August 30 - September 5, 2015: Issue 229

 SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week 2015: RPAYC/RMYC Sailors Doing Well

 Quest and Guilty Pleasures charge across the start line on Day 2 of the SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week. Photo by Tracey Johnstone 

RPAYC and RMYC sailors are getting great results in the 9th SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week – Day 2 report by Tracey Johnstone:

 SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week – parking lot tests fleet

29 August 2015

It was a tough day all round for the 60-boat fleet competing in the signature Around the Island Race on day two of the SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week.

In the IRC division Bob Steel’s new Matt 1180 Quest stepped out of the shadow of a poor, or as Steel coined it “practice race” first day, to secure today’s race and take overall IRC honours, but not before the team were challenged by both the local conditions and the Farr 40 Guilty Pleasures VI.  

On the start line Jason Antill’s Komodo was over early. “My grandfather told me always get to the start line on time and know the course,” Antill quipped. He has promised to achieve both by day three. 

The run and reach to the western shore of the island in a soft east-north-east proved to be a pleasant start to the race. At the clearing mark Quest was in the lead with the Guilty Pleasures close behind keeping the pressure up on Quest throughout the race.

What happened next divided the ‘men from the boys’. 

The leaders were enjoying eight or nine knots as they sailed towards the back of the island, past Townsville city. Steel told the story of what happened next to the IRC and PHS boats. 

“We had some very interesting conditions there. We came around there and put an A5 up to go 130 degrees, but it didn’t turn out that way. It was very fluky.”

He said the race then re-started as the IRC and PHS boats “congregated”. “They all closed up on us. I think the locals were aware of it, but even they couldn’t do much about it. We were the first to get out of it, but not by very far,” Steel added. 

Boadicca’s Mike Steel saw what was happening ahead with his PHS rivals. “We held high and went for the breeze in on the island, staying in the shallower water. We looked for the shortest hole to go through as we could see the breeze ahead. The other guys must have tried to stay in the current which was about 1.5 knots, but there was a big shadow there. That was more local knowledge.” 

Luckily for Steel the work back to the finish gave them the leap on the IRC and PHS boats. They hugged the rocky shore, getting out of the current as much as possible. “We found the right lanes and sailed the boat quite well. Overall, I am happy with the day,” Steel said.

Second on IRC was Guilty Pleasures, skippered today by Greg Dorries, after they dug themselves out of the windless hole at the western point of the island. Today’s result also put them in second overall.   

Rob Curtis’ Kerr 11.3m Kerazy team achieved another perfect score today to retain their place on the top of the podium. “We held in with the bigger boats all the way around the course. We managed to get through the parking lot and even took some time out of them. We are pretty happy with the result,” Curtis said.

In second on PHS was Komodo and in third place Guilty Pleasures. 

The Cruising Spinnaker Division 1 was full of drama as Paul Ley’s Pilgrim and John Karger’s Mach 1 were both called OCS. Wayne Millar’s Zoe powered over the line and ahead to lead the fleet before they too hit the parking lot. “It was a re-start down there. It was a real lottery,” Millar said.

In first place was Justin Daley’s little Mango Tango and in second was Zoe. That result gives Mango Tango, a Thompson 750, first place overall with Doug Ryan’s Beneteau 44.7 Shazam on second after a count-back.

Cruising Spinnaker Division 2 were a feisty bunch on the start line. After the first general recall, PRO Denis Thompson advised the fleet they would be under a Black Flag. The fleet then received a “well done” from Thompson as they cleanly cleared the line. 

First place was taken out by Paul Neilson’s De Ja Blue. In second was Peter McKenzie’s Le Rossignol. Overall De Ja Blue holds first place ahead of Jack Maguire’s Zen.

Cruising Non Spinnaker was a repeat of yesterday with John Parkes’ little Untamed winning and Naree Carton’s No Legends taking out second place. Overall the leaderboard remains the same.

The Multihulls struggled with the softer conditions today. While Mojo took out line honours, Justin Gunwald’s Two Up Together had a great battle with Mike Hodges’ Renaissance, racing side by side throughout the long course. 

Renassiance and Justin Grunwald’s Crowther 50 Two Up Together battle it out for supremacy in the Around Magnetic Island Race.Photo by Tracey Johnstone 

“It was a really hard race. I have got to say my crew just kept on it all day; just working the boat all day. It’s the first time we have beaten Renaissance over the line,” a delighted Grunwald said. 

On the overall results, Two Up Together is in first place and Mojo in second.

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The ninth SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week runs from August 27 to September 1, and has seven divisions on offer for this year’s regatta which is – IRC, Performance Racing, Cruising Spinnaker, Cruising Non Spinnaker, Classic Yachts, Multihull Racing and Multihull Cruising. 

Day 2 footage would not have been possible without one of our many event sponsors Nautilus Aviation. Thanks to Pilot Lesley who flew all the way down from Cairns today to assist us in making all this happen! Our media partners John de Rooy Photography and Jepson Media took advantage of these fantastic conditions we experienced today!

By Tracey Johnstone

RPAYC Members at SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week 2015 - photo by Tracey Johnstone

 IRC / PHS Racing


Updated:  29/08/2015  4:34:45 PM

Series Results [IRC] up to Race 2

Place Ties Sail No Boat Name                                Skipper               From Sers Score Race 2 Race 1

1 1.0S 7075 QUEST                                        Bob Steel       RPAYC 5.0                 1.0          4.0

2         40021 GUILTY PLEASURES VI        Leon Thomas       TCYC 5.0                  2.0          3.0

3 1.0S 6838 PONYO                                        David Currie       HIYC  6.0                  5.0          1.0

4         MH20 THE PHILOSOPHERS CLUB   Peter Sorensen    MHYC  6.0                  4.0           2.0

5         9327 KOMODO                               Jason Antill       RPAYC  8.0                  3.0           5.0

6         11044 KERAZY              R Curtis G Tailby   RPAYC    12.0                  6.0           6.0

Series Results [EHC] up to Race 2

Place Ties Sail No Boat Name                                Skipper                     From   Sers Score Race 2 Race 1

1 11044         KERAZY                                         R Curtis G Tailby     RPAYC  2.0         1.0         1.0

2 MH20         THE PHILOSOPHERS CLUB Peter Sorensen     MHYC    6.0          4.0          2.0

3 40021         GUILTY PLEASURES VI         Leon Thomas             TCYC    7.0          3.0          4.0

4 9327         KOMODO                                 Jason Antill             RPAYC  8.0          2.0          6.0

5 6838         PONYO                                         David Currie             HIYC     9.0           6.0          3.0

6 7717         BOADICCA                                 Mike Steel             TCYC   10.0           5.0          5.0

7 607                 BEROCCA DAZE                         Mickey Ink             CYC   14.0           7.0          7.0

8 7075         QUEST                                         Bob Steel             RPAYC 16.0           8.0          8.0

Cruising - Spinnaker Div 1

Hosted By Townsville Cruising Yacht Club


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Series Results [EHC Div1] up to Race 2

Place Ties Sail No     Boat Name                     Skipper                           From      Sers Score Race 2 Race 1

1 1.0S MK42            MANGO TANGO     Justin Daley                   NQCYC 6.0           1.0            5.0

2  PD447            SHAZAM                     Doug Ryan                           PDYC         6.0           4.0       2.0

3  6731            TRUE COLOURS     Geoff Adams                   RBYC         7.0           3.0            4.0

4  98                    ZOE                             Wayne Millar                   TCYC       10.0           2.0            8.0

5  G16            BUNDABERG             John Kint                           RGYC       11.0         10.0            1.0

6  AUS52            INFINITY                     Greg Prescott                   RYCT       12.0           6.0            6.0

7  R56            CHANTILLY              Timothy Dutton                   RYCV       15.0            8.0    7.0

8  E226            PILGRIM                      Paul Ley                           CYCA       16.0          13.0     3.0

9  7041            L'ESPRIT                      Peter Byford                   RPAYC        19.0            9.0   10.0

10  777                    MACH 1                     John Karger                   TCYC        20.0            5.0    15.0

11 7.0S YC598            WARRIGAL                     James Finch                   TCYC         24.0            7.0    17.0

12 400                    FREYA                     Russell McLaughlin           TCYC         24.0          12.0    12.0

13 2R SM2800            RUN RUN RUN             Paul Jackson                   RBYC         25.0          11.0    14.0

14 SM45            CHAMPAGNE             Mal Pirret                           TCYC         25.0          14.0    11.0

15 10410            RUBY                             Geoff And Jenn Fogar   RPAYC         27.0          18.0       9.0

16 B502            LAFAYETTE             Peter Edwards                   CSC         29.0          16.0     13.0

17 409                    BRAVA                     Tony Muller                            TYC         31.0           15.0     16.0

18 1                    SAVANNA                      Murray Whitehead            TYC         35.0           17.0     18.0

Cruising - Spinnaker Div 2

Hosted By Townsville Cruising Yacht Club


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Series Results [EHC Div2] up to Race 2

Place Ties Sail No              Boat Name                         Skipper                         From Sers Score Race 2 Race 1

1 H2621                      DE JA BLUE                         Paul Neilson                 HBYC 3.0            1.0 2.0

2 CAV35                      ZEN                                         Jack Maguire                 TCYC 7.0            3.0 4.0

3 YC981                      CELEBRITY                         Wayne McNee         BSC 8.0            7.0 1.0

4 6344                      POPPY                                 Michael Phillips         CYCSA 9.0            6.0 3.0

5 181                              TAP DANCER                         Owen Stanley                 TCYC 10.0            4.0 6.0

6 803                              CHAMELEON                         Robert Clayton         TCYC 12.0            5.0 7.0

7 SM168                      LE ROSSIGNOL                 Peter McKenzie          NQCYC 13.0            2.0 11.0

8 SB7500                      GONE TOO FARR                 Greg Brown                  SIBYC 18.0          10.0 8.0

9 6956                      D'EUPHORIA                         Mike Selbie                  RPAYC 23.0          11.0 12.0

10 5.0S 1478                      LIBRIAN                                 Stanley Barnes          TCYC 24.0          19.0T 5.0

11 4945                      UNHINGED                         Vaughn Thompson  TYC 24.0          14.0 10.0

12 C192                      NORTHERN MOMENT         Vic Stevens                  CCYC 25.0            9.0 16.0

13 HULL7                      BUCCANEER TOO                 Nick Doran                  MIYC 26.0          17.0 9.0

14 8.0S 0086                      DRAGONFLY                         John McFaull                  TYC 27.0            8.0 19.0

15 12.0S B38                      HELENA MAY                         Chris & Lyndy Sawbri  TCYC 27.0           12.0 15.0

16 1104                      AKARANA                         Vicki Hamilton          TYC 27.0           13.0 14.0

17 SA310                      SHIRAZ                                 Stephen Bone          TCYC 29.0           16.0 13.0

18 TSV37                      ISEULTA                                 Tristram Denyer           TCYC 32.0           15.0 17.0

19 BOW5                      SOUL SISTER                         Donna Dewhurst           TCYC 37.0           19.0T 18.0

Cruising - Non Spinnaker

Hosted By Townsville Cruising Yacht Club


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Series Results [EHC] up to Race 2

Place Ties Sail No Boat Name              Skipper                       From                     Sers Score  Race 2    Race 1

1 8                 UNTAMED              John Parkes               IYC                     2.0      1.0    1.0

2 3930         NO LEGENDS       Naree Carton               TCYC             4.0       2.0    2.0

3 SM2005         K-YACHT-IC               Wayne Frankcombe     SYC                     8.0       3.0    5.0

4 7083         KOONYA               Mark Lamble               RMYC             9.0        5.0    4.0

5 3.0S 31         TUCANA               Andrew Burford       TCYC           10.0       7.0T    3.0

6 BOW17         VANILLA               David Tilley               SASC           10.0       4.0    6.0

7 TBA                 JABIRU                       Rob Yeates               RPAYC           14.0       7.0T    7.0

Multi-Hulls Cruising

Hosted By Townsville Cruising Yacht Club


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Series Results [EHC] up to Race 2

Place Ties Sail No     Boat Name                          Skipper                       From           Sers Score     Race 2 Race 1

1 N11                     TWO UP TOGETHER Justin Grunwald       RMYC    2.0    1.0        1.0

2 2R M165             MOJO                                  Peter Wilcox               MYCQ    5.0    2.0        3.0

3 M1480             RENAISSANCE          Michael Hodges       MYCQ    5.0    3.0        2.0

4 042                     MISTRESS                  Dennis Coleman       TCYC    8.0    4.0        4.0

5 B130             ITS A PRIVILEGE           Peter Strain               RBYC  11.0  6.0T        5.0

6 3823             SALACIA                           Ian Johnson               TYC          13.0 7.0R        6.0

 Kerazy on the water yesterday

Komodo  on the water yesterday