March 2 - 8, 2014: Issue 152

  2014 Pittwater Festival Launched by Hon. Bronwyn Bishop and Surf Boat Shoot Out on Pittwater

A report to accompany Issue 152's Pictorial may be read, recording the winners of the Inaugural 2014 Pittwater Festival Surf Boat Shoot Out HERE

Below is a sample of over 1000 images taken. Pictures available - at no charge as usual - to those who want them for non-commercial use or for their SLSC's records. Please email us at - apologies to those we missed in morning session - next year!

The Rowing

Bilgola 'Gold' and North Steyne 'Nuthuggers' - neck in neck all afternoon. 

The Sweeps at Work

Pelican Pause/Glide over Race Course Between Races + 1

 Some Smiles

Dennis O'Toole 

Peter Tomkin, Mayor of Pittwater Jacqueline Townsend, Deputy-Mayor of Pittwater, Kylie Ferguson. 
North Steyne 'Nuthuggers'. 

Vice Commdore of RMYC NBroken Bay - Chris Lee. 

RMYC- Broken Bay Commodore, Peter Haig, Pittwater Councillor Kay Millar, Hon. Bronwyn Bishop, Councillor Ian White, Mayor of Pittwater Jacqueline Townsend, Councillor Bob Grace, Deputy Mayor Kylie Ferguson.

Dr. Matthew Giblin (PBSLSC) and  Trish Mc Dermott
Girls from Bilgola 'Black' Boat Crew. 
Robyn Humphrey with North Steyne 'Nuthuggers'. 

 Patrick Langley(Vaikobi helmets), Alan Butler and Pat Langley with Palm Beach 'Pokopanos' Boat Crew.

Patrick Langley(Vaikobi helmets), Dennis O'Toole and the winners - Bilgola 'Gold' Boat Crew. 
Winner of the Raffle and Blackmores Hamper. 


Pictures by A J Guesdon, 2014.