September 25 - October 1, 2011: Issue 25

The celebration of Blue Illusion's Spring Garden Party at Mona Vale on Thursday 22 September welcomed Friends of Northern Beaches Palliative Care and their guests. Generous hospitality, an enticing parade and the tempting opportunity to indulge in new season's fashions, rewarded those who gathered to support the current work and future expansion of Northern Beaches Palliative Care.

This is a specialist team that has served our peninsula since 1989 caring for thousands of people with life-limiting illness and their families. For further information contact Jo-Ann Steeves 9918 6575 or  

Above: (l to r)  Robin Macmanamon, Mary Catchlove

Below: (l to r) Sarah Van Dyke, Judy Tuck, Caroline Jones     

Above: (l to r)  Jo-Ann Steeves (president FONBPC), Sarah Van Dyke, Elaine Tutt

Above: (l to r)  Cathy Dyer, Elaine Tutt, Rita Redman

Below: (l to r) Eleanor Swansbra (treasurer FONBPC), Wendy Morris, Dee Williams

Left: (l to r)  Cora Russell, Nancy Vuka, Beryl McKenna

Above: (l to r)  Dorothy Hyland (model), Denise Rowell (model) Jennifer McKay (Blue Illusion proprietor)

Below: (l to r) Denise Rowell (model), Dorothy Hyland (model), Rachel Watson (model)

Above: (l to r)  Jan Humphreys, Gail Carew, Carmen Sablatnig

Below: (l to r) Denise Allen, Fae Larsen, Margaret Wright

Friends of Northern Beaches Palliative Care

 By fundraising, advocacy and awareness the Friends are actively working for Palliative Care now and into its future on our Northern Beaches. They invite people to embrace, with them, this service that cares for local adults of all generations. A pair of idle crafty hands could create market goods; relevant skills and knowledge could contribute; attendance at fundraising functions would expand the support base; membership of the Friends group could increase its potential. 

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