May 6 - 12, 2012: Issue 57 

 Palm Beach Sailing Club End of Season Fish and Chip Run to Patonga - Sunday 29th of April 2012 @

The Palm Beach Sailing Club, who we were privileged to Profile as part of our January Summer Mix and attend their 50th Celebrations, are a great local family-orientated group of people with a number of champions amongst their members. Fun for the young, mature and Masters who are still fit and feisty is always on offer and visitors are welcomed. Every year they have an end of season fish and chip run to Patonga, where we will shortly venture ourselves in our endless tasting/testing of all the fish and chips available within Pittwater and nearby locales. Peter Salter, of this vibrant club, was kind enough to share a few snaps on last Sunday's run.

Peter Salter: Well despite Mother Nature making her best efforts to stop us again from getting to Patonga - we managed to make it despite no wind! Taunted by seabreeze forecasts and a light Northerly at the start, the wind dropped to nothing and left the fleet scattered. Some chose to return to Sand Point, others pushed on with some assistance from the safety boat (thanks to Trevor and Michelle) with only one boat making it all the way un-assisted (Sam and Michael Henman). Despite the lack of wind, all made the most of the last day of the season and had a good time - dogs included. Big thanks to all who showed up and gave it a go. Surely it can't happen 4 years in a row so 2013 must be going to be a blast! All photos by Teri Salter.

 Copyright Peter and Teri Salter, 2012. All Rights Reserved