July 8 - 14, 2012: Issue 66      

 Landscape Upgrades - The Bible Garden, Palm Beach

The Bible Garden at 6 Mitchell Road, Palm Beach has now reopened with landscape upgrades mostly complete with a bit of planting to be finalised. The works are being funded by the Friends of the Bible Garden Committee.  The Friends are the trustees of the land with Pittwater Council being the landowner.

The proposal has been careful to adhere to the Bible Garden Plan of Management, 2006 and sympathetic with the heritage values of the site.  The key elements of the proposal include:-

a widened road verge to provide parking for three vehicles and associated retaining wall; improved entry with the new stairs and sandstone flagged path; overall garden refurbishment, including terracing, balustrading, seating, pond, grading and plating; timber clad garden storage shed, and retention of the Oak Tree (Quercus ilex). From; HERE 

These great pictures taken by our contributor Geoff Clarke on Tuesday 3rd of July, this week, show these completed works.


Palm Beach Bible Garden Flowering

 Copyright Geoff Clarke, 2012. All Rights Reserved.