October 22 - 28, 2023: Issue 602


Turimetta Moods: Mid-September To Mid-October 2023

by Joe Mills

Joe reports sustained erosion occurring at Turimetta Beach over several weeks now. The photos tell the story ably. He has also been getting some great photos of the Narrabeen Lagoon entrance clearing works currently being undertaken, which include a reshaping of the sand dune alongside the North Narrabeen SLSC. More in Issue 599 report: Council Works To Open Narrabeen Lagoon Entrance Again: An Expense Recurring More Frequently

A Turimetta Moods catch-up' round - thanks Joe, great pictures.

Turimetta Moods - Week Ending 20 Oct 2023

Birds are indicators of the environment.  If they are in trouble, we know that we'll also be in trouble. - Roger Tory Peterson

Hi folks 

The sunrises are getting earlier, and in my timeslot of 6:30 I am missing the main event. But it is always great to have a walk on the beach and be surrounded by nature including the rolling surf and early morning birdlife.  This week I witnessed an Osprey which flew towards the southern end of the beach, only 20 or so metres above me.  I thought it was going to roost on a low tree, but in the last seconds it grabbed some dead top limbs to take back to it's nest.  Great to be living in a zoo.

The sand movement along Turimetta Beach is always amazing with the northern end in erosion, and the southern end in accretion (or buildup).

The Council excavation works are going very well, with the entrance channel being defined, and about 1 m from the main sandbar being removed.  It's quite an extensive area.

Some of the pics featured:

  • North & south headlands
  • NBC dredging operations
  • Sunrises & clouds
  • Photo shoot in the surf
  • Sunrise along Walsh St (Collins St) Warriewood
  • The Hermit's rock shelter being inundated by high tide
  • Tidal channel
  • Sea slug, stone fish (artificial) & horse

As always, enjoy nature.


Joe Mills

Turimetta Moods - Week Ending Fri 13 October 2023 

A minimal week with Turimetta Beach erosion and exposed rocks the highlight.  The sand movement over the past month has been extraordinary.

NBC has been progressing slowly with the Narrabeen lake entrance dredging, and with good weather progress is good.

The morning sunrise showers everything in golden light and long shadows - Joe Mills

Hi folks 

The weather in the mornings has been cool, but still able to walk with a T-Shirt.  The sunrises without lots of cloud have not been so spectacular, but golden.

The NBC dredging operations have been making steady progress with some good sunny & dry weather.  They expect to finish the work before Xmas (2023).

After that huge surf morning last week, there have been only a handful of surfers over the whole week.  But those that persisted were rewarded with nice & steady shore breaks.

Some of the pics featured:

  • Warriewood Wetlands reflections
  • Turimetta Beach sand graffiti & exposed rocks
  • Northern Headland cave & graffiti
  • Turimetta sunrises & seaweed
  • Exposed rock & surviving barnacles
  • Narrabeen Lake Entrance NBC dredging
  • Northern Headland cliff

As always, enjoy nature.

Turimetta Moods - Week Ending Friday October 6

The continuing sand movement has been massive, changing weekly. There is a lot of erosion in the middle of the beach, and the rocks at the northern end are being exposed again.  The southern end of the beach has been completely covered in sand, with no signs of the rocky gutters.

During this week on Wed there was a great set of morning waves which drew a big crowd of board riders, both young & old.  Some were not locals, as they launched into the surf from the rocks at the northern end, whereas the locals go in straight from the beach.

When the surf's up, your life is too. - Wilhelm Sverdvik

Well folks, it's the silly season again this week.  One minute we are all sweltering in heat waves, and the next we are back in multi layers & hoodies.  The beach crowds were back again last Sunday.

Turimetta Beach copped some severe sand erosion over the northern end of the beach, of up to 2m.  The rocks at the northern end are exposed once again.

Last Wednesday was a big surfing morning at Turimetta Beach, with about 30 surfers grabbing the 2 m wave sets at the northern headland end.  They came out of the woodwork everywhere.  Obviously the word had spread to both locals & visitors.  The visitors were easy to spot, as they were launching into the surf from the rocks at the headland, whereas the local regulars go straight from the beach.

The pics this week include:

  • October Long Weekend (Labor Day) Heatwave at North Narrabeen
  • Wildlife (Warriewood Wetlands)
  • White Faced Heron
  • Beach erosion & exposed rocks (northern end)
  • Sand covering the southern end rocks
  • Surfers & waves
  • Local flowers
  • Cloudy & clear sunrises
  • Warriewood sunset
  • High tide water pools
  • Banksia flowers & seeds
  • Stranded Puffer Fish
  • NBC dredging operations
  • Jaffa sunrise
  • Kookaburras

Enjoy nature

Turimetta Moods - Week Ending Friday Ending 29 September

Turimetta Moods - Week Ending Friday 22 September 2023 

Not much activity this week, but did manage to get some pics of the severe erosion (about 2 m) at the northern half of Turimetta Beach.  The heat wave was over last weekend followed by the cool change on Thursday.  There is one pic of Turimetta Beach covered with footprints left behind by hundreds of beach goers over the heatwave weekend.

If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back? - Stephen Wright

Well folks, by the time you are reading this you are probably wearing winter clothing again.  Last week we had heat wave conditions up to Wednesday, with temperatures in the high 30s.  I even got into shorts & T-Shirt again, only to add extra layers at the end of the week. 

Turimetta Beach copped some severe sand erosion over the northern end of the beach, of up to 2m.  The rocks at the northern end are exposed once again.

The pics this week include:

  • Beach in footprints
  • Sea slug cluster (x4) and shellfish
  • Cormorant at rock pool
  • Sand dunes & Galah & grasses
  • White Faced Heron
  • Beach erosion (northern end)
  • Surfers & waves
  • Local flowers
  • Storm out to sea
  • Naval vessel on horizon
  • Exposed rocks on northern end

Enjoy nature!