February 18 - 24, 2024: Issue 614


Turimetta Moods: February 2024

Photos By Joe Mills

Photographer Joe Mills has been 'out and about' as usual over Summer - taking visitors to Cockatoo Island/Wareamah on Sydney Harbour, and Circular Quay during January, and keeping an eye on the beaches, wetlands and landscapes from North Narrabeen to Turimetta, Warriewood and Mona Vale every other day.

Cockatoo Island/Wareamah will be revisited for a more detailed report that will run this year. A history of the island states prior to European settlement, Cockatoo Island was a meeting place for Sydney’s First Nations peoples, who know it as Wareamah, meaning 'Women's Place'. 

Cockatoo Island/Wareamah was named for the sulphur crested cockatoos that once frequented the island. Later, the island briefly went by the name ‘Biloela’, which is an Aboriginal word for cockatoo. Due to the island’s transformation from 1839 onwards, red gum trees were removed and cockatoos were forced to find a new home.

From the mid-nineteenth century, it was reshaped for different uses.

The island was the site of a convict gaol from 1839 to 1869 and a major shipbuilding and repair facility from 1857 to 1991, and dock workers supported the Allied powers during both World Wars. Additionally, between 1871 and 1911, the island hosted educational institutions for boys and girls. These included an industrial training school for girls, a reformatory for young women and nautical school ships for boys.

The island features heritage objects, landmarks and structures that offer insights into bygone times. 

More soon!

This Issue a selection from Joe's February 2024 pictures of this very special place we live in that showcase the vision that meets you every time you step outside into Pittwater's Great Outdoors.

As usual, Joe's eye for the Macro and the Micro allows a pictorial insight into the shifting seasons and what is happening right here, right now.

Thank you Joe!

Turimetta Moods 
Week Ending 2 February 2024 

Coming, going, the waterbirds don't leave a trace, don't follow a path (I think follow the fish).  

- Dogen

Hi folks 

Another mixed week, with a struggling sunrise.  However, I have noted a big increase in bird activity around Lake Narrabeen entrance, particularly the Herons & Cormorants, and a pod of Dolphins.

Turimetta was not very busy after schools went back, with little surf activity.

Some of the pics featured:

  • Rocks & sunrise
  • Low tide patterns
  • Sunrise from beach & lone surfer
  • Stranded Porcupine Fish
  • Narrabeen Rock Pool
  • Pod of Dolphins off beach
  • Sand & rock pattern
  • Warriewood flowers
  • Cormorants at rest & fishing
  • White Cranes

As always, enjoy nature.

Turimetta Moods 
Week Ending 9 February 2024 

Some  birds are not meant to be caged, that's all.

- Stephen King

Hi folks 

Another mixed week, with struggling sunrises.  However, I have noted a further increase in bird activity around Lake Narrabeen entrance, particularly the Cormorants, Seagulls & Pelicans.  They all shared the shallow high tide water from the ocean back into the lake.  Small fish were always being washed in on the big waves.  The regular pattern was the Cormorants, followed by the Seagulls, followed by the Pelicans.

The usual big sand movement was evident along Turimetta Beach, with erosion on the northern headland, and accretion (dumping) at the southern headland.

Some of the pics featured:

  • Sunrises & clouds
  • Mum & dad & baby photo session
  • Surfer deciding whether to go in or not
  • Southern end rocks & waves
  • Narrabeen Lake entrance - Pelicans & Cormorants
  • Sunrises & sun rays
  • Elegant senior French lady with 2 black poodles
  • Sand Crab diggings

As always, enjoy nature.

Turimetta Moods 
Week Ending Friday 16 February 2024 

A wonderful bird is the Peli-can

His bill can hold more than his beli-can

He can take in his beak, food enough for a week

But I'm damned if I see how the heli-can

- Ogden Nash

Hi Folks

Another mixed week, with a struggling sunrises.  

The usual big sand movement was evident, with erosion on the northern headland, and accretion (dumping) at the southern end.  

One funny thing happened this morning and I spotted 2 Pelicans following a small Cormorant fishing.  They know the Cormorant will be the first to spot the fish.  I had to walk quickly for about 200 m before they went under the road bridge.  I was lucky to pick off 2 good pics.  

I did find a defunct drone in the shallow low tide pools at the southern end of Turimetta Beach.

Some of the pics featured:

  • Turimetta Beach sunrise, rocks & reflections
  • Rocks with algae at low tide
  • Sole boat
  • Elegant French lady & poodles
  • Photo shoots
  • Magpie on signpost & sunrise
  • Wary Seagull
  • Rock & shell patterns
  • Warriewood sunset 5 pm (Storm clouds)
  • Warriewood sunset 8 pm (Clear skies)
  • Narrabeen rock pool reflections
  • Blocked Narrabeen Lagoon entrance
  • Stone painting (Northern Beaches Secret Rocks)
  • Pelican
  • Local garden flower

As always, enjoy nature.