February 14 - 20, 2016: Issue 251

SYDNEY NORTHERN BEACHES Branch JUNIOR Surf Lifesaving Carnival
PALM BEACH February 2016

 Avalon Beach SLSC Junior Members in the Beach Relay event last Sunday - photo by Richard Cole

Avalon Beach SLSC Team Members at Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Surf Life Saving Carnival of 2016

February 8, 2016 
It is a very long time since Avalon Beach SLSC ran a carnival of any kind, primarily due to the size, formation and usual surf conditions at our beach. 

Last weekend we successfully ran the Masters and Nippers Branch Carnivals at Palm Beach in some difficult conditions. It was a genuine team effort with 142 volunteers from the club on the roster, demonstrating excellent participation and commitment from our members. Well done to Dave Roberts, the Nippers team and all involved. 

Thank you especially to our logistics, water safety and IRB team who were there from dawn to dusk across the whole weekend. There were many exceptional performances and excellent results from both carnivals, so well done to both our Masters and Nippers teams. 

A full list of results for Nippers is listed below.
Masters results are listed here

Richard Cole
President Avalon Beach SLSC


SYDNEY NORTHERN BEACHES Branch JUNIOR Surf Lifesaving Carnival
PALM BEACH February 2016

Board Rescue: Manly (J Morris/M Morris) Nth Curl Curl (K McGovern/B Clues) Avalon (J Lehmann/C Todd) Manly (B Smith/A Hall) Nth Curl Curl (L Melbourn/C Kearney) Avalon (J Molloy/B Schuetrumpf)
Board Relay: Manly (Morris/Curll/Morris) Mona Vale (Lycett/Einspinner/Euers) Nth Curl Curl (Clues/McGovern/Kearney) Avalon (Lehmann/Todd/Dixon) Manly (Bedingfield/Smith) Freshwater (Walsh/Long/Clancy)
Beach Sprint: Tom Hindmarsh (Nth Steyne) Josh Gedz (Manly) Joseph Lynch (Collaroy) Ramsey Cook (Nth Narrabeen) Whiley Toll (Avalon) Archie Richards (Queenscliff)
Beach Relay: Manly Collaroy Newport Queenscliff Avalon
Beach Flags: Tom Hindmarsh (Nth Steyne) Max Marsters (Manly) Tom Tullett (Newport) Louis Paltridge (Mona Vale) Joseph Lynch (Collaroy) Harrison Rockwell (Nth Narrabeen)


Board Rescue: Manly (S Clarkson/T Garrett) Manly (K Doyle/E Polikowski) Manly (K Scott/K Doyle) Nth Curl Curl (T Allsop/T Harvey) Nth Curl Curl (G Bradley/G Stuart) Freshwater (H  Wickham/T Patterson)
Board Relay: Manly B (Scott/Doyle/Garrett) Manly A (Clarkson/Doyle/Polikowski) Nth Curl Curl (Harvey/Bradley/Allsop) Mona Vale (Kavanagh/Lorch/Jackson) Manly C (Lancaster/White/Wacher) Freshwater (Lever/Block/Nitz)
Beach Sprint: Stefanie Fejes (Freshwater) Mila McGettigan (Freshwater) Zara Ostryn (Collaroy) Millie Baker (Manly) Sophie Kavanagh (Mona Vale) Pippa Yeandle (Collaroy)
Beach Relay: Freshwater Collaroy Avalon Queenscliff Nth Curl Curl
Beach Flags: Sophie Kavanagh (Mona Vale) Zara Ostryn (Collaroy) Mila McGettigan (Freshwater) Ava Lorch (Mona Vale) Ruby Stanley-Jones (Avalon) Stefanie Fejes (Freshwater)

Board: Ben Melhuish (Freshwater) Ethan Batchelor (Nth Curl Curl) Joel Piper (Nth Narrabeen) Luka Monnock (Mona Vale) Ryan Thomas (Freshwater) Jack Roberts (Avalon)
Board Rescue: Nth Narrabeen (Piper/Marshall) Freshwater (Cameron/Melhuish) Newport B (Cox/Blackley) Newport A (Bartlem/Taurins) Avalon (Roberts/Rose) Nth Curl Curl (Batchelor/Crews)
Board Relay: Newport (Bartlem/Taurins/Blackley) Avalon (Roberts/Bowler/Calleja) Freshwater (Cameron/Melhuish/Thomas) Newport (Cox/Hennessy/Capel) Mona Vale (Hopkins/Monnock/Bray) Nth Curl Curl (Yurkowski/Batchelor/Crews)
Beach Sprint: Mitchell Bernes (Manly) Max Hargreaves (Dee Why) Dillon Hayford (Manly) Ollie Cummins (Queenscliff) Coby Walton (Collaroy) Jay Cook-Westerink (Freshwater)
Beach Relay: Freshwater Manly Collaroy Manly Avalon Newport
Beach Flags: Kaleb Georgeson-Smith (Newport) Ollie Cummins (Queenscliff) Taylor Kerr (Freshwater) Aiden O’Malley (Collaroy) Blake Duryea (Collaroy) Jordan Inkster (Collaroy)


Board: Evie Coulter (Manly) Charlotte Ward (Manly) Lauren Bourgeois (Freshwater) Charli Munro (Mona Vale) Emily Hicks (Freshwater) Emma Brogden (Nth Curl Curl)
Board Rescue: Newport (H O’Sullivan/J Louw) Manly (E Coulter/L Foster) Nth Curl Curl (M Morris/E Brogden) Freshwater (K Dettmann/A Kearns) Manly (N Newling/C Ward) Mona Vale (J Saggers/M Paltridge)
Board Relay: Manly (Coulter/War/Newling) Freshwater A (Hicks/Dettmann/Bourgeois) Mona Vale (Bonadio/Munro/Paltridge) Freshwater B (Gray/Daly/Persico) Avalon (Gregory/Vincent/Casey) Collaroy (Bathie/McMahon/Webster)
Beach Sprint: Tyella Toll (Avalon) Zoe Couzens (Bilgola) Esme Sergi (Collaroy) Lara Persico (Freshwater) Tegan Scott (Avalon) Jesse Mann (Nth Curl Curl)
Beach Relay: Avalon Collaroy Nth Steyne Nth Curl Curl
Beach Flags: Halina Morley (Bilgola) Nina McGuffog (Avalon) Audrey Little (Nth Curl Curl) Sienna Hinwood (Collaroy) Sophia Spencer (Nth Curl Curl) Bella Vincent (Avalon)

Ironperson: Mitchell Stuart (Nth Curl Curl) Tyler Krenkels (Manly) Jensen McLean (Freshwater) Tom Donohoe (Newport) Sean Farrell (Nth Steyne) Jordan Lancaster (Manly)
Board: Mitchell Stuart (Nth Curl Curl) Van Whiteman (Avalon) Tyler Krenkels (Manly) Jordan Lancaster (Manly) Bailey Miller (Freshwater) Jensen McLean (Freshwater)
Board Rescue: Manly B (J Lancaster/J Underhill) Collaroy (B Fountain/B Dose) Newport (W Hall/M Donohue) Manly (T Krenkels/L Kelly) Freshwater (?) Newport (T Donohue/J Simmons)
Board Relay: Newport A (Hall/Gaye/Donohue) Manly (Krenkels/Kelly/Lancaster) Nth Curl Curl (Stuart/Walsh/Gagen) Avalon (Whiteman/Whiteman/Johns) Freshwater A (Blackley/McLean/Miller) Newport B (Donohue/Lachave/Simmons)
Beach Sprint: Aiden Helu (Manly) Oskar Enasio (Manly) Thomas Kerr (Avalon) Luke Blahuta (Manly) Yuta Mori (Freshwater) Brock Dose (Collaroy)
Beach Relay: Manly A Collaroy Manly B Avalon Newport A Newport B
Beach Flags: Aiden Helu (Manly) Cooper Robinson (Manly) Tyler Sully (Manly) Jackson Hedges (Manly) Yuta Mori (Freshwater) Sammy Johnson (Sth Curl Curl)


Ironperson: Piper Harrison (Manly) Sophie Walters (Manly) Sarah Murdoch (Manly) Sophie Walsh (Freshwater) Annaleise Melbourn (Nth Curl Curl) Roxy Beuzeville (Mona Vale)
Board: Piper Harrison (Manly) Sophie Walters (Manly) Roxy Beuzeville (Mona Vale) Alex LeFevre (Newport) Grace Carpenter (Manly) Annaliese Melbourn (Nth Curl Curl)
Board Relay: Newport (Rogers/LeFevre/Louw) Manly A (Harrison/Walters/Garrett) Manly B (Carpenter/Saunders/Murdoch) Freshwater (Walsh/Marcer/Hastie) Manly C (Wacher/Cowan/Still) Nth Curl Curl (Harvey/Gurtata/Melbourn)
Beach Sprint: Madeleine High (Manly) Madeleine Wallace (Collaroy) Hana Grasse (Nth Steyne) Bella Lysaght-Wheeler (Collaroy) Chloe Seaglove (Mona Vale) Jacinta Rogers (Newport)
Beach Relay: Collaroy Manly Avalon Newport Freshwater Sth Curl Curl
Beach Flags: Madeleine Wallace (Collaroy) Freya Carley (Sth Curl Curl) Kiara Henry (Freshwater) Ella Eveleigh (Collaroy) Eliza Cutrie (Avalon) Bella Baker (Sth Curl Curl)

Board: Thomas Bedingfield (Manly) Zac Morris (Manly) Sam Howell (Nth Curl Curl) Declan King (Nth Curl Curl) Harry Crowley (Dee Why) Max Von Appen (Nth Curl Curl)
Board Rescue: Manly A (Z Morris/T Bedingfield) Manly B (B Newling/D Guildea) Nth Curl Curl (Z Dunford/D King) Dee Why (C Mowbray/H Crowley) Nth Curl Curl (M Von Appen/H Prowse) Freshwater (J Bruwel/J Kite)
Board Relay: Manly A (Morris/Bedingfield/Newling) Nth Curl Curl A (Von Appen/Prowse/King) Nth Curl Curl B (Dunford/Smith/Howe) Dee Why (Mowbray/Crowley/Ferguson) Avalon (Partington/Armistead/Hole) Freshwater A (Kit/Hurrell/Bruwel)
Beach Sprint: Toby Newey (Newport) Will Garling (Nth Steyne) Mickey Moore (Freshwater) Michael Kelly (Nth Narrabeen) Oskar Hall (Newport) Glenn Sands (Newport)
Beach Relay: Nth Steyne Newport Avalon Bch A Avalon Bch B
Beach Flags: Tom Newey (Newport) Will Garling (Nth Steyne) Glenn Sands (Newport) Lachlan Mills (Avalon) Tyson Paine (Avalon) Max Garling (Nth Steyne)


Board: Amy Polikowski (Manly) Jordan LeFevre (Newport) Maddi Louw (Newport) Eliza Monnock (Mona Vale) Sascha Taurins (Newport) Madison Ward (Manly)
Board Rescue: Manly B (M Ward/E Allen) Newport (M Louw/G Smith) Manly A (E Curll/A Polikowski) Newport B (J Lerpiniere/S Taurins) Nth Curl Curl (C Brown/O Lovell) Mona Vale (K McKinnon/E Monnock)
Board Relay: Newport A (Smith/Louw/Taurins) Manly B (Crawford/Walters/Allen) Newport B
(Lerpiniere/LeFevre/Thornton) Nth Curl Curl (Melbourn/Lovell/Brown) Manly C (Gilbert/Gilbert/Moon)
Beach Sprint: Macy Carrothers (Avalon) Lily Marsters (Manly) Summer Pittar (Manly) Tiana Cozens (Bilgola) Jordan McMahon (Collaroy) Chloe Tyrrell (Freshwater)
Beach Relay: Manly Collaroy A Avalon Bch Queenscliff Collaroy B
Beach Flags: Macy Carrothers (Avalon) Lily Marsters (Manly) Tiana Couzens (Bilgola) Summer Pittar (Manly) Nicci Vesely (Manly) Lauren Pilling (Sth Curl Curl)

All Age Beach Relay: Manly Nth Narrabeen Collaroy Nth Steyne Freshwater Avalon Nth Curl Curl Newport Mona Vale Dee Why
All Age Board Relay: Manly A (Krenkels/Bedingfield/Coulter/Morris/Mc Murtry/Maggs) Manly B
(Morris/Walters/Allen/Morris/Cowan/Ryland) Nth Curl Curl (Clues/King/Stuart/Batchelor/McGovern/Euers) Mona Vale
Freshwater Nth Steyne
March Past: Collaroy (17) Manly (23) Nth Steyne (37) Nth Curl Curl (41) Mona Vale (42) Avalon (44) Freshwater (45) Queenscliff (54)
Handicap March Past: Queenscliff Nth Curl Curl Manly A Nth Steyne Collaroy Mona Vale

Some Pictures from the Nippers Carnival 





SYDNEY NORTHERN BEACHES Branch OPEN Surf Lifesaving Carnival PALM BEACH February 2016
Lifesaving Carnival PALM BEACH February 2016

CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Shannon Job 113 (Nth Steyne) Peter Euers 96.25 (Newport) Nick Warby 96 (Queenscliff) Guyren Smith 89.25 (Newport) Christian Justesen 87 (Newport)
FIRST AID: Manly 440 (Sita Mason/Aiden Baldwin) Freshwater 431 (Kelly Dobrow/Cheryl White) Dee Why A 399 (Adrienne Lowe/Allen Lakeman) Newport Yellow 304 (Peter Euers/Christian Justesen) Nth Narrabeen Black 287 (Matthew Murphy/Gordon Cockburn) Newport Maroon 277 (Jessica Steiner/Gemma Williamson)
PATROL COMPETITION: Nth Steyne 73.5 (Matthew Chapman/Deborah Foote/Kyra Jenkins/Shannon Job/Alexandra Patrick-Dunn/Courtney Sloan) Newport 50.05 (Nathan Doyle/Peter Euers/Christian Justesen/Kieran Menzies/Guyren Smith/Marvin Smith)


CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Clare Freakley 109.75 (Freshwater) Sita Mason 106.5 (Manly) Phoebe Savage 93.25 (Newport) Sarah Stambolieff 83.5 (Nth Narrabeen) Gemma Williamson 76 (Newport)

CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Jackson Borg 98.5 (Newport) Harry Hickey 88.5 (Nth Steyne) Matthew Chapman 86.25 (Nth Steyne) Kyle Wong 71.25 (Nth Steyne)
FIRST AID: Manly A 372 (Ruby Costello/Chris Ducklin) Freshwater 311 (Tahlia Dearden/Julia Baker) Nth Steyne 132 (Kyra Jenkins/Jessica Wait)
Right: Jackson Borg - photo courtesy SNB SLS Branch


CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Courtney Sloan 106 (Nth Steyne) Kyra Jenkins 90.75 (Nth Steyne) Alexandra Patrick-Dunn 87.75 (Nth Steyne)

CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Jonathon Curulli 98.75 (Manly) Max Moon 85.75 (Manly) Marvin Smith 85.25 (Newport) James Wacher 84.75 C/B (Manly) Christopher Curulli 84.75 C/B (Manly) Bennett Frerck 75.25 (Freshwater)
PATROL COMPETITION: Manly 54.25 (Max Moon/James Wacher/Jonathon Curulli/Christopher Curulli)
FIRST AID: Manly B 161 (Max Moon/James Wacher) Manly C 153 (Rebecca Murdoch/Nancy Notting) Manly A 144 (Jessica Egan/Georgia Warner)

CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Andrea Malm 101.75 (Freshwater) Jessica Wait 83 (Nth Steyne) Rebecca Murdoch 67 (Manly)

CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Joe Jenkins 87.25 (Nth Steyne) Oscar Cowell 86.25 (Nth Steyne) Ewan Cooper-Frater 80.75 (Nth Steyne) Matthew King 76.5 (Sth Curl Curl) Hamish Thorpe 61.5 (Manly)

CHAMPION LIFESAVER: Monique Curulli 98.25 (Manly) Geordie Smith 85.75 (Newport) Emily Thornton 61 (Newport)
FIRST AID: Newport 267 (Linda Leck/Lily Tancred) Manly A 187 (Jo Notting/Grace Underhill) Manly C 174 (Lauren Costello/Andie Thorpe) Manly E 156 (Jasmine Costello/Millie Wacher) Manly B 128 (Annabelle Gilbert/Charlie Rose Gilbert) Manly D 110 (Hamish Thorpe/Robin Evans)

Results courtesy Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Surf Life Saving -  Photos  courtesy Richard Cole, President Avalon Beach SLSC, 2016.