October 18 - 24, 2020: Issue 470


The Elvina Bay-Lovett Bay Loop 
Photos By Kevin Murray And Joe Mills

Joe Mills and Kevin Murray, in fine company with Glenys Murray, again treat those not able to see these sights to a tour of the wonders we live amongst. For this hike they went in an anti-clockwise direction and enjoyed not only the smells and sounds of Kuring-Gai Chase National Park, but also the beautiful 'falls' above Elvina and Lovett Bays.

Part of this October 2020 'tour' encompassed visiting one of the largest indigenous engraving sites in Australia. You will notice in the images that Joe, Glenys and Kevin are careful to not step on this site even though they took some wonderful images. This platform is still a sacred site, even if not in continuous current use by the current relations of these ancestors. 

Glenys and Kevin Murray - photo by Joe Mills

In January 2020 Conny Harris, in sharing some news about a site at Cromer, showed everyone with shoes off and a proper 'welcome to country' ceremony by an elder in going near or onto these places.

CSIRO's ATNF has shared some insights into this very special site, well worth reading, here, along with guidelines that also recommend not going onto the rock platforms as this can cause them to deteriorate further. 

The Elvina-Lovetts' Loop is around 4.5 kilometres and will take a least three to four hours, depending on how long you pause to smell the wildflowers or enjoy the views. It encompasses Elvina Bay, Fredericks Track and Lovett Bay Falls and pools. Truly a spectacular Pittwater 'verge' that has been photographed for over a century and captured through fresh eyes by Joe and Kevin for you this Spring.

Lovett Bay Falls by Joe Mills

For those who like to do a comparison, a few insights are available in 'Pittwater Summer Houses: 'Rocky Point And Elvina Bay Peninsula -  A Place Of  Holiday Songs And Operas In Ventnor, Fairhaven, Trincomalee and Maritana' and Flagstaff Hill – Lovett Bay.

Yellow-tailed black cockatoo, Calyptorhynchus funereus, above Lovett Bay, October 2020 - photo by Joe Mills

Yellow-tailed black cockatoo, Calyptorhynchus funereus, above Lovett Bay, October 2020 - photos by Kevin Murray

Kevin Murray's Photographs