May 27 - June 2, 2018: Issue 361

Cowan Bay In Autumn

One of Pittwater Online News' contributors is John Vaughan, a former Scotland Island resident and whom many associated with the Avalon Sailing Club as well.

John is still a regular visitor to Pittwater and loves cruising the waters adjacent to the estuary. This week, for sheer enjoyment a selection of photos taken during Autumn aboard Cruising Yacht Tondelao in magnificent Cowan Water part of the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

In 2014 Pittwater Online ran two history pages to celebrate Pittwater’s Parallel Estuary: The Cowan ‘Creek’ and Pittwater's Lone Rangers - 120 Years Of Ku-Ring-Gai Chase And The Men Of Flowers Inspired By Eccleston Du Faur, which show that although some things change, others remain the same.

Pittwater residents have shared images in the past taken from the many walking tracks that overlook these vistas - this is how the Cowan Bay reaches look from the waterline.

Thank you John, wonderful!

Lovely Hallets Beach and the only yacht in sight is Tondelao.

Lovely Hallets Beach

Early morning calm with a feathered friend aboard at Little Jerusalem Bay.

Glorious view of misty hills from Little Jerusalem Bay.

Little Jerusalem peaceful waters with Tondelao the only boat around.

Adjacent reflection.on southern shore of Little Jerusalem Bay.


The Kuring-Gai Motor Yacht Club (KMYC) fuel pontoon at Cottage Point.

Cottage Point fisherman circa 1885

Cottage Point Kiosk with Tondelao resting on the Kiosk's courtesy mooring

Tondelao flying some of her Vexillographer skipper's flag designs. Do you recognise these designs?

In salute and recognition of the people who lived there for thousands of years in harmony with nature and the founder of the modern park ensuring its preservation for future generations, Frederick Eccleston Du Faur (1832-1915). Photo from  and courtesy of the collections of the State Library of New South Wales  [P2/513] (Mitchell Library)