders and Surfing NSW.

There will be a full day of surfing action, food and treats plus beach games going on. Also there is over $8k in raffle prizes to win.

This Issue a few words from the Committee of Northern Beaches Para Surfers Boardriders on what they are looking forward to during this all day surf-fest.

Emma Dieters, President:

What do you like about surfing – what has it given you?

Ocean therapy; every time I get in the water it makes me feel better and there is a sense of freedom attached to that. It makes me feel that I can do what everyone else is doing.

Why is it important to have a boardriders club dedicated to para surfers?

This is overdue, by many many years. It’s building a community that can support and mentor each other. Here is a general understanding that life can be difficult but you can make the best possible outcome of a bad situation. By initiating a club for para surfers you have a relatability to each other. It’s important for people to be able to come independently and then also work with clubs like Mona Vale Boardriders that results in a community that has inclusiveness at its core.

You can actually build a community that enables people – it is only the environment that needs to be adjusted to enable ability. It is the environment that can restrict access to places and independence. By adjusting this, and building that environment to enable access, you can overcome many of the things that present a challenge. Part of this is to ensure inclusiveness is at the core of your approach. 

The inaugural Inclusive Classic surfing contest, a full day surfest - what are you looking forward to most?

I’m looking forward to the wider community coming down to the beach so they can experience what our club is about and see the skills of these people who have not necessarily got a fully able body but are still doing amazing things. This way people can feel the vibe of what is going on.

If ever in their life they come across someone who might also need a community like ours, they know where to direct them.

The kids witnessing what this community is all about is really important. To help them become more mindful of people that may need assistance in different ways.

For example, I have one kid who came up to me the first time we all surfed together with Mona Vale Boardriders. I took a bit of a drop and he paddled up to me and said ‘wow, that was awesome, that was so good’. So just to have them witness things like that and see their reaction to this enables them to b considerate and caring people because they have an understanding. 

I think it’s important to educate the whole community about what we’re doing and how we are doing that.

Kirk Watson, Vice President - Blind Surfer, VI1 classification – also talking to PON from Hawaii where he won his Division:

Why do you like surfing, what does it give to you?

It’s the freedom – obviously every surfer is going to tell you that. For me, when I’m on a wave, I don’t really think about the fact that I can’t see, I’m just realy right in that moment on the wave.

I’ve always loved the ocean, but that is the biggest highlight for me.

Why is it important to have a boardriders club specifically for para surfers?

For me it’s getting this out there in the community to let everyone know, especially younger people, that there is something there for them, that they can start with, and then progress from there.

It’s great to have a meeting point – the competition is great but it’s just friendly competition within our club and our meets, and so its really being able to catch-up with people and hang pout with people who are dealing with similar things to what you are.

The inaugural Inclusive Classic surfing contest, what are you looking forward to most – the music, food – the surfing?

Meeting some new faces. There is a guy who should hopefully be coming, all the way from Penrith, so that side of things is pretty exciting.

Obviously it will be great to get out and have a surf – and the food is always good, I’m pretty sure the boys down at Mona Vale Quality Meats are going to do a good job.

But mostly I’m looking forward to the new people that may be coming – and looking forward to having a chat to them.

Congratulations to Kirk Watson and his spotter Blake Chooka Harris for winning over in Hawaii. It was a challenging week as far as conditions go and Kirk did an amazing job navigating the stormy seas on finals day.  Photos: Kirk Watson

John Crampton, Co-Club Captain - Lower limb amputee, Stand:

Why do you like surfing, what does it give to you?

It gives me a lot of freedom. When there are bigger waves I like the adrenalin – when they’re not big I like how it’s nice and relaxing.

Why is important to have a boardriders club solely for para surfers?

So everybody ca get together, make friends, and talk about their experiences and help each other out.

The inaugural Inclusive Classic, an all-day surfing extravaganza, what are you looking forward to most?

Just getting everyone together and having a few new people involved. This event will be great for spreading the word not only about our club but what is possible for everyone.  

Blake ‘Chook’ Harris, Co-Club Captain and Water Safety, also Em’s husband:

What do you like about surfing – what has it given you?

You just go out there and you don’t think about anything. You’re in the water, and even f you have worries while on land, they disappear in the water. You have better things to think about; the next wave, making sure you don’t get dumped.

Why is it important to you to have a boardriders club for para surfers?

I’ve seen what it does. I’ve only been getting into it through Em, but I’ve seen what it does for the members. They are included in everything, they have their own Divisions, they surf together and it’s one big happy family.

The inaugural Inclusive Classic surfing contest, what are you looking forward to most – the music, food – the surfing?

Seeing everyone get together and seeing the community get down there to see how it all works between the two boardriders clubs. It’s great to see how they all get in and help each other out.

Tori Pendergast, Secretary - Prone/Kneel Surfer:

Why do you like surfing, what has it given you?

I love the sense of being outdoors and the peace of mind that comes from being in the ocean. For me, when I retired from competitive para Alpine skiing and was looking for another sport to get into, and reconnect with the community, surfing itself offers such a great community. Everyone is really encouraging. It’s such a fun sport and ice to be in the water as well.

Why do you think it’s important to have a para surfers boardriding club?

I think it’s really just for the sense of community this has made, to have everyone support each other. This also offers a pathway for those guys who are curious or perhaps not quite sure if they want someone to surf with or whether they want to get involved. It’s really important to have this as representation in the community and as a base for everyone to have a look and see what’s going on and give it a try as well.

The inaugural Inclusive Classic, an all-day surf-fest extravaganza likely to set the benchmark for local para surfing contests for decades to come – what are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and also having para surfing exposed in such a large scale event as well. Obviously I’m looking forward to the waves and a day in the water. I think the whole event and the whole community coming together should be excellent.


Northern Beaches Para Surfer Boardriders (NBPSB) has organised the inaugural Pittwater RSL Boardriders Inclusive Classic to raise awareness of para surfing, encourage more to get involved, raise funds and build community.

NBPSB would like to extend a warm invitation to everyone to join them for what NBPSB hopes will become a major event in the surfing community’s calendar.

Inspired by her experience at the ISA World Para Surfing Championships in 2022 and 2023, Emma Dieters had the opportunity to participate in a professional event. This led to the idea of creating a collaborative experience between Mona Vale Boardriders and NBPSB through a "Mini Pro" event, featuring commentary during heats and finals, post-heat interviews, and a festive atmosphere at the beach with food trucks, and music that rolls into a social evening.

Northern Beaches Para Surfer Boardriders are thrilled to announce that Surfing NSW is fully supporting this event and shares the vision of the NBPSB. Together with these two  organisations, NBPSB are working to make the para surfing grassroots pathway a reality.

A full day of sharing the stoke

The inaugural Pittwater RSL Boardriders Inclusive Classic begins at 8:00am with Mona Vale Boardriders and NBPSB's regular competition and a BBQ Breakfast. Competition continues and then a Spit Lunch will be available around midday.

An Exhibition will be kicked off by past and present Para Surfers of the Australian Irukandjis Team and finish with an Expression Session Crew showcasing surfing legends.

NBPSB will then run the finals and start to dry off and de-sand to move up to the Mona Vale SLSC and Cooks Terrace to chillout, listen to some live music and enjoy a few beverages with a grazing table.

NBPSB is also be running a major raffle leading up to the event and on the day to help raise funds - details and HUGE prize list below.

This is to be a full day of fun! 

Come for an hour, come for the day and support these two great clubs to do the great work that they do.

Join in Pittwater RSL Boardriders Inclusive Classic

NB: You must have signed up by 8pm on the Thursday evening, prior to the Pittwater RSL Boardriders Inclusive Classic event.  

You will be surfing under NBPSB, however we are currently still integrated with Mona Vale Boardriders so heat times will be up on the MVB LiveHeats website on the evening before the comp, approx. at 9pm. 

Sign up here 

NOTE: If you are not a current active member of the club (ie not financial) you do not need to sign up to become a member for the Pittwater RSL Boardriders Inclusive Classic and May round unless you would like to and NBPSB would of course be very grateful.

About us

Northern Beaches Para Surfer Boardriders (NBPSB) is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at promoting and supporting para surfing activities.

Para surfing is a rapidly growing sport that provides individuals with physical disabilities the opportunity to experience the thrill of riding a wave.

NBPSB is the first active para surfer boardriders club in Australia, and possibly in the world. In June 2023 NBPSB held our first official round in conjunction with Mona Vale Boardriders. NBPSB members include two current world champions and other members who compete internationally.

NBPSB's club founder Emma Dieters announced at the 2023 Australian Surfing Awards her intention to develop the Northern Beaches Para Surfer Boardriders so that surfing competition opportunities would be just as accessible to para surfers as it they are for able bodied surfers.

Em Dieters' journey to being on that stage and accepting the Female Para Surfer of the Year award was a whirlwind. Her first event was the Australian Championships and her 2nd ever event was the ISA World Para Surfing Championships.

The NBPSB club now provides a structured pathway for para surfers to move from grass roots competitive community surfing to International competition.

The Mona Vale Boardriders club has played a crucial role in the establishment of the NBPSB, providing steadfast support that has been indispensable in getting the organisation off to a strong start.

Find out more at:

Lucky Door 

Book tickets HERE for the lucky door prize ticket and entry to MVSLSC Cooks Terrace for the music. 

Raffle Prizes

Don't miss out on the chance to win some fantastic prizes in the raffle as well!!  Buy your Raffle tickets HERE

1 for $10, 3 for $20, 10 for $50 and 25 for $100


1st Prize valued at $2,770
QB Interiors - DiroDi E-Bike

QB Interiors are generously sponsoring our major prize: The DiroDi Rover Gen 3 is 2 person electric bike with a vintage design, powerful motor and massive battery. It offers up to 100km of range and can carry up to 150kg of load.

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2nd Prize valued at $1,200
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3rd Prize valued at $1,000
Jagger Surfboards - Voucher

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4th Prize valued at $999
Chilli Surfboard - Voucher

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5th Prize valued at $500
Outfall Art Collective - Voucher

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6th Prize valued at $250
Splashed! Swim School - Term of swimming lessons

Splashed! offers Learn to Swim lessons for children aged 4 months - 12 years in it's purpose built, heated, indoor pool in Warriewood. They cater for a maximum of two classes at any one time - a comfortable water temperature and few distractions provide children the perfect learning environment for success! Their philosophy is a child-centered one and their comprehensive learn to swim programs are interesting and challenging, helping to keep kids motivated!

7th Prize valued at $200
SurfCraft Brewing Co. - Esky & a case of SurfCraft beer

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8th Prize valued at $199
City Cave Float & Wellness Centre - Complete Wellness Package

City Cave Float & Wellness Centre aims to build healthier communities through services that support the mental and physical wellbeing of their clients. The Complete Wellness Package includes Float Therapy, Infrared Sauna and Massage Services to assist in your health journey by providing natural mental health remedies and supporting physical recovery.

9th Prize valued at $180
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10th Prize valued at $139
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11th Prize valued at $50
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12th Prize valued at $1
Signed Rashie from Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

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13th Prize valued at $500
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14th Prize valued at $160
Wave Reformer Pilates - 5 x group Pilates reformer classes

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Buy your Raffle tickets HERE

Greater Vision for the Event

By creating a successful template, we hope to inspire other regions to establish their own clubs and host community competitions for Para Surfers. This initiative has the potential to connect Para Surfers in all areas and provide them with more opportunities for local competition and to create more communities where para surfers can get their hit of #oceantherapy.

Thank you to our major sponsor, Pittwater RSL, for coming on board to support our event. They are a great club that supports our local community in so many ways.

Why does NBPSB and MVB need to raise funds?

NBPSC and MVB clubs both rely on membership fees, donations, sponsorships and grants to fund their operations. NBPSB needs funds to help towards set up costs, equipment and programs for the newly established para surfer club.

There is also a goal of purchasing a lockable trailer for the club to become more mobile and allow the para surfers to go from beach to beach, based on conditions. The trailer would  house all the equipment safely such as beach wheelchairs and beach access mats.

MVB are focusing on opportunities for future generations, with the start up of their Mona Vale Junior Development Program with Jasper Welsh. Surfing can aid the mental health of  tweens/teens and this program provides benefits for the soul and also teaches them responsibility and drive.

We are seeking ongoing collaboration with sponsors and donors to fund these fantastic initiatives, that are making a difference in the surfing community. We greatly appreciate any financial assistance, products, services, skills, or strategic partnerships that can help us in achieving our goals. Kindly complete this form to provide us with invaluable information about your support and partnership offerings.

Note: All funds raised from the raffle and sponsorship will be used as follows:

  • Small amount will go towards running of the event day.
  • Remaining funds will be split 50/50 between NBPSB and MVB to fund the important initiatives, as outlined in About Us