November 11 - 17, 2012: Issue 84    

 Melbourne Cup in Pittwater 2012

Avalon Beach RSL Club 

Maria Regina Photos by Peta Wise and Vicky O'Neil. Avalon Beach RSL photos by A J Guesdon. 

 Maria Regina Primary School at Avalon - Photos by Peta Wise,  and Vicky O’Neil

Principal, Kathy Gee teacher, Caitlin Remeeus, Parish Priest, Father George Kolodziej and teacher, Angela Westerway. Photo by Vicky O'Neil

Entertainment provided by guest; Maria Regina's very own Dancing Man. Photo by Peta Wise. 

Above: Melbourne Cup Gentlemen at Maria Regina's Melbourne Cup Luncheon. Below: Glamorous. Left: Ponies! Photos by Peta Wise. 


 Above: Maria Regina lunch with MCs, Dean Guberina and Claudio Encina. Below: Sam Shaw and two happy girls. Photos by Vicky O'Neil.

Above: Melbourne Cup Fashion Parade - most important and provided here by the students of Maria Regina Primary School. Below: Sydney weather was lovely and warm, perfect for summer dressers worn by eternal beauties. Photos by Peta Wise.