October 6 - 12, 2013: Issue 131

International Fleet Review 2013 - Tall Ships Enter Sydney Harbour

Sixteen tall ships from around the world entered Sydney Harbour on Thursday 3rd of October, 2013, as part of the Royal Australian Navy's International Fleet Review. The tall ships anchored in the harbour to await the arrival of almost 40 warships the following day. The ships were led into the harbour by the sail training ship Young Endeavour and Her Majesties Bark Endeavour. 

The International Fleet Review, 3rd-11th October 2013, commemorates the centenary of the arrival of the first Royal Australian Navy Fleet into Sydney when seven warships, state of the art for their time, entered the harbour on 4th October 1913. 

Find out more about the International Tall Ship Festival 22013 here: http://tallshipsfleet.com.au/

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 Bark Endeavour, Australia

 Young Endeavour, Australia

 Coral Trekker, Australia

 James Craig, Australia

 Lord Nelson, United Kingdom

 Spirit of New Zealand, New Zealand

 Oosterschelde, Netherlands

 Picton Castle, Canada

 Soren Larson, Australia

 Southern Swan, Australia

 Windeward Bound, Australia

Sydney Ports Fire Boat 

photos by Michael Mannington, Volunteer Photography, 2013.