October 2 - 15, 2022: Issue 557


Avalon Beach In 1970-71 - More Great Photos By Gary Clist

In 2020 Pittwater Online News was privileged to run photos of Avalon Beach and her surrounds taken by Gary Clist in 1968 and 1970.

Gary explained then:

I grew up in Avalon from about 1955 to the end of 1967, when my family moved to Noosa, near where I still reside. 

Thanks to John Stone and Ken Meadley from the 1960's (plus) record and photo shop I got interested in photography, and even went back in 1970 to work there for a year, and I still have most of my old photos. I thought it was about time to share some of the ones I took of Avalon in 1968, and more to come from 1970. The following are just a few. In no particular order, of the many I have. Hope you like them.

In recent weeks he has found time to share more - these are al from 1970 and show soccer being played at Dunbar Park, Avalon's 'Village Green' and oter activities in and around the village along with other shots of Avalon Beach.

Gary has kindly allowed us to share this new batch of wonders as he's happy for them to be seen.

Thank you Gary. 

Captions by Gary:

These photos taken outside 10 Wollstonecraft Ave, the family home of the Flatt family. Next door on No. 12 was Mrs Flatt's tennis court, where I'm sure many of you took lessons or played.

Janet Flatt is on the bike, but I have no idea of the names of the other children. I'm pretty sure none were from the Cosgrove tribe who lived at No. 14.

Any ideas anyone?

Mrs Elizabeth Flatt, the owner of No.10 Wollstonecraft Ave & the tennis court next door. (see previous photos ). My mother's best friend whilst we lived in Avalon and a lovely lady. Taken about 1970-71.

I remember taking these as I liked the juxtaposition ( I learnt that word in photography class at Tech ) of the "old folk" outside the "youth" Centre. The irony now of course is that I'm in the same age group as they were all those years ago (1970).

More of Avalon in 1970, distant views this time, so you might need to enlarge a bit to see the details.

For some un-remembered reason I took lots of photos of soccer down at Dunbar Park. maybe I was just testing the camera as to motion shots. Regardless, you may recognise yourself or some of the players & spectators. Failing that, the buildings in the backgrounds may be of interest:

Shots of the sandhills, this time looking south. I also remember great fun, running, sliding or rolling down the sandhills, particularly the steeper big one on the western side, which I used to climb to get to the beach ( we lived in Kevin Ave, not too far away ).

Some more from the 1970 file. NOT terribly exciting , but some of you might remember the way North Av looked back then. No doubt many of the old houses have been replaced by much more expensive  ones.

I'll see for myself in early Dec. when I make my first visit back in over 22 years.

It's Friday evening, so time to think about waxing up the single fin & preparing to head to North Av tomorrow for a surf  ( or a bit of rockpool investigation).

Take some time to look closely at the wonderful variety of surf-wagons up in the carpark in 1970!

When was the last time you saw horses on the beach or in town?

At Avalon Baptist Church, 1970. I recognise Lowell Schubert ( the little bloke in the middle of the second picture). The minister was, I think Pastor Ron ?

Any suggestions for the other people ?????

Kids on their way to school. Can anyone identify themselves? I wonder if any of these shops are still around...