February 4 - 10, 2024: Issue 612


Woody Point Yacht Club’s 2024 Putt Putt & Gentleman’s Launch Regatta

The 2024 Olympic Games inspiration from the Quays Marina boat. Photo: Marg Fraser-Martin  of Marg's Yacht Photos

The following report comes from no less an authority than the WPYC's esteemed Commodore - Jon 'Hoiley' Hoile:

Wooden Putt Putt & Gentleman’s Launch Regatta 27th January 2024

Last Saturday's Putt Putt & Gentleman’s Launch regatta was enjoyed in true Woody Point fashion. It was wonderful to see a fleet of painted up little boats from the past, putting amongst the larger boats at anchor as they warmed up for the lap of Scotland Island from Treharne Cove and back.

There were 3 Putt Putts and 13 Gentleman’s Launches, decorated in various colourful themes for the spectators.

The crowd included Trilby Bond, (wife of one of our founding members, Philip Bond) through the generations down to lots of children playing on the beach and enjoying their free sausage sandwiches.

It was Philip Bond that donated the Gentleman’s Launch Trophy back in 1996 and it was Tim Shaw that donated the Pittwater Cup back in the eighties.

Col Bailey laboured for hours with his slide ruler during the week, working out the handicaps. And as there were no suspicious cases of beer transferred to the Laurel Mae on the morning of the race, the podium results were tight.

The Putt Putt race was won by 'Rose' skippered by Roger Maynard. Second was 'Provender' - Justin Singleton and third was 'Keziah' with Shane May at the helm. It was a busy day for Shane who had an entry in the Gentleman’s Launch event as well.

The Gentleman’s Launch race was won by the historic 'Work Boat' of The Quays Marina, skippered by Steve Hosking. There was clearly something very big under the bonnet because it managed to hold off Shane May's charging 'Launch', with a threatening bow wave.  The brightly clad ladies sitting the foredeck of The Quays Marina work boat were candidates for a swim, had they been overtaken.

The trophy presentation was given by Toby and Col, both at their entertaining best, from the traditional sandstone podium located on the beach.

The Best Dressed Boat is often a lottery and at the discretion of our officials on Laurel Mae. This year it went to Ian’s 'Major Perceverance' (AKA 'The Start Boat') with his dignified crew in their Navy Whites.  Ian reflected on a previous occasion, when they thought they had bagged the prize with one of their more colourful themes. On that occasion they were immediately disqualified as one of his crew bared his behind to the judges as they crossed the finish line.

Thankfully Craig and Joy in their traditionally flamboyantly decorated Halverson, along with Thomas Skinner and his crew of Pirates, made up a huge part of the overall spectacle.

Thanks go to Steve and his gang for the lion’s share of the background work, including transporting our wonderful photographer, Marg. Dennis and Tom Nielson for manning the BBQ and Brent for supplying the Tug of War rope. The 'Laurel Mae' and Brent McCabe’s 'Trump' for providing the start line, and of course, Toby and Col for taking the entries, handicapping and being our hosts.

A special thanks goes out to all of the competitors for preparing their boats for racing and for decorating their boats for entertainment.

Some photos of the regatta from Marg's Yacht Photos are on the WPYC website Gallery.

If you would like a high resolution copy of any photo, please contact Marg directly at yachtphotos@yahoo.com (Marg Fraser-Martin, Marg's Yacht Photos)

Some examples have already been loaded up to her social media platforms Facebook page (Marg's Yacht Photos) and Instagram (margsyachtphotos) - more run below: