March 5 - 11 2023: Issue 574


A Stroll Through Warriewood Wetlands: February 2023

photos by Joe Mills

Regular photographic contributor and past Artist of the Month Joe Mills recently took a 3 km rehab walk around the Warriewood Wetlands post a procedure.

Joe says, ''A couple of interesting things happened, especially as I was walking alone and slowly.  The Water Dragon pictured and I sat about one metre apart for about 3 minutes, until a cyclist drove past and scared him into the water.  Whilst we were sitting there a Brush Turkey walked past both me and the water dragon casually.  It was an interesting experience.

''The other picture I love is of the baby Water Dragon peering over the edge of the wooden walk.  He scrambled off the walk as I got close, but was also inquisitive, and just poked his head above the edge of the wooden walk barrier to keep his eye on me.  He did not run away and was still there as I walked past. ''

Quietly, slowly, gently - thank you Joe.

Joe's Pictorial Walks are looked forward to by less mobile readers, it allows an experience of taking their own stroll through these wetlands. The wildlife, the plants, the way he captures the essence of the seasons and views allow us all to go into his photos.

Joe's walks also allow a record of the condition of these places to be shared.