January 11 - 17, 2015: Issue 197

 Johnny & Robey Carter's Palm Beach Ironman Compand Swimming 2015

 Johnny & Robey Carter's Palm Beach Ironman Comp 2015

by Joanne Seve

January 5th, 2015 

Johnny Carter and his daughter, Robey are back teaching swimming and having intensive swimming classes from 7am week-days at the Palm Beach Pool this Summer holidays. They are both looking younger than last year! Maybe the fresh morning sea air has something to do with it?!!

Because the Palm Beach ocean pool was being cleaned this morning, Johnny and Robey held an “iron man” comp at 12:30pm today instead.

Some of the action from this Junior Ironperson Comp:


Palm Beach ocean pool ready for Johnny & Robey Carter’s “iron man”

L to R: Josephine Curtin, Alexandra Mitcherson, Genevieve Kelly, Elizabeth Mitcherson, Elizabeth Kelly, Bernadette Kelly, Therese Kelly, Lucie Malone, Eleanor Eckton, Gemma Wood & Katie Spencer

Swimming relay

Relay splash 

Diving in 

Bernadette on her mark 

Tug of War – Round 1 

Tug of War – Round 2 

Running Relay

Running Relay

Josephine Curtin – Running Relay

Johnny looking at the scores

Any sharks in the pool?

Bernadette, Therese & Elizabeth Kelly & 2 friends lining up to jump

Therese Kelly jumping from PB point

Genevieve Kelly onshore with her father & sisters in the ocean behind her

Genevieve, Therese, Elizabeth & Bernadette Kelly onshore

Michelle, Mark, Alexandra and Elizabeth Mitcherson onshore

 Report and Pictures by Joanne Seve, 2015.