Artist Of The Month August 2019 

Joe Mills

In the Summer of 2013 Joe Mills was among those wonderful local volunteers who featured in Stephanie Galloway-Brown's 'Face of the Extraordinary; Volunteers' project.

In March 2017 his name was popping up again - this time as the creator of a photographic Portrait as a member of the Pittwater Camera Club. Apparently taken of a friend - and classically using light. 

After a Career in the vocation of Cartographer and Photogrammetrist he was free to continue his pursuit of photography - commenced at 12 years of age.

This month he shares some of his photographs. His subjects are varied with a focus on capturing the essence of what is there.
You can find out more about Joe's journey in his Profile

Coastal Pittwater & Northern Beaches

On Your Own


Dove Lake Reflections

At the Foot of Mount Wellington, Hobart


Dauphine Arcade

French Vegetables

London Bridge is staying put 

Serenity afloat ferryman

Temple of Kom Ombo, Egypt

Mahurangi Ialsnd, NZ

Kai iwi lakes

Flower, Trees, Ants Bees

Durras (NSW) Christmas

Wreck Bay