October 26 - November 1, 2014: Issue 186

 Christmas Comes Early for Sailors with disAbilities Thanks to Windcraft Raffle

Left to right: Allan Bridge (Windcraft GM) John Scott - (raffle winner) Mary Bickley (Windcraft Bayview),  David Pescud (SWD Founder) and Peter Hrones (Windcraft MD)

 Christmas Comes Early for Sailors with disAbilities Thanks to Windcraft Raffle

Windcraft's MD Peter Hrones said he "Felt like Father Christmas" as he handed over the keys of a brand new Hanse 345 yacht to raffle winner John Scott and a cheque for $174,550.37 to David Pescud the founder of Sailors with disAbilities (SWD).

This is the second time the Windcraft team have raffled a yacht in support of a much loved Australian charity. Three years ago it was Bear Cottage who benefitted from their support and this year Windcraft chose SWD. 

As Hrones handed over the cheque to SWD he praised the charity for the fantastic work they do, explaining that over the past 20 years the organisation have taken over 40,000 people with disability or at disadvantage sailing.

Mr. Hrones said;

"SWD use sailing as a tool to offer people opportunity and to promote optimistic thinking. They change lives every day and we are very proud to be able to support their brilliant work. I feel like Father Christmas today dressed in red and handing out huge gifts." Hrones also thanked the Windcraft team and all the contractors who donated time and services to help the cause. 

SWD's David Pescud who recently won the Pride of Australia medal was clearly moved and incredibly appreciative of the donation. He explained that the injection of cash would enable SWD to go forward into a new phase of development over the next two years allowing the charity to offer opportunity to even more people each year.

"The most wonderful thing about this initiative is the support my sport of sailing has shown to SWD. I feel very humbled and very blessed." Mr. Pescud said

The winner of the Hanse 345 John Scott (already an avid SWD supporter) could not stop smiling as he took the keys to his new yacht. Scott spoke to the crowd explaining that he felt unbelievably lucky that through supporting a good cause he'd won such an amazing prize.

"SWD do great work and I hope that the increase in the charity's profile thanks to the raffle continues to flow on in to the future. I still can't quite believe this beautiful yacht is mine - I've brought a friend with me today so he can keep reminding me it's not a dream!"

See: www.windcrafthanse.com/win-a-hanse-swd.html