August 31 - September 6, 2014: Issue 178

 Local Hero Completes 4th 'Brisk Walk' for Mona Vale Hospital Auxiliary

Frank Adshead - picture courtesy  Maureen Cleary, 2014.

Frank Adshead, at 68 years young, has just completed his 4th consecutive Pub2Pub with all his supporters contributions allocated to the Mona Vale Hospital Auxiliary. 

Frank tells us he played 'geriatric soccer’ for 23 years prior to taking up the challenge of making the finish line at the Newport Arms each year and has raised close to three thousand dollars.

“This country and its people are known for fundraising – the amount people give is just phenomenal.” Frank said yesterday. 

When we inquired how long it took him this year he responded, “Mine is more a ‘brisk walk’ nowadays”.

Frank is on the committee of the re-established Mona Vale Residents Association which is a supporter of Mona Vale Hospital, and he is keeping an eye on developments at MVH as well as the new French’s Forest complex.

Frank is also Treasurer of the Mona Vale Garden Club, which is holding its 43rd Annual Garden Show at Ted Blackwood Hall on Saturday September 13th, with profits from this slated for the Mona Vale Hospital Auxiliary too. This prestigious club’s annual exhibits are judged by the Royal Horticultural Society and always make a wonderful way to commence celebrating the wonderful season of Spring.

With the Vernal days commencing officially tomorrow Mr. Adshead  may inspire more to take to ‘brisk walking’ and he certainly deserves our thanks and congratulations for all he has contributed towards supporting our Mona Vale Hospital Auxiliary.

Details of the Mona Vale Garden Club's 43rd Show on our Events page.