March 19 - 25, 2023: Issue 576


$378,072 Allocated To Council For Weed Control - Governor Phillip Park Gets a Grant This Time: full details of all 11 sites

 PON photo

The State Government, just prior to going into the caretaker period for the March 2023 state election, announced the Crown Land 2022-23 funding round outcomes.

There is great news for Governor Phillip Park, which, although weed-infested, missed out in the previous year's allocations.

Weeds strangling banksia trees at Governor Phillip Park, Palm Beach. Image supplied.

By May 2022 Council had commenced some works here but there is still much to be done.

Governor Phillip Park, north end fronting Station Beach, May 14, 2022: PON photo

Governor Phillip Park, north end, top side from above patch photographed, May 14, 2022 - banksias and other plants have been covered over by vines, asparagus fern, dandelions etc.: PON photo

Hitchcock Park has also had a grant allocation for control of invasive weeds.

back of Hitchcock park:  PON photo

The Crown Reserves Improvement Fund (CRIF) supports Crown land managers (CLMs) by providing funding for repairs, maintenance and improvements on Crown reserves. The funding aims to benefit the community, boost our economy and contribute to the cultural, sporting and recreational life of NSW.

The CRIF is a self-sustaining program that is supported by income generated from loan repayments and interest, leases and licences on Crown land, and levies from the operation of coastal Crown caravan parks.

All successful Crown land managers and unsuccessful applicants have now been advised.

The CRIF 2022-23 offered funding for 267 projects totalling $17.947m to maintain and upgrade facilities and reserves on government-owned land. The funding provided will continue to benefit our community, boost our economy and contribute to the cultural, sporting and recreational life of our region.

The Council, in conjunction with local residents and environment groups advocacy, was successful in securing 11 Grants in this round, totalling $378,072.00 – all of them focussed on controlling weeds. The scope of these is some indication of how much the Council now has responsibility for and identifies ongoing gaps, and places, such as Governor Phillip Park, which have to wait until funding can be allocated. 

It is also worth bearing in mind there are many places across the LGA that are not Crown Land and do not qualify for these grants - Warriewood Wetlands and the creeks through the valley becoming overgrown and choked with weeds has been an ongoing focus of emails and photos sent into Pittwater Online News since 2019. A report on those issues, runs this week in:

Council, in conjunction with local environment groups and bushcare groups volunteers who commit to do the work, must seek funding through other grants to de-weed, maintain and regenerate these areas. It takes time to secure these, meanwhile, the weeds take over.

Details of executed agreements as at 1 March 2023 for our area are:

Governor Phillip Park (Part)
Control of weeds to maintain natural areas of Governor Phillip Reserve, Palm Beach, Northern Beaches.
Grant allocation:  $133,100

Hitchcock Park Foreshores
Control of invasive weeds at the Hitchcock Park Foreshore, Northern Beaches.
Grant allocation: $27,000

Beeby Park
Control of weeds at Beeby Park, Mona Vale, Northern Beaches.
Grant allocation: $12,000

Lake Park
Weed Control at Lake Park, North Narrabeen.
Grant allocation: $29,700

Wakehurst Parkway
Weed control along the Wakehurst Parkway, Northern Beaches.
Grant allocation: $24,000

Jamieson Park
Weed control at Jamieson Park, Narrabeen Lagoon, Northern Beaches.
Grant allocation: $22,000

Griffith Park
Control of weeds of national significance at the Themeda Grasslands, Griffith Park, Northern Beaches.
Grant allocation: $25,000

Griffith Park
Control invasive weeds within the dunes to maintain visitor access at Griffith Park, Collaroy, Northern Beaches.
Grant allocation: $10,000

Allenby Park
Control of invasive weeds at Allenby Park reserve, Allambie Heights
Grant allocation: $44,000

Harbord Lagoon & Reserve
The control of invasive weeds at the Harbord Lagoon reserve, Northern Beaches.
Grant allocation: $23,783

Harbord Lagoon & Reserve
Weed control of the riparian margin on the northern side of Curl Curl Lagoon, Northern Beaches.
Grant allocation: $27,489

Further 2022-23 program information gives a Project delivery timeline: Funded projects must be completed within 12 months of receiving the funding.

 PON photo